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The Grangeville Globe
VOL. XI, NO. 51
$1.50 THE Y EAR
300,000 M«ji Summoned for En
trainment in November are
Washington, Nov. 11.—Almost the
first action of the war department to
day after announcement of the signing
of the urmistlce with Germany was
the cancellation of the army draft calls
under which more than 300,000 men had
been ordered to entrain for cnmiis be
fore Nov. ID.
Urgent telegrams prepared three
days ago at the direction of Provost
Organization Work Comes to
Halt; Will Not Return to
Civil Status.
Marshal General Crowder were sent
all local draft hoard:; directing that
the movement, of 252,000 men under ur
ders to entrain between Monday and
Friday be «topped immediately. Sec
retary Baker said that wherever pos
sible the return of men who already
had started for military camps would
be expedited.
As required by tlie selective service
act local boards will continue their
work cf examining and classifying
men between 18 and 35 who registered
Sept. 12. Since August, 1917, when the
first calls were issued, 2,700,000 men
have been inducted into the army.
Practically all physically qualified men
lietween the ages of IS and 31 who
were placed in Class 1 are now in tlie
service. The men who wore to hove
moved to camps tills months wore of
the new enrollment.
I are canceled, or who are discharged
after the e.'itralnfiient for camp.:, will
return to tlie status existing at tlie
time the original induction was issued,
tills to include resumption of their or
der and serial numlier.
It was also spodflcallv 1
that nothing in flic ean,vl'lat:,.ii of the
! calls shall operate to relieve f.-mi the
I consequences of his acts any régis
I, traut who lias heretofore Ixsxme sic
i linq lient or ileaerter.
I By order of Secretary Baker, Pro
S viisl Marshal General Crowdin'
ydlr,'ct,si local and district boards to
1?"eontiji io to completion a - cx]K>ditious
[ Ü.v us 'pos. ilile the
I registrants who on Sept. 12 had attain
i ed'their thirty-seventh birthday.''
Gcmual Crowder. In woven, directed
Uh» board' to discontinue Immediately
"all work connected with tin* classi
. .iiritftion of nu'ti who on Sept. 12 lmd
attained their thirty-seventh birthday
ami hart r»'t nttaincl their fortv-sixtii
"lit ent,»ring," said Mr. Baker's or
der 1 to General Crowder, "upo!i what
■■•ui-, i in'view of tlie mighty events u_
the daj, to\bo tlie final work of this
tlussilicat ion of all
r to.^be dong. I»y tlie selective
Kt»rvic^\ V ;i^i;. 1 extehii* to the
ÄnlMli* 1K ; ,sl ; ual «•":
m . ,3 ,'; 'TV, "' ,,ly T
ÏÏ To n ,f " u ' |,ast ,' V, ' ar a,a a
SÄrt mT V S T'' ° A V, y
.mlsW-Vl ! V" IO -' '*■' ■ |,a,l ' i 1 ot , ls,U
; I d dew. Inu Knell : ,s yoiifs can bring.
it mw'to'T!! th r m 01 ' 1 ;' w"T. ,
y , U 1 11 °* lint" 1 '* »»'I
™ lM i. "TV'rr 1
ivsikw . I ''"l' , * 11 ' ulTectioli.s the
hTAL : ■ 'ir
vou l o V . t • v,,u ,v ''- »*»'1 wl.<ii^
price" t that "' as "*\v°n«\
In transmitting Baker's order to the\
state draft executives und local and A
district draft hoards. General Crowder
added his ixTsoual eongrntiilations up
on their aehievemeufs of the past year
and a half. ' ■
Message Received by Mrs. Gilbert Says
He Arrived Last Saturday,
Francis GUIkwI, known umoiifk hi
former pals as "Sandy," son of Mr.\nnd |
Mrs. Geo. M. Gllliert of this place, and i
a former inenilH-r of Company E, \.r
ganized at Grapgeville,
verely wounded iu battle in Fran
munit four months ago, landed safel;
In New York liiHt Saturday and immeii
Ullelv sent a message to Ills motliei
B was rumored here last week that |T
"' rs - Gilbert was on her way to New
lurk to meet ••Sandy," but sub wa -
,u 't the ease. She came In from the
h " n ' p of Mr. and Mrs. Pettlbone Sat j
;l N !*v. when* she had been assisting
family In combating the Spanish
fitiuiaa, and the message was roceiv
H| l shortly after her arrival luuiio.
*k a ter telegram stated she was not
1 to New York to see him as he
'' H> o 1„> removed to another hospital
,f, arer home. No news as to the ex- 1
,' ,a °f hl« Injuries has been received
''• v *■• 1 parents.

who was
tli ■
Young Matron Taken by Grim Reaper
After Short Illness.
Mrs. William Soltman, aged 25 years
and 21 days, passed away at the family
residence last Saturday evening after a
short: illuess from pneumonia which fol
lowed influenza. Funeral services were
conducted ip the open air at Hie resi
rence Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock
interment being made i t l'rairievlew
Clara Anna Knorr was born October
ID, 1893, in Idaho county, Idaho. Her
entire life, except a few months in
Spokane, was spent in or near Orange
ville. She joined the Lutheran church
ut the age of fourteen a id remained a
consistent and faithfu 1 member
Her excellencies of character
so endeared her (o the community that
a host of friends fed a sense of be
reavement in her death.
On March 10, 1D16, she was united In
marriage with William JL Soltman. In
addition to her husband and two chil
dren, Donald Jack, aged twenty months
and Christine Clara, aged five months,
she is survived by her aged graud
father, D, A. Bo reherd Lag, her father,
C. B. Knorr, three brothers, Ben, of
Denver, Colorado, Ed, ofl Spring Camp,
Idaho, and Walter, in the government
service, and live sisters, Mrs, ,1. M.
Mattox of Grangeville, Mrs. I,. G. Bal
7A ' r of Spokane, and Minnie, Dora and
Christa, at home.
The funeral services were conducted
*'>' Rev. II. J. Wood, and a quartet from
Uie Federated church choir sang by re
quest, "Looking This \\[ay,"
*Arms of Jesus,
" ith My Soul."
Muugg directed the funeral.
Safe in
' an 1 "It is Well
Undertaker A. J.
of "'"ich were killed iu the fall which
j was a considerable distance.
bridge was const meted with
furnished j,y the st
mors of tliftt part ,,f tlie
'which the county added $1,500.
Cable Structure Built bv Residents of
That Section Assisted by County.
The cable bridge at Lncile collapsed
last Sunday during the figh wind and
crashed to the river bel,|iw. Ed. Price
of this place, made a tHp.to Riggins
last Sunday and the bridge had just
gone down before lie hail readied Lu
lb* stated that Monte Jarrett
was crossing cattle belonging to Gill
iVi Irwin, and that Iu* was Informed that
some twenty-five head wore on (lie
bridge at tlie time, fourteen or fifteen
•k men ami far
•ountry, to
It is
l ' , T OI 1 , 'd here that a turh buckle broke
" * , ' t V 11 ' "ridge (low n.
, . , . sa l va, T,' 11 " , * 11 '„ material
J' ll ! 1 l'l'actu-aIh new, (lie bridge
been erected hst year, was
commend'd immediately and ii is ,
, tl,vly l |OSsl,lll ' 111,11 tl "' *<rudtire will
1,1 L' a ', V '" ,f " ro 111,1 lly m " nths ' Tl "'
! os ' i ! llls , - , ' os - si,1 - r "M 1 hi ' 11
,,a ' ollVl '" 1 'jE < ' 1 ' to ll,, ' ^bd-knaai as flaw
" , no "'
", 1,1,1 ,IM- ot niill ' s 1
"io, I mm In r son llanj'y. who is with
lie comjiel le, I to travel
(Too, the Salmon
river with their stock.
County Commissioner John D. Long
■has boon in communie;] tion with tia
contractors in an effort t
tiling done at once,
a wagon bridge.
have soiiic
The bridge was not
•Mis. F. S. Hiee iec*i\ cd a letter this
s scrapping Yanks in France
in which the news was conveyed that
lie had been promoted I
of 1st
the position
sergeant of Company E which
ill bo good news to lii^ many friends
Harvey was a s lidions soldi,*
and was entirely deserving of the pro
News of Close of World War (.reeled
with Enthus asni.
.. of authen ic information
**l**se Hi,* Citizens Of Grangeville took a
half-lu.lid«, and .vl,-brined the event
in ...
, 111 aBcrnoon of Monday, the
t'ow boy blind turned out land ill addilioi'
'•■'»<i<*ri,ig patriotic.. i„«d
liastily formed parade : in. und the prin
cipal Street. American flags were
profusely in evidence a.-I as were also
the allied flags.
•iK 11 ' >1 I s ,*onfl,k*ntIy believed here that
■ tl»»* quarautliie can »on safely
. linked. A few eases nre confine,1 to tile
enil'i'geiiey hospital, and all the r,*a'
, seril'iis victims are on (in* road to rc
Very few eases of tlie "Flu"
ï f une to light since our last publication.
\ _ _ „
cars , l*r cattle pud hogs were
li:p\i'd from i his (mint Tuesday morn
ng fadng to S; M .kam* ;|nd Coast mar
'" ,''lv,lc lla.'plll anil Fred MeKin
ney shipissl foui\ car« of cattle and
hogs, John Baer A"f *
ars. and Barrett \ Br»,. two ears of
'o<T. eaVle to S"ol lane The ftssl slt
" ' \''ic'l!ed th.tf litter to reduce
their her,«*. :
,'V Air. and Mrs. Thomas Jordan
Gai<* Life for Country Sept- 28
Mr. Mmd Mrs. Thomas Jordan of this
.-'tv r-sl-eived the sad ii telligenee from
the walr department yesterday that
.he r x-™. John had been killed in action
("ra ï "Ai' "U Bejit. 2*s Mr. Jordan wa
■*'7 years V'f age and enlisted from Neb
is a. IlV was a half lirotb *r to Mrs
(red Krski\m. also of t|iis city.
(ttoiiwood. two
Drastic Conditions Imposed on Defeated Nation After Four
Years of Terrorism; Kaiser and Crown
Prince, Refugees.
Full Text of Stipulations Imposed for Disaster Following Ger
man Army—Revolution Now Racks
Defeated Nation.
iMlh t of the allied chief command is |
that the <}entmn nnnies shall retire!
into their own home land from all in !
vadeil territoi-y. Ii.uk, tent as the Ger
man armies shall l«'. as impotent as
shall lie the German fl,<et. Colonies
After more than four years of strug
gling the rights of mankind are served,
the greatest day in tlie history of
nations lias duwnel.
Victory and
peace! Thus the press dispatches of
last. Tuesday read, in telling the world
that the war had ended at 0 o'clock
Monday morning, eastern time.
The German militaristic classes—
arrogant beyond expression—are in
The kaiser and crown prince are in
flight—refugees in an alien country.
Germanic kings and intentâtes no
longer hold their sway.
Imperialistic Germany has met tin
fate that must ultimately come to any
country that seeks to rule the world.
Deserted by all her allies, Germany,
on her knees, i s accepting tlie terms of
capitulation which amount virtually
to nbjis-t surrender. Except for actual
hostile military invasion, the once
great European power, whose mon
arch's ambition was to dominate over
all, is in complete defeat.
Beaten on the field of battlo, tlie
are lost and tlie hand that sought to
reach out and attain additional terri
tory is withered l, y tlie ruling of the
supreme war council at Versailles.
Iteparation and restitution, in fact,
full compensation of all kinds is to tie !
made by Germany for ail tlie disaster •
and '
that lias followed her armies
those of lier allies throughout
world war.
f inviiod
('css;, t ion
>f oiKTiitionc liy land
and in the air six hours after the sign- 1
ing of the armistice.
2. Immediate evacuation
countries- Belgium,
Loraine, Luxemburg—so ordered as to I
he completed within 11 da vs from tla |
signing ,,f the armistice. German '
Iroops.wh'.ch have not left the above-!
mentioned territories within the |ier
iod fixed will become prisoners of war
DccuiiutioEi by the allied and United
States forces jointly w ill keep pace
with evacuation in these areas. All
movements of evacuation and occupa
tb.n will be regulate,', in a,ford;.nee
■i ith :■ note annexed i . the stated
terms |
! 3. "Repatriation l(oghin!ng at , m , v |
land to be completed within 14 davs, of j
all inhabitant; of the , siuntries above
HHMitioMMl, inrludinjc ho«taKi»r, and ikt
sons under trial or convicted.
4. Surrender iu good condition by
tim German armies of the following
equipments : Five Ihoiisand guns i 2 .hh»
heavy. 2«5(K) field I, 30,000 machine guns,
3000 min 'iimerfer, 20D 0 uirplaues,
lighters, bombers firstly D73s and
night bombing machines i. Tlie above
to lie delivered in situ to tlio allies and
the Foiled States troops in accordance
with tlio cc'tailed conditions laid down
in tlie annexed note. !
5, Evacuation by tin* German arm
ies cf Hie countries on tlie left bank
of the Rhine. These
•oiiiifries on the
left bank of ti e Rhine shall lie admin
istensl by tlie l ieal putllorlt!,*s under,
the control of the allied and United
Suites armies of occultation.
The occupation of these territories
will lie determined liy allied and United
States gatrisoiis holding tlie princiiml
crossings of tlie Rhine. Mayence, Cob
lenz. Cologne, together with bridge
heads at tluse imints in 30-kilomctei'
•u,litis on the right bank and by gar
risons similarly bolding the strut,-gi,
points of the regions.
A neutral zone slmll bo reserved on
h'* right of the Rhine I «'tween the
stream and a line drawn parallel to it
Id Kilometers to tlie east frmu tin
I'rontier of Holland to tlie paralbd of
Garuslieiiu and as far as iiraetical.le a
distamx* of 3d kilometers fn in tlie east
>f the stream from this parallel niton
Swiss frontier.
Evacuation hy tne enemy of the
Rhine lands shall tie so ordered as to
!«• eonmpleted within a further period
,»f 11 days. In all ID days after the sig
nature of the armistice. All movements
of evacuation and occupation will !«•
regulated according to the note an
nexed. »
0. In all territory evacuated l»y the
eiiemP there shall l>e no evacuation of
inhabitants ; no damage or harm shall !*
lie done to tile persons or property of
the inhabitants. No destruction of any
klnd to l(e committed. j
Military establishments of all kinds
shall he delivered intact, as well as ;
military stores of food, munitions,
equipment not removed during the per-! 1
iods live,) ..vernation store« of
nais nxeil roi i\.i< nation. Moris or
food of all kinds for civil population, ;
cat Me et,, «tu,il I*, left in
cattle, ,t<„ sliall la left iu situ.
Industrial establishments shall not
he i,no-ilre 1 ii, .,nv nnv nnd tlielr nor s
he. unpaired in any way and tlull per
sound shall not lie moved. Roads und .
mem« of (N,iiiiimiilr.iii. il of every L-in.l
in,«ms of oommunltJtu.n of evtiy kimi
railroads, waterways, main roads ;
lirhlees telommlis teleohones slinll
I,ring, s, mogiapiis, tin phones, snail
in no manner be impaired.
,. All civil and military l»ersoimel
at present employed on them shall re
main, l ive thousand locomotives, 50,
000 w-ngoi S 1111,1 to (iiiii ,,„,t„r lories in
L^ssl'VvorkUig oriler^wlM^ all^nliiwarv
s m e milts «11^ Ï flVtlngs «1 • 1 te üeliv
the ]K>riod tixed for the exacuation of
lle k ium and Lim*mlmrg.
'Tin» hutways Of Aisa<n'dn»rrniiH*
shall he handed over within the .same
period, together with all pre-war per
son.«?and material.
Furtlu'r material necesaary for tlie
working of railwavs iu the country on <
left, bank of the Rime shall lie left in 1
situ. All stores of coal and material
for the upkeep of permanent ways,
signals and repair shop left entire iu
situ an,l kept in an efficient state by _
Germany during the whole iieriod of
armistice. All barges taken from the
allies shall he restore,I to them. A note
appended regulates the details of these "
shall lie
.8. The German
i'es|Kinsilile for revealing all mines or
lory evacuated I
land shall assist in their discovery and
*b sti'Uetio:;. Tin* German conuuaiid
shall also „.veal all dost i n,dive meas
ures that .nay have been taken (such
or pointing of springs
net i)ig fll es dlsp:ise,1
on terri
the Uermun troops
,ls powolinig
"'V ls '£ u '- > "l" 1 ' 1 ' s
/ Klfi of rcqu.s.lton «hall be
'. xt ' 1 "!} u ' al ", '1 ' "ed
M ,' ll, s allul< ' s 111 11 occttiiicd .or dor.,.
1 1,1 upKeep °t the ... of oc, lpa.nUi
11 tho al1 ' 1 < excluding VI
1 "'Taine ) shall he eluN'ged loi be i"i
j :
ll:a! ' K 0 '' , i'" |, ienr.
i "'. ,,1,,,l, " t, ' rtMwUrinlI.... vitli
0,,t „'V 1 !' 1 .according t» d" ailed
conditions which shall be fixed, of ah
,ll! »c«l and United States prisoner : of
" ar * 1 be allied |hiwcis and tlio I tutedj
S ' ilcs sliall be aille to d.sposc ot tins'
1 1 ; f ol,e, . > ! ls 1 ",•' " ls ,
1 sick nnd wounded who o.nino,
111 ■ *'d ,r " ul ''vacuated tevritorj
'' ' 1 cared tor by Gennaii iiei'simu,' .
" ''V. " ! M ' l .' f . 0,1 !"' s l Hlt l * ,( '
' I1 ,< a nii,,< ' nai required.
All German troops at present in any !
territory which hefoix* tlie warn helmig
<*d to Russia, ituniania or TinSjJf..
w ithdraw within the frontiers of Ger
many as they existed on August 1,1911
Evacuation by German troops |
to iK'gin at once and nil German in- i
civilian, as |
now on tli, 1 !
las defined before |
struct,>rs. prisoners and
vi 'l ns military
territory of Russia
l!t!4 I to lie I-, •called.
German troops to cease at once!
all requisitions and seizures and any |
other undertaking with a view l
tabling supplies intended for Germany
in Rumania and Itui
August 1,19141.
11 .
Ahund,inmelit of the treaties of
Bucharest and IIrest-Lit,.vsk and
the supplementary treaties j
1(1. The allies shall have free access
to the territories (wnctmlcd !■.' the Ger
mans on their eastern frontier either
through tlie Danzig or by tlie Vistula I
in order to convey supi.ll.-* to the ixipu
lation of tliese territories or for any |
other purixwe.
i las defined on !
'•' rnmn forces o|M*rating in East Africa
within one month,
is. Repatriation, without rcoiproc
«• tlilu a max'.inum perbal of one
month iu accordance with detailed con
rucomlitioual capitulation of all
ditions hereafter to lx* fixed of ull civil
ians interned or deported who may be
citizens of other allied or associated
states than those mentioned in (danse
three, paragraph ID. with the reserva
tion that any further claims and de
mands of the allies and the United
States of America remain unaffected.
ID. The following financial condi
tions are required:
Reparation for damage done. While
such armistice lasts no public securi
ties shall be removed by the enemy
which can serve as a pledge to the al
lies for the recovery or reparation for
war losses. Immediate restitution of
the cash deposit in the National Bank
of Belgium and in general immediate
j return of all documents, specie, stocks,
j shares, paper money, together with
j plant for the issue thereof, touching
public or private interests in the in
vaded countries. Restitution of the
Russian and Rumanian gold yielded to
Germany or takpn by that power. This 1
gold to l(c delivered in trust to the al
lies until the signature of peace.
20. I mined la le cessation of all hos-j
tillties at sea und definite information
to be given as to the locution and move-j
incuts of all German ships. Notifica
tion to lie given to neutrals that free-1
dom of navigation In all territorial wa-!
tors Is given to the imyal and mercan-1
**le marines or the allied and assoei
!* V' P° w ers, all questons of neutrality
... j
, A l,aval un '' 'Mercantile marine
j I" isoners of war of the allied and as
h0 *' 1 u* t "d Iioyvars in Gorman hands to be
; '.'.V 1 j "'"hom reciprocity. (
&urr&ui' 1er to the allies and the j
1 "Bed . fates of America of 100 Ger-,
""»» sulimuriiics (including all sulimar- I
, , , , , , :
; uuisiis and mint laying submai-|j
hies), with their complete armament
an q equlnment in iR.rts which will Ik>
1 ... 1 *, 1 ,
s l*'<'Ulc<l liy tlie allies and tlic United
s America \11 other sulimar
. 1 - , » , ! ,7" 1
llK *s to be paid ofl and completely dis
pinoeil under the sunervls
; 1 111111,1 8U *,\; ,
10,1 of f bo allied lowers and the United
states of Vineries
V J y u I.,. . . .
1 f Ï5 Is' "s rua 'l bv
1 , . u '.q U 0^ ' T
. 11 , a ., ',, ... ,,
America shall forthwith be disarmed
1,11,1 'beivafler Interned in neutral is,i-ts
" r ' f '"' wan ' " f «'em. in alii,si sirts
,V, ^ Amencu anil plaetnl
. su ! ' V l,,;inrt ' l * le allies
,init4Ml ' ol <WT,V '
otV ! 011 ' nanndy :
S , ix ( , 111 <*"■»*** . battloshiin.
eight light cruisers, including tv,.
0, .' ,M ' S - i,( » destroyer:) of the most mod
< ' 1 . 11 , ■' ■'V other surface warships
1 "»•ludmg river craft) are to lie con
cent rated in German naval bases to be
_ ...
IV" ,T llu ' stjlKM*vdsion of the allies and
Urn l nited States of America. Allies
m Is of H*«* unxillai-y fleet (trawlers,
" io,or yesseJs etc. ( are to lie disarmed.
-*■ 1110 allies and the United States
America shall have the right
•p up all mine fields and obstruc
tions laid by Germany outside German
territorial vaters. and the po-itions of
dcsigiiated by the allies and the United
States of America and are to lie paid
oil and completely disarmed and placed
•ure this the al
I States of America
shall tic emiHiwcred to occupy all Ger
man forts, fortifications, batteries and
defense v.orks of all kinds in all the
Cattegut into tlio
tlie' :• iav to be indicated.
25. ' FniHloin
f access to and from
bo given to the naval and
more,Hit ilo marines of the allied and as
tlio Baltic t
so,dated powers.
lies and the I 'nit
entrances from the
Baltic, and to sweep up all mines and
obstructions within aid without Ger
waters without anj
question of neutrality being raised, anil
the positii ns of all such mines and ob
: set ructions arc to lie indii-ated.
2(1. The existing blocl
sot up by the allies and assoc
■_>- i ; ,, VJ ,| jijieruft
,ontrated and immobilized in (
|,., s( . s t „ )>( , )>v „,,, ;l u i( , s illl( |
Hie Uihteu States ..f America,
-j,« In evaeuatiug the Belgian
and po-ts Germany shall abandon nil
n«'r, •liant ships, tugs, lighters,
and all other burhor materials, ad ma
! terials fo • inland navigation, all
einfl and all materials and stocks, all
ted p„w
unchanged «lui nil
ships found at s
•is ure to n ni
"'inau merchant
remain linl.lc to
arc t
Clipt III',I.
are to lie con
'I 111:111
a ir
arms and armaments,
and apparatus
2D All Black sea
| evacuate,I by
i war
and ail
f all kinds.
ports are t
all Russian
Germany ;
f all description*
| by Germany in the Black s
! handed over t
tlio alhc* and the
| United States of America: all neutral
seiz, •<!
•a are to ho
seized are t
warlike and other materials
| kind« seized in those »orts
he released : all
of all
as '
hands belonging to the allied and as- :
ofjsociated powers are to he restored in
j ports to he *pei ilie.l by the allies and
lie I . iled Stales ..f America without |
I terials t,. lie |ieiinlttch before evaeua
1 mil. *uir. der or restoration.
| 32.
are t
lause 28 àre to lie aban
returned and German
qieeitied hi
! done,!.
20 .
AM merchant vessels ill G
ri .(iproeitv.
31. N
dest met i
f ships or
and Holland. Unit nil „'strictions pUm
ed on the trading of their vessels with
hi' «hii*d

The German government
the neutral governments of the
world and particularly the govern
ments of Norway, Sweden. Denmark
atnl associated countries,
whether by tlie German goverm.ienr •"•
., iirivate German interests, and
•a he! her in „'turn for siiecltie eonces
< .s such as the exioirt of sliiplm.id
'*'■' '"»'''rials or uot are immediately
Leaders Desperate in Last
Moments to Save Sen
ator Nugent.
Republican Ticket Beneficiary
of Democratic Traded
I(1nh(> , Nov 12 .—Everyone
Know» how the election went hilt there
ar( , nift ny who do not know exactly
w hy. It would really lie difficult for
j the average man to figure it out, but
those OI1 fp 0 outside, who no longer ob
K ,,rvo the secrecy maintained during the
campaign, are talking and making it
( easier to fi rm safe deductions,
j Wreck of a Partv
,p| outstanding result of tlio elec
I .. . . .IVut. tnueiec
: lion is that the DonnxTatle party of
j , j ms iwcn reduced to a millitv
' 1,1110 „'V : , , „ a m 7, my '
11 " as flrst * tolp " by tlie Norqiartisan
league lenders in the n-lmarv election
. .11 o , p unary election,
Iu tllls D r0WR » 1 hi'<> Democratic aid
from Senator Nugent r.nd former Sen
, . oaa rorni ®r seu ;
* ml 1 Dubois. Senator Nugent
, anil his advisers In Washington r.«il
1 , , , , .ISIllIlglon run
li!1 '<l that hi' had no show as against a
Republican line-up In Idaho. They
f, '" U ' 0,11,1 1m * l"''*»»lo to hold most
the U, niocratic voters through the
Influence end »loading of the n-iflonnl
. y. r 111 - na > 1<>11 « 1
." ' T ™!"' r.rtnitnl^lration und with
hl . ^ u ' •>ipulato,! by shrewd
Nll " u t \ y [hta *
j jui „m at j Iflç vietorv h icely scr deheil
' thr(>ii-/h. If there had 1 lwen nnvtMmr
: j jj t , :i0 nual vote in tin* vt ite he
„rinld m c?"" ! d eish -l ]ef ( l?t«l
uni nau ihhu deusiiil, defeated.
l)ot .,|,i„ K „ f . r -iti e to Mi„ ht«to.-„
: . *. 1 aa 'V n , U, J t,M "wtory of
polities for 111,, s -lé iK'uellt of one
(le Won bv :
few votes but be takes
his «eat on (lie wreckage of tlie Demo
cratic party in Idaho, pcrlm]», the most
P«^«' 1 baume
J l|,r, ' ; ' l
I'nhllcan party had lost a lei
Cut Both Ways.
In the ; 'iteration not only was the
Democratic party ruined but the Nun
's slaughtered as a
l'lie one-man anibi
tilce permitted no obstacles
Whatever the cost.
Republican state
elected by about tile aver; ge
Item; ii,aj, rily in die Mate hut ,
ti Uot was
f Vi it (if,
metnlKTM jotnlug the Nonpar
tisan league. The
the party rceouiK'd
tlio Nonparti;.;;n league, which
" " !1 * »•«'> stuck!
' , 'ho Republican stale ticket
b' neticiary of Doinocrutie vote.« traded
111 f * u ' interest of Nugent,
I 11 ' 1 '»' 1 «', liis managers
'° ,l "' d was sent
resulls show that
1U<I it was not from
van the
He was dets
were <lcs|ienite,
nit to trade o(T
the Nonpartisan state ticket.
was done.
Nonpa I'tisans
The story is
wonder wiiat
1*4*1 here,
l'lie I (einoernts lined
w.tli Nugent, abandon, 1 ,! tlu* le,
trading against Gooding.
So we levé
one party wrecked and
another murdered so John K.
might stay in oflic,*.
William Webb
and brother-in-law
< '. W.
of RoiiIkviis,
night from
mountains beyond Dixie
a trip in the
in the neigh
f Fred Siig,«.* s ranch, in
The gent lernen were
: » ie nearly three weeks and returned
i Ii on,* elk, a fine s|K*eiman, and two
quest of big
Tlie.v enjoyed the
t reiuely weil.
F. F. Le,
•per. tlie auctioneer, and his
l«ec|KT, cashier of tlie
!! iiiik of St ft es. were business visitors
. .unty sent Monday. While here
lie latter left a nice little
order for
The Stiles
w ith tlie Glolt,;.
<i|KTutioiiK sonic
' am ago and the business men of that
liriviirr town nre comiielled to go clse
In re for their printing. The gentle
: h.iue.l the proper spirit in leav
: "g tin* wm^t in l,i s home county, and
beside that lietter printing is uot turned
0111 «'■> I'laee in tlie enfii-e country
| l' i "i right hen* in Grangeville.
33. No transfers
shipping of any description to
any neutral flag are to take place after
nature of tlie armistice
*1 tie duration of the armistice is
to be 30 days, with option to extend,
During Hi
of German mcr
■ liant
l>eriod on failure of exe oi
i* 1 »" "f any of the alnive einus»*s, the
armistice may Ik- denounced l>y one of
the contracting i.ariies on 48 hours'
pn'viou:: notice.
35. ih HimiMkv to Im* n,*cepted
refused within 72 hours o'* notification.

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