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ttye félmoyg ghiHetin.
On« year by mall (Invariably in advanco)
gli months 44 44 .
Three months, 44 4 44
church next Sunday, morning and
» 2.00
- 50
advertising rates.
Locals 5 cents per line to adv ertisers using: regular
space; 10 cents per line to transients or occasional
advertise rs
Notices of ice cream socials, fairs, or local enter
tainments to which
10 oents per line.
Resolutions of condolence and cards of thanks, 5
cents per line.
Church notices and reports of social events, free of
admission fee is charged,
Tr n No. 1, a est- bound, at.
Train No. 3, west-bound, at.
Train No. 2, east-bound, at.
Train No. (3, east-bound, at..
.10:10 p. m.
12:22 p. m.
.. 5:25 a. m.
8:09 p, m.
Mountain Home. Idaho.
Elmore I judge, A. F. & A. M.
The regular communication« of Elmore
i held on
next pre*
the moon of each month
cordially invited to at
J. M. COWEN, W. M.
F. arid A. M.
Lodge No. 30,
the Wednesday evening of,
ceeding the full of
Sojourning brother»
W. H. MANION, Secretary.
Thursday, June 20, 1901.
J. D. Whitson's fine milch cow
died suddenly Saturday.
John Pence returned home last
Saturday from Three Creek.
Judge Flannigan of Glenn's Fer
ry was in this place Monday.
The Cooper Bros, sent east four
carloads of horses Tuesday night.
Sholes, world's best rider, will
surprise at Mountain Home, June
Regular services at the Episcopal
Miss Kittle Wilkins of Bruneau
returned yesterday from a visit at
Salt Lake.
Tom Hall, the blacksmith, has
returned to Glenn's Ferry from Big
Camas prairie.
Ed Mitchell shipped Tuesday
night five carloads of horses for the
eastern markets.
Strawberries, Oranges, Bananas
and Lemons always on hand at
H. B. Thompson's.
J. F. Conroy, the Atlanta mining
operator, ami wife have been so
journing in this place several days
McCormick, Deering and Woods
Repairs on hand.
C. It. Kelsey Co.. Ltd
Dick Coats a few days ago sold
150 head of horses to Henry Ross,
who shipped them east Tuesday.
The Patagonian (Indian) Giant
8 feet 7 inches tall with the big
show at Mountain Home June 24.
J. P. Clays was last Saturday
elected secretary and treasurer of
the C. R. Kelsey Co., in place of C.
E. Corker.
We are just unloading car Me
Cormick Mowing Machines and
Rakes. Also a full line of Repairs.
C. It. Kelsey Co., Ltd.
Major Hoffmeister only 20 inches
tall, 25 years of age, will be exhib
ited in the Great Show on June 24,
at Mountain Home.
Sheriff Nicholson and wife went
to Atlanta to attend the marriage
of Mrs. Nicholson's sister, Miss
Matie Wootan to Arthur Golden.
Ice cold soda pop, root beer,
orange and apple cider at H. B.
Hon. Arthur Pence waH over
from Bruneau Valley on Monday
for supplies. He had remarkable
success with his lambs this season
—averaging over 115 per cent.
Our hardware stock is now com
Chas. R. Kelsey Co„ Ltd.
Laurie Mallison and a large num
ber of his little friends feasted and
frollicked to their hearts' content
last Saturday. The occasion was his
eighth birthday anniversary.
White goods—organdies, dotted
swisses, crepes, nansooks, dimities
and damask.
Chas. R. Kelsey Co., Ltd.
Miss Ruby Mellen, daughter of
our respected townsman, Thomas
Mellen, returned home Friday from
Albion, where she had been at
tending the Albion Normal School.
Fresh fish to-day at Mrs. M.
Henderson's store. Salmon, smelt,
shad, etc., every week.
Harry Mallison informs us that
E. C. Helfrich will arrive at home
next Sunday from his eastern tour.
Mrs. Helfrich will remain for some
time in Kansas City, visiting with
. of Idaho innnhium mi u7.""T
| success is well meriI 1 1 'I'
Capital 1 Eveoin^^Vwa „L ™/ h n
I the news. K " d u ' et a .
Mîbs Mabel Payne departed by
Monday evening's train for a pro
tracted visit with friends in Colo
rado. She will return and resume
her musical instructions by Sep
tomber 1st.
Mrs. Bert Prey and Miss Bessie
Holland came in Tuesday night
from Albion, on their way to At
I lanta. MisB Holland recently grad
I uated with high honors at the Al
! bion Normal school.
C. E. Porter was in town from
Rocky Bar several days this week.
He loaded up with a large lot of
Ä BU Pplies for his house in
l ? B ftr > which he expects to
time. °lWuT r 0rder in , a 8h0rt
ffiS» * br "' h
Ula this summer.
Frank Morrison, the rustler ren
resentiug the Boise Evening Capital
News, spent Monday
and added many new names toThe
subscription list of the best news
paper in Idaho. The news is mak
ing^wonderful progress in the field
jouralism and its great
Atlanta and the Bar.
J amea Carroll came in from At
lanta Saturday evening, and will
return in a few days with at least
300 rolls of wall-paper and a lot of
paint to be used by him on build
ings in that place and Rocky Bar.
He says staking off lots in Atlanta
is the order of the day now, and it
really looks like the old town was
taking on a new lease of life.
J. F. Conroy, who owns the Last
Chance, Monarch, Buffalo, Brick
Pomeroy and Silver Tide mines,
has, under the supervision of
Charles Lang, about 20 men em
ployed at clearing out the old works
of the mines and making ready ;for
extensive operations this summer.
Lynch and Olson are still taking
out large quantities of splendid ore
from their mine.
Steve Oglesby and John Good
year have their dumps filled with
fine ore and are only awaiting an
opportunity to have it reduced.
Commissioner Louie Franke has
been working his placer claims this
spring and with good success.
Joe Kinney and Charlie Gaetz
are burning a large quantity of
charcoal for sale.
Cook & Crabb have opened a sa
loon with fine club rooms, in the
old Gem building, and "Shorty" is
soon to throw open the doors of the
old Casey building with the best of
wet goods, where he will greet his
numerous friends this summer.
Fred Davis and John Tate are
running a butcher shop, Mrs. Tur
ner is conducting a good hotel, C.
E. Porter will soon throw open a
lodging house, and Cy Smith and
C. M. Brown are dealing out all
kinds of supplies at their respective
mercantile houses.
Joe Sulloway is building a stage
station at the summit of the moun
tain between Rocky Bar and Atlan
ta, where the weary traveler can al
ways take a comfortable rest.
Arthur Golden, at Rockv Bar,
ha8 the largest stock of general
merchandise ever displayed in that
camp, and is almost daily receiving
more. He has the popular Johnny
Hill to assist him in waiting on cus
W. J. Edworthy, at the Bar, is
conducting the Elmore Hotel, and
Mrs. McLaughlin is running a res
taurant, Mrs. Van and Mrs. Melton
are keeping boarding and lodging
Winkelback, Cook and Wavmire
are running the three saloons of the
Lyman Hayhurs„ has the only
barber shop in the place.
George Garrison has charge of the
Kelsey Co. store and is doing a
good business.
Lawsou & Campbell have a meat
market and also conduct a livery
and feed stable.
Mat Caldwell has a feed stable
at the upper end of town.
Oscar Schraft is doing explora
tion work in the Vishnu mine.
The Sawtooth Co. have a number
of men employed in their mine and
are pushing their mill to comple
Charlie Sommerlatt says: "Rocky
Bar is all right, wait till I told you,
and all old timers are in de swim,
be cheeBes."
Mrs. Crossman still serves good
meals at Junction Bar.
The late freeze and frosts did
great injury to vegetables and ber
ries along South Boise—Geo. W.
Jackson alone reporting a loss of
$ 1200 .
Altogether, the outlook for the
upper level mining interests of El
more county is better this season
than for many years.
Helfrich's new suits bring good
luck to the wearer.
Dan Reber, the Dixie mine man
ager, went to Boise last night.
Miss Mary Ryan has engaged to
teach school on Smith's prairie.
Major Reed passed through this
place Friday, from Boise to Hailey.
Judge Perky last week appointed
C. C. Hall water master for Cold
Shirt waists tor all women and
Chas. R. Kelsey Co., Ltd.
Hon. Martin King has been ap
pointed a delegate to the mining
congress at Boise.
A troupe of Japs will be
with the Big Show on Monday at
Mountain Home.
After severe illness J. I). Rudi
sill is again able to be on the
streets, and to the gratification of
many friends.
Mrs. Dan McGinness and Mrs.
Wm. Wilson made the Bulletin
office a pleasant and much appre
ciated visit last Saturday.
After spending a few months in
Oregon, F P. Phelps has returned t
to his ranch on the South Boise
river, a few miles below Pine Grove.
. ' , _ ,
A letter from Colonel Charles VV .
Miller, owner of the great lahoma
mine, Atlanta, from his home at
Mead ville, I a., to tbe Bulletin man,
conveys the gratifying news that his
eyesight is gradually improving and 0
that he hopes soon to again see his
many friends in Elmore county.
NOTICE—The Ladies Aid So
ciety of the Baptist church will
serve ice cream and cake at the
residence of Mrs. R. P. Chattin on
Thursday evening June 27th, lie
ginning at 6 o'clock.
Joseph Bosevear of Glenn's Fer
ry, Billy Wilson, Aden Hall, and
Wm. Blackman of Bennett creek,
Stun R l ac kwell and Dan McGin
!??" ° f Cold ''P™** and J ' A ' Van a
. D . Uw?n , of Bruneau wore in this
place Saturday.
Sent to Blackfoot.
Another unfortunate was sent to
the insane asylum Tuesday night.
Hugh Willa, who has been
ployed by Fred Skelton at Pine
Grove for several years, has for sev
eral months acted as if his mind
was unbalanced. He seemed to be
despondent and often asserted that
as he could not accumulate
he would starve himself to death,
and with that view he several ti
sought seclusion in the woods, but
each time he was found and pur
suaded by friends to return to his
Last week he again abrupt
ly left for the hills. Searching
parties went out, and the sheriff
was called upon to assist in the
hunt for the unfortunate
Deputy Sheriff Jim Nicholson went
up and spent a day or two with
others in the hills surrounding
John Bryant's station, hut found
no trace of the lost
riding last Saturday along South
Boise river, about 10 miles below
Pine Grove, A. Evans and Chas.
Winter fortunately discovered Wills
lying in the brush quite weak from
hunger. He expressed a desire to
not be molested, as he wished to
remain where he was and perish.
But they took him to Pine Grove,
and after attending to his immedi
ate wants, placed him In charge
of Wm. Deckard and O. H. Hutch
ins, who brought Wills to this place
Sunday night. Monday he
amined before Judge White and de
clared insane A guard
Tuesday night and the unfortunate
man was taken to the Blackfoot
W bile
was ex
came in
J. B. Itudi»i]l of Boise spent Sun
day with his parents in this place.
L. L. Pettyjohn and family have
gone to the mountains for the sum
You will see the best show
earth Monday, June 24, at Moun
tain Home.
For bale—Almost new hand
car ed oak bedstead and springs.
Apply at the Bulletin office.
Judge Sinnott and E. F. Phelan
started for Atlanta last Friday
evening by private conveyance.
Mrs. Thomas Wayte was chosen
a trustee of the Jackson school dis
trict at the recent, school election.
There will he mass next Sundav
morning at 10 o'clock at Judge A.
M. Sinnott's residence. Rev. L. C.
God schalx.
The fast flying phenomenal aeri
alist Seneyah will soar through
space with the Big Show on Mon
day at Mountain Home.
The Mothers' Club will hold its
regular meeting on Friday. June 21,
at the school house. A full attend
ance is requested.
Slippers—red, white and black—
for children, misses and ladies.
Chas. R. Kelsey Co., Ltd.
J. R. Wilkins has been very sick
several days at his Bruneau home
but the Bulletin is pleased to learn
that he is now on the road to recov
Mrs. Hungerford returned home
Saturday evening from a visit to
Silver City and DeLamar.
We have the nicest stock of dark
and light percales that was ever
brought to this city.
Chas. R. Kelsey Co., Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Scholl and
children started for Chicago Mon
day evening.
Monday night Joseph
loaded six cars with horses to be
shipped to St. Jot, Mo.
SIBERIA, the best Refrigerator
made, for sale, by J. M. Cowen A
Co., furniture dealers.
Senator Purtill and wife, Miss
Ida Fitzwater and Rutty Fitzwater
cam- up from Snake river Tuesday
Johnny Wilkins came over from
bis horse range on the Bruneau last
Monday to see Mrs. Wilkins and
his boy baby—also to take in the
pony show.
Good groceries is one of our
Chas. R. Kelsey Co., Ltd.
u _™ , . . , ,
t J t Blate f . dele :
to Tnter-national
and ge " C m m*"'
ager of the Montezuma Gold Min
i„g £o., accompanied by Judge Sin
nott, the company's attorney, left
here on Friday night for Atlanta,
and on Monday, the papers were
signed whereby the best properties
0 n Atlanta Hill have passed into
the hands of the company. This
deal gives the company the follow
ing properties, some of them well
known as large ore producers: The
Old Chunk, Web-foot, Montezuma,
No. I and 2, Eureka, Grace, Klon
dike, Mamie, and Graylocks Lodes,
The company also secured a bond
on the famous Brown group, the
East Alturas, 1, 2 and 3, and the
Mammoth Lodes. Immediate prep
arations are being made to put up
a 100-stamp mill in Montezuma
Gulch, to work in connection with |
these mines.
We learn from Miss Kittie Wil
kins, who yesterday returned from
Salt Lake, that Pratt. Damron is
improving and will soon be able to
return home. A very difficult sur
gical opperation was performed on
Pratt by Dr. H. I). Niles of the Ho
ly Cross hospital, and with the
most satisfactory results.
Damron is still with her son and
they are expected to return home
by the first of July. Miss Wilkins
expresses the belief that Mr. Dam
ron w'ill henceforth enjoy excellent
_ I
Resident [Dentist
jlw Oi* FICE—Opposite tbe Citizen s
Sum Bunk.
™ , „ . , ,
i he following letter was received
from Boise a few days ago and is
Dear Sir:— The question of mak
ing a marked success of the Inter-1
1901, is one that should call for the
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Hilling Congress.
self explanatory:
national Mining CongresB to be held
in Boise, July 23rd, 24th and 25th,
support of every mining man, min
ing company and business
Idaho. The Mining Congress is
interstate and international in its
character, while with us here in
man m
Idaho it is a state enterprise.
Our state legislature made an ap
propriation last winter of five thou
sand dollars to aid in the work of
this congress, and this amount has
about all been expended.
The burden now falls
on Boise,
and upon the mining and business
interests in our state. We need
money badly, and must have it to
carry this congress to a point of j
success. The citizens of Boise,
through the chamber of commerce, i
are straining every effort in their
power to make tins congress a great
success, and through its chamber of
commerce, they ask all mining com
panies, miners, business men and all
towns and cities throughout Idaho
to render what financial assistance
they can to carry on this mining
congress If you can aid us, please
do so by sending at once to the
Boise chamlier of commerce what
money you feel like contrbuting to
this great, and worthy enterprise,
which will lie so far reaching in its
beneficial results.
This is Idaho's great opportunity
for the mining and business inter
ests to come squarely to tiie front.
Kindly advise me at the earliest
possible moment.
Yours truly,
B. F. Olden,
Pres. Chamber of Com., Bois.
Denier Dental Park.
7231 Main street,
Dentistry in all ils branches. All
our work warranted.
Crushed Fruits and all
tlin Dnn.l., C,..,.»« I
the Popular Syrups,
Ice Cream
>\ holesome, Properly
The Barber.
For a First Class
Shave or Haircut.
Shave -
• 25c
Here to Stay.
Shop at Same Old Stand.
Next Door to Palace Saloon.
If you Need Anything in the following
Lines. We carry a complete
stock of
Disc Harrows
Henney Buggies,
Michigan Buggies
and Spring Wagons.
The Celebrated Shuttler Wagons.
all kinds.
Call and see the goods and get prices.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
The Moat Popular of Shows.
1 he famous Walter J. McDonald
Shows is duly announced for the
grand exhibition on June 24 at
Mountain Home. It is the consen
1 sus of opinion that the above Shows
ar e years in advance of all others
s ' in point of merit in the posses
j sion of modern feats and features
that have no peer or parallel. Its
menagerie containing the choicest
, "nd most rare specimens of zoology's
realms. Its marvelous ethnological
is display being unequalled and the
aquatic wonders embracing deep
! mon8ters " 8 wel1 «s amphibia. The
"*5° "»/"tmns are numerous and
novel and without doubt far surpass
iu general interest any seen here or
elsewhere in the past. We look for
a very large attendance on the occa
sion. Preparations are being made
to entertain the masses so that none
who visit us on the 24th shall say
on their return home that their
eeption at Mountain Home was not
cordial and hearty.
' ' I
The small boy is now rustling for
circus money.
Johnnv Johnson came in from
Boise last
Mrs. Wm. Dill died suddenly at
Shoshone last Monday,
Farmer Fred Cooper
^ rom l-Htle Camas yesterday,
to Born, at King Hill, June 16, to
of j the wife of Fred Fricke, a son.
Mr. Conroy and Art Davis left
i yesterday afternoon for Atlanta
B orn in Mountain Home June
14 to the wife of Mr> '
was down

Woodson, a
The idea of holding a state fair
at Boise this fall has been aban
The Thundertoned Polyhcmnia
will enliven on Jnue 24, at Moun
tain Home.
John Arthur has returned from
his summer vacation in the Three
Greek mountains.
Neil Shroder has sold his resi
dence property at Glenn's Ferry to
E. Pearson, the merchant.
The Great English Family Beres
ford renowned gymnic acrobatic
meteors on June 24, at Mountain
Telephone connestion was made
yesterday with Anderson's Dixie
store, and to-morrow you may
"hello" to Senator Bailey at Little
men anil women to travel and adver
tise for old established house of solid
financial standing. Salary $780 a year
and expenses, all payable in cash. No
canvassing required. Give references
and enclose self-addressed stamped
velope. Address, Manager, 355 Cax
ton Binding, Chicago.
A bouquet from the Silver City
Nugget: "The Elmore Bulletin
started last week ou its 14th anni
versary, under the management of
George M. Payne and his talented
daughter, Mabel. The Bulletin,
known throughout the state as the
" 01d Reliab|e >" is an out and out
I ex P°'ient of democratic gospel,
joy« a good patronage, and i
18 a
I power for good in Elmore county.
; Nugget extends congratulations."
Regular services at the Congre
| gational church next Sunday at
10:45 a. m. Sunday school at 12,
1,/esson, a New Heaven and a New
Earth. Junior Endeavor at 4 p.m.,
Subject, Temperance Facts and
Truths, Annis Geerhart, leader.
Senior Endeavor at 7:30, in place
of regular service. Subject, How
temperance would help transform
the world, Ernest Pearson leader.
Missionary meeting by the Womans
Union Thursday evening at eight
o'clock. A cordial invitation to all
Assertions iisssi
Are Corroborated by Figures
We Assert the
Following as Facts.
And have the GOODS to Substantiate
We have the NEATEST
NEW KST and REST line of—
Seasonable Goods
any Place in Town and at the
We Call Your Attention to
the Following Bargains:
Good fellow Ro* Calf Street
Shoe Very Maniai* at -
Glazed Dongola very Stylish
Blk Hosiery is not always Stylish. Our White-footed Silk finish Hose
— . Will please y—t __
$ 2.50
Gents. Furnishings We Lead in,
And by Looking over Our New Lines you will Agree with ua. In Shoes
We have Goodfellows, Ox Blood Calf, Majestic Shape at. $5.50.
Light Buff - Vici Kid
Seamless Giraffe, Best Shoe on Earth for
Neck Wear—*
We Show Three Cases of the Latest
and Newest Novelties in the Market.
We Carry the New Tourists, and Golf Shapes in ail the
Leading Colors.
The Oldest Established House in the County.
Isn't It?
About time to get out your summer clothes.
Perhaps you haven't any left over from last year,
if that is the case you will find it to your advantage
to call on us and see what we have and hear
■= \A/e Can Suit—
Men Women and Children.
For the Men we have a new line of summer shirts hi al) Ai
latest Styles. Also—hose, hats, and other furnishings.
For the Women all newest
novelties in dress goods
under wear ? hosiery, neckwear.
For the Children fancy waists, ml shoes and stockings,
hats and lionets.
WE fill
The Big Department Store.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
JOHN STVYITH, Proprietor.
Next door to the Postoffice.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Drop in and Smile Witn Us.

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