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Miss McKinnon, primary teacher
in the Kendrick schools, spent the
week end at her home in Lewiston.
Mrs. Ernest Kandall and little
son, Donald, returned to their home
in Oruhno, Sunday, after visiting a
few days with Mrs. Randall's
mother, Mrs. N. C. Thomas.
Ben Callison was a Moscow visit
or last Saturday, making the trip
from his farm to the county seat
with a sled.
Miss Woller of St. Paul, Minn.,
visited at the Herman Koepp home
near Leland last week.
Mrs. M. B. McConnell was a Mos
cow visitor Monday.
Charles McKeever has two samples
of hemp on display at the Kendrick
Hardware, which he secured while
in Portland, recently. The hemp
was being unloaded from a freight
er, while he was there, so he secur
ed samples to bring home with him.
The hemp was imported from Man
Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Bellows of
Bovill, who were visiting at the R.
F. Bigham home last week, went to
Palouse, Friday.
A barrel of mash was found in a
residence in Moscow a block from
Main Street, by the chief of police.
Jesse Lamb and Joe Rudninger were
arrested and charged with an at
tempt to make illicit liquor.
A resourceful North Carolina
farmer placed a mule in the stall of
a cow which a milk thief had been
visiting at night. Awakened the
next night by a teriffic racket in the
barn, he strode out, shotgun in
hand, to find a battered milk pail, a
wrecked milking stool, a hat and
a self-satished mule.
As a result of the closing of the
Potlatch Lumber mill three applica
tions were made to the county tor
assistance. One case, a man and
wife and 11 children, the oldest
child 15 years of age, needed assist
ance. The man was thrown out of
employment when the mill shut
down, and the income of the family
Invitations are out for a Masonic
party at the Fraternal Temple for
Monday evening, February 14. No
one except a member of the lodge
and his lady, and sojourning Masons
were invited as the accomodations
at the Temple are limited, making
it impossible to include outsiders.
A banquet under the direction of
Mr. and Mrs N. Brccke and Mrs.
John Brocke will be served at 6:30.
Barton's orchestra df Lewiston has
been engaged for the evening.
Work is progressing on the new
power line between Kendrick and
Juliaetta, with a crew of men dig
ging holes. On account of the
rocky formation which the line tra
verses it wi 11 ue necessary to blast
quite a number of holes from the
solid rock.
A larger crowd than usual at
tended the American Legiuii dance
here last Friday night. As long as
the dances prove popular the
officers of the local post expect to
continue them at frequent intervals.
An item which was not brought
to our attention last week was the
marriage of Miss Hazel Mathes,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Mathes, and Mr. Dewey While, of
Juliaetta. They were married at
Moscow, Monday, January 31, by
Rev. Snoddy at the Presbyterian
Manse. They will make their home
at Juliaetta.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hull were
Moscow visitors the first of the
week on business.
Miss Carrie Buckles who is teach
ing school at Cameron, went to
Lewiston last Saturday to spend the
week end with her parents.
Miss Nettie May Jacobus of Amer
ican ridge, who has been under the
care of a specialist in Spokane for
the past few weeks, returned home
Mrs. Mary Deobald of American
ridge went to Lewiston, Saturday,
where she underwent a major opera
tion at the St. Joseph hospital.
Reports are to the effect that she is
getting along very well.
Mrs. John F. Waide and son,
Darrell, went to Lewiston, Wednes
day, to visit friends.
A business man received a letter
from another business man that
made him very angry. So he dic
tated this letter to the "adversary:
"Sir, my stenographer, being a
ladv, cannot transcribe what I think
of you. I being a gentleman, can
not think it. But you, being neith
er, will understand what 1 mean."
E. P. Atchison went to Lewiston,
Wednesday, on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bramer of
Cameron returned, Tuesday, from a
visit at Spokane.
Rev. H. W. Mort went to Lewis
ton, Wednesday, on business.
The Kendrick Furniture Company
sold a good, big order of furniture
to a Lewiston party this week. It
isn't the first time that the local
Company has invaded outside ter
ritory. It's getting to be a common
E. H. Dammarell said this week
that he had marked down four bolts
of dress goods in stock on which he
took a loss of an even hundred dol
lars. Merchants are taking their
losses as they come and making
the hist of it.
Luther Miller and family, who
have been visiting relatives in the
Cavendish neighborhood, started for
Oregon, Thursday, where they ex
pect to make their home on a farm.
Percy Bowers of Pullman arrived
Wednesday to visit at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bolon.
Sam Bowers of Lolo, Montana,
arrived Wednesday to visit relatives
A. H. Oversmith of Moscow was
sent to Boise by the Moscow Cham
ber of Commerce, to keep the legis
lature on the right track regarding
the educational institutions of the
state, but particularly with refer
ence to the interests of the Univer
sity of Idaho. As usual a bill has
been introduced to move the Uni
versity to the south end of the state
and also to establish an agricultural
college there. Mr. Oversmith will
use his influence to kill these bills.
A. K. Biddison of Moscow, father
of C. S. Biddison of Juliaetta, and
well known here, died suddenly
from heart trouble at his home,
Tuesday evening. The funeral was
held at Moscow, Thursday after
Ralph Gehre of Cameron was a
Lewiston visitor, Wednesday.
Pigs Wanted: half a dozen young
pigs 8 or 10 months old. Phone
Orphie Hupp, Kendrick. 6-2t
Alvin Babcock of Moscow, who
was in Juliaetta on business Tues
day, stopped off in Kendrick on his
way home, to visit his mother.
Mr. and Mrs. bred Sehoeffler and
baby were Lewiston visitors, Wed
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Black and son,
who are living near Moscow, visit
ed friends on Big Bear ridge the
first of the week.
Mrs. Gabriel Anderson of Troy is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Cecil
Emmett on Little Bear ridge.
A. H. Bolon and family! of Julia
etta moved to Kendrick the first of
the week to make their home tiere.
They have rented a house in the
northeast part of town.
"8tep inside!" urges an advertise
ment posted in front of a large Jap
store in Tokio. You will be wel
comed as fondly as a ray of sun
shine after a rainy day. Each one
of our assistants is as amiable as a
father seeking a husband for a
dowerless daughter."
A fair sized crowd attended the
benefit show at the Grand Theatre
last Tuesday evening. Owing to
the extremely bad weather it was
impossible for many to get in from
the country, so the attendance was
drawn almost entirely from the
town. At the last minute the film
company substituted a different
feature than the one ordered and
advertised by the management of
the local theatre.
There is no question but that pre
war prices are here on a great many
articles. Stanton Bros, were un
packing a shipment of hosiery re
ceived this week and it was really
astonishing how big the reductions
were on the new goods. This
country is geling back to normal
in a good many ways.
FOR SALE: 6-ton Fairbanks wag
on scale, good as new; 6-horse and
12-horse gasoline engines, in first
class condition. Reasonable price.
T. H. Sturdevant. 6-4t
TEAM FOR SALE: horse age 5
years and mare age 4 years, team
weighs 2000. For quick sale will
give the team away for $75. In
quire of Jim Cain, American ridge.
Harder to Haul Wagon When Bulk of
Load Is Placed Near Front,
Says Iowa College.
Tests recently conducted at Iowa
Suilo college show that a wagon pulls
harder when the bulk of tin* load Is
placed over the front wheels than
when It Is loaded over the rear ones.
The actual difference in pounds of
pull amounts to nearly a hundred
pounds, so that the man who carried
the load from the rear of a wagon to
the front not only works harder him
self but lie causes more work to be
done by the team as well.
One of the reasons for this, say the
testers, Is that the front wheels are
smaller anil that they open up tracks
for the rear ones.
Where trucks are used It Is of an
advantage to load on the rear since It
aids In the traction and keeps the
wheels on the ground.
Chamberlain'* Cough Remedy a Fa
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
a favorite with the mothers of
small children for colds, croup and
whooping cough. Its pleasant taste
and the prompt cures which it
effects has won the good opinion of
mothers everywhere. As tnis
remedy contains no opium or other
narcotic it may be given as confid
ently to a baby as to an adult.—Adv.
For The Liver and Bowel*
When your liver and bowels be
come torpid get a bottle of Cham
berlain's Tablets. They will tone
up your liver and cause a gentle
movement of the bowels. They al
so improve the digestion.—Adv.
Eggs For Hatching
Single Comb White Leghorns.
1 will be prepared to furnish eggs
after February 15th from select
three and four year old hens, at the
following prices: 1 setting $1.50, 3
settings $4.00, 5 settings $6.00, 100
eggs $7.00. Postage and packing j
extra. J. C. Harriil, phone 3425,
Juliaetta, Idaho. 5-tl
In the District Court, Second Ju
dicial District of the State of
Idaho, in and for the County
of Latah.
W'. H. Leasure, Plaintiff,
, vs.
Anna E. Baylor, Fred May and Car
oline May, his wife, Defendants.
The State of Idaho Sends Greet
ing To Anna E. Baylor, Fred May
and Caroline May, his wife, the
above named defendants.
You are hereby notified that a
complaint has been filed against
you in the District Court of the
Second Judicial District of the
State of Idaho, in and for the
County of Latah, by the above
named plaintiff, of the nature in
general terms as follows; To fore
close a certain mortgage or record
in Book 45 of Mortgages, at page
602, records of Latah County, Idaho.
And vou are hereby directed to
appear and answer the said com
plaint within twenty days of the
service of this summons, if served
within said Judicial District, and
within forty days if served else-1
where. And you are further noti- j
fied that unless you so appear and
answer said complaint within the
time herein specified, the plaintiff
will take judgment against you as
prayed in said complaint.
Witness my hand and the seal of
the District Court* of the Second
Judicial District of the State of
Idaho, in and for Latah County,
this 24th day of January, A. D.,
Homer E. Estes, Clerk
(Seal) By Adrian Nelson. Deputy
Frank L. Moore, residence Mos
cow, Idaho, attorney for Plaintiff.
Autos Repaired
Oxy Acetylene Welding
and Lathe Work
Charges Reasonable
All work is guaranteed
Terms CasH
February 12
LOUIS MEYER presents
Miss Virginia Pearson
A Dramatic Farce-Comedy Drama
* In Five Parts
Makes a Screamingly Funny
Entertainment for All Ages!
Kiddies will yell with delight!
Youths of both sexes will delirously
enjoy it!
"Pop" and "Mom" will make mer
ry over it!
"Gran'pa', and "Gran'ma" will
emit deep chuckles!
Come along in tonight. Hope
There'll be room for you!
Wouldn't be a bad idea to
get there early, eh?
The Grand Theater
Prices Reduced on
Silks and Messalines
We have a beautiful line of silks and messaiine which
we have slashed to the bed ro£k price.
With the assistance of our Deltor system, in our
pattern department, you can easily make a beautiful
* dress.
These silks and messalines come in taupe, blue, grey,
old rose, Belgian blue, African brown, dark wine, black.
Silk Poplin
A good quality of silk poplin, 36 inch, in black, blue, grey, navy blue and brown,
value #2.00, sale price - - - $ 1.35
Isit Silk
A material to line suits, coats, makes petticoats and pantalets, 36 inch, value
$1.35, sale price - - - - - 98c.
Silk Waists
These silk waists are a good quality of wash silk, blue and black, 40 to 44, $5.25
Ladies Outing Flannel Gowns
A few more of these good quality outing gowns left, it will pay you to look them
over, prices $ \ .89. $2.56 and $ | .79.
Ladies House Dresses
Ladies we hâve the long sleeve, straight line, belted house dress, size 36 to 50.
$1.25. Our business is based on quality, and we always furnish the betit goods
at the lowest possible prices. We will greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve
you on all your wants in our line.
Pants and Mackinaws
The final clean up on Men's heavy all wool pants, on display at this store, at prices that should
not be over looked by any of us. Special $3.13 to $8.79.
If you are looking for a Mackinaw we have just what you want and are ready to serve you
while they last. You can't realize it that we are selling these at less than cost. But we need the
money. Priced at $7.58, $10.75 and $13.75.
For good eats try our grocery department. Always neat and fresh. For bargains we have them
Kendrick Store Company
"Everything to Eat and Wear"
We announce to you that March 21 to March 26 in
clusive, at this store, will be
Repair Week
In the meantime we ask you, for our mutual good,
to go over each piece of machinery you hav e and note
carefully all parts that are broken or worn out. Bring
in the numbers or the old piece. We will devote the
whole week to helping you to get these orders in
We will have a complete line of farm implements
properly assembled on our floor, where you may see
them, which will be helpful to you. We will have
factory representatives here to explain and give you
all the information possible, concerning the whole
International line of farm machinery. It will pay
you to place your order at this time, for any farm
equipment you may need for this year.
Garden, Field and Grass Seeds
We are the seed house of the Potlatch country.
A large assortment now in stock ready for your in
spection. Garden seeds in packages and seeds in bulk.
Prices are v ery low on all seeds. All field corn sold by
us is home grown, well matured and thoroughly ac
We solicit your business. We give you service.
The Kendrick Hardware Co.

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