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Trains Leave
9:00 a. m. Passenger 3:00 p. m.
6:45 a. m. Freight 4:10 p. m.
G. H. Zeauuui Agent
Kendrick, Idaho
Live Msn of Kendrick
At Benjamin & Sons
Livery & Feetl Stable
Ou and after this date, beginning;
'Saturday, April 18,1903, and on tlie
second Suturduy of each month there
after, will lie conducted a public sale
of second hand goods
Horses. Harness, Plows,
Wagons, Buggies, Cows
Sheep, Hogs, Tools, and
In fact everything
If you take an interest anti bring us
what yon want to sell, 'lake interest
and lets work up a good tnMe. It can
he done. You can buy what you wain
and I cun selb what you want sold.
Try it, you bring tlie goods and we
will do the work. It is a most needed
enterprise here. Come and see us and
you will be pleased.
John Eenjamin & Sons
■Shop, first door wesf of Pacific Hotel
None luit first class workmen ein
• ployed
W 8. CREWS, Proprietor
Kendrick Idaho
4 >
Chandler & Hill, Prop.
(Successor to .s. t.'r oker)
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stable
Fine Stock, Good Rigs
Buggies, Hacks or bundle
can be hud at all hours
Stock RonrdeU- by <l»y or
Month, Beat of Care to
Transient Work
The Sotithwiek Stage leuves
every afternoon at 3 o'clock
Chairs, Lounges, Beds. Mantels, i'
Mirrors, Maîtresses, ïSpriugs, f?
Rockers, Mirrors, Desks, ï
Wall Paper
Picture Framing
■Second |MF- GOOD? f
Bought and Sold
Hunter Brothers?
) . c
fk v wTjrw -ta»— evr
All persons violaliug tint state <*anie
and fish law hv hunting or H*binif
Without n license will be summarily
dealt wlili.
• LA. Kerr,
Deputy Gante Wurdet
g»a>— sf~t 6»—y>~ K r ~w r ~*i r •« $•; v yey—ty— çy— ec
Of Interest To Each of Us J
t> j
PrCa -A—. Æ —A. jlä —ft—(ft—-ft. .ift. A-ift A jft_ ift i ft ( ft .»fti fft . (ft , ■
Mr, Johnsen, the blacksmith who)
has lately arrived and is identified
with Wm. "Hunter has moved into a
dwelling of L. Doughertey's in west
Ollle Roberts returned Friday from
the Salmon river.
New ties are being placed between
here and Jmiuetta ou the Nor. Pac.
Deep eut in Misses and children's
hats»- <*0c, 75c and 85c hats, your
choice for 25c at McGrew's
M. Christenson made a trip to Spo
kane last w eek returning Sunday.
Don't forget to see McCrea Bros. 4
Co about Binding Twine.
Rev. Trevor Orrou will preach in
Little Bear ridge chapel Sunday
H. P. Hull and wife made an over
night visit to Lewiston tiie first of the
Circulars are out anoiinciog the
Roosevelt special rate to Spokane, how
many aie going?
A meeting of tlie officers and chair
mail of committees of the Endeavoi
society will be held ibis evening to dis
cuss the work of the Society.
Mrs. Snyder, who lias patented the
washing and cleaning fluid, '-Good
as Gold'' came down from Leiuiid Iasi
week on business relutive to lier patem
Mr. Goodheart, grand lecturer ol
the Masonic fraternity of tills state ar
rived here Wednesday and will speim
several days (Misting the officers and
mem tiers on the work.
The first McCormick Push Binder,
ever brought into tins territory,, will
lie on exhibition at the Lincoln Hurd
ware & Iinplimeut Co's Warehouse
next week.
W'e have a proposition from the
Pearson Magazine publishing Co
which book lovers will lie pleased
with. Those desiring standard or late
works can secure them at such a heavy
discount that it will pay them to in
We have a few choice trees which
we are selling cheap, apples, peaches,
plums. •
Mrs. E. P. Atchison and Mrs. W. A.
Rothwell returned l.o ue this week.
Tiie clerks who played baseball have
sworn off. It is more fun to work.
Not of eu do people get ti e chance cf
'o iklng over such a nice line of shirt
waists, as there is on display ut M. C.
MuGhkw's this week.
At the called meeting for the ceme
tery project a committee of three wa*
ippointed to secure a concensus of
ipinlon as regards an organization.
Tiie Lincoln Hardware & Impl. Co.
sre making heavy preparations for
their summer trade. They now have
eu route heie five earlouds of staple
goods, sueli as w-igous, nails, sash and
doors, binders. Several sales of binders
nave been made already this season,
nidi.I tills they wish it known that
they have a new tiling for this section,
*10 foot push binder. Ask them about
Four new casks of crcc';ery in this
week. Now we have tiie v%ry tilings
you have been looking for. Every ;
tiling in glasswure; everything in
crockery ware.
wanted Seventy five or a blind
ed good small hog or chutes—apply
it tliia oifice.
Tiie great reception to Roosevelt at
Spokane will only cost you one fare
b >th «•«' s See G. H. Zeuinan agent
of tl e Nor. P o.
Wa.MKD.— experienced girl or
woman to work in small family; no
waahiug; good home and good wages.
Mrs. O. F. Pauk kb.
Grangeviile. Ida.
Ethel and Endue Brown, children of
J. F., are sick with searlet fever.
The Wastes of the Body.
Every seven days tiie blood, muscles
aud bones of a -man of average size
loses two p«ii)iids of wornout tissue.
Tills waste cannot be replenished amt
the health and strength kept up with
out perfect digestion. When the sto
mach and digestive organs fail to per
form their functions, tiie strength lets
down, health gives way, an I diseas*
sets up, KimIhI Dyspepsia Curs enables
the stomach and digestive orgins to
digest aud assimilate all of tiie whole
some food that may be eaten into tiie
kind of blood that rebuilds the tissues
and protects tiie health and strength
•f the mind and body. Kodnl cures
ludigestiHii, Dyspepsia and all stomach
roubles Tt is an ideal spring tonic.
For sale bv A. C. White & Co.
ud F. M. 8n y der. Irland Ida.
WASHING FLUID to 15c a quart
Miss Collins, sister of J. F. Collins
arrived last week from lier eastern
home and will visit with us for a while
Last Friday evening a pleasant time j
was had by tiw* young people at Ep- 1
worth League light refreshments being |
served after the program.
Rod Drury wishes to announce that
lie lias had to cancel tiie dale of his
Stallion,--- at Chandler,s
livery sluhle. Kendrick, on account of
Ute press of work and business.
The office of McCrea Bros. A Co, is
indeed a neat piece of woik. While
tiie curtains add a finish and insure
Tiie Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
church are having printed in tiie
Gazt-itee office, a directory of the busi
ness men of Kendrick. It is printed
„it napkins beautifully ornamented,
which will be used in lheir ice cream
social. As u souvenir it is valuable to
tiie ow.ner.
Ted Emerson left last week for
soul lient Idaho, driving overland.
Do you relieve in signs? If you read
>urs you do. McGrew.
D. Hannah and his assistant ran
(lie level lor the water ditch Friday
and (Saturday, returning to Juliaettu
to complete his work of surveying the
townsite recently added there.
Tiie base ball Sunday between Julia
etta and Kendrick on the former's
grounds resulted in a victory to Julian
etta. The score being 7 to 10. Con
fident «if victory Ute Kendrick nine
challenged Juliaetta toa return game
which was played Wednesday after
Bo properly and lightly crowned by
buying one of those crash huts at
Tiie heavy rains and the fall of snow
nas given tiie ground just what war
needed in tiie shape of moisture and
this aectiott bids fair to make a b'annei
yield in every line at harvest.
Bert Wilcox, of Colfax, son of B. H.
Wilcox made our town a visit this
week. It is t lie first time in five yeui
lie has be« it home an«i tins is as much
for renewal of streugtli and health as
r* creation.
Tiie subject of Ute morning sermon
at tiie Pres lyteriar. church next Sun
day is "If any mail serve Me let it m
follow Me.'' A 1 are c >r«lially invited
We will have tiie best Binding
Twine at lowtrst prices.
McCrea Bros. & Go.
L. A. Kerr started Tuesday on a
visit through the country, taking his
optical «'äse along. Mr. Lewis is man
aging the store during his absence.
M. O. McGrew made a visit to tiie
Potlatch Tuesday.
The Lincoln Hardware & Implement
Company have just received a car of
McCormick machinery consisting of;
Mowers, Bakes, Headers, Binders, and
Push Hinders They also placed an <>r
iler last week, for immediate shipment,
for a ca • of Barb Wire. Nai s e.c
car of Dors and Windows; aim a car
of Binding Twine. They have already
received since tiie first of (lie year feur
carloads, w hich with these will make
nine full earloads of goods so fur in
190.» Front this, one can figure the im
mense amount of business ini ml led in
lids territory every year by this well
known firm.
Duve.RowlutnH and tiie M sues Smith
returned Tuesday afternoon from a
visit to their property in tiie woods.
They had a pleasant trip gettiug the
full tieuefit of tiie r cent storui.
Are you one of Hie committee ap
pointed to meet Roosevelt? See the
agent of the Nor. Pac., O. H. Z aman,
about its «-ost. Only one tare for the
round trip.
$5(90 Reward
To any pers >n who can substantiate
tiie fact that any china latter is imploy
ed iu or about our Cigar factory at
Medford Oregon.
Palm, Whitman & Co.
Medford Oregon
Wood wanted- We wuut wood at
tiie Gazette ottice.
If you are in need of glasses I am pre
pared to suit you or no charge will he
made. My new Retina Scope mens
ures tiie eye perfectly showing tust
what you need.
L. A. Kerr, Ref. D.
The best physic: Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. Easy to
take; nleasuiit in effect, l'or suie by
A. C. Wim , A Co.
82 60 QUEENBEESHOE 82.50
Not as fine as Gloria, ii.it stylish and servie 'able
We can't oiler you any better value in a dress shoe
for *2 50
Men's Underwear
and Work Shirts


f Underwear 80c up ta $210 a Suitf
f —- -<f>
I Can supply you I
with everything you need
Tiie Calve Shoe for Ladies
Village School shoe for Children
"LUZON" Shoes foi Men
The best for honest wear
W. E. DAGGETT, Southwifk, Ida
^ Not the largest in the
t country for 'largness" is
f too often made up of old
f goods and bad quality
% But each garment offered
f is a bargain for the price
% asked
<§> - » - 1 -
f Shirts* 40c 50c and 65c
If you will step In we ttill shot* you the finest lot
At rices that cant be duplicated We use the best
California Oak leather in everything
We keep a big stock of tents and wagon colters
F)am ley & C o»
Pioneer Dray and Express Line,
Wood. Ice and 5>ound Singles kept constantly on hand
T am piepaied to do any and all kinds of work *in l V
line in and about Kendrick. A share of the public p-vi
re no ge is most respectfully solicited' /\ H|| [ _ prop "

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