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Volume 16
NtcM&ntain Home, Idaho: Tuesday, March 28, 1905
ISTumber 27
Hesperian Literary Society Members
Enjoy Pleasant Evening.
A pleasant sociable evening was
had at the last meeting of the Hes
perian Literary Society at Cold
Spring on the 11th inst. This
being the last gathering of the
^season, the election of new officers
was deferred until the initial fall
session. The present officers are:
Mrs. W. E. Wilson, President; Al
bert James, Vice President; Miss
Leona Blackwell, Secretary.
After an entertaining program
(which lack of space forbids our
printing) of vocal and instrumen
tal music, readings, recitations,
etc., a spirited debate was had on
the proposition "Resolved, that
labor is more beneficial to our
country than capital." The affir
mative was defended by Gilbert
Walker, Mrs. W. M. Wilson, A. T.
Babb and Charles Hall, while the
negative was argued by Charles
Walker, Mrs. Lucy A. Tibbs, Wm.
Rubury and Paul Walker. The
judges were Mrs. Garrett Daniels,
Mrs. Adin Hall and Mrs. Hackett,
who decided in favor of the affirm
The evening closed with a supper
which had been prepared by the
ladies of the society.
Rev. H. 0. Ethell will preach at
Bruneau next Sunday, forenoon
and evening.
At the Baptist Church Latter Part of
Last Week.
A Bible Conference was held at
the Baptist church, beginning last
Friday evening and closing Sun
day evening. Preaching by visit
ing ministers was the order of the
services each evening and Sunday
forenoon. These services were
•vangelistic in character. Two
conversions occurred during the
session, and three persons united
with the church Sunday evening.
Studies in the First Epistle of Pe
ter, conducted with a view of af
fording instruction in methods of
Bible study, occupied lengthy fore
noon and afternoon sessions.
Rev. L. S. Clark, of Helena,
Mont., General Missionary for
Montana and Southern Idaho;
Rev. W. H. Bowler, District Mis
sionary for Southern Idaho; Rev.
Mr. Johnson, a Salt Lake pastor;
and Robert McMahon and Mrs.
Miller, of Shoshone; besides the
local force, took part in conduct
ing the exercises.
The conference attracted a good
degree of interest, and was regard
ed by jP-ke who attended aB very
helpful. _
It will bring rich, red blood, firm
flesh and muscle. That's what
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
will do. Taken this month, keeps
well all summer. 35 cents
F W. Boyd is preparing to have
Tea or Tablets Roscoe W. Smith.
a stone foundation laid under his
house. Other improvements are
also contemplated. _
cash prices paid for all
kinds Hides, Furs and
Pelts. Apply ofiice
Kelsey Co.
Purchase Property.
Mr. Fields and family of Ran
som, Kan., arrived in Mountain
Home Thursday. Mr. Fields has
purchased L. N. Lisle's ranch on
the outskirts of town, the consider
ation, it is stated, being $6500.
The young ladieB of the Episco
pal Church gave an enjoyable
social at the home of Mrs. F. W.
Boyd Saturday.
Rare and Unusual Treat at the Opera
House Tonight.
An event of the utmost impor
tance to the people in general, and
educators and school children in
particular, is the lecture at the
opera house tonight C Tuesday,
March 28) by John M. Rich, pro
bably the ablest speaker in this
country today on the subject of the
far eastern complications.
Mr. Rich will speak on "The
Asiatic Question up to Date."
He has for the past ten years made
a special study of European and
Asiatic diplomacy, and his thor
ough knowledge of the subject,
in connection with a magnetic per
sonality and forceful delivery,
hold his hearers spellbound. Rus
sia's secret diplomacy in Man
churia, Mongolia and Tibet since
1899 is given special attention.
Prominent educators, ministers
and newspapers give highest praise
to Mr. Rich. His appearance here
! tonight presents an opportunity
1 which no one should miss, especi
ally as the price of admission
(which is well worth three times
the amount) is only 50 cents for
adults and 25 cents for young
Another New Building.
A new business block, of brick,
stone or cement, will soon occupy
the corner adjoining the Garrett &
DeCoursey livery stable. The up
per portions will contain offices,
etc, store rooms occupying the
ground floors. They have already
been secured by parties who intend
to establish new new bus
iness enterprises. Mr. O. N. Rushfelt
(brother-in-law of Fred Daniels)
and John H. Garrett are behind
the improvement. The date for be
ginning operations has not yet
been definitely fixed, but Mr.
Daniels will have the ground
broken early in the coming month.
Loses Piece of Finger.
W. H. Layton, of Bozeman,
Mont., one of the shearers at
Goddard's camp, is not on friendly
terms any more with a certain
pugnacious old ram whose ac
quaintance he made last Thurs
day. Layton avers that the an
imal affects the emotional to an
offensive degree. At any rate,
while the man from Montana was
in the act of laying violent hands
the old fellow's winter ward
robe, he made an unexpected and
! vigorous struggle for liberty. As
ja result, Layton's shears, instead of
clipping wool, sliced off the top of
the middle joint oi his left index
We have just received a carload
of cedar fence posts, on which we
prepared to make bottom pri
Bennktt Bros. *
The Sub Rosa club will meet
with Mrs. W. D. Reynolds April
Town Will be all Theirs Next Friday
They will be here next Friday
evening, at the opera house. On
that occasion the town and the
fullness thereof will be theirs—
they themselves have said so. The
Twins aver that they are better
prepared than ever before to
phantasmagorialize the audience,
from which they can be awakened
only by the extraction of a
75-cent piece from each pocket for
a reserved seat.
And, by the way (confidential),
"you'll have to hurry"—they are
"going" like the proverbial buck
wheat cakes which "mother UBed to
make." Up to last night the
boys had sold over 100 reserved
seats. The prices are 75, 50 and
Dan W. Shetler Is Given Office by
The County Commissioners met
yesterday and declared the office of
Auditor vacant. Dan W. Shetler,
County Attorney, was then selected
for the position by the votes of
Ward and Pence, Elliott not taking
part in the ballot.
Mr. Shetler assumes charge of
the office this morning. Sam Oli
ver, it is stated, is to be deputy.
Ida Ward is absent on account
of her father's illneBS.
Charles and Thomas Geerhart
have withdrawn from school.
Most of the departments had a
test in arithmetic yesterday.
Charles King has the whooping
If taken this month, keeps you
well all summer. It makes the
little ones eat, sleep and grow. A
spring tonic for the whole family.
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
35 cents, Tea or Tablets. Roscoe
W. Smith. *
Attractive Trays.
The Ladies' Aid of the Congre
gational Church have recieved
number of attractive aluminum
card trays which they are selling
at 25 cents apiece. In the bottom
are excellent half-tones of the
church building and the pastor,
Rev. C, E. Mason,
Dixie Trouble.
Jack Hampton, whom A. Ander
son of Dixie charges with assault
with a deadly weapon, was before
Judge Stimson Saturday for pre
liminary examination. Only one
witness was examined, the matter
going over until tomorrow.
To Be Held at Salt Lake City, Utah, on
April 6, 7, 8 and 9.
For the above occasion we will
sell round trip tickets to Salt Lake,
Utah, at the rate of $16.50. Tickets
on sale April 3 to 8 inclusive, with
return limit of April 15.
C. E. Ulery, Agent.
Mrs. Lillie B. Wertz has desig
nated April 21 as Arbor Day.
Still They Come.
Fred Daniels returned Sunday
from the East, bringing with him
Messrs. La Forest, Burton and
Richards, the two latter of Binford
and the former of Cooperstown, N.
Today or tomorrow the arrival
here is expected of Mrs. Narveson
and Miss Fredrickson of Fingal,
and Mrs. Lars Jacobson of Nome,
N. D.
Those Who Neglect This Will Lose
Their Votes.
Every voter who wishes to have
a voice in the coming village elec
tion must register. The complica
tions arising from recent legisla
tive enactments in connection with
elections have given rise to consid
erable discussion as to the effect
on villages of this class. In view
of this condition, it is deemed that
the only safe course to pursue is to
register now, even though you did
so at the last election.
Special Correspondence.
Pine, Idaho, March 22. —The
storm King has things all his own
way up here today.
Miss Lena Turner went to visit
Mrs. W. H. Evans during the ab
sence of Mr. Evans at Shoshone as
a witness in the Thum suit.
Charley Casey is improving.
Ed Nicholson came down from
Shake Creek to telephone for more
He is
Ed is a "hustler.
pushing work as fast as possible to
complete his contract, which yet
requires about 150 feet.
Death of Mrs. Van Duscn.
Death visited the home of Rev.
Dr. W. W. Van Dusen, Presiding
Elder of the Boise M. E. Conference
District, early on the morning of
March 22, calling away the rever
end gentleman's life companion.
The funeral was held on the 23d
from the family residence in Boise,
Rev. Dr. Roach conducting the
Mrs. Carrie R. Van Dusen was
born April 3, 1859, at Sag Harbor,
L. I. She had been an invalid for
the past two years.
Last Wednesday afternoon Rob
ert Sproat of Thurman district and
L. A. Underwood of Mountain
Home completed the petition for
the creation of a new school dis
trict at Thurman. They secured
over 60 signatures, making a total
of 201.
Next Friday Clarence Manion
will close the school in the Jackson
District, which he has conducted
so successfully the past season.
The fall term will open about
Sept. 3. _
Jed Wilkinson has leased the
Mitchell ranch for four years
and will take possession on April
5. J. A. White and family, it is
stated, will move into the residence
vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Wilkin
Postmaster W. J. Turner has
had a cement walk laid in front of
his residence.
Milk can be obtained from, and
will be delivered in evening by,
Mrs. Phelps Whitney.
Two Tickets in the Field— Changes
In the Law.
Two ticketB were filed with the
village clerk last Friday, and will
be on the official ballot for the vil
lage election, to be held Tuesday,
April 4th. In the order of their
filing, they are as follows:
citizens' ticket.
For Village Trustees:
Geo. F. Mahoney,
J. D. Morris,
W. D. Bailey,
D. W. Fitzwater,
S. G. Rhoades.
For Village Clerk, H. C. Ethell.
For Village Trustees:
W. J. Turner,
E. C. Lape,
Will Harley,
Geo. Crandal,
August Kunnecke.
The posted notices call for the
election only of five trustees. But
it seems that the Attorney Gen
eral, in an opinion (given at the
request of the Governor) on an
election law passed by the Legis
lature just before its adjournment,
holds that it calls for the election
of the clerk in villages. This law
also makes village elections bien
nial, and this election will be for
a term of two years.
The polls open at 8 a. m., and
close at 7 p. m.
Date Fixed for Observance of Import,
ant Holiday.
In accordance with the author
ity on me conferred by House Bill
No. 133, 1 do hereby set apart the
21st day of April, 1905, to be
known as Arbor Day.
The law provides that the day
shall be appropriately observed
with such exercises as shall tend
to encourage the planting, protec
tion and preservation of trees and
County Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction.
Lili.ie B. Wertz,
Notice To Sheepmen.
Quarantine Line.
From Ada county line, up South
Boise river to the mouth of West
Pierce creek; than up said Pierce
creek to the head of said creek;
then eaBt to the head of Wilson
creek; then down said Wilson creek
to the South Boise river; then
across said river to the mouth of
Camas creek; then up Baid Camas
creek to the head of said creek;
then east to the head of Malad
creek; then down Malad creek to
the Blaine county line.
Any person or persons taking
sheep across said line without first
having said sheep dipped accord
ing to law, will be prosecuted to
the full extent of the law.
Deputy Live Stock Inspector, Dis
trict No. 11
F. W. Boyd,
is given you for your money when
you buy a 'LONGLEY'HAT.
Q et one now f rom our new stock.
Idaho Commercial Co,, Ltd.
A few head of stock will be ta
ken to pasture for the summer by
F. E. Whitney.

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