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Chicago News: Mr. Blmstead— Foi I
my part, I can't understand why you
permit that young Lempley to pay
luch marked attentions to you. Why,
that fellow couldn't write a gr&mraat
leal sentence to save his life.
Miss W ellwood Indeed! I received
my first letter from him yesterday, and
It contained à proposition which had a
tendency to malt* me forget any gram
matical blunders there may have been
In It. Oh, must you be going? Well,
give my love to your sister, won't you?
On* Mora ITnfortnnet*.
mat iv.M. r i,
' r " r
Going East, take the Santa I e Uout> as
far as Ch.oago.
Most direct lino from the Ucstgenor
ally, and thirty miles the short, st between
Missouri river and Chicago, which insures
quick time and sure conn, étions. Track is
straight and rock ballast, d. with very few
Cr vw"r.lt t ÆoAl ». ■
' estibuled limited oxjh(* s~'CS, itli lutfst
natter« Pullman* a. ,1 . i, » n , ar
patitrn j unmans ai.d rice ilia.r car»,
Meals In dining cars, served ala carte !
Inquire of C. F. Warren. General Agent,
<11 Dooly block, E-alt Lake City, Utah.
Recl*ty Yj*t»rl*r«
à re necessarily people of excellent Jude
nent, taste and refinement. In traveliu »
they demand the last service obtainable
ind the libera.ity with which they pat
ronize the Union Pacific is one of the l est
proofs of that line's superiority. Ticket
ifflee, ''Old Stand," 3dl .Main struct.
A Doubtful Question.
Mag (reading fragment of novel)
Lueius fell on his knees before her.
"Now that we are engaged, darling,"
he cried, "I will claim the privilege of
my first kiss:"
Liz—Say, Mag, how d'ye s'poae she
ever come to get engaged to such a
guy as dat?—Puck.
''Princess Nadine." by Christian Held,
the complete novel in the M:i> issue of
Lipplncott's Magazine, appeals strun rl.v to
(very lover of ronmn e. Thd introduction
Of the Riisso-Amei ican prim ess at the
Mi Carom.' and Battle of Roses at Nice,
whore she Is fittingly framed by a pink
tinted sea-shell of roses, an I where she is
loeu for the first time bv a w althy Cen
tral American, who is to lnllnenee her
(fter-life, surely compels attention,
this man, whoso ImlifTerene
«ex is exceptional, should imperil his lifo
for her seems but natural, as we see, corn
Tt: at I
e to the fair I
binod with the charming personality, a
character unspoiled by adulation; sympa
The story can be
fchetic, faith ami brave,
laid truly to be among tlio best work of
this popular writer
Shake into your shoes, Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes
tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures
Corns, Bunions, Swollen, Hot and
Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and
Bhoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE.
Address Allen S. OlniBted, LeRoy, N. V.
Do Vonr Fe.t Arh. ami noroT
leading article U outitlod "The Bi voitac of
the Dead." It is from the pen of a well
known war correspondent. The article is
illustrated from photographs taken by
Collier's Weekly staff photographer. The
,, , ,. !.
Quay investigation at Harrisburg is w ilt
ten up by a well known newspaperman,
and illustrated from photographs of ex
Senator Quay and the members of the
Collier's Weekly for April 33 is full of
Interesting material. The front page has
a picture of the military burials at Ar
llngton, showing the troops lined up along
side the long trench like graves and the
caskets drapod with American flags. Tho
tom I.a * tern Mall
Is now carried on the Overland IJn.ltid of
the Union Pacific, because ' I 'ncle Sain"
knows that the 4 Old Reliable" p
best service and makes the quiet est time
of any line in the west, licket office,"Old
Stand," 101 Main stre t.
MoClure's Magazine for May will intro
duee a now writer, Mr. Booth Taskins^ton,
of Ii*eunapolis, with the* op nimz install
ment of u no e! of present day American
life. The story is pr »noimcei by th »so
who have read it iu manuscript, as fresh
and absorbing in plot and remarkably
pleasing In its atmosphere and spirit.
A portrait of "Littlo Susan Boudinot,"
daughter of Elias Boudinot, president of
tho Continental congress, is tho frontis
piece of the May St. Nicholas. The poo in
by Ethel Barton which follows it, cele
brates the refusal of this nine-year old
maiden of tho last century to drink a cup
qi taxed tea at the home of the royal gov
is tli»


The Frances Willard Hcspital, Chicago. 111 .
Mis* Georgians Dean was for three
years missionary in Liberia under the
M. E. Church from the training school
ln Chicago. After her return she stud
led nursing, graduating from the pres
•nt Frances E. Willard National Tem
peranca Hospital of Chi ago. She is an
enthusiastic friend of Pe-ru-na, as i
evident from the following letter ;
Chicago, 111., Jan. 20, 1899.
Pe-ru-na Drug Mfg. Co.. Columbus, O :
Gentlemen—You will be glad to
know of the happy results obtained
from th« use of Pe-ru-na among the
patl«nts under mv care whenever prc
scribed by the physician I have seen
Q U»Mt C'uugA Hjrup Tiut
E In tinu* Rolit bv <lr
»I U;T * ;.T1—I
Food. Use
When flntwerlng fldvTrtlsrnmnt# Kindly
Mention Ihlà Fdotr,
Thins* a Mother Should Wot Do,
I Ehe should not forget that if ah«
treats her boy as a gentleman, she will
do much towards making him a gen
ileman. She should not treat her bor
to perpetual frowns,scoldings and fault
{ladings. "Sugar attracts more me.
than vinegar. ' Love w in. her hov to
a noble manhood. She should
be i0 buav nr bard . pressed f
t hat. she
At Albany the law-makers are wrang
Uu>-r over the abolition of the death pen
ally The man who succeeds will prove
as great a benefactor to the breaker oil
man's laws as Ilostettor s Stomach Bit
ters has to the breaker of nature's laws.
if you've neglected yourstomaeh until indl
Bestiou and constipation are upon you, try
Hostetter a Stomach Bitters
» V.n.gated History.
a firnilinr Kiuht unnn tlift Pridn
Laminar sight upon trie Fra do
nowadays is the plea ant countenanc«
! of colonel Alonso Ridley, a native of
Virginia, who hails from Texas. Col
oue | Rj d i e y ig a "forty-niner," and Is
1 known as an unreconstructed rebel, H«
formed the escort which conducted Al
I bert Sidney Johnson from California
to San Antonio, Tex., and entered th«
confederate army with him. He was
one of his bodyguard when this con
federate general was killed, and In
company with Colonel O'Hara, the au
thor of "The Bivouac of the Dead,"
carried him off the field.
After the rebellion was over Colonel
cannot listen to him.
he lives to he a man he will all too
soon leave her.
She should make the
most of him while she has him.
should encourage outdoor exercises
sports, aud she should not forget to
train him with proper regard for his
g , ie ghould never nn(? h)m( Qr f()p _
that he Is a creature of reason not
;in un imal that requires to be driven
abe g bou l,l not fail to instil in h!
dlslaste for aU that vu]gar
never allow him to form such habits
as coming to the table in his shirt
sleeves. neglecting his nails or teeth,
or carrying soiled handkerchiefs about
with him.
She should
m a
Aboli*!) th* Penally
at I
I Ridley went to Mexico and there join
ed Maximilian and was with him and
Plon-Plon in the fight at Querataro.
1 He lived In Mexico for a long time,
after which he went to Arizona and
there settled down to raising cattle.—
Times of Cuba.
"The Story of the Captains" in the May
Century w ill mark the clima • of thatmag
azine's Spanish War serins, giving, as It
dous, an account by every commanding
officer bnt, one of the part played by hls
ship in the famous fight ot? Santiago, that
résulté! iu the auuih lation of t'orvora's
of tlie Oregon and contributes a criticism
of the Spanish's admiral s strategy. The
is textof this novel group of firsthand uo
counts of one of the most remarkablenaYal
fiatt les ever fought is profusely Illustrated
... , -, i 1 \ . .
with portra ts, drawings and photographs,
the latter from snapshots made from each
one of tho ships during the progress of the
lloot. Captain Ev
of the Iowa, Captain Taylor of tho Indiana,
Captain (now Rear-Admiral) Philip of the
Texas, Captain Cook of the Brooklyn,Cap
lain Chadwick of the New York, and
Lieutenant-Commander Wainwrlghtof the
Gloucester, while Captain Clark of the
Oregon endorses LIcutuuant Eberle's story
describes tho doings
Mr#. IVImlow'# Soothing Syrup
. reduce* !n
ivludooU*. 2àoeatf
forchlldreu teething, soften*the g
attou, allays pain,
a boule,
The May Atlantic opens with an article
ipon tho Australasian Extensions of De
mocracy by H. de R. Walker, who dis
cusses the management of affairs, espe
cially financial, in the five great Pacific
lolonies of England, their methods of gov
emmental louns, their banking deposits
and tax regulations, and their relief and
pension syst uns.
Two bottles of Piso's Cure for Consump
tion cured mo of a bad lung t rouble.—Mrs.
J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind., Mur. 20, 1895.
the tiimrd-House.
'Twas in a lit of childish pique,
I struck my captain on tho chique.
Flo got so m id he scarce could spiquo,
Then ordered me for many a wique
To occupy this cell so bllque.
Oh, wnuld that I had been more mique!
—Jobn C- M. Valentino in May 8t. Nicho
A M.
I i
some very remarkable cures of cases
of very obstinate catarrh of the stora
uch, where Pe-ru-na was the only med
lcine used. I consider it a reliable
The symptoms of catarrhal dyspepsia
are: Coated tongue, pain or heavy
feeling in the stomach, belching of gas,
! dizzy head, sometimes headache, de
spondent feelings, loss of appetite, pal
pitation of the heart and irregularity
j of the bowels,
j Beauty."
| lumbus, O.
Send for a free hook written by Dr.
* entitled
Address Dr. Hartman, Co
W. N. U., Salt Lake—No, 18, 1899 !
Dewey day was generally celebrated
throughout the United States.
In Sharon, Mass, .John P. Ross was
«hot and killed by his wife, Mary E.
Ross, in the course of a quarrel.
The exports of specie from New York
for the past week aggregate #*.>116,144
of which #883,048 was silver and #54,0<J8
The Duke de Arcos, the newly ap
pointed Spanish minister to the United
States, will leave for the United States
next week.
A family of four, living on the Dodge
ranch near Mount Vernon, S. D., were
frightfully burned, one fatally, by a
prairie Are.
Three thousand recruits and twenty
officers will be concentrated at the
Presido immediately. One thousand
are there now.
In Dayton, Ohio, Murderer Kirves
I has been declared sane and will now
j be sent to the electrict chair for Ui 11
, ing hia own child.
Secretary Alger will be a candidate
i before the next Michigan legislature
for United States senator to succeed
| Senator McMillan.
| „ ... ,
I5r ' tlsh governmentw.il not
1 tftke *"* s,1;lre in the 1>a, ' lfic cable - >' ut
! will contribute a sum uot less than
£30,000 sterling annually.
| A fire at Sebastapol, Cal., destroyed
I , ,
Chinatown, consuming fifty houses
, . , . „ „ „ e. e, U i
and causing a loss of #'.0.°00. One Chl
i DeSe WHS burned lo ,leath '
the expenditures were #'.".',800,000 more
thau those of the previous month.
, rl . ,
16 foll " wln k r customs and taxes
"ere collected at the ports mentioned
during April:
SIS,534; Cebu, 80,5
Treasury receipts for April fell 815,
400,000 below those for March, while
Manila, #157,003; Iloilo,
77; total, #533,203.
It Is stated that eighteen of the
judges of the French court of eus
sation are in favor of, and fifteen op'
posed to revision of the Dreyfus case.
One thousand of the small army of
Manila recruits assembled at the Prc
j sulio will leave this month cn the three
transports, the Grant, Sherman and
At Fresno. Cal..
\ 8,000 contraband cigars that have been
Internal Revenue
has seized about
sent there by Jacobs A- Kendigof Lan
caster, Pa.
Advices from RluefieUls, Nicaragua,
indicate that the situation there, so
far as American interests are con
cerned, is extremely discouraging aud
The conductors, engineers and fire
men of the Santa Fe Pacific threaten
to go out on a strike because of the
new schedule of wages, which cuts
them 20 per cent.
J n i) a ]] a8i Tex., Tom Robertson was
hanged at Hillsborro, for assault, lie
, . , . , . ' ,
claimed tobe innocent. The mother
" >>s ' let nu w as present und wanted
to pull the rope.
As a result of an expedition of the
Dominion police against the obstrep
erous Indians at St. Regis, one Indian
was killed, two were seriously wound
ed and four arrested.
For April the government receipts
were #41,611,587 and the expenditures.
Including the payment to Spain, were
#65.854,000, showing a deficit for the
month of #24,243,421.
News lias been received of the assas
sination in Van Buren county, Ark.,
of the son of Hugh Patterson, who
was murdered in December, 1807 by
Lee Mills and Hugh Hardin.
The American interests in Bluefields,
Nicarauga, alone now aggregate fully
#3,000,000 in gold, and the state de
partment is demanding that they shall
be protected against extortion.
Charles McCulloch, a farm laborer,
was shot and killed by Mrs. Eunice
Brown at her farm, south of Canton,
. O. The woman claims McCulloch
snulted her aud she shot him in self
I defense.
The Baptist Church in Atlanta, the
largest church of that denomination
in the South, but recently constructed,
was entered Sunday night and consid
erably damaged by vandals. The pas
tor hud denounced the recent lynch
j s
Boston celebrated Dewey day by'a
display of Hags over the national, state
and city buildings nnd prominent busi
, . , . , , ,
m ss houses and also by receptions held
by patriotic societies. Tn many of the j
public schools there were appropriate
An application of the Edison Elec
tric Light company for an injunction
against the Imperial Electric Light,
Heat and Power company of St. Louis,
to compel it to desist from using the
three-wire system of the Edison
pany has been denied.
Dr. Klcanor Lawney, a prominent j
larly physician of Denver, was fatally
burton Fifteenth street through the
reckless driving of an
nknown man.
j His vehicle collided with her buggy,
I throwing 1 her violently to the ground,
fracturing her skull.
rai Kautz, U S. .W, interpreting it
Berlin newspapers, commenting on
the latest news from Somoa,
satisfaction with the attitude i
'f Admi
a sign that the United States
snle with (.er
arrested in the
vill henceforth
many in the trouble.
A man wh
Comedia theatre, Madrid,
vith a re
er and dagger on his person, aud
who was suspected of having designs I
igent, is an ;
array veterinary named < tiameon.
on the life of the
The Philadelphia commercial muse
ms are now sending letters t<
merce. hoards
j trade and similar bodies iu all parts of j
J the world inviting the attending of
j representatives at the international
j commercial congress to he held there
! next October. I
o ve r
TfK« eharnhers of e.
*fr. Tripler'* Liquid Air.
From a Washington Letter: A Mr.
Tripler has obtained a patent for pro
dueing liquefied air by Intense cold.
.. . ■ * . . , , , . ,. . .
It is a gravish-looking fluid, and each
„ . . ' , .
gallon represents 800 cubic feet of or
dlnary air, so that Its expansive paw
, . , _
nn rt nwr'in hnndlntr lY^and It I«
no danger in handing It. and It can be
easily confined in jars or cans of Iron
* a Vfw ctlarrsas 7 ,,..« u Woo
or steel. A Mr. btearne of Zurich has
, . . . _ _. - . .
obtained a patent for reducing carbonic
.. _ * .. * . !
acid gas to liquid form, and he pro
~ a il i* „„mi i
poses to sell it to the public in little
steel capsules, small enough to be
, . , _. r .. ,
carried In the vest pocket. By this
, . . i
Invention every man can have a soda
,_. „ha.«, — w 1
fountain with him wherever he goes.
. . _ _ _, k . „„ , * .'
for by unscrewing the capsule aud
dropping Its contents Into a pitcher or
bottle of water the liquid dissolves In
to gas again and charges the water like
apollinarls or soda In a fountain or a
siphon. A company Is being formed for
the purpose of making capsules and
charging them with the liquid gas. It
is proposed to put them up In little i
boxes, to be supplied to the public
through druggists and grocers and fur
nish them to hospitals, steamship«,
armies and navies In quantity.
rines, and most of them are so easily
cultivated that they appeal to th«
veriest novlc« or the busiest house
w | fe j n p i anb j ng you may bave al j
0 f one kin d or choose many varieties,
Doubled their money last wook. Write or
Wlre Andrew & Lombard, Stock Brokers
Salt Lake, Utah.
Two Farmen
Vine* es Deeuretloa*.
Vines, Indeed, may cover founda
tions, bare walls, unsightly board
fences, and unpalnted sheds, etc.
Vines may serve as screens, »nd giv« I
privacy to the yard; vines may assist
In making a shady nook, remarks a
oontrlbutor to the Woman's Horn«
Companion. But above all, vines may
make houses homes, adding grace and
beauty to even the stateliest mansion.
There Is such an endless variety of
For quick efTects over balcony, fence
or «creen the morning glory, moon
Joww . nasturtium, Cobaea scandeni
and cypress vine give most pleasing
I effects. For slower and more perma
nent results are the Ivies, woodbines
and honeysuckles.
A lIouNetiolil NfcPMlty,
Erery home nhould ht»
bo* of Cascarets Candy Cathartic
fuardian of the family health. All drugiCst«, lOo,
fco, 50o.
handy for use a little
a perfect
Th* Round Tower* of Ireland.
Hundreds of years ago, as far back
as the sixth and not later than th«
twelfth century, It was the custom in
Ireland and other Christian countries
to build tall narrow towers close to
many of the churches. It Is not known
for certain why they were erected,but
it Is supposed that, besides being used
for religious purposes, they afforded
shelter for priests and people In times
of danger. After bells had been intro
duced they were sometimes hung In
these towers. The round towers wer«
mostly from eighty to a hundred feet
high, and usually crowned with a
peaked roof. They wero lighted by
small windows, and the ascent from
story to story was made by mean«
of ladders. As a matter of safety, th«
door was placed at a considerable dis
tance from the ground. Above a hun
dred of the«e towers, more or less per
fect, are still to be found In various
parts of Ireland.
cotn P an y with $100,000 capital to loan
mon * y ln smaM sums on colla ^ r »l se -
curity at a fair rate of interest will be |
hailed with Joy by many poor people,
eomo of whom are now obliged to pay ,
at th« rate of 120 per cent a year for
small sums of money. The movement i
, . . ... . ;
to prevent the necessities of the poor
j being made the profit of usurers began.
^ ar as ibis country is concerned, in
Boston ln 1809. The original assocla
Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is taken internally. Price, 75c.
Lemon flath a* a Refresher.
At a recent reception of the Profe*
8h>nal Woman's League, a well-known
actress was telling some of her asso
ciates in the profession about the lux
ury of a lemon bath which she tried
while on a recent trip to the West In
dies. She said that it Imparted a sens« |
of cleanliness and freshness to the
skin that made a Turkish bath look
like thirty cents. Several lemons or
limes are Bliced and allowed to soak
ln the bath water for an hour until I
all the Juice Is extracted. A handful
. , J
of bran or two, and the preparations j
for an unsurpassable refresher are
Karthly .Iojm,
I work and wait the whole week through
For Saturday and Sunday.
Then, while I wonder what to do,
They're gone, and it is Monday.
—Christopher Valentine, in May St. Nlch
0 l a9> j
Hank« for the Poor.
Th« announcement that the
chants' Club Is about to establish a
tlon is still in existence as the ( ollat- t
eral Ixtan Company, 158 Tremont
At 1 Beacon :
street Loans are made as low as fifty !
cents. The rate of interest charged Is
U4 per cent a month,
street, Boston, is the Workingman's
Loan Association. This association ;
charges interest on its loans at the rats I
of 1 per cent a month. It reports that
over four-fifths of all loans made by it |
are repaid, and its losses are compara- I
tively trivial. Both th<wie associations, j
though originally started as char!t!#s, |
pay an annual dividend of 6 per cent
to stockholders. In New York the first ,
start in this direction was made by the
St. Bartholemew Mission and the
various church settlements. With the
last few years, however, a number of
wealthy men have organized compa- |
nies which loan money on chattels at
fair rate« of interest. They also have
are j
f0llnd tb9 investment profitable. In
many European countries there
pawnshops conducted by the govern
Alabastln*. the only dumMe wall coat
ace of acaliriK kalnomlnes,
paint for wall». It can b*
Int. tak< a the pi
wall paper and |
ttaeu au piaster, brick, wood or canvas.
Uanntr rvhirh th* French PaM ta»
indemnity in mm
_ ... , , . „ ' „.iso,.
The ease with which France paid the
. ,, , .
great Indemnity exacted by Germany
.... . ... . ,. 7n
at the close of the war of 1870 aston
ished the world. The same ability to
discharge a forced obligation WES Wlt
nefl ■ th cl0S9 of the Napoleonic
, .. ... ,
wars, when the allied armies occupied
_ 1 _ . , . ..
France. Savarin explains that the ease
, .. . ., .
! was made possibly through gluttony,
... _ _ . Ä
which, he says, France alone can thor
' , '
, B , , y ' ,, th _.
treaty of peace, It was estimated that
... ... , .,
i that nation n various ways paid to
„ „# , rnn nnn nnn
1 conquerors the sum of 1.500,000,000
. .. .
francs. It was feared that these forced
In 1815, after the
1 payments would bankrupt the coun
try. Subeequent events proved that
these fears were chimerical. Not only
i the original amount assessed against
the French came back to them, but
very much more, through the gluttony
j of their vanquishers. The foreign ar
I mies that Invaded France brought
with them fierce voracity and stom
achs of uncommon capacity. Once they
: had tasted of th« delights of French
I food, their ordinary rations were re
jected, and the great sums of money
that had come Into their possession of
fered a means for the complete sat
lsfactlon of their appetites. Paris be
came, on a sudden, an Immense refec
tory. The invaders ate everywhere, In
eating-houses, ln cookshops, inns, tav
ernB, drinking dens, and In the streets.
They gorged themselves with flesh,
fish, game, pastries, fruits, and truf
When they drank It was with
avidity and of the most expensive
wines. The purveyors made fortunes.
One Mme. Sullot, who had
shop in the Palais Royal only 12 fest
square, sold 12,000 petit pates every
day. To the rank and file and most
of the officers of the Invading armies
I fles.
a little
the delights of French cookery were a
revelation. When they returned to
their homes their tales of epicurean I
bliss excited thetr hearerB. This led
to a great pilgrimage to France of civ
ilian gluttons from all parts of Eu
rope, and made of Paris a gastronomlo
Mecca for a quarter of a century or
more. It was estimated that through
this pandering to the stomachs of
strangers France not only regained the
original amount of the Indemnity, but
as much again. That experience, so
far as eating Is concerned, can never
be repeated, for from 1815 to 1840 the
French culBine was at Us period of
cumulative achievement. The indem
nity exacted In 1870 has been returned
to France mainly through the pur
chase of decorative equipment by th«
women of all nations.—Sun.
lie l-ollte.'
General Manager Underwood of the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad has ie
sued the following general notice to
Btatlon agents and trainmen: "Your
especial attention ie directed to the
treatment of patrons by employes of
the company. Complaints have been
made from various sources of discour
tesy to freight and passenger patrons
on the part of our agents, or their
representatives, at several of our sta
tions, and also inattention of conduct
ors and brakemen to properly care for
the comfort of
should be no cause for
plaints. It is a part of your duty to
see that our patrons arc treated at all
times with politeness and courtesy, not
only by yourself but by employes un
der your charge. One of the valuable
assets of a railroad company Is uni
form politeness and courtesy from all
of Its employes to its patrons, and
this capital must not be encroached
upon. It is proper for you to under
stand that advancement does not de
pend wholly on your efficiency, but In
other directions also, and will
measured in a great degree by the
treatment accorded to patrons."
, . , , , .
? ( rompt , f * k U of translatl °"' and P° r -
i ,.° ns ? ® D ° W es anlen n es *
; than four tongues are ln preparation
for the Pbll |p p | ne8 Tbo flrgt three
gogpels and the acU ln Tasa i 0 g, the
passengers. There
such com
Unusual Kruukuoii,
First Populist—1 tell you, these
trusts are gettin' more shameless and
| __wbat has happened? First Populist
unblushln' every day. Second Populist
—There's one bein' formed, an' the
president says it ain't to help the con
sumer, but jes' to make money.
I T Are Yo " u, ' n * A11 ""'• Foot - E "" T
_ U > s the T1 on cur ® ^ SwoHen, j
Smarting. Burning, Sweating Feet,
j Corng and Bunlona . Ask for All9n . a
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken Into
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores, 25c. Samplo sent FREE. Ad- !
dress, Allen 9. OlniBted, LeRoy, N. Y. I
m0( ^ eru Greece the language of
fliowers Is developed with much detail, !
80 8 enera ^y understood that a
j lover and hls sweetheart sometimes
ige of Flower».
carry on an Ideal correspondence by
means of clusters of loose blossom».
Translated Into Four Languages for
1 rs of the Natives.
Recent events have stirred the Brit
ish »nd Foreign Bible Society to som«
language of the dominant native rac«
there, are actually printed; St. Luke'*
t g 0apa i j n Ilooono is nearly finished,
and f be sa m 9 hook ln Bicol is ready
These renderings, it ap
pears, are largely due to the energy of
: the society's agent ln Madrid, Rev. R.
! , or igaue.
o. Walker, who secured the collabora
; tlon of some exiled Filipinos. Almost
I th« whole testament has been trans
lated Into Pangaslnan. Another nota
| bl« undertaking Is the printing of 8L
I John's gospel ln Lusoga, for use in
j thoss districts east of the Nile. This
| version has been made by Rev. F.
Rowling of the C hurch Missionary So
, °lety, and is regarded for many philo
logical reasons as an interesting addi
tlon to the 400 or so ot languages and
dialect» ln which the sacred ! joks are I
circulated from Queen Victoria street,
Nmt Kallreljr lndrp*ml*nt.
"Runniag an independent paper now,
aren't you, Johnson?" "Er-sorter.
j don't seem to be quite independent of
i Ike libel laws. 1 have found out al
ready."—Indianapolis Journal.
. .
# ;
AlabaMln* can b* u**d
paper, paint
over paint or
paper can be u»ed over
Buy only In five pound pack*
properiy labeled; take uo MubstUuie.
grandmother f
casant influença în tlie house in a delight.'
in good health !
RBF.R, St. James, Mo., writes: *<i t 00 ^
i Vegetable Compound during change of
sed through that
I suffered for
What a p
ful old lady
Mrs. Mollir B/
Lydia E. Pinkham':
life, and have pas
critical period safely,
years with falling cf the womb and
female weakness. At times could
hardly stand on n y feet, also had
leucorrhœa. I tried several good
doctors, but instead of getting better, grew worse nil u 18
time. A friend advised me to try Mrs. Pinkham's Compound
I did so and after taking six bottles, was cured of both
leucorrhœa and facing of womb, I am now enjoying good
health and feel very grateful f or
the good your medicine has
done me. I would recommend
iP&k it to all women suffering as I
j||SV Mrs. N. E. Lacey,
Pearl, La., writes:
"I have had leucorrhœa
»fil for about twenty years
WHI womb by spells
for ten years, and my
i'iliiM blafl Jer was affected, had
IBJJ backache a great deal,
W/J I tried a number of
doctors. They would re
lieve me for a little
while, then I would be
iÿSàtî'* worse than
( r A
then thought I would
Vf try Lydia E. Pinkham's
y* Vegetable Compound.
Eleven bottles of Com
pound and one box of
* Liver Pills cured
and I am now sound
d me through the change of life period. I
and well. It helpe
Ain fifty-five years
The women of advanced years who are healthy and happy
are invariably those who have known how to secure help
when they needed it. Mrs. Pinkham will advise any woman
free of charge wlu] writes about her health. Her address is
Lynn, Mass.
jiiight as well be safe
in your tea-drinking, and enjoy
it more besides.
Try Schilling's Best
money badk if you don't like it.

»ritî'teiiAÎ PENSION
lilt It* < HID, W i»»IiIiir:oii 1 I). f lif; j
will receive quick replies H s t M N.H. Vols
Staff 20th Curpb. Prosi'cuting Claims since 18 7 8
You will never know what
Good Ink
Is unless you use Carter's ! It costs
no more than poor nk.
Funny booklet " Bow to Make Ink Pictures" free.
CARTER'S INK CO., Uostlon, Mass.
HKi Spalding
. - jffrek I 1« the only genuine
ifcZ IiSwmL Nuthmal League
,■ Hall,andIncertlfled
rSPSli to as such by Pres
ident N.
If a dealer does not carry S]
athletic goods lrj stock, send y<
and address tous (and hls.Uxuf
of our handsomely lllust rated n
New York
• ir name
>r a copy

*tsg brW M
Don't I'e failed with n in.ickintf
or rubber coat. If youwantac
that will keep you drv in the ha
est st*
Slicker. If
buy the 1 ish Hr; nj
not for sale in your
•own, write f.»r catalogue to
A. J. TOWEU, Boston, Mas*!.
S ometimes when y
lame back and feel
ou have
you stop working for he day.
and on rtoht tn ir j*' !, *
,, ** " ° u .°' '
. e symptoms quiet dowr
no wa y to head off a
disease that fastening
upon you. Stop the first
you lose the ship,
—^ III»* ■
I l*» j H Wj/e I ArinV
Dl.U.l 1.1'lV* LCQil J
I • I/, I D I
he rest
n when
terrible I
its grip
leak or
quickly cure* tl; se first Irrcgularitiei and tfiu*
repels Hright's Disease, Dialn-t; -, Khtumatlsm,
Jaundice and Female Truufil; v Druggista have
it, ,i.oo a bottle.
Every church and schooihousa
coate.l only with Alabastlne.
of tons uchmI yearly for t'nU woi
Ino Alabaaluu) does uot rub aud
should be
scmls oil.
Mitchell Fan
»ml Sprint; Witgoiia.
Ilford itirm Wag
nd t'i
'y Hnggl
Moline SI i
1 IMowil
m: < iiliforniu
Kork IhIi
Rest Steel llttrroM
»«I Steel Plot
Writ.- for I'rloM
No conll
lid t v. no }
nipt shut!
F - y
•nn nt, no pul)
IT*ring, no ab
nr cf either
v. cley In
Stil ute, or Lock Hox lift
Suit Lake City, Cuh.
Aifilri-ss Till
We Belt The World!
) nr Slid health mat H I P A-51
nut - < h*mtc*i
■ itlinasMt
win .. :.
Ken (I ft uent
. for IU sample i
> 1
®|p 4 | WHEAT
"Nothing but wheat; what you might
■as laid
call a «ca of'wheat." Is what
by a lecturer speaking of Western Can
ada. For particulars as to routes, rail*
way fares, etc., apply to Superintendent
of Immigration, Department Intt iior.J^
tawa. Canada or to C. J. Broughton, l»-*
Muiiadnock Block, Chicago, 111.
1-0 lirlllMt
Cheaper lli;
Coal Oil, hut
Kleot riedty. . . .
. . tin
Rlonarcli flc?iy!eoe Gas Generator d.
try all

2 , 7 .
"S* 1
■ .j
»ire buy the inj
layo(f) Hut If V«
ly «afe »ml which m-v.
,,iv »i«>4
di b '
fn i In
• of 1
y t**. tf«t
No case known It has e\ er failed to
i W i»
Nothin* Ilk« It.
and nil who have
Lsh the <1
milt* i
bmlurM. Frii

•llotilo tin
, plainly
Ipt of price by
Dirculor iiioilcti
»'■•j'p -t.
I M- Hi- .J f- r «nualurJ
di.' lim.'••«, ..••JSJS
or i.b «frutioo*
of m ii cou «
cou tofloo« "aiïiïi® and . ! "ktriO
,MV H tE»AH8CHCMI0ALC0. «''»«t • r p')l#un< u«.
CIHClHNATI.O.r—I Nolil *».▼ nruttw*
K. O. S. a. / PpT^'nt In plain
In 1 to 6 <I«y«.
; ;
. !
. v>
« '
Alalmslln«* packages have Ddl in |
lions. Anyone can brush It on a r C- rJl "
d- Hler for lint card. ' A .aba j'
free. Alas basil n© Co., Grand Bapin .

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