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George Holbrook this week ship-
ped four carloads of stock from
Kendrick. The shipment consiste i
of 110 head of cattle and calves.
Mr. Holbrook says this is one of the
best livestock shipping points in
this part of the state.
- At a combined meeting of the
school board and village council
last Saturday morning it was decid-
ed to postpone school for at least
another week. This action was
taken on account of the increased
number of influenza cases. The ]
same action was taken by the school
board at Moscow.
Mrs. Ernest Randall arrived in
Kendrick from Orofino to visit
friends and relatives here.
Charles Higgle received a iettvr
from his son, Delbert, the first of
the weèk. Delbert is in Siberia
and the mail service in that
country is very poor. Sometimes
they do not receive mail for over a
month at a time.
ience on a
Moser had a peculiar exper
hunting trip last week.
A deer was running along a hillside ,
close to where the Doctor was stand- :
— -----,„.i ------ ♦ l '" l
ing. The crusted snow made the
footing very uncertain and the ;
■deer slipped and fell, sliding down
the steep hillside right at the.feet
of the .hunter. Lr. Moser said he
could" easily have killed the deer
^vvitti a club. Fortunately it was
dole enotfgh so.that by careful aim
he made a lucky hit and killed it
'the first shot.
Captain .lohn E. Hoyt is now lo
cated at Debarkation Hospital No.
. 5, New York City. He has a splen
did position there,and is ge'ddy-
pleased with bi'^SL»^yj»4»Tne8
** the hospital receives the sick
-"and wounded as they return from
France. Many of the boys are in l
bad shape. In one ward of thirty
.returned soldiers they have but
twenty feet. IJhev have reconstruc-
tion hospitals in 'connection to get
them in shape physically so far as
they can and then teach them some
.useful work. They have a linotype
machine (type casting machine)
and also teach painting, machine
.work, bench carpentering and many
other occupations.
Contributions were taken on
American ridge before Christmas
f for the ptirtfios« of purchasing ma
terials for home made candy to be
•sent to the busier at Camp Lewis
Thirty-one contributions were re
ceived and they wbre large enough;
to supply the-same number of boxes
of candv. * The name of a contribut
was put in eaçh box and the
boxes were sent, in time to reach
Camp Lewis before Christmas day.
Letters are being received by those
/who sent the boxes and they clearly
indicate how pleased the boys were
to be remembered, as a great many
of them could not be home for
Christmas day. .
i Fred Weaver of Elberton, Wash.,
was transacting business in Kend
rick the first of the week.
; A number of subscriptions to the
Gazette fell due the first of the
year. A dollar and a half makes
tin acceptable New Year's present
to the Gazette.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Walker and
family of Seattle visited friends
( and relatives in Kendrick and vicin
ity during the holidays' Mr. Walk
,er is a brother of N. E. Walker.
They returned home Tuesday.
Moscow Tues-'
Ed Petrick was in
day on business.
]d Trask of Agatha was in
on business.
.cyçloneja bolt of light
ning or sb^ne olher destructive!
'element to p^i the; Kendrick light- j
ing system out |pt comission but in
Juliàetta a beav^Nfan put the town ;
•in darkness. A colony of them
have made their home in the mill:
race or flume that supplies the j
water power to run the mill and
power plant. Sometimes a beaver :
knaws a hole through the side of
. tiie fl ume, and lets the water run
out. TRe"light plant then shuts!
down for repairs.
George Wayland' returned from
Bovil shortly before Christmas to
visit his family near Kendrick. He
has been night watchman at one of
the camps and expects to return as
soon as his son has recovered from
Charles Lutz of Reardon, Wash.,
spent the week end in Kendrick
with his brother, E. W. Lutz.
Loyd Waltz returned last week
from Camp Dodge, Iowa, having re
ceived his honorable discharge from
the army The first ot the week he I
was taken ill with influenza but is
said to be getting along nicely.
Wallace Ennnett and family ar
rived the first of the week from
Coburg. Montana to, visit Mr. Em
mett's father, James Emmett. Wal
lace has a 320-acre homestead near
Coburg which he has held for the
. c u . I
past five years. He reports crops ;
sTort it that country
last season.
during the:
Rose Riggle returned Wednesday
to Spokane after spending several
days visiting her parents here.
She is attending business college
in Spokane.
Ernest Robert's ship, the Amer
ican transport Toaailgres, was
wrecked in the Bay of Biscay last
Saturday and was a total loss. The
passengers and crew were land led
Mr. Farmer, maybe you have a
hog, a cow, or a horse or some farm
implements that you wish to sell or
buy. Why not try placing an ad in
our local column? For a few cents
a week you can fipd a buyer or a
seller, without haviqyg to run all
over the country looking for them.
Try it and see.
Otto Eichner of American ridge,
who underwent an operation
Lewiston for appendicitis several
weeks ago, returned home Wednes
Mr, and Mrs. Albert Schultz of
Palouse, Wash., returned home
Thursday after visiting Mrs.
Schultz' folks on Potlatch ridge. „
this vacinity
South wick Items
Wedding bells ring merrily on in
Dec. 24th, Miss Opal
Thornton and Mr. Howard South
Wick were married at Lewiston by
j U( j ge Bollinger.
Christmas Day, Miss Viola South
, w ick and Mr. Attlee>Mustoe were
: joined in marriage, by Rev. Ben
l j am j n a t the home of the brides'
; parents,
Mr. Ed Darby was a business vis
itor at Southwick Saturday.
No new cases of flu have develop
ed at Southwick yet. Chester Mc
Iver and famiy are recovering from
the disease.
l jamin home,
It seems good to have the boys re-
turning home even in small num-
bers. Albert Lawrence has been
home tor 'some time from the S. A.
T. C. at Moscow.
Prof. Wilbur and Miss Warliek
spent Christmas Eve at the Ben-
Mrs. Ben McCoy spent Christmas
with her mother, Mrs. Lock.
The Misses Fern Graham and Lil-
lian Hoppe came down from Mos-
cow to spend Christmas with home
We have heard about ministers
being fond of yellow legged chick
jens, but Ben Presnalle is evidently
tired of the custom or else he is
simply very tender-hearted.
Ben and his lady were making a
journey to Kendrick not long ago,
by the wav of Wahdcher Gulch, they
had gone as far as the water trough
when Ben spied a pbor little, lone
some, homeless pig, so he got out
and gave chase to it, leaving the
lady with instructions to follow
them as best she could, until he
caught the pig. The pig was a
racer, for Ben did not catch it until
they had reached the Potaltch
Nets l.ongteig came by just then
and told Ben that he must share the
profits with him or he would tell on
Now this pig as you know, was
quite small and Ben evidently came
to the conclusion, that if he were
compelleti to share that pig with
Nels, it would hardly pay him to
bother with the orphan, so he put
the pig in a barn with an opening
in it large enough for the pig to
make good its escape and resumed
the journey. Of course, the pig
was not in the barn when Ben re-1
turned for it and Nels was consider
ably aggravated, so, good people,
you can Readily understand how we;
came tq know about this very re
markable episode.
Midget Volume.
The smallest printed volume in ex
istence is n complete French trans
lation of Dante's "Divine Comedy." It
measures less than half an inch
square, and. though comprising 500
pages, required only two sheets of
printer's paper for its make-up.
"Considering the rapidity with which
a dollar slips away from one," ob
served the too small, too quiet man
who wore the too large collar, "one
n.ight infer that it is made of quick
To Remove Ink.
To remove ink from lingers wet the
fingers and then rub with tiie phosphor
ous end of a mutch. Wipe the fingers
and repeat until stain disappears.
Of Waya and Means.
A book has been published entitled :
"How to Live Longer." It ought to be
worth reading—a great many of us
are short all our lives.
DaWy Thought.
Health consists with temperance
a iÔne'.— Pope
I ~
Clean Up Around Vines and Remova
Weeds and Trash—Plan for
Good Crop Next Year.
Clean up around the grapevines.
: Cut out weeds, and rake up and de
I stioy any trash that may have ac
; cumulated under them . PuU off and
bury or burn any rotten or diseased
grapes that may still be hanging on
the vines. All of these things nre
necessary if one would keep the vines
In healthy and thrifty condition, and
produce fruit next year of first-class
Don t Judge by Noise.
"Troublesome folks makes de most
noise," sajd Uncle Eben. "When It's
too hot foh tie robin to sing de locust
hollers all de time."
Did It Ev«r Uc:u»- to 'fou That
A girl can be terri My forward and
still get off a street ear-backward?
Mother's Advics.
"Remember, my .soil" suit! his moth
er, as she bade him good-by, 'when you
get to camp try to lie punctual in the
morning, so us not to keep breakfast
Love and Sympathy Needed..
Goodness should be the most attrac
tive thing in the world, hut we do veil
to remember that mere correctness of
life and principle, unvitnlized by love
und sympathy, lacks the qualities that
charm. _
The Prehistoric Buffalo.
A huge buffalo with enormous horns
Is conspicuous in prehistoric rock draw
ings lately found in Algeria. The Afri
can elephant is also a striking feature,
and other animals inelude the lion,
leopard, gazelle and domestic goats
and sheep.
Destroys [Plqn| Worms.
Worms 'mny he- killed in jars of
potted plants by taking a dozen horse
Chestnuts and pouring over them two
quarts of lint water. Let stand over
uight and with this water thoroughly
saturate*! hid earth tfl the jars. It will
not Injure the plants, but the worms
will be dead in a few hours.
Wonderful .Giant Squid.
Tin; giaflt squid is the largest animal
in point of length that exists or ever
did exist. It d*itroys its prey by en
folding it in its huge suakelike arms,
whlic- it blackens and poisons the water
with its inky fluid. - It te, a- relative of
the octopus, which is also furnished
with arms, but the latter creature is
smaller and considerably different in
A Guess.
An exchange says that the three-ball
sign in front of cpi'tuiu shops is of In
dian origin. From the I'awn-ee, we
suppose.—Boston Transcript.
Walking Like a Fly.
One of our boon companions hold;,
that man has more intelligence than
a bird, hence should fly better. Same
way, lie says, about a fly. If a fly car.
walk on the ceiling, why not man?
So he invented a pair of suction shoes
and got us to push him up against the
celling and then let go. We did It.
■ Since which time we have respect for
Providence. — Richmond Tinies-Dls
_ «■
Mortality in Civil War.
The battle of our Civil war having
rthe highest mortality rate was Gettys
burg—"the high tide of the .rebelHoig'
—where 55 men were killed out.xif ef-"f
try 1,000 engaged. Mortality rates
I some other important battles wer*
- First Bull Run, 40.7 ; Second Bull Ru4,
J 45.4 ; Antietnm, 39.7; Chfckainaugd,
' 47.(5; Fredericksburg, 1S.1-; Wildernestj,
31.2; Spottsylvnnia, 44.3.
Firms Funds Well Guarded.
Six Chinamen were at one tin*
partners in business in San Francise«
says Walter Newton of Seattle. A
creditor of tlie firm, after vain efforts
to collect wliat was due him, fouiA
out that the money was in the safrf
but that the strongbox had six difr
ferent locks. Each member of the firm
bad one key, and it was necessary to
have a unanimous agreement among
them before the money could be taken
from the safe.
Diplomacy Wins.
Frank speakers (or whatever the/
may term themselves) should rememj
her that certain kinds of frankness
bring a lot of uneasiness and often puii
to others, and those of us who stop t^
think at nil will admit that it is by
far the better part of valor to ref rail
from telling everyone at all times ju4
what we think. We should study tha
tempéraments of the persons witfc
whom we come in contact, and whit
before some we may express ourselv
freely and without reserve, we must i;
tiie presence of others be most careful
and guarded in our remarks.
Anxious About Baby.
Harold is rather jealous since n wei :
brother came to his home. It was hedji ,
time, and mother wns busy with baby
and could not rock Harold, ns had bee«
the custom. Coming up to his mother^,
be naked ; "Don't you flnk baby ought
to lay down in the bed so him enn res£
! his back?"

French Revolutionary Calendar, j
; The convention of the French revo
lution abolished the ordinary calendar
and established a new one. beginning
about the autumnal equinox, with de
scriptive names for the months. Tl^
present time of year was under that
arrangement the last month of the
year. It extended from August 19 to
September IS and was called Fructlddr
Get a good, home-cooked meal at
the Guy. Good service and court
eous treatment. 46-tf.
^ I
LOST: 2 spring calves in tfce
Scotty Wilson canyon, one part Jer
sey! Finder plesae notify DaVie
Schoeffler, Cameron. 52-'J^)
Stop with the only Guv in town -
at the Guv Hotel. 46-tf
Old Year
And The New
The year just closed has been one of trial and
sacrifice to most of us. It has also been one of great
accomplishment. It has been a year full of problems
for those in business, with increasing wholesale prices
on all lines of goods with no assurance that the limit
has been reached, it has been a time
ance on the part of both the man in business
patrons, was more necessary than ever. We
held our prices at the possible level that good
ness sense could sanction. .If our efforts have
with your approval and will justify your further
fidence we will feel that the closing of the year has
ended one more successful chapter in the history ot
the Kendrick Store Company.
and his

. Better Things in Store
With much of the uncertainty removed now
that we are entering* a year of peace, we have good
reason to believe that a gradual re-adjustment will
make the year 191Q a prosperous one for all ot us. At
our store everything will be done to look after your
interests and any accomodations which we are able to
extend to you will be given with pleasure. You have
but to make your wants known.
Quality Merchandise
In All Departments
You will find what you are looking for in our
drygoods, clothing and grocery departments. We
keep them up to standard and handle nothing but
quality goods.
Kendrick Store Co.
The Quality Store
Had 'One Requisite.
Junior was fund of the neckties be
longing to his big brother and, bring
ing me a bright-colored one, asked me
to tie it on for him. He was wearing
a low collarless middy blouse, so I told
him I couldn't tie it on and he yelled
out, "Well, I got a neck, haven't I?"—
Chicago Tribune.
For Toothache.
For toothache heat two tablespoon
fuls of vinegar, dip absorbent cotton in
Jt and apply to gum at base of tooth.
Your Own Way.
Many have an idea that it would be
pleasant always to have tlieir own
way. It is. sometimes pleasant, but
the results are not gratifying. It Is
the road that leads to temptation and
bondage of sin.
N. P. Time Card
No. 312 to Spokane 9:05 a. m.
No. 314 to Spokane 1:36 p. m.
No. 311 to Lewiston 1:36 p. m.
No. 313 to Lewiston 9:05 p. m
Coal at Following Prices
Smith Egg or Lump ■
No. 1 Smith Nut - -
Monarch Egg or Lump
.$1.00 per ton for delivery on the Hut in town and
$1.25 on the schoolhouse hill.
Sturdevant Lumber Yard

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