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The Grangeville Globe
VOL. Ä NO. 27
$1.50 THE Y EAR
Oooonercial Club and Cowboy
gaud Arranged Fitting
148,05 Turned Over to Red
Cross—Game Was
Mtawrial Day was fittingly observ
ed here today and the program as ar
miged by the Commercial club and the
Onrboy hand was very much enjoyed
by file large crowd ln attendance.
The parade was formed at the Court
fringe and was in charge of Captain
lari Castle, marshal of the day, and
Us aid, Geo. D. Smith, and headed
by the band marched thru the streets
to the cemetery, where the following
program waa rendered :
Patriotic selections by Cowboy band.
Address, Rev. H. J. Wood,
gacred selections by band.
Benediction, Rev. J. A Pine
Tape, Gaylord Elmers
The graves of departed friends and
relatives were decorated, an abund
ance of flowers being in evidence.
In the afternoon the band rendered
a concert on the street just before the
time for the ball game. The Fenn
ltd Gross ball team and a team made
up from the town and school enter
tained the crowd that had assembel
with a rather one-sided and loose ex
hibition of the national pastime. A
few weeks ago the Fenn bunch gave
0» home team a good drubbing and
the fans expected a little better ex
hibition than was pulled off. Two lit
tle girls went thru the crowd and the
snm of 148.05 was collected and turn
ad over to the Red Cross.
In the evening the Cowboy band gave
a dance at Dreamland hall which was
veil attended.
Dr. William MacNeill, a member of
Idaho county's draft quota which de
parted for Camp Lewis Monday morn
ing, was honor guest at a banquet
Ören Friday evening at the Imperial
Jotel by a number of Knights of
lÿthias of the local lodge of which Dr.
■acNeill is a member.
▲ splendid
was served and enjoyed, after
short talks an*} appropriate re
Mita were made by M. Ieese Hatta
wijA Geo. G. Martin, John P. Eimers
•jjo B. C. Barbor, the latter presenting
**■ McNeiU, on behalf of the lodge,
»brach shaving set Harold Harris
presided as toastmaster. The follow
» , !?,b* s Pythiâs were present :
a u J; Uey ' Dr - J°hn Simons, Geo.
w j'H"' ,ohn p - Eimers, Dr. F. E.
h°w Kothwell, Harold Harris, C.
A- Wrtght - A. S. Wright,
Gilley, L. A. Wisener, M. R.
ffcÄw,' Delmont Da y. W. H.
B 8m lth, Madison Myers,
Abramson, Geo. A.
££ Gib Eimers, B. Auger, I. E.
Or MscNfeUl. ° eary ' C - L - Jones and
litiMv nvi
rj™™ «> VISIT MOTHER. !
tor 1eft Tues <i a y morning !
IxKtade v Vi ffs ' Iowa > to be at the i
He un r w mother, who Is very ill.
A. G a?* ^ <>lnt 'd by his sister, Mrs.
A<,au ^ at Pendleton. |
NEW Wn«i"T^
S 1 » 1 ™ ADOPTS NEW
i_ _ j
»PpottionH $50,000 Subscription Among
Sn„i, Ma u> I-ovalities.
spolume, Wash.. Mav 10—In making
fe^oh of $50.000 to the third
ance Com New World Life Insur
* d »Pt«l a plan .ff CUy 7 ?Ce u. tI , y
bida (<,!_ J , 1 ° r apportionment which
^ targer fiïuciIl V wW laF am0Dg
t .
^ President Cadignn o 8cripti0n8 1 ' 8tu , t '
Î * lla »li KUm thro t >-h ^J' a , C ? H(le
W*»tloh. W*. have tJn u 6 ° Ca tl f r I
z in dut .vn. i h ® Wever ' tbat
localities f^J^ remember
'to* Portion , m which a consider
R* this IL"* our '"«»me is derived. I
160,000 , Wp divided our last
^ »gents r 11 ° n between our gen-j
Oregon var ious Washington,
^. v hi im. *" a " d Montana centers.
b «» Sttds f ,Ä a K Ve . l ' ,aced the funds,
"We h„ ' of their l«K-al committees.
|iwM t f, , ,t* SW ' ° th, * r larse Jocal I
because it , tlollK "dopt this plan,
. ïal PeonleI a ^.''"rourageiuent to the
*^dl 8n*ik»S. t b e ™"R« r town* from
1 toanciai' '''rives its standing as 1
distributing center." j
! ^ -—is
in ( . h ., ak - The hospital will
wh„ n he of Mr - aud Mrs.
IS last H,,ly «»»ducted
SC2 r U, 1 ber - In '««tug Dr.
?/»k4Aa and a \ ity WlU lose nn al, le
Ï' honest gentle
ÆhitL <>f h ' H " any

Resident of Idaho County for 47 y,. PB
Laid to Rest Wednesday.
Mrs. M. E. Watson, better knn*i>
her multitude of friends to ,
passed »WMV si ! as Grandma
jjusseu awaj at her home In this oitv
Monday morning at the age of near v- 1
?° y ear s. and was accompanied to he
last resting place Wednscdav after
noon by a large concourse of'friends
Funeral services were held at the
Federated church at 2 -on rn
m. Wednesday, the pastor, Itev H j
Wood dwelling at some length on the
pe»tceful placid Uf e and the unosten
cluîir . g00du f !< ? of the deceased. The
" RibS'tS
»Si wits M fsïï"
The pall bearers chosen from among
Hie older residents of the community
were as follows: o. Beutlv A w
Talkington, E. C. Spedden, Henry Tei
cher, E. S. Sweet and P. E Slierwin.
Maria E. Shaul
ton Coiii.lv ,,„,, vvas b orn ln Hamil
and dZi aV r d ana ;, 1 July le - m:i -
27 d 1 »nf at .® rau K evill f. Idaho, May
nw.nM, 8 ' m? 6 age of 84 years, 10
months and 1» days. I
Iowa" to H A rie T w i 1849 Ut ottumwa .
iowa, to A. I. Watson, who died in
Grangeville In 1907. ;
inty were the parents of two child
ren Ellen, who died in early woman
nooo, and Mrs. C. Overman of this
* Tj ' together with her family, came
to Idaho county in 1871 and has lived
her*, continuously sinee that time. She
united with the Methodist church in
her early womanhood and has lived
a consistent, helpful Christian life.
Grandma Watson was a pioneer of
three states and throughout her long
life took an active part In the growth
aud activities about her. She gave her
tirne aud efforts freely to the sick
aud needy. No home was too remote
to icceive her help in time of sick
in her home life she faced her prob
lems and hardships calmly aud cheer
fully, and met Death in the peaceful
manner which was so characteristic of
her life.
nc3« or sorrow.
The graduates of 1918 will present
their "Class Day Exercises" known
"Stunt Day" Friday evening at 8
o'clock at the school auditorium,
short comedy, "The Downfall of Mac
Beth" wll be one of the features, and
the class Poem. Will,
Prophecy will be delivered,
musical numbers will also be featured.
All friends are cordially invited.
History and
The Fenn Red Cross base ball team I
will go over to Ilo on June 12th, where !
they will cross bats with the team '
at that place. They also anticipate!
a game with the Whitebird aggrega
tion in the near future. A game is ■
slated for Sunday at Milt Springs.
, . . * ' ' '.
The enthusiastic young folks of the
Fenn section are having bills printed j
announcing a big dance at that place 1
for the 7th of June. Good music will
lie provided aud a light supper will
be served. The proceeds from the
event going to the Red Cross, the dance
will no doubt be well attended. Every
body is Invited.
The carnival company that is hold
ing forth in the city this week is not
the howling success that was expected. !
Aside from the merry-go-round which
always attracts the youngsters, and
Hie "Happy Canyon" dance hall, there
! does not seem to lie much in the way
! of entertainment A small menagerie,
i in which are included a many-footed
hoyse, a coyote and a bear arc billed
as wonderful attractions. The other
| concessions arc maintained chiefly to
separate the people from their money,
fro" sta"Gi>oiitt of the Cowboy
I band, which is handling the earn val
j on a percentage basis, the carnival k
a11 rlg bt. The band is rendering an
unusual service to the community- and
,s thp ,H * st advertising asset that we
bave, besides they need the money.
*- 11
Tl >«' I« 8 'l»le of the' Fairvicw
munity gathered
' Thursday afternoon
reetion of members
decorated the graves
lowed by the singing
U( . hvII1Ils praymr and an add.
ii j Wood
I ^ H
On Saturday morning
Hagen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hans
Hagen, of Wliit**Bir<l. Elm.-r A. aim
ZWmer A. Seay, sons of Mr. and Mrs
I John Seay of this section, will depart
for Portlaiid. where they will take the
tests for entraiu-e t*i the navy reserves
The boy s arc fine voting fellows and
1 will lx- a crtalit to any bnimh of the
j service they might enter.
or 6:30 p. m. The annual ( hildnn •
Missionary program will !■*' a *
the hour of the evening s, ' r ' f .
g*K>tl literary and musical program »III
lie given by the children and an of- I
fering for heathen uji« 8 <»» 8 «ken
welî'oine «.emd^Ttoan ^
and under the di
s by
f the G. A. R.
This was fob
f several pa trio

0rder Made Last Saturda y by Judge WaUace N. Scales at
,uest of Shen " I ' M E G ^ h and
Since the inquest held over the re
mains of Henry Soards who was mur
'lered near Whitebird on April 3, the
- law ' abi(1 hig citizens of the whole Sal
»><>» river country have become verv
mu< -'h exercised over the fullure of the
I officers to bring the guilty persons to
. ju /\ tlpf> - Meotlng8 have been held at
people from miles arouud
; in attendance, to devlsTways and
"»'ans to secure evidence on which to
Prosecute the guilty parties, and some
of the prominent citizens of the river
country have made long trips to the
'* m nfy seat to use their influence on
behalf of a thorough investigation of
,hlK deplorable affair,
Prosecutor Griffith called a number
0)1 witnesses to api>ear at Whitebird
so,ne time ago ami he and Sheriff Yates
,na< le a trip down to Whitebird for
the . Pwpose of taking their evidence,
" r hich did not result in auything be
ln g brought to light that would justt
f - v prosecution.
Accusations of negligence have been
u,afle 80 rtqieatedly that the sheriff
and prosecutor finally decided to re
< l uest Judge Scales to call a grand
J ur J' which was done last Saturday,
^ hi .' dre " of Oifferent Districts Invest
,ng in War and Thrift Stamps.
During the greater
school year a contest has been going
on umong the schools of Idaho County
—each striving to invest more money
in Thrift and War Savings Stamps
than any other school.
As soon as the returns from all the
schools reach the office of the County
Superintendent, the names of the
prize winners will be announced.
The $10 prize money was donated
by the Hussman Lumber company thru
part of the
I the Boise Ad Club.
! -o

A fine demonstration took place last
Monday morning when the thirty-two
draft boys entrained for Camp Lewis,
I They were accompanied to the depot
by one of the largest crowds that has
'. ever assembled on an occasion of that
kind and the (<)W | K)V band was 0I1
j ] ial)d to furnish the music.
1 _ 0 _
, , , i
Hugh Daughterly arrived here uti
iafrt Saturday evening's train from i
Butte, Mont, being called here by
the sudden death of his mother who
passed away at the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. Mary A. Gregg, last Wed
The young man return
nesday night,
''il to his home yesterday morning,
Great preparations arc being made
(or the big Red Cross sale and general
K(Mld , ilm . scheduled for the 14th and
lr , t h of June, over at Flyblow, in the
poles section. The band from this
|,| atv j s making plans to attend and ;
Kirnish tin- music for the occasion. A
complete program will be published in
mir next issue.
A , J<)t thm . h<d( , electric :
with large
j(s ||( . w nnd a bargain offered,
Enquire at this office.
iven. for sale. Good
Last week L. A. Wist*ucr purchased
the 1'. X. Hugman 320-acre ranch lo
»eucreek section.
me of the liest farms
neighborhood. The place is
well improved and has something over ;
•op. Mr. Wisener will
don for some time. The
well over the $100.00
rated n the Gr
is said to he •
in that
::oo acres in
not take Im> ssi
prim* paid was
_ ^fniWin 1 TT AIT 1\ i \7
1)1/ Itl it A I II im I 1 /I V
K f\| 11. J 1 11 [\ I lllil I
I1JUYJIL/ 1 111 I I IVf A 1 1,11 *
a w* ______ t
lUrDMl/CIl A IWT^Tl^ , f - i
1 AI If allU ■ Il I 111 H W j
Lll/1 luÜVil 1 • V Ui lU ll 1
' \ 1
. S ,,- Hli „ n udug made Is-fore the j
.... lft " | H1 „ rd at this place, registrars 1
. lM .,. M H piK.inte*l for the following
< « 1 \
I | j , A Reynolds. !
j. y. Nu sh.
^ K.aiskia. F. K. QuDt. |
| The sheriff's office Is now busy
monlug twenty men who are required
to appear here on Thursday, June 6,
at 11 a. in. A large number of wit
nesses will also be summoned for
Following is the list of those who
are called for service, sixteen of whom
"ill comprise the jury:
Ed. L. Jessup, Greencreek.
Adolpli L. Brown,
Ed J. Hlles, Grangeville
Win. H. Campbell, Grangeville.
F. O. Allen, Caneld.
I*ee Carpenter, Stites
Levi Castle, Giangevllle.
Nye A. Lltherland, Ferdinand.
Wm. M. Shiller, Cottonwood.
Burton F. Kressler, Kooskla.
Hugh Brady, Grangeville.
Chester C. Gager, Grangeville.
John Funke, Cottonwood.
Albert Flint, Mt. Idaho.
Wm Potter, Grangeville.
Mont. J. McMurray, Ferdinand.
Ed. Hutchens, Stites.
A. C. Cochran, Winona
E F. Akridge, Harrisburg.
Frank Hanley, Cottonwood.
Andrew Stockton Has Been Notified
Of Passing Recent Test.
Word was received early this week
h.v Andrew Stockton stating that he
had been successful in passing the
mental examination for entrance to the
Annapolis naval academy.
Andrew, the son of Dr. and Mrs.
G. S. Stockton, is one of the bright
young men of the 1818 graduating
class from the local high school, and
is deserving of great credit for his
success. He applied himself with much
diligence liefore the test was given aud
has been rewarded for hts effort.
Tuesday evening Doc Denny enter
1 shied by a banquet In honor of the
high school Isiys who supported him
80 well throughout the past school
.'ear. There were 25 school boys pre
«ent. The banquet table was beautl
fully decorated aud music by the Vic
trola, by the school quartet, boys' glee
dub was furnished at intervals. After
an Introductory si»eech by I)uge Hols
I'aaw, the jroup enjoyed themselves at
i feasting, and a social chat as indulged
in i ater
I The local hall team is scheduled to
go to Nez Perce Sunday and
bats with the Neziieree team,
latter won from Grangeville sever
al weeks ago but since, the Grauge
, ville team has iieen greatly strengthen
ed and the game Sunday should lie a
very close contest
Alliert Frav will shortly h»ve hills
; ol it announcing a big auction sale at
uis placr jouthwcst from thls pfare
ilt which time 250 head of cattle wili
le sold. The list will also contain
:15 head of horses and 80 head of sheep
i and lambs. Two registered Percheron
, ma res and colts, .
: also be disposed of.
me a yearling, will
Watch for the an
liouncement iu tli**s<* columns.
Mr. Fray is going to remove from
this section and contemplates g*dng to
H** also has 177 acres of
land to sell.
Grover Johnson, one of tin* young
farmers of this section, has disposed
of his crop ami will hold a public
; auction on the 12th of June to clean
up his iiersoual projierty. Grover ex
liects to lie included in the June draft
ami Intends putting his affairs in
■dmii** in plenty of time.
j "To be required to register you must !
1 have been horn In 1896. in a month and
<m a day subsequent to June 5. or in
\ 1897, in a month and on a day prior '
! or on the .lay set for registration,"
,«;«'« the instruction card sent out by
| government.
Exercises Will Take Place Friday
Night at High School.
The Senior class day exercises,
which will take place Friday, May 81,
at 8 p. m. In the high school auditor
ium will consist of the following pro
gram :
Class I« «-in .
Solo, selected
Class History
Farce Comedy, "Macbeth a la Mode"
Scenes 1 and II
Cornet Solo_ Lois Brammer
"Macbeth a la Mode,"
Scenes III and IV
Vocal Solo—"Just
You," ..
Class Will _
Reply to Class Will by Juniors_
Louise DeHaven
Dugald Holsclaw
All friends of the school are Invited
to attend these exercise«.
.— Mina Decker
.. Lallah Fulton
Andrew Stockton
u-Wearyln' For
Gladys Brammer
— Mel va Harbin
Class Prophecy
Boise, Muy 25, 1918
To the Republicans of Idaho:
Notice is hereby given that pursuant
to (he election laws of the stute of Ida
ho the Republican State Plutform Con
vention will convene at Boise on Tues
day, June 25th, at 12 M. |
The basis of representation to said
convention, as fixed by law, will be a I
number of delegates from each county
equal to three times the number of i
state representatives to be elected from |
each county at the general election in
In accordance therewith, the
various counties of the state will be
entitled to representation as follows:
Ada, 15; Adams, 3; Bannock, 9;
Bear Lake, 3; Benewah, 3. Bingham,
0 ; Blaine, 3 ; Boise, 3 ; Bonner, 6 ;
Bennevllle, 6; Boundary, 3; Butte, 3;
Camas, 3 ; Canyou, 9 ; Cassia, 3 ; Clear
water, 3; Custer, 8; Elmore, 8; Frank
lin, 3; Fremont, 6; Gem, 8; Gooding,3 ;
Idaho, 6; Jefferson, 3; Kootenai, 9;
Latah, 9 ; Lemhi, 3 ; Lewis, 3 ; Lincoln,
3 ; Madison, 3 ; Minidoka, 3 ; Nez Perce
(J; Oneida, 3; Owyhee, 3; Payette, 3;
Power, 3; Shoahone, 9; Teton, 8; Twin
Falls, 9; Valley, 3; Wi shington, 6;
Total 192.
No proxies are allowed at State Plat
form Conventions but the members of
the delegation from each county lu ac
tual attendance will lie entitled to cast
the full vote of such delegation on all
questions arising ln such convention. I
Notice is further given that, as pro-,
vlded by law, the Republican County |
( entrai Committees will meet ln their
respective counties on Tuesday, June
llth, for the purpose of electing dele
gates to attend said State Platform
(Signed) 8. D. TAYLOR,
State Chairman.
Attest :
A farewell dinner- was given Sun
day in honor of Geo. B. Carter, at
the horn«» of ills father-in-law, Lee De
Moss. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. B. Carter, Mr. and Mrs.
John Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Lee DeMoss
Mr and Mrs. Sam Rankin, Miss Chloe
Carter, Walter Kerr and Lee and Roy
Since the publication of the Idaho
county roster we are in receipt of a
card stating that the name of Henry
Clay Hamilton had been omitted Mr
Hamilton enlisted at Spokane last Dec- 1
ember and is now with the 22n*l Engrs.
somewhere across the water. His 1
mother and brothers reside in the Jo
seph Plains country. If you are pre-1 '
serving this roster, which you should i
<b. not fail to add Mr. HamflS I
Thp Point and Lake Social club has
met with great success and most of the
memliers have l>een present at all of
the meetings v.-hich have ticeii six In
number. The mendiera are now wait- i
*"» f,,r 111 ore work and instructions.
1 he work completed and turned in for
The trustees of the Adklsoti School
District have arrange*! for a tienefit
<l#nce on the evening of Friday June
7th. The pr-seed* of the daure wlH
be donated to the Y. M. C. A Cult ed
The Basil Harris Jazz orchestra w »
furnish the mimic.
One Female Brought $12,50«, While
Top Price Bull was 1,500.
Harry C.
Camas Prairie as Harry, has hung
another record
Wash., May 25.—
better known on
for selling livestock.
At tin* Hurl burl sale here today he
sold 81 head of registered Holsteins
with an average price of $458.00 tier ,
head. He was assisted by Col.
Rhoades, of Los Angeles. Top price
female, $12,500; top price bull, $1,500 '
making the highest priced female of
this breed sold
west of Syracuse, N.
was a very substantial J,
Th( .
Miss Brqtiks last Tlmrsday evening
entertained tIn* Seniors by a banquet
at the Imperial hotel at - 7:30.
lunch served
one and was served in courses,
banquet table was -very appropriately
decorated wit class colors, caudles
ami flowers. Those present beside the
seniors were: Miss Brooks, Mrs. Over
man. Mrs. Staley. Mrs. Tucker. Miss
Miller. Miss Erlies, and Mr. Thompson.
42 operating cap«;
gown» ; 7 pair bootees ; 7 baby jackets';
4 Ik*< 1 shirts a.id one knitted
Government Has First-Choice
of Entire 1918 Wool
| Louis W. Alt, representing the Co»
lumhla Basin Wool Warehouse Co., of
a I North Portlund, Ore., and who main
tains heudquurters at Lewiston, was In
of i the city for a few days this week and
| was a guest at the Commercial club
On reaching the terminal warehouse
the wool is then in the bunds of the
government agents and no further
peuse accrues as the government at
I tends to the grading, etc. The price
paid to the producer will be the sumo
| a» at eastern points Whenever an atl
vance Is desired on the shipment Mr.
Alt is authorized to loan up to 75 per
cent of the value of the wool at «
percent, or at the minimum price of
37 1-2 cents jier pound.
When Government needs are satisfied
all wool remaining In the warehouse at
the Portland terminal will tie allocat
ed to western manufacturers.
Two hundred and seventy-five thou
sand pounds of wool have been shipped
from Lewiston by Mr. Alt this
Western Manufacturers to Be
Supplied When Govern
ment Satisfied.
luncheon Wednesday. Mr. Alt is mak
ing this visit for the purpose of en*
lightening the people regarding the
wool situation since the government
has commandeered the entire 1918 cMp,
with the exception of clips up to 1000
which may be disposed of by the grow
The Columbia Basin Wool Ware
house Co., of Portland, Ore., is the only
approved western dealer, and grow
ers in this section are requested to
ship their wool to Mr. Alt at Lewis
ton, who will store shipments until
carload lots have been reached when
the wool will be forwarded to the
terminal warehouse, thus assuring the
growers the cheapest possible freight
I or the information of those who
are Interested In sheep anyl consequent
ly the price of wool we quote the fol
lowing which was issued from Wash
ington D. C., May 20:
"The war Industries Ixiaril bus fixed
the price of the 1918 wool clip at. the
prices established July 30, 1917, at At
lantic seaboard markets on the scoured
.. government is to liavo prior
ts ° I , ' the J' 1 !!* 1 for * ts »wds at
: prices and the remainder Is sub
«»«*«<" tor other uses un
11 J 1 ' 'Election of the hoard. As the
1 . th ® government require con
7'' tla o , 1 ,' of pl ''se to I stints of
1 olls,lul I ,, h>n, distributing centers have
n , l \, ap . br V V<<1 , at wblt ' h WHO * Iuu y be
' 0,i ■
i „ * or th, ' enters will be
I i"'^ York, Philadelphia Chi
I <&#<>, St. Louis, Detroit, Louisville,
j Baltimore aud Wheeling, W. Va.
"For territory wool the »enters will
,a ' Cortland. Ore., Chicago, New York,
I St. Louis, Boston and l'hlldelphin.
"The only exception is (liai « tips of
1000 ikhiikIs or under may lie sold by
the owner.
"Approved dealers will Ik- entitled to
a gross profit in no cusc t<
ing ami Wed nés* ht y
afternoon fre^Tthî. MnnJ^n 1 . h " r8, t?y
parlor» Mr
neral and the , K . ,
ed bv Rev I B York- 8 ' omhict
Mr J^weliia®' thesvmnathv of the
„„tire csimmmdty '
*x<s , **i| one
and one-half cents jier isnmd on the
i total season's
business, this profit to
ex|H*iises from grower to
Dialling "'"'l on lioard cars,
, " Tht ' grower shull receive fair prices
f,,r '»is wool bqsed on the Atlantic sea
board price as established on July 30,
' p lG less the profit to tin* dealer as
K,Mt<al above and less freight to the
seal star*],
cover all
moisture, shrinkage und in
"Growers who desire t
, lo so will
be allow«**! to ihkiI their < lij»s in quan
lilies of not less than minimum
loads of lfi.oiKi jKiumls
whole so |Kioled as one ac
J, DI'foy«*d dealer in
aud consign
count to any
any approved dls
Last Friday Wm. Webb, Vivtor Pet
orson and Titos. Cross ley drove down
to Lewiston where they' attended flu*
mystic shrine «vremouies. Thirty-six
wen* in tin* class that was given the
work, those from this
as follows:
on the High line. Jack Warren, brake
man on the passenger run, Conduct or
W. II. Harris, formerly on this run,
I'. McBoyle, J. E. Graham. The
(tarty returned home Saturday.
section being
Geo. Bushnell, conductor
The remains were

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