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Texas Ridge
Grandma Tout is visiting a few
days at the Tom LaBolle home.
Mr. Randall and daughter, Mrs.
Frantzick, were callers at Quesen
berry's, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dahlgren visit
ed at W. H. Head's place, Sunday.
Harry Baker made a business trip
to Juliaetta, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Eackers
visited at Frank Bailey's, Sunady
Mr. and Mrs. brantzick and Mr.
Van Randall were Sunday dinner
guests at E. C. Babcock's.
Orvill Miller, who is teaching at
Peck, spent the week end at the L.
K. Dahlgren home,
Nearly six inches of snow fell
Friday night, but it had all disap
peared by Saturday night.
Mr. Gentry and family are moving
into the Carl Gustafson house.
Mae Weber spent Sunday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bogar are
moving into one of the Drury cot
Crescent News
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kyle returned
from Spokane, Wednesday.
At the ball game Sunday it was
decided to have a picnic at Mulkev's
Sunday, April, 24th and clear a ball
"Come with a whoop,
Come with a call,
Come with a good will
Or not at all."
Bring your baskets and your yvife
Come and have the time of your
Martin's Best Flour has been re
duced to $9.00 a barrel. Kendrick
Rochdale Co. 16-lt
Now is the time to list your
Horseless Farms
Horseless Farms are becoming more numerous every year. Schaal &
Schaal operate a ten thousand acre wheat farm twenty-five miles
southwest of Winnipeg, Canada, with Fordson tractors. It would
require more than four hundred horses to operate this farm. These
successful farmers have tried both horses and Tractors, and say the
Fordson does the work for less than one-halt the eost with horses.
1 hese men have not had a horse on this farm of ten thousand acres
for four years and they are very successful.
Now that prices are on the decline, the greatest economy must
be used everywhere. The Fordson furnishes the most economical
power in the world today.
Ford and Fordson Dealers
Kendrick Gazette
Ralph B. Knepper, Publisher
Entered as second-class matter
1892 at Kendrick, Idaho, under the
Act of Congress of March, 1879.
Foreign Advertising Representative
J. C. Petersen of the Deary Press
thinks the job of highway commis
sioner is a bard one at best. He
sizes up 'the situation in the fol
lowing manner: The job of commis
sioner may p'roperly be called one
heck of a post, calling for the wis
dom of Solomon, the patience of
Job, the diplomacy of Lloyd George,
the sweetness of a June bride and
the sacrifice of valuable time with
out remuneration or hope tor salva
There were 61 lynchings in the
United States last year. But grue
some as this is, it is a decrease of
22 from 1919. If this rate of de
crease could be maintained in 3
years the record would be clear.
There were 56 instances recorded in
which officers of law prevented
lynchings, the in 4 cases only after
mobs had been fired upon and 7 at
tackers killed.
Linden Items
Mrs. Vaughan spent Sunday at the
McCallister home.
George Garner and family spent
Sunday at Rube Garner's.
A large crowd attended the dance
at C. T. Mulkeys, Friday night. All
reported a good time.
Miss Hammond spent Saturday
evening with Miss Sutton.
Miss Celia McPhee, Mrs. Vaughan
and Teddie, spent Monday evening
at the Bohn home.
Frank Starr went to the Meadows,
Miss Myrtle Hammond spent
Monday night at the George Garner
Mrs. Foster, Miss Eva Smith and
Mrs. Shingler and sons, spent the
day, Monday, with Mrs. J. P. Alex
ander, it being her birthday.
Mr. Longfellow has been sick the
past week.
School is out Friday at the Gold
Hill school.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wilson*
Mrs. McPhee, Miss Celia and Mrs.
Bohn, Miss Hammond and Frank
Starr spent Sunday afternoon at
Eva Smith's.
Mrs. Kunes returned to Lewiston
after spending ten days on the ridge
wisiting with fiitnds.
Clem Isreal returned Tuesday,
from Lewiston, where he had been
under medical treatment for his
hand, which was hurt on the saw
last Tuesady.
The baseball fans were all out
Sunday to the ball game at C. T.
Mr. J. P. Alexander is visiting his
daughter in Lewitsor this week.
Mix Smith returned to Juliaetta
after spending a week with Miss
Methodist Church
Howard W. Mort, Pastor
"Is God on Your Visiting List?"
This is the title of the evening ser
mon at 7:30 o'clock. It might be
well to discover whether or not you
do not owe Him a call.
That also applies to the Sunday
school at 10 o'clock. At least be a
visitor, you might want to be a
Epworth League at 6:45 p. m. It's
really, worth your while. Be on
time it you don't want to miss any
Mid-week services 7:45 p. m. Wed
nesday evening.
American Ridge— Sunday school
at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m.
We want you with us both services.
Presbyterian Church
Robert M. Hood, Minister.
' Sunday will be a full dsy at the
Sunday School at 10:00 a. m.
Preaching at 11:00 a. m.
Junior C. E. at 3-00 p. m.
Preaching at 7:30 p. m.
All are welcome to these services.
Hot coffee, sandwiches and pie at
Perryman's. 16-it
For Sale: Superior grain drill in
good condition. Inquire Gazette
Office. 13-tf
Value Depends Greatly on Their
Condition and Are Always
in Good Demand.
Department of Agriculture Bulletin
Tells How to Skin, Stretch and
Tan—Preferable to Sell to Lo
cal Fur Buyer,
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment or Agriculture.)
Rabbit skins should always be saved,
as they have a value, depending on
their condition, and are regularly in
demand say scientists of the biologi
cal survey, United .States Department
of Agriculture. A skin may be pre
pared for market with less trouble
than is required to bury It. It has
only to be drawn, flesh side out, over
a piece of thin board or No. 9 gauge
galvanized wire, shaped to give it a
uniform tension, and hung in a shady,
well-ventilated place, such as an open
shed, until it becomes bone dry. Ar
tificial heat should not he used to
dry skins if it is possible to dry them
otherwise before liiere is danger of
their becoming sour or moldy. Usual
ly after banging a week or 10 days
j-Kins may be removed from stretch
Skinning the Rabbit.
An experienced hand can skin a rab
bit In less than one minute. With
a sharp-pointed knife slit the rabbit
from one heel past the under side
of the tail to the other heel. Then
twist each hind foot until the knee
sticks out through the slit in the skin.''
Pass the fingers between the muscle
and the skin to separate them and
break the skin at the base of the tail
so that the bone may be pulled through
them, thus stripping ofT the skin. It
is then convenient to hang the carcass
by the hamstrings as high as the op
erator's head, from iron pins driven
eight inches apart Into a horizontal
scantling. By using the Imifé a lit
tle around the flanks, shoulders, eyes,
and lips aud by severing the ears from
the skull, the skin may be stripped
front the body, inside out, as a glove
Is turned from a hand. If care is
taken the skin may be removed whole,
thus preserving the pelt apd 'at the
same time leaving no hairs on the
Unless one is killing a great many
rabbits, it Is usually preferable to sell
the dried skins to a local fur buyer,
who will bale and ship for several
producers. When there are a large
number of skins they may be piled
Upper—Wire Stretcher for Stretch
ing Skin From Side to Side. Not
Suitable for Skina Cut or Torn
More or Less Along the Under Side.
Lower.—This Wire Form Stretches
Skins From Back to Belly Instead
of Side to Side.
between' upright scantlings as stove
wood is piled and kept thus until
enough hove accumulated to make a
hide. They should then be haled un
der lever or screw pressure, seeure
ly bound, and covered vvilh burlap
for shipment.
If rabbit skins' are intended for
home use and not for sale, they may
he tanned.
A good tanning liquor Is composed
of one quart of s-alt and one-half
ounce of sulphuric add to each gal
lon of water. As the acid corrodes
metal, this liquid should be kept In
a glass or wooden container. Rabbit
skins will he tanned In this mixture
in from three to four days, hut they
may he kept In il for a longer time
without Injury.
Drying the Skin*.
When removed from the tanning
liquor skins should he washed several
times in s-oapy water, wrung as dry
as possible, thoroughly rubbed on the
flesh side witii a cake of hard soap,
folder) in the middle lengthwise over
a line, hair side out, and left to dry
When both outer surfaces are barely
dry and the interior Is still moist, the
skins should he laid over a smooth
rounded board or plank and scraped
on the flesh side with the edge of a
worn flat file or other blunt-edged
tool. In this way an inner layer of
tissue Is remover! and the skins be
come nearly white in color. They
should then he stretched, rubbed, and
twisted until quite dry. If parts of
a skin are still hard or stiff. It should
be returned to the tanning solution
and the process repeated until the
eptlre skin Is soff. Fresh butter or
other animal fat worked Into skins
while they are warm and then worked
out again in dry hardwood sawdust,
or extracted by hasty hath in gaso
line. Increases their softness. Heine
dressed skins should he matched for
color before being made up Into gar
Make Use of Fanning Mill.
Get out your fanning mill and clean
your seed grains. Clean seed pays.
Strip of Lamp Wick or Rawhide Fas
tened Along Edge of Radiator
Will Stop Noiat.
The motortruck is, of course, pecu
liarly liable to rattles, and anything
that helps reduce this will be valuable.
A strip of round lamp wick or raw
hide fastened along the edge of the
radiator upon which the front end of
the bonnet rests will prevent some of
the noise. The ledge con be prepared
for the wick or hide by drilling holes,
through which the material is thread
ed, or by drilling smaller holes and
securing the wick in place by pieces
of fine wire.
Ice cream cones 6c, made irom
Moscow Creamery ice cream. Perry
man's. 16-lt
Chamberlain'* Tablet* Are Ju*t What
You Need.
When bilious
When constipated
When you have no appetite
When your digestion is impaired
When your liver is torpid
When you feel dull and stupid
after eating
When you have headache
They will improve your appetite,
cleanse and invigorate your stom
ach, regulate your bowels and make
jyou feel "fine as a Addle." They
' are easy t. take and agreeable in
Hundreds of People
Buy their shoes at this store
Spring Stock Now In
Men's Black
Dress Shoes
Bluchers at
Others at
English Dress
Shoes that
have the kick
to 'em
Rubber Heels
Here is an 8 in.
Field Shoe
Smoked Elk
We have an
85c wheat
price on this
shoe at
$5.00 a Pair
This is the best that
money can buy. Solid
Leather Construction.
Smoke Stone Blueher
Brown Stone Blueher
a pair
Many other styles of Men's Work and Dress Shoes.
We are showing a heavy work shoe at $3.00
Clover Leaf Bargain. Look for Clover Leaf Sign»
Boy's Shoes $2.25. Children's Shoes $1.95. Cheviot Shirting
21c. Gingham 20c and 25c. 32 in. Gingham 32c. Fibre Silk
Hose 59c Children's combination play suits $75c.
N. B. Long' &, Sons
"The Home of Good Things to Eat and Wear"
FOR SALE or TRADE: a good
young work horse. P. u. Candler,
Kendrick. l5-2p
Lucky Tiger
Tho Nation'a Hair ^ fe
I Positively eradicates
. . 'dandruff— correcte ecze
I mateooa aealpa — »top* falling hair—
---- ---dth " action
I certain. Money-Back Guarantee.
... . »«»Pia.
mew nan c.„ i*an* cut.m*.
Barber Shop
Courteous 'Treatment
William Rogers
Carpenter and
Phone 236
H. H. Stevens
Kendrick. Idaho
They Speak Well of It
' I frequently hear Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy praised by friends
and acquaintances which only tends
to,, strengthen my good opinion ot
it writes Mrs. bred Arter, Zanes
vile, Ohio. Try it when you have a
cough or cold and see foi yourself
what an excellent medicine it is.
is your
bcsl food
Ask \ our Grocer for
Pearson's Best Bread
atme m

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