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Boost For Better
Into Kendrick
Give Your Home
A Chance
Sermon by Dr. Smith
"The Hidden Force" !
"Prove what is acceptable to the j
Lord." Eph. 5, 10.
There is a hidden force is every
body's life, for good or bad. The
secret of conquering evil and hold
ing fast to the good in you lies
A wholly within your own self. You
can "be a man or mouse." The
secret power is not in the flesh or in
the blood but is within the soul.
That soul like the bird on the wing
which takes in great draughts of
air and then forces it into every
bone and tissue, giving it lightness
that it may be easily borne up that
it can long be on the wing.
So the soul takes in great draughts
of spiritual goodness from the Holy
Spirit that it may live long in the
land and come finally to the haven
of rest. So then life, eternal life,
summed up means, this life plus the
power of the spirit in us. This
prison house of clay by this dynamic
force of the Holy Spirit becomes
the house of immortality.
This power comes to us by a great
price—nothing less than the blood
of Jesus. The greatest battle of the
late war, into which our brave boys
went and won. was not fought out j
on the field of battle first, but in
the very heart of every brave sol
dier boy. He called upon God, he
called upon the Holy Spirit to his
aid, and then wounded, gassed or
even stair., he won.
No one in America knew the evils
our boys must face on the battle
front and its awful surroundings.
Come then sweetheart, mother,
father, brother and sister, pray God
to find your soldier boy and that he
may prove that acceptable will of
God. Sin of every sort confronts
the soldiers. He is worth more than
gold or silver to us. Let us then
pray for him and do for him what
God has put in our hands. Let him
know that he can be right, good,
noble and true. He will do it if
you want him to. When he returns
be ready to furnish him wholesome
amusement, manly positions and
proper places for his spare hours.
Do you realize it, when these sol
diers come home their hearts will
appeal pathetically for needed help,
j . a .. ,
good influences, amusement and
solid enjoyment? You can give it
to them. Being a good man or
woman, as you ought tobe. Will
you come to the fore and with right
principles, prove to the man that
you have already proven that ac
ceptable will of God.
Our battle to clear the way for
our brave boys at home, is even
greater than any ever fought on the
field of blood. Come, be courage
ous, patriotic and no slacker. Shame
on the church members who will be
so busy chasing dollars that he will
not give his best self for the soldier
boy. The world physically and
spiritually is growing better.
Physically we are fighting disease
at every corner, draining swamps,
killing the mosquitos and every
germ and microbe. We are making
life worth living.
So now come, let us clean up the
jjm>ls of iniquity, the rivers of
temptation and the insects of lust
and the microbes of evil thought
and make our spiritual life worth
Fight on, over come evil in spite
of the many croakers who think
and say "You are too pure." "Put I
oay luuc.ctu« .jette. im.
on the whole armour of God" and
win, by proving the acceptable will
of God.
We can over come the impossible, i
we have done it in the matter of
temperance, in the areoplane, in the
wonderful motor system and on the
field of battle and now we can do so
in the heart of man, by proving the
acceptable will of God.
Where are you lined up, on the
right side or the wrong side? It
makes a difference. Leave the vie- i
tories with God, you fight and you
will win. Get sin out of your heart
and the love of God into it and
when our soldier boy comes home
he will love you, follow your lead
and bless you and be a saved man.
"Is it worth the candle? You must
, . , ,,
answer by your proving the will
of God. The Lord bless you.
Cashed Worthless Check
A stranger, giving the name of
Fred Larson and representing that
he was from Troy, tried to cash
checks at nearly every store in Ken
drick Thursday afternoon and even
tried to cash one amounting to
$150 at both banks. At the Ken
drick Store he cashed one amounting
to $25 and at the Red Cross Pharm
acy tried to buy a nine dol lar kodak
and give a fifteen dollar check in
payment. Mr. Herres, however, re
fused to accept the check and the
stranger left the store without tak
ing the check with him. The check
was made out to Fred Larson and
was signed J. J. Smith.
The Kendrick Store Co. learned
about six o'clock that the check was
bogus and notified the authorities at
Juliaetta, Moscow and Lewiston.
Constable Hampton arrested two
men at Juliaetta about seven o'clock
last evening, one of them being the
man who passed the checks and the
other a man who was seen in com
pany with the check raiser here.
Sheriff Campbell notified Mr. Ham-;
pton to hold the men there until he
could take them in charge.
j T ractor School at University
In a recent survey of the state it
was found that one of the most im
portant factors determining the suc
cess or failure of a tractor as an in
vestment was the ability of the
operator. Many men get the ex
perience in operating during
busy season when time is precious,
This is expensive in more ways than
one. The loss of time when the
work is pressing and the rapid de - 1
terioration of the machine due to
lack of experience and knowledge in
care and operation.
In the two week's school to be
given, a man may secure a know
ledge of his machine which will
save him much loss during the com
ing seasons. To the prospective
buyer it gives an opportunity to
compare the different machines as
to material used, principle of con
struction and the methods of oper
Lectures will be given daily and
,, ^ „ .. ,
all parts illustrated. Operation and
, , . j
shop work will occupy the remaind
! er of the time. If you have a tractor
that is in need of overhauling bring
it and overhaul it during the school.
Drop a line to J. C. Wooley of the
Agricultural Engineering Depart- j
ment telling him that you will be
present January 27 to February 7,
, ., , . t « .ill
hospital, at Lewiston at five o clock ;
Death of Ruth Seals
Miss Ruth Seals died at the White
Wednesday morning. A severe at- i
tack of influenza followed by a re-,
lapse, developed into pneumonia
which caused her death. She was
learning nursing at the hospital be
fore she was taken ill.
Miss Seals was a niece of Mrs.
Joday Long and a sister of May
Seals. She was greatly interested
in her work at the hospital and was
making splendid progress. Over
exertion in caring for other pa
tients before she had fully recover
ed her strength was said to be the
cause of her death.
The funeral was held at Asotin.
... , , r .. , ,
^ r ' and Mrs - Joda y Lon K attended (
from here.
Masons Elect Officers
At a regular meeting of the !
Masonic fraternity at the Temple
last Thursday night, Dec. 12, the
following officers were elected and
installed: A. V. Dunkle, Worship
f u l Master, E. W. Lutz, Senior
It Warden, R. D. Newton, Junior
i Warden, W. M. McCrea, Treasurer,
R. B. Knepper, Secretary, O. E.
MacPherson, Senior Deacon, M. 0.
: Raby, Junior Deacon, Rev. Smith,
Chaplain, N. Brocke, Tyler, E. H.
Dammerall and John Florance,
Stewardsand H. P. Hull, Marshal.
,, .
Mrs. J.H. Holt went to Moscow
Wednesday to visit friends.
From Henry Mielke
Camp Gorden, Ga.
Arrived here yesterday to com
plete the course in the officer's
training school. The machine gun
school at Camp Hancock has been
disbanded, so those of us who wish
ed to complete the course were sent
up here to take the infantry course
and get a commisison in that branch
of the service.
Attorney J. C. Hoyt of Troy was
at Hancock and was quratered just
a few tents from me. He has decid
d to go home.
This is one of the best camps in
the country—up to date in every
way. We have completed minor
parts of our course and from now on
our studies will consist mostly of
field problems and tactical exer
. We are kept busy all day and all
evening. We get all the training
in three months that a soldier gets
in five or six months; not only that
but we have to learn it all so we can
teach - others.
Army life has been somewhat
dreary to me for the past two j
months or so on account of the flu [
quarantine, at Camp Meade and !
At. „4 ___ .__n,„4„„„who
; lowed to go into, any tent but our j
the same at Hancock. After the j
flu quarantine we were quarantined
on account of the scarlet fever,
They closed up the shows, Y. M. C.
A. and we were restricted to our
company streets and were not al
Christmas Roll Call
i own.—Henry Mielke,
Co., C. Ü. T. S.
Machine Gun
Under the direction of John
Waide the Christmas Red Cross
Membership drive is pressing!
in fine shape in this precinct. Mr.
Waide is chairman of the drive for
Kepdricl, and is assistedI by Miss
Nettie May Jacobus, who has charge
of American ridge.
Mr. Waide appointed the follow
ing committee to work Kendrick,
sol i ci ti ng ne w mem bers and collect-!
( jng dues from 0 ld members: Mrs.
Edgar Long and Mrs. F. A. Pears,
Mrs. N. E. Walker and Mrs. Charles
Chandler, Mrs. Stuart Compton and
Miss Eula Crocker, Miss Bernadine
im a »*• d ,. «,
! Plummer and Miss Bernadine> Mos >-j
er > Mrs. Jouay Long, Mr =
Mrs. Boston
and Miss Ruth Dammerall.
On American ridge Miss Jacobus
f* ad Miss Agnes Cox and Clarence
Daugherty as assistants,
The committees generally met with
ready response and the dollars col
lected were donated cheerfully by
the patriotic people of this com
' James Nelson of Bear ridge went
to Moscow Tuesday to attend
meeting of republicans from this
county. He returned home Wednes
dav accompanied by his daughter,
Big Bear Ridge
A most merry Christmas to all.
Help "The Greatest Mother i
the World, by renewing your.
Cross. The annual business meeting !
and election of officers for the Big!
Bear ridge Red Cross Auxiliary, for |
the coming year will be tjield at
the U B. church Saturday, Dec.
2811, at 1 p. m. All members are
requested to be present.
Miss Clara Lien returned home
Wednesday from Spokane, where
she has spent the past five months.
Mrs. Robert Clemenhagen receiv
ed word that her husband was in a
hospital in Virginia, with the
measles, having recently recovered
from an attack of influenza.
Mrs. Ida Comstock was agreeably
surprised Saturday evening when
over twenty neighbors and friends
came in to spend a social evening.
The occasion being in honor of her
birthday. A dainty lunch was ser
ved and an enjoyable time was had
by all. Everyone went away wish
ing her many more such happv
j nephewp. He had returned to New
[ York having served his country
! overseas,
Mrs. Emma Gladen received the i
sad news of the death of her
taken ill
Oscar Huffman went to Lewiston
! Monday to visit his brother, James,
is at a hospital there, and re
j ^ he js ge ? ting a , ong fairly |
when he was
j with P n e amonia -
Preaching services will be held at
the Lutheran church Dec. 26th. at
^ a ' m '
A. J. Aas received a telegram that
his son Ingvald had arrived safe
ly in New York, having made two
trips across.
The boys will soon be returning
having done their utmost. Can you
ftÄ wt
Sav j ngs Stamps.
_ , ,
fr lLÄer Ua'ie'.'wjo is'wS
th e American Expeditionery Forces
in France, dated Nov. 14th, stating
he was safe.
I Mrs N E Ware spent the first
part of the week on Potlatch ridge
' with her sister, Mrs. J. Berriman.
E. W. Lutz Has Resigned
The many friends of the
>-j fami , y in Kendrick will be
sorry to learn that they have decid
ed to leave here. Mr. Lutz sent in
his resignation this week and it
will take effect the first of the year.
He has several offers of positions
in Snokanp but has not decided
in Spokane hut nns not aeciaea
definitely what he will do until he
has made further investigation. Mr.
Lutz is a very able banker having
had twelve years experience in the
various departments of banking,
His record here is exceptionally
The Lutz family have made many
warm friends here who will regret
' exceedingly to see them leave.
H. B. Emmel Here
H. B. Emmel, Y. M. C. A. sec
retary, who has been stationed in
New York City for the past five
months, returned Monday night to
spend the holidays with his family
here. He wrote to them not to ex
pect him until after Christmas, so
his home-coming was a glad sur
prise to them and to his many'warm
friends here. He expects to leave
the last of this month for Seattle,
as he is due there the 30th, and will
embark for Russia where he has a
position in the Y. M. C. A. work.
Mr. Emmel left here last spring
for New York City, expecting to
immediately be sent overseas to
France for Army Y. work. On ar
riving in New York he was inform
ed that the Government had order
ed his passport canceled. This
was a complete surprise to him and
to the members of the Y. M. C.A.
and it was several months before he
was informed of the reason for the
Government action. It developed
that someone had accused him of dis
loyaty, but from whom this report
origiated and from whence it came,
no one but the Government and the
pro German propagandist who made
the charge knows. Mr. Em
mel 's friends here know how utter
ly absurd the charge was and that
there could be no just cause why
anyone should put this cloud over
him. His unqualifiedly loyal spirit
was known here and before leaving
for New York he was one of the
most energetic war workers in this
community. The charge would seem
ridiculous if it had not carried with
| it such serious consequences,
After five months of perseverance,
and by the assistance of several in
fluential friends he succeeded in
clearing up the cloud'and the Gov
ernment had to acknowedge that it
was a false one but gave no partic
ulars as to its origin.
However, the trials which this
big hearted Y. worker had to en
dure were not without their com
pensation. The fight which he made
to clear himself brought him into
prominence among some of the
leading Y. M. C. A. officials and
as a recompense for what he had
gone through and to show the con
fidence'in which he was held by his
Y. M. C. A. brothers, he was given
a very responsible and promisftig
position as a specialist in physical
i culture and is being sent to Russia
where he will be in charge of re
construction work, or rather, in
the furtherance of "American Pro
paganda" or "Americanism" in
that unenlightened country. His
work will be somewhat in the na
ture of missionary work but will
reach farther than that ^d will be
primarily to educate the people
there into the spirit of American
| principles. It will be a broad field
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harris of
Bear ridge are visiting at the Jim
and is work that is wonderfully
suited to Mr. Emmel's abilities.
He has enlisted for two years and
will probably have to be away from
his family during this time, al
though it is possible that after the
first year he will be allowed to have
them with him. In the mean time
they will remain here.
Linden Items
Ball home.
Miss Heida Kellberg spent Satur
day evening at the F.
There will be
Christmas tree at
school on Christmas eve.
is invited.
Lester Crocker is visiting at tiie
Fred Crocker home. He has been
C. Lyons

program and
the Gold Hill
. .. , . . . .. .__
; before he^eturnshome. 0 ** ^ \
, , i
The Mike Forest family moved to 1
thp Kee , er p | ace | ast week. Mr.
p oresc had his leg broken Nov. 18.
He is slowly recovering.
Mr an(] Mrs Gug Farington are
tb e home of his mother who is
suffering with an attack of pleurisy.
Mrs. Joday Long returned Tues
day morning trom Lewiston where
she went to see Ruth Seals who was
; very ill with pneumonia.
Sermon by Rev. Gregory
"God Endures Bad Manners."
Acts 13, 18.
I think nothing is more irritating
to the nerves than bad manners, and
nothing is less justifiable. In the
long run, good manners are as easy
as bad ones, for while it may be a
good deal harder to be mannerly
than to be ill mannerly, when one is
through with the good manners he
is done with them; but when one
gets through with bad manners he
is just where he begins to see what
should have been different. The
text which I gave says, "About the
time of forty years suffered He
their manners in the wilderness."
It is high time we were learning
courtesy of the heart and brain, and
weighing our influences] ana duties
to those with whom our manners
will have bearing. A man may go
about a selfish and extravagant life
with the thought of it being his
privilege, and at the same time re
velling in that which shoud go to
procure support to loved ones, and
passes out to his neighbor a code of
manners which will cause his fam
ily to be held at distance, and they
bow their faces with shame.
The sooner men and women come
to realize the value of high ideals
and their own influences, the better
it will be. When people learn that
behavior is a thing that flows like
living water out of the deep wells
of the heart, the better it will be
for society. There is a type of bad
manners, when you don't remember
that other people have feelings,
when you don't remember that
other people have shadows and
sufferings, tho they don't show
them. Good manners would put
the best construction on things in
stead of the worst, speak kindly of
people rather than harshly.
Here was a people called Israel,
God had done all sorts of things for
them. He had given them liberty.
Liberty is the gretest gift the hu
man soul possesses except God. and
God is another name for liberty.
He had brought them out of bond
age, He had broken the chariot
wheels of the pursuing Pharaoh,
God led this people to freedom.
He gave them the choicest gift his
hand has yet produced, and they
never so much as turned their faces
toward God and said, "I thank
you." They were given a leader.
Moses came with out any large gift
of language, but with beautiful
humility and a clean spirit and
trust in God, he led them out of
slavery into manhood, he brought
them not into conquest so much as
into a land of plenty. God made
them to have a great mission; what
is there like that. If you have no
business in the world you will be
worthless. But through the temple
of service in your life be stately
and beautiful, if the Master has no
door of entrance your life will fail.
He said, "I will bless the world
through you," and they never said
for thy largeness of mercy and thy
tender kindness , "we bless Thee."
This may look incredible, but it is
the truth, we are today no better
than Israel. We do what they did.
We are guilty of ingratitude and
thoughtlessness. Adoration of low
things and lack of high ideals. Do
we remember God? Just as God
canno t make flonwers bloom with
planting seeds so He cannot make
courtesies bloom except people let
Him plant the seeds, and tend and
grow them. Think of the beauty
• of the flower but the seed must fall
the ground there lay until
spring, wnen there will be beauti
ful bues and pinks as will make the
Sun glad. Wei 1 after that fashion
you are to let the seed of courtesy
fall in the soil of your heart and
\ grow upward '
i -
Not Much Flu Here
No new cases of flu have been re
ported in Kendrick since early last'
week and nearly all those who have
been ill with the disease have re
covered and are able to be öutdf
doors. If no new cases develop by
...... , , .....
the end of this week there will be
no flu in Kendrick.

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