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tobacco makes 50
fl ood cigarettes for
A. F. (EL A. M.
Meets every second and
( last Thursday of the month
E. W. Lutz, W. M.
A. V. Dunkle, Secretary.
W. A. Rothwell, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office State Bank Building
Physician and Surgeon
Kendrick, Idaho
Dr. W. A. Adair
Rectal Diseases, Hemorhoids,
" Fistula, Fissure, etc.
Moscow, Idaho
Urquhart Builtüiig Third Street
Moscow, Idaho.
FOR SALE: range and refrigerat
or in good condition. Inquire at
Gazette office. 15-3p
Is Still Here
Alfalfa, alsyke, red clover, white clover, Kentucky
blue grass, orchard grass, brome grass, timothy and
Soudan grass. All kinds of garden seeds, home
grown seed corn, garden seeders and cultivators, hand
corn planters, the No. 140 P. & O. corn planters.
This is a good time to begin the saving of fuel by using a
Quick Meal Oil Stove
For cooking, instead of using wood or coal in the range. The saving and comfort
to the operators will be a surprise to you. ' .
Lawn mowers, grass scyths, everything for your
spring requirements.
Fish and Came Licenses for 1921
On hand now. Buy them any day.
The Kendrick Hardware Co.
But Any Mother Will Tell Daddy Hs
Had a Comparatively Easy
Twelve Hours.
A Spartanburg man's wife had
influenza and he stayed at home out
day to help with the housework and
the care of the children. That
night, after th # e children had been
put to bed, he undertook to make a
record of his day's work, and this
was the result :
Opened door for children, 108
times; closed it after them, 108
times; tied children's shoes, 16
times; number of stories read to
them, 21 ; stopped children playing
piano, 19 times; smoke rings blown
to amuse them, 498; arbitrated chil
dren's quarrel, 77 times; put doll
carriage out, 28 times; brought doll
carriage^in, 28 times; mended kid
die car, 5 times; cautioned children
about crossing street, 66 times;
children crossed street, 66 times;
peddlers rang door bell, 7 times,
toy balloons bought for children, 6
times; average life of balloon, 8
minutes; dried children's tears, 14
times, assisted children to blow
noses, 14 times; telephone calls an
swered, 8 ; percentage of wrong
phone numbers, 100 per cent ; crack
ers issued to children, 37 ; slices of
bread and butter served, 12; drinks
of water served, 9; refused to buy
candy, 87 times; questions about
Santa (Taus dodged, 1,501.
The gentleman is now advertising
for two nurses and governess.—Ex
Recent Discovery Will Be a Boon to
Sculptors and Workers in
the Metal.
A preparation of silver which
may be made in a plastic form like
wax or clay, and also thinned down
to the consistency of paint has been
discovered by a member of the staff
of a large American research labor
atory. Copper, copper alloys and
bronzes may be worked in the same
manner. By simple technology, the
preparation may bo reduced to the
pure metal shape. A sculptor may
work it in without any change in
its form or the round or in relief,
just as he does his usual materials,
or in dilution it may be applied to
a metallic surface with a brush. It
greatly simplifies the problem for
artistic work of a high order, al
though, of course, it is more expen
sive than stamped ware. Medalli
ons and .figures may thus be present
ed in the original without the need
of casting, and such articles as sil
ver sets may be made of which every
member is original and unique. It
provides a new medium for ortists.
The invention is patented and ready
for introduction.
In 1790 sugar growing was estab
lished in Ireland, the Irish climate
being remarkably adapted for the
growth of bulbous roots of a su
perior quality, whether for the
manufacture of sugar or for feeding
purposes. In those days the people
of the Irish nation were the greatest
sugar consumers in the world. With
the present great scarcity of sugar
in the United States and other parts
of the universe Ireland is seizing the
opportunity for the re-establishment
of the industry and for making the
Irish nation once again the greatest
sugar-growing country.
Consider Probable End.
Better It le, toward the right con
duct of life, to consider whet will be
the end of a thing, than what is the
beginning of It; for what promises
fair at first may prove 111, and what
seems at first a disadvantage may
prove very advantageous.—Wells.
Jewish Sabbath.
The Jewish Sabbath starts at sun
set on Friday, because the Jews, like
the ancient Greeks, began their day
at sunset and not at sunrise, or Im
mediately after midnight, as we do,
who follow the ancient Romans.
"Good Stickers."
There are some' practical' "make
shifts" for mucilage. The white of an
egg will be found quite as good for
sealing letters. Another substitute is
a cold boiled potato rubbed over the
His View.
A somewhat cynical acquaintance
tells us that the secret oi happiness Is
not to let your trontdes bother yon any
more than they hot-lier your friends.—
Boston Transcript.
The Automobile Brings City Customers to the Door.
The Automobile Brings
TIiere are approximately 7.500,000
automobiles In the United States and
there are almost that many farmers.
In this year, when the most expen
sive crop ever raised hy the American
farmer .seems likely to pile up on Ills
hands for lack of a profitable market,
a way is suggested to reduce surplus
hy attracting automobile trade direct
to the farms.
Most city automobile owners drive
into tlie country once a week or more,
and every farm located on an automo
bile road has dozens or hundreds of
possible customers for Its fruits, vege
tables, poultry and eggs passing Its
gate every day. The war made the
market basket popular, and the ordi
nary automobile owner who keeps
house would he perfectly willing to
take home a bushel or more of pro
duce if by so doing lie could lessen his
living expenses.
Stands Along Many Roadways.
Roadside stands for the sale of
fruits and vegetables are seen along
many highways and frequently have
proved profitable. But observation
shows that they have not been de
veloped to the full measure of success,
line of the principal difficulties Is that
the autoist does not see the stand un
til lie is abreast of it, after which lie
must make up Ids mind and cheek
his machine. Then, in nine cases out
of ten. he concludes that there will be
another stand farther along and that
il is not worth while to turn a round
and go back. One farmer in Pennsyl
vania solved this difficulty by placing
. a series of signs along the entire hnlf
; ni le front of his farm. -These greeted
j tlie motorist.
"Fresh Fruit One-Foerth Mile."
"Sweet Cider 60 Rods."
"Fresh Comb Honey 50 Rods."
"Fresh Vegetables 40 Rods."
"Fresh Eggs 20 Rods."
The motorist's eye thus was at
tracted and lie had time to make up
his mind, and in a large number of
instances stopped and made a pur
chase. The signs were inexpensive
and yielded a large profit.
There are many motorists who trav
Highly Scientific Methods Employed in
That Country Have Been Re
markably Successful.
In the Industry represented hy oyster
cultivation, Holland Is tlie most sys
tematic in its operations and employs
more elaborate methods than any other
country in the world. The numerous
sounds that indent the coast of Hol
land. particularly In the region of the
River Scheldt. afTord excellent facili
ties for the propagation of the oyster
and enable the country to conduct the
most successful oyster Industry In Eu
rope. PubMc dredging Is not permitted,
as the result of that system was the
threatened exhaustion of the fisheries,
and the beds have been carefully sur
veyed and specific tracts are leased
to Individuals and companies, who are
thus enabled to conduct the propaga
tion of the oyster in a systematic man
ner that Insures the best results from
the territory available. Many growers
lease several tracta In different locali
ties. and adapted to different purposes,
which facilitates the various opera
tions, as the oysters can be shifted
from one place to another, according
to the season and the stage of de
velopment. A few of the oystermen
plant shells on the hanks, as Is done In
many places In this country, bnt the
largest and most successful propa
gators are equipped with their own
tanks and ponds, located In conven
ient shallow hays, in which they carry
on the culture.
Scientific Instrument Used at Wash
ington Is Sensitive to an Almost
Miraculous Degree.
1 One of the experts employed by the
government bureau of standards ta
Washington has perfected aa instru
ment which measures the heat of a
star so far away that It can't be aeea
with the unaided eye This aame In
strument la sensitive enough to be af
fected by the heat of a candle 1SS
miles away. "What la the practical
vaine of sunh labor?" asks Thomas H.
Uzzell In Everybody's. "Well, for
one thing, these experiments by Doc
el over the same route time after time.
The farmer learns to recognize them.
Children especially nowadays learn to
know makes of automobiles at sight
and can pick out those which fre
quently pass. One effective way of
catching tlie motor trade Is to note tlie
license numbers, look them up at the
city hall or police station on some trip
to town, and then drop them postal
cards calling attention to tlie advan
tage of carrying home a bushel of
this and that product on their next
trip. This form of appeal is more
effective if the farm has a distinctive
name, as a constantly increasing num
ber of farms have. One thing essen
tial to building up even a transient
trade in farm products is that the
prices shall he reasonable, preferably
a shade below city market prices,
and that tlie goods shall be of honest
quality. Too much emphasis cannot
he placed on the latter feature. There
is. of course, a temptation to reason
that tlie same customer will not cotne
hack again, but this is likely j\ot to
he so, and even if it Is. there is a
broad freemasonry among motorists,
and tlie word quickly spreads that one
of tlie number has been cheated,
whether it he hy a garage, repair man.
hotel or dealer, city or country.
Fair Dealing Pays Best.
The farmer has t
market tils
1 rotl
i'll ere.
he takes
it to
city, it
will be
refill ly in si
for .
nml the
rice will be
! by s
apply anti
lf he
liis prew
ct in such
a« to
at traut a
arrest the
ing motorist and then make the price
and quality such that the motorist
wants to come that way again or tells
his friends to stop, lie is on ids way
to a business that innv he made sea
son long and highly profitable. If
tlie farmer keeps on hand a supply of
suitable bags or packagi-s in which to
handle his products, it will mean many
a saie which otherwise would lie lost
because the autoist would often not
he prepared to handle tlie things he
would like to buy. This idea is capa
ble of adaptations that will suggest
tor t'otilentz have made a suhstamiHi
contribution to the theory and tech
nolog.v of measuring high tempers
tures which will melt any known mb
stance. Making use of this new know!
edge, other bureau men have greatly
Improved the high-temi*ernturp ther
mometers which are used In the steel
industry to measure the temperature
of molten steel. One of the biggest
Improvements in the production of
steel in recent years Is the result.
"Formerly many millions of dollars'
worth of steel products depended upon
the trained eye of the foreman In es
timating the temperature of steel from
Its color. But these new thermome
ters don't drink ; they don't fall ; and
their accuracy means vast savings In
money, better steel, a decided step for
ward In America's Industrial sov
On Toads.
"Many atnries are extant tending to
show that toads have been found alive
in rocks or In soil deep In the earth;
yet so far a'a Investigated by the writer
In no case haa the evidence been at all
conclusive," says A. H. Kirkland Wi an
article on "The Garden Toad" In Boys'
Elfe. "On the other hand, experiments
have shown that toads may he kept
alive at least 18 months sealed up In
plaster or limestone. There Is little
doubt that the toad may live to be
20 years old, or more.
"Though It lives alone In rummer,
toads often hibernate In cot nies of
Naif a dozen or more. In feeding,
usually by night, the toad patrols a
fairly well-defined beat; gerden and
flower beds are frequented, and par
ticularly the ground under tre lights,
where numerous Insects fall fluttering
from the lamps above. When food if
abundant, aa shown by axperlments on
toads In cages, the animal eats an
equivalent of four square meals dally,
consisting of caterpillars, cut-worms
beetles, ants, etc."
First Clocks Simple Affaira.
The first clocks were simple affairs
which showed ttie hour alone; then
followed the addition of the minute
land, and latar came clocks which re
nrded the day of the month. ;he
h**e« of the moon, and many othei
■cea of information, generally of a
more or less astronomical character.
During the sixteenth century, the Ital
Inn and German clockraaIters, notably
those of Nuremberg and Augsburg,
made great progress in their art.
There are those who claim that one
Richard Harris, an Englishman, In
vented and set up the earliest pendu
lum clock some time during the first
four decades of the seventeenth cen
tury; Dut Mils story does not Hppear
to fie well authenticated, and the
honor of Introducing tlie pendulum
seems to belong to the Dutchman,
Men of Probity.
Good literature proceeds from men
of natural probity, and since one ought
rather to praise the incepfion than the
result, you should give greater praise
to a man of probity unskilled In let
ters than one skilled In letters hut
devoid of probity.—Leonnrdo da Vinci
(translated hy Edward McCurdy).
Spirit Meant for All.
That spirit which suffices quiet
hearts, which seems to come forth ta
such from every dry knoll of sere
grass, from every pine stump, and
half-imbedded stone on which the dull
March sun shines, comes forth to the
poor and hungry, and to such as are
of simple taste.—Emerson.
is your
bcai food
Ask Your Grocer for
Pearson's Best Bread
Lucky Tiger
and Scalp Remedy I
t Positively eradicates
'dandruff —corrects eczo
mateoua scalps — stops falling hair—
promotes luxuriant growth—adds lustre,
beauty, health — action immediate and
certain. Money-Back Guarantee.
At druggists and barters, or »and 25c
tor generoiia aampla.
KICKY T1CEK C0„ Kansas City. Mo.
Barber Shop
Courteous Treatment
William Rogers
Carpenter and
Phone 236
H. H. Stevens
Kerdrie Idaho
First class work done
Years of Experience
Wm. Meyer
Chamberlain's T.blets A>e Just What
You Need.
When bilious
When constipated
When you have no appetite
When your digestion is impaired
When your liver is torpid
When you ieel dull and stupid
after eating
When you have headache
They will improve your appetite,
cleanse and invigorate your stom
ach, regulate your bowels and make
you feel "tine as a fiddle." They
are easy to take and agreeable in

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