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STIje (Étmorr ÇuUctin.
t.eo !
On« vetr by moil (Invariably in advance)
If not paid in advance.
Six month« ** ** ...
. «.00
.. 3.00
Three M *
Binde copy
ARRIVAL or |I>A$$ENGER trains.
Train No. 1, »eat-hound, at..,
Train No. V, weat-bound, at..
Train No. 2, eont-bouml, at...
Train No. tl, east-bound, at. . .p. m
• J. H. STEWART, Aircut.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
11:20 p.
11:32 a.
Elmore Lodge, A. F. A A. M,
The regular communications of Elmore
Lodge No. 30,
the Wednesday evening of, or next pro'
feeding the full of theinoon of each month
Bojourning brothers are cordially invited to at
attend. J. M. cOWKN, W. M.
WM. F. SMITH, Secretary. au28yl
F. and A. M. are held
Thursday, Aug. 16, 1900.
H. C. Mallison went to Mora yes
Dr. Smith returned from Rocky
Bar last Saturday.
L. L. Spring and family have re
turned here from M eiser.
J. M. Neil registered at the Ken
yon, Salt bake, on the 10th.
Dr. Mather went to Rocky Rar
Sunday on a professional visit.
H. Willis returned to his Little
Camas ranch by Monday's stage.
Monday A. Rosenheim received
another car-load of Rabat's Mil
waukee beer.
Born, in Mountain Home, Aug.
11, 1900, to the wife of C. D. Still
well, a daughter.
Walter Sehree, of the Caldwell
national bank, was a visitor in this
place last Friday.
Chas. R. Kelsey A Co. are just
unloading a car of those celebrated
Studebaker wagons.
It will pay you to visit our bar
gain counter for snaps in all kinds
, of merchandise. J. S. Acker A Co.
R. A. Easley and family have re
turned home from a pleasant out
ing in the mountains.
Rev. McPherson of Weiser went
• to Little Camas Sunday to joi
friends who are "camping out."
Thos. Mellen has returned from
Chicago, where he disposed of a big
train-load of lambs at good prices.
Our grocery department is the
most complote in Mountain Home.
Our prices the lowest. J. S. Acker
A Co.
J. A. Hunter of Ft. Recovery,
Ohio, came in Sunday morning on
a visit with his daughter, Mrs K.
I. Perky.
W. H. Baker and family have re
moved to the house on Bennett
street formerly occupied by Mr.
Perky and family. .
Special midsummer sale men's
summer and medium weight under
. wear, h off regular price. J. S.
Acker A Co.
The venerable R. M. Stone and
wife of Little valley passed through
this place Sunday on their way to
Wood river, for a visit.
Mrs. George L.Crandal and Miss
Pearl Nelson went to Mora yester
day to help Mr. Crandal run his
restaurant at that place.
Henry Casey came down Sun
day from his station above Pine
Grove, Accompanied by the Rascom
mine manager, Garrett, and party.
M. J. Canty, the harnesstnaker,
last, week turned out two beautiful
all-hand-made saddles—one for W.
W. Fountain, the other for J. J.
Monday morning, at Glenn's Fer
ry, the residence of Samuel Jacob
son was totally destroyed by fire,
with all itR contents. It was in
sured for $500.
We now offer the most complete
stock of wagons ever shown in this
city. Mountain freight wagons,
spring wagons and top buggies for
mountain travel. Chas. K. Kelsey
A Co.
Hon. K. I. Perky, chairman of
the Democratic State Committee,
returned from Chicago by last
night's train. He reports the out
look for Democratic success, both
national and state, simply excel
lent. The three silver parties of
Idaho will, beyond doubt, pull to
gether in harmony.
J. J. Little, that staunch old
Democratic war-horse and chair
man of our county committee, came
down from Longtotn valley last Fri
day, and reported Mrs. Little and
Mrs. Campbell both on the sick
JiaQ.but not of a serious nature, we
are glad to say. Mr. and Mrs. Lit
tle will soon return to Mountain
Yesterday A. Rosenheim received
a letter from R. I). Gorby, who is
visiting his parents at Cameron,
West Virginia, in which he men
tions the striking of an immense
oil flow on the old homestead at a
depth of 2800 feet. Bob will return
here about the first of September, I
and if the oil holds out he may yet 1
wear diamonds.
Mrs. Wm. Service, who was vis
iting here with her parents, Mr. and 1
Mrs. W. C. Reynolds, was called ;
back to her home at Farmington,
Wash., Friday last, by a serious
accident that Mr. Service met with
. one day last week. He and a warm
personal friend were in the woods
shooting birds. They became sep
erated and a shot from his friend's
gun struck Mr. Service in the left
eve, destroying the sight. Mr. Serv
ice went to Spokane to consult an
oculiBt, who immediately removed
the eye-ball, and at last, accounts
he was getting along nicely. Mr.;
Service has many friends in this
section who deeply sympathize with
him in his misfortune.
Silver Voters, Wake Up.
We again call the attention of
Democrats and reformers generally !
to the importance of attending the 1
! primary elections on Saturday the
1st of September. The success of
the party depends greatly upon the !
character of the men you select for j
delegates to the nominating oonven
tion. They should be men with j
clean hands and good record—who
will not he influenced by the Steu
nenberg rule or-ruin element that is
already planning to capture the
! Rocky Rar convention for the pur
pose of placing upon the legislative
ticket men who, if elected, would
smilingly ignore the acts of the Po
catello Democratic State Conven
tion relative to the election of a
United States Senator.
Democrats—we mean silver dem
ocrats, not goldbug democrats—be
on your guard and see that no
doubtful man is sent to Rocky Rar
to put up a democratic legislative
ticket in the interest of George L.
Shoup. It is not the open enemy
you must watch; it is the snake in
the grass, the pretender, the de
ceiver, the ass in the lion's skin,
who goes among the people ostensi
bly as an advocate of a principle
but really in opposition to that
principle, nnd withal probably in
the employ and pay of the Ilanna
iies. Those are the kind of fellows
to look after.
There will probably he no Populist
ticket in the field in Elmore county
this fall, neither will there he a
Silver Republican ticket. There
fore we earnestly hope all free silver
men and women and reformers gen
erally who have at heart the welfare
of the nation, state and county, and
are willing to take the test that
they "will vote the Democratic
ticket at the next election," will at
tend the primary elections and cast
their ballots in a good cause.
A Card fVom Elmore Barnes.
TO THE PUBLIC.—I have Just read
the Republican from John II. Garrett. I also read
the article in the Statesman baaed
article in
with Governor Steunenl erg, referred to by Mr. Gar
who worked for the
te of the
Idaho Gold Mining and Milting Company.
all holding the sack tilled with protested cheek h.
Garrett sold all the
vable property at
the mines and w
men stopped him at Casey's, where he w
Governor passed. They would have l»ee
if they w
hunt work. The Governor
help Garrett decamp and beat his employes, ev
the poor lady who cooked in the
has not received a dollar for it yet. The interest of
no county will be impaired by
the miners had defrauded the mine owner Garrett
would expect the Governor to publish it to the world,
hut when the mine
abuses the Governor for telling the truth about it
Garrett tries to inj
"bull ring." He should
f >r violators of the law, and that it is big enough
for him.
leaving the country when the
when the
there yet
not all in need of money and had to
called upon to
for Garrett and
posing fraud. If
2 r defrauds the laborer he
the men by referring to the
I ember that it is made
The company's mines
Agemeiit is all wrong. We bave not got any
yet, but we propose to have it before this m:
rott leaves the state.
all right, but the
To Shoopm-n.
We have a full stock of
Little's Dip,
Black Leaf Dip,
Which we offer at the right prices.
Buying in carload lots, direct
from the factories, enables us to do
Cuas. R. Kei.sey A Co.
Mrs. John Dienst lias returned
frqrn Little Camas.
Frank Ake returned Saturday
from the mountains.
D. P. Keefer will to-day make
a business visit at Glenn's Ferry.
Chas R. Kelsey A Co. have re
ceived this week a car of Little's
sheep dip.
Mrs. Gray, mother of Mrs. Glenn,
returned here Tuesday evening from
Pine Grove.
J. M. Cowen and his sister, Mrs.
Hall, visited Mr. Cowen's Lime
creek mines last week.
J. D. Whitson and party came
in Tuesday evening from a pleas
ant outing in the mountains.
Frank Boyd returned home from
Rocky Bar Tuesday night. He
says no new cases of small-pox
have appeared there and that the
people do not feel at all alarmed,
because the two cases are of a mild
In a business letter to the Bulle
tin from A. N. McCall, formerly
railroad agent at this place, and
who is now visiting at St. Williams,
Ontario, he closes by saying: "I
expect to return to Idaho in time
to vote for Bryan." Sensible and
patriotic man is McCall.
While driving in a buggy Mon
day Mrs. Chris Hendricks met witli
quite a frightful accident. The
horse became frightened, ran away
and at Hanley's corner the lady
was thrown out, receiving a cut on
her forehead and being considerably
bruised, hut fortunately not dan
gerously injured.
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum*
Alum baki
menace» to
ne powders are the greatest
o health of the prêtent day.
1 * here will be a meeting of the
Mountain Home Democratic Club
on Satur day evening, August 25,
! ' a * the District Court room at
j 0 cl °ck.
8a '^ meeting candidates will
j he selected to be voted for at the
primary election to be held Rat
urday, September 1, as delegates to
h k T n0 " ,n * t,n * COnVentlon
)e h e m a * Rocky Rar, Sept. 20,
Other business of importance will
come up for consideration.
F. P. Ake, Ch'n.
J. A. Purtill. Secretary.
Notice of Democratic Primary
Notice is hereby given that Dem
ocratic primary election«! will be
held at the various precincts.in El
more county, at some convenient
place selected by the judge and
clerk of each precinct election.
Said election will be held on Sat
urday, Sept. 1, 1900, the polls to be
open at 2 o'clock p. m. and close at
4 p. m. The purpose of said pri
mary elections will be the election
of delegates to the county nomina
ting convention, to be held at Rocky
Bar, Sept. '20th, apportioned as fol
lows: Atlanta 1, Rocky Bar 3.
Junction Bar 1, Pine Grove 1, Little
Camas 1, Mount'n Home 7, Glenn's
Ferry 2, Cold Springs 1, Neal 1,
Mayfield 1—total 19.
By order of the Elmore County
Democratic Central Committee.
J. J. Little, Ch'n.
J. A. Purtill, See'y.
Fall Orders.
To the prompt buying cash cus
tomers we will guarantee to save
you at least 10 per cent over all
competitors on youi fall and winter
Cash talks and we have the
goods to prove it. Call or write and
we will soon convince you.
Chas R. Kelssy A Co ,
Department Store.
We have on sale goods from the
best houses and manufacturers in
the United States,
These are some of the houses we
There are no
Every artuie warranted.
Marshall, Field A Co.,
IL B. Clallin A Co.,
Levi Strauss A Co.,
Buckingham A Hecht,
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.,
M. I). Wells Co,
Paxton A Gallagher Co ,
Cndahv Packing Co.,
Swift & Co.,
Armour Packing Co.,
And many others of the same class.
! We respectfully refer our patrons
■ any of the above houses. Do you
know of any better concerns? We
handle no cheap or shoddy goods.
Every article guaranteed to he as
Chas. R. Kelsey A Co.
James Tucker of Boise was in
this place yesterday.
Charles Brady the King Hill
creek rancher, and a good old-time
democrat is in town.
Mrs. Chattin and children and
Mrs. Ottenheimer and children are
sojourning this week at Melton's
Public Administrator Ake filed
his final account of administration
of the estate of C. F. Smith, de
Miss Ella Farley, of Glenn's
Ferry spent Sunday and Monday
in town the guest of Mrs. A. M.
It is reported that Johnny Wil
kins has sold over 2000 head of
horses to the Irwin Grant Co. of
Kansas City.
Mr. Brown, who has been em
ployed at Roseoe Smith's drug store
for the past year, has gone to Hailey
to take a position in Baugh's drug
Mrs. Frank Boyd and daughter
returnfed last week from Pine,
companied by Mrs. O. H. Hutchins,
who will visit here for a week or
Mr. and Mrs. James McAtee are
the guests of Sheriff and M is.
We are sorry to hear that
their 5-year old hoy has been very
sick since coming here.
We are daily receiving fall goods.
Our stock of clothing, hats, boots
and shoes have never been as com
plete. Every article guaranteed to
be first class or money refunded.
Chas. R. Kelsey A Co.
Leroy H. Cooper of this place
has been appointed "Precinct Rep
resentative of the Democratic Nat
ional Committee," and has accepted
the position. Mr Cooper will aid
to his utmost ability in the dissem
ination of literature of a democra
tic nature, which will be furnished j
him by the national committee, and !
will also devote his energies toward j
the formation of Bryan clubs in '
this section. j
A letter from Louvain Belgium,
; to the Catholic Sentinel, states that
Rev. Lambert Gottschalk was or
| dained at the American Catholic
j College in that city to the priest
hood for the diocese of Idaho. It
is probable that Father Gottschalk
will fill the vacancy in this mission,
consisting the Catholic population
of Blaine, Lincoln, Elmore and
Owyhee counties, with churches at
Ketchum, Hailey, Bellevue, Sho
shone, Glenn's Ferry and Silver
Back from Nome.
Harry Mallison a few days ago
j received a letter from Charlie How
eth, dated Seattle, Aug. 9th, in
which he says:
"E. 8. Hobo, Tom Glassford, Tom I
Tague and myself came out on the no
steamship Oregon, and made the',
, ■ »• X' • u j ri
trip trom Nome m 8 days. The
vo " j tify
„ . . ' the
Robo has gone
I am going to ftt
steamers Han Pedro, Robert Dallar
and Centennial got to fighting for
passengers, and the Oregon put two
men on the street yelling '$15 to
Seuttle, second class; get your tick
ets at the Union ticket office;" and
people lined up just like they did at
the postotlice when we first got to
Nome. In two hours the ship was
loaded and they had to shut and
lock the ticket office door to keep
tile crowd back.
feet got cold ail at once, and I in-1
vested quick. Whitney, Avery
Griffin are camped on Snake ri
just above Nome,
to Butte, Montana.
Portland and will stop there a few
days, then return to Mountain
1 tell you my
and !
C. W. Howkth.
A Voice from Illinois.
W. H. McDougall if a prominent
and wealthy citizen of Chicago. He
has land interests in this section
and visits Mountain Home nearly
every year, and is well know by
many of our people. He writes as
Chicaoo, Aug 8, 1900.
G. M. Payne, Mountain Home,
Idaho—Dear Sir: In looking over
a recent issue of the Elmore County
Republican I see that some one
from Salt Lake has been going
through your county offering to bet
all kinds of money that McKinley
would succeed himself as president
and could find no takers. This is
an old Republican bluff and don't
go very far in these eastern states.
1 inclose an item which speaks for
itself, from a Wisconsin paper, and
I hope you will print it in your
good old Democratic Bulletin, and
tell your Hannaites that if they
want to place their money "out of
sight" to Send it back here and they
can have all the fun they want un
til next November. A Bryan land
slide has commenced here that will
end in canving him into the White
House on top of the biggest ava
lanche of votes ever known.
I do love to sit down and read
your paper each week, and I wish
there were more of your kind po
I shall be in Idaho some time in
September, when I hope to meet
you. Respectfully yours,
W. H. McDougall.
Following is the item referred to
"James Fisher, Jr., of Eastman,
Wis., chairman of the Crawford
county democratic committee, has
offered to bet $1,000 that Bryan v\ ill
beat McKinley. He offers to bet
$500 that Bryan will carry Wiscon
sin by more than 5,000 majority.
He will bet $100 even that Bryan
carries Wisconsin by 10,000 votes.
These bets have been posted in V\ is
consin for several weeks without
takers. Mr. Fisher is a breeder of
fancy stock and a man of wealth."
j for information that would lead to
! the arrest and conviction of the
j murderer of Frank Koeningen, to
in ' that offered hv the Board of Com-1
j missioners. His excellency request- j
a copy of the order of the Board '
directing the offer of the reward in
; this case, and also a copy of the
reward notict, and gives assurance
that the matter will be carefully
The Democracy of Owyhee de
serve credit for placing the name of
Arthur Pence upon their ticket for
the legislature. He is a capable,
conservative man and a thorough
bred silver Democrat, notwithstand
ing the fact that he is an extensive
I woolgrower. His election is sure.
Capt. P. P. Homer was up from
the Ferry yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wilkins were
over from Bruneau yesterday.
Emmet and Bert Thompson de
parted last evening for a visit in
old Missouri.
C. P. Huntington, president of
the Southern Pacific railroad, died
on the 14th, aged 79.
Will Callaway and family and
Mrs. Burton and daughter returned
yesterday from the mountains.
Rev. David Tutum, a Quaker
evangelist, delivered a temperance
lecture in this place last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reynolds
this morning went to Marion Dan
iel's ranch, to be absent several
Dr. Swan and family, accompan
ied by Frank Hobbs, went to the
mountains yesterday for an outing
of several days.
MissKittie Wilkins, the Idaho
horse queen, this week loaded 22
cars with horses at the stock yards
here, hilled for St. Louis.
L. O. Leonard, the popular rep
resentative of the Missouri Pacific
railway, was in this place yester
day looking after traffic for his
Chas. R. Kelsey A Co, our en
terprising merchants delivered to
Mr. W. D Evans this week a com
plete threshing outfit, the first ever
shipped to thip town.
It is reported that Judge Stout
of Ogden has been engaged by the
sack-bearers to come to Elmore and
whoop'er up for Shoup, Standrod,
Synis, et ah, until Novemlwr.
County Attorney Sinnott has
reccommended that Governor Steu
nenborg offer an additional reward
Dan Reber's Crown Point.
Crown Point Gold Mining Co., of
Dixie, Elmore county, have been
filed in the clerk's office in this
I place. Daniel Heber, W. A. Roy
no id^, A. G. Smith, R. N. Griffith
the', ,, , n , ,, ,.
and v . J. Iurner are the directors,
and MounUin Ho me the place of
As we understand, this is a reor
ganization of the Gold King pro
perty at Dixie, with a capital stock
of ip 1,000,000, divided into 500,(XX)
shares, and it is proposed to put on
the market 100,(XX) shares at 25
cents per share. The fund raised
from this source is to lx* applied to
sinking the shaft 300 feet deeper,
which will make it a depth of 600
feet. Atter this depth is attained
and should the developments jus
j tify it, a tunnel will be run from
the South Roise river a distance of
3500 feet, which wiH tap the vein
ftt depth of about , ^ {eet
The Crown Point is without
doubt a splendid property. Good
ore is in sight from the top down.
At the present lowest depth—300
feet —there is 16 feet of ore, 8 feet of
which, lying next to the foot-wall,
yields $i6.00 to the ton and the
other 8 feet from $4 to $7 per ton.
The stock of this company at. the
low price of 25 cents per share
should and doubtless will "go like
hot cakes," as every jxirson looking
to the building up of the mining
interests near Mountain Home and
with such splendid evidences of
success staring them in the face,
will eagerly seek a few hundred
shares as a good investment.
Articles of incorporation of the
Bale! Hay for Sale.
Send to J. A, Fenton, Meridian,
Idaho, for your baled hav. Prices
right. Orders promptly filled.
Address, J. A. Fenton,
Meridiau, Idaho.
E. M. Wolfe visited Ilailey Tues
Rond master Tim Donovan was
up from the Ferry on Tuesday.
Mrs. Mellen and children have
returned home from Alkali creeK.
Albert Rosenheim made a busi
ness trip to Glenn's Ferry Tuesday.
Dr. D. W. Figgins has been ap
pointed United States commissioner
for Alaska.
H. Ellison and Miss Ruth Rob
bins, of Melton's station, were in
this place Monday.
John Longfellow, a lawyer at
Nebraska, has been in Mountain
Home during the past week.
Ross Slack has returned from
Kansas City, where he disposed of
a lot of horses at good prices.
Rooms for Rent—One fusnished
and one not furnished. Apply at
Mrs. Tibbs' residence, diagonally
across the street from the Turner
The grouse-sagehen prohibition
law expired yesterday, hut a great
many chickens expired before that
day. The law is a dead-letter and
should be changed to take effect
July 15, instead of Aug. 15.
The situation at Nome is grow
ing worse all the time. Up to July
31 the day the Oregon sailed, there
had been but one slight shower of
rain within six weeks, that falling
on July 28. It had not even laid
the sand. Hunger is the lot of
many, and a number of murders,
suicides and outlawry are reported.
The death rate at Nome during the
last week in July was heavy. No
less than five violent deaths, five
deaths by drowning, fourteen deaths
from disease and three suicides
curred. Already there are about
250 mounds in the churchyard on
the tundra, which was only opened
up a short time ago.
COAL at Callaway A Wassom's
livery stable.
TLaA&s, &\.50 "Q&^.
When You
go to the mountains
take a
with you. We have
a full line of
and Photographic
MounUin Home, Idaho.
Shoe Sense.
When you buy a pair of Shoes get them to fit
tlie foot—a pair that will give you ease ami comfort from the
first until you have finished them.
Wei lave shoes made
lasts in all sizes for all.
Shoes for the house, the street, the farm, the mines, party
slippers, summer wear or auy place where you may want to
wear shoes.
Have you looked through our immense shoe stock? It
will pay you, and at the same time give us a great deal of sat
isfaction in being able to show so complete a line.
on all the Trost and comfort-giving
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.
C. M. Henderson & Co.
M. D. Wells & Co.
Buckingham & Hecht.
J. B. Lewis & Co.
Are all makers of good shoes,
with us. When in doubt
You will lind them for sale
see us.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Receiving New Goods in
All Lines.
Are as Low as the Lowest
and we are here tomeet
All Competiion.
Is the only way by which you can protect your
property from FIRE.
Why Neglect?
Call and get my rates on insurance. I have
the Agency for the Best Fire Insurance Com
panies, and Rates as Low as the Lowest.
If you are in need of Insurance call and I
shall be glad to submit you rates.
WM. D.1EEYN0LI8, Agent.

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