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NO. 19
*Free Rural
Efforts ofj. H. Hutchnson, U. S. G.
Evans and Others Succeeded—It
Means a Let to the Farmers Inter
ested and also the Town
Through th» elT.tr.s of John Hutch
inson, Grant Evans and others a free
rural delivery route Iras at last been
established front Kendrick to the var
ious farm houses on American ridge or
at least to the lower part of the ridge.
Th» route will run first to 1Î ill,* and
Brillbarts by way of the grade north
of town thence to Joe Davidsons and
from there to Frank Huberts. Retrac
ing, it will come back to Davidson's
and from thence run north as far ns
F rank Slays and return to Grant Evans
thence to Sam Bighnms and back again
to Charles Jessup's and from there
southwuid to the farm of Martin
Thomas whence it returns to Kend
. rick via the farm of John Hutchinson.
It is calm a cd that the tour will oc
cupy about four hours, for the round
trip in good weather and perhaps
4k longer when the roads get had The
- salary of the mail earlier is fixed at
*000. There are over sixty iamilies
along t lie route who will he greuth
benefited Hy tills daily deliverance of
their mail and who are naturally de
lighted with having attained To their
desires. Special agent E. C. deinem
was here Tuesday and Wednesday and
went over the route with John Hutch
inson. lie found every tiling very
pleasant, with no difficulties in the
vav ami heartily approved of the route
Notice was posted in the poatofifee for
applicants as carrier and there were
a number of applicants. An examin
ation was held Wednesday afternoon
by Mr Clement of the various appli
cants in reading, writing and general
character. Mr---«as
awarded tlie place. The rural delivery
force is composed of three special agent
two inspectors and one chief on the
Pacific coast. While in California lust
winter Mr Hutchinson talked with
chief Irvin who gave him minute in
structions how to proceed with tlie
securing of the route, llie conveyance
of the mail ami various other details
connected with the whole plain It
will he a great benefit to the farmers
ill another wav in that they can send
into town with the mail carrier for
produce that they may need on the
the farm such us Iresh meat, groceries
umf the like. It might also lie of
material benefit to the town in this
way as it will increase the trade ma
terially for the farmers along the route
will naturally buy more when they
get whut they want regularly.
Increased Facilities.
We have added new rigs ard new
stock to our livery establishment to
meet the increased demand and can
now serve you at any and all timfcs
(food drivers furnished on request.
We have the best birn in the Palnuse
with corrals, etc. required by the de
mand lor feeding. Box stalls are at
tue disposal of our patrons' and the
most improved facilities in tue livery
business are found liere.
Gail and see us.
( HANIH.KIi &. Him,.
President Roosevelt.^
President B msev it will bb in Spu
k:me May 20th. *v? {
, The Nof- Pac. By. Go. will sell tic-,
kets to Bpckaue and return on. iUpy dô
and 2'ith forpile fare for tlie roünd trip.
Tickeisgood returning May 27th.
L. F. Hakh. Ag nt.
Tlie building committee of tlie Luth
eran church will receive sealed hid« for
the carpenter work on their structure
at Cameron Ida. tip to June 1st ] 1)0.8.
Plans and silicifications at the resi
dence of M. Bleck. The committee
reserves the right to reject any and-ull
bids. address .'*♦
M. Bieek.
Any one having a good sad lie Iumbc.
ea*v gaiteii, for s tie call at :4Qv"
Inc rT c-'.n HiriWipT
Council Proceedings
Another interesting meeting of the
city council was held Wednesday
evening, there being many citizens
present to watch the proceedings
Every member of t lie council consist
ing of J. I. Mitcham, J.C. Bibb, H.
A. Nelson, H. 1\ Hull and J. 8. Croc
ker was present. The minutes of the
previous meeting were read and ap
proved. The following hills were al
lowed: Charles Weber, $38.75; D. S.
Hunter, $8,25;. M. C. McGrew, 95c;
Kendrick Gazette. $4.08; D. B. Mack
intosh, $5; John Subdberg $3 35. On
recommendation of the finance com
mittee all monies now on hand in the
riifierent funds were voted to lie turned
into the general fund. Ou furtiier re
commendation of the same committee
it was voted to levy a lax of ten mills
on the taxable property of tlie Village
of Kendrick to defray the expenses of
tlie fiscal year commencing May 1, '03
The report of the same committee as
to appropriations was by vote accepted
slid is published elsewhere in this is
sue. Verbid reports from tHe beatth,
fire ami polite committees were heard
and accepted. J.C. Bibb, H. P Hull
und J. 8. Crocker were appointed a
special committee to ascertain the
wishes of Joseph Freuchtel in legard
to his brickyard. The various citizens
present were then asked to give ex
pression to their ideas relative to the
Main St.wuier question. This was
quite freely done by a number, many
of whom forcibly expressed their
opinion pro aud con. After the dis
cussion it was voted by the council to
take water out of the Potlatch aud
convey it along the soutli side of Main
St.. the cost to tlie town not to exceed
$600. If a larger amount was needed
tlie extra expense was to be borne by
tlie citizens directly, benefited by the
water. Tlie council (lieu adjourned to
meet at tlie call of tlie chair.
The Clearwater country to carry
passengers in addition to
regular passenger train.
Tlie summer time card of the North
ern Pacific has been issued and will
go into effect next Sunday. No change
is made in tlie present schedule of tlie
Lewhtou Spokane and Lewistou
Stiles passenger trains, the liouis of
arrival and'departure being the same as
at present. Tlie time card also an
noiinces tlie schedule for tlie new freight
service over the Clearwater anil Lap
wai branches which will be provided
by tlie addition of a second train thus
giving a daily service instead of the
present tri-weekly. The service will
go into effect Monday morning.
The schedule for tlie ireight trains,
which carry passengers, provides ior
tlie departure from i^ewistem at 5:80
o'clock in the morning, reaching Gui
des« c at G;50. The train departs from
Culdesac at 7:15 and connects at North
Lapwai at 8:05 with tile Spokane
bound passenger train out of Lew iston
aud tlie Lewiston bound passenger
train out of Sûtes. Tlie train reaches
St tes at 2:10. The Lewiston hound
freiglit departs from Sûtes at 12:15 and
reaches Lewiston at 6:20 p. m.
The daily set vice over the Lapwai
branch will Ue.a great convenience to
tlie residents of tlie Culdesac country,
who will now lie able to reacli Lewis
ton daily, while in the past it was nec
essary during three days of tlie
week to travel to some station on tlie
Clearwater line to catch the Clear
water train.
Tlie increased transportation facil
ities show in a definite manner how
raphily tlie Clearwater country lias
developed dor>ug the past few years.
When tue Northern Pacific was built
to Lewiston one train between tiiis
point and Spokane provided the p is
senger service for the entire interior
country, and a straggling freight hand
led the freiglit business. Later a mix
ed train ran over the Clearwater line
three times a week, and this was fin
ally increased to six-times a week.
Then came tiie Clearwater passenger
train, with a tri-weeklv freight service
and now tiie freiglit service with p.n
.dfiurer accommodations, is increased to
a daily service. While the daily freight
will lie of general benefit to tlie entire
country, the inauguration of the service
will be hailed witii particular eut..us
iampTiv tlie Lewiston snippers.
A^Vindmill for sÄe, at a bargain
practically new. For particulars s«-e I
4d.- A Hu 1,11 I
Peck, Ida, Melt. 25th -03.
J We have tested "Good as Gold"
Washing compound and find that it
I washes clothes perfectly and requires
no rubbing.
Mrs. Ol. Farley.
" Washburn.
" B. 8. Btigg.
Mrs. Hester 8helburn.
For Sale.
Two good teams und two good sad
dle horses. A good bargain. Inquire
at Chandler's Livery Stable.
A Farmer Straightened Out
"A man living on a farm near here
came in a short time ago completely
doubled up with rheumatism. I
handed him a bottle of Gii unbei'iain's
Pain Balm and told him to use it free
ly and if not satisfied after using it lie
need not pay a cent for it," sais G. P.
Bayder, of Pattens Mills, N. Y. "A
few days later he walked into tlie
store as straight as a string aud hand
ed me a dollar saying, "give me so
other bottle of Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. I want it in tlie iionse all tlie
time for it cured me. For Sale by A.
G. White & Go.
By a Presistent Cough but Permantly
Cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Mr. H. P. Burbage, a student at law,
in Germuuville, S. C. had been troubl
ed for four or five years with a contin
uous cougli which he says, "greatly
alarmed me, causing me to fear that I
was in tlie first stage of consumption."
Mr. Burbage, having seen Chamber
lain'« Cough Remedy advertised, con
cluded to try it. Now read what lie
says ol it: "I soon felt a remarkable
change and after using two bottles ol
tlie twenty-five cent size, was per
manently' cured." Sold by A. C.
White >£ Co.
Did Y ou See Benjamin & Sons?
Sale for the 18th. If you have any
thing you want to sell, get it around,
or ifüiere is anything you want to
nuy, get around y ourself.
Presbyterian General Assembly
Lou A ngeli-s Cal, May 21 to June 2, !)
For the above occasion the Nor. Pac.
Bv. Co. will soil round trip tickets to
Los Angeles Cal. ns follows. Via Port
land and Sunset Boute, all rail $41) 20
tickets on sale May 13 14 and 15. Via
Portland and O. B. & N Steamers to
San F ni u c i sco $46 00 t i|c k
ets on sale May 10, 11,15, and 16. Via
Seattle and Pacific Coast S. S. Co.
steamers $5.90 tickets on sale May 7
and 12. # •
Final limit for return July loth.
Stopovers will ne allowed in Califor
nia in either direction.
L. F. Habe, Agent
Mr. Joseph Pominville, of Stillwater
Minn., after having spent over $2,000
with tlie bsac doctor* for stomach
trouble, without relief, was advised
by his druggist, Mr. Alex. Richard, to
try a box of Chamberlain'« S oinucli
and Liver Tablet*. He did so, and is
a well mm to-day. If troubled with
indigestion, bad taste in tlie mouth,
lack of appetite or constipation, give
these Tablets a trial, ami you are cer
tain to be piore than pleased with tlie j
result. For sale at 25 cent* per box by
A. C. White Co.
A Little Early Riser.
Now and then, at bedtime will cure
constipation, biliousness and liver
trouldes. DeWitt's Little Early Risers
are tlie famous little pills that cure by
arousing the secretions, .moving the
bowels gently, yet ellectuallv, and
giving such tone and strength to the;
gland* of the stomach and liver that
tlie cause of the trouble is removed
entirely, and if their use is continued
for a few (Jays, there will be no return
of the complaint. Sold by Wnite & Co
aud F, M. Snyder, l.eland Ida.
The X—Rays.
Recent experiments, by practical
tests and examination witii tlie aid of
the X Ray*, established it a* a fact
that Catarrh of tlie stom ich i* not a
disease of itself, but that it res ills
from repeated attack* of indigeotion.
"How con I cure My Indigestion?" ]
K idol Dyspepsia Cure i* curing thou-1
sand*. It will cure you of indigestion
«lid dyspepsia, and prevent or cure
Catarrh of the Stomach. Kodol di- 1
ge*ts what you eat—makes the sto- I
liiH -li «*•«.!, Sold »»V White & Co. '
if. M I l I U
0 nltivators
:o A o A o A
IcSrea Iras. & Oi
Idaho Meat & Provision Co I
- ■ ■ ----- $
J. M, Wild, Proprietor!
' $
Fresh and Salted Meats Gatnÿ, Poulty and Fish in Season <ÿ
Hiitat Martet Price Paid for all Ms ef Live Stcci
ts) Kendrick
Idaho §
The Gazette Do you take It? |L
Get Your License
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L tlie price of your license if you want to buy a T.
□ good fishing outfit
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ew Leaders3
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