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VO L. 1.
NO. 17.
Issued Every Saturday By
S. D. TAYLOR, Proprietor.
One year.
Six months......
Three months..
Singles copies..
pi 00
2 00 I
1 IX)
No paper will be sent to any address unless
paid for in advance.
•1.50 pays for 1-inch space.
•2.50 pays for 2 inch space.
»U.50 pays for :> inch space.
•5.00 pays for one fourth of a column.
•*.00 pays for one-half of a column.
112.50 pays for one column.
*5.00 pays for one-eiehtli of a double column.
•8.00 pays for due- quarter of a double column
•12.50 pays for one-half of a double column.
•2o no pays for one double column.
Local rendiug notices, 10 to 25 cents per line
each insertion, according to the nature of the I
18 solicited from all parts of the Panhandle. All
*,<•' immunicatinus should be accompanied by the
writer s name, not necessarily for publication, !
hot as a guarantee of reliability.
H. D. HOEYE, Proprietor.
Choice Stock of Wines, liiquors and Cigars.
Open day and night. Music and dajicing every night.
Kootenai Avenue, Kootenai, Idaho.
• 7 ' 'H
A. KAISER, Proprietor.
Charges reasonable
Give us a call.
The N. P. is conveniently located one block north of the depot
on Kootenai avenue. '
The table is supplied with everything the market affords, the
kitchen being under the immediate supervision of Madam Kaiser a
caterer of large experience.
The Headquarters Saloon.
A. RICKERT, Proprietor,
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Pabst's celebrated Milwaukee Beer always
famous Cuban Blossom Cigars.
on draught. Try our
Stationery, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Etc.
.J# 1 " A full fine of Paints and Oils.
Fine Cigars a specialty.
Dr. T A. Bishop's Office at the Store.
. t s
» » ..
The Favorite Resort of the Town.
iiJtr Open always.
Give us a call.
Attorney at Law,
Collections promptly attended to.
Special attention given to mining business.
Physician 7 and 7 Surgeon,
Professional calls attended to night or day.
Proprietor Rathdrum Pharmacy.
Vera Ava a Spiritualist
in California.
The Leaders of the Miftwy Mob at
Walla Walla Arrive, »Safely
at Alcatraz Priseji
Travelers say there is
cano in the Cascades.
ictive vol
A teachers' union is 1
in Virginia City, Nev.
The examination of F
^Sleuey for
the murder of Dr. Handy ts going on at
Tucson. y
The Indian scare in Ida
ing apprehension to arj
jifi not caus
Bficials at
The Juanita is the onlyMfiflr not
turned to Victoria, B. C. ,Sn
expressed for her safety
The semi-annual sessioi
el fears are
Kv %
the South
ern California PomologiKISociety is
being held at Pasadena. SB
The work on the jettiestftt Lie mouth
of the Columbia is nrogr eHe . Rock is
carried lour miles 1 ou
Thomas H. Horn, a PiflEhon detec
tive, charged with robfei# m faro bank
at Reno last April, has men acquitted
by a jury.
The Los Angeles Con§ili(iate<i Elec
tric Railway has
electric cars on the
distance ol about three
There are reports thatjtjhe Stonewall
mine in San Diego countv has struck
bonanza, and that an ofjlÉ lias been
taken on it in Chicago fof $®00,000.
An investigation intxftfee difficulty
with the Clalispie lnc&ne in Idaho
shows it originated in irefedy whites
trying to dispossess Infians of their
lands and to frighten thfpfüatis away
threatened to bring in tr$Oj
The sixty-second Bemi-smu'I conf er-i
once of the Church
Latter-Day Saints convened in the Tab
ernacle at Salt Lake Sunday, over 10,000
of the faithful being in attendance.
There was a choir of 000 voices present.
sea and
coinmàpeed running
roal to Vernon, a
At San Francisco the public admin
istrator has asked Judge Coffey to settle
his final account as special administra
tor of the estate of Mrs. Hopkins
Searles. He states that the estate in
California is valued at $2,060,000, and
the rents amount to $5,000 per month.
The Alaska Packers' Association, : _
prising the controlling interests in the
thirty-three salmon canneries of Alaska,
has been formed at San Francisco. The
association is controlled bv the follow
ing trustees: S. M. Smith, G. W. Hume,
J. N. Knowles, Charles Hirsh and E. B.
Beckwith, with D. B. Bradford as Secre
The big suit of Alexander Badlam,
Isaac Trumbo and other San Francisco
stockholders of the Bullion Beck Mining
Company against the directors ofthat
companv, in which plaintiffs sue to re
cover $350,006 damages, was dismissed
in Judge Lane's court at Salt Lake re
cently on plaintiff's motion. The attor
neys refused to give any information as
to the terms of settlement, tat it is said
the directors are entirely satisfied with
the terms.
V dUam G. Johnson of the United
n t t^m^o^l Cai i 8 " rVe ^' "if d i?? ov ? red
g ac - ler ! n tie Big Horn
I n ' r> V 7"|| ng ' 18 111 ^ an Fran
usco with 1 rof. Ihompsoii director of
map-making in the Western States,
Johnson is to have charge oi some map
work in California, lie sam that the
region in the Big Horn into which he
penetrated had never beforebeen visited
by a scientific man. Very rarely is it
visited at all, and then on lyin' prospect
ors and hunters, who go everywhere in
the mountain country. Johnson related
how he climbed to the top cf a mount
am lo,500 feet high, which hecalls Cloud
l eak. On reaching the very highest
pinnacle he saw a great glacer stretched
out before him. The mass of ice was
not less than five miles long,and at the
bottom extended out into a lake about
three-fourths of a mile. The lake is a
small but very picturesque sheet of wa
ter. In it the explorer saw icebergs
which had broken off the giacier. The
glacier in every way resembled those of
the Alps, and was moving constantly
but by infinitesimal degrees. The great
quantity of ice in the lake, too, seemed
to lower the temperature considerably
and at the time Johnson vas there—
three weeks ago—a portion of the body
of water was covered with ice three or
four inches thick. Another mountain
loomed up less than two miles from
Cloud Peak, and from a distance it looked
as if it would be impossible for any man
to climb it without cutting a stairway in
the rock. There were precipices thou
sands of feet high, and even on the gla
cier there was one place where a man
could stand and drop stones down into
the water, a distance of 1,000 feet,.
Meeting of Superior Judges Will Be
Held in Seattle to Formulate
Uniform Rules.
The postofliees of Whatcom and New
VV hatcom will soon he consolidated.
The harbor at South Bend has been
relieved of 8;',,400 cubic yards of mud bv
the Bowers dredger.
Yakima Indians are reported to be
willing to take up farms and throw open
the reservation to settlement.
Horse thieves are again at w'ork in the
vicinity of Spokane. Five animals were
stolen during the past week.
The Tacoma smelting and refining
works shipped 4,250 bars of bullion, val
ued at $05,040, during September.
Tacoma's wheat receipts now average
100 cars daily, or about 07,000 bushels;
Seattle, 35 cars daily, or about 24,000
There is a movement on foot to take
the eastern portion of Clallam and Jef
ferson counties, separated from the
Sound by the Olympics, and form a
county of them.
An adjustment of the lose of the Che
ney Normal School, which was burned
recently, has been made by the State
Auditor and the companies, and $4,000
has been paid in by the latter.
Silver Lake, one mile east of Medical
Lake, is becoming quite a fishing resort,
the German carp put therein a few years
ago having increased so fast that they
now furnish excellent sport for fisher
p rove ment would cost $3,000,000
TJTTfecarcely probat de that it will bv i
taken (or man v vears. *
Articles of incorporation of the Puget
Sound Vinegar and Pickle Company have
been filed by John Braun, George Trick
and F. W. Bergen as trustees. The cap
ital is $10,000. The company proposes
to manufacture yeast also.
Postmaster W. A. Rounds lias received
official notification that the South Bend
postollice has been promoted to the third
class. The postmaster's report for the
quarter ended September 30 shows
$829.82 as the amount of stamps
celed. ,
The projected ship canal to connect
Puget Sound with Lakes Union and
Washington at Seattle, if carried out,
will make Seattle one of the finest har
bors in the world, having a fresh water
dock large enough to accommodate the
commerce of any port; but. as trie im
, it is
A zinc ledge is the latest mineral dis
covery made in the vicinity of Spokane.
C. P. Carlin reports that he has discov
ered a fourteen-foot ledge of that min
eral, and recently took samples of the
ore to Charles Fassett for
assav. Mr.
Fassett has made a number of assays,
and finds that the ore carries from 33 to
40 per cent, of the metal. The location
of the ledge is withheld.
Hoy Moya, a Seattle Chinaman, has
secured a permit from the Health De
partment of Tacoma to exlmme the
bones of a half-dozen Chinamen who
"ere buried in the south part of the city
near Center street several years ago, ho
fore the Chinamen were driven from the
city. Hoy Moya will work under the
protection of United States Marshal
Brown, and the bones exhumed will be
8< ' nt t0 Chlua '
I. J. Lichtenberg of the Superior Court
of King county has issued a call to all
Superior Judges of the State to meet at
the Courthouse in Seattle November 27
for the purpose of formulating uniform
rules for the government of the Superior
Courts. Although a wide diversity of
opinion is expressed concerning the ob
jects of the meeting, nineteen of the
Judges give approval of having it. Each
Judge is expected to select a member of
the bar from his county, and the attor
neys so chosen will confer with the
Judges. It is expected that, there will
be a good attendance, and it is probable
the guests will lie entertained bv the
Bar Association of King countv.
A writ of error to the Supreme Court
of the United States lias been a loved
by Chief Justice Anders in the Se
attle Valentine scrip case of Milton L.
Baer vs. Moran Bros. Company. The
transcript must be filed at Washington
within sixty days. An attempt will be
made to advance the case on the ground
of its great public importance, so that it
may be heard next February.
A California company has leased for a
term of years a coal mine near Kelso, |
about half a mile from the Cowlitz river !
and three miles from the Columbia, in
Cow-litz county, and is preparing to de- !
velop it. A tunnel has been run in 200 !
feet on the upper vein, and from this
point a shaft has been sunk eighty feet
passing through five strata of coal. The
first is seven feet in thickness, the sec
ond two and one-half feet, the third four
and one-half feet, the fourth five and
one-half feet and the fifth seven and one
half feet. There is coal enough in the I
upper stratum to last for a generation or
so. Edward Kimball, an agent of the
company, has had a working test of the
coal made at the power-house of the ca
ble-road company at Portland, which
proved very satisfactory. It is a good
quality of iignit.e, hard'and clean, carry
ing 45 per cent, of fixed carbon, which is
a little better than the best Washington
Electrocution Reported
to Be a Success.
Minnesota's Supreme Court Declares
Wheat Futures Are Illegal
and Contracts Void.
Real estate in Oklahoma is booming.
The grip is making its appearance in
New York again. •
Neither St. Paul nor Minneapolis has
a single horse-car line.
There is a fine of $500 for practicing
hypnotism in Cincinnati.
The Arctic Ice Machine Company at
Cleveland, Ohio, has assigned.
A $300,000 union railway station has
just been opened in Louisville.
A syndicate has offered to buy the
Washington monument for a shot tower.
Pennsylvania farmers, irrespective of
Alliance orders, are holding wheat for
$1.50 a bushel.
Beacon Hill in Boston is to be ex
plored by diamond drills in the interest
of Vapid transit.
England and Germany have each ap
plied for 200,000 sqnare'feet of space at
the Columbian Fair.
Strong resolutions were adopted at a
public meeting at Windsor, Canada, fav
oring commercial union with the United
Cadets Griffith of Maryland and Kav
anaugh of Nebraska at the Annapolis
Academy are to be court-martialed for
Thornas Edison, the electric wizard,
has a new system of applying electricity
to cars that does away with the trollv or
the slot.
The Minnesota supreme court declares
wheat futures are illegal and operators
on the wrong side can repudiate their
the Odd iellows in tlio I'niied States
can (mast of K rtiemberwmp "kyf nWBrty-*-
700,000 and an annual revenue of more
than $7,000,000.
1 he official report on the executions
by electricity at New York show them
to have been a complete success,
designed by the law.
The Boston Herald has a dispatch sav
ing that ex-Speaker Reed will give up
polities and enter a large business
poration at New York.
as was
It is probable that the scheme of
transmitting mail in large cities by pneu
matic tubes will be abandoned
count of the great expense.
It is estimated that the Western rail
roads have earned $250,000 the past year
from the transportation of Mormon mis
sion;; ries and their proselytes.
New York will soon have
The excitement at Clearfield, Penn
over the suspension of the Clearfield
and Houtzdale bank still continues, and
the mobbing of the bank was feared.
ti,«. vc.i„_ . . .
i n ,, / ',iV an Government is preparing
™ iJTV ro,u lona fy fo ™« that
h ™ . th f. R '° C 'F a, ' d ' »"d the prepara
"'f 1 ' lcate , that the government is
1 armed.
on ac
a score or
more of practically free public baths,
unless the plans of the trustees of the
Baron de Hirsch fund miscarry.
The water is so low in the Erie canal
that boats are grounded all along the
line. The creeks and feeders have
been eo low as now in some years.
Tliere will be more than
. ■ ■ an average
yield of corn and buckwheat in New
York.» A large tobacco crop has nearly
been secured in excellent condition.
All the Northwest railroad companies
are calling attention to the critical situa
tion in the North Dakota wheat fields,
where the wheat is lying in stacks for
want of threshers.
No rain worth mentioning has fallen
in Norwalk, Conn., since early in the
spring. As a consequence her reservoirs
are empty, and arrangements are being
| made to tap the mains of a neighboring
! town,
,,, ,
! { .yevelopments in the Christman bank
! lai ' ure Baris, 111., make the situation
! nore 8e j rl °us than at first supposed. It
Etate ® *bat the loss w ill not be less
1 ian y80,000, and the assets may not
exceed $10,000.
Chairman Coppel of the board of
directors of the Denver A Rio Grande
railroad has issued a circular announ
I cin g the appointment of E. J. Jeffery,
formerly general manager of the Illinois
Central, as president and general man
a ger.
The Lee county, Ark., troubles are
probably at an end unless a mob at
tempts to hang the negroes now in the
Marianna jail. It appears that no less
than fifteen negroes were killed out of
a gang of nineteen who commenced the

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