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(ftnujrr ^uUftin.
O. M. PAYNE, 1
Editor« and Proprietor«.
Mountain Home, March 22, 1900.
Bryan, the great silver advocate,
will speak in Balt Lake next Satur
The government of New Zealand
provides work for all applicants at
the rate of $2 per day.
Owing fo his departure an old re
sident of Virginia City, Nev., offers
for sale "an extensive morning cock
tail route."
The Rt publican State convention
to eelect delegates to the national
convention will be held at Lewiston
on May 8th. The State nominating
convention is to he held at Boise on
July 17th.
The Democratic, Populist and
Silver Repuplican State Central
Committees meet at Boise to-day.
We trust these representative bodies
will agree upon a union of all silver
forcep in Idaho and ipsue an ad
dress to the people setting forth the
terms of such union. It is more
important than ever befoie that the
silver men of Idaho now pull to
gether under one banner, because
the gold-bugs have almost unlimi
ted hoodie and are already usiug it
to subsidize papers throughout the
A. R. De Fluent, editor of the Jour
nal, Doylestown, Ohio, suffered for a
number of years from rheumatism in
his right shoulder and side. He says:
"My right arm at times wns entirely
useless. 1 tried Chamberlain's l'ain
Balm, and was surprised to receive re
lief almost immediately. The Pain
Bain, lias been a constant companion
of mine every since and it never fai's."
For sale by R. W. Smith, druggist.
A recent ruling of the Second As
pistant Postmaster General will he
of especial interest to residents of
this section who wish to hid on con
tracts for carrying mail on star
routes. The decision is that men
who do not live near the mail routes
cannot furnish a proper bond for
the faithful performance of the star
route contracts. This is a direct
blow at the big mail contractors in
the east who take western mail con
tracts and then sublet them. If the
new policy is continued it is going
to be of material advantage to local
residents to feel that they are the
only competitors and that some out
sider is not going to cut their
throats and then skin some local
roan into doing the work afterwards
at starvation wages.
Major Fred Reed and his compa
ny located, last fall, 900 acres of
placer ground on Gold Hill, a few
miles south of Banner. The com
pany will begin work as soon as
they can get in with supplies. The
first work will be the enlarging of
the old Invincible ditch to carry
2,000 inches of water. This ditch is
fourteen miles long and takes water
from Crooked river, which furnishes
water enough the entire season to
fill the enlarged ditch. The gravel
on Gold Hill is from forty to fifty
feet deep. Gold Hill carries great
quautities of hiack sand, which will
be saved. This sand assays from
$180 to $200 a ton and the gold is
worth $20 an ounce. The highest
grade of the placer gold of this dis
trict is worth $11.25 an ounce,
while that contained in the black
sand is almost pure. A gold pan
full of the gravel carries from three
to four pounds of this sand.—Idaho
City World.
We have saved many doctor bills
since we began using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy in our home. We
keep a bottle open all the time and
whenever any of my family or myself
begin to catch cold we begin to use
the Cough Remedy, and as a result we
never have to send for a doctor and
incur a large doctor bill, for Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy never fails to
cure. It is certainly a medicine of
great merit and worth.— 1). S. Mear
kle, General Merchant and Farmer,
Mattie, Bedfore county, l'a. For sale
R. W. Smith, druggist.
John S. Mavhtigh, formerly In
dian agent at Duck valley, has been
compelled to pay Miss Egan $1,000
for defaming her character by pub
lication of a letter in the Virginia
Enterprise last July. This is the
end of the trouble between Mayhugh
and Miss Egan, which begun while
Mayhugh was agent and Miss Egan
superintendent of schools at the
Western Shoshone Indian reserva
tion, which in April last culmina
ted in a shooting scrape at the re
servation, in which Mayhugh, J.
Meyer, the agency farmer, and Long
John, chief of the Indian police, on
one side and Miss Kgan, Dr. Merri
weather, the agency physician, and
Frank Carson, an Indian employe,
on the other, and came near ending
the lives of several of the partici
pants. Mayhugh was subsequently
relieved from his position as agent,
while Miss Kgan was made super
intendent of schools at the Klamath
Agency, Oregon.
It is very hard to stand idly by and
see our dear ones suffer while awaiting
the arrival of the doctor. An Albany
(N.Y.) dairyman called at a drug store
there for a doctor to come and see Ins
child, then very sick with croup. Not
finding the doctor in, he left word for
him to comeatonceon his return. He
also bought a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, which he hoped would
give some lelief until the doctor should
arrive. In a few hours he returned,
saying the doctor need not come, as
♦ he child was much better. The drug
gist, Mr. Otto Scholz, says the family
lias since recommended Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy to their neighors and
friends until lie has a constant de
mand lor it from that part of the
couutry. For sale by R, W, Smith,
Poor Porto Ricans.
The following extract is from a re
cent Washington letter: "The mud-!
died condition of the Repuplican party
in regard to Porto Rico should be
lighly enouruging to the Democrats, is
who, sticking fast to the Declaration of
Indépendance ami the Constitution,
can afford to watch with complacency
the struggles of their opponents to
square their consciences with their
dealings and with political expediency
With the House pulling oue
way, the Senate pullting he other an 1
the Presinent on the fence ready to
flop, it is difficult to tell just how tl
matter will finally be adjusted. It
now seems likely, however, that the
$2,000,000 gilt hid will be joined with
the tariff hill so amended as to strike
ont dnties on goods sent from the
United States to Porto Rico. The
provisions for a de'egate in Congress
will also ho stricken out, for what
exact purpose no one seems to know
unless it is to force the fact that the
Porto Ricans are a "subject people."
The combined hill as amended will
supply the Porto Rican government
with necessary money for temporary
expences, will put its markets at the
mercy of the American manufacturers
and will retain 15 per cent protection
for the United States sugar and tobac
co trusts. Thus everybody ought to
be happy, except the Poto Rican peo
pie wno will pay the duty and be taxed
without representation. Such a little
thing as this, however, should not
trouble Americans whose ancestors
went to war with the greatest empire
in the wot Id baeauee of its attempt
to enforce a similar state of af
fairs against them. How clearly
all this is a matter of expediency is
shown by the fact that the agreement
was only obtained by the threat of
Senator Foraker that if something of
the kind was not decided on, he would
introduce a hill giving full territoral
rights to Porto Rico, and force it to
patsuge by the assistance of the
Democratic votes."
as well.
At Blackfoot, on St. Patrick's
day, Mrs. Dubois presented Senator
Fred T. Dubois with a 12-pound
daugh ter.
So strong is the sentiment against
the Porto Rican tariff bill in Indi
ana, that a movement has started
in favor of nominating Congress
man Crumpacker for governor. He
was the only republican congress
man from the Hosier state who
voted against the hill.
A famous and successful New
York politician, a few days ago,
said: "Eternal hustling is tlie price
of success in politics." Political
life has become the "strenuous life"
and today the political destiny of
the country is in the hands of
young men.
My mother suffered with chronic di
arrhoea for several months. Xhe was
attended by two physicians who at last
pronounced her case hopeless. She
procured one 25 cent bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera ami Di
arrhoea Remedy, and five doses gave
her permanent relief. I take pleasure
in recommending it as the best on the
market. Mrs. F. K. Watson, Aiken,
Ala. Sold by R. W. Smith,druggist.
The Caldwell Tribune wants to
know "If it is not much more pleas
ant to advocate the pernicious doc
trines of the republican party for
pay than democratic principles for
nothing," and advises democratic
papers to get in with Hanna and
the hoodie. How do the people
like that? We admit that there
more republican than democratic
papers in the state and the Caldwell
man has told the reason why. It
seems to us that the venture of such
a proposition requires tons of
nerve and not enough decency to
make a pair of leggings for a hum
ming bird.—Pocatello Advance.
Lost—In Mountain Home, Sunday
evening, March 4th, in front of the
post-ollice or Smith's drug store—
a ladies' gold ring set with a moon
stone partly surrounded by a half
tnoon of rubies. A liberal reward
is offered and the finder will please
leave the ring at this office.
J. A. Czizek, the state mine in
spector of Idaho, has just issued an
exhaustive report of the condition
of the mining industry of the state,
together with statistics showing the
metal output. Mr. Cizizek places
the total output since mining was
first begun in Idaho at $250.000,
000 and during the year 1899 he
shows the production to be in gold,
$1,550,958; in silver, $5,792,417;
lead. $3,760,553, and coppei, $00,
000; making a total of $11,163,928.
The lead production was not as
large as usual last year, he states,
on account of the labor troubles in
Shoshone county.
Subscription Agency.
Give me your orders for n> wspapers,
magazines and books. I will get you
anything published in the world at
publishers' prices, and save you the
extra expense and trouble. Drop me
a postal card or call on me and 1 will
show you lists and prices.
Ida M. Fitzwatek.
For Over Kilty Years.
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy.
Mrs. Wir w's Soothing Syrup has
been used r over fifty years, by mil
lions ol m (Tiers for their children
while teething, with perfect
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy for diarrhoea. Iu pleas
ant to the taste. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle,
Its value is inealeu
, 1e 11 , ap k fur Mrs. Wills
low s boo thing Syrup, and take no
other kind
utile! I
A Word of Warning.
in view of the present attempts of
the republican allies, so-called gold
democrats, to assume control of the
democracy even in the stiver state, it
is proper that the friends of silver in
every county in Idaho should scruti
nize closely ll>3 record, standing and
viewing of all men proposed ns dele
gates to the national democratic con
vention and sec that only true blue sil
ver men are selected.
In 1890 gold democrats elected
McKinley. Less than 20,000 votes
properly destributed in the close states
would have elected llryan. He was
defeated by men who violated every
principle of political honor, went back
on their party platform, and voted for
McKinley. Now this remnant of a
boh tail wants to w.ig the entire dog.
The g Id contingent has a small
following in Idaho, and some of these
men will no doubt scheme to go to
the national convention. Tue loyal
democrats of silver Idaho will see to it
that their schemes fail. It ; s time that
democrats should cast about for men
suitable to go to this convention. No
man should be thought of for his po
sition who is not an open and avowed
supporter of the Chicago platform and
a favor of Bryan for the presidential
nomination. Deligates should he in
structed for silver on the line of the
Chicago platform and for Bryau. The
[silitical trumpet from Idaho must
give no uncertain sound.—Boise Cap
State Normal School.
The thirrl term of the Albion State Norma) School
the 27th of March.
a ill open
classe« wifi be formed in School Law, School Econ
omy, Botany, Beginning Latin, History of Educa
tion, Physical Geography, and Political Economy.
At that time
In addition there wifi be clause« in Beading, Arith
metic, Grammar, Rhetoric, Elocution, Music, Litera
ture Special Methotls, ami Practice.
The enrollment to date this year is 128,
of 24
mated that this is aCasMia county
ment if rows less true with each to
eurofiment by counties i
2, Bingham 1 Blaine 12, Boise 4, Cany
Elmore 9, Lincoln 4, Oneida 9, Owyhee 1, State of
I tah 1, State of Montana 1
Tuition is free to all resident« of this State. Books
arc furnished at at the Normal building at cost.
Good board can be procured in private families at
$3.00 ner week. Expenses can be cut by clubbing or
light housekeeping
Passenger .rains on the Oregon Short Line srrive
at Minidoka at 0 p. m.. from the cost; and at 12:13 a.
in. front tiie west. Ample hotel accommodations are
provid' d at Minidoka for students, ami the Albion
iu« them at half-fare- $1.50. Students pa) -
Mindoka should take a re
j at the time of purchase, which
I to return at one-fifth fare. Credit« will
presentation of good grades from public
Sometimes it is inti
feohool, which statc
cceeding year. The
follows: Ada 1, Bannock
2, Cassia 81,
er that of last year.
ing full railroad (are
ccipt for the
entities the
t>e given on
ivate school«.
r catalogs und additional information, address
J. C. BLACK, President, Albion, Idaho.
o, t:
Col. Bryan will be forty years old
the eighteenth of this month. He
may celebrate his forty-first pirth
day in the White House.
Senator Jones, of Ark., hit the
bull's eye when he said: ''The flag
proclaims our sovereignty in Porto
Rico, and the constitution follows
he flag."
Bourke Cochran says Mr McKin
ley has 8urrenderd the control of our
foreign policy to the British govern
ment, and that the surrender was
made for nothing.
A piano dealer says that the
winter season is hardest on pianos.
The rooms containing them are
kept too warm, and the result is
that the wood work become too dry.
"Johnny, are your people going to
take you with them on the trip
across the ocean?" "Yes'm"
"Ain't you afraid?" "Nome. Ain't
afraid of nothin'. I've been vacci
nated an' baptized."
The fight in the republican party
between protection and itnperalism
is an enjoyable demociatic spectacle
We can afford to sav, go to protec
tion! go to imperalisnjl and hope
that the fight will he to the death.
The distinguished silver leaders,
Senator Frank Cannon, of Utah has
come ont square and flat-footed for
democracy. The Seuator says most
emphatically that the democratic
party is the party for the people,
and he is most emphatically correct.
An Ohio farmer reports prosperi
ty this way: In 1898 I sold wheat
for 62 cents; in 1899 for 64 cents.
In 1898, corn for 38 cents; in 1899
for 28 cents. In 1898 I bought
nails for $1.65; in 1899, $3.40.
1898 wire fencing. $1.85; in 1899,
$4 30. Lumber in
1899, $18.
Not for the farmer.
Congress, by a simple suggestion
from the protected trusts, is occupy
ing its time in an endeavor to com
mit the outrage of taxing Porto Rico
for the benefit of the big politicians,
while the free home bill, the meas
ure that will give the home-builder
what he is entitled to, is forced to
remain in the committee. Here is
some class legislation presentad in
a forcible manner to those settlers
of the Nez Perce reservation coun
try.—Lewiston Tribune.
1898 $12; in,
Prosperity for whom?
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore existing be
tween J. M. Cowen & K. F. Whitney,
in the furniture business, was on this
20th day of February, 1900, dissolved
hv mutual consentf J. M. Cowen hav
ing bought the entire interest of R. F.
Whitney in said business. J. M. Cow
eu will pay all outstanding claims
against the late firm of Cowen & Whit
ney and collect all hills due the same.
J. M. Cowen.
R. F. Whitni.y.
fi-21 w4
Mountain Home, Idaho.
F. P AKE. - - Proprietor

MountainfHome, Idaho.
MRS. E. 8. GLENN, Proprietor.
Every thins neat and clean and the table unaur
Particular attention paid,. lie comfort of coin,
I mereiai travelers. JanlZtf
1 on
A Queer Being.
A Socialist paper, ''Coming Time,"
published the following, which will
be indorsed by a great many people
who have given the subject much
"The workingman is a queer being.
Tire plutocrat robs him of four-fifths
of what he produces and tells him he
is not competent for self-government,
yet he will vote for the pluticrat every
clianee he gels. He dosen't care
whether his mortgage is forced and
ho loses his home or not; he will even
stand it to see his wife and children
go hungry and shoeless for the privil
ege of voting the old party tieket and
give the pluies a good time. They
tell him that the city could not run
the street cars, gass, etc., and he be
lieve it and volse for rivate monopolies.
They tell him that the government
could not conduct the railroads, tele
grephs, etc, so he votes for the private
monopolies When the pintes want
a new lease of power they call on him
and he hollers himself hoarse for the
g. o. p. If they want to steal a fran
chise and rob the people by monopo
lizing a public utility he is ready again
to serve them. He is a splendid slave.
He will work for the plute for a bare
living and go to the poorhouse when
he gets sick or old. He talks a great
tleal about his party winning, but he
does uot know that he is beaten every
time his party wins. He does not help
to entborne the people instead of his
party. He thinks other people know
more than he does and he is willing
they should govern him and gobble
up his earnings, so they leave him a
bare living. Some time he will know
Generully speaking, the eastern sec
tion of the United States is fairly pros
perous, but it is a false prosperity,
founded upon a waste of wealth drawn
from the tax burdened people, expend
ed in the prosecution of a needless
and unrightous war. Withdraw the
troops from the Philippines and stop
the tremendous purchases of supplies,
ships and munitions of war theie will
be a collapse of the distended paper-bag
prosperity that will contract the finan
ces of the whole country to the strain
ing point.
This from the Burlington, (N. J.)
Gazette is gospal truth: Ever since
McKinley has been president of the
United States a gang of Republi
can manipulators have been pump
ing wind and water into all values
that they could effect. Now they
are near high water mark. And
this is what they call prospersty.
Should the elections go Democratic
next year the watering process will
cease and prices will become some
where near normal. Then you will
see the Republican wiseacres point
ing their fingers and remarking:
"We told you so.
I« out of order If you have the symptoms
•numerated on thla chart. Yon can be cured
without the aid of Calomel, Blue Mr«« or
Quinine. They are minerals and are apt to
poison the blood. Why not add your nam«
to the already Urge list of people cured by
HUI) Y AN 1 II YD Y AN has cured 10j)OU oth
er« and It will euro you. HUDYAN is the
greatest vegetable remedy of the century and
will relieve all the following symptoms :
fllDTAN can be had of all druggists for
K cents per package.
ACHE- Relieved by
YAN will cause the yel
lowness to disappear and
the normal, healthy color
to return.
HUDYAN will clear the
tongue and make the
6 5
breath pure and sweet.
the stokach, dub to indiobs
TION. HUDYAN will clear the atomach at
the exceM of bile, relieve the pain and oenee
the food to be perfectly dtgeeted.
HUDYAN will lesaan the congestion and re
duce the liver to lit normet size.
flUDYAN will cure aU the above symp
toms and make you well. Do not delay
longer. Go to your druggist at once and pro
cure a package of HUDYAN for 80 cents or 6
packages for $2.50. If your druggist does not
keep it, send direct to the HUDYAN RBlff
EDY COMPANT, Ban Francisco, California.
If you are not satisfied with the effects, re
turn the empty HUDYAN box and we will
return your money. Remember that yua can
consult the HUDYAN DOCTORS
ritKB. Call and see the doctors. You may
call and see them, or write, as you desire.
Car- Stockton. Market and Cilia St».,
6«a FrenoUee, Cel.
The Palace Barter Shop.
Come and see me, tor I came here
to stay.
and as clean a shave and bb neat a
I will give you as smooth
hair cut as can he had anywhere.
I want your patronage, which I will
hold if you once try me.
George Costiff,
2d door South of Commercial hotel.
Y3r ipPiCaXanh.
KLVS CREAM BALM Is a positiv« eur*.
Apply into the nostrils. It Is quickly absorlied. SO
cents at Druggist» or by mall ; samples 10c. by mall.
»LY BKOT Utltö. M Warren St., Hew York City.
Copies of this paper may be found
on file at the office of our Washing
ton correspondent, E. G. Bigger, 918
F Street, N. W., Washington. D. C.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Attorney at taw,
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Office in Reynolds jblock, corner of
Atlanta avenue and Canyon st.
Mountain Home,
'Collections promptly attended to.
Patent« for mining claim« a specialty.
Collection« promptly attended to.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
H. A. Ciiandlkr, Cashier.
A General Banking Business transacted. Bank
open from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m.
F. P. Akk, President.
Will Insure Your Home,
And Rent or Sell Real Estate.
Office with Judge E. M. Wolfe.
She has houses to reut,
Money to
P. O. Box 83, Boise, Idaho.
Consulting* Mining and
Hydraulic Engineer.
Will also contract for the patenting
of Lode and Placer claims.
Reference : The Capital State Bank,
Boise. Idaho.
Resident Dentist
Mountain Home, Idaho.
g«M"OFFICE—Two duors north of
Reynolds <fc Shaw's office.
And TJ. S. Deputy Mineral
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Experience in all Branche« of surveying, mineral
'gricultural and irrigation.
Livery and
Feed Stable.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
FRANK W. BOYD, Manager.
Fine Rigs, Gentle Teams
and Careful Drivers.
Horses boarded by the day, week or
Call at the new stables a short dis
tance east of the big brick hotel.
Forfeiture Notice.
To A. D. Williams:
You are hereby notified that I have expended one
hundrtd dollar« in lal»or and improvement« upon the
lliil Lode, situate in Dixie mining district,
county of Elmore, State of Idaho, of which the
amended location eerti floate in found of record
Book 5 of Quartz Claim«, at page 115, in the office of
the Recorder of said Elmore county, in order to hold
«aid claim under the provision« of section 2324 of the
Revised Statutes of the United State«, and the
amendment thereto, approved January 22, 1880,
concerning annual labor upon mining claims, being
the amount required to hold «aid lode for the period
ending December 31, A. D. 1808: you are further no
tified that 1 have also expended
Iw I
hundred dollar«
in lal*or and iniDroveim-nt« upon «aid Twin Hill
Lode, in order to hold said claim under the provis
ion« of section 2324 of the Revised Statute« of the
United States, and the amendment thereto approved
January 22, 1880, concerning annual labor ui>on
ing claim«, heing the amount required to hold
lotie for the period ending on the 31«t day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1890.
And if, within ninety day« from the personal serv
or within ninety day» after the
publication thereof, you fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure a« a co-owner,
vour interest in the claim will become the property
of the subscriber, your co-owner, who has made the
required expenditure by the terme of »aid section.
ice of this notice,
Notice of Forfeiture.
To L. A. BICKEL, hi» heir«, legal représentât! vex
and amign»:
hereby notified that I, the undersigned,
your co-owner, has during the year 1899 expended
one hundred dolilai» in labor and imprmementa on
the FAIRVIKW or Pine Trtwj quartz claim or lode, in
order to hold «aid claim under the provision« of the
laws of the United State« concerning annual labor on
mining claim«, being the amount required to hold
»aid claim for the v
.. ending December 31, 1899.
kaid claim is situated in Bear Creek mining district,
Kimore county, Idaho, the nearest mining location
being the "Trinity." If within ninety days after the
laat publicati on of this notice von fail or reftMc to
contribute your pro|>ortion of the expenditure re
qui red of you a« co-owner in »aid claim your interest
in said claim will become the property of the sub
scriber, who ha« made the expenditure required by
the laws above referred to. Your proportion of the
amount expended is the
of $60.00.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To ROBERT C. GRAFF. hia helm or lenal repre
You are hereby notiBcd that we, the undersigned,
have expended one hundred dollars In labor and iiu
proveiueiita on the BANNER mining lode or elalm of
which you are a co-oauer, situated In Dille min'iiur
district, Elmore county, Idaho, about one half mile
nortli ot the Midnight mine, for the year lslW
order to hold said premises under the provisions
of Motion 23Z4 revised statutes of the United Sûtes:
tbot the proportion of such expenditure due by you'
Kollerte. Graff, is $33.34, jour interest in said claim
bel«K one third. And It within ninety days after tide
notice by publication you (ail or refuse to contribute
your pro, irtioii of such expenditure as co-owner,
your iijUruat hi «aid claim will Iwcome the property
of the subscribers under said section Z324.
Jan. 18, ISAM. VOd
©»"Everyone That Don't
Ought to Know that
Carry the Most Complete Stock
of High Grade
General Merchandise
We are not in the habit of putting out long ad
vertisements and don't intend to do so in future.
What we wish to say to purchasers of merchan
dise is that if we needed more goods, we have the
money to buy them, and would do so.
Our trade has increased very much in the past year and
we will carry more goods the coming spring and summer than
we did last year, so as to keep pace with the demands of the
We will have wool hags, 4-lbs, over-sewed, of the best
material, and will sell them at us low prices as any one in
Mountain Home, for the same quality of bag. Twines, dip
ping material, grain, etc.
We wish to say that we have
.MONEY, and if you should
find yourself short for spring work, call and we
will supply you with what you need.
We quote you a few prices, which may be lowered at any
time to meet competitors:
Blue Label Corn, pr case. . $2.-10. Booth's String Beans, prease. . $2.40
Utah Tomatoes, pr case. . . . 2 40. B. Bacon strip, pr pound,.11c
Hams, per pound, pr lb. . . . I2c. Dry Granulat'd CatieSugar, 100lbs,$('>.25
Come in and see us when in town. Use our office to do
your writing. Will be glad to see you whether you buy from
us or not.
Feb. 22, 1900.
G.W. Fletcher Go., Ltd.
vJ.7V\. Co wen & Co,
Mountain Homo, Idaho.
Household Goods
of till description.
Carpets, Rugs, Window Shades,
Linoleum Oilcloth, Baby
Carriages and Go-Carts.
Upholstering and Undertaking.
Picture Frames a Specialty.
Prices and courteous treatment to all.
JOHN SMITH, Proprietor.
Next door to the Postoffice.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Drop In and Smile VVitn Us.
B. F. WHITE, Vise-President
W. R. SEBREE, Caohier
i first national Bank {
A General Banking Business Transacted
Successor to J. Ottonheimer & Co.,
Pabst Milwaukee Beer
Wholesale Dealer in
Finest Liquors arid Cigars.
In fact, everything that can be found at a first-class Cafe. Your piitrcosg»
Gentlemanly treatment for all.
A. ROSENHEIM, Proprietor.
Practical Tinner.
Mountain llonu*. Idaho.
All kinds of Tin work solicited. Also PuniJa^
Pi^c work.
^"Stove Repairing a Specialty and satisfactioi
Mountain Home
JOHN PENCE, Proprietor.
Dealers in Ilay and Grain.
Stock Carefully Provided for. CITY SCALES at the Stable*

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