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...Finest Job Printing
...Official Faper of Elmore County...
Number Q >5
Mountain Home, Idaho: Tuesday, March 14:, 1905
Volume 16
Coming and Going.
K. A. Heaton and Fred M. Mie
lenz last week sold the People's
State Bank of Lodge to M. J. Bab
cock, E. D. Hamilton and F. G.
Laselle. Mr. and Mrs. Mielenz
have had charge of the People's
bank for several years, the former
as cashier and the latter as vice
* president. Mr. Heaton has been
president of this bank since 1889.
Mr. Mielenz has accepted the posi
tion of cashier of the Citizens State
Bank of Mountain Home, Idaho.
—Wahoo, Neb., Wasp, Feb. 23.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Mielenz ar
rived the firtt of the week for a
visit with friends and relatives.
They will leave for their new
home in Mountain Home, Idaho,
the last of the month.—Wahoo,
Neb., Wasp, March 9.
H. A. Chandler, who has been
cashier of the Citizens State Bank
for several years, resigned his posi
tion some time ago. It is said
that Mr. and Mrs. Chandler in
tend to make their future home at
Haines, Oregon.
Special Correspondence.
Thurman, Idaho, March 11.—
Thurman," the new postoffice for
the Dry Creek district, was for
mally opened today amid much
rejoicing, speechmaking, banquet
ing and other things. At 12:15 p.
m. Carrier Underwood halted his
chariot at the front portal, and
Postmaster Lattimore took charge
of the first regular mail pouch like
a veteran.
After the mail had been distrib
uted Mrs. Latimore and daughter
assumed command of the situation,
taking the invited guests—12 in
number—to the dining room. It
is hardly necessary to state that
the refreshments were appreciated,
the absence of a button on Mr.
Underwood's waistband being no
ticed immediately afterward.
Mr. Sproat, who was chiefly in
strumental in establishing the new
office, made a few remarks perti
nent to the occasion. A number
heard to remark afterward
that they thought they had been
listening to a combination address
from Bobby Burns, Walter Scott
and Robert Bruce. The speaker,
while loth to hurt the feelings of
neighboring cities, or cause them
any unnecessary alarm, deemed it
proper, at this time, to throw out a
gentle hint to the effect that
Mountain Home and Boise would
better guard well their boundary
lines from this on, as Thurman is
now on the advance.
Road Contractor Slater has just
completed an excellent piece of
The road from Mud Springs to
Canyon Creek, it is said, is in very
f Grass is growing up fast in this
R. Sproat is now working for a
new school.
Set of double harness for sale at
(iarrett & DeCoursey's stable. *
cash prices paid for all
kinds Hides, Furs and
Pelts. Apply office
Kelsey Co.
They Will Pay Us a Visit on Friday
Evening, March 24.
"Topp's Twins," unable to longer
resist the earnest appeals of the
masses, have at last consented to
honor Mountain Home by their
It is now confidently
stated that they will visit this
place on the night of Friday,March
24, 1905, at the opera house—at
least, several of the foremost leaders
in the movement believe that it is
now safe to make the announce
"Topp's Twins" are alleged to
have come originally from Smith's
Prairie, although the report has re
cently been current that both Rocky
Bar and Glenn's Ferry claim this
enviable distinction.
The occasion of this notable event
is in the interest of the Mountain
Home High School Baseball Team.
The boys want to play ball. In
order to play ball it is necessary
to have an outfit. An outfit costs
money. Monev, then, is what the
boys need. That's why "Topp's
Twins" are coming.
There are ten characters in the
cast, all High School pupils, and it
is said that each and every one of
them is a drawing card. It is even
whispered that one of them was de
tected in the act of drawing a
bucket of water last week, hut as
yet this has not been verified. Fol
lowing is the cast:
Cadwalader Topp.
Tick (alias Jim Baggs)
Josiah Twiggs.
Mrs. Twiggs.
Mrs. Twiggs-Knott.
Angie Twiggs.
Bob Spratt.
Mrs. Dubbledam.
Ginger Potts.
Ur. Short.
.James Pence
...Edward Manion
_Joe Longfellow
.Ethel Bennett
. .Chrissie Mahoney
.Rose Nelson
_Albert Marhofer
Edythe Williamson
..Will Wells
.... Robert Chatttn
Gov. Gooding haB appointed the
following as members of his mili
tary staff:
Adjutant General, with rank of
brigadier general, David Vickers.
Quartermaster General and Act
ing Paymaster, with rank of col
onel, Samuel E. Meyers.
Commissary General, with rank
of colonel, Geo. H. Roberts.
Assistant Inspector General, with
rank of lieutenant colonel, John
Assistant Adjutant General, with
rank of major, H. C. Worthman.
Medical Director, with rank of
lieutenant colonel, 8. E. Bibby,
AideB-de-Camp: Capt. W. C.
Hunter, Chicago; Capt. Joseph
Spiegel, Boise; Capt. Geo. N. Ifft,
Pocatello; Capt. Revenal Macbeth,
Following is the list of appoint
ments made by the Governor and
which were approved by the State
Senate March 3:
State Engineer, James Stephen
son, Boise, to complete term of
Wayne Darlington, resigned.
Insurance Commissioner, C. E.
Thomas, Nez Perce, two years.
Immigration Commissioner, Al
len Miller, Grangeville, two years.
Fish and Game Warden, Wm.
N. Stephens. Rexburg, two years.
Bank Examiner, C. S. Loveland,
Twin Falls, four years.
Board of Regents State Univer
sity—Rev. I. F. Roach, Boise, to
complete term of C. L. Heitman of
Rathdrum, resigned; Geo. C. Par
F. McCarthy, Wallace, six years,
Board of Trustees Academy of
Idaho—James F. Kane and L. M.
Hopson, Pocatello, each six years.
Board of Trustees Lewiston Nor
mal School—Geo. E. Crum and
Dr. C. W. Shaff, Lewiston, each six
Board of Trustees Albion Normal
School—Joseph Y. Haight, Albion,
six years; W. E. Wheeler, Idaho
Falls, six years; Chas. Tilatush,
Hagerman, four years; Mrs. S. D.
Boone, four years, and Joseph T.
Pence, Boise, two years; Lawrence
Hanson, Rock Creek, two years.
Board of Trustees Blackfoot In
sane Asylum—B. J. Griggs, Idaho
Falls; A. B. Moss, Payette; Henry
Jones, Malad.
Board of Trustees Industrial
Training School—T. D. Cahalan
and Mrs. Nellie Hanthorne, Boise.
Labor Commissioners - Hugo
Woods and J. Davis, Boise.
Appointments made by State
Land Board in connection with re
Land Commissioner—C. J. Mun
son, Latah county.
Land Registrar—C. S. McConnel,
Land Department—Earl L. Mar
vin, Collins.
Officers of Lewis county recently
created by the legislature:
Commissioners—James Eckert,
B. L. Walrad, A. Christensen.
Probate Judge—Peter Johnson.
Coroner—T. A. Bishop.
Sheriff—Edwin Doust.
Treasurer—George R. Ross.
Auditor—Ignatz Weil.
School Supt.—James D. Neaville.
Surveyor—J. K. Ashley Jr.
Assessor—O. L. Peavey.
Attorney—Herman Taylor.
Officers of Clark county recently
created by the legislature:
Commissioners—G. O. Dart, J.
Fisher, T. A. Shoemer.
Probate Judge—R. S. McCrea.
Auditor—Thomas L. Quarles.
School Supt.—R. G. Egbers.
Surveyor—W. H. Edlebrute.
Assessor—Warren Flint.
Attorney—E. L. Whitla.
Sheriff—Charles A. McDonald.
Coroner—Dr. John Sabin.
Treasurer—James A. Spaulding.
Want New School.
R. Sproat of Thurman was in
town yesterday on business. Now
that the new poBtoffice is in active
operation, he is working energetic
ally for the establishment of a new
school district, and to that end is
circulating a petition for signatures,
asking the powers that be to grant
this improvement. When seen
yesterday Mr. Sproat had already
secured a large number of signa
Rev. H. C. Ethell preached for
Rev. Thomas Johns, both morning
and evening, last Sunday at the
Glenn's Ferry M. E. church.
Dr. Nieukirk was called to Pine
Wednesday on account of the sick
ness of Charley Casey.
J. M. Cowen is having a hand
some new residence built on Ben
nett street.
Miss Ora lieed will give indi
vidual lessons on piano or man
dolin—fifty cents for half-hour.
Further particulars, call at resi
dence. *
Example Showing What Can be Done
Here by Intelligent Effort.
Gem State Rural.
W. C. Howie, of Mountain
Home, has been one of the pub
lic benefactors of that place in
his fruitgrowing demonstrations.
Ten years ago Mr. Howie, who
is a lawyer in active practice,
started his home place in the
town, having 1^ acres of ground.
Mr. Howie installed a windmill
with a 50 barrel tank; and this
plant lias supplied him with all
the water he has used, up to
this time, for irrigation and
household purposes. His plant
ings have consisted of apples,
pears, peaches, plums, prunes,
cherries, apricots, nectarines,
almonds, and all small fruits,
and have been largely experi
mental. He has tested, and
now has in thrifty bearing,
some 130 varieties of the differ
ent kinds of orchard fruits, hav
ing 30 or more different kinds
of apples. His selections were
made of choice, well known
fruits, for the purpose of testing
their adaptability to his locality,
and, at this time, a large num
ber of these varieties are now
fruiting on his grounds. He
takes great pains with his trees,
and, as a result, his fruit is al
ways large and attractive, so
much so, in fact, that people
are very glad to get any surplus
that he may have to spare, at
top prices.
In this way, his place pays
handsomely, notwithstanding
Unit much fruit is given away
to visitors, and used in the
home. Last year fully $500
worth of fruit was produced on
this li acre tract. Mrs. Howie
has all that they care to sell as
her "pin money," and in 1903
took in from this source the
snug little sum of $250. But
the returns from this fruit, and
the success in growing this or
chard, meansmore to Mountain
Home than the money returns
or the founding of a nice family
orchard. As a pioneer in fruit
growing in the place, his or
chard home has been "an ob
ject lesson" which has been of
great benefit to this portion of
the State. Mr. Howie has done
well, and his example is worthy
of imitation.
L. L. Spring has completed a
decorative contract on the Capt.
Barry home place. Four rooms
were papered and painted, while
the exterior of the house was intro
duced to the latest color modes.
Friday night Mrs. F. W. Boyd
entertained the Twentieth Century
Club and the latter's guests. The
refreshments were very dainty and
A new residence is being erected
for Mr. and Mrs. Claud Clays. It
is located northeast of the High
School. __
J. A. Purtill, former Auditor,
has been doing special work in the
Auditor's office.
Sarah Moots Tharp.
Mrs. Sarah MootB Tharp, a resi
dent of Ogden, Utah, for the past
15 years, died in that city at 5 p.
m. on Wednesday, March 8, 1905,
at the residence of her daughter,
Mrs. J. A. Smith. Mrs. Tharp was
94 years old, having been born on
May 12, 1811, at Zanesfield, Ohio.
She was an aunt of the late P. R.
Thurman Postoffice.
Thurman, the new postofiice on
Dry Creek, is now ready for ser
vice, Messers Lattimore and Sproat
having perfected the necessary ar
rangements early last week. Mr.
Lattimore is postmaster, and L. A.
Underwood of this place is to be
the mail carrier. He will make
two trij)8 a week, Tuesdays and
Albert Stein and Mrs. Bessie
Griffin of Glenn's Ferry were mar
ried Sunday afternoon, March 5,
1905. The ceremony was held iu
the First Presbyterian Church at
Boise, Dr. R. McKinley ofliciating.
Several years ago the bride was a
resident of Mountain Home.
Son and Heir.
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Boardman
are happy over the arrival of a
son, who cameWednesday,March 8.
Thursday, March 9, being the
8th anniversary of the marriage of
Mr. and Mrs. A. Rosenheim, the
event was celebrated during the *
afternoon by a "Koffee Klatsch."
Red and white were the dining
room colors, an original place card
and a carnation being arranged at
each plate. The guests were Mes
datnes W. 1). and \V. A. Reynolds,
Rhoades, Kelley, Mather, Payne
and Wilkins.
If taken this month, keeps you
well all summer. It makes the
little ones eat, sleep and grow. A
spring tonic for the whole family.
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
35 cents, Tea or Tablets. Roscoe
W. Smith._ *
J. B. McGuire has filed on the
homestead relinquished by R.
Edgar.. The tract, which contains
155 acres, is on the new wagon
road from Pine to Dixie, South
Boise River. Mrs. McGuire and
son Henry, it iB said, will go to
the ranch about the 1st of April,
while Mr. McGuire will join them
It. Fitzwater is again warehouse
man at the depot, Agent Ulery
having recently received orders to
recall Mr. Fitzwater to his old po
sition. Several weeks ago the
Company made a reduction in the
warehouse force at Mountain
Home and several other places.
If you cannot eat, Bleep or work,
feel mean, cross and ugly, take
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
this month. A tonic for the sick.
There is no remedy equal to it. 35
cents, Tea or Tablets. Roscoe W.
Smith.___ *
The concrete blocks for Rosen
heim's new building are being
molded and dried.
Whooping cough has made ita
regular annual visit.
A. E. Danley will have a public
sale in front of Helfrich's ware
house, Saturday,
W atch for descriptive circulars.
March 25.

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