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Our Groceries Are
the Best Obtainable
Are You a Customer
of Ours?
Now is the time of year that
Good, Dependable
While money is scarce make it go as far as possi
ble. Get our prices on
and the prices are always the lowest.
is needed. Our stock is very complete and our
prices very low. We guarantee all footwear to
give satisfactory wear.
Give us a trial order for next Saturday de
livery and we believe you will find our store
good one to patronize regularly.
Groceries and Footwear
We Want You for a Customer,
A few of Our Prices Are:
Children's Shoes—Black or Brown, sizes 5 to 8
$1.75, $2.00, $2.50
Children's Shoes—Black or Brown, sizes 8 to 11
$2.50, $3.00, $3.50
Misses' Shoes—Black or Brown, sizes 11 l / 2 to 2
$3.00, $3.50, $4.00
Boys' and Little Gents' School Shoes
$3.00, $3.25, $3.50, $4.00
A few Prices for Saturday,
November 12th
y 2 Pound
with each
2 Yi pound
1 pound
with each
5 pound
Swift's White Soap.
Peanut Butter.
Corn Flakes.
Campbell's Tomato Soup
Soda Crackers.
Sliced Pineapple.
Green Tea.
White Syrup.
Dark Syrup.,. .
Hard Wheat Flour.
Cane Sugar.
y \
.6 bars 25c
... .2 pounds 25c
1 package 10c
.2 cans 25c
. 5 pound box 80c
. . 1 large can 28c
.1 pound 50c
. . .1 gallon $1.00
1 gallon 90c
.49 pounds $2.00
100 pounds $7.50
Boys' High Tops—Brown with 2 Buckles, sizes
2i/ 2 to 51/2
Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19
we will have a
Growing Girls' and Women's Shoes—Black or
Brown, Calf or Kid, Low, Military or Cuban Heel,
sizes 2y 2 to 8
Special Coffee Sale
of Folger's Golden Gate Coffee
$3.50, $4.00, $4.50, $4.75
Ye Okie Tyme Comforts" for women
$3.50, $4.50, $5.75
2 Vi pounds for $1,10 and y 2 pound free.
5 pounds for $2.15 and 1 pound free
Different in taste from other coffee—and better.
Take advantage of this sale.
Remember the dates.
We have a complete line of
Cotton and Wool Hosiery
for men, women and children, and Rubbers and
Overshoes for all.
We are always well stocked with
Seasonable Fruits and Vegetables
White & White
The Grocery and
Footwear Store
Kootenai Street
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Established in 1891.
C. W. KING, Editor.
Published every Thursday at Bon
ners Ferry, Idaho, in the Interests of
Boundary County of Idaho. Entered
s second class matter, January 1. 1906,
at the postoffice at Bonners Ferry,
Idaho, under the Act of Congress ot
March 3, 1879.
Subscription rates. $2.00 per year If
paid in advance; $2.50 otherwise;
Canada and foreign countries, $2.50
early In advance.
Beware (he Pedler
The people who get stung most fre
quently are the ones who buy from
the peddlers who travel from town to
town, disposing, as a rule, of inferior
and shoddy goods which the home
merchant would not give room on his
Beware of the pedler. He is here
it's toasted, of
course. To seal
in the flavor—
ftk '■ I
A: «
today and gone tomorrow. If defects
show up in your purchase you have
no way to get redress. Your money is
gone. You have no way of knowing
whether or not the goods you are buy
ing have been stolen. If they have
been stolen they can be taken from
you and your money is lost.
The pedler is following the most
expensive manner of merchandising
and it follows that you either pay the
pedler more than your local merchant
would charge or else you are getting
cheated in some way.
Remember, the pedler, takes your
your money out of your community.
He pays no taxes, does not help to
keep your county, city or school gov
ernments running. You never find
his name on any subscription list for
any public welfare movement.
Beware of the pedler.
Keep your money at home where it
will grow and have a chance to re
turn to you again,
home merchant,
not all that is represented he will re
place it or refund your money.
.,_ , , r „ , „
wr^ 1 V fh a and ' ornon Campbell
won the dictionaries for September.
bv g aH d of * the* erades ^Th '" 8 f 10 '™
crades ai trvinp lr a T - Ç f'o ' 7
Burke won't ten what it is '
urae won t teil wnat it is.
! Hallowe'en was spent in the most
I enjoyable manner. We all gathered at
\ the hall dressed as fairies, ghosts,
witches, Old Mother Hubbard, a black
cat, Satan, brownies, Mexican girls
and many other people. About 8:30
our parents began to arrive and then
the fun began. We played games.
! danced, ducked for apples, guessed
j who the other people were and every
[ one pinned the tail on the donkey
About 2:30 the party broke up. Our
only regret was that we couldn't stav
longer. The people from the Bonner
Buy from your
If your purchase is
Tie camp want to come again and we
may give them a chance to come soon.
Lela Campbell celebrated
twelfth birthday on Wednesday, No-■
vember 9. She had a party in the
evening for all her friends. After a
very sociable time we went home, hop
ing that birthdays would come oftener.
On Friday we are planning to oh
Our program is given below;
.... j
. AlVena Glen
Ethel Hartman
George Sayre
.... Pupils
Emily Glen
... .Pupils
... Pupils '
Mr. Burke j
... Pupils
serve Armistice Day. with a little pro
America ......
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Flanders' Fields
Song . .
We Are Men of Coming Years.
... .Leonard Freeman. Walter Sayre
Little Hands and Little Hearts.....
Our Salute
Nellie Yerkes, Lenna Glen, Squire
Glen, Claude Campbell.
Song .
November 11th
Armistice Talk
...Rev. Geo. Fowler, Bonners Ferry
Americans' Creed in Union
Song .
Closing Remarks.
Song ...
Salute to Flag.
We are also planning to have a
program on Thanksgiving and Mr.
Burke expects to have another speaker
from Bonners Perry, possibly two.
Owing to the fact that many mem
bers had gone to Sandpoint to attend
the Rebekah lodge meeting, the attend
ance at the commercial club meeting
Monday night was not as large
A report was made by C. W. King
of the meeting of Idaho and British
Columbia engineers on Saturday. This
report is covered in another column
of this paper.
A. B. Ashby, station agent for the
Great Northern Railway company, was
invited by President Fry, to present
the railway company's side of the dis
cussion started at a previous meeting
when grievances against the G. N
j wer e aired by club members,
m,. Ashbv statpri that ho
,ho discussion was ill advised and that
1 no Bood. could come of the commercial
club startin e a fight against the rail
1 way company; that he believed that
! r. e 1 u . esta of . the town and county of
I ,, a , s * or improvement work by the
I Great eni bad not been made
j "'rough the Proper officials; that, as
; * ar as be . c . ou l d learn, no Great North
! e I I ? 0 , lc,a * s bad made exact promises
1 j having any particular Improvements
! done bllt bad only stated they would
A e ^? 1 mn ÎS nd P ucb improvements. Mr.
! •'' 8 * 1 oy thought that the proper way to
s ?f ur t ? res " lts would be to make ap
i P , llcati ? a * or improvements needed
f.; ong Great Northern right-of-way
! thr 0 i! gh tbe . tr f tfic department, inas
much as this department is the first
to suffer when the railway's patrons
do not secure proper treatment.
He stated that two members of the
trafflc department had visited Bon
I ners Ferry last Wednesday and that:
, tlle alle sed grievances of the district
bad been laid before them.
gentlemen, Messrs. Doyle and Merritt
wired to Mr. Ashby yesterday that au
thorlty bad been secured to put in the
railway crossing signal at the Main
street crossing (this signal is
being installed) and that Mr. Dovle
j had submitted recommendations cov
ering repairs to other crossings and
the filling up ot holes along the right
ot-way through Bonners Ferry.
O. C. Wilson defended the action
taken at the previous club meeting,
saying that the people were tired of
promises and that he felt, considering
the revenue the Great Northern de
rives from this district, it should in
common justice, make some returns.
He stated that the sentiments
pressed at the previous meeting were
not directed at Mr. Ashby or any par
ticular Great Northern official and
that he was glad to learn, after many
years, that requests should go through
the traffic department in order to se
cure results.
Commercial club members feel that
headway has been made in the effort
to secure recognition from the Great
Northern Railway Company and that
any antagonism against the company
should be forgotten if the company
will meet the community half way in
taking care of much needed improve
ments along its right-of-way.
Union Church Services
"The Pilot of Civilization" will be
the first of two great themes, very
opportune at this time, and "Creators
of Faith, Or God In History." It you
believe in either man or God or have
a. serious thought, for the future of
humanity, we invite you.
Our Christian Endeavor has been a
surprise to us in both the attendance
an interest taken. The spirit ot the
young people is in the ascendancy.
"In What Way Does the Divinity of
Jesus Differ from Man?" will be the
evening subject.
Sunday school 10; preaching 11 ;
Christian Endeavor 6:30; evening ser
vice 7:30.
Phone 124
3 ^


\ our 11 ome Creamery
Needs the cooperation of the Dairyman, the Merchant,
and every individual of this district in its effort to build
up the Dairying Interests and an institution of which
Boundary County may be proud.
Wc are not asking "something for nothing." If we
cannot give the dairyman just as good and fair treatment
as he gets in Sandpoint or Spokane, we can not expect
to get his products. But we can and will.
If we do not give the public as good if not better
Butter than can be bought from outside creameries we
will not complain if we do not get the business.
BOUNDARY BUTTER. If it is just as good then why
not keep your money at home and help build up a home
The Boundary Creamery
Paul K. Taylor, Prop.
Telephone No. 128-W
Card of Thanks
The undersigned desire to express
their heartfelt thanks to neighbors and
friends who rendered assistance and
extended expressions of sympathy to
us in our recent bereavement We de
sire to especially thank the nurses of
the Bonners Ferry hospital, the I. O.
O. F. and Rebekah lodges, and those
who expressed their respect for our
loved one with beautiful flowers.
L. K. Hamilton and Children.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Riefsteck.
Methodist Church Notices
The Sunday school at 10. Commun
ion service at 11. Junior League at
3. The children enjoy this service be
cause it Is their meeting. Epworth
League at 6:30. This is a live meet
ing, true to the life of young people.
Song service at 7:30. You will find a
home like church .and a warm wel
A. H. MORTON. Pastor.
FOR SALE—Pedigreed Tamworth
pigs; three boars and one sow. Sow
to barrow soon. Geo. E. Eberhart,
Lenia, Idaho.
Is An Absorbing 1 Love Story
A strong man's love Is a wonderful
thing. But even the love of a strong
and splendid man needs faith to tido
it over the cross currents of life.
In "The Tiger's Coat," the Dial Film
company production released through
W. W. Hodkinson which will be shown
at the Amazon theatre on Armistice
Day, you will see enacted one of the
most absorbing love stories that has
thus far been brought to the screen.
You will see Alexander McAllister,
strong, self-willed, a ruler of men and
their destinies, brought to a realiza
tion of the need for Faith in his love
for the woman who had become more
to him than life Itself.
Three well-known and popular play
ers are featured in this dramatic pro
Myrtle Stedman. Lawson
Butt and Tina Modotti, the Italian
beauty who has been so successful in
motion pictures abroad, each have a
role suited peculiarly to their own in
dividual talent and personality.
"Brownie, the Dog."
this special Armistice Day program
Also a special two reel comedy.
Don't fail to see
at the Amazon theatre.

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