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...Official Paper of Elmore County...
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Volume 16
Mountain Home, Idaho: Tuesday, May 60, 1905
N umber 66
Exercises at Opera House Here-Also
at Glenn's Perry.
The Eighth Grade graduating
large audi
ence to the opera house last Thurs
day evening. The young ladies
did themselves proud, and received
congratulations, a large number of
bouquets and many
glances from relatives, friends and
exercises attracted
acquaintances. The next day, in
their pretty graduating gowns,
they assembled on the lawn at W.
A Reynolds' home, wh re A. Bea
ton took a group photograph.
Friday Mrs. Lillie B. Wertz,
County Superintendent, went to
Glenn's Ferry to attend the Eighth
Grade graduating exercises at that
place, returning Saturday. The
pupils had their parts committed
to memory and were highly com
plimented hv the County Superin
The Republican acknowledges
receipt, Monday afternoon, of the
"1905 Commencement Exercises
of the 10th and 8th Grades, Glenn's
Ferry Schools," in pamphlet form.
It is a creditable work, being at
tractively compiled and printed.
J ust as we go to press
the information comes
that Sheriff Ross and
Deputy Winter have not
ified all concerned that
gambling of all kinds
must cease from now on,
and that this edict will
be strictly enforced.
Rev. Hyden to Preach Every Evening
This Week.
Evangelistic meetings, to be con
tinued the balance of the week,
and perhaps longer, began
Saturday evening at the Congrega
tional church, conducted by Rev.
G 1). Hyden, of Souris, N. I). He
comes highly recommended from
the field where he is well known,
the following gentlemen speaking
words of high praise in his behalf:
Rev. Geo. Heighes, A. L. Foster,
Prof. E. L. Penn, E. J. Colthorp,
0. H. Lomen, editor; all of Souris.
Margaret Ann Allen, 66 years of
age, died at 3 o'iock Friday after
noon, May 28, 1605, at the home of
her daughter and son-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. George Williamson, re
cently from North Dakato.
The funeral whb held from the
residence Saturday afternoon, Rev.
C. E. Mason and Rev. George Hy
Mrs. Allen was born January 1,
1839, in the township of Darling
ton, County of Durham, Ontario,
Canada. Her husband, Samuel L
Allen, died 25 years ago. She bad
been a member of the Presbyterian
oiiurch of Fordwich, Ontario,
since girlhood. Two daughters,
one son and one adopted daughter
survive her—Mrs. George William
son; Miss Lizzie Allen (adopted
daughterJ, who has been here with
cash prices paid for all
kinds Hides, Furs and
Pelts. Apply office
Kelsey Co.
her mother during the absence of
Mrs. Williamson in North Dakato;
Mrs j a. Davidson, of Neepawa,
Manitoba, Canada; and William
S. Allen, of Fordwich, Ontario,
j Miss Allen, left Saturday evening
Mrs. Williamson arrived home
last Tuesday, and was followed on
Wednesday by Mr. Davidson from
Canada. He, in company w
I after the funeral, with the remains,
to he laid at rest in her old home.
Mrs. Allen hud been in ill health
the past four years, from heart
trouble, the final attack appearing
about 10 days before her death.
The pallbearers were L T. Wil
cox, Judge Stimson, Mayor Turner,
H. Little, S. Newcomer, W. H.
Farewell Reception.
Wednesday afternoon the Sub
Rosa Club gave a reception to Mrs.
H. A. Chandler, at the residence of
Mr and Mrs. L. T. Wilcox. The
guest of honor was the recipient of
a souvenir spoon "Idaho,
wdtli ribbon of the club colors.
Presentation was made by Mrs. G.
A. Ruring, to which Mrs. Chand
ler made an appreciative response.
She left Saturday night (accom
panied by her little daughter
Katharine and her brother, Mr.
Welland), for Salt Lake City,
where Mr. Chandler had preceded
her several days ago.
School Election.
The election for School trustees
has been changed from June 5 to
June 12. Monday afternoon J. P.
Clays resigned as a member of the
school board, in view 7
there will be two trustees to elect,
instead of one.
of which
June Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Howie have
received cards announcing the
wedding, on June 14, 1905, of In
gabo, daughter of Judge and Mrs.
C. 0. Stockslager, and Mr. C. C.
Thiessen Mr. and Mrs. Theissen
will be at home after September 1
at Lewiston, Idaho,
mere and gratifying to the firm.
The coupon feature, incident to
The recent new departure of the
Idaho Commercial Co., Ltd., ("adop
tion of the spot-cash system ), has
proved very satisfactory to custo
cash purchases, is an attractive
item to housekeepers, and mer
chants are enabled to adopt this
only through cash transactions.
Why suffer with spring tiredness,
cross feeling, no strength, no appe
tite? Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea will make you well and keep
you well. 35 cents,
lets. Roscoe W. Smith.
Tea or Tab
A combination lightning, thun
der, wind and dust storm Satur
day night lasting fifteen minutes,
resulted in a number of wel 'omej
showers, the sky clearing up aga>'n
about Sunday.
Skirts—no two alike—75 cents
to $7.50, special sale, 7 days only,
Mme. Wharton,
Ladies' Tailor.
We have just received a carload
of cedar fence posts, on which we
are prepared to make bottom pri
Bennett Bros. *
Succumbs to Injuries Resulting Prom
Cave-in at Mine.
According to a telegram received
by J. L. Tate, dated at Nome, May
23, 1905, Elmer D.
Smith sue-1
j cum bed to the injuries he received
from a cave-in about a month ago.
He leaves a widow and one child,
a girl about two years old. Mrs.
Anna Gomes of Mountain Home,
Mrs. Joe Black of Bruneau, and
Mrs. Ollie Lawson of Pine, are
sisters of Mrs. Smith; she has five
brothers, the Tate hoys, who are
interested at Pine.
Mr. Smith left here for Alaska
about four years ago. He was a
member of Mountain Home Lodge
No. 19, I. 0. 0. F. He had
wide circle of friends and was
very popular.
W. House registered at the Idan
ha in Boise last Thursday.
C. 0. Brownell was a passenger
to the State capital Thursday.
and Mrs. Fred Daniels
moved into their new house Thurs
day. Friday night Mr. Daniels
left for North Dakota on a short
business trip.
H. D. Lawson and son Albert
of Bruneau were in town several
days last week.
Dr. Nieukirk wots called to Pine
Tuesday to attend the little Schraft
girl for a broken arm.
Riley Butler came down from
the upper country last week.
Mrs. George Williamson arrived
from Souris, N. 1)., Tuesday noon,
in response to information of the
serious sickness of her mother,
Mrs. Allen.
Mrs. W. I). Bailey suffered se
verely from an attack of partial
paralysis last week.
Mrs. Carrie Tyler of Glenn's
Ferry came up last Thursday
noon, to care for Mtr. Doom. Miss
Myrtle Brown, who has been with
her for several days, returned
home that evening.
F P. Ake is reported to be on
the sick list.
Mrs. M. J. Carrigan and Miss
Hazel visited Glenn's Ferry Thurs
day, intending to return today.
They will probably go on to Port
The latest information received
by Drs. Smith k Mather from
Salt Lake was to the effect that N.
Linton's condition was encourag*
ing, and indications seemed favor
able for speedy recovery.
Rev. W. 0. Siffert and wife, fa-1
ther and mother of Mrs. Dan W.
Shetler and J. A. Siffert, deputy
auditor, arrived Saturday from
their home at Navarre,
Ohio, for
a short visit.
H. P. Lee, who has been teach
ing school in Atlanta the past
was in Mountain
and Thursday last
week, returning to his home at
Weiser. According to Mr. Lee, in
that section Winter is not only
lingering in the lap of Spring, but
shows a decided disinclination to
move on, light flurries of snow
continuing to fall at intervals up
to within a few dayB of his depart
ure. A feeling of confidence per*
vades the entire mining camp, and
an unusually prosperous season is
Mrs. E. C. Helfrich, who has
been visiting in the East for sev
eral months, arrived home Sun
I J. H. Portlock of Bruneau vis
Red here Sunday.
L. L. Ormsby of Jfoise was a
Mountain Home visitor Friday.
J. M. Anderson came in from
Fall Creek Thursday.
R. F Slack and John Mitchell
were in Sunday from Bruneau.
Oscar Schraft of Bine came in
Saturday, bringing his little
daughter, Hazel, who is being at
tended by Dr. Nieukirk for a
broken arm.
Miss Anna True came up from
Glenn's Ferry yesterday to visit
her numerous friends for a week,
when she will leave for Little Ca
mas to teach this summer. She
closed her term of school at the
Ferry Friday.
Mrs. Harry Willis and four
children came from Boise Thurs
day to visit her aunt, Mrs. Robin
son, and her cousins, Mrs. W. 0.
King and Miss Stella Robinson.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Latham of
Murphy, and R. A. Cowden, cash
ier of tne First National Bank of
Caldwell, Idaho, arrived here Fri
day evening and returned Sunday.
They were entertained by Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Reynolds. -
Geo. Hall of Garnet was in town
last week.
Mrs. L. J. Weaver was up from
j Grand View last week.
W. C. Howie and F. M. Mielenz
went on a fishing trip up
Creek Saturday afternoon,
ing Sunday evening.
Mrs. George Williamson ai
daughter, Miss Edith, will leave in
a few days for Souris, N. D , where
Mr. Williamson now is, to remain
about four months.
u ]
Mrs. L. N. Lisle is entertaining
her sister, Mrs. James McTaggart,
from Butte, Montana, and Mabel
Lisle is enjoying the company of
her cousin, Hazel McTaggart, both
little girls being about the same
John Ross, the carpenter, carved
another notch in his family tree
on Saturday. In view of the fact
that he was born on May 27,1835
(near Godderich, Ontario, Canada),
it is seen that he has now lived the
| allotted time of man—threescore
i and ten years. But Mr. Ross is
still actively engaged at his reg*
ular vocation, which he has been
Home for!
following in Mountain
R )e P af d y earH > an< l from pres
ent indications will continue to do
so for several years to come. Good ,
t0 Septuagenarian Ross.
J. H. Womelsdorff, of Hunting- j
was in Boise last Thurs
^ on >
( ^ a y> preparatory to settling in
Mountain Home on recen.ly ac
quired property.
To Prepare for the Fourth.
At the instance of the Village;
Board, a mass meeting of citizens
of Mountain Home is called to be!
held at the Opera House this even
ing (Tuesday), at 8 o'clock, to
take measures for the proper
ebration of the coming Fourth of
Old Soldier from Leavenworth Dies
at County Jail.
Eli Boyce, an old soldier (10th
Regt. U. S. Inf.)
lough from the home at Leaven
worth, Kansas, died at the County
Jail, where he was being cared for
by Sheriff Ross, at 10 a. m. Mon
day, May 29, 1905.
Boyce's papers showed that he
j had received transportation (signed
by C. W. Heisler, adjutant) to
Wallowa, Oregon.
a 90-day fur
He left the
train here last Thursday,
from Boise.
He wuis penniless, ap
peared to be mentally unsound,
and was in i o condition to take
care of himself, so Sheriff Ross pro
vided for him at headquarters. The
officer communicated with officials
at Boise, Idaho, and Leuven worth,
Kansas, but without result.
The old soldier's condition was
pitiful at times, laboring under the
hallucination that he was being
pursued by Satan. An inquiry
was to have been held yesterday
forenoon, before Judge Stimson, as
to the advisability of committing
him to Blackfoot, but before the
necessary legal formalities had been
complied with he turned over in
his bed and expired. The atterd
ants thought he had merely
dropped into a doze; but Judge
Stimson, entering the building just
then, assured them that the gaunt
and pain-racked frame, which had
once borne with pride the uniform
of blue in the preservation of the
country's honor and integrity, had
entered into the last long sleep.
The body was turned over to
Undertaker Covven for burial.
learned that Tom Allison, who
has been a well known figure in
Mountain Home for years, died at
the Hot Springs late yesterday af
ternoon. T. P. Tye took him out
in a rig and was assisting him to
bathe when he expired. He had
been sick for some time.
Just as we go to press it is
manifested in mining circles. The
[Petit property, it is said, is being
investigated by the Spear eyndi
Atlanta Mines.
Reports from Atlanta indicate
that considerable interest is being
cate of New York, in connection
with which tests are being made,
order to ascertain the best
method of treating the ore. Other
mines have also attracted the at
tention of the Wall Street interests.
presiding elder of the M. $. church,
8 pent last 1 hursday forenoon in
fountain Home, to inform him
self as to the local situation, ho
Presiding Elder's Visit.
Rev. W. W. Van Dusen of Boise,
. ...
that he might judge intelligently
a8 whether the recent influx of
population and the probable fu
ture growth of the town and tribu
tary country made a demand and
a justification for the opening of
Methodist work in the near future.
Cleanse your system of all im
purities this month. Now is the
time to take Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea. It will keep you
well all summer. 35 cents, Tea or
Tablets. Iioecoe W. Smith. *
W. C. Howie was in Boise Thurs
husiness matters in con
nection with the Supreme Court

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