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Mountain Home, Idaho: Tuesday, January 2, 1906
Number 15
Volume 17
'ostmaster Resigns—No One Seems
to Want Position.
Smith's Pratrik, Idaho, Decem
ber 27.—The poskiffice at Aden,
which, since its establishment sev
eral inonthB ago, has been under
the management of Mrs. Wm.
Russell, wife of State Senator Wm.
Russell, recently deceased, has
been closed. About two weeks ago
Mrs. Russell tendered her resigna
tion and the Postoffice Depart
ment, it is stated, advertised for
someone to fill the position. As
no favorable replies were received,
the Aden postoffice is left without
a postmaster; in view of which
Mrs. Russell stated, several days
that after the 25th inst. she
would return to the Department
everything pertaining to the office.
Several days ago a petition
forwared to the Postoffice Depart
cient asking for the establishment
of an office at Theo. Pierce's place,
which would accommodate the res
idents of Smith's Prairie in gen
eral, but up to date nothing has
been heard of the matter. Theo.
Pierce was suggested aB postmaster
and "Wall" was favored as the
name of the new office, if estab
The school children, under Mrs.
Cole, gave a pleasing and success
ful Christmas entertainment on
the night of December 25, at the
school house, A social dance fol
lowed the exercises.
Theo. Pierce went Mountain
Home this morning to bring out a
young thoroughbred 0. I. C. boar,
shipped by freight from N. H.
Batesman at Shedds, Oregon.
Pierce is going into the hog-raising
business on quite a large scale.
At present he will confine himself
to market animal, s but later will
devote some attention to thorough
breds. About January 20, if the
roads permit, he will send down
a load of killing hogs.
The snow was 10 inches deep in
this vicinity today, and about 15
inches on the top of D&nskin
road crosses. We generally have
about 2^ feet at this season.
J. O. Baker of Fall Creek and C.
W. Davis left this morning for
Mountain Home.
National Organizer.
Mrs. Anna R. Simmons, na
tional W. C. T. U. organizer and
lecturer, will speak at the Baptist
church Tuesday, Jan. 2, at 2
o'clock; also in the evening at 7:30.
It invigorates, strengthens and
builds up. It keeps you in condi
tion physically, mentally and mor
That's what Hollister's
ft ally>
Ti Rocky Mountain Tea will do. 36
cents, Tea or Tablets.—Roscoe W.
Smith. *
The Women of Woodcraft had
initiation last Thursday evening,
after which the members attended
the C. E. social at the Congrega
tional parsonage.
Watch for the Racket store
- then some!
Mrs. Hice of Boise spent Christ
with her son John and wife
at the Hice ranch on Canyon
Creek, afterward being entertained
by relatives here. She returned to
Boise Thursday afternoon.
Former Governor Frank Steunenberg Meets
Death by Bomb Explosion.
Idaho, instead of waving out,
with a merry farewell, the year
just closed, bows down her head in
grief and indignation. In one
home, especially, naught but sor
row greets the new-born year, and
many others grieve in sympathy.
This because of the murder foul
which was perpetrated at Caldwell
Saturday night, December
1905, when former Governor Frank
Saloonkeeper Is Shot to Death Last
Wednesday Evening.
A tragedy occurred at Pine last
Wednesday evening when Albert
M. Rogers was shot by Dave Lam
The saloon recently purchased
by Rogers was the scene of the
trouble. Lambert is said to be a
sbeepherder, or sheepshearer.
Sheriff Ross went up to Pine
Thursday morning and returned
Saturday night, bringing Lambert,
who is now in custody at the
County Jail. No charge or com
plaint had been entered against
his name up to last night,
No particulars of the trouble
can be secured, as all those con
nected with the case are not yet in
a position to talk.
Lambert, however, yesterday
afternoon went so far as to say
that it was not over a game of
cards, as had been reported.
On and after the 1st day
of January,1906,coal,hay
and grain will he strictly
cash on delivery. Please
do not ask for credit and
be refused.
Now Is Your Opportunity to Take Advan
tage of Low Prices.
On and after this date the O. R. Kel
sey Co. stock of general merchandise
will be sold at reduced prices, for spot
cash only, for the benefit of the cred
itors. Business must be closed out as
soon as possible. Now is your oppor
tunity to get bargains in dry goods,
gent's furnishing goods, etc.
For sale, cheap, some
choice business and resi
dence lots. None better in
town. Title perfect.
N. Linton.
Mrs. E. B. Turner, on Friday
last, received word to theeffect that
her mother died on Thursday
home in Ontario, Canada. No
other particufars were received.
Dec. 28, 1905, at her
You will not find beauty in
rouge pot or complexion white
wash. True beauty comes to them
only that take Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea. It is a wonderful
tonic and beautifier. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets.—Roscoe W. Smith.
Elegant typewriter paper, neatly
boxed, for sale at this office.
Steunenberg met a tragic death.
He was entering the yard of his
home by the back gate, at 6:45 p.
m., when a bomh was exploded
under his feet.
He was thrown several feet dis
tant by the shock, The features
were not marred, but the body and
limbs were horribly mangled. He
lived 25 minutes after being car
ried into his home.
The community was staggered
The concert at the opera house on
the night of Dec. 27, under the
auspices, and for the benefit, of the
Mountain Home Band, was a suc
cess both as to financial results
and pleasing program. One of
those in attendance—whose name
is familiar to the public—pro
nounced it one of the best enter
tainments given in Mountain
Home in many months.
The rapid advancement recently
made by the members of the band
is both surprising and gratifying,
and should encourage all public
spirited citizens to continue, and
increase, their support, financially
and morally.
Little Rock Man Has Excellent Pros
pects at Pine.
C.S. Robison, a mining man, whose
home is at Little Rock, Ark., came
down from Pine Wednesday and
left for home on the Friday night
Mr. Robinson is interested with
W. H. Owens of Pine in property
just north cf the Franklin mine,
where they have a group of seven
claims. During the past three
months they have been actively
pushing developetnent work.
They opened up a ledge of ore
which gives promise of rich returns
and as a result they are very
much encouraged,
Another New Aerie.
The Eagles, accompanied by the
band, are going to Caldwell on
January 10, to institute a new
Aerie of the order. The install
ing team is to be composed of mem
bers from Mountain Home. This
order has grown with amazing ra
pidity during the past two or three
years. ___
The Mountain Home Social and
Merrymakers Club had a masquer
ade ball at the opera house Friday
night, which is said to have been
successful. About 100 were
masked, the attendance being con
fined to members. There were
many elegant and expensive cos
Better investigate the great
clean-up sale of the Idaho Com
mercial Co. There is a great vari
ety of articles at bargain prices,
and the very thing you want may
he among them.
The Artemesia Club will meet at
the home of Mrs. John Pence at
2:30 p. m._
School opened this morning
with a good attendance.
Boise, "the Beautiful
118,000 population.
by the shock, but soon every
available officer began active and
earnest work toward apprehending
the murderer or murderers.
scribed a6 a Russian. The police
believe they are on the right track,
and are leaving no stone unturned
to bring to light the details of this
shocking conspiracy of murder.
Three suspects are in custody at
Caldwell, one of them being de
Mountain Home's Big Hotel Under
New Management.
The Turner House begins the year
1906 under new management, the
present proprietor being a recent
arrival in Mountain Home. The
change occurred last 'Saturday,
December 30,1905, when the trans
fer papers were made out.
The documents in the case show
that John II. Garrett conveys to
W. H. Dudley his entire in
terest in the big hostelry. Some
time ago changes occurred in con
nection with the interests control
ling the hotel—the firm of J. L
Bradford & Co.—Mr. Bradford
leaving the firm, which had con
sisted of Bradford, Garrett and
uerome. When Mr. Bradford
withdrew he disposed of his inter
est to Mr. Garrett, Mr. Jerome do
ing likewise a short time ago.
During the management of J. L.
Bradford & Co. Mr. Couvrett, who
had charge of the hotel bar, pur
chased that department of the ho
tel, with the proviso that, in case
of subsequent sale to other parties,
the bar being included in the
transfer, the purchase price was
to be returned to him.
The management thus being in
the hands of Mr. Garrett, he trans
ferred all interests of the business
to Mr. Dudley, who came here
from North Dakota. Although
having been a resident of Moun
tain Home only a short time, the
new proprietor, on account of his
affable, genial nature, has already
made many friends, who wish
him the greatest success.
Mr. Dudley took possession of
the house yesterday morning
Henry O'Toole, a young man
, . J J , . .
who is making an extended visit
to this section of the country, re
cently coming here from Chicago,
where his father is a prominent
i f .1 . • •
member of the bar, is occupying a
position in Geo. Farber's establish
ment at Pine. Mr. O'Toole, in a
personal letter, says that the in
dications seem very bright for a
prosperous new year, and the peo
ple generally feel encouraged and
Three little babes were nestled in
"I'll name William, Willie and
Bill," mother said;
Wide was her smile, for triplets
they be,
She lays her good luck to Rocky
Mountain Tea. (Greatbaby med-'
icine.)—Roscoe W. Smith,
• *
Organ Fund Benefit—Coldest Day So
Tar, 13 Below.
Trinity, Idaho, December 27.—
heretofore announced was given,
and, as a pleasing pastime and
financial aid to the Sabbath school
organ fund, was a success in every
particular. The school house was
well filled with an appreciative
audience, who enjoyed the follow
ing program:
Opening address
Richard Anderson
.Myrtle Guay
Duet—Silent Night.
.Dorothy Baker, Pearl Guay
Recitation—Kris Kringle.
Carl Swanson
Song—Christmas Bells
By the school girls
Recitation—Kris Kringle
.Dorothy Baker
Recitation—Christmas Like It
Used to Be .Robt. Anderson
Recitation—The Ltttle Waifs,..
.Pearl Guay
Wm. Guay
Recitation—When Papa's Ship
Eva Sahlman
Recitation—Not a Born Orator
.Richard Anderson
Recitation—Preparing for Santa
Violin Solo.D. E. Watson
Recitation—Christmas Bells. ...
.Walter SwanBon
Comes In
Lillie Guay
Song—The Light of the World
.By the School
Anna Sahlman
Recitation—The Merry, Merry
Xmas Time
Song—The Irish Jubilee..
Recitation—Day of Days
.Freddie Sahlman
Graphophone Music..Jos. Guayjr.
Dialogue and Tableau—Chaist
mas Gifts . . .6 Girls and 5 Boys
The program closed by the intro
duction of Santa ClauB' nephew,
who amused the audience in his
farcical talk to the boys and girls
in abused English, imitating the
funny Dutchman.
Coldest day to date, 13 degrees
below zero; but, taken as a whole,
the weather is pleasant and con
ducive to health and happiness.
Depth of snow, two feet.
Leslie Guay
Go ay
Dry goods, shoes, overcoats, boys'
clothing, and underwear, being sold
at 20 per cent below cost.
Strong Combination.
An important consolidation of
jeg.1 |uminariea has been effected
in Boise, the two well known firms
o{ Good< RobertB & Schooler and
p er ky & Blaine having been uni
ted under the name of Perky,
Good, Roberts, Schooler & Blaine.
The firm has seven rooms on the
, ecmld floor of the B „„ k 0 , Com
merce building, comfortably and
conveniently furnished, and one of
the largest law libraries in the
state. Judge Perky will have per
sonal supervision of the law de
partment of the firm.
Mrs. H. D. Lawson of Bruneau,
! who, with her little son, has been
here for the past few weeks as the
| guest of Mrs. Lawrence, left Fri
day for her home. She will re
turn in a few days for another
short visit, accompanied by her
little daughter, Beulah. During
her absence Master Albert Lawson
will remain with Mrs. J. M. Stan
j field and continue taking treat*
| ment from Dr. John Callaway.

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