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The Grangeville Globe
VOL. xn, NO. 2
=JL ' l -
DECEMBER 5, 1918.
$1.50 THE Y EAR
Letter Written October 28th,
Received By Parents Just
TOaf/vrii Qo/l vr ntTTn
Betöre Sad News.
Henry John Hesterman, Aged
27, Killed in Action on
November 2nd.
.. T , tt . . Ä
Henry John Hesterman, aged 27
° h°°- A ; 303 - Iûfa " t 1 !;y'
America 11 L. K., the oiuy son of Mr.
and Mi's. Henry Hesterman of this city
was killed in action in France on the
2nd day of November. This sad news
was received here last Friday evening
and Cast gloom over the entire com
Tlie bereaved parents had heard
nothing from their soldier son until
just a few days before the sad news
was received, when a fine letter writ
ten on the 28th day of October came
to hand. They felt so proud of their
sou that the letter wua read in
homes in tlds city which felt
siderable pride in the fact that he
one of the many young men from this
immediate section that was doing his
utmost on foreign soil to make the
world safe for humanity.
Henry H**sterman wr.s liorn at Mer
rill. Wisconsin, and cam»' to Idulio
with his parents something over 15
years ago. For the past several years
and up to the time he was called to
the colors he was engaged In the laun
dry business, in company with his tm>
ther-in-law, Madison Meyer, being the
owners and operators of the Electric
Laundry. He was a moilel y»ning man
and a close applicant to business.
t Besides the aged parents, who have
th*' sincere sympathy of the community
j I»« is survived by three sisters, to-wit :
'i Mrs. Ed. Ficke of Canfield; Mrs. Mad-1
Ison Meyer of Orangeville,
'■§ Freda Hesterwan of Seattle, As soon
4 as tl«' news of tlie brothers ileatli
received Mr. anil Mrs. Ficke and Miss
% Freda journeyed at once to the home
ft to comfort the stricken parents.
Below we reproduce the last letter
If written to the parents ;
and Miss
"France, October 28. 1918.
l**>ar Folks;—Here I am again try
ing to write. I have a very comfort
if al»l<' place to write just now. I'm sure
M you would laugh if you could see rue
f ami what I'm culling a comfortable
J place. I've let down the back board of
a dog wagon so it makes a good desk
ami then I got a fine big German
milk stool for a seat, so I'm at ease in
flue style, under this (hutched roof.
I was up »piite early this morning as
1 was awakened by the big cannon
s»i while I'm waiting for breakfast and
have a little time 1 thought it ix'st
to six'iid it this wav as it might be a
month lx'f»»re I get a chanee again I
have written letters several times and
try over here in the last three months
At first everywhere we went ti«> towns
were so shot to nims th»t «
stoL «•»« «11 hi* ^ r. , 1 f
that the tk-nn«,,! 1 ».* H" 1 l "
s we find lots of nbv bte^citi "
that have iïïcn hit wilh only a fmv
shots ami hardly any »lamage dom*.
There ar«'
then couldn't mail them, and had to
carry them around until they
worn through.
Gee! I've ix-en over a lot of couu
surelv some nrettv
«Il are of brick and " »Æe „ur bfg
I irr,!" M "rtli yVhcn we are on the
road it seems like we ar** in u town
all the time as the country is so thick
'll ly settled and when we fe«>l hungry
§ ut any timi* on our marches we can
get a turnip or i'arrot almost any time,
and we see many »xld tilings. Yeeterdav
I saw a horse and a cow hitched up to
g**ther to a wagon; another man was
plowing with his milk cow, and then
at night sat down and milked her Just
,b " saaa "
It is surely surprising how 8<x>n the
people move hack t«i their homes after
they are retaken from the Germans.
• Some carry what few things they own
in this world on th«r backs, some have
a smull wagon, like this one I'm asing
for a writing desk, drawn by a large
Jgf;d<>g f some have a cow or a lnn-si*
_ a largp
- a cow or a horse
f left to pull their wagon, and in this
way they tiring everything they own at
^ un*' tin«'. And how glati they are when
ÿ they find that tlielr plain's are not
damaged, and how »ptleklv the
Iiair ami fix up thus** that have been
"We see a lot of big breweries and
«ugar factories in th«*se towns, als«:
places Where th«*y weave cloth and mats
out of flax straw. The German« re
treatixl quite fast over this country
we are in now. and I guess it looked
t'xi good, even to them, to destroy.
•<«« i, • i
«i» 1 IBLlKt K< ' t to work afiain so
will have to »juit now. I wish you
would write soon and often; the bmt
row mail day« I only got letters from
Albe— they never fail, and I want to
«ay a letter helps. I received another
(■lotie yesterday ; that makes the fourth
since I've been over h»'re."
K. S. Sweet Receives 171,4 Cents at
Spokane Yards for Carload.
Spokesman-Reviey : E. S. Sweet, a
pioneer stock mise r of Orangeville.
Idaho, who is at the Davenport, de
livered a ear of Poland China hogs at
the Union stock yards yesterday which
were sold for $51.50 each to the Armour
Packing company. The car of sixty hogs
brought $3003.
»«eking company i»aid 17 1-2
«•tils for tlie hogs, wtilch wai*
much as could have been realized by
Mr. Sweet had he taken the hog's
I to the Coast market.
! The hogs, which at first weighed
100 pounds, were fe»l 90 days on wheat
1 and rolled barley. They averaged 294
I iKHtuds yesterday.
j Mr. Sweet Is optimistic about the
future of the stock growing Industry
; and the stock yards here.
I "I was able to get about the same
price for the hogs to»lay as if I had
J taken them to the coast.
Uvesluck hffius™ bu" fanners' need
I m '.L f, ' ar to il,vest 1,1 h»*» at this time.
! , mufl t got more stock on our
I lands if we would increase their value
! and make
_ _ more people
I Those who art» only growing grain arc
1 robblne the soil and not eetHnir ««
27 much out of the land as it should nro
duce. The pro^si^amT
pends on its live stock industry"
,, IK;F *ir\l iru u . '
!.. v « , i LL . - ... 1
. ,, , , S, ales • of the Tenth
J " ,H '' ial district went down to Lew
I "Bon last Sunday to tie in readiness to
oiK*n the regular fall term of the dls
trict court for Nez Perce county on
Monday morning. Shortly after
veiling the judge made an order con
tinuing the term to Jan. 6. He returned
home Monday evening and ha« since
conf,ned to h1s home with tin
influenza. As
sa bl Mr
homes for
we go to press lie is
reported to be rapidly improving.
: j
i <
Honor Week," Set Aside
Raise State's Quota; First
Week of December.
. . , , .
cemlx'r has Ikh'u désignât*^ as "Honor
" which time s»-hooI pu
; lwre,,ts ' a " < ! 1,11 1,,vh1 dt^ns of
!' ah ° "T Jl* buv !',, ar Sav- ;
l,,KM an , 1 hri V sta »*P s - All school
prepared to assist in this matter. Tin*
b " n, ' r ," f ; >,lr °" untr -V and our sate is
al ^Ltkc l«v»*st all you can.
», ; J '>hnson. state »haiimuii of the
^»x'rty Ixian dnve gave out tl«'
f "«I«-wi.,gr ^»ten«;nt last Satiirday:
,, T , Idaho Will IJo Her Fart.
... * , av '' . fear .', Ml - • 1< .< hns "n said. ;
[dit that Idaho citizens will put their
fi [ H>ul< >»' | s to the whix-l and send t)«*
, at< ' '''V ,h< ' to l» in war savings
''V, 1 .!' ,lrlv '' ,lu * w«*ek.
I s,a, '* " r hlalio. altliough with
! ,Ut war Industry, within its
lxnindari«xs, lias never failed in givin;
all ask*'«l and more in every drive
wild lier for Lilxu-ty Bomls, U»'d Cross
or other war activities. When culled j
''crl* !b . Vim* 7n''''? . h °' ,r *" , S "";
u first Liheity L.iaii, our loyal
« itizt'tis «'mile nobly to the front ami
l"»*" 1 '« Bie state over tl«- top. We
,m ' 1 lH " a sllort Bme in which to form
}th * M 1 « tl i"" 1 coiiHequently
rouM " ot n ' a, ' h ,na,1 ' V «"«»r
The State of Idaho has not reach
<'d her iplota for Tlirift mid War Sav
lugs Stamps. The tirst we**k in De
, Savings stamps bouglit in De»-em
M,'"' a,Hl " h " lf 1K ' r| '
bold to niatmlt "
Thomas Hoble passed away at the
1,K 'al hospital this morning from pneu
which followed u severe attack
,,f Influenza, at the age of 50 years.
Mr. Roliie was ill with the disease for '
a few ' la >'« Ix'f.ire he was taken t»i the
'(-spital on ..lay morning and very
"»»«*. entertain««! for his;
('''«■'»'cry at anj stag*'of his illness.
Bliieral will occur from Hail-j a
a undertaking ,wrl„rs Satur.lay
> a '»r dug. with services at tl«* grav,
lU 7 W N _ ,
. Ml ' !V'' u .' l-am< ' ,a ' lv >" l s »'>
! <a 'V S i/ IV ^('others and sis
IV 1 * 8 * Urineville, Ore.; T.F
dist riots.
investment, if
,,M 's ; L. F. Ihibie, ITineville, (Ire. ; T.F
!i,N .! <, '« i stou ; Itols'i t E., Grange t
. ...
! n> " Biggins, Fori land;
Millville, Calif,
.... . ... u , Itoix rt e„ Grange
stile; Mrs Sarah Lynns. Brownsville
»i r m San » B'-adley, F» t »'land. ai«l|i
u«» rollowing liait bnitliers ami slsti'rs : j
. 1*11111 1. Higgins, Clnrkxton, Wash. Alt- j
Nat« y Ta..'
rr,,lu " flv< ' veeks ' «"Journ at out able
|mtnta - Mr McGliie sixuit some time
ln Montana lixiking after a bunch of
» attic which he >m»l -iiiitiie»! to Chicago,
though h" did not acremixiny them. He
also journeyed a»'ross tl«- line into Can
ada. exiiecting to liny cuttle, but not
t«*ing able to secure ears for shipment
»11*1 not do so He stated that two
weeks ago it was 18 degrees below
»-r»» in Canada, which «rented a little
J. A McGliie returned late last week
country is g»x»d enough.
He emphatically states this
Did Not Open Last Monday Morning as Advertised; New
fluenza Outbreak Afflicting Many Families;
Few Cases Very Serious.
As was advertised in our last issue
the local schools did not reconvene
on Monday last on acount of the new
outbreak of the epidemic. Friday and
Saturday a number of new ooti»*s were
reported and in conferences held by
members of the School Hoard. Super
Intcndent. Case, and Health Officer Dr.
Stockton, it was deemed best fori
1,11 ( ' 0,uvrn * 1<i not t() Permit the schools
to °È** n «t that time.
New eas0K were reixirtcd with such
ral>i,,it - v that th< ' ^«pltal. which
lm( * closed for some time for
want of patronage was
' r,>a,11,a '>' N fur patieuis uni] on M.mdav
1 a.id Tuesday seven sufferers
taken flier** for treatment
placed in
The only
really serious ease was that of Thomas
Roliie, who had Ikh'u ill for se/eral
days, and who passed away at 9:15
.'«'sterilny morning, the first »lentil from
tli«' epidemic in this sci-tlon fo
tin«' and also the first to iieeur at the
I'M ital.
ti.ty deemed ire
essajv put in force. Mayor Edmund
son voluntarily closed liis picture show
and after holding one servie«' Sunday
morning th<' local churches went out
of Imsiness for tlm present, so far as
public iiHH'tlngs arc concerned. Lodges
bave also l'eus*'»! to convei«'. More |
"Move On" signs were printed ami 1
I distributed by t In* Chief of Police, and |
'riio eity <•<
, last Monday
» lib'ii 'li regular ■»'<»! m
'v • » ig »»'-j »'luted i C 01 U
b'Ue* to niak " a i incest,gat ion an ,»r
»'* r w.iat nifis n-'.
Wounded in Ix'g With Shra|Ni«'l; Con
valescing in Hospital in France.
From a hospital somwhere in Frame
Kennedy, one of tl«' well known
young men in I lit* service from this
section, under «lut«' of October 16 wrote
jan interesting lctcr to ids mother, Mrs.
Kncliael Kennedy, of lllis city, which
was received a few days ago. Sam
i went over tlie top with tlie rest of his
, . ,
I«'K- '' «'ll»' .1 wax known here that lie
»nnl Ixh-ii woiiikUhI very litt !«■ had Ixs'i,
"f imn. The letter in part fob
; •"«»:
Mother: It has just Ihhul ;i
days since 1 dropp'd you a few
lines, but tlie nurse <nn«* ar.nm.l this
uiorning and gave us slips to send ;
home for our Xmas packages, so 1
Biougiit 1 had lx; i.-r send it at »nice,
I ton leeflug fine, lmt »anno, walk:
«as o|x'rat.Hi <m tlie loth mid hud ai
; l*M''i' <>f shrapnel taken out of my
night leg. und I am going to keep tl«.
»'nif. ns I didn't get
any other while at Hie front.
"1> has 1 k*, ii looking very favorabl,'I
* ! >r |h ;ic<. the last few »lays, but acconl
ink' to the newspaix'rs it lias Ixhui call
ed off. and tl«. Allies arc going to
üg'ht it out. j
"'I'll*' doctors ami nurses here arc |
j J»st fin«*, and we receive very g .I
. *• , ,
Tin tc»l (toss was around her.-;
smeral days ago ami gave us ea. h a i
l«»x <»f various things su, I, as stati...,
«'r.v, toilet article«, tlireail. huttons. ami
uii.«* also »„iitai.u d a little fruit cake,
"hleh was sun* fine.
»'ouipany in some .if the big fights
.shortly bofore il«' armistice was sigi«'»l
np and rt'ceivi'd ti severe wouml in tlie
It lias Ix'ti rutiler chilly here for the |
in«t few »lays: have liml some rain
' ,Ut . . . ,uak " U " iud<lv ' ral H
' Nonpartisan league Attorneys Start
Action Against Members of I»«mii- ,
' oeratic Fartv.
The American Surety company »,f
N»'w Aork lias been made »lefendant in
a suit filcl in the district »•» urt at
Boise last w,*ek by Kessler »V Fiz* y.
attorneys for \V. G. S,holtz. II. F. Sam
, u«*i«. O. G. Zee!:. William A. Fife. W.
BU-e. B. A. Cum.ngs, !,. I. Furrell
.and* <*. H. .K piksen, in wliieh it is I
sought to (*oni|iel tl*e surety <*oiupany !
(«»t lx- a very gixid judge of that
however, as I don't get out.
...... aihlress is, l'rivate Sam
uel i'. Kennedy, Co. C. 31(itli Field
Battalion, A. K. F„ via New York."
t«, award to tlie plaintiffs in the suit
at Weiser in which W. K. Hamilton
nd menilx*rs «if the Democratic party
j »if Idaho nought to enj'du tlie plain
j tiffs from having their name, eerti
fled on the I »emo-'rntie st,.te ticket
las Democrats. Tli«* plaintiff. Dr. Ham
j iltnii. was reipiired to give an under
taking to i my tie plaintiffs, at that
tin«* the defendant» to tl«* suit, costs,
damage«» and a reasonable e .un-el fix-.
which should n •» ex*xx'd $1WK>.
The Itisl Cross nspiests that all
finished sweaters und «mix lx* returned
to the Ited Cross headqimrters
ix'fore Deeewber 20.
on or
Mr and Mrs. Ed Ficke of Canfield,
arrived here last Saturday for a short
isit at the home »if tlu* latter's parents
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hesterman
orders from the committee of the city
council to tin* imioI hull proprietors
uot to Iiermlt (N'oplt* to congregate in
thi'ir places of business were issu«*. I
While til«*
is consider«'»!
serious, people are warned not to lie
afraid but careful. In another column
of this isuue of the Glolie
n plica re an
article directed to influenza <*onvales
wnts and issued t>y the United States
Public Health Service.
The artiele
should In* rend by every one who has
had the disease.
At 11 imH'ting of the local sclmol
Iioaril Wednesday night the following
ffered and uuani
Resolved, That it is the sense of
this imH'ting that the Grangeville pub-]
lie schools will lie opened as soon as
tli*' safety of tlie pupils will
An*l lx- it further .
B,'solv,'»l. in order that th,
influenza epidemic In* elearcd from the
town, s
mously a»lopt«'»l :
inconvenience and
ex|ieiis.' of conducting tli« 1 public
schools U- minced, that the city offl -1
clals actiiig in conjunction with the
county health officer, 1 m- urgentlv
uiu'sted t
all plact's of
|>eople congregate, ns will prolilldt any
|ierson from
that no |«crson lx- allowed to enter mi
| necessarily any pla
1 linger in such place exi'ept to lx* served
| as a »xstiinier.
Unit tli»'
puli'«' such ipinrnntiiic on
mmiseiiK'iit <ir where
Mitering the same; and
• of business, or to
Says Boys are Feeling Fine; Expects
». to be Home in Six Months.
October. 30.1918
My I)»'ar Father:
I rrecived your letter yesterday ami
was real glad to hear that
getting along nicely. 1 am o. K. and am
finding tin«*. All tli« 1 lio\'s are in go«»»!
you arc
"" are enjoying some fine weather. !
Iml its Ix'gimiiiig I«. get slightly »'old
in Hie mornings.
"t'll fallier, from the present out
.; it looks as though you will him
.. . foreman on tin* ram li b.'f.ire
many months. I think that six month«
more will see this "scrap" over an.l the
most of us buck in the States.
1 11 Ix't you liml a great tin«. the
r.'serve witli all llial buiicli of k
; t inn't »lispos*- of any »-altl<*. whali'vcr
you do—buy nmr**, if anything, for 1
want some t.i st.x-k that pla»-«' of mine
wh,'t, I get ba,-k.
1 got a letter from Tom. Il.-'s get
ting along fine. He lias certainly Ixx'ii
one of the lx*st friciuls I <-vcr bail.
You want I». take good ,-ar»' of vour
s,.|f and don't lake on am Influenza
I had it last spring ami it didn't li.itli
er me nim li. I never stopiie»!
1 mviviHl a letter from Mrs. Hatta
baugli. It was very good of |«.|- t
j time for a ni«-«- long letter,
| I suppose Honabl «ill be caught In
this late "wind" (draft I'll 1,«^
«B* wll.I. Those kin,I of patriotic
citizens who love their country
i that had better g»>t in with tli,' I.
W«'ll. I hots* to re»','ive -, m,v
note Ix-fotv long, ami lm,H* this
Iik*' !
long >
finds !
you well ami prospering.
| 1st Sergt. Wm. Gregg,
Co. 1. lit; ngin*.«.
A. K. F.
.... .
...... /
, m .. . ,. nv '' ,au ' k "J""'
« m V n . t *" 1
D parlh-ulaHv^'t"«'re/unm
Thcv arrived at I os \ngeles <>n 11 ic '
ltitli without exix'i'lem-ii,.» ,,,, ,,
Imps asi le from 7 eo n l of i n tures
Mr i •»• ," * | In Is An
g,.|,. s « as rertaînlv « live town bn. tl i
cost of living was'very hi -b
I __ ( )
Tbe Glolx. this w.x'k n-celred a letter
from Hon. A L. Hareh,'lr<»le wlii.-l,
was written from Los Angeles where
they are lo<-:jt<**l at 537 \V. 41st St j
Mr Hari-lu'lnxle in asking to have n„:
Tlie Home Service department will
n«x>t i»i the Keil Cross nxtms every
Tuesday ifteriioon. llonatloiis have i
iieen fix-clved as follows: Mrs. AdkLson 1
#2: Victor Peterson, $3; Mrs William
Barrett. $1 ; B. Court-house, 56 rents; i
Dr. G A. Green, iiiculiator that solil I
for $25; C. L. Kerlee, pig that sol.l '
for $15; John Huzclhuker, I six of j
pl»*x that sol»! for $2.25. Mrs Hughes I
« ill lx* at th - Red Cross rooms «'very !
I'.'hilly afternixm to receive knitting i
that is out. and to giv«» »lut varus. '
The big Christum« H,dl Coll of the
Red Cross will lx* started ou Christmas
day. Have your money rva»ly for re- !
newal of your membership. Remember j
»imt th" Heil Cross m'élis money for I
Ml" great work tiM*y are »arryiug .... I
,or " ur la,ls *" Kur»»|ie. j
News Received Here This Week; Was
on Way to France.
Bert Brockman received a letter this
«'»*ck from a sister in Texas which e*
voyed the sad news that his nephew.
! Ivan Brockman, a young man 10 years
of age who formerly attended school
j hero where he is well known had died
! al sea of pneumonia, while enroule to
i Frniav. Ivan enlisted in the Field
tillery from the state of Washing!»
I »luring May last, lip was sent to Fort
i Sill for
l.ong Island.
Ivan was tin- son
a former resident of this place who
removed to his former home in Texas
some time ag»>.
training and from there to
f Hr. Brockman,
' Sheldon A. Stubbs, recently of Pen
i dicton. Ore. arrived here the latter
lmr ' °' lasl ww * k ,u *«**'Pt the post
"»m of l.ical malinger for Geo. M. R»*ed.
w, ileli positkm was made vacant by the
resignation of Alia Sweet, who with
lier sister. Miss Margaret Sweet, Is
Mr. Stubbs is a very pleasant young
gi'iillein in and conn's to bis new posi
tion with the U'st of recommendations.
Hlld W(*
agricultural and stock mUring
predict that the hu.sincss of
Mr. Heed's office will is* handled with
Hi*' sum«' degree of satisfaction ns lu*re
Mrs. Mary A. ltoatmaii and Herman
Brefcer, bot h »if White Bird were unlt
0 ' 1 in , «nurriage Tuesday afternoon at
B*'* Federated church manse. Rev. H.
jieruilt.YV'iod, the |»istor. offieiuting. The con
training pnrth'S are each 52 years .if
- ' MmIk 1 ' ha,,i " !
And Mrs.
Eliza Mumbimgh of Pittsburg, attended
the bride
Considered Seasoned Troops
Will Be Held to See That
Huns Obey Armistice.
B > s not likely that members
old Second Idaho regiment
retiiniiHl to Idaho soon In fact it
may lx* ni.mfhs, if not a year, lie
fore they return. Thcv arc now .
si.lered senson.Hi tr.xu'.s -„«I u
bcl.l In Euroix* until ... ,
i-a.-c i«'g«.iiatlons. watching the 1 lu s
to see that they ..Ix'y the hum«
armistieo and do not nttenii»t m
sti rt hostilities sais tl«' latest
from the adjutant'
It lmd l>c»-ii ex|x'«-tod tha t Grange
ville'« organizati.m. ('«»mpmii E* an.l
the ivst of tl..* regiment woid.l be
mi'.I -. . timn others f,„- u„.
reason that they were on,- of tl,,. first
t»>. be
All of tl«.
«">" in action
'f the
will lx*
of the
general's office at
slilpiN'd aernss the water.
Idaho regiment
oil tl«' battle fronts
•losing week«
t mops
ilming th».
t II«. war
it is believe,] at tl«. adjutant gt'iicrnl's
d*'| in rt ment,
Bn.'r». that lbey
all hough
Tin* impression
ill be belli with oilier
•los»' to tl»' German linnler
no offiieial
n'cei»cd to that I'treel.
Companies A B C and I> of tl«* o|<!
Sc'oml Idaho
lltilli I i ». 1 * I artillery. Companies K
G ami II wi'r*' assigned l
word has Imh-h
o III»'
tlie 116th
»'ugiiii'ers and Companies i K 1. and M
gun liattaliun. all of which
were in ue
Th,> »Inties of the iM.sitUius rciuire
examination of all classes of a reraft
aa '-, inis su, -I, „« fabrics, ici, .her! g 'Ü «
'* s ' alass ■ himlx'r. w<x«|, ruhlx'r. metals
al " 1 nietal [mrts.
i'lie I'niteil State. Civil Servi»-»' Coni
niission atiotini'es tli :t exaininutionn f,»r
suti-insjx'etor and junior :aili-ins|«'eior.
^.o, t ft '. r lNdh
lM ,M '"'I' 1 to .
Î7 118 w l ? a .V ll f a,< 2 llrin,? * >Iall,N 1 In-oiighoiit
*•*>•' I niti'o States. Ti«' salaries for
CJk ' ""T *'T- ÎÎ'
>ti(i. for Junli.r subuisj«x't»>r. $756 to $1
266 i h'i* atniiim.
mid women,
fill imsjtions in var
rw'ording and opti
Inst ruments.
Migiiie parts, a«*»*essori«*s and
*'»iuipm*'nt. jMK'king eoutain
«'lo't rleiil
»■rs. hardware and tcxils, and »•lotlilng
and «■»lulptneiit.
For furtiier iiifornintion end appti
»■wtion blank, apply to tl«> Secretory.
United Stat<>s Civil Service District.
363 Cost Office Building, Seattle Wash
,1Kt(> 6. of the Lixaii S**cretary, Board
" f r 'vll Service Examiners. Fust Office
Bulb this city,
'' Irs - <: «xi. M. ( ; i Hi "rt l.'C
morning for l»*'s Moines, Iowa, in
s «'' r to a telegram from h»'r son Fran
" h " Daul Ixx'ii rem «veil from New
M>1 ^ to tl«* base hospital at ill's Moines,
M*s. ( ■ i H h » i-t hud mi Idea ih to l«»w long
die will lx- away. She had learned that
'(■ r son was badly wonixh-i in France
several mouths ago had no n*»' of ids
left arm.
Khirl MiConuell arrived here lute
last wrek for a few davs with the
l«,m.> folks. Earl is taking training at
the naval training station at Seattle.
T. A. Gaston, Nonpartisan Or
ganizer, Listed; Other
Two Continued.
Perce County Fanner Is
Charged With Food
A. Gaston, organizer for the non
partisan l**ague, who was arrested in
Oetolx'r on th<* charge of abusing the
government, criticizing the Hod Cross
ami obstructing the sal«' of Liberty
bomls, was indiet (*<i Wednesday at
Moscow by tli»' federal grand jury and
will stand trial at the present term »if
court under the espioting** act. The
"tiler two organizers of the league, one
of whom was arrested in this county,
had Ihs'ii held to the grand jury, but
tln'.v are out on txinds and their oases
will not lie heard until next March.
Tin* case of former State Senator J.
W Brigham of Latah county, charged
with food hoarding, also goes over to
the next grand jury for the reason that
liiere is now sickness in his family that
demands his attention.
An Indictment was returned against
Henry H«*rnutn, a well-known farmer
of the CuldcKti»' i
county, on tlie charge
•Hon of Nez Perce
f fixxl lionrd
Tl«' tin.-il r»*| m u*t
f tli«' grand jury
toilay also show»*»! indictments against
tli«' following:
Winston McKinney, I)»*w**y Farrar,
Fred T. Anilerson. .iosepli IL H»'ll, Si
mon Matthews, Mi<-hat'l Totiin, intro
ducing liipmr on Hi»' Indian
lion: Thomas ISmiss, William Cotting
hatu. (Illy IbirtH'r, selling li»|uor to Iti
iliaus: Andrew .1. A. Nelson, hoarding
fooiI ; Carl Tliyr, comlucting a "still"
I'roy : Steven W'«'llcr, oonductlrig
a -»till in tli»* i 111 s**iin■■ 11 <»f a business
iii'ii r
Idix'k in Moscow.
'her«' imlietiiK'iits have
been found will all lie tried at tl«>
»•tit term
f »'ourt. II«' trials to start
Tin,rsi lay.
The Trial Jury.
ix'i'siiiis will
rile foil»,wing
pris»* tli«* trial jury t<i near tl«'
«-< mi
as«'S :
Wm. Ik Unth. Frank .Wol.v, A. L. Ran
som, K. .1, Arwlirustor, M»
Ati-hison. Kendrick; <». E.
K»'Hill'iek (e\eiis«*»l i : It. F.
Keudriek ; Emil Gerlx'r.
»scow; E. I>.
Viola ; Ulrich
Lii'tiluml. 1 'i'ine». ton : Win. M. (',n.
»■it. B»n ill«* ; Frank 1*. Boo, N«*z *'»•
V L. Agroll. Nez IN-r»-*. ; T.
Cul»l».sae ti'xeused
h -
<k ('rozier,
: Edgar Bixilli, N»m»,
•; Samuel Ik Ovlear,
Lowtstoii ;
•I B. Henry. Si'ntfle (exeustx)); Unlph
It. Dixon, Lowislon ; L
Snow; |{ is l'arks. Ix'laml; .It'ss<' Hoff
man. Lelaud : Louis
Thomas Ik Barton.
Surriilg«'. Harpster;
Whit»* 1 î !>, 1 :
»mini A. ('«de.
('lark. Gifford;
Lapwai ; James
Frank /. Taylor,
Win. Wagner, Cotton
1:11 A. Sprtit»'. Lapwai; J. J. Tor
Is'i-t. F».|in ; George
Wallace 1. Jarrell,
G. Hanson,
Grangeville; Wm.
Grmtgt'villc; M. A. Mar
shall. Wcipi«*: Gi'orge Cummings, Uro
Grang*'vill*' ;
The following iM'rsons comprised the
grand jury, which
Wediu'sday and was discharged >
Matthews, Ueulx *iis ; li.
N. I.ani|»h<*ri\ Moscow ;
A. K. Carlson, Kendrick; Walter Hris
,'oil, Troy; Blaine Snyder, Wetpjx' ;
.lohn Fears» m. lient : John Harlan. Oro
lino; Fred Frazier, Orotinti ; James J.
Cox. Itussell ; 1(. G,
William Itiible.
Iiiililoek. Ix'wiston; Morgan L. Martin,
Lewiston; William Turner, Winona;
Flunk Hauch, Grangeville.
Th»* cas»'
uiiplet«'»! its work
< ii*»».
■ rass, Moltler;
Kaniiali; Arthur H.
>f IK A. J*'ss
f ix'wiston.
«li" formerly i-omliK'tcd ti«' City Itak
i'i'.v lit this |ilace, charged with abling
brotlii'rs to
'vinle tlie registration
law. tli«' jury failed to agree, and tt|sin
returning t»> «xiurt AV«*<ln«*sday niglit
were dismissed.
It was iliargtsl that J»'ss aided liis
lirotiK'is in hiding in tl«' Craig wiiun
tain country and later assist»'»! them
in g»*!ting out of tbe country.
IH'iirs that Inter the brothers ènlbited in
th»' army and are
It ai»
serving tlieir
'rile FwU'rated l.ailti's' Aid
will Imlil their annual baztuir Saturday,
. » »1 soling at 16
1 *l»'u s «* si'ial all douai ions aii«l the work
that is out t
later tlian 'I uesday. It«xx*mlx'r 3rd. Tlie
pla«*** to hold Mu* huzaur lias lxx*n ,l,»s
iguatixl as the
Freidenrh-h building next to tlie lied
t'l'OSS iU'll ll»HI!IItl'IS.
'< lo. k
Mrs. A. S. Wright, not
vucaut rooms in tlie
E. W. Owens and family, who recent
ly left Ik'I'c have local<'»l in Clarkston
where they have ptirelmsed projiertv.
The I due*' eomiNts of liiiuse and an ucre
ai«l a quarter of ground. Mr. Owens
will prolmbly return i«'re in the spring
and ojk'x u;» his mining claim over near
Mt. Idaho.

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