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...Official Paper of Elmore County...
...Finest Job Printing
Phone -41...
% Volume 1 6
Mountain Home, Idaho:
Tuesday, May 16, 1905
Number 34
County Superintendent Prepares Ex
titbits for the Pair.
Mrs. Lillie B. Wertz, County
School Superintenuent, has pre
pared and shipped a number of
samples of school work from the
various districts of the county to
be included among Idaho's exhibits
at the coming fair, which opens at
Portland, Oregon, Thursday, June
1,1905—two weeks and two days
from today.
The work in general is com
mendable, while some of the pieces
are exceptionally well executed, among
which may be mentioned the drawing
examination papers from King Hill;!
Glenn 8 Terry work in geueial, and
especially the "Key to O.S.L. and Map
, T , . „ , . . , v,
or Idaho;" drawing, from Koeky Bar;
arithmetic papers and other work from
Atlanta; "George Washington Hatch
ets," primary, kindergarten and grade
work from Mountain Home; drawing
and examination papers from Fall
Creek; grade work from the Jackson
school—very good.
The papers, as a rule, are neatly ex
ecuted, a- d give evidence of painstak
ing care on the part of the pupils—the
appearance of only two or three denot
ing lack of interest in their prepara
tion. These are from the High School.
Col. Allen Miller, State Immigration
Commissioner, was in Mountain Home
a few hours last week on business con
nected with a spec al publication which
he is preparing for distribution on the
incoming Eastern trains at a point near
the borderline of the State, when the
heavy passenger traffic sets in for the
coming fair. Col. Alien believes in
having literature of this nature placed
in the hands of visitors while en route,
instead of on the fair grounds, where
such a mass of reading matter is en
countered as to preclude more than a
cursory glance at best.
The several counties of the State are
to be allotted a given amount of space
in which to set forth their special ad
vantages. The work will cost each
county $125, which, considering the
importance of the matter, and t he na
ture and source of the publication, is
remarkably cheap.
To Leave Hotel.
It is reported that Mr. and Mrs.
Elmer T. Smith contemplate dis
posing of their interests in the
Stockton hotel at Glenn's Ferry to
the former owners, who are now in
California. Mrs. Sargent, daugh
ter of Mrs. Stockton, it is said,
will leave the Coast for Idaho as
soon as business matters will per
Branch at Pine.
The Idaho Commercial Co. is
preparing to open a branch at Pine,
which is to be under the manage
ment of C. Clays. J. P. Clays went up
last week to make arrangements
for a new building, lumber for
which Was forwarded Friday.
Why suffer with spring tiredness,
cross feeling, no strength, no appe
tite? Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea will make you well and keep
you well. 35 cents, Tea or
lets. Roscoe W. Smith.
4 W. J. Turner on Friday received
the new hot-air engine which he or
dered recently. It is to be utilized
for household and irrigation pur
Last week Phillips Bros, deliv-i
tilled two gasoline engines
j n
cash prices paid for all
kinds Hides, Furs and
Pelts. Apply office
Kelsey Co.
Mountain finne, One, 4-horse
was set up at Levi Mellen's:
pi nv e r
place, and the other, 3-horsepower,
| went to K B. Turner. Both are
j for irrigation and general farm
Kelsey Co.
was set for Saturday before Judge
Stimson, went over until tomorrow.
Ltd,, vs. Miss Kitty
suit on account, which
matter of the Chas.
Going to Portland, Where It Will
Be on Exhibition.
than the ordinary railway coach,
passed through Mountain Home
yesterd ty afternoon en route to
,, . , , . . , , .
Portland, where it is to be exhibit
j '
ef f ^ a ' r
A gasoline notor car, smaller
The ear was built by the Union
Pacific Co. at its Omaha shops,
and. it is stated, is the first of its
kind. Power is derived from a
gasoline motor placed in the front
end, which is shut off from the
balance of the car. The speed is
said to he between 30 and 40 miles
an hour.
All Rebekahs are requested to
meet at the hall on Saturday, May
Very important meeting.
Dona Harris,
Noble Grand.
20 .
Leora Lockman,
L. L, Ormshv, Dan Latimore
and Lassalle Bros clips of wool
sold for 20c per lb. last week.
Rumor says the B. Harris Wool
Co. of St. Louis, Mo, bought a
heavy line of wools lately from
Eiseman Bros, of Boston,
There has been many early in
quiries for feeding lambs for fall
delivery, which promise to be a
good price
Frank II. Johnson was in town
Inst Friday receiving several clips
contracted for earlier.
A. S. Erickson, representing the
B. Harr's Wool Co. of St Louis,
was in town last week looking
after the interests of the house.
"Pete'' Leith, one of the old
guard, is now in Oregon, it is
stated, contracting for 15,000 ewes
for a Wyoming sheep outfit. "Pete"
will he missed by the patrons of
the Knollin Sheep Co.
Grade Examination.
An examination for 8th grade
pupils, ending tomorrow, began
yesterday in the office of County
Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, Mrs Lillie B. Wertz.
The J. C. Barrett house, in the
north part of town, has been
moved to the rear of the lot and
the rooming capacity increased by
two additional stories, making 11
rooms in all. George Smith had
the contract for the moving of the
building and Geo. F. Mahoney the
contract for the carpenter work.
v8 I* ^ • Mundell
* )een d * ed ^ >v ^ yrr.an & Wyman
attorneys for defendant.
In the case of Elmore County
a demurrer has
The Bauer bakery has been pur
chased by Custer and Co., the
change being effected on the 9th
Omar Donavan, 13 years old, of
Glenn's Ferry, was in town yester
day. He successfully passed the
Eighth grade school examination
held about a month ago.
Is Stabbed While Trying to Befriend
Crazy Armenian.
J. 1). Campbell, who has made
number of
Mountain Home a
j times in tlie P ast > as advance
; a g ent of tlie Stellar Theatrical Co.,
came in on No.5 Saturday afternoon
and proceeded west the following
day. Mr. Campbell is now con
nected with the Collier Co., and is
at present going over the circuit
covered by li. S. Moore until his
death last Tuesday, May 9, at
Bellevue, Idaho.
Moore was fatally stabbed by an
insane Armenian at Peekaboo, a
small station on the Hailey branch
between Bellevue and Shoshone,
Monday,.May 8. In conversation
Saturday evening with Mr. Camp
bell jie said, concerning the
"In addition to the other passen
gers on the first train to Hailey
Monday, May 8, 1905, were Moore
and the crazy Armenian (1 don't
recall his name).
"The latter was observed to
| leave the train at Peekaboo. He
appeared to be acting a trifle
queer, hut nothing more was
thought of the matter until the re
turn of the train in the afternoon,
when he again attracted the atten
tion of the passengers by his pecu
liar conduct.
"It appears that the Armenian
had been attempting, during the
day, to secure communication by
phone with the 'Salt Lake Saloon,'I
as he termed it, at Pocatello, but
was unable to do so, as the tele
phone operators and others were
afraid of him and refused to have
anything to do with him.
"Obviously, the man should not
be left to his fate, under such cir
curnstances; though, as usual,
what was everybody's business was
nobody's business. Finally Moore
and another man decided to at
tempt to get the Armenian on the
train and take him back to Sho
shone. The lunatic had assumed
a crouching position, on hands and
knees, near the railroad water tank.
As the two men approached he was
muttering to himself, and Moore,
stooping over, placed one hand on
his shoulder, urging him to ac
company them into the passenger
"Suddenly, without warning, the
Armenian sprang up and plunged
a knife, concealed in his right
hand, into Moore's throat, just
under the jaw.
"Sheriff Millsap of Shoshone was
present, being one of the passen
gers; but it is said that he refused
to take any action on the ground
that it was not in his jurisdiction.
"Finally the Constable at Belle
vue, who was also present (I
think his name is Cheshire), bor
rowed the Sheriff's revolver and
went after the murderous lunatic.
As he approached he ordered the
Armenian to throw up his hands
but the latter, instead of obeying,
started for Cheshire, brandishing
the knife in frenzied rage,
the madman was almost upon him,
repeated warnings having no
effect" Cheshire fired. The Arme
nian dropped and expired.
"Moore was taken to the Conti
nental hotel at Bellevue, where Dr.
Allen attended him, assisted by
Dr. I'lummer of Hailey. In spite of
all that could be done to save him,
Moore succumbed to his injuries
about 3:40 p. m. Tuesday, May 9.
The remains were sent to
for embalming, and then forwarded
to hie home in Ontario, Canada.
The body of the Armenian
buried at Bellev
Moore had been doing road!
WO rk for the Collier Co for some
time. He was well kown and well
liked in Idaho.
Governor fixes June 14 for Observ
ance in Idaho.
Flag day has been established
in Idaho by proclamation of the
Governor. It is fixed for June 14,
The Chief Executive urges in his
proclamation that the American
Flag be displayed on all public
buildings, and on as many private
and business houses as can do so.
At every point where a Grand Army
post has been established, ceremon
ial exercises of some kind will be
held.—Idaho News Bureau, to The
W. C. Howie registered at the
Idanha, in Boise, last Wednesday
Ben Ross was a passenger to
I Glenn's Ferry Thursday morning,
Ed McGuire came down Thurs
day from the ranch on the Boise
j river for a few days' visit,
F. B. Daniels returned, several
from a visit to his
(j a y 8 a ^ 0
| f ormer home in North Dakota,
Mrs. Frank Barrett of Fall
Creek came down last week,
bringing the children, to visit her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Davis.
Foster Phillips spent a few hours
j in Glenn's Ferry, attending to bus
| iness matters, Wednesday,
K. I. Perky and Scott Anderson
| of Boise were here Thursday on
I business, it is stated, connected
with a court case in which the
latter is plaintiff and the former
his legal representative.
Henry Crab, the Atlanta mer
chant, was here on business Thurs
G. D. Howe is now a resident of
Atlanta, having recently become
connected w r ith the mercantile es
tablishment of H. Crab.
A. M. iiall, the Benneti Creek
rancher, was in town Saturday on
Ed Hall and G. Hackett were in
ranch on
Saturday from their
Snake river.
W. I) Reynolds returned Sun-1
day evening from a 10-day buei-!
ness trip to the upper country.
J. P. Clays returned Thursday
from a business trip to Pine.
Mrs. V. B. Reed was up from the
Ferry Monday.
C. E. Corker of Glenn's Ferry
came up yesterday.
H. B. Wilkins of Hot Spring waB
in Sunday.
Rev. D. M. Shannon was
Mountain Home visitor last week.
D. B. Beardsley was here from
Salt Lake the middle of last week

W. A. Maxwell, editor of the
Oregon Scout, published at Union,
Oregon, was a guest at the Turner
Band of Sheep and Two-Mile Limit
Mix Things in Court.
The case of Dan McGinnis vs.
ing Saturday before Judge Slim*
s°»b decision being rendered yes
j terday morning. The complaint
alleged violation—on the part of
defendant's sheep—of the 2-mile,
water ditches,
Thomas Mellen came up for hear
etc. W. C. Howie represented the
plaintiff and L. B. Green the de
fense. Witnesses for the plaintiff
were Charles Walker, W. W.
Fountain, Joseph Williams, Gran
ville Hackett, John McGinnis and
John Blackwell, all of Cold Spring.
Judgment was awarded plaint
iff in the sum of $500 and costs of
$112.75, damages being apportion
ed at $150 for injury to water
ditches and $50 for infraction of
the 2-mile limit law. It is said
that the defense contemplates
He made The Rkrub
lican office a pleasant call.
11. G. Bodleof Boise was a Tur
j ner House Frida >'
'W. N. Campbell and M. Dahl of
| Va 1 ley City, N. 1)., are the latest
i additions to the Mountain Home
J. H. Garrett returned last week
from his eastern trip, accompanied
by Mrs. Garrett and little son.
John Mitchell was in from
Bruneau Wednesday.
C. R. Shaw and son Harold of
Boise were the guests, Sunday, of
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Reynolds, who.
aI th Mrs. W. D. Reynolds and
enjoyed an outing to
I cm,,lren
j Canyon Creek.
Thomson and wife ar
0. T
rived on the noon train yesterday
I from Shoshone. They will look
around for awhile, and, if suited,
may decide to make this their
j home. At any rate, Mr. Thomson
states, they will remain in Idaho,
They are recently from Oklahoma,
N. Linton, who has been suffer
ing for some lime from an aggra
vated complaint, leaves tonight
for Salt Lake. His family physi
cian advises an operation, and
this will probably be performed
in the hope of affording relief.
Mrs. Linton will accompany her
Mrs. D. Beaton, mother of Pho
j tographer Beaton, arrived Sunday
from her home at Omernee, N. I).
Mrs. Beaton will remain here a
couple of months and then visit
the Portland Fair before returning
A. Bea
home. She and her son
ton, will occupy the Linton home
during the absence of Mr. and Mrs.
i,i nto n, who go to Salt Lake to
n jg}it.
Mrs. J. W. Nieukirk has so far
recovered her strength that it is
confidently expected she will he
able to return home this week.
day, May 20, at 8 p. m., to arrange
i for the proper observance of Dec
Decoration Day.
A mass meeting of the citizens
of Mountain Home is hereby called
to meet at the Opera House Satur
W. J. Turner,
oration Day.
H. C. Ethkll,
Chin. Board of Trustees,

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