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Ail Clothés Look Alike
Whèn they're piled up on a big table. You see the difference when you put 'em on.
One store looks like another generally speaking. When you see a big lot of clothing
tables, head high, It seems to be only a question of color and price
There is something more important, xsk yourself Who made them? ;
C. & B. Made Cloth
ing is different. When we give you a C. & B. coat to try
on, you will find that the collar fits snug; the sjioulders
seem molded to your own. It has a style and dignity
that is never found in ordinary clothing and best of all
you have our guarantee that every stitch is right and the
makers guarantee it too. These are the -qualities you
seek in your clotning and the ones wé have to offer you in
D. S. Hunter ,CE
Fof sale
Proprietor .
Kendrick Lumber Yard
Shingl«», Moulding, Lime, Coal,
Ifmifh mil Dressed Lumber. Native
and Softüd. Secure! Estimates
Ij|ra prepared to do any and all kinds of
of work in the line of drayiug or transfer
Hearts are Trumps
If You Buy them at
With or without a cinch in the wav of fine
All kinds, nil sires, all styles,
and examine the stock nf
We invite you to call
both latelv received
To all Lands and
Lots in Latah Cy
Idaho Realty Title & Trust
Company, Moscow, Ida
A Boon to the House Keeper
Washes Clothe* without Rubbing
Cleans Floors. Walls, Glass, Etc.
Spraj for Fruit trees. Plants. Etc.
Kills Aphis on Trees and (Shrubbery
Drives Insects from Garden Vegetables
One pound will do the same execution
os a pound of soap, minus
For sale at
th« labor
The Kendrick Gazette
/ .• -BY
Entered at the Fostofflce at Kendrick. Idaho
mi second-class mail matter.
One Year , •
Six Months 1 - •
Three Months
|1 .50
1 00
Local notices, first week per line. .$0.10
Each subsequent week............ 0.05
Display locals, first week........ 0.15
Fach subsequent week..........0.10
Display advertisements per month
single column. Der inch........ 1.00
FRIDAY', MAY 29, 1003.
Another one of these heavy graft
ing schemes has been brought to
our attention. A carload of bug
gies, called the Spalding, has been
sent to this point for distribution
and their salesmen will immediate
]y scatter to dispose of the lot. The
rank injustice of it, the wrong done
to our merchants, the -vliort sight
edness of those who buy and the
sorrow consequent upon the pur
chase, makes one sore.
Every year these cheap eastern
houses .pal to off a stock upon our
western country and by means of
specious words, pietumed advan
tages or a cheaper price secure
sales. It is wrong, and' every one
who invests in such is dring rf
wrong to himself, his merchants,
his town and community.
You ask why? First, this trad
ing with peddlers and mail
houses is wrong in principle.
order <
Say I
that sales amount to $50, that $50. j
is taken absolutely out of the coun
(ry ai.d you receive it back never
again. Reverse it, say your mer
chant sells you $50; he buys your
produce, helps pay for your church
aids the fund for roads, is a factor
in lighting your burden of taxes,
and if he gives but fifty cents ( it
ig generally more) to each project
big for a $'25 donation
, live just north of this city, Feb. C h 18
< jj 4 t g |, e was joined in the Holy Louds
I of Matrimony to John Oerbel, »ho
j still lives to ni mrii her demi e.
he has actually brought the price
qt your ~$50- down to al out • $40.
Now, what say you, is it not wrong
in principle?
Then again, how can you expect
fffvors and courtesies from youj
merchants when you give them
cut like buying from tjn eastern
jobbing outfit. ' Now if this custom
secured cheaper or better or super
ior articles, it would not be so llag
rantly wrong, although it is our
contention that wrong in principle,
it is wrong in every case; but these
goods in almost every instance ar f e
inferior, are héld- at a higher cash
value and will not stand to the
promises made.
Now we ask as a personal favor
injustice to yourself and the town
and country that you will .deal di
rect with your merchants; will give
all peddling concerns the go by
«rid refrain from patronizing the
mail order houses, referring them
to vour regular merchants or ask
community and hear the answer-«
Also if it is any advantage we
will try- and persuade our mei
chants to start the peddling and
mail order business.
What say you, will you refrain?
Mr. Joseph Frucht] received last
week the sud intelligence of the dpaiti
of liik sister Mrs John Uerbel nf Big
Ill's. The following taken from the
Bigel Advocate is a short sketch of lier
illness and death:
Airs Oerbel's maiden name was Miss
Anna Fruchtl she spent the griater
part of lier life with lier parents whi
Mrs Gerbel liu<) been in the liest of
beult h up to lust Xmas, when she be
gan ailing and after four and one half
months of suffering she finally was re
lieved iu the sweet sleep of death.
Mrs Gerbel. was born on the 2nd day
of July 1875 and died May 18tl)., 1903
leaving her at the age of 28 years, 10
nertr, at the Catholic church, Friday
months and 11 days; Iter funeral tervi
ccs were conducted by Rev Fr. Peu
. The Wastes of the Body.
Every seven (fays the blood, nu\ÿcles
and bones of a man of avera||fe*Viz.e
loses two pounds of wornout tissue.
This waste cannot be replenished Mi<l
the health and strength kept up with*
out perfect digestion. When the sto
mach and digestive organe fail to per
form their functions, the strength lèt»
down, health give» way, au I disease
sets up, Kodal Dyspepsia Cure enables
the stomach and digestive organs to
digest and assiinflate Jn f the whole
some fond that may be eaten Into tue
kind of blood that rebuilds the tissuea
und protects the* health and strength
of the mind and body. Kodol cures
Indigestion, Dyspepsia and all stomach
troubles. It is an ideal spring tonic.
For sale by A. C. White & Cd.
and F. M. Sftvder. Lelaud Itja.
From a Cat Scratch
On the arm, to the worse sort of a
burn, sore or boil, DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve is a quick cure'pJn buying
Witcii Hazel Salve, be particular, to
get DeWitt's—this is the salve that
heals without leaving a scar. A sp*
ciilc for blind, bleeding, itching aihl
protruding piles. Sold by White & Co
and F. M. Snyder, of Delund Ida.
WANTED.— experienced girl or
woman to.work in small family; no
washing; good home and good Wiqjhs.
Mrs. O. F. Parker.
Orangeville. Ida.
iuoq||»g from where her remains were ■
I alien to the Catholic cemetery where
they were interred in their last resting
iuo O.-feort
: E I'u ruer
These ara Entitled to Catch Fish
The follow fug Is a list of names of
Hie patties in this section who have
taken out liceuse or permit« to fish
uuder the law now lu force:—
VV B McGraw
Frank Olson
L A Kerr
C G Compton
-Eugene Hiusdale
John Holman
(J L Dim loan
Jesse Reeves
N Lewis
K L Oient *
rt. More *
Roy Richards«*!
.1' loyd .Campbell
Joint Reedy
1, ester McGraw
J F Jenkins
O V Morey
Joe Davis
Guy Kerr
R 0 tsincliilr
Obus Sieh ill
T A Huuter
T P Loral i g
Edwin belaud
F H Oviatt
J Allier
A Martin
Earl Couus
A E Lu Keus
Frank l rocker
Walter Timinus
D F Wall*
Jesse Duneau
John iirotke
Ira Jenks
Byrd Davidson
O.it Alber
Amor VuuSoelman Lew Buckulew
C M Keep
Wui Olson
H B Osborn
H L Ingle
O Hileinan
( art Deo bald
R 8 WheUtiue
A M Bobu
R P Drury
L H .Huntley
C li Brilhurt
J B lielpmau
Otto i).«b>irri
8 P ( '«bison
Albert Oltfgll
J R Jacks»
A B Oakes
Wade Keane
B E Callison
E 1) Emerson
Ira Allen
8 8 Ba'
Archie May
Willie limiter
G M Lewis
C H Fry
Ralph Roberts
Win Hunter
D J Rowlands
Author Bohn
Frank Andrews
IV B Crews
Earl Crocker
John Mnohum
Ebner Bechtol
Roy. Cole
H J Rovencanip
It « Janies
\V Erickson
Hobt Bigliatn
C VAMcKeeeer
Eugene Elliot
M L Duncan
Oeo Brewster
U M Loomis
H A Newcotne
L. A. Kkkk
D tp. State Wurden.
Too Gÿeat a Risk
Tn almost every neighborhood
someone lias died 'ifom an attack of
colic or choierit morbus, before medi
cine could be procured or a physician
summoned. A reliable remedy lor
diese diseases should ne kept ut hand,
l'lie risk js to great for'anyone to take.
Chamberlain s Colie, ' Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy lias undoubtedly
saved the lives of more jfeople und re
lieved more pain and sunbriug than
any other medicine iu use'- It cau
always be depended upon. For Sale
by A. C. White À Co.
Any one having a good saddle horse
easy gaited, for sale call at
The Lincoln Har$w«rtb __
A Windmill for sale, at a bargain
practically new. For particulars see
Dr. A. Huuter.
Church Notice.
German Lutheran church nt Cam
emu, Ida., Service will lie held every
Sunday at 10 a. in. by Rev. C. Hopf. >
German Lu l heran service will lie
held at the Presbyterian church in
Juliuetta, Ida. every alternate Sunday
ut 2:30 p. m.
President Roosevelt.
President Roosevelt will be ia Spo
kane May 26ih.
The Nwr. Pac. Ry. Co. will sell tic
ket« to Spokane and return on May 26
j a nd 2Gth for one fare for the round trip,
' Tickets good returning May 27rh.
G. H. ZeMUttii Agent.

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