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The Grangeville Globe
>L. I, NO. 7
:SDAY, JANUARY 15, 1908
«1.00 THE YEAR
eriff W. G. Brown Issues
Cigar Stores r on
unty Attorney E. M. Griffith
Recent Press
«Another phase of the Sunday clos
|g law was introduced in Grange
lie last week when, on Saturday,
beriff W. G. Brown issued orders
I all proprietors of cigar stores that
Ird playing on Sundays would not
I permitted in establishments of that
Ind in the future. The issuance of
|e order followed a conference be
Ireen Sheriff Brown and County At
jirney Griffith regarding the establish
lent of cigar stores by several saloon
len of the city. Recently, since the
ifferent features of the much dis
missed Sunday closing law have been
jferefully studied out, a few proprietors
if saloons have made arrangements
o conduct cigar stores in the same
luildings in which the saloons are lo
oted. It is supposed that card play
ng was to be the chief attraction at
hese places.
The authorities wish it known that
hey are not complaining of the
istablishment of these cigar stores,
fhey are complaining against the
reation of places where men may
^tber on Sundays and obtain easy ac
cess to the saloons if they should
In the Social Realm
A very happy crowd attended the
)ld-fashioned social given by the Busy
Bees of the Baptist church at the resi
lence of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Chad
wick last Friday evening. A program
of especial merit was given,
which delicious refreshments
lerved. The affair was a decided
The fact that 1908 is leap year
seems to have been a little slow in
dawning upon the social lights of
Grangeville, but now that it's appar
ent, several events have been planned
to properly observe the event the last
of the week. The Epworth League
social at the Methodist parsonage and
the leap year party at the rink, both
scheduled for tomorrow evening, and
the dance at the I. O. O. F. hall
Friday evening are some of the prin
cipal social events of the week.
Elaborate arrangements are being
fmade by the young ladies of the Ep
fworth League for a leap year social
at the Methodist parsonage, Thurs
day evening. They announce that all
gentlemen coming without an escort
|will be furnished with one for the re
turn trip. Some leaps will take place,
and after the wedding, supper will be
Next Friday evening is the date set
for the dance to be given by the
Riggs orchestra. This is the first of a
series of dances to be given during the
winter month; and each affair of the
series will undoubtedly prove to be
very popular. The music to be
provided by this organization will be
a lot above the average and those who
attend are assured of an evening of
genuine pleasure and enjoyment. A
large crowd is expected to be present.
Miss Margaret Sweet entertained a
number of friends at her home last
Saturday evening. A very enjoyable
evening is reported.
Butter wrappers printed while you
wait. Bring us your next order.
Order That Card Playing in
Sunday Shall Cease. ;
__ ___ .
Makes Statement Denying
If the proposed
cigar stores were to have been built |
on that order, and with that object in
choose to do so.
these !
t L
ative to the statement alleged to have
been made by him concerning the
closing of cigar stores he had nothing i
to say except that the statement in the i
Spokesman-Review, wherein it is
alleged that his actions were the re
view, then the authorities would have
objected to the completion of these
flimsy excuses for evading the law.
Sheriff Brown has notified those who
proposed building the cigar stores
that when the stands contained doors
by which easy access to the saloons
could be maintained, that on Sunday
a padlock was to be placed on
doors and securely locked.
When Mr. Griffith was asked rel
suit of the urgent requests of ministers
of Grangeville that he take action in
Charley Moore, who has been
this matter is absolutely false, and that
no minister of the gospel in Grange
ville, nor church, nor any other in
fluence, dictated his policy in this
He says it is simply an effort
on the part of the county officers to
see that the Sunday closing law is not
openly and brazenly violated.
He Meet* With Serious Accident While
Hauling Wood.
hauling wood from the mountain south
of town to the city all winter, was
severely hurt last Wednesday as he
was coming down the hill with a load
of wood. Mr. Moore placed the
ends of two large logs on a single bob,
as is the custom with woodhaulers
when sleighing is good, and was
bringing the logs down to the bottom
of the grade. Near the old Bledsoe
cabin he attempted to reach a better ]
roadbed a short distance up the side
of the mountain. In guiding his
horses up the grade the sled overturned
and Mr. Moore was thrown violently
down the hillside. He had been
sitting in a position facing the hill and
when the accident occurred he was
unable to see just what to do. The
large logs refused to roll and the sled
did not turn completely over, or Mr.
Moore would probably have been
fatally crushed by the huge timbers.
As it was he was hurled down the
hill and his back seriously hurt by the
He says that he landed in a
small ditch and that his back struck a
bit of raised, frozen ground. He was
unable to rise and was compelled to
lie in the snow -until parties came
down the hill ^ few hours later. He
was brought to his home in the north
west part of the city where he is
resting easily at present. He may
not be able to take up the heavy work
again for several days, however.
... . . _ ,
Will be Mamed Sunday.
A marriage license was issued this
morning to James R. Murrey and
Miss Allie M. Cook. The wedding
will take place next Sunday at the
home of the bride's sister, Mrs. J.
B. Sloan, near Grangeville, and the
happy couple will be at home in this
city after Feburary 1, 1908. The
groom is the efficient lineman super
intending the lines of the Pacific Tel
ephone company here, and the bride
is the estimable daughter of the late ;
Jos. B. Cook. Both are highly re
spected young folks and have many
friends, whom The Globe joins in j
wishing them a matrimonial journey j
replete with happiness and prosperity. |
Game Warden Announce* That Bounti es
Will Be Paid for Coyote*, Lynx, Etc
has«lvised M*™.' Mas^the^fool
game warden, that «2,000 of the fund
of «5,000, appropriated at the last
session of the legislature for the d
,_struction of predatory animals in the
state, will be used in the payment
bounties in northern Idaho. A bou
ty of «2 each will be paid for wolves,
^nTof' «2^00(Hs exhaled, ^Slaym
of these animals who wish to receive
the bounty are advised that the two
front feet, with the bone up to the
knee, must be left attached to the
hide in skinning. Otherwise the
bounty will not be paid. The pelts,
after the y are Presented for bounty,
are to become the property of the
Those who secure any of thdise j
animals are requested to properly pie
pare the pelts to meet the require
ments of the bounty law and present
the hides to Mr. Mason or R. K.
Hotchkiss, who will make shipments
of the same on the first and fifteenth
of each month up to April 1, 19C 8, (
unless the fund of «2,000 is exhausted
before that time. The pelts are to
be forwarded to R. C. West, of I
Moscow. Mr. Mason says that only i
pe lts in first class condition will be (
_ "
Me»»r*. Stantial and McGree Brine Out
Re P orU of Rich Find »he Del Ri«.
. .
John Stantial and Nick McGhee
came out from the Hump the firstlof
the week, arriving here Sunday night.
They will remain a few days before
returning to the camp. When asked
concerning news of the Hump coun
try, Mr. Stantial replied: "The best
news of the camp is the rich strike
made on the Del Rio property recent
ly. A. F. Schultz, who is worki
the property, struck about five feet of
rattling good ore last week, and ihe
property now looks much better than
ever before. The ore was encountîr
ed after a tunnel of 650 feet in length
had been run and a 40-foot crosscut
had been made. The Del Rio
property joins the Jumbo on the south
and is owned by A. F. Schultz s^nd
Cottonwood parties. There is about
four feet of snow in the Hump coun
try at present.''
Under date of January 13th, a d is
patch from Boise says :
D. A. Utter, who is said to be
lately named as surveyor general for
this state to succeed Ernest G. Eagle
son, is a civil engineer who has long
been located at Weiser. He is chair
man of the Republican committee of
Washington county. Last year he
moved, as was understood, to Coos
Bay, Oregon, and it was not generally
known he was still a citizen of Idaho
until his name came up for this pcsi
tion. It appears a protest has been
made against him on the ground that
he has lost his citizenship here, and
the senators are looking it up. Presi
dent Roosevelt made it a condition
that the new rhan should be an engineer
and this materially cut down the Jist
of available men. ^
Say That Man Who Want* Surveyor
General'* Office I* Not a Citizen.
The members of the Idaho Coufity
Stock Association have arranged for ;
a grand ball to be held at the I. O.
O. F. hall in White Bird on the
evening of Çriday January 24th. j
The association plans to make this
event the biggest affair of the kind
ever held along the Salmon river
valley and if they succeed in their
hopes an evening of exceptional in
terest and entertainment will have
been enjoyed. There's been dime.
pretty jolly dances held at White j
Bird in the past and as everything j
looks as if the Idaho County Stock
Association ball is to be the biggest
and best ever, a good time is assured. |
The best of music is to be provided
and each and every detail pertaining
to the complete enjoyment of the af
fair will be looked after. Supper
will be be served at the Newmin
Hotel. Tickets, including supper,
will be sold for «2 each.
Grand Ball at White Bird.
County Commissioners, in
Week, Select List
Attorney General of the State
Be Decided in
The county commissioners are in
session at the court house this week
and have already accomplished a lot
of work since Monday. Most of
** me yesterday was taken up in
the selection of the 1908 jury list,
The commissioners have decided to
a n ow old soldiers and widows exemp
»• t ,
*' on from und , er ,h ' 1907 laws '
tke attorney general of the state hav
( ing suggested that as it was a close
question it should be resolved in favor
of the so i dicrs and widows . The
I • • ... , ,, ,
i cor ^ mlss, oners will probably be in
( sesslon aU week The list of 150
citizens of the county selected as
competent to serve as jurors for the
year 1908 is as follow;:
Lake—C. C. Edward*, Orrin Bentley. Olaf P.
**«***■<*"■•> "• Ue> ? ™ „ ,
Mt. Idaho—John Seay, J. E- Callan, Gerhard
suesens, wiitiam h. Goan.
Cottonwdbd—Walter l,- Brown, A. I,- Creel
mnn, Chas. A. Alexander. Prank Hanley. George
Stuber, ICdgar Simon, Ellsworth D. Lamb, An
drew C. Gentry. O. P. Moberg, N. C. Bartlett,
George Terhanr, John Jorgenson, August Von
Bargen. Harry A. Jones, James E. Jenney. John
W. Pain.
Denver—Lewis Spengler, J. D. Lyttle, F. M.
Bowman, J. T. Alten, J. L- Schleier, D. H. Kube,
James Fenster, Isaac Zehner.
Grangeville No. 1—Robert White, W. E. Cul
ley, R. H. Ambler, J. C. Simms, W. O. Wright,
Chester Arnold, John H. Cosman, Joseph H.
Squibb, Sidney B. Brown, D. A. Jordon.
Grangeville No. 2—Geo. M. Reed, W. M. Show,
John A. Pearson, H. E. Sweet, P. Y. Jesse, Henry
Teicher, W. R. Ingram. Wm. H. Sebastian, Geo.
W. Hinkle. A. McDonald, Clarence O. Vincent.
Grangeville No. 3—John F. McLean, James
Kilen, Thos. Roby, D. C Vun Buren, John Cornm,
David T. Mills,"W. O. Fruy.
At the Court House
The Treasurer'* Office.
County Treasurer Frank S. Rice,
reports that during the month'' of
December, «92, 163.64 came into his
office from the many different sources
ft the county ( during the„mouth of
, ecem ^ r> ^0 i 373.09 has
e ? n pa ^, out ' sum °f «22,767.60
® 0 1 ,n * to ^ " n treasury - Of the
balance, «19,650 10 goes to the current
e ^ pen se fund, »5,949. 54 to the gener
f F j ad Jff tbe bridge
fund and «4,306.00 for the redemp
t ' on ° f old warrants. The remainder
ha * b ? en pa,d out »!° r c ° unty and
^ hot)1 warrants - Mr. Rice gives
tbe amou ! lt °f interest paid on county
""Jm «A 1 ,* 6 m ° nth ° f Decert,ber
as «1,556. 53.
The Sheriff* Office.
Sheriff Brown reports that at the
trial of W. Davis, held last Thursday
before Judge Vineyard, the prisoner
was found guilty of the crime of
petit larceny and was sentenced to
serve a term of 15 days in the county
; jail. Davis was accused of stealing a
saddle from the Idaho feed yard in
this city,
court house this week things in the
c ^ erk and recorder's office are pretty
lively- Among the interesting items
this week the Register of Actions
contains the following:
P. S. Griner against the Vollmer
Clearwater Co. Ltd., a corporation,
Suit on account, (on contract. ) Suit
filed January 8th.
John H. Chase against the Vollmer
Clearwater Co. Ltd., a corporation.
Suit on account, (on contract. ) Suit
filed January 10th.
State of Idaho against W. R.
Bartlett, H. C. Walker, and W. C.
Walker. Defendants all
Clerk and Recorder.
Owing to the fact that the county
commissioners are in session at the
held to
Session at Court House This
of 150 Names.
Suggests That the Question
Their Favor.
Grangeville No, 4—J. P. Manning, Cyrus Over
man, Harry H. Grnham, E- J. Briscoe, Albert F.
Nurss, Geo. Kerr, Charles Genger, Beverly
Fairview—John W. Schmadekn, J. M. Mattox,
J. A. Poster, T. W. Bales, Larkin N. Kerlee, F.
M Doty.
Dewey—Peter Solen.
Harpster—Thomas Surridge, A. F. G. Babcock,
Oliver H. Dybvig.
Clearwater—Geo. Emmert. Charles L- Palmer,
Jacob Riehold, Robert Farris
Stites— R. L. Owen, Elmer E. Gordon, John G.
Pell, Andrew Anderson, C. W. Hall, Walter
Whitcomb, L- E- Smith.
Stewart—Carl Jenney, John A. Okerburg Geo.
Pleasant View—J. S. Frasier, William Linder.
Tahoé- James T. Moss, Etmer Breckenridge, F.
N. Herrin.
Glover—Walter Hollingshead, Homer H. Lin
coln, Hans F. Anderson. •
Kamiah— C. W. Kllenson.
Woodbind—A. C. King, T. K. Rateliffe. George
White Bird—William Arrison, William Bender,
John H. Hanson, Joseph A. Thompson, Charles
Crooks, Edward C. Smith.
Forks— N. P. Twogood, O. H. Evans.
Joseph—William E- Reed.
Deer Creek— Chas. W. Conklin, Albert Kurry.
Slate Creek—Alfred S. McGaffee,Ellis Hurness.
John Duy—Jay N. Gould, Win. G. Hnrris.
Goff—Ernest S. Adsley. Chas. M. Clay.
Pollock—John Bridge, M. F. Groescup.
Keuterville—J. B. Krieger, John Maugg, A. S.
Walker. William Buettner.
Westtake— A. C. Munring, T. B. Kastman.
Ferdinand—William Kinkuid, Henry C. Dunn,
Jo«eph Herzog.
Big Butte—David Weddle, Henry A. Samsel,
Irn Wren, Bert A. Miller, Alfred Hunt.
Green Creek—Adolph Hinkelman, J. L- Wren,
Anton S. Nuxoll, E- L. Richardson, Henry Uhl'
Newsome—George P. Kelly.
Elk City—Stanley W. Litchfield, Robert Rom
ero, L- A. Painter.
Orogrnnde—Orrin Limb.
Warm Springs— Fred Burgdorf.
Warren—Thomas Wilson.
answer to "conspiracy to cheat and
defraud,'' etc. Before L. Vineyard,
Justice of the Peace, Grangeville
State of Idaho against Milton
Assault with
i 4
George. Charge,
a deadly weapon." From Justice
court of Frank M. Roberts, J. P.
Pleaded guilty to charge of "battery"
and upon paying costs, etc., was
Eva M. Agnew against Elmer V.
Agnew. Suit for divorce. Suit filed
January 14th.
As*e**or'* Office.
Of the «92,000 collected at the
office of County Assessor J. V.
Nash during the month of December
for taxes on Idaho county property,
«4081.66 was for the village tax of
the city of Grangeville and «958.22
for the village tax of Cottonwood.
All the other towns of the county
have not yet been heard from.
A meeting of the county assessors
from each county of the state has
been called at Boise by the state
board of equalization. January 20th
is the date set for the meeting.
County Assessor J. V. Nash has not
yet decided whether he will attend or
Term* of Court.
Judge Edgar C. Steel, of the
second judicial district for Idaho,
announces the following terms of
court for the year 1908: For Nez
Perce county, at Lewiston, January
13, March 30, October 5. For
Idaho county, at Grangeville, Feb
ruary 24 and Aug. 31. For Latah
county, at Moscow, May 4 and
November 16.
^*The Plow Woman."
We've been jilted again. "The
Plow Woman," whose advent into
the columns of The Globe was
scheduled for this issue has not yet
put in an appearance. Nevertheless,
our readers will find a half dozen
pages of good, newsy news.
Read the ads—it's worth while.

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