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<Thf tflraort $ulUtiu.
Elmore County Official Paper.
O. M. PAYNE, )
Editors a»i> PRorsistoRs.
will be held at Boise to-morrow, to ,
nominate a state ticket. j
Arlhnr Pence, James Tucker and f ,
Mountain Home, May 20, 1898.
The Prohibition State Convention
Chris Baeltzer have returned to
Pruneau from attending district
court at Silver City.
Colonel Jones telegraphed Gov.
Steunenberg that the Idaho troops
had arrived safely at San Francisco
and that they would sail for the
I'hillipines within a week.
Seemingly, the proposition to aid
in building a wagon road from this
place to Mountain City has fallen
flat, from the fact that no assistance
is now probable from railroad
The Paris Temps defines the pres
ent situation as "an acute attack of
Anglo-Saxonism," while some Lon
don paper with a genius for nomen
clature speaks of the "Yankee
Spanko" war.
"The Silver Champion" is the
name of a new paper at Boise, the
first copy of which reached this
office last night. John F. Murray
is editor, and proves to be an able
champion of the free silver cause.
The Bulletin wishes "The Cham
pion" the greatest of success, and
would like to speak more of its very
neat appearance and great merit.
S. C. P. Jones,Milesburg, Til, writes:
1 tiave used DeWitt's Little Karlv
Kisers ever since they were introduced
hero and must say I have never used
any pills in my family during forty
years of house keeping that gave such
satisfactory results as a laxative or
cathartic." Smith's Pharmacy.
Two prospectors, with team anil
camp outfit, came to this place last
week on their way to hunt placer
mines on tho Snake. They stopped
at Hanley's blacksmith shop to
have some repairing done to their
wagon. They took their horses to
the south of town a sho r t distance,
hobbled them and left them to nib
ble what grass they could find. In
a short time the eagle eye of the
town marshal espied the animals
and they were driven to the pound.
It seemed hard luck for these stran
gers, for they had hut little money
with which to redeem their horses.
"One Minute Cough Cure is the best
preparation 1 lmvo ever sold or used
and I can't say too much in As praise."
L. M. Kennon, Merchant, Odell, Ua.
Smith's Pharmacy.
He critized her pudding, and he
didn't like her cake; he wished she'd
make the biscuits that his mother
used to make. She did'nt make
the stew and she didn't mend the
stockings as his mother used to do.
Oh, well she wasn't jierfect but she
tried to do her best, until at length
she thought the time had come to
rest; so when one day he growled
and whined the whole day through,
she turned him up and fanned his
pants—as his mother used to do.
8 . K. l'arker, Sharon, Win., writes :
*'I have tried DeWilt's Witch Hazel
Salve for itching piles and it always
stops them in two minutes. I consider
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Halve the great
est pile cure on the market." Smith's
A special dispatch from Bizbee,
Ariz., where part of that Territory's
cowboy regiment was recruited, con
tains one brief but breezy account
of a feat performed by one of the
rough riders, which may startle
some of Idaho's punchers. The dis
patch says: "One of the men at a
practice ride and shoot got his mus
tang to bucking. The horse bucked
the bridle off and broke both cinches
off the saddle, and the rider put
three bullets into a tomato can fifty
feet off while his horse was doing
the turn; the animal was unable to
throw him. This is a sample of the
material composing this cavalry."
Late to bed and early to rise, prepares
a man for bis home in the skies. Early
to bed and a Little Early Riser, tbe
pill that makes life longer and better
and wiser. Smith's Pharmacy.
^S^"The City Bakery. First
class in every particular.
A atan once saved bis life, says
an exchange, by not paying for his
newspaper. He was going home,
and being caught in a violent rain
storm he crawled into a hollow log
for protection. The rain continued
and the log swelled so that he was
unable to get out. All at once he
remembered that he had not paid
for his county newspaper for nearly
two years and the thought made
him feel so mean and small that he
had no trouble in getting out of the
The human machine starts but once
and stops but oucc. You can keep it
going longest and most regularly by
usiltlg DeWitt's Little Early Risers,
tbe famous little pills for constipation
uud all stomach aud liver troubles.
Bmith's Pharmacy.
The Cuban question and political
issues sink into insignificance with the
man who suffers from piles. What
he most desires, is relief. DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Halve cures piles. Hmith's
H. M. Geary, Pierson, Mich., writes.
"DeWitt's Witch Hazel Halve is curing
more piles here to-day than all other
remedies combined. It cures eczema |
and all other skin diseases.'
Hmith 's
Oue Minute is not long, yet relief is,
Obtained in half that tune by the use
of One Miuute Cough Cure. It pre
vents consumption and quick ly cures
* , a»«*- I 1
colds, croup, brODOllltlB, pneuraouia,
la grippe and all throat and lung j
troubles. Smith's Pharmacy.
At Orchard Farm.
A project has been launched by C.
H. Jackson, Gov. Steunenberg, Sena
tor Heitfeld and others at Orchard, |
alioc120 miles west of Moult ain Home,
; that is of great proportions. The en
tire Orcln rl enterprise has been reor
taiz'd and one of the greatest Iruit
Companies in the world lias been es
tablished and begun operations. The
new company is the Orchard Fruit
dale company, capital stock $1,000,000
, The directors of t tie company are Hon.
j Frank Sieunenberg, Hon. Henry Heit
f , Alfret l K .'f \'" ,fI , Chttlle * H. rvey
Jackson of Idaho; Constant A. An
drews, president of the United Stales
Savings huuk, New York , W. W. Flan
agan, treasurer of the Auction Fruit
Company, New York. Mr. Jackson
is president, Mr. Conkling, secretary,
and Mr. Andrews, treasurer. The com
pany maintains its eastern office at
I12J Uroudwuy, New Yoik.
The company bus floated $000,000
of lainds. It. has acquired the irriga
tion system of the Orchard Irrigation
company, including the Indian Creek
reservoir, and all the canals and lat
erals, and the bearing orchards and
it holds options on all property of the
Orchard Land company. Briefly, the
property of the company will consist
of the irrigation system, the bearing
orchards, the townsite and 7,000 acres
of other land. It is the purpose of the
new corporatou to plant 5000 acres of
fruit, in addition to the old orchards
acquired. An immense evaporator
plant is to he erected.
3UOO KKWAKI». 3*100
The reatlcni of tili» pajn:r will lie plcxteil to learn
that there in at IcumI one dreadcil ilineaitc that »eien ce
lia» been able to cure in all it» »tage», ami that is
Catarrh. Hall s Catarrh Cure in the only |>oHitive
cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a con8titutioi.nl diKeane, require* a constitutional
treatment. 1. »il s Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
iw ting directly u; »on the blood ami mucous surfaces
of the system, thereby destroying the fmindati«
the disease, ami giving the im tient strength by
building up the constitution ami assisting nature iu
doing its work. The pro|trietors have so much faith
in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred
hollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send for
list of testiinouiuls. Address,
■ .f
F. J. ClIENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall s Family Bills are the best.
A Brave Nevada Boy.
The Tuscarorti Times Kevi w has
received a li tter from Churlie Winter,
wlm left that place a few weeks a^o for
Washington City, with the view of
re-entering the United States navy.
He stales that ho called on Senator
Stewart, who at once interested him
self in his behalf anti succeeded in sc
ouring for him the apiaiintment of
quartermaster on Ihe new cruiser
Newark, now at Norfolk navy yard,
and which is to go into commission
soon and will at once join the block
»ding squadron before Havana.
Washington Knight Watch
man bus the following concerning Mr.
Winter: "The battle-born State of
Nevada lois shown her patriotism in
this war by tillering ten times as many
volunteers as the war department can
accept. In addition to this, we Were
surprised to have walk into our sanc
tum a fine looking blue jacket from
Mountain City, Nev., by the name of
Charles O. Winter, who has seen five
or six years in tho United Stat«-s navy
and been honorably discharged, and
who traveled all the way from Nevada
at his owr. expense to offer his serv
ices to the government. Senator Stew
art promptly interested himself in
having Mr. Winter properly presented
to the Secretary of the Navy, and the
ambition of the western sailor boy to
get a crack at the Spaniards who blew
tri the Maine will undoubtedly he
gratified before the end of the week,
by Ins receiving a commission iu the
W liai Or. A. K. Haller Say«.
Buffalo, N. Y.—Gents:—From my
personal knowledge, gained in oliserv
ing tliet-fli-cl of your Shiloh's Cure in
cases of advanced Consumption. I
ant prepared to say it is tbe most re
markable Remedy that lias ever been
brought to my attention. It has cer
tainly saved many from Consumption.
Hold by R. W. Hmith, druggist.
Catarrh Cured. A clear head and
sweet brea h secured with Shiloh's
Catarrh Remedy. We sell six bottles
for $3 and guarantee an absolute eure.
Nasal injector free.
Hmith, druggist.
Sold by R. W.
Karl's Clover Root Tea, for Consti
pation it's tbe Best und if after using
it you don't say so, return the package
and get your money. Hold by R. W.
Smith, druggist.
For Constipation take Karl's Clover
Root Tea, the great Blood Purifier
cures Headache, Nervousness, Erupt
ions on the face, and makes tbe bead
clear as a bell,
Hold by R. W. Hmith,
Shiloh's Consumption Cure cures
where others fail, it is the leading
Cough Cure, and no home should bs
without it.
Measant to take and goes
right to the spot. Hold by R. W.
Smith, druggist.
Stop that Cough t Take warning.
It may lead to Consumption. A 25c
bottle of Shiloh's Cure may save your
lile. Hold by R. W. Smith, druggist.
At Orebaugh'8 Barber
Shop, hot or cold, and
a shave that will tnake you happy
for a week. Try it.
gSF"Thopo desiring instructions
iu instrumental music should ap
ply to Miss Mattel L. 1'avne. Class
ical music and instructions to be
ginners a specialty.
For Over Kitty Year..
An Old and Wkll-Tiukd Rkmedy.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Hyrup lias
beeu used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes tbe child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colie, and is
the best remedy lor diarrhoea. In pleas
ant to the taste. Hold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Its value is incalcu
lable. Be sure awl ask for Mrs. Wins
low's Soothing Hyrup, and take no
| other kind,
Sign-writing, house and car
riage painting, and paper-hanging
is, , - c.i , T - - t
use done m first-class style by James
(V'avikd'- Yri stwokthy and active gen
tlemen or ladies to travel for responsible, estab
Ibhed house in Idaho. Monthly #66.00and expenses.
Reference. Enclose self-addressed j
elope. The ,Domini .n| Company Dept. I
fc sel6m6 I
; stampeu euveio|
j Y, Chicago, IU.
Judge Stout on the Trail.
VV V landed here !
Our trin t.hllrt f-ir h*m P®*
uur trip tnui» tar ha.« , ' H
been quite l>lea8ant-Vt't on daV the
More vfHteruav, while cruising the
great Goose creek plains, the wind
r. .. « ,* . 3 . . and
blew aH it seldom does in this 8C'C
| last evening,
Ai.bion, Idaho, May ID, 1S98.
Er>. Uci.lktin:—
tion of country. We have bad the
creature comfort ticks to eat, to
scratch, to cook, to do up and to do
us up in wood shape.
We started from Mountain Home
with two gentlemen who are going
to Lee's Ferry on tho Colorado
river with a camp outfit, as our
selves. We propose to keep in com
pany. One named Murry, the
other Camphell. The latter is a
miner who lived for some time at
Soldier. They are going to Ari
zona to prospect for mineral.
W e landed here about 12 o'clock
yesterday and called at the Normal
school house to see the young la
ilies from Elmore, and met Misses
Ora Mullins, Minnie Tanner, Ma
linda Latty, Maude Pence and
Hope Pyburn, who are bright
and cheerful and greeted us with
a youthful smile that lights up
the ways of life and makes one
feel glad he lives and longs to live
on. The faculty is, J. C. Black,
president; Mina E. Steunenberg,
mathematician; Ethel J. Thomas,
physical training, music and elo
cution; J. S». Hampton, science;
VV. A. Mullin'
languages. We
visited the several departments,
which moved along smoothly and
seemingly satisfactorily and with
out any complaint, as is stated on
the streets, which voices the public
We stopped with our friend J. E.
Harroun and enjoyed his and lady's
society, cheer and good bed.
supped at the president's and much
enjoyed their educational talk.
Psychology is the president's forte,
and I most happily dropped down
into the subject. I told him the
study of that subject had upset all
my early theistical notions. I pro
pounded the following questions, to
which he assented. I said the two
particle« which come together to
«tart human life could la; crush'd
without giving it pain; it has no
mental feeling and so continues
until horn. Then the first mental
emotion is given by crying, on ac
count of pain from cold; then hear
ing, taste, smell and sight, and
through these five senses comes all
one's mind or thought, and if our
organization is not right we may
Ik* idiots and never have a mind.
The«*, nrmvwili.mu flw> T.ri.«iHent
1 neSe propositions me pltSKltni
assented to. I then drew the con
. « • » » . » . • I
elusion to which he dissented,which i
ui., « the 11 e i-i hi it>H li r«t w h ieh
was, tne noay comes nrsi, wnten
makes trie mind; now if the body
makes the mitltl, when the body
gtK-s it takes all it made, for the l
maker is greater than the thing it
made. The president's metaphys
ics in explaining the eternity of
. J * ... J
the nnnd, to me, was nothing more
than "now you see it, and now you
don't." He is a bright man, hut
1 j » t .
may be made brighter or more
honest on a thought or two relative
to this and after existence.
James Stout.
tlemen or ladies to travel for responsible, estab
Idaho. Monthly £65.
lishd h
Dilution steady,
stamped envefo|te.
Y, Chicago, 11L
and expenses.
The Dominion Company, Dept.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Patents for mining claims a specialty.
Collections promptly attended to.
Justice of the Peace.
gJ^"Collections promptly attended to.
And U. S. Deputy Mineral
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Experienc e in all branches of surveying, mineral
gricultural and irrigation.
Resident Dentist
Mountain Home, Idaho.
'OFFICE—Two doors north of
Reynold« <fe Shaw'» ottiee.
Contractors and Builders,
Mountain Home, Idaho.
At the Old Stand but Under
New Management.
Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes, etc.
- t . „ ...
At all hours, Only
„„„i, •
«WLunch counter in
Try us and be convinced.
T* ir* u i DDTQ n 1 I
r„ 1! . HARRIS, Prop r. I
1><-Ilii<|u<nt Tax 1,1st.
Notice is herd,, viren that the t,,llowin, deacril*.! :
3 * *
property will lie sold to the bidder for cash who will |
the lent pert of real profierty and pev the taxes. !
P®* 0 ®*» 1 and emt, at the court house door in Mountain 0re
H B imo«. £«■*», sut. of i,i«h„. tijksday. I
the 6th day of JULY, 1898, to pay the delinquent
"" ,he '***?"*
«. —*» u to o.'ock a. ,n , «t mu day
and to continue from lay today until »old. «
Total Tax
Atlanta Gold and Silver Mine«, consolidated,ltd,
Atlanta- Atlanta lode No. 1, Atlanta lode No.
2, Atlanta lode No. 3, Atlanta lode No. 4, At
lanta lode No. 5, two miles ditch, millsite
, one 20-stain p quartz
.9792 57
claim of three ac
mill, one saw mill.
Ainslie, Geo. one '»-stamp quartz mill at N< &1 57 25
Balcy, James- improvements on cl»?m known
Mid«! le Boise rood, 24 93
as Mu.I Spring Ranch,
Bonaparte M. Co.,
Belt lode 20 acres. Gold Kelt Indeexten ., 20 a.
Peerless lode 20 a, Findiey lode 20 a , black
smith shop and assay office, 1 20-stamp mill...657 18
Brady, Mrs. Bestie— land e
K of NW cor SB qr NW qr see. 26 ti
6 E, running S 40 roils, K 20 rods, N
W 20 roils, 5 acres; land com. 48 rods N of
KW cor. of HE qr NW qr sec. 26, tp. 3 8K6
ning E 20 rds, N 10 r.ls, W 20 rds, S 10
res; lot 11 block 2, lot 12 blk 2 .. 174 10
—9ch<>ol land lot 45,
; 30 tp 3 s r 0 e, se qr of
N line 20 rds
. t, 8 K
40 riNlH,
rods, 2
Brady, J H, Mtn Hr
school land lot 38
sec 24 tp 3 s r 6 e, lot 10 blk 2, lot 2 blk 23, 50
ft of blk '*3, lot 3 of block 3.
Butler, Mrs H C, Glenn's Kerry fraction of lote
.... 267 S3
8 and », 1,1, k 51
10 77
Brandtner, Mrs. Kate, Glenn's Ferry—lot 20 in
block 34....
Bruce, A. J., Mt'n Horn? school land lots 15
«I 20, nee. 36, tp. 3, S R 6 E.
Baker, Mrs. Clara A., Mt'n Home- school land
in sec. 3«, tp. 3, S R « E.
Brown, R W. f Mt'n Home—lots 13 and 14,
block 9, College addition.
Bennett, James, Mt'n Home— W hf NW qr N hf
NE qr, less tin a,
Barry, John, Mt'n lit
qr E hf 8W f
Bickle, L. A.
Myers house..
. 15 25
60 58
& 73
22 16
23, tp 3 8 K 6 E, 100 a.. 67 32
SE qr N W
qr and lot 3 sec — tp 8 S r 6 E.. 41 15
, Rocky Bar house known as the
9 72
Bogard, Mrs. K Y, Rocky Bar—house on Main st 10 66
Browne, Il B, Atlanta- house on Atlanta Hill,
blacksmith shop and mill, Queen's river.... 10 15
Bear Creek Alluvial Gold Co, Kocky Bar imp
placer claims, house Main st, machinery, 93 72
Clark, Annie E, Mtn Home —lot 9 blk 15, so. ad 8 30
Canfield, Seth, Glenn's Ferry—lot 2 blk 1« _ 1« 96
Coats, W R, Mtn Home—land com at NW cor
Of N W qr NE qr N W qr sec 25 tp 3 Sr 6 E,
running E 330 45-100 ft along the 8 line,
thence S 114 5-100 ft, W 330 45-100 ft, N 114
6 100 ft, 8 68-1000 ac
Crickett, J M, Glenn's F
qr ami SE qr N E qr sec 30 tp 5 S r 10 E .
Crandal, G L, Mtn Home W hf of lot 1 and lot
29 37
W hf NE
: 30 tp 38 r 6 E, 59 l-2acr
.100 32
Cooper, Mrs Martha, Mtn Home—SW qr SW qr
sec 26, tp 3 S r 6 E, 40 ac
Carroll, Mrs Janies, Mtn II'
30, tp 3 S r 6 E, ten a,W hf plat
Cole, G L, Mtn Home imp
lif HE qr sec 11, tp 3, S r 6 E.
(-lark, A B, Mtn Horne E hf SE qr and ten
rods adjoining sec 25, tp 3 S r 6 E, 85 acres,
lots 5, 6, 7, 8, in block 10..
Cochran, S C, Rocky Bar house next to tho
Keese r mill.
Co wen, J M, »Mtn Home Imp and house at
JuiiiIk) mine. Lime creek, house at Atlanta..
Darling, J E, Rocky Bur hi
Davis, Nelson, Mtn Home -
and 43,
Daniel Marion, Mtn Home SE qr SE qr NE qr
sec 11, tp 3, 8 r 6 E, 200 acres.
Daniel, A M, Mtn Ho
a<ijoining 11 Van Drieleu's.
Daniel, R !' Mtn Home lots 1, 2, 3, 4, sec 31,
tp 1 S r 7 E.
Doll, Samuel, Mtn Home- part of E hf NW qr
see 25, tp 3, S r 6 E,
Dreutner. W
Davcy, Charles, Rocky Bar- house next t*j the
Vishnu mill.
Davis, W X, Atlanta hou
Lavis, F H, Rocky Bar house on Main st, first
west of Abbotrs.
Denton, W J, Mtn Home—imp on SE qr sec 23
tp 4 S r « E.
Davis, Arthur, Atlanta- imp
ery building, house known
house next
Edwards. Mn
. 39 59
school land sec
lot A blk 23, 54 30
W hf N E qr W
. 47 12
.233 51
... 10 65
4 62
isc E side Main st 39 92
:hool laud lots 42
• 36. tp 3 S r 6 E, 17 17-100 acres... 47 82
.... .180 50
17 78
. 58 87
... 35 77
house "pp »site postotHcu 11 84
wenty acres
, >'»
. 6 4(1
next to Joy's .... 10 56
one(loU8e „
stamp quartz mill at Fine..
Edworthy. J, Kocky Bar—house w of Darling's 13 'ib
KhUk, It, (Henna Kerry^-!(>U l, 2, block SS.... 2588
Eanmwi.rth, a it. Mm Hum.- i.ik 22 w »w« r r as ns
Fox, .1 C, Atlanta lot 36, Atlanta lode, 2a... 2 64
i sri.itdaie impc« sk «r nk, | r »mi tot 1
tp 4 8 r fl k, lonilt-rly A W Mori; » . 36 26
F orèma„, j a, itk> nur - hou se nxt Ktheti i>»rn 405
Fitzwater, 1 t, K.>oi»v itar-hou«« opposite to
Kranke, L n, A tanta house In front of Davis' 10 55
l " r ,', LI T 1 !; 'V'n'"' 1, n5 Ho "° iota 7 amts,
tieerimn, ch»a, Mtn tionie-impofiisiMidat
aoi.TK'in^Mhlin^eo.Viixie imp.
Wilson raneh, patentwt nilninu clniina 157 l,
one ten-etamp quartz mill.
ony, j o, line imp.
u ", c .' b w.'wnV-imp*' «"ïTÜ
o.r ace ti running hull mile n, thence halt
mile w, them e half mile s, thence half mile
13 35
28 86
ch, b
a> Heath's, Eagle hotel. 43 10
C, Glenn's Ferry lots 19, 20, blk
13, lots 3, 4, 5, blk 19, lots 4, .6, blk 34, Halil
's addition.
Ep|»en*on, T C, Rocky Bar h
•hool house. ..
Erickson, F, Rocky Bar
Et hell, 1> B, estute of, Rocky Bar two barns
, two hi
. 39 69
second west
17 59
15 25
.167 81
. . .. 10 55
4 81
. 28 70
the Jack
34 7 7 2
lot 5 sec 5, lets l, 2, 6,
j erek 20 94
at e
31, tp 2 s r 10 e
. 29 97
Goble, O W, Smith prairie VV hf n e qr nw qr
s e r.mi s e qr nw qr sec 14, tp 2 u r 7 e, 160a 24 08
Galindo, A F, Louse creek- imp on Louse erk,
five miles southeast of Fine.
II G, Glenn's Ferry lot — block
r'w atbliti
Itnn Ferry lot 10 in block 23_ 2 37
Hailey, John laml near Kin* Hill, 40 acres.. 3 98
Helluhar, AT, MtnIJome- lota 1,2,3, 4, 5, blk A 45 76
Ha^ar, Mrs L J, Mtn Home lots 21, 22, 23 anti
. 20 09
Heller, M
23, Hamnit
Hansen, G
.. 3 22
4, iu block 3
.. .. 81 29
Hungerfortl, Z N, Mtn Home lot» 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
in block 4
63 61
• -school land lot 40,
Harmon, Isaac, Mtn lb
sec 36, township 3 8 r 6 e...
F D. Neal ho
Dal bach mill.
Treasure M Co, Neal improvements
j mine.
.. 29 48
Wood creek, four
ile* fr<
. 10 03
I* hide
Hidden Tre
I bill, J N, Rocky Bar bouse c
llarjHjr, Mrs Elizabeth, Mtn i
31, tp 3, s r 6 e, 160 ac
Ilartutll, J K, Rocky Bar - two honsos on Main
street, at mouth of Dixie creek
Holfrieh, E C, Mtn Home land e
6 86
Nute Nichols' 5 46
52 11
14 16
at point 8
5, tp 3 s r 6 e, running s 24
4 rod«, w 40 rods; also
qr 30
1 - 0 . 1 » » nw
rods, e 40 rod«,
land corn at |st
rods e of ne co
S.T. »; 14,15, tilnck 6, lots 3, 10, 11,
12, block 1; lots 13 to 18inclusive, block II;
lots 1 to 6 Inc, blk 3, Col leg« add; house at
Rocky Bar. house at Fine.
Howard, Win, Kooky Bar i^rsonal
Hays, John, Ry Bar house next to
Hunter, J A, Smith prairie—personal pro|*erty 20 02
Holland, John, Atlanta—hou
st, eof He
: 25, tp 3 m r 6 e,
ii 40 rods,
In, 9
... 146 50
. 15 69
I 06
side Main
'* store, 1 five-stamp qtz mill . 21 66
Hyde k Jackson, Mayfield—» hf *w qr,
e qr sec 27, tp 1, n r 4 c, 160
4, aw qr
acre«; also »mall reservoir.
Henderson, Mrs M, Mtn Home, school land lot
21, see 36, tp 3, » r He .
Idaho Mg Co, Atlanta Tahoiua lode lot 64, 10
acre». Went Tahoiua l«sle lot 65, 1« a, Nettie
lode lot 66, 2u a, one 10 stamp quartz mill,
half mile ditch..
Johnson, Maroni, Mtn Home— land com at a
point 20 rods e of nw cor sec: 26, tp 3, s r 6 e,
ing s 40 r«sls, e 12 rod», n 40 rods, w 12
rods, 3 at-res; lots 22, 23, 24, biock B, lot 8
45 79
.... 811
.aw to
. 63 4S
Jackson, G W, Junction Bar imp on |>oeechory
right im South Boise river.
Jov, O W, Ma\ field imp on hom'd s e qr n e qr
: 10, lot 2 sec 15 tp 1 s
j, house at Atlanta.
a, Glenn Ferry—lot 8 bk 23, Hai
Kitto, Thomas, estate of, Rooky Bar-house
Jrcene White house, house next
18 86
»»!«• 9, lot« 3, 4, 7, 8,
.. 72 32
ad 18 98
. 21 10
. 15 23
to Charles I
Keen, 8 V, Fi
Boise river, opjiosite Melton's
Kraii, John, Smith prairie—imp on )h>»h right
South Boise river, Smiles from Russell's.. 9 65
Llndscv, Z T, Mtn Horn«* land com 24 rod» w
e <|r nw <jr sec 25, tp 8 s r 6 e and
g w 24 roils, n 40 r«»ls, e 24 r»xia, » 40
imp on j»
. I
.. 21 95
Lcadley, L, Atlanta house 2d from Goody ear's 4 05
Lawson, James, Rocky Bar- house {first west
of the school house .
I .arson, Rudolph, Glenn's Ferry—lots 4 and 6,
block 41.
Little, W H, Dixie--imp on |k>ss right below
sprowle's ranch.
Morris, J D, Mtn Home— land com 20 rods e of
uw qr seu 25, tp 3, s t 6 e, and
ning e 8 rods, n 40 rods, w 8 roils, s 40 rods,
Mahoney, Mrs II, Mtn Homo -lots 13 to 24 in
clusive, in bhjck A.
Mallison, H C, Mtn Home--imp on lot» 18, 19,
20, block 5.
My oster, Mrs, estate of, Mtn Home n e qr n c
J qr **«• *20, n hf nw qr sec. 26, tp 4, » r 6 e- 21 59
! Mitchell, Frank, Rocky Bar house next to Mel
CamplteU'», cast.
Malmburg, John, Rocky Bar - house on north
side Bear creek.
Mountain Goat Mine, Kocky Bar Laura Jack
lode 13 acre», Emma lode 19 a. East Dun
tod# 14 a, West Duncan lode 14 acres,
engine and boiler.
McFadden, Jas, Glenn's Ferry—house rear of
Jas Mullaney's.
mIm, 6 acre
6 27
16 16
.. .. 6 02
2 04
83 26
73 04
.. to 5S
.. .. 13 65
- 75 52
.... 2 37
McToggart, 1», Glenn Ferry-lots 11, 12. blk 18 9 65
McCabe, Jno, Mtn Home- lots 13 to 20 Inc, b 8 71 29
McMsnnis, H H, Mtn Home land
qr ne qr sec 25, tp 3, s r 6 e, and running
40 rods, « hi rt*ds, s 44) rod«, w 16 rods; lots
. 76 53
16 to 22 iac. blk 9 College additif
lot 5 block 6.
1 McKIni, W it. wt»U> of—loU 13, 14, 16, 18, 17
I and 18, in block LU
McAtee, James, Rocky Bar -house next to
j Mulm burg's.
! M«. Williams, G I, Mtn Heme }>ersoual prop.. . 13 27
Nourse, F A, Canyon creek » hf nw qr « hf
! qr see 24, tp 1, s r 6 e.
Nicholson, C M, Kocky Bor -house
opi*o«Ue PayneV...
I Nichols, S N, Rocky Bar—imp
. 95 62
6 44
Mam st,
. • • • • 1J 19
f. ... . , ■ I* 0- ? rl * fht
I jHiuth n v «*\ opposite Casey * ranch,
hotel on Main st opposite Sled man 8 ■ •• •■ J9
! r*Ä kTä
. 678 29
imp lot 19 bloek 43 72
13 96
I mill sit# 2 a, 20-stamp qi
I Orebough, p, Mill Home
°"rr Sf*«»tUne' «><>.
on land at ta krin ?» retry on part« of sections
gS ari< i 29, tp 5, « r 10 e; pump,engine, boiler
machinery and repair «hope .
0re * f0n 3 "^ L,n ® < ^° ** 4 * 100 niiIrp of
I •„ v „ . y
X.™ 1 ®?'Tr H ** t , ,l ^3 r il B * r ~P e *? ona, , p ry^J y *
'tin ÄSÄ ST. '"*'«« «
»£2i-Ü*££ , ' Gme h " u " 10
« g r I». . " ' '
Pr«y, W b, Atianta—mp
mile from Atlanta
river, house first w of C. V. SHwrtb''», barn
newt to Davis' brewery, w triple street . 17
Porter, C E, Atlanta house nxt Smith's, house
next Goody
Querry, B, Mtn Koine land
To*ju Tax.
5ii 61
528 m
15 69
.. .. T 76
po*»i right 1 1-2 hf
Hide Middle Boise
s saloon building w suie st.. . 19 71
40 rods e of
hf nw qr, sec 25, tp 3, s r fie, and
ing e 40 rods, s 1« ro»iw, w 20 rods,- » 25
rods, w 20 rods, n 40 rods, /acres. 27 38
qninn, M, Rocky Bar—butcher shop. Main at...
Kotierte, Mrs H M,Glenn's Kerry- loti, blk 61. 21 26
Rinehart, C H, Mtn Home -lote 1, 2, block 14.. 63 31
Khinehart, Mrs MA. Mtn Home—lot 3, blk 221, 77 27
Khoades, N Cl, Mtn Home—lots 24, block 12,
I lodge's addition ... .
_ 19 36
Riley, Hugh, Rocky Rtw —house w Malm burg's 10 55
Rathbuu, Mm W F, Rocky Bar house socoiul
east of »Sch raft '«....
Rentrai, R W, Mtn Home — e hf blk 3. Dodge ad 4 51
Sloan, Oliver, Bine— imp
Smith, John, Glenn'» Ferry—lota 11, 12, block
43, ami improvement«.
Sprague, Mrs J T, Mtn Home - lots S, 9, 10, 11,
12, block 14 and improvements.
Shields, Mrs Alice, Mtn Home imp on land n
of biles A and B town of Mtn Home, begining
at point 80 feet nw b!ks A and B, sec 25, tp 3,
h r « e, 4 91 a<
Smith, G W, Mtn Home—land
of nw qr, «ec 25, tp 3. s r 6 e and miming
e 8 rods, n 40 rods, w s roda, s 40 nip 2 a ... 29 49
S ted man, A H, Mtn Home—Union Jack mining
claim at Red Warrior, house at Rocky Bar.. 19 72
!>oss right
mile below Casey'a
building, houtw op Gumbo's. .. 25 86
. .. 5 45
ranch kno
house at Bine Grove.. .. 14 97
14 47
45 84
. 107 94
at nw
Stewart James, Rocky Bar—imp
on South Boise river
ranch, sal«
Skelton, H F, Pine Imp on pom rtgfrt across
South Boise river fr<
Swanholm, H C, Rocky Bar houec opposite
Golden's store .
Sehraft, Oscar, Rocky Bar - house n side Bear
creek, known os the O'Neill house.
Sllllvan, J W, Rocky Bar—house formerly
owned by Gus Schweizer .
Sullaway, Jos, Mtn Home- personal property, 11 67
Sargent, Fred, Glenn's Ferry—lots 7, 8, 9, 10,
block 52.... .
Turner, K J Mtn Home--land
807 ft n of
. . 38 61
10 55
11 96
• l"
. 34 8»
at a point
: 25 tp 3 » r 6 e
ami running e 20 rods, n 16 r, w 20 r, s 16 r, 35 1 23
Turner, R J, Atlanta dwelling house and I«
on Main st op school house, barn and 4 cabins
in Quartz gulch, slaughter house and butchr
shop, imp on post» right n side Middle Boise
river hf mile from Atlanta, barn at Kky Bar, 36 90
Terrell, Chris, estate of, Mtn Home—lots 1, 2,
3, 4, sec 30, tp 4 s r 6 e, 160 acre».
rnderw«*:d, Mrs M A, Mtn Home w hf and 26
ft on e side of plat 23 A lot 1.
Underwood, L A, Mtn Home —imp ou s hf of s
e qr s hf of sw qr sec 14 tp 3 s r 6 e, 160 acres 12 28
Unknown, Mtn Home—e hf sw qr and lots 3
d 4, sec 30 tp 3 s r 7 e, 160 acre« less 10 a.. «6 57
: at Jn Bar, 12 45
. 113 26
13 96
29 39
Ulrich, Jacob, Junction Bar—h<
Vishnu Mining Co, Rocky Bar..
Whitney, R F, Mtn 11*
tp 3 s r 0 e, 80 acres, land
line of
• 14
'l r
at point
qr sec 25 tp 3 s r 6 e 50
iA nw cor running s 40 rods, 10 roda,
d», w 10 rods, 2 50-100 acres . 39 81
Whitney, F E, Canyon creek— s hf of sw qr ne
cjr sw qr sec 23 tp 1 s r 6 e,
p '-i«
jr »ec
l r
24 tp 1 s r 6 e, 160 acres
.. .. 50 37
Williams, Geo A, Atlanta h*
McCabe h
known a» tho
i, also house known as Hailey
1 sc, Atlanta Hill.
oung, Lon, estate of, Atlanta -house next to
C W Joy's.
37 40
3' 49
And notice is hereby given that unless the taxes
delinquent, together with all costs, are paid before
.»aid day of sale the real property upon which is a
leiu for such taxes will Ik: sold at public auction as
above mentioned. Dated May 15, 1898.
•officio Tax Collector in ami for
Assessor and
Elmore county, Idaho
Next door to Keefer's Store,
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Only 25 Cents.
Fresh OYSTERS served i
Hours for
d COOKIES always
Everything Neat and Clean, and the Best Cook in
JIM LEE, Proprietor.
all Idaho.
No water will be turned on until
all water rentals for the past are
Bates:—All over five acres, with
out water right, $2.50 per acre. All
under five acres, $4.00 per acre.
Town lots, two for $5.00 and $1.00
for each additional lot.
One-half of water rent will be due
on July 1st, and if not paid on
that day the water will be shut off
from all delinquents.
F. P. AKE.
J. J. Little, Water Manager.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
- Proprietor
Desert Land—Final Proof.
United State» Land Office, Boise Citr, Idaho,
May 9, 1898.
Notice 1« hereby given that SOLOMON NKW
B. Hall, l>oth of Grand
COM EH, assignee of Tho
View, Owyhee county, Idaho, has filed notice of in
tention to make proof on his desert land claim No.
1202, for the NE qr N hf SK qr, SK qr NW qr, NE qr
SW qr, section 35, tp 4, S K 2 E, B M.. Idaho, before
Register and Receiver U. S Land Office at Boise City,
Idaho, on TUESDAY, the 28th day of JUNE, 1898.
He names the following witnesses to prove the
»let«: irrigation and reclamation of said land: Nicho
«1 Cole, John Shannon and Henry
II. Jones, all of Grand View, Owyhee countv, Idaho.
,w J. tirown, K.lw
Notice of Forfeiture.
State of biaho, County of Elmore—as.
To Antone Alle
hereby notified that I have ex(>cnded six hundred
(gnou.UO) dollars in labor and improvements upon the
"Uuecn of the West'' lode claim and the "Mill-site"
lode claim, situated in Bear Creek Mining District,
Elmore County, Idaho, as will apjwar by certificates
filed on the 4th «lay of January. 1896, ami
day of October, 1896, and on the 6th day of Jan
1898, in the office of the County Roc
coiuitv. in order to hold said premises, under the
ions of section 2324 Revised Statutes of the
I nited States, being the amount re«|iiircd to hold
the same for the years ending December 31, 1895,
1 December 31, 1890, and December 31, 1697.
And if within ninety dava after th«s notice by publi
cation you fail or refuse to contribute your propor
i n te rests
the property of the sub
ami L. K. Pearson:
You are
the 30lh
■B i I
der of
tion ..f
eh expenditure,
iu said claims will l»ecom
svriber, under said section 2324.
felöd 90
Rocky Bar, Idaho, Fsb. 10, 189H.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To J. P. Cleveland, his legal representatives and
hereby notified that I have expended dur
1894, 1895. 1806, 1897 and 1898 the
of two hundred and fifty (#250.00) dollars In
<1 improvement» u|*>n the Clinton Bar Placer Min
ing UJaiin No. 1, located
river, al>out five
in order to hold «aid claim
ing the y
• t hoc
the right hank of Snake
îles below tbe Grand Vi
«1er the provisions of
the laws of the United States of Ajnerica relative to
annual labor upon mining claim» your interest be
ing one-eighth or 20 acres of naid claim—and if
within ninety days after the publication of this
tice yon fail or refuse to contribute your proportion
(#250.00) of the expenditure required of you os % co
;r. your interest in said daim will become the
property of the subscriber, who ha» made the ex
referred to.
March 15, 1898.
required by the term* of the laws above
Notice to Creditors.
EitaW of RICHARD OLIVER, Dcccared.
i Notice h. hereby given by the umlcrsiuned, edmin
j mtrutrix of the e.»«Ur of Rirhanl Oliver, deoeeaed, to
19 ■ the creditors of, ami all persons having claims against
j the said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary
\ouncbers, within ten months after the first pub he
J9 ' tion of this notice, to the naid administratrix at her
! ï±:- ^ in " »
29 Date« I Febr
72 ! mh9wô
Executor of the last will of Richard Oliver
y 28, 1898.
I. 0. 0. F. Building, - - - Mountain Home, Idaho.
We have
More Goods
and Sell them
Cheaper than
Any House in Elmore Co.
Call or Writ© for Prices.
B. F. WHITE, Vtca PMSiotNT
W. R. SEBREE, Casmim
f ir$t national Bank
A General Banking Business Transacted
Practical Tinner.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
All kinds of Tin work solicited. Also Pump and
Pipe work.
Stove Repairing a Specialty and satisfaction
August Kunnecke
Square Dealer iu
Tender Steaks,
Fat, Juicy Roasts,
Fresh Bolognas,
Pure Hog Sausage,
Best Mutton Chops,
Sweetest Pork Chops
Home-cured Hams.
Mountain Home
Successors to A. W. Lockman.
Dealers in llay and Grain.
Stock Carefully Provided tor.
cm SCAUS at the Stable.
Don't Spend a Dollar
«. I
until you have tried
_ ' >■*
You can buy them in the paper 5~cent cartons
Ten Tabules for Five Cents.
U >"• *» to rntir. th. tuilTTOl
If you don't find this sort of
Ripans Tabules
At the Druggist's

Send Five Cents to Thk Rirtns Chemical Comrawt, No. io
hproee St., New York, and thry will be aent to you by mail; or
1 °*«onj Wilt tie mailed for 4 S cents. The chances are ten to
1 Kipaag Tabules are the very medicine you need.

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