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Who borrow our service are lending money to
themselves. That's why we call it the Kend
rick Service Station—because we are here to
serve you.
We Give Real Service to
Diseased Tires
Bilious Engines
And Heart Weary
Auto Owners
Rely Upon Us
to repair and keep in repair your machine.
Kendrick Service
Grain and Bean
Also gas tractors and steam engines are ready for
prompt delivery from our Spokane house. Write for
§ rices and catalogue or see your nearest agents, C
hields Hdw. Co., Orofino, Leland Garage, Leland.
A. H. Averill Machinery Company, Spokane, V
Makes the best Bread.
Makes the best Pastry
* Thât can satisfy the
Most Critical Cooks.
Lewiston Milling Company
For Sale By All Grocers.
Infested Spots In Field 8hould Be
Closely Mowed, Covered With
Hey and Burned.
Care should be taken not to use
alfalfa seed Infested with dodder. Dod
dfir seeds may be removed by screen
ing the seed In small quantities through
a 20-by-20 mesh sieve made of 84 wire.
Dodder-infested spots In an alfalfa
field should be closely mowed, the
■tubbte sprinkled with kerosene, then
covered with dry hay and burned.
Should Be Built Two or Three Feet
From Floor With Dropping
Board Eight Inches Belew.
Good chicken roosts may be made of
two by two inch material with upper
edges rounded. They should be built
vn the same level, about two or three
feet from the floor. If a dropping
board is used it should be placed i
»bout eight inches below them.
Liberal Use of Manure*.
A liberal use of barnyard manure
generally is advisable when the soil is
tatber thin.
Lame Back Relieved
For a lame back apply Chamber
lain's Liniment twice a day and
massage the muscles of the l?ack
orve the seat of pain thoroughly
at each application.
Barber Shop
Courteous Treatment
William Hogers
Michigan Starting on Greatest Era of
Highway Construction In His
tory of State.
Michigan is going to start on the
greatest era of road building In the
state's history, declares Edward N.
Hines, first vice president of the De
troit Automobile club. Mr. Hines adds
that Michigan highway constructors
have seen the folly of their ways In
building roads too narrow and of types
not permanent They will correct this
in the future.
Every citizen, including the farmer,
business man, laboring man and the
resident of the small town, sees the
need of permanent highways, the case
being proven to them by wartime con
ditions, according to Mr. Hines. This
was brought about by the inadequate
freight and express service, the food
situation and the general need to con
serve labor wherever feasible.
"Had the war continued," Mr. Hines
stated, "I had records of projects for
building of concrete roads In the state
that likely would have been put
through by the proper authorities in
Washington because of their war ne
cessity, there being some 656,000
square yards. Other projects for con
crete roads in Michigan financed by
the Covert act whose lssueç were sold
and the money not expended during the
{fast season, and direct tax levies
amounted to 1,347,909 square yards, a
total for the state of close to 2,000,000
square yards. All of this will be built
in 1919 and in all probability this yard
age will be doubled by the time the
road construction work begins in the
"Wayne county's concrete roads
have stood the test since the United
States entered the world conflict. The
normal traffic, plus the enormous war
haulage by army trucks over concrete
roads seven, eight, nine and ten years
old, was handled satisfactorily an<^
the highways held up in perfect con
dition. Eyes of the road builders
throughout the country have been fo
cused on Wayne county's roads and
the practical demonstration of the
value of permanent roads has been
proven here in the vicinity of Detroit.
"Wayne, leader among the counties
of Michigan In mileage of improved
roads, asked for no county road tax
this year and will have to rely on the
money received from automobile li
censes. Consequently 1919 will not ap
proximate previous years' programs
because of lack of funds to push the
work to the limit. We expect to get
more for a dollar in 1919, though, as
? m
<■ -T ! - !
m >i
Neglect of Maintaining Roads Is Not
Only Tying Up Transportation and
Handicapping Industry, but Is Cost
ing United States Many Millions of
Unnecessary Expense.
the labor turnover will not be as great
and material prices will have a ten
dency not to incline towards higher
"Among the projects which will be
carried out next year are the follow
ing: One-half mile section in the vil
lage of Wayne, from Michigan uvenue
on the Wayne road south, connecting
with the Huron River drive. This road
will be of concrete, 20 feet wide. Belle
vllle-Romulus brunoh of the Huron
River drive and Outer Belt drive is to
be finished. Delivery of stock on this
job has already been started and will
be kept up as long as good weather
continues. Warren road, which will
be concreted to the Washtenaw coun
ty line in time, is to be taken care of
by another road crew. This work will
go on until the 1919 funds are exhaust
ed. The Lahser road, from Bedford
north to the Oakland line, connecting
with the good road in Oakland county,
will also be completed.
"We will pay considerable attention
to widening some of the main routes
and will maintain all the previously
built roads In a first-class condition."
Public Necessity.
Good roads are a public necessity
and there is no use trying to stop
progress by complaining about the
cost, or objecting to the automobile.
If every auto were destroyed, good
roads would be as much needed as
with the autos.
What Poor Roads Mean.
Lack of proper roads is costing the
American people $1,000,000 for every
working day. That is the conclusion
of the Corn Exchange National bank
of Philadelphia.
The Fire and the Flavor
Flavor in cooking is largely a matter of exact control of heat.
With Puritan Oil Cookstoves you can regulate cooking heat per
fectly. They light inttantly—give any heat for frying, simmering,
boiling'or baking. Set the flame low, medium or high—there it
•tayi. No fire tending.' None of the kitchen heat or grimy work
of a coal atove. Like gaa for convenience. Like gas the flame
playi right on the'çooking utensil—cooks quickly.
Sold by all dealers.
For best results use Con-o-eo Safety Oil.
(A Colorado Corporation)
fait Laka City Ckayaaaa Albnqnarquc Puablo , Balta Boisa
•: H ■
: ■ ?
Come to
Next Week *
Buy Season Tickets
And Save Money
Make this store your headquarters. Its
occomodations are at your service.
Our line of ladies', children's and men's
hose is one of the best. Knox Knit hose
wear—they are reasonably priced for such ex
ceptional values.
Our Men's furnishings department is
growing. We handle only standard merchan
dise and every article we show is worth just a
little more than we ask for it.
You who like to get your money's worth
should give us a look and you who like good
merchandise will also appreciate our values.
The Potlatch Products
Stanton Bros.
Useless Equipment.
A soldier just released from the
service was the guest of friends at
a dinner in celebration of his return
home. The waiter placed an elaborate
silver service around the table. The
soldier looked at the showy array,
carefully selecting one knife, one fork
and one spoon. Shoving the rest of
the sliver from him, to the snrprlse
of his hosts, he remarked : "Too
much equipment to keep clean."—
Urqnbart Building Tkird Street
Moscow, Idaho.
» W. A. Rothwell, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office State Beak Buildins
Kendrick, " Idaho.
A. F. (a A. M.
Meets every second and
''qV last Thursday of the month
A. V. DunkW. W. M.
R. B Knepper, Secretary.
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Hall's Catarrh Cure has been taken
by catarrh sufferers for the past
thirty-five years, and has become
known as the most reliable remedy for ,
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure acts thru
the Blood on the Mucous surfaces, ex
pelling the Poison from the Blood anil
healing ,he diseased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
Cure for a short time you will see a
great Improvement In yonr general
health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh
Cure at once and get rid of catarrh.
Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
N. R. Shepherd
Troy, Idaho
Make your dates at the office
of the Kendrick Gazette.
Phone Me at My Expense
General Blacksmithing
Wagon and Carriage Shop
All work Guaranteed.
Repairing neatly done.
Frank Crocker

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