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...Finest fXob IPriiiting
Phone 41...
...Official Paper of Elmore County...
Number 44
Volume 16
To Open at Boise September 25,
Closing on the 30th.
The Premium List of the Ninth
* Annual Idaho Inter-Mountain
Fair has been issued It contains
much valuable information for
both exhibitor and visitor.
Pinney is President of the Associa
^ tion; R. Aikman, Vice
W. F. Dolan, Secretary; E
Plowhead, Treasurer.
City Hall.
Through the enactment of a law
by the last Legislature authorizing
the various counties of the State to
give final cial support to fairs, the
Association finds it possible, this
year, to increase the premiums.
In many instances prizes have been
more than doubled.
J. A.
> I
Office in
Round Trip Tickets, freight Rates, etc.,
on the 0. S. L.
All freight will he charged full
tariff rates going, with the excep
tion that on shipments of fruit,
grain or vegetables, the charges
the going shipment will be refund
ed upon presentation of certificate
from the Secretary of the Fair that
such shipments were
On return of freight, no change
of ownership having occurred, and
evidence, from the
with proper
Secretary of itu exhibition, it will
be returned free at owner's risk
The usual Live Stock contract
will he executed in regular
for shipments of live stock.
race horses will
Shipments of
ot receive benefit of above, and in
all cases tariff will be charged both
Sulkies and harness may
be loaded with racing stock with
out extra charge, when destine I to
the Fair.
he returned
All freight must
within ten days after the close of
the Fair, otherwise full tariff rates
will be charged.
Visitors will be given the benefit
of round trip tickets as follows:
2 40 Caldwell
. 75 Owyhee
. 2 15 Cleft.
f 1 10
Payette .
( rohard.
Mountain Home 2 55 Reverse.
3 65 Glenn's Ferry.
1 00
2 40
3 20
3 95
.. 7 85
4 25 Bellevue..
8 05 Minidoka
King Hill
American Falls.. 9 00 Pocatello.
12 50 Montpelier
13 30 Idaho Falls. 11 86
12 90 St. Anthony. 13 30
12 00
7 75
9 95
13 65
Soda Springs.
Blackfoot —
10 85 Oxford
Attendants at Bureau Are to Be on Duty
Dev snd Night.
The headquarters of the Associa
tion will be at the Fair grounds
during each day of the Fair, and
jit'^ts office at the City Hall after
8 o'clock p m.
A Bureau of Information has
been established by the Chamber
of Commerce at the Y. M. C. A.
building on Tenth street, Boise.
Competent assistants are to be in
attendance day and night. Among
f other matters tending to the con
and comfort of the
public, they will keep themselves
posted as to where lodging can he
secured at reasonable rates.
Under no circumstances will any
person be allowed to place any ad
mortising matter upon buildings,
trees or any place on the grounds,
ill they be permitted to dis
tribute advertising matter outside;
he ice assigned to them.
Advance information, concern.
nor w
ing rooms, etc., can be had by ad
dressing t.e Secretary of the
Chamber of Commerce, Boise.
Admission prices will be:
Season Ticket, not transferable, good for
six daily admissions.
General admission .
Children between 8 and 15 years of age
General admission to grand stand.
Admission to quarter stretch.
Ticket admitting one horse or one-horse
vehicle to inner Held (across track) ...
Ticket admitting tw o-horse vehicle to in
ner field.
*2 oo
Children under8 years of age accompan
ied by adult.
Each occupant of a vehicle must
be provided with an admission
No carriage or vehicle will he
admitted to the grounds except at
the carriage gate, but no extra
charge will be made for same.
No person will be permitted to
remain on the grounds over night
except those holding compliment
ary or exhibitor's tickets, or special
Not a cent wanted, unless you
are cured. If you are sick ami ail
ing, take Hollister's Rocky Mount
ain Tea. A great blessing to the
human family. Makes you well—
keeps you well. 35 cents, 'l ea or
Tablets. Roscoe W. Smith. *
Perry Delegation.
The following citizens and bus
iness men of Glenn's Ferry came
up on the noon train yesterday to
lay before tiie Board of Equaliza
tion their views in connection with
the tax rate for the coming year:
C. E. Corker, A. E. Haines,
Pearson. Vance Hamiliton. R. D.
Gorby, Sam Jacobson, E. David,
John McGinniss, Joseph Rosevear.
latest photocraphk fad !
Whelchel & Finn have just re
ceived at the studio apparatus for
placing your photo on handker
chiefs, ties, s.da pillow covers, or
anything of that nature. Very
latest fad! Pleasing effects! *
Mme. Wharton of the Ladies' Tailor
ing establishment will be in Pine Fri
day and Saturday, July 28 and 29. She
will have an excellent assortment of
ladies'waists, skirts, ribbons, children's
hose, etc., etc. Residents of Pine will
find this an unusual opportunity to
secure goods at bargain prices.
J. H. Womelsdorf, who arrived
in Mountain Home May 24, came
to town Saturday from his claim
about three-quarters of a mile
northwest of the Frank Ake place.
While engaged in the laudable oc
cupation of discouraging Idaho sage
brush Mr. Womelsdorf found the
daily routine of carrying water
three-quarters of a mile not entirely
to his liking, in view of which he
He thinks
began sinking a well,
he will strike water about Satur
| Word from S. B.
ran(dl on Qold Springs Creek is to
the effect t j iat t h e h 0U8e j B under
j •
thorough overhauling.
going a
The fam j| y contemplate taking a
little outing in the upper country
C. E. Carlton of the Idaho Acad
arrived from Pocatello Satur
day, remaining until last night, in
the interest of the school. The in
stitution is attracting considerable
a Hention.——-
A letter from Charles Magden
and family, received last week, lo
cates them at the Dalles, Oregon,
They seem to be pleased with that
j country, end to be enjoy, ng their
| jaunt.
Paragraphs About People—Coming,
Going, and Otherwise.
H. B. Wolff was up from Garnet
Friday .
George Hall of Garnet was
town yesterday.
W. H. Noland came over
Boise Wednesday.
E. Hillier came in from Nampa
the latter part of the week.
from i
J. Mitchell of Bruneau registered ;
at the Turner House Friday.
Robert Sproat came in from El
lerslee the latter part of the week.
Ohio King has returned from
the sheepBhearing operations in
Miss Emma Ross came in from
her brother's ranch on Bennett
Creek last Thursday, to remain
awhile with Mrs. Doom.
Mrs. M. B. Mather left on de
layed No. (> Thursday night for
Ogden, Utah, where she will visit
for ten days or two weeks.
Dr. C. F. Leslie of Wahoo, Neb.,
Deputy State Veterinarian, passed
through Mountain Home last week
on his way to the exposition at
Mrs. W. A. Beach arrived from
Wisconsin last week to join her
husband, who had preceded her.
They are occupying the premises
recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Green went
to the South Boise Saturday for a
few days' recreation. The grouse
season being open, of course a
shotgun entered into the details of
Levi Mellon came down Satur
day from the scene of operations
connected with the Beet Sugar
j Company's irrigation enterprise,
returning yesterday. He has 14
men and 9 teams at work.
Mrs. Will Stimson, accompanied
by her daughter, Miss Clara, is
visiting her parents at Pendleton,
Oregon. This accounts for that
"look of lonesomenese" in which
the Judge has been clothed the
past few days.
J. Ottenheimer left Sunday eve
ning for the Hot Lakes, in Oregon.
Today Mrs. Ottenheimer and
children and Mrs. Geo. Doss will
leave for Portland, meeting Mr.
Ottenheimer at LaGrand, who will
accompany them.
Miss Claudia Elliott, daughter
of Commissioner Elliott, arrived
Thursday from SanFrancisco, Cal
ifornia, where she has spent the
past 12 years,
accompany her father to Atlanta,
as soon as the Board adjourns,
remaining about a month.
Miss Elliott will
Charley Abbott, who was out in
theCanvon Creek district Sunday,
met Mr. and Mrs. Dufresne and
two daughters, Cora and Pearl, go
ing overland from Boise to Moore's
Flat, where they will spend their
summer outing and incidentally
look after Mr. Dufresne's mining
interests. They sent greetings to
their many friends here.
known dialect artist, dramatic
reader and ventriliquist, who gave
' a high .1m. entertainment here
, short time ago, stopped off a few
Mrs. Ruie D. Meek, the well
days last week on her return from
the East Friday, in company with'
friends at the Turner House, Bhe
left on the West-bound passenger
for Baker City, Oregon.
Mrs. W. A. Reynolds arrived
Sunday from Newport, Ore., Mrs.
Lizzie Reynolds being taken to the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Service
atFarmington,Washington. Ernest
Blunk and Chatlie Reynolds stay
ed in Portland for a few days to
attend the Fair. During
Blunk's absence from the Fletcher
Co. store Reece Harmon has been
behind the counter.
A. Beaton and W. Stevens left
Wednesday evening for North
Dakota, Mr. Beaton going to Ome
mee and Mr. Stevens to Esmond,
their former homes. As heretofore
noted, Mr. Beaton sold his photo
gallery to Whelchel & Finn,
while Mr, Stevens disposed of his
interest in the tailoring establish
ment to his partner, Mr. Tyler.
A number of Mountain Home
people who have returned from
the Portland Fair report having
met Mrs. Dr. Bearby, now of
Fresno, California, but formerly of
this place. She is spending the
summer in Portland and vicinity.
J. L. Bradford, mine host of the
Turner House, arrived home from
the Fair yesterday morning. From
the smile on his good-natured
countenance it is surmised that he
had a pleasant trip; likewise, that
he was glad to get home again.
L L. McCoy of California ar
rived in Mountain Home Thurs
out to Little Camas
brother and sister, Solon McCoy
and Mrs. Rosemary Baxter.
J. P Clays, manager, accompa
nied by Claude Clays and Byron
McWilliams of the Idaho Commer
cial Co., Ltd., went to Pine and
other mountain points Thursday.
M. Phelan, an energetic son of
strenuous Minnesota, arrived in
Mountain Home last Wednesday.
He is occupying the front chair at
Eyster's tonsorial establishment.
J. B. Conner and daughter Mary
of Little Valley came in Friday, to
remain several days. Mr. Conner
has recently been troubled with
slight indisposition.
Mrs. J. L. DeHaven left on Sat
urday for Boise to meet Mr. De
Haven. They are going to Los
Angeles, California, to make their
future home.
Gus Gunderson and George
Howe came in last week from their
mining claims on the Boise,
feel very hopeful of results.
Mrs. Willie Calloway's infant
daughter has been quite severely
sick recently from cholera infan
tum, hut is now improving.
The folio a ing day he went
to see his
Miss Lillie Whitson went
Castle Creek last Friday. She
will visit her parents two or three
, . .
J. G. Johnson, who has been
poor health lor some time, is in
very precarious condition.
Maroni Johnson and daughter,
Mrs. Claude Clays, came down
from Pine last week.
J. B. McGuire, ,ccom,,anted
T. Brady, went on, to th, McGu.re,
Geo. W. Fletcher went to
hot springB at Ogden, Utah, last
Pioe Chronicles Three In One Week,
None fatal.
Special Correspondence.
Pink, Idaho, July 21.—Pine has
been prolific of accidents the past
week Bome peculiar ftnd exciting,
! others commonplace and uninter
esting. All were severely painful,
! but fortunately void of fatalities.
One of the cases, containing un
usual features, was that of Mrs.
Potter. While she and her son
John were riding on the running
gear of the wagon the vehicle
passed over a stump. Both of Mrs.
Potter's limbs were caught, and,
had it not been for the fact that
the team was going unusually slow,
she would undoubtedly have sus
tained injuries resulting in the loss
of on., or both limbs, and perhaps
George Farber fell from the loft
of his barn, narrowly escaping fa
tal in juries. Both wrists were
sprained and he sustained severe
bruises about the head and face.
J. W. Peck, while driving over
the grade in his buggy, had an ex
citing experience just below the
Franklin mill. The records in his
case are to the effect that man,
vehicle and team rolled down the
1 eck and the horses are still
counted among the quick, hut the
buggy rests in fragments among
the pebbles, sagebrush and sum
mer silence.
Haying is on in full blast,
crops at Pine are good. Jim Gray,
the well known contractor of Pine,
hay for Oscar
is putting up
Sch raft.
ranch, on the South Boise, last
Gilbert and James Ward are on
the sick list.
Dan Reber was a passenger to
Boise Thursday.
Mrs. Levi Mellen spent last week
visiting at Garnet.
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Smith left
Thursday for Portland.
John Ladd returned from a
freighting trip to Pine last Wed
nesday, and went hack Friday.
Mme. Wharton, the Mountain
Home modiste, made a successful
business trip so Glenn'S Ferry last
Mrs. James Bennett of Boise, but
formerly of this place, is confined
to her home from a serious attack
of paralysis.
Miss Mae Kelsey and George
Nichols,of the Chas. R. Kelsey Go.,
Ltd., left Thursday for Boise, from
where they proceeded on to the
Exposition city.
A. Rosenheim left the latter part
of the week for Gennesee, Idaho,
to j where Mrs. Rosenheim has been
She v j 8 jtj
They will take in the
three ff a j r b e f ore returning home,
11 R
. Dr.W. F. Smith,who attended the
.n #f American Medical
a A , 8ociati0n al p orl , and> that
the Idaho building at the Exposi
^ on attractH considerable atten
down t j on
. • « w._| P( , August
by .1 onvenfon of t.glee, August
C. M. Nicholson, former deputy
the B h er jff (
ill go to Denver, Colorado,
delegate from Mountain
as a
Home Aerie to the seventh annu-

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