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f)i CaUtattU CrUmni
VOL. 36. NO. 17.
Packers. Banker., Broker. .nd Grow
Will Spend Day in Chy as
Guest, of Commercial Club
About 30 Omaha packers, bankerfs,
brokers and stockbrokers will be m
rsidwell Saturday as the guests of the
remerciai Club. They will arrive
£®weH at 1:45 a. m.; breakfast at
Colonial at 9 o'clock; and spend
S' remainder of the morning seeing
Tt town the dockyards and the sur
rounding country. In the afternoon
Aev wilf be taken to Boise and turned
* e r to the Commercial Club of that
"Caldwell is the stock center of the
i„t«-ior and the Omaha delegation
Änd many hour. here. Mr. J
W Smeet, president, and Mr. M. H.
Gibbons, secretary, arç making prep
arations to make the visit of the
Omaha men pleasant in every way
At the breakfast a few short talks will
bt made by the hosts and guests. _
« « « *T* ***#***** + *
Mr. and Mvs ^John Trent entertain
ed a number of neighbors and friends
Saturday evening in honor of the
birthday anniversary of Sam Pack
wood and Albert Trent. The evening
spent with games and music. Ice
, cake and lemonade« were serv
'the hostess.
F. Lind came over from Melba
i,y to visit with home folks. He
v ~ts to leave for the coast soon.
„Imost everyone in the valley went
to Parma Saturday morning to view
the Trophy Train.
Mrs Bullar, Mrs. Barker and Miss
Sackett were in attendance at the
teachers' meeting at Parma Saturday
Miss Trotter was on the sick list
Saturday. .
Mrs. Elza Pullium was quite ill
Sunday and Monday.
Mrs. Hyde and little, daughters^e
turned to Meridian Sunday after a
visit with friend, here.
The Z. B. Barker family were
guests at the B. T. Badly hom^in
Lakeview Sunday.
The young people met at the Rags
dale home Tuesday to prepare some
music for the Easter services Sunday
The Literary Society will meet at
the school house Saturday evening.
Everyone willing to help with the
program should report to the commit
tee, Mrs. Matson. Miss 9hu1tz or
Miss Sweigert.
T. J. Cope went to Parma last
Tuesday to consult a physician. He
has not been well for some time.
The circle met with Mrs. Lund last
Wednesday. About 30 ladies were
present Business was dispensed
with. The afternoon was most pleas
licious cakes and coffee were served
antly spent in conversation. De
licious cakes and coffee were served
by the hostess. The next meeting
will be with Mrs. Matson. April 23.
Miss Ruth Murray of Caldwell
•pent fest week at the A. B| Pet.er^
man home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ragsdale. Mr. Rich
ardson. Mrs. Butlar, Mrs. Pierce, Mr.
9»m Peterman and Mr._ Packwood
were business visitors in Caldwell
Mrs. N. E. Jones of Parma attend
ed the circle meeting Wednesday a*
Mrs. Lund's.
A meeting was held at the school
house Friday evening at which plans
were made to organize a Sunday
school Easter \ Sunday. mortimg at
10 a. m. Mr.. Older is helping the
children to prepare an Easter pro
gram Rev. Welch will preach Sun
day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
Several men and teams are work
ing on a drain ditch through Messrs
Pierce and McConnell' places.
Oiarles Marston and Walter Mat
ton were Caldwell visitors Tuesday
of last week.
The young people enjoyed a mas
querade dance at the school house
Saturday night.
Mrs. Peterman and Miss Lorrine
were Caldwell visitors Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs, John Trent enter
tained a number of neighbor, and
friends Saturday evening in honor
of their birthday.
Home Product. Dinner
The economic, section of the For
ward Club served a Home Product,
dinner in the Methodi.t church .t 6 p.
Ç Thursday evening following the
Factory Day excursion, d All money
J™ * er the expense, have been met
will he given to the Commercial Club
to be use for civic Improvement. The
for the dinner was a* follows
Pickles Chee* Carrot.
u Chicken a la King
Ma»hed Potatoes with Glhlet Gravy
„ Dres.cd Beet*
«ot Rlscult Hnn^v
». ^ Cabbage Salad
«te Cream Cake
-, Coffee
itk after dinner speakers were Mrs
.1 îi Ï *ho spoke on "The Work
« «he Forward Cluh M and Mrs
Ù l y ' W * , ° <fK, k "Home Products"
»» "Meet.
Vu \,? r .lnV1«y, chairman: Mr«. Flsk
fc" WvVoff Mrs. H. A. Rtennrn
ml? '** Woods composed thi
In charge of the arrange
ter Mf i 2 nd J* 1 *- T « T,. Gray and Mas
v.. ftrav of Namna were the
wïî'i ""T 1 ". of Mr ' Mrs. E A
'"(T r n * association rr>»»*
Ea.tr Program « the Baptist Church
Next Sunday
At 10 a. m. to 11 there will be special
attractions in the Bible school.
11 a. m.—"Life Beyond the Tomb"
will be discussed. A male quartette
will sing.
7 p. m.—Young people will have
special program.
8 p. m.—Sacred cantata by the
choir, entitled "From Manger to the
Part I—prophecy of Christ's com
Part II—Christ's Birth and Minis
1. Recitative (tenor) "And the An
gel Said."
2. Chorus, "Glory to God "
3. Bass solo and chorus, "Oh
Come All Ye Faithful."
4. Chorus with solo, "Brightest and
5. Recitative (contralto) "And
Jesus Increased."
6. Solo (contralto and chorus),
"When His Salvation Bringing."
7. Solo (bass), "Jesus Wept."
8. Chorus (unaccompanied), "Cornel
Unto Hinv."
9. Quartette and solos, "At Even
Ere the Sun Set."
10. Chorale, "Ride On."
Brief address on "Patterns."
Part III, "Christ's Death and Res
12. Interlude.
13. Recitative (tenor). "And When
They Had Mocked Him."
14 Solo (tenor\ "When I Survey
the Wondrous Cross."
15. Chorale, "Bound Upon the Ac
cursed Tree."
16. Quartette, "For God So Loved
the World."
17. Bass solo and chorus, "Jesu c
Christ is Risen Today."
18. Chorus, "He is Gone."
19. Chorus. "Beyond the Glitter
ing Starry Skies."
20. Solo and quartette, "Sweet the
21. Chorus, "Soldiers of Christ
Public Notice of Special Municipal
Coupon Bond Election to Be Held
in the City of Caldwell, in the Coun
ty of Canyon, in the State of Ida
ho, on Tuesday, May 20, A. D. 1919.
Pursuant to the laws ot the State of
Idaho, and Ordinance No. 314 of the
City of Caldwell, in the County of
Canyon., in said state, passed and ap
proved on the 7th day of April, A. D.
Public notice is hereby given that
a special election will be held in and
for said city on Tuesday, to-wit: The
20th day of May, A. D. 1919, begin
ning at the hour of 9 o'clock A. M.
and closing at the hour of 7 o'clock
P. M. of said day, for the purpose of
taking the vote of the qualified elec
tors who are taxpayers of said city
upon the following questions, to-wit:
First question—"Shall the Mayor
and City Council of the City of Cald
well, in the County of Canyon, in the
State of Idaho, issue and sell the
municipal coupon bonds of said city
to an amount aggregating the prin
cipal sum of fifty-two thousand dol
lars ($52,000.00) for the purpose of
improving streets and alleys, and par
ticularly street and alley intersec
tions in said city; and levy and assess
a direct annual ad valorem tax on all
the taxable property in said city suf
ficient to pay the interest accruing on
said bonds promptly when and as the
same becomes due. and also at the
lawful time, a further annual ad va
lorem tax upon said taxable property
suficient to constitute and maintain
a sinking fund for the payment of the
principal of said bonds within twenty
years from the time of issuing the
Second question—"Shal^ the Mayor
and City Council of the City of Cald
well, in the County of Canyon, in the
State of Idaho, issue and sell the mu
nicipal coupon bonds of said city to
an amount aggregating the ori"™»?'
sum of thirtv thousand ($30,000.00)
dollars to provide for the enlargement
extension, repair, alteration and im
provement of the munlcioal water
works plant of said city: and levy and
assess a direct annual ad valorem tax
on all of the taxable property in said
cltv sufficient to pnv the interest ac
cruing upon said bonds promptly when
and »* the same become« due, and al
so, at the lawful time, a further annual
ad valorem tax on said taxable prop
erty sufficient to constitute and main
tain a sinking fund for the payment
of the principal of said bonds within
twenty years from the time of issuing
the same?" .
Hif polling nlaees for said election
shall be as follows:
First Ward—County Court house,
in the hall.
Second Ward—Methodist Church,
In the basement. *
Third Wml— 1 Taldwell City Hall In
the council room.
All persons who at the time of said
election are qualified electors and tax
pavers of sold city M»d no others
shall he qualified to vote at said elee
tlon on said question.
At any time during office hours ore
ceding the said election the under
signed Cltv Clerk, or his dulv ap
pointed deputv, will register all elec
tors who are nuallfled to vote at the
said election. ... , .
The voting at said election «hall
he bv ballot and the ballots shi.11 he
supplied to the voters for their use at
said election, and shall be in the form
set forth in said Ordinance No. 314
Dated at Caldwell. Tdaho. this IRth
dav of April. A D 1019.
(Sean E LTT.LY:
Attest: Ma y° r
City Clerk. 418-516
r x eeAuY
vetoLXs or
\ EASTO?! f
f H
The semi-annual meeting of the
Southern Idaho Laundry Owners
was held in Caldwell on April 12 and
13 at which men interested in the
laundry industry from five states
were represented.
It is a coincidence that the meeting
came again to Caldwell in the anni
versary month of its organization. _On
April 16, 1916, seven rrren representing
nearby laundries met in the Caldwell
Commercial Club rooms and organ
ized the association, L. L. Gray of the
Troy Laundry, Nampa, being elected
president, and E. A. Wheeler of the
Troy Laundry, Caldwell, being elected
secretary, which positions they have
held until the present time.
There are now 22 laundries in the
association with a large honorary and
associate membership of people con
nected with the industry, representing
an investment in the state of more
than $520,000. The business sessions
were devoted to topics of special in
terest to laundry owners and to the
•betterment of the industry.
Mayor F. L. Lilly made the ad
dress of welcome in behalf of Cald
well, tendering the guests the free
dom of the city. The response to the
address of welcome was made by R.
W. Jones, the Ontario laundryman,
who is also the mayor of Ontario. _
An. honored guest of the associa
tion was John Scovil of Butte and
known all over the United States as
a leader in the laundry industry He
is one of the 14 men appointed by the
National War Service committee on
the Laundry Owners War Service
committee of the United States dur
ing the war. His talks-were greatly
The new president of the associ
ation is Theodore J. Fisher of the
Weiser laundry and the new secre
Home Building Association Will Do
Buaineaa—Contractor. Invited
to Submit Bid.
Work will be started on five resi
dences in Caldwell next week by the
Caldwell Hoini Building association
Local contractors and others can see t
the plans and specifications for these
residences at the office of the secre
tary, Mr. J. Jester, Ja., and they are
invited to submit bids.
The association has secured a num
ber of building «ites. five of which
they will utilize at once.
Building Generally
A great number of residences
Caldwell are now under construction
or will be started during the next 30
days. It Is estimated that at least 150
residences will be built in Caldwell
this season. Some of these residences
are very fine ones, ranging in cost
from $5000 .00 to -10,000.00. The aver
age cost is about -3500.00.
-D. S. Brown, who has been_ very
sick for the past six months, i. re
ported somewhat worse. Mr. Brown
has Bright*, dl.ease.
Special for Traders Day, Monday,
April 20th, on all Trimmed Hat*,
Street and Children'. H »t». M. E.
Gilgan Sachet. Main .treet, below
tary, R. W. Jones, of the Ontario
laundry, and the next meeting place,
Saturday afternoon a trip was made
b v autos to Lake Lowell and through
the Deer Flat country. Saturday
night a banquet wa3 given at the Col
onial Grill with the retiring president,
L. L. Gray, presiding. At 9 o'clock
the association adjourned to the Ma
sonic hall where dancing was enjoyed
until midnight.
Sunday afternoon the visitors were
entertained at the home of E. A.
Wheeler where a cafeteria luncheon
was served. The house was decorated
with carnations and ferns. Short
talks and musjc concluded the meet
ing, which according to the visitors,
was one of the most successful held
in Idaho. •
Among the visitors were Mrs. Kate
Dubois Kerr and Walter J. Brunger
of the American laundry Boise; L. L.
Gray and Mrs. Gray, of Nampa;
Harry J. Allen, "Jr. and Mrs. Allen,
of the Troy laundry, Boise; M. E Tol
iver and wife, who owns a. chain of
laundries in Pocatelio, St. Anthony
and Idaho Falls; Wm. E. Wilson of
The Troy laundry, Idaho Falls; Ed.
J. Murray, formerly of the Troy laun
dr yof this city and now proprietor
of tlfc Twin Falls Steam laundry;
E. A. McKay of the Emmett laundry;
W. W. Davis of the Gem State.
Blackfoot: Rain Water Jones, of the
Ontario laundry; George Sothman,
of the Payette laundrv: C. W. Hed
elius, of the National, Pocatelio; Ross
Cady, of the-Idaho Steam. Boise; Har
old Thompson, Pocatelio; M. T
Large, of Caldwell; George L. Long
fellow 1 . Denver, Colo.; R. J. Arm
strong, Salt Lake City Utah, and W
J. Tiffany, of Aberdeen, South Da
Mr. and Mr». Flynn Go to California
tor Benefit of Health of Mr.
Messrs. H. S. Burger and T. W.
Conway take possession of the Flynn
grocery store next Monday. They
have purchased the stock and busi
ness. Messrs. Burger and Conway are
active, experienced young men well
known in Caldwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Flynn will go to Cali
fornia in hopes that the change will
benefit the health of Mr. Flynn which
has not ben good since his discharge
from the army.
At the Methodi.t Episcopal Church
Neat Sunday, April 20, 1919.
Easter program in the Sunday
school at 10 o'clock, special music
a.nd a general good time. Of course
all parents of children and friends
of the church will desire to be there.
Following the program Rev. A. L.
Shute of North Dakota will deliver
the morning message. In the even
ing Dr. Winters will give the second
address on "Principles of Everlasting
Peace." This subject is well worth
the attention of every citizen of
Caldwell and vicinity. Don't fail to
12 lbs. of navy beans for a dollar at
Flynn's Grocery. *18tf
Case of Neil v. Public Utilities Com
mission Argued in District Court
Attorney T. A. Walters was at Ru
pert Monday and Tuesday represent
■ ing the Rupert Electric Company in
I that company's case against the State
I I'tilities Commission, in its applica
tion for a writ of review before the
district court.
Until the recent decision by the Su
preme Court in the case of Neil vs.
Public Utilities Commission these
writs have been had out of the Su
preme Court. Attorney Walters trav
eled over a new road in that this is
the first writ that has been applied for
in a district court. The writ was is
sued and case has been argued upon
its merits. The case in which Attor
ney Walters is interested has attracted
considerable attention because of
being the first of its kind to be heard
in the state.
Just before going to press Manager
Waters of the Bungalow stated that
secured the widely known Oliver
Morosco road show, "The Brat,"
which appears at his playhouse next
I Monday night, April 21.
• It likely will he recalled by many
Caldwel people that this play, was at
the Pinney theatre, Boise, recently,
and that a considerable number of our
people attended, and upon their re
turn gave an excellent report of this
Being enroute to Portland the com
pany had an open night, and which
made possible the local engagement.
Caldwell is not—at least at present
—in the best position for securing the
better known attractions that railroad
through the city, but in line of pro
gress of things commercial, this will
be duly remedied, when other meri
torious plays will he secured as the
conditions warrant.
The company that appears will have
the same identical cast and production
as offered in the largest cities of the
land, and it is promised that Miss
Audra Alden, and not her understudy,
will appear in the title role, supported
by the same excellent cast.
Seats will be on sale at the Saratoga
Miss Alma Hall spent the weekend
at Parma, the guest of Miss Doris
Middleton is to have three gala days
May 1st, 2nd and 3rd, when all the lo
cal organiaztions will stage a health
crusader movement. On the first day
there will be a parade. During the
three days exhibits will be shown in
one of the churches. Each evening an
entertainment will b eheld at the hall.
A lecture and a play will be the prin
cipal part of the program. A small
charge will be taken at the evening
entertainment to defray the expense
and the premiums.
The Baptist Ladies' Aid will hold an
Easter bazaar and ice cream social at
the hall Friday evening, April l_8th
The Baptist Sunday school will give
their annual Easter program at the
church Easter morning.
Chaplain S. E. Newman, from
Camp Lewis is home on a 10-day fur
Atlee Jackson arrived home Sunday
after being in the army in France sev
eral months.
Earl Painter and Mr. Taylor, from
Kuna s were Sunday guests of Mr and
Mrs. G. C. Painter.
Miss Mary McLeod of Boise is the
guest this week of Miss Helen Leng
Cal Newman left Monday (or
TTomedale to work during the sumnw
for Will Gess.
Charles Gerhauser is having a new
cellar built on his residence property
this week.
Little Tots Entertained
Mrs. Frank Bales entertained 16 lit
tie tots and their mothers Wednesday
afternoon in honor of the first bitrh
day of her little daughter, Gwyneth
The little hostess sat cnthronged in
a big chair to greet her guests who
brought many beautiful gifts.
The children played games and
hunted Easter eggs until just before
the refreshments were served when
they were each presented with a crepe
paper cap in colors to match the dec
The. small guests were all seated at
one big table in high chairs, and pre
sented a charming sight with their
happy faces surmounted by the color
ed caps
The mothers were seated at thre
small tables decorated with daffodils
colored yarn nests filled with eggs
and Easter chickens which were the
favors for all the guests.
At the children's table ropes of car
ied colored flowers were draped from
th* chandelier to the corners of the
table and at intervals on the tables
'flowers filled with candites were
The centerpieces on the three small
er tables were large nests of colored
yarns filled with eggs while on the
large table a mammoth angel food
birthday cake iced with white and
holding one large pink candle, occu
pied the place of honor.
After lunch the little folks angled in
a fishpond for yarn dolls played a
game for which the favors were bags
containing Easter eggs and finally
were rirludtantlv taken home with
their little arms full of favors. The
small guests were: Lucile_ Bales,
Louise Bales. Edna Jane Crews. Bet
tv Case. Augusta Case, Gene Myers.
Frances Mlfler, Isabelle Boone Jack
Everything Passed Off Per Schedule
Parade, Concert, Meeting and
Dance Were All Knjoyed
Lnclc Saut, impersonated by Henry
i'letcucr, mounted on a beiutitul
gray liorsc, led tue parade which was
me opening event in Um celebration
Held here Tuesday atternoou and
evening in honor ol the boys who have
returned' from the service of their
country in the army, the navy, the ma
rine corps and tlie Red Cross. Atter
them came the honor guests of the
atternoou in khaki and blue, l'ollow
mg turn marched tlie Caldwell band,
the surgical dressing department ot
the Ked Cross, the sewers and knit
ters ol the Ked Cross, the Boy Scouts
and the Campfire Girls.
.Next came the Veterans' fife and
drum corps, followed by about JU
veterans of the Civil war, who re
ceived a great deal of applause as they
marched through the streets.
i'hey were tollowed by the YVo
men's Relief Corps and the Junior
Ked Cross, while the end of the pro
cession was brought up by a tloat
from tlie lirier Kose auxiliary, clev
erly constructed to show a typical
Ked Cross sewing room with the wo
men busily engaged in turning out
garments and knitted articles to be
used by the armies of which the sol
dier and Red Cross nurse standing
at the iront of the float were the rep
After marching and countermarch
ing up Main street for three blocks
the crowd adjourned to Liberty hall
where a good program was given.
After two numbers by the Caldwell
band and two by the Liberty chorus,
the presiding officer, O. M. Van Duyn
introduced Judge A. L.. Bryan, who
extended greetings and welcome on
behalf of the city ot Caldwell to the
boys who were with us, and spoke a
few words in tribute to the one who
would never return. He was follow
ed by Captain D. F. Banks, who re
sponded to the welcome as spokesman
for the boys and who told how they
had appreciated the kindness of the
Caldwell people while they were in
the training camps and oversea».
The Liberty chorus next gave a
very enjoyable number after which J.
H. Gipson, who has been abroad in
Red Cross work, told a few of the ex
periences oi a Red Cross man.
The gathering then resolved itself
into a public reception for the return
ed boys.
The Caldwell band furnished music
throughout the afternoon.
At 6:30 a four-course dinner was
served to 237 boys at the Methodist
church. The dining room was beau
tifully decorated with red, white and
blue crepe paper streamers and flags.
On the tables a color scheme of white
and yellow was carried out. The white
table linen and the glass and silver
candelabra with their yellow candles
served to bring out the beauty of the
Easter lilies used for centerpieces,
apropos of the Easter season.
After the very delicious dinner serv
ed by the ladies of the Red Cross,
the boys were entertained by the fol
lowing program:
Selection by a quartette composed
of Mr. A, A. Binford, Mr. D. M.
Shearer, Mr. Austin Westrope and
Rev. Cook.
Reading by Mrs. Maybelle M. Allen.
During the evening a iarge crowd
danced on the floor laid by the Com
mercial Club in front of Liberty hall.
The music was furnished by the Cald
well Municipal band.
The business houses and schools
were closed during most of the after
noon. The streets were gay with
bunting and flags while the air was
filled with the sound of firecrackers
and other noisemakers.
Much credit is due the committee
who had the affair in charge, the
members of which were J. S. Harring
ton, chairman; Judge Ed. L. Bryan, E.
M. Hcndon, John G. Flynn and F. T.
Stainbrook. Franklin Mcrshon Whit
ney Miller, Fenton Miller, John Vin
ing, Bennie Holt and Francis Ber
The ladies invited were Mrs. Will
Bales, Mrs. Crews, Mrs. F. L. Crews,
Mrs. Paul Case,. Mrs. A. I. Myers.
Mrs. Fritzy Miller, Mrs. John Boone,
Mrs. D. W. Stainbrook, Mrs. E. Vin
ing, Mrs. J. Mershon, Mrs. B. M.
Holt, Mrs. Emery Bales, Mrs. Fred
Boyest Mrs. Ralph Scatterday, Mrs.
Harry Berger and Mrs. David Baird.
Will Revive Arbor Day
Margaret Knowlton, county school
superintendent, is making elaborate
plans for the réintroduction of Arbor
day, April 18, into the county schools
after a war relapse of two years. Sug
gestions for the incorporation of fea
tures in the program covering the
pending Victory Loan, which Miss
Knowlton received Monday from state
headquarters, have been passed on to
all county schools with the recom
mendation that the suggestions be car
ried out. A special effort will be made
to induce as many as possible of the
county schools to have tree planting
Contractor Bales has started work
on a modern six-room bungalow for
Mr. and Mrs, H. L. Windser..

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