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We find we have only two 10-foot 32-tooth steel hay rakes
left on hand for this season, and are going to offer them to you
at the cheapest price you have had this year, so
Will Close Them Out for
$60.00 each
Don't wait but come early as they won't last long at this
First come first to get the snap.
If !r Isn't Alright - Bring It Back
57 -
• - phone:
the winter and earlv sorlna will
nleasl communicate with J Bert Cow
enofthePh-stStateBank alas earTy
en, or the first state sank, at as early
a date as possible. It
Farmers who are in a position to
take cattle or stock to feed during
FOR SALE FOR $900—Good four
room house, close in, large yard, cellar
and woodshed.
Herald office.
Terms. Inquire at
Hundred Dollar Pathe Phone
We are going to give a Hundred Dollar Pathe Phone to the room
in the public school whose pupils purchase the largest amount of
goods from us during the month of October. This offer is open
to the schools on both sides of the river. Anyone can make pur
chases and have it credited to whatever room they wish.
Don't forget that every boy or girl entering his or her room in
our Talking Machine Contest will receive 100 votes towards win
ning a |100 Talking Machine. • «
Come On Boys and Girls, a long pull, and a strong pull and a
pull all together for the honor of your room.
Contest closes Friday, October 31
Mill Teed and flour
Our Mill Feed and Flour have arrived and are selling at the following prices:
Rolled Oats, 70 pound sack..
Rolled Barley, 80 pound sack.
Bran and Shorts, 80 pound sack.
Bran, 70 pound sack...
Shorts, 80 pound sack_____
Drifted Snow", hardwheat Flour, a 49 pound sack for
Cascade," Montana hardwheat Flour, 49 pound sack for
« .
Fruits for Canning
We are still able to take your order for canning peaches,
prunes, pears, etc., at the lowest prices.
Swift's Jewel Shortening, 5-pound pail
We are agents for International Portland Cement.
Pull Stock of Staple and Fancv Groceries at Lowest Prices
Also have
1.40'Iil0-pound pail
Kootenai Valley Produce Co.
0. A. PHILLIPS, Manager
tS?,?" 1 attacks °* stomach trouble and
,H, ,1 L°, U f ne8 !' Se , el ? g C ^T^ er . la1 " 8
'I * 68 adv , ertiBed con ^ d8 , d to J ry
them and improved rapidly." Mrs.
Emma Verbryke, Lima, Ohio.
Good for Biliousness
"Two years ago I suffered from fre
LOST.—Girls' blue coat on Thurs
day on the Porthill road,
please leave at Herald office.
Sandpoint offlcès of the Pend d
Oreille Forest Reserve received notice
Frlda y morning that L. G, Hornby, of
Missoula, had been appointed forest
supervisor succeeding Acting Super
visor J. E. Ryan. It is understood
that there will be no further changes
in the office force of the Pend d Oreille
forest reserve.
former supervisor, is now located at
New Forest Supervisor
J. A. Fitzwater, the
How Gold Sa» Inif Machine Works
The Redemption Gold Company has
opened offices In the Sherwood build
Ing In Spokane, according tc a recent
nouncement in the Spokane ( hroni
This Is the company whose gold
_ing machine is installed at the
mine of the Cynide Gold Mining Co.,
The ma
the Buckhorn district,
chine has been working most success
or five tons of
j fully and in a test run
ore saved $120 in gold.
A 60 ton ball mill has been installed
by the Cynide Gold company and this
; completes a perfect recovery plant.
H. W. Dorman, of Seattle, represent
ing the Redemption Gold Co., tells
how the gold saving machine operates
in the following interview:
"In the Bonners Ferry plant at thç
Cynide Gold Co. mines, the ore is re
duced to 100 mesh. An iron bowl,
lined with mercury, has an inwardly
extended tip at the top. The bowl
revolves rapidly on its vertical axis.
The finely ground ore is fed into the
I bowl through a tube extending down
1 ward to near the bottom, where it is
rapidly whirled against the mercury
i which' is then forming a vertical wall
the sides of the bowl, owing to the
The gold being
centrifugal force,
heavier than the mercury, Is forced
through the film of quicksilver to the
wall of the bowl, while the gangue, be
ing lighter, is gradually forced to the
, top and over the Inwardly extending
rim of the bowl,"
Odd Fellows Go To Porthill
I About 25 members of the Odd Fel
I lows lodge of this city, went to Port
hill Saturday night to assist the lodge
I of that place m the initiation of a
I class of fourteen candidates. The
{trip was made in autos and the local
lodge people had such a good time at
Porthill that they nearly forgot to re
turn home, some of the party getting
In about four o'clock Sunday morning,
j The Porthill lodge people gave their
I visitors a fine feed after the initiation
I ceremonies were completed, the ban
Î quet consisting of baked chicken and
i all the good things that generally go
I with a chicken feast.
' The Odd Fellows of this city are now
j planning to put through a large class
this winter and will try to build up the
loca , order to one of the strongest in
the 8 ta te.
1 -
Vn _. IUh visits Here
Lieut. Evans, of the English army,
was a guest on Friday, of Mr. and
Mrs. Harley Cave, Mr. Evans having
been in the employ of the engineering
firm of Cave & Chaffins, of Sandpoint,
before the war broke out.
listed in the English army several
years ago and was first sent to Africa
and then saw service on the French
fronts where he was severely gassed.
Afterwards he saw service in Italy.
On his discharge being received he
married an English sweetheart and
came to the United States, landing in
this country a few weeks ago.
will open offices in Sandpoint and en
gage in civil engineering.
He en
Apple Raising Is Profitable Business
O. H. Campbell was a business vis
itor in Libby, Mont., on Sunday and
while there he sold 800 boxes of ap
ples which he will harvest from his
orchard this year.
Mr. Campbell says that he will plant
another 100 trees next spring to bring
his orchard up to 1000 trees as he fig
ures that there is better money in fruit
j trees than anything else that can be
grown in this section. He states that
in fruit growing one can figure on
about $1200 returns from $250 in
vested in work and materials neces
sary to keep the orchard up. He has
! had great success with his orchard,
although some of his trees have not
reached the bearing age.
1400 Boxes of Apples
H. C. Ferbrache left last week for
points in Montana where he expected
to call upon retail grocers and sell
his crop of apples and also cider.
Mr. Ferbrache is leasing the P. C.
Garrison orchard on the Northside and
after having cared for it and cultivated
the ground and pruned the trees for 3
years, is beginning to secure good
crops of marketable fruit,
harvested 1400 boxes of apples this
year and has also installed a power
cider mill with which he will make
cider and vinegar from the cull and
fallen apples.
He has
Home Service Work
The home service department of the
American Red Cross, was able recently
to give valuable service in the secur
ing for Harry Sawyer, the aged father
of Harry Sawyer, deceased, former
sheriff of this county, the allottment
from the government to which he was
entitled by reason of the service in the
navy of his grandson, Earl,
lottment failed to come here for some
time and the matter was taken up by
the home service department of the
local auxiliary, of which Mrs. Gale is
chairman, and last week a check for
$260 was sent Mr. Sawyer, this sum
being the full amount due him.
The al
Pleasant Reception Friday Evening
The members of the Methodist con
gregation enjoyed a delightful program
and a pleasant social evening on Fri
day at the reception tendered their
new pastor, Rev. Gibson, and Mrs.
At an appropriate hour light re
freshments were served.
As it happened the day was the an
niversary of Rev. E. R. Henderson's
birth and his friends presented him
with a handsome token of their ap
preciation of his years of service as
a Christian worker in this community.
Married In Spokane Last Monday
E. J. Zintheo and Miss Mary Nor
man were married last Monday in Spo
They will make their home
at Lenia where the groom is one of the
employes of the Idaho Gold & Ruby
Mining Co.
Mrs. A. B. Yount, of Lenia.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Zintheo are well
known here and have many hosts
friends who join in extending the most
sincere wishes for a lifetime of happi
ness and prosperity.
The bride is a sister
Read the ads in the Herald and
save money.
Don't read your neighbor's paper.
Subscribe for the Herald and be
of getting the latest and all the news!
first each week. Aand don't forget
that It pays to advertise In the Bon
ners Ferry Herald.
„„„in. . . ...


( r
, s
j ■HR
V -,
• . v, xC
V ■ -.
> • " :
r i
. ■> ..... . ■ ....
Safety Deposit Boxes
We have just received a new supply of
Safety Deposit Boxes and can take care of
additional customers at this time.
These rent for a very reasonable sum and
are the safe and sure way to keep your valu
able papers.
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
dhihhhhhhhihhhhhhiiihhh. .
A Good Buy on Easy Terms
Have you ten or more cows and do
you want to buy a dandy dairy farm
on such easy terms that you will
really never pay only the first pay
ment as the place will make all the
other payments?
see for yourself.
73 acres right in Bonners Ferry.
The buildings insured for three years
for $1250 and could not be rebuilt for
a great deal more.
Then read this and
HERE is the place to get that brace with bits
and drills to match it,
Assorted locks and shotgun stocks, a jack,
knife or a hatchet;
Razors, tacks, the saw, the ax, powder, paint
and fuse,
Dixon's lead, black, blue or red—rope, spades,
squares and screws;
Wrenches right; we treat you white and sell
the best that's sold,
And we have stoves to bake your loaves,
they're hottest when they're coaled;
Rivets, rasps, files, hinges, hasps, bolts, ham
mers, nails and wire,
Extra blades for different trades, and all that
you desire.
Kinnear's Hardware
n. B. HINNEAR, Prop.
JJIIIIllllll||UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII||||||||||||||lil|||||||||||||||||||||llllllllllllllll |lllll>ll>,>i>,ll S
The undersigned has purchased the Casey Hote
and Grill Restaurant and both the hotel and res
taurant will, in the future, be under the same
Patrons are assured of the best service and treat
ment. Meals served at all hours,
can please you and solicit your patronage.
We know we
! 5
Frank Inotie, Proprietor
IHIIIIHIIIHIHHIIIIIHHIHIHIIIHIIIIilllllillllllliilllllllllllllllillllillll 111111111
More than half of It in pasture and
can all be made so with a small
amount of work. Terms, $1500 cash;
at the end of the first year the inter-1
est on the balance only; thereafter a
payment of $600 at the end of each
year, (Interest and a small payment
on the principal) until it is all paid
off. Price $10,920.00. All surveyed
into acre tracts. Address Mrs. J. M.
DePuy, 1130 18th Avenue North,
S eattle, Wash.

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