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News Items of Local Interest
Advertising can be made to be
profitable to the farmer as well as
to the merchant.
y. The meanest woman in the world
/ hid her husband's wooden leg so he
couldn't go to lodge.
Miss Mable McKeever, who is at
tending summer school at the Lewis
ton Normal, spent the week end
here with her folks.
Mrs. Cavanaugh of Orofino arriv
ed the first of the week to spend a
few days with her daughter, Mrs.
Leu Kaaberg.
Dr. and Mrs. William Weniger
and son, George Edward arrived
Wednesday evening from Corvallis,
Oregon, to visit at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph B. Knepper. Thev
drove from Corvallis in their car
and report good roads all the way
except from Lewiston to Kendrick.
Dr. Weniger is head of the depart
ment of physics of Oregon Agricul
tural College. This is his first trip
thru North Idaho and he is most
favorably impressed with the splen
did farming country here. Mrs.
Weniger is a twin sister of ye
Dr. J. T. Moser came up irom
Lewiston, Tuesday, to look alter
business interests. The Moser fam
ily are planning to leave soon for
the Lochsa country, above Lowell,
where they will spend several
weeks camping.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Newton were
called to Spokane Tuesday morning
on acconut of the serious illness of
Mrs. Newton's father, who under
went an operation there the first
of the week.
Troy defeated Juliaetta at Troy
last Sunday by a score of 16 to 15.
Waldo Thompson of Lewiston
arrived on the afternoon train Mon
day to visit O. E. MacPherson.
Mrs. R. F. Bigham went to Mos
cow, Tuesday, on business.
Mrs. Gregory Eaves ol Lewiston
arrived last Saturday to visit her
sister. Mrs. Frank Bovd.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Shumaker of
Pullman drove over in their Ford
coupe to spend Sunday at the home
of Mr. and, Mrs. Joday Long.
J. H. Cosgrove ot Seattle was in
Kendrick a short time Monday. He
is a printer and worked on the
Gazette a short time before the
big fire, when Dan McIntosh owned
the paper.
There will be band practice to
night (Friday) at the city hall. All
members of the band are request
ed to be present.
C. L. Guy returned, Monday Irom
a business trip to Grangeville.
Kendrick lost another game of
baseball last Sunday at Bo v i 11 by a
score of 15 to 9. Costly errors in
the latter part of the game were
responsible for the defeat.
Frank Chamberlain shipped in a
carload of ice yesterday to supply
the local trade.
.Miss Blanche Canfield of Lewis
ton arrived Wednesday to visit at
the home of Mrs. H. H. Stevens.
Rev. J. P. MacPherson of Spokane
arrived last Saturday to spend the
wee« end with his brother, 0. E.
MacPherson. From here he went
to Dayton and Walla Walla where
he had dates to preach.
Jeff Buckles of Fir Bluff was
transacting business here Wednes
Rev. Howard W. Mort is at Asotin
attending the Methodist camp meet
ing. He expects to return today
and will remain here until, after
the Fourth when he and Mrs. Mort
expect to spend the remainder of
next week at Asotin.
Mrs. Bertha Schultz of Reardan*
Wash., arrived Tuesday evening to
visit her daughter, Mrs. F. B.
Smith. She will remain here until
after the Fourth.
There will be a dance held in the
American Legion pavillion here
tomorrow night, (Saturday), from
9 to 12 o'clock.
At an informal meeting of the
town hoard last Tuesday evening, it
was decided to install two 75wait
lights in the park. The lights will
be used every night during the sum
mer months, as people are making
use of the park and find it a very
pleasant place to spend the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Deeter were
in Lewiston Tuesday on business.
Two [public drinking fountains
have been installed in Kendrick this
week by Marshal Housley One of
them is at the drug store corner
and the other at the post office cor
ner. They fill a long-felt want and
will be found to be a desirable im
provement for the town.
The ladies aid of the Methodist
church entertanied the Presbyterian
Ladies aid at a reception Tuesday
evening at Epworth Hall. It was
a most enjoyable occasion and was
largely attended. Refreshments
of ice cream and cake were served.
left * last
Rev. Robert M. Hood
Monday on the night train for Fres-i
cott. Wash., where he will visit
short time with relatives and from
there go to Rawlins, Wyoming
with his family where they will
make their home. 'The Presbyterian
church is now closed for the sum
mer, although there will be Sunday
School every Sunday. It is planned
to again open the church for regular
services about the first of October.
"A colored man at the brick plant
called on Jeweler Johnson with an
Ingersoll watch," reports the Buff
alo Blade, "that was supposed to
have a luminous dial, asked: 'Boss,
man, the luminosity of dis here
dial has expired; kin ah get it re
charged?' "
Band Going Good
Band prospects were never bright
ejr for Kendrick. At & meeting held
last Monday night à constitution
and by-laws were adopted and the
preliminary work started to make
the band a permanent organization
Everything seems favorable for a
strong organization and indications
are that in the very near future the
band will number between twenty
five and thirty pieces, most of this
number being experienced music
Mr. Thomas, leader of the band,
says that with the addition of two
more clarinet players the town will
have a well-balanced band that can
handle some good music within a
period of six months.
The members of the band are en
thusiastic over the outlook and are
already practicing consistently.
The cornet section is particularly
strong with the addition of Leo
Grau of Potlatch ridge and Dan
Jones of Bear ridge, they are both
splendid musicians.
The band may need some financial
assistance from the business men of
the town a little later on, which
they will undoubtedly get.
Band practice will be held tonight
and the first public appearacne of
the band will be on July 4th. The
boys have kindly consented to
furnish several musical numbers
for the occasion.
We wish to thank the many
friends for their kindness and sym
pathy during our bereavement, and
for the many beautiful floral offer
Hugh Stanton and family.
Mr and Mrs. J. C. Bibb and
South wick News
Adam Rose, who has been work
ing in Canada, returned to his home
in South wick to stay for a short
time after which he will return to
Canada accompanied by his wife
and children.
Mrs. James Smith returned home
Saturday from Lewiston, where she
has been for the last two weeks.
Dr. Baker and family have just
been turned loose from quarantine
for sr.tallpox, Mrs. Verle Gregory,
who is visiting there, being the
victim of the dreaded disease.
Quite a group of Southwick
people attended the conference in
Juliaetta, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Baker spent
the day with James Smith and
families, Sunday.
Mabel Havward has been on the
sick list for the last few days.
Grandma Thornton and Mrs.
Holmes are visiting in Lewiston at
the present writing. (
Dr. Alley and wife of Lewiston
were visitors in Southwick Sunday.
Miss Ida Sanders and Frankie
Carrie were united in marriage at
the home of the bridegroom's par
ents, June 19. We all join in wish
ing them a long and happy married
Mr. Hoff from Clarkston
Southwick visitor Tuesday.
was a
Cameron News
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Uttke and sons
Fred and Eddie, of Spokane, were
visiting at the Ferdinand Uttke
home Saturday and Sunday.
Y August Brammer went to Gifford,
Monday, where he is doing some
*<A farewell party was given for
Rev. Finke, Sunday, as he moved to
his home east of Southwick, lues
Herman and Otto Silffow, Fred
Newman and August Brammer
went fishing at Elk Creek last week,
| 3n( j reported the fishing fine.
a; Mr. and Mrs. Emil Larson and
son, George, and Miss Dora Hilton,'
motored to Nezperee, Sunday.
Charley LeMarinel of Spokane
was visiting at Blum's, Saturday.
Xmt. and Mrs. Carl Lohman and
children motored to Lewiston on
X Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Wegner and
Mrs. Fred Silffow, Jr., motored to
Lewiston, Wednesday.
Leland Items
Rev. J. H. Dills gave his illus
trated Missionary lecture on
"Africa", Wednesday evening in
the church.
Mrs. A. H. Smith came home Sat
urday, after spending two weeks in
the hospital and says "home is the
best place yet."
/ Arthur Locke went to Moscow
r Sunday and brought Mrs. Locke and
the new baby girl home.
V Agents and peddlers ate more
numerous than June bugs around
/ Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hoffman drove
to Lewiston, Saturday.
Miss Edyth Locke and Mr. Chand
ler spent Sunday in Kendrick and
attended church.
/- Miss Edith Winegardner, who has
been visiting in Spokane and other
points for the past month, returned
home, Tuesday.
Miss Cathryn Hund is assisting
Mrs. Jesse Hoffman with her many
household duties this week.
Mrs. Hogrefe was given a kitchen
shower Saturday afternoon at tne
Hogrefes lost
kitchen in the
laid up for a
with a severe
1. 0. 0. F. ball,
everything in' their
J. McVicker was
few days last week
case of tonsilitis.
Dr. Stoneburner, A. H. Smith
and Joe Thornton returned Tuesday
from a week's fishing trip.
X Lizzie Hund is assisting Mrs.
Woodward with her work this
E. Harrison has purchased a big
Reo truck and disposed ot his Mit
chel car.
The Ralph Oylear family visited
Mr. Buckles at Fir Bluff , Sunday.
R. J. Smith is improving his
property by having a concrete walk
made from the street to his house.
Rev. Lyzenga, a young student
from Colorada, but for the summer
is doing church work at Grange
v i I le, visited the DeWinters and
Goudzward families this week and
preached twice in the Methodist
Two Best-Educated Countries.
Scotland and Switzerland nwik as
the best educated countries in the
Exporters To Get Aid.
New York.—A committee appointed
by prominent exporters has approved a
plan for. liquidating American mer
chandise piled up at Lattn-American
ports because of a credit situation un
favorable to countries south of the
equator. This plan calls for creation
of a corporation in which owners of
unclaimed or rejected merchandise, de
ferred drafts or other foreign credits
would be represented. This organiza
tion would take over the unclaimed
merchandise and seek to effect deliv
ery to original consignees or other
wise dispose of it.
Sims Again in Harness.
Newport, H. I.—Rear-Admiral Sims
has returned to his desk at the naval
war college, of which he is president.
The matter of his speech in London
and the public reprimand from Secre
tary Denby as a result is closed, he
Beware ot the bug-a-boo sewing
machine peddler, he will get you
sure it you give him half a chance
and will "soak" you anywhere from
$85.00 to $100.00 for a sewing ma
chine that your local dealer will
ue gald to sell you at $50 to 60; and
further, the machines most of these
"peddlers" have around and sell tor
tabulous sums are a make tnat an
honest dealer would not handle.
A good way to do is to "sit down"
on these peddlers good and hard if
you don't they will "sting" you
Sure, Bechtol can put you wise to
their game. 26-lt.
For Sale: 2 good milk cows, 6 years
old, grade Shorthorns and will have
calves about June 25, each $60; 1
Shorthorn heifer, age 3 years, reg
istered, $60; 2 brood sows, each $25;
3 1-4 inch wagon $25; grain rack $25;
14 inch gang plow $30; McCormack
hinder 430; registered roan Shorthorn
bull, age 4 years, and gentle $125:
registered Poland China boar, big
bone type, 2 years old, large and gen
tle. good breeder $50 Wm. F. McClel
land, Southwick, Idaho. 25-2t.
Ask for Pearson's Best Bread. 19-11.
Pearson's Graham Bread is good
try it. 19-lt.
Come And Help Celebrate
The Glorious Fourth
Every preparation is being made to give you a good
Men's suits of real worth, not bought for special sales. Prices cut to the bone. Get
yours now.
Ladies' and children's white shoes, pumps and oxfords at reduced prices.
Summer Underwear for Men
Men's summer underwear, athletic style $1.25 suit. Fine Bolbriggan in either
long or short sleeves $ 1.25.
Dress Shirts
Men's dress shirts, priced from $1.50 to $6.00. these are shirts of real class.
Ladies' Summer Underwear
In all the styles necessary for your hot weather comfort. Very low price.
Ladies hose ranging in price from 15c and up. Fancy hair bow ribbon 49c.
Pretty white voile waists, prices from $1.25 ând up.
2 Yi lb. can Peanut butter 45c 1 lb. can Peanut butter 20c.
Snow Flake Soda Crackers 35c.
Kendrick Store Company
It you desire to spend à pleasant day with your neighbors and friends
Come to Kendrick. July 4th
and help us celebrate our natal day. We invite everyone to make our store their
check stand for all parcels, robes etc. that you wish taken care of on that day.
Please feel perfectly fiee to accept this offer.
Make one think of oil stoves for the kitchen. Those quick meal oil stoves we sell
are preferred by many because of their extreme simplicity,' beauty of finish and
small consumption of oil tor the amount of heat generated.
All Kinds of Canning Helps
Canning racks, jar lifters, Conservo steam cookers, jar wrenches, paring knives
granite preserving kettles, aluminum preserving kettles. Everything for canning.
Electrical Goods
Electric lamps, electric grills and ovens, electric sad irons, 3 to 6 pounds. Elec
tric fans cost very little to operate—fine for the sick room and just as nice for well
Don't overlook the repair parts for your harvesting
machines. Get them early and save
Money, Time and Worry
Lastly, don't miss the Fourth of July parade, the most wonderful pageant ever
witnessed in the valley of the Potlatch.
Yours for Service
The Kendrick Hardware Co.

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