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How to Be Health y -, 5 «,
The Crusade of the Double Barred Cross
Practical Talks on Disease Prevention
Prepared by the
(Practically every adult person Is Infected with tuberculosis. This Infection need not be
a source of danger. To keep the latent Infection from becoming disease, bodily resist,
ance mutt bs kept at Its best. This series of articles shows you how to keep healthy.)
Statistician, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
'THE movement to conserve human life is dicta ted even by the crudest
^ economic motives. An Increase in tlie average spun of life adds to the
potential wealth of the country; whatever curtails the life spun destroys the
national wealth. The public health work of the last fifty yearn, by cutting
the death rate from such diseases as mulariu, typhoid fever, smallpox, cholera,
yellow fever, and tuberculosis, and also from accidents, Is, In lurge measure,
responsible for the addition of over ten yeurs to the average lifetime of
man. In 1855, the expectation of life of a person In Massachusetts wus about
40 years; according to the most recent figures, it is well over 50 years. It Is
estimated most conservatively, that we produce mure than we consume euch
year to the small amount of $100 per cupitu. The addition of only one year
of life per person Is, therefore, equivalent to the ndditinn of more than ten
billion dollars to the national wealth of our country.
This Is not all. A man or woman Is worth more to his or her country
when well than when sick. Illness Is uu Important source of Inefficiency
and non-production. We lose on the average about seven days each year
from sickness, or, about 2 per cent of our working time. In terms of money
lost from wuges, the figure inouuts to not less than $700,000,000 annually.
At present high wages, the totul will reach one billion dollars especially If the
cost of medlcul care, drugs, appliances, etc., Is Included. A very lurge part
of all this niouey could be saved by applying more Intensively the public
health irfeasures which we know do control disease.
The well-directed expenditure of money for the conservation of the
public health will bring larger returns In dollars and cents than many another
Investment, the wisdom of which communities never question. If, for example,
tuberculosis could be entirely eliminated as a ouuse of sickness and death,
an average of two and one-half years could be added to the lifetime of every
utan and woman in the United States. We have amply demonstrated our
ability to suppress typhoid fever. Yet, there are still over thirteen thousand
deaths each year, most of which could readily be avoided and, further, we
would, at the same time, stop the double mortality which occurs for three
years among those who survive an attack of typhoid fever. Diseuses such
as measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria and the other Infections of children
leave defective ears, hearts and kidneys, which impair efficiency and shorten
life. The money value of all these losses Is staggering when we stop to
realize that human life Is our greatest economic asset.
Our program for the next ten years should be to add one year of life to
the present average life span of every man and woman In the United States.
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Mrs. J. L. Ma
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Celebrate Anniversary of Lutheranism
i *«
The five deucons of the University Halle, Wittenberg, Germany, on their march to the church during the recent
celebration of the four hundredth anniversary of Lutheranism.
Once Pride of Navy Being Scrapped

The U. S. S. Brooklyn is being scrapped. This cruiser was once the pride of the navy and was Admiral Schley's
flagship at the battle of Santiago, Cuba, July 3, 1898, In which the ship played a leading part In the destruction of the
Spanish fleet. War veterans, out of work, are wrecking the ship which cost $5,000,000 and has been sold to a Junk
dealer for $40,000.
20,000 Mennonites in Exodus to Mexico
r ^
i Zj
\ I
Recently the Canadian government and the Mennonites, a religious sect, came to legal blows. The high priests of
the Mennonites ordered their followers to sell their thousands of acres of the richest farming land In Manitoba and take
up homesteads In Chihuahua, Mexico. The migration follows the refusul of the Mennonites to take up arms during the
World war. Moving in special trains, carrying people, live stock, farm and household effects, the first of the 20,000 arc
Bantam Breeds Have Distinct Utility
Value for Egg Production for
Family Use.
(Prepared by the United States Department
of Agriculture.)
The Bantam breeds gained their
popularity as ornamental fowl and as
playthings for children and grown-ups,
but, says the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture, they have also
a distinct utility value for egg pro
duction for family use. There is also
a good demand for eggs for hatching
and for breeding stock Of good qual
ity. Because of their small size these
pigmy breeds often have the advantage
over larger fowls where only a very
small space Is available for the flock.
They are easy for children to handle,
and the ownership of a few Bantams
often Is the beginning of a real Interest
In poultry raising.
The various breeds of Bantams, their
characteristics, and methods of ntuu
agement are discussed In Farmers'
Bulletin 1251, The Buntani Breeds and
Varieties, the fifth of a series on
Standard Varieties of Chickens. The
various breeds, says the bulletin, have
not been raised with the Idea of egg
production and, as a reault, the aver
age Is not very high, probably around
175 eggs In a year. The eggs vary
In size, as do the different Buntum
breeds, ranging from 12 ounces a doz
en to 18 or 20 ounces. The color of
the eggs runs from white to dark
brown. .Some of the breeds have a
tendency to lay for a fairly long peri
od, but the Bruhihas, Coehius and
Silkies are apt to he broody. Since
many of these kinds have been de
White Cochin Bantam.
veloped from the larger standard
breeds they have many of the same
Reports collected from Bantam
breeders show that the average hen
will eat from 25 to 35 pounds of feed
In a year, which is about one-lmlf as
much as a hen of the Mediterranean
breeds or one-third as much as a hen
of the larger breeds would eat.
A copy of the bulletin may be ob
tained free by addressing the Depart
ment of Agriculture at Washington,
D. C.
When Confined in Pen Until Late In
Day, Laying Hen Will Go
Straight to Her Eggs.
A quick and easy way to find stolen
nests of turkeys is to confine the
birds from early morniug to late after
noon. The laying hens will then go
straight to their nests to lay the eggs
which they are holding, say poultry
specialists of the United States De
partment of Agriculture. When tur
key hens have free range they nest
usually In obscure places and often
Abraham Wolf, loader of the caravan,
wunder a hull mile or more trout Home
before they find a nesting place that
suits them.
If attractive nesting places are pre
pared abi'iut the barnyard, the turkeys
sometimes lay in them. Such nests
are easily made from boxes or bar
rels, or by scooping out u little earth
In the stiape of a shallow howl, piling
brush round it to satisfy the hen's de
sire for seclusion. The nest most pre
ferred by turkeys consists of a barrel
laid on Its side, in which straw or hay
Is placed. When confined in a breed
ing pen several turkey liens may lay
I In the same nest, but on free range
\ each bird usually makes her own nest.
Turkeys do not range far during cold
J weather. In the north, where the
j laying season often begins when there
I Is still snow on the ground, the hens
are more likely to select their nests
near home.
More Annoyance From Damp Quarters
In Spring Than in Winter on Ac
count of Rain.
There Is usually more annoyance
from leaky poultry house roofs in the
spring than in the winter, because
more rain occurs. Also, In winter, Ice
and snow may remain for weeks on a
roof without melting, and really assist
to protect against the winds ; but in
spring any leaky places will be open
ings for beating rains. Roofs should
be repaired at once, If there are uuy
cracks or leaks at all or the result
will be damp quarters and the flock
will probably be ravaged by colds and
und his family.
Right Idea of "Drudgery."
The secret of success still lies In
the same old word, "drudgery." For
drudgery Is the doing of one thing, one
thing, one thing, long after it ceases to
be amusing; and it Is this "one thing"
I do that gathers me together from my
chaos, that concentrates me from pos
sibilities to powers.—W. C. Gannett.
Sudan ta >ass Is Rapidly Replacing Mil
let in Many States —Useful Sum
mer Pasture.
Sudan grass is admirably adapted
for use as an emergency hay crop,
and Is rapidly supplanting millet In
many slates. It is being used success
fully by thousands of farmers as a
summer pasture. For this purpose
there are few crops that give better re
turns and serve so well to supple
ment the permanent pastures and the
feed lot.
May Not Bring in Much Monty, But
They Take Care of Animals
Which Can Be Sold. !
Feed crops may not bring much cash
but they are very convenient to take
cure of the anluiuls. The animals may
be converted Into cash or the prod
ucts from animals such as milk, cream,
etc. It Is not an easy matter to pro
duce too much feed. It Is hoped that
the money generally paid out for feed
will be kept at home this year.
Arkwright's Spinning Jack.
The Science museum, South Ken
slngton, London, lias acquired the only
known specimen of the original Ark
wright spinning jaek, which has been
In the Swain family for 150 years. It
lias IS spindles, und is worked by band
with n five-foot wooden flywheel. Ark
wright, after attempting perpetual mo
1 Hon. completed In 1708 a machine for
I spinning cotton thread.
Professional Cards
Phone 832
W. A. Rothwell, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
OfficelState Bank Buildine
DR. .!. H. KELLY
Physician and Surgeon
Kendrick, Idaho
Dr. William T. Seeley
Leland, - - Idaho
Dr. 5. A. Roe
Practice Limited to Diseases of the
Eye, Ear. Note and Throat
(Hasses Fitted
Office Over Beach's Store
Dr. H. R. VEON
Dental Surgeon
Office back of Drug Store
General Hlacksmithing
Wagon and Carriage Shop
All work Guaranteed,
Repairing' neatly done.
Frank Crocker
Regular Meals 40c
Short Orders
all day
Prompt Service
Lunches Served Any Time
Mrs. Minnie McDowell
Robert* Bro*.
Ford Reboring $5.00
Ford parts and accessories
Gasoline, coal oil and oils
Bring in your car and get
it overhauled before the
spring rush.
Goodyear Tires
Car storage $2.50 month
Oxy Acetylene Welding
and Lathe Work
Charges Reasonable
All work is guaranteed
Terms Cash

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