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Ije CalduttU CTvibuuc
V ()L. NO. 10.
Write Back to Enter
B °^inment Committee That They
Enjoyed Hospitality.
P-i.i.. ,11 was able to furnish nearly
man in the service jvith a splen
as dinner.
This was ae
""" ..II heil' through the entertainment
■m !,! of the Commercial Club.
C0 Mr J. > Harrington, chairman, and
Mr F,1 Hendon, secretary, are in re
;, nt of a number of letters from
Cad«' 1 ' n,en in thC serv,cc bo,h . in
u n nitrv and overseas, expressing
their thanks for the Christmas din
^""following letter signed by 28
ell men are typical of the letters
,1 by the committee:
Sincere Appreciation
\ iu ,ers, I' ranee, Jan. 1«. 1918.—Mr.
, S Harrington, Chairman: Mr. t.
M H ctidi'n Secretary and Treasurer;
, „1 eiti/.-ns of Caldwell and surround
jnir territory, who have contributed so
generous!v to Company "D" and to
"Winning the War."
The undersigned members of Com
pan y
'0" desire to express their sin
cere appreciation for the generous
contribution received by them during
t|lf limr they have been serving the
colors, and expressly for the contribu
tioti received Christmas 1918.
[t has also been a great sdurce of
pride and inspiration to us to read of
the nvgnificcnt results achieved by
the 1 copie of our home county in the
different Liberty Bond. Red ^ross,
War Saving Stamps and National War
Work Council drives, and of their suc
cess in other activities which have
contributed so largely to the success
ful conclusion of the war.
It has been the privilege of several
of us to talk with men who have
passed through Caldwell *>n their way
to France, and nil who spoke in the
highest terms of the reception given
them, and the interest manifested in
their welfare by the people of Cald
well Ml were impressed and men
tioned that all soldiers passing
through were made to feel that they
were "Caldwell Roys." regardless of
where they were from.
Again thanking von for your
thoiightfulness, and hooine that we
may scon express our thanks person
ally. we re. Your friends.
l,t. Henrv M. Howard Harold E
Foote Frank Hartkopf. Max H Cib
lions, Orrie F Giierin. George L. Ti'dd.
Fdmund F. Palmatrir. J*rV M Alb
son, Tarrett lïnrris. KIwvn F. Shiolev.
Roy T Smith. Mort. L. Sturgeon. Clar
ence L llraskamp. C.lenn C. Wri*rht
Scott \ Vinson. Krnest P Pennine
ton. I?:tv Siebenberg Herbert W.
Clark Frank Madden Charles Hard
inc. Clifford Baker. T ee R demons
Bruce I. Fleetwood, DalPis M. Mark
Marion I. Kurtz All'n C. Lyon
Frank \ Shaffer. Ray Lonkev.
Letter From The Trench«»*
Private Bryan Harding of Caldwell
has probably seen as much, or more
real service, as any man from Idaho
He has b< "n in the trenches and dur
ing the hardest fighting participated in
hv the American troops. Private
HardinL' writes as follows:
Mr T S Harrington, Dear Sir.—
On tin 10th of January 1 received
from th( citizens of Caldwell. Idaho,
their dm ft for $3.00 and take the-first
opportun it v in thanking them, through
you, for (In interest and remembrance
of tlir hovs over here, for it is the peo
ple behind the fighters that makes a,
victorious irmy.
There is only one other Caldwell
man f am in touch with, Ifce Judd
who is in the salvage squad of this
division (the Rainbow), and I very
seldom v him, only four times in the
last year but expect to look him up
again s>>on
Our division is doing occupation
duty in rm.any, after a S00 kilomct
Ink" i'it., Germany, from close to
Sedan through Belgium, Luxemburg
and finalK into Germany. The 150th
F - "• which 1 am a member is lo<
cated at a summer resort, mineral
springs, natural hot water and a large
hoii«e, which we sur c enjoy
P"i rs ""alK I never had a bath for over
10 months \cept in a bucket and cold
water m that or else a creek if any
was handy and you had the time
And k nities, Lord 1 am not rid of
them yet
Illustrated Lecture on Mittak«* ol
l 'usines» and How to
Avoid Them.
11 interest is being manifested
1 tail merchandising lecture
being brought to this city b;
^ "u\n,, I ,'ial Club and which wi
" 11 I fee of charge to all mer
nul clerks on Monday night
I", it H o'clock. The lecture
"ich ,ias been prepared by the Na
i" ! Is '' Register Company, con
t»c result of thirty-three years
Hcetiwg retail merclmndi»
m tli
win, I
the {
K ideas from merchants in all parts
I «•'"•Id, and is by far the best
tcxIaV ' " S c ' uractl ' r on ,,1C roa d
er*',! n ^ *»llev will be the leetur
• ■'* means of stereopticon slides
"'on pictures he will tell th
causes of failure, and explain some of I
the latest methods of storekeeping.
An interesting feature of the lecture
will be the part devoted to newspaper!
advertising. Writing of newspaper
advertisements, selection of mediums,
and the necessity for a policy of con
tinuous advertising by the retailer will
be taken up in detail. By the same
method the question of proper window
display, delivery problems, perfection
of a store organization, and other in
teresting matters will be discussed.
In addition, the three reel Essanay
feature film, "Troubles of a Merchant,
and How to Stop Them," will be
shown for the first time in this city.
This film, prepared at a cost of $30,000
has been exhibited before commercial
bodies, conventions, and other organi
zations from coast to coast, and has
everywhere been declared to be the
best exposition of the troubles of the
retail merchant ever given.
The"film tells in an interesting man
ner the story of Mr. White, a grocer,
who through lax business methods and
poor system had been brought to the
verge of bankruptcy. As the film pro
gresses, the causes for his failure are
vividly portrayed. His clerks were in
different, his goods, badly arranged,
his system thoroughly disorganized.
When his hopes were at the lowest
ebb, a change came in his career, and
by the installation of modern busi
ness methods, and a rearrangement of
his store, he rose to prosperity.
Recause of the enthusiasm created
in other cities where the film has been
shown, it is expected that a capacity
audience will greet the lecture in this
city. Every scene is said to contain a
lesson. All merchants and salespeo
ple in the city are invited to attend.
Opportunity to Interest Reclamation
Service Should Not Be Over
looked by Local People.
Once more we urge our readers to
hand or mail the names of any per
sons they know who are landowners
the Black Canyon Irrigation Dis
trict and who are now or have been
the military or naval service of the
country to some officer of the dis
trict. Give the names to President
Newport, Secretary Marple, Attorney
Thompson or Directors Cox or An
The government is vitàlly interested
providing homes for the men in
the service of the country. Judge
Will R. King, chief counsel of the
Reclamation Service, has stated that
will assist the Black Canyon ma
terially, if it can be shown that a num
ber of district landowners are in the
service or have been in the service.
Extension Wanted.
The first unit of the Black Canyon
ill be provided for with proper irri
gation works at once. AddHtionail
units should be provided for as soon
as possible. Extension of the irriga
tion works to include more land is the
end the officers of the district have
in view. Secretary Lane of the De
partment of the Interior is the man
who is at the head of all pro-posed in
ternal development work.* Secretary
Lane has outlined a plan for the recla
mation of great tracts of arid^ind
swamp lands throughout the couWtry.
swamp lands throughout the couWtry.
Soldiers and Sailors First.
The primary object of the great de
velopment plans of Secretary Lane is
to provide employment for the men
who are being discharged from the
service. He also wants to_ provide
homes for these men. The immense
waste lands of the country naturally
and inevitably attracted his attention
The reclamation of these Vinds will
accomplish all theit Secretary Lane
has in view.
It will be a question of priority onr
of these days Which shall be first ^
The Black Canyon is entitled to be
first of all the reclamation projects
in the country. Now is the time to
do everything, and take every step
that tends to making the project
first. ~
Caldwell Red Crosa Worker Landed
■t Philadelphia Several
Days Ago.
J, 11 Gipson. who has ben In the
Red Cross service in France since laut
fall is expected to arrive home today
Mr. Gipson landed at Philadelphia sev
er«l days ftgo
Mr Gipson was engaged in Ken
Cross field work in France
Bruce Leiter Married
Lieut. Rruce Leiser has notified hi
father, Mr. Wilson Lieser, that he ha
taken unto himself a wife. Lieut
leiser recently married a charming
French girl and will be home with her
soon, Lieut Leiser is well known in
Caldwell and his many friends extend
congratulations So far as we know
Lieut Leiser is the first Caldwell man
to succumb to the charms of the girl
of France.
Presbyterian Church.
Prof. Hayman will preach next Sun
day morning and evening. After the
morning service a congregational
meeting will be held to consider the
matter of calling a pastor. All who
count this their church home are in
vitcd and urged to be present.
Association Duly Organized and Is
Now Ready to Transact Business
—Leading Men Interested.
The Caldwell Home Building Asso
ciation is the name of the new
$25,000.00 corporation organized in
Caldwell for the purpose of building
houses in this city. The organization
was perfected at a meeting held last
week. The association is now ready
to do business.
Directors elected for the following
year are among the leading business
men of the city. They are 11. J. Zch
J. W. Smced, J. W. Cue, E. II. Plow
heatl Jay Grilligan, W. H. Redway,I
A. I.' Murphy, C. S. Doan, F. R. Mil
and W. P. Lyon
Zeh Elected President.
The board of directors organized by
electing Mr. H. J. Zeh, president: Dr.
J W. Gue, vice president; Mr. J. Jes
ter, Jr., secretary; Mr. F. R. Miller,
Committees wer« appointed as fol
lows: Organization, F.. II. Plowhcad,
chairman, and C. S. Doan and A. L.
Murphy; Building Plan, J. W. Smeed,
chairman, W. H. Redway and Jay
Galligan. Mr. Walter Griffiths was
appointed attorney for the association.
Getting Ready for Business.
Thf officers of the association hav e
practically cleaned up, all the pre
liminaries and are now ready for
business. They are now advertising
for residence lots which they will buy
This association is different from the
ordinary building and loan associa
tion in that it will go ahead on its own
hook and build houses to sell. It will
work with and supplement the activi
ties of the Caldwell Building & Loan
The standing and high character of
the men who will administer the af
fairs of the association are sufficient
arantee of the success of the new
Scholtz, McKaig and Other Townley
Satellites Will Be Kicked Out
Boise, Feb. 26.—A reorganization of
the Nonpartisan League in Idaho is
imminent. It is expected it will be
staged with a flourish of propaganda
and promises before the legislature
adjourns in order to properly impress
those members who are affiliated with
the league or with the Democratic
party as well as any Republicans who
may have indicated the virus of Rol
hevikism in their veins.
This is not a voluntary realignment,
as understood, so far as the present
leaders of the Nonpartisan League are
concerned, for under the plans as
„greed on at a recent meeting of
prominent league leaders of the more
conservative stamp and of active
Democratic politicians those leaders
are to be kicked out, notably Messrs.
McKaig and Scholtz.
No More Townlevism.
The prime factors in this movement
have concluded that Townlevism and
its association of Socialism and I. W
W.ism will not go in Tdaho. Tt is
planned, therefore, to remove the new
organization from all Townley and
other North Dakota influence and
The newspaper at Nampa Is to be
taken over if the new order shall be
put into effect, together with all the
machinery of the Nonpartisan League
that mav be considered usable.
In this new movement certain
Democrats are taking a leading part
Some of them were notoriously active
in their attacks on the Nonpartisan
League in the last campaign, which
mparts added significance to th
Brisk Fight Promised.
The Townley leaders of the league
Tdnho, such as McKaig and
Schölt*, are understood to hp advised
and to b« laying plans for a brisk
In this they will be joined by others
who have been passing the hat among
the fnrjners and hv the Socialists an«
other radical elements in the league,
\s the Nonpartisan League lender
Idaho stole the Democratic party
so far as nominees wre concerned in
the 1018 primary, it is whisnered thr
the Democrats in the new movemen
have their appetite whetted to a keen
edir.. by the prospect of turning til
lable* and appropriating the league.
Opposed to Vicious Ones.
The promoters of the reorganization
.noludititf n mini her of substantia
farmers are understood to be special!
determined in view of the continued
evidence of anarchistic-like vitupéra
tion and viciousness on the part of
those at present in charge of the
league as reflected in the league news
paper at Nampa. , ,
Such tactics, they aver, are Iniurmg
the league, cruising an unmistakable
revulsion among the sober-thinking
For Monday, March 3rd—'Traders
I>,y—,«e will have one more shipment
of fine pattern hats: also pine apple
straw sailors. M. F. Gilgan-Sarehet
Main street, below Saratoga Hotel
LIRF.RTY RONRS cashed at the
New York market price less a reas
onable brokerage. V H. Clamhey,
Room 8, Little RIocV,
Holt Seed Company May Purchase
Two Commercial Aeroplanes for
Use in Their Affairs.
up commercial aeroplanes with a num
ber of the big companies especially the
One man in Caldwell is convinced
that the aeroplane is practical in or
dinary business. That man is Mr. B.
M. Holt. Mr. Holt, head of the Holt
Seed company, recently returned from
France where he naturally had an op
portunity to see the various aircraft
in daily work. He became convinced
that nircraft is practical in commerce
where the business is extensive and
transacted at many points
The Holt Seed company has taken
de Haviland people. The company
plans to buy two aeroplane and use
them in their every day business
Extensive Business.
The Holt Seed Co. buys seeds all
over Idaho and eastern Oregon and
Washington and in Utah. It sells in
all the seed markets of the country.
During the buying season the company
has a large force of men in the field
traveling from point to point. m A
business of this kind can profitably
employ airplanes.
Mr. F. L. Lilly informed The Tri
bune Monday that the company was
making a serious investigation of air
craft from a commercial standpoint.
Changes in Irrigation and Water Con
trol—Number of Bills Put to
Sleep Forever.
Boise, Feb. 26.—A second highway
bond measure, which will net the state
highway funds about $1.500,000 on the
present basis of valuation is the fea
turc of road legislation of the past ten
days. The bill making the levy pos
sible was introduced into the house
during the post week and has already
become almost assured of passage bv
the favorable recommendation of the
Another road bill went to the gov
ernor when the Morgan measure mak
ing it optional with county commis
sioners to levy twenty-five cents for
evert $100 of valuation for highway
purposes passed the senate. There are
two companion road bills still left to
be acted on. Roth of these provid
for optional levies of fifty cents each
on every $100 of property.
Irrigation Bills.
Three measures into Which the big
irrigation bill, changing the entire sys
tern of water allowance and govern
ment in th c state was merged, have
now been introduced. The two most
important«' of the number provide for
three engineers to be known as direc
tors in the department of reclamation
and for giving of sovereign right in
water matters to these directors. Ac
cording to members of .the irrigation
committees in the two houses the bills
will not get out of committee.
A number house bills have met
dentil in the past few davs when the-^
got to the upper bodv while the same
practice has applied in the house with
senate measures. One of the most
important house bills to feel the sen
ate axe was the one providing an
eight hour dav for women. Several
members declared amendments had
taken awav its affectivencss. A claim
that thc law would take away posi
tions from a laree number of women
working in seed houses and |'y» seed
be sent east in bulk was sufficient to
ine up a unanimous vote in the sen
ate against the bill.
ate against
No Raise in Pay.
Legislators did not look, favorably
on the effort to raise their pay and
give them four instead of two years
term. Both joint resolutions were
killed. Thc resolutions which had for
their purpose lenthciiing the terms of
countv commissioners were also de
One of the most lengthy measures
of the session is the new educational
bill in the senate. It is said to present
far-reaching changes in the classifica
tion of teachers and to conform to the
laws of i) number of eastern states
where the rank of schools is higher
than in Idaho. The hill was prepared
by Dr. E. A. Bryan, commissioner of
education. According to statements
made on the floor of the h cose Idaho
ranks thirty-seven in the standing of
its schools, while its sister s trite, Utah,
ranks sixth.
Charging that the wheat price fixed
by the law of supply and demand
would be higher this year than the
government guarantee and that this
condition would have been true a year
ago and would be for the next two
years Representative Hall on Satur
day claimed the federal administration
was making political capital out of its
efforts to establish a fund of $1.000,
000,000 to protect the wheat price.
Hall is a grain man and firmer and
said he would take his chance on a
big price for the commodity without
the assistance of the government. He
claimed the tvpe of publicity being
given placed the administration on the
role a protector of the farmer was a
bid for votes.
Special sale on soaps. 1 mders Da\,
March 3rd. See windows. Rotkin
Joy Drug Company.—Adv.
Wrist Watches
Jewelry Store—Adv.
at Laughlin's
Boise Will Come Down —Fast and
Furious Game Promised—Both
Teams in Good Condition.
There will be a basketball game at
the high school gym Saturday even
ing at 8 o'clock sharp. The game will
be between the Boise and Caldwell
high school teams.
Both teams are in fine fettle and a
splendid game is guaranteed—in fact
the fastest game seen in Caldwell this
year. The public is invited.
Will Attempt to Clean Up Church In
debtedness—Issues General Ap
peal to the Public.
In view of the fact that the Metho
dist church is used for all public meet
ings the Commercial Club has decided
thaf it is no more than right that the
general public should assist the mem
bers of the church in h'fting the indeb
tedness against thr building. With th e
object of raising some $800000 the
amount of the indebtedness the club
has addressed a letter to the general
public asking the donation of Liberty
Ronds for the purpose stated.
The letter .dated February 23, ex
plains the situation clearly and is as
Liberty Bonds at Par.
In this city we have no auditorium
sufficiently lairge for all purposes ex
cept the Methodist church, which is
used by citizens of Caldwell and vicin
ity for chautauquas, lecture courses,
conventions, banquets and other pub
lic meetings.
This building was constructed at a
cost of approximately $33,000, $25,000
of which has been paid by a small
number of our citizens who are now
endeavoring to raise $8,000, and. be
lieving the public should bear its share
of this expense the Caldwell Commer
cial Club of this city has endorsed a
Liberty Bond campaign for the pur
pose of raising said amount and
making alterations and improvements
which will make the building more
convenient for the purposes for which
it is used.
We are. therefore, requesting pa
triotic and enterprising citizens who
have Liberty Bonds to contribute at
least one to any member of our com
mittee for the purpose above men
tioned and hope you may do so at this
lohn Smeed. W. T. Kimbrough. C
G. Baker, II. E. Wallace. W. H. Blunt
R. W. Oakes, J. H. Lowell, R. S. Mad
Lieut Jaret Burris in New York
Mr. and Mrs. Burris are in receipt
of word from their son, Lieut. Jaret
Burris, stating that he had arrived
safely in New York with the 116th
Engineers and will be home soon.
. Lieut. Burris took a course in an
officers' training camp in France and
was entitled to a commission as lieu
tenant just before the time the war
Notice to Contractors.
Scaled bids will b e received by the
school board of the Independent
School District No. 28. Caldwell. Ida
ho, up to and until 6:00 o'clock p. m.,
March 24, 1919, for the remodeling of
the present liigi school building addi
tion to same, according to plans and
specifications furnished. Separate
figures will be received for heating and
Contractors submitting figures sh-»Jl
properly seal their bids and mark them
clearly on me outside, designating the
work figured, and addressing all bids
to W. S. Maxey, Clerk. All general
contractors bids shall he accompanied
by certified check in the sum of
$1,000.00. All bids for heating shall be
accompanied by certified check for
$500.00 and all bids on plumbing shall
be accompanied bv certified check for
$?0000. All checks to he made pay
able to W. S. Maxcv. Clerk. The
school board reserves the right to ac
cept any or reject all bids submitted.
The plans may be secured from the
clerk of the board at Caldwell. Idaho,
or from Wavland & Fennell, Archt's..
Boise, I dabo. The contractor securing
same shall deposit $10.00 for said plans
and specifications, which sum will be
refunded when the plans and specifi
cations are returned. 2-28
cations are
Notice is hereby given thht the
partnership' heretofore existing be
tween Glen L. Evans and Herman
Witteborg under the firm name of
was on February 19, 1919, dissolved
hv mutual agreement, Mr. Fred L
Evans having purchased the interest
of Mr. Witteborg in the business. The
business will bï contincd under the
old name at the same stand, 614 Main
street, and all obligations of the old
firm will be paid by the new, and all
accounts due the old firm are pivahle
to thc .new partnership.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our many friends
and neighbors for the kindness shown
us during our bereavement: and we
also wish to thank them for the beau
tiful flowers.
Thought to Be Between 36 and 50
Caldwell Boys on Transport—
Word Received From Many.
The U6th Engineers of the U. S.
army has landed in New York, it is
thought that there are between 35 and
50 Caldwell men who were returned
from France at this time
Word has been received by Caldwell
parents and friends that their sons are
safely home. Among those who have
wired that they are at Xew York are
Gibbons, Lyon, Burris, Foote and
Caldwell Will Celebrate.
J. S. Harrington, chairman of the
entertainment committee of the Com
mercial Club is making arrangements
to give the Caldwell boys a proper re
ception upon their return home. He
has been soliciting funds this week and
at noon yesterday had raised $700.00.
The community intends giving the
returning soldiers a royal welcome
home. The program of the reception
and welcome will be announced in
these columns at a later date.
Just when the men will be dis
charged is, of course, unknown but it
is generally believed that they will be •
home within three weks.
+ * + + # + * +
Ed Bluchcr and family have moved
nto their new home at the south side
of the valley.
Ben Sunblad of Melba. visited
friends in the valley last week.
The farmers of the valley met at
the school house last Friday night and
heard the report of the committee that
went to Boise last week to confer
with the project manager about the
excessive water rental charges in the
sandy land. The general opinion of
the water users is that now is the time
to work for a classification of the
lands as to amount of water required
for the season's irrigation.
Mr. Sliger and family left Saturday
for their home in Twin Falls after an
extended visit with Mrs. Sliger's sister
Mrs. S. B. Peterman.
George Swigert is painting his
AI Moore traded his forty acre
ranch to Piercv Trunnel for a five
room modern house and four lots in
Wilder. Mr. Moore will ride ditch
this summer on Will Asos former ride.
Mesdames . Frank Trout, Frank
Jones and Al Moore motored to Wild
er last Thursday to the meeting rf the
Methodist Ladies' Aid which met with
Mrs. Keim.
Homer Heifer is home" from Camp
Lewis, h-.ving received his discharge.
Albert Trent is on the sick list.
T^ose attending church in Roswell
Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. At n. Mrs
Frank Trout and Mr. and Mrs Z. R.
Oscar Mendenhall has his hay bal>d
and hauled to the car.
Mrs. A. T. Steensland of Gooding
has leased the building formerly used
as a hospital, has furnished same and
expects to ritn a first class hospital.
Mrs. Stcensland is a trained nurse, has
had special training in some branches
of the work, and 20 years experience.
Visitors will be received ««very after
noon from 2:30 till 4:30 o clock, and
every evening from 7 till 8 o'clock,
beginning Monday, March 3rd.
Oregon Couple Married.
John Timmerman of Ontario and
Miss Svtie Stain of Nyssa were mar
ried in Caldwell Wednesday, Judge
Dunlap officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Doan were Boise
visitors Monday.
Attorney Cleve Groome attended to
business at Boise Monday.
A suit for divorce was filed in the
district court Monday by Mariet W
Humphries againt Phillip Humphries
The plaintiff alleges non-support.
Harrv N. lones returned Saturday
from Camp Gordon, Ga., where he h:is
been for some time in the service.
E. M. Hendon. assistant cashier of
the First National Bank, returned
Tuesday evening from Birmingham,
Alabama, where he was called by the
death of his brother who was a victim
of influenza. Mr. Hendon states h"
found the south flouringing. l't is en
joying a wonderful degree of pros
Cafeteria dinner at the Tabernacle
of the Christian church, Friday even
ing at 5:30 o'clock. Feb. 28, given by
the Ladies' Aid.
The wond Sterin of Wednesday de
stroyed the large hay "id cattle barn
on the Faris ranch one-half mile south
west of Huston.
Thc Forward Club is going to enter
tain the Canyon Countv Rurbank Fed
eration at the Forward Club rooms on
Saturday, March 8th, at 11 a. m.
Every woman in the county is invited
and those attending are asked to bring
sandwiches and cake for every half
The Caldwell Home-Building Asso
ciation will pay cash for residence lots
in desirable localities in Caldwell.
Write us at Box 393, giving legal de
scription and best cash price. 2-28tf
Take your sick watches and clocks
to Laughlin, the jeweler.Adv. —

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