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NO. *20
They Said It
Was B?se
Wonderful Playing by our
Business Men
We Play Again Tuesday
The Score »sit was—A Few Remarks
From the Bleechers—Ten Hours
Not Enough—The Challenge fora
Return Game.
Wednesday afternoon'nt 3 p. m. the
business men and substitutes lined
up at the ball ground, north vs south
side of Main street, to see which were
champions. After a few preliminary
skirmishes they settled down to do
the liest they could. 8ix hours more
or less, showed the end of seven inn
ings when fading day brought a finish
since which time arnica and liniment
luMt lieeti extensively used.
The line up wits as follows: South
side—Helms. VV. MeCren. C. Stanton,
H Stanton, Q. Luketis, L Kerr, Codd
Johensen, Scott Benjamin: North
♦tide—Ed Lelund, Andrews, Row
lands, J. Hamley, Rushton, Deverv.
J uritckiuali, A. Ltikens, N. Nelson.
The score by inuings was:
Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
North— 2-6—12-2—0—3—2 27
South— 8—1—5—0—0—0—0 14
Batteries: North—Andrews c., Le
land and Devery p.; South—Q.
Ltikens c. Helms and Johensen p.
The, umpire, Dorse}' of Spokane was
a peach, in fact a whole box, giving
his decisions in a way that left no
doubt, but causing some sore spots
Of course the south side would have
(•won IF—we cun t figure out all of the
'ifs' but their there. A large attend
ance was noted and the cheers und
hoots were worthy of a better score, as
enthusiasm was unlimited.
Next Tuesday a return game will be
played, the south side still persisting
that they can win. It is expected that
« half holiday will he taken l>y the
town to decide this important ques
tion, the game beginning at 3 p. m.
Where do you suppose some of these
"bus beens" ever learned to play hail?
The blacksmith limy he alright with
n sledge, hut as a pitcher he's a frost.
Next time a slow grounder comes
along, everyIsidy lay down, you can
stop it quicker.
That piny from Leland past. Hamley
to Nelson is a little threadbare, lint it
tient alright with boys who have
fduyed ball in every state in the Union
We understand that Juliuetta had a
spy up here during the game, and lie
is anxious to sign Andrews and Le
Japd for tiie season.
Don't blame Jucohs for quitting. He
: ruu six miles in tlie first inning.
Eighth Grade examination for pupils
will tie held May 14 ami 15th. Teach
ers pleases 1 lid to couuty superintend
ent for questions
Teachers examination for 2 atid 3rd
Oriole Certificate will tie held May 27,
28, 20 at Moscow. Q testions in Bcliool
Law and Ht.atfe Constitution will lie
omitted because copies of these subjects
cannot be supplied.
Clara Ransom.
Bcliool Superintendent.
Increased Facilities.
We have add*-«i new rigs ard new
stock to our livery establishment to
meet tiie increased demand and can
now serve you at any and all times.
Good drivers furnished on request..
We have tiie best barn in tiie Palnuie
willi corrals, etc. require^ by tiie .de
mand lor feeding. Box stalls are
I lie disposal of our patrons and the
most improved facilities iu toe livery
business are found hers.
Call and see us.
Chaxiu.er & Hill.
Any one having a good saddle horse,
easy gaited, for sale call at
The Lincoln Hardware.
F'A Windmill for sale, at a bargain
practically fjew. For participant s-e
Dr a Hui, U I
State* Game and Fish
A Visit from our Warden, Mr loins,
and the Publishing of the Law
W. I. lorn*, State Game Warden
spent a few dayes In our town this
week on matters relative to the game
in this section. M. Turns Is an agree
able jierson to meet, seems to under
stand his duties and appears to be a
thorough sportsman. He has appoint
ed us deputy game warden for Latah,
L. A. Kerr, whose qualifications and
abilities lire unquestioned, utid spent
some time witli him going over the
country. Tiie licenses for tishing and
huntii g will soon tie here wiieu those
having permits can exchange them.
As a matter of information we will
print tiie laws relative to fish and
game, a copy of which we have secured
It is impossible to print them in one
issue, but we will give it iu section*
as space permits, two sectionsof wliicÿ
herewith follows: Those desiring can
either save the paper or cut out the
Mr.Iorns states that tiie law is giv
ing general satisfaction, and is appre
ciated by those who understand its
provisions; that it means now and
wilt mean in tiie future, the preserva
tion of game slid fish in our state,
which would otherwise have shortly
become exterminated.
Sec. 1. Tiie Government shall ap
point a su i t aide [arson to serve as State
Fish mid Gume Warden, wiiose duty
it shall he to protect tiie fislt and game
of tiiis State, and to enforce tiie laws
relating thereto. Tiie State Fisli and
Game Warden sliuil hold ills office for
a term of two years add until his suc
cessor is appointed and qualified. Be
fore entering upon tiie duties of his
oftice tiie State Fis h and Game Warden
shall execute a bond to tho State of
Idaho in tiie penal sum of $1000, con
ditioned for tiie faithful performance
of his duties, and his bond shall lie ap
proved by tiie Governor. The Gover
nor shall have power at any time to
remove tiie Stale Fish'and Game War
den tor misconduct or neglect of his
duties, and tiie Governor shall be tiie
exclusive judge of misconduct or ne
glect of duties gnd shall upon such re
moval appoint a successor. Tiie Slate
(To be conlbHied.)
School Notes
June fifth at tiie opera house file
public school will hold their annual
commencement exercises which pro
mise to pass anything heretofore held
by them. Last year was good and np
tireclated but wo are promised a treat
more good this time. Tue graduating
class this year is composed of seven,
whose names and program we will
give later. Yesterday and today the
eighth grade examinations for state
diplomas are being Held and judging
from tiie record last year tiie result
will be satisfactory.
To Incorporate
Next Thursday, tlie21stat 8 p. m. in
the St. Elmo parlors; our citizens are
requested to congregate and form a
cemetery association witli the object
of securing n good plot of ground, easy
of acoess and one which can be adorned
and beautilied. Every one is inter
ested iu this project and should iden
tify themselves i i tiie project.
Wanted Immediately.
Teams are wanted, ns many as pos
sible, to haul lumber from the Arnold
mill to tiie station at Kendrick.
Aiso bids are wanted on trucking logs
from five to eight hundred thousand.
Bids to lie submitted not later tluui
June 15th 1903.
For furl lier information as to
teams or bids, write or call on
Willis Arnold.
Kendrick Ida.
Dnn Hannah, witii his assistant
Howlands ,was running tiie level on
the water ditch for main.
McGrew gave his clerks a half holi
day to see the liai I game. They say
they appreciated it.
If is said »hat the river crons of
fruit will not tie over 20 jier i-ent. «if
average this year and tiie wheat crop
will be only Half.
C.iandler «fc Hill bought Dr. Grit
inaii's tine team «if Latah drivers
w i''b they iinvv nave tn Hu-ir liver.
Feck, Ida, Meh. 25th -08.
We have tested "U«>«id as Gold"
Washing compound and find that it
washes clothes perfectly lind Requires
uo rubbing.
Mrs. Ol. Furicy.
" Washburn.
" H.H. Rugg. '
Mrs. Hester ëlielbtlfh.
For Salé.
Two good teams and two good sad
dle horses. A good burgaln. Inquire
at'Chaudler's Livery Btable.
A Farmer Straightened Out
"A man living on a farm near - here
came in a short lime ago completely
doubled up with rheumatism. I
handed him a bottle of ChsitibefiAin's
Fain Balm and told him to use it free
ly and if not satisfied after using it lie
need mit pay a cent for it,' 1 says C. P.
Rayder, of Fattens Mills, N. "V. "A
few days later tie walked into tiie
store aa straight us a string mid bund
ed me a dollar saying, "give me an
other bottle of Chamberlain'* Fuiti
Balm. I waut it iu tiie lionse all the
time for it cured me. For Sale by A.
C. White <fc Co.
By a Presistent Cough but Permantly
Cured by Chamberlains Cough Remedy, j
Mr. H. F. Burbage, a student at law, j
iti German ville, 8. C. had been trouhl-1
ed for four «>r live years witli a coutiti- j
uous cougli which he says, -'greatly ,
alarmed me, causing me to fear that 11
was in tiie first stage of consumption.'M
Mr. Burbage, having seen Chamber-1
Iain's Cough Remedy advertised, con- j
eluded to try it. Now read what lie j
says ot it: ''I so«>n felt a remarkable
change ami after using two bottles of
tiie twenty-live cent size, was per
manently cured." 8old by A. C.
White <fc Co.
Did Y ou See Benjamin & Sons? j
Sale f«»r tiie 18th. If you have any- ;
tiling you want to sell, get it around, 1
or if there is anything you want loi
buy, get around y «in nieif.
Presbytorian General Assembly I
Loa A ngeles Cal, May 21 to June 2, 9 !
For tiie above occasion theNor. Fac. 1 j
Ry. Co. will sell round trip tickets to
Los Angeles Cal. as follows. Via Fort
land and Buiiset Route, all rail $49 20
tickets on suie May 18 14 and 15. Via
Fori laud and O. R. & N Steamers to
San Friinci seo $46 90 t i|c k
ets on sale May 10,11,15, and 16. Viu
Seattle and Pacific Coast S. S. C«>.
steamers $5.90 tickets on sale May 7
and 12.
Final limit for return July 15th.
Stopovers will he allowed in Califor
nia iu either direction.
L. F. Haue, Agent
Mr. Joseph Fomin ville, of Stillwater
Minn., after having spent over $2,000
witli tiie lust doctors for stomach
trouble, without relief, was advised
by his druggist, Mr. Alex. Richard, to
try a box of Chanilierluin's Stomach
and Liver Tablet*. He did so, and is
a well man to-day. If troubled with
indigestion, bad taste iu the mouth,
lack of appetite «>r constipation, give
these Tablets a trial, and you are cer
tain tn be mope than pleased witii the
result.- For sale at 25 cents per box by
A. C. White A Co.
A Little Early Riser.
Now and then, at bedtime will cure
constipatTon, biliousness and liver
trouiilee. DeWili's Little Early Risers
are tiie famous little pills that mire by
arousing tiie Mecretions, moving tiie
bowels gently, yet effectually, ami
giving such loue und strength to the
giaud* «»f tiie st*much amt liver that
tiie cause of tiie trouble is removed
entirely, and if their une is continued
for a few days, there will be no return
of the complaint. Hold by White A Co
and F. M. Snyder, l.elund Ida.
The X-Rays.
Recent expérimente, by practical
tests and examination witii tiie aid «»f j
the X Rays, established it as a fact !
that Catarrh of the stomach is not u
disease of iteelf, but that it results
from repeated attacks of indigeminii. |
"How nan 1 cure My Indigestionf" i
Kodol Dysp-psia Cure is curing thou
sands. It will cure you of Indigestion
and dyspepsia, and prevent or cure :
Catarrh of tbe Stomach. Kodol di- |
geste what, you eat—makes tiie su>- j
ma<--h sweet. Sold by White & Co.'
K. M 8 iv l.-r. I,-I v'i-| I | a .
g &<&=gM>«S^O'0-4M><*€S-G-'0'€>00€»'00"0>
C ultivators
McCroa Bros. & Co
1 Idaho Meat & Provision Co
J. M. Wild, Proprietor
Meat Market
Fresh and Salted Meats Game, Poulty and Fish in Season
Hubert Market Price Paid for all Kinds of Liie Steck
Kendrick Idaho
»: <g>® «xSXS<«KS)C5)iS>® ® Sx**®-®®®®®
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3 ,
Bear in mind
That you
A will have
|i) to hunt
| J j than this
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Lincoln Hardware k Implement Co $

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