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Rolled barley at the Denver Roller
Mills. Will deliver.
Dr. Sea lion made a flying trip to
Lewiston last Thursday.
Stoves relined and repaired at
Arnold & Hunters.
Dr. Urr and family of Cottonwood
were in town Tuesday.
Car overhauling a specialty, at
Miss Gene MoGhie left the first of
the year to reenter the I.ewiston Nor
Wanted - Work by a young lady.
Position on ranch preferred. Enquire
fit this office. 7-lt
Rolled Ixirley at the Denver Roller
Mills. Will deliver.
A. J. Booth last week sold his home
in tin* south part of town to YV. O. Fray
and lias gone to Lewiston to look for
a location.
Fresh cider for sale in any quantity.
John I). Long.
Editor II G. Sasse of the Ferdinand
Enterprise, was over from his home the
latter part of lust week, returning the
same evening.
Rolled barley at the Denver Roller
Mills- Will deliver.
Bert Betnis. for a long time employee
of the Snyder-Miller Co. in the harness
department, returned from Spokane a
few evenings tigo to resume his former
Car overhauling a specialty, at
The Rebeknh lodge will meet in reg
ular session on Tuesday evening,the
14th. Election and installation of of
ficers followed.by refreshments, is the
Rolled barley at the Denver Roller
Mills. Will deliver.
Dr. B. Chipman, recently from |
Wyoming bus decided to locate here
and has secured the offices recently
occupied by Dr. Scalltm in the A. à
F. block.
Columbia grafanolas and records for
side at the Smoke House.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bobern arc up
from YY'hlte Bird tills week lixiking
over available farm lands,
find what they desire they will locate
here in the near future.
If they
At the Smoke House you will And
on sale Columbia grafanolas and all
the latest records.
morning for I hi* Wren (fc Greenough
ranch at Feim, where he cxiix-ts to lx*
occupied for the next week or so in
starting out tlie books of the firm for
tin* new year.


• •
• •
• •
Member Federal Reserve System.

It's Time For Xmas
When you do your Christmas shopping early you
have the advantage of a complete, freshf stock, and
you avoid the rush. It is much more pleasant and
satisfactory to shop when you can take ample time to
make your choice and this is impossible if you
wait. Obey that impulse to come to our
store EARLY, and do your Xmas
buying. We will make it a
pleasure for you.
Have recently installed a chopper
and can now furnish chopped feed
Denver Roller Mills. Will deliver.
Mrs. C. A. Tolefson and little daugh
ter, Gwendolyn, returned Tuesday
evening from a ten-dr.y visit with Mrs.
Tolefoon's mother, Mrs. J. H. Myers
at Stltcs, and other relatives and
friends of that section.
For Fire, Burglary, Livestock, Steam
Boiler, Life, Health and Accident In
surance, see Herv Rothwell.
C. L. Devere, who is connected with
the Madison Lumticr Co., r.t Cotton
wood, was in the city the first part of
the week on business reluting to the
company. He returned Thursday morn
ing to resume his duties.
92 lier cent sand for concrete work
and sidewalks.
NOLI), G range ville.
W illiam Blatt, one of 11 prominent
young stock men of the Salmon river!
country, arrived in ihe city from his
home near Bob
and is now visiting with his many
friends and attending to business mat-1
the first of tile week. !
Have recently installed a chopper
and can now furnish chopped feed
Denver Roller Mills. Will deliver.
The influenza epidemic is so nearly
played out in this community that the
local hospital was forced to close its
door 'for want of patients. Dr. Stock
ton states there is very little evidence
of the flu In this community at this
WANTED-Cbolce cooking vegetables
yellow and white carrots, onions, beets
and oyster plant. Pacific phone 291.
In a late letter to Gib Elmers, Jack
Edwards who is now on his way home
states that no matter where he is dis
charged from Ihe service, he will head
straight for Grangeville. This sounds
good to tile many warm friends of the
young man.
Have recently installed a chopper
and can now furnish chopped fetid
Denver Roller Mills. YVill deliver.
Amons the recent flu victims whe
have recuperated sufficiently to be out
and around again are "Kid" Smith
Jot* Ersch and Eck Ecker. With these
cases recovering there art* only a few
who are still confined on account
of the epidemic.
Have recently installed a chopper
and can now furnish chopped feed
Denver Roller Mills. Will deliver.
Robert Iileley, formerly ooimected
wlth the Pacific Telephone Co. in this
city, but later transferred to I wist on
was an arrival from that place the lat
ter part of last week on business con
nected with the telephone company.
He returned Monday morning.
Surety Bonds—A. W. Talkington.
Grafton Johnston arrived in the. city
Saturday evening from Lewiston to
visit with friends and to attend to
some business matters. He returned
on Tuesday morning to again take up
his work in the law office of Attorney
S. O. Tannahill at that place.
Henry Munro, one of oiir returned
soldier boys, was over from Ferdinand
the first of the week on business and
pleasure lient.
Camp Grant, 111., before Christmas, and
since that time has been employed at
the Brockman ranch near Ferdinand.
•Hank" arrived from
J. M. Richmond has returned from a
trip to Seattle where he went a week
or more ago to look into some business
with Mr. and Mrs. Eli Ingram, the
hitter being his daughter, and found
them well and prosiierlng.
While in Seattle hevlsited
.Tnines L. Miller was in town todn.v
from his farm northwest of town. Mr.
Miller received a letter in today's mai 1
hhiiounc^lug the death of a brother, \\
I if. Miller, at Elizabethton, Tenn. Mr.
i Miller was a veteran of the Civil war in
1 which he lost one leg.
I 74 years of age.
He was about
Tom Chandler will depart for his
ranch between Mill and Johns creeks
Saturday morning, and will take in
supplies for the remainder of the win
ter. Tom has been out from his ranch
for tin' past three weeks and has been
s|M'iidiug the time with Ills friends at
tills place.
J. A. Blown contractor for the North
and South highway, arrived from On
tario. Ore., Tuesday evening, and has
opened offices at the Inqierial hotel
Mr. Brown will probably make Grange
ville bis borne during the complete
constructiqn of the Grangeville-Whito
Bird section of the highway.
Chas. II. Goan of the Dewey Fruit
farm, five miles east of this city, was
in town Saturday. Chas. stated that
his entire family had Ixxm down with
the influenza, and that they had a
very serious time. Mr. Goan wishes
to extend their sincere appreciation of
the generous assistance during their
Dave Yates and A. C. Higgins, prom
inent farmers and stockmen of the Wi
nona section, were in the city Wednes
day looWIng after business matters.
They drove in in the latter's ear, re
turning to their homes the same even
ing. While in the city both gentlemen
advanced their subscriptions to the
Globe well Into 1920.
Fred Rothlisberg left for Lewiston
Monday morning to s|iend the remain
der of the winter at that and other out
side points. During bis absence Earl
Mulhalf will assist in tin 1 work at the
Bothlisberg ranch northwest from town.
We would not tic surprised to set* Fred
return in a "suiter-six" ns lie is out
king for the best.
Miss Melva Harbtn.ilaughter
and Mrs. G.
f Mr.
N. Harbin, who reside
northeast of tin* city, departed for Mos
cow Sunday to resume tier
Miss Melva had bixai s]x*niling
the Christmas holidays with tlie home
folks. While in Moscow she will make
I her home with Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Bar
ton, former residents of this place.
! UolxM-t Gill, prominent among the
Salmon river cattlemen, is in tlie
I having come out some linn* ago. Hoi
I was recently afflicted with the influ
I enzn. tlie disease attacking him while
he was at Wallace .Turret's place, over
near the Batty ferry. Mr. Jarret also
had an attack of the disease while at
tending U. S. court at Moscow.
Bert James was an arrival Tuesday
evening from the naval training station
nt Bremerton, Wash., where he was a
j member of tiie seamen branch of tin
service.. Bert hails from Missouri.
1 nml is here visiting with his sister
Mrs. J. I
. Hellingshed. anil with other
He has been placed on tlie
! inactive list but will depart for home
in the near future.
In a letter to Mrs. Ix*vvis. Mrs. Batty
151 states that Mr. Batty has made quite
j a gain in health, being now able to
leave flu* hospital and reside
I with Mrs. Batty at a hotel,
j to lx* able to go to Portland in the near
; future. Mrs. Ratty has lxx*n afflicted
S!n* i*x|xx-ts to
of weeks, but
He hoix*s
j vvltli quite a had cold.
I return home in a couple
! in the meantime asks to lx* remembered
j to her many friends.
I Recent letters from Professor Hart
! zel Colitis art* to the effect that he has
j bixui placed in charge of the Y. M. C.
I A. work in London and as secretaries
! under him he has called 10 college pro
I lessors. Mr. Cobbs is frequently called
4 o (mints outside London to lecture
! before Y. M. C. A. organizations, if
If Mr. Cobb does not return by spring
j lie er|xx-ts to send for bis family, which
now resides at Kainiah.
\ Otto Nail, formerly bookkee|x*r with
the Bunk of Camas Prairie, returned to
tie* city on this evening's train. Mi
Nail resignixl his iMisltlmi at tlie bank
something over a year ago and re
moved with his family to Oklahoma
«here they have sinix* resided. Mr
Nail's family Is now nt Starbuck.
Wash., and in* will return there on
Sutunley morning's train, later coming
hack to tills section to locate. Mr
Nail has improved i;i health.
Perry Howard 'arrived in the city
r file week from Cauir
L-*wis. Perry is tin* son of Mr. anil
Mrs. S. M. Howard, who live west of
tlie city, and was a meuitx*r of one of
t!i;* summer draft contingents. While
in the serviix* Perry was on guard duty
a member of several sp-uix* division
camps am! also other limited service
brunches. Perry lias received his dis
charge and is now making the lx*st of
his time with tin* home folks and
Mr. ami Mrs. Abramson entertained
a number of their friends Sunday even
ing at their home. Games, singing and
delicious refreshments comprised the
evening's entertainment. Those present
during the course of the evening were:
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harris. Mr. and
Mrs. T. E. Eilmundson. the Misses Win
utfred and Genevieve Kdmundsou. Y'el
lim Frizzell. Katherine Guthrie. Eunice
McEutee and Messrs. Earl Manning,
Wilfred and Joseph Derrlg. Serrel Mas
singer and Wallace Criddlehaugli. The
early part of the evening was sjx*nt in
coasting which was greatly enjoyed.
flu* latter part
A Few Attractive Specials
Fine $8.00 wool plaid Blankets,
beautiful patterns, for only_
About 40 pairs of Men's $5.00 Gun
Metal Dress Shoes, for only - $3.45
Men's regular $7.50 Mackinaw
Coats, at_
Men's Heavy Cotton Ribbed Shirts
and Drawers, odd sizes_
Ten pieces 35 cent Colored Outing
Flannel for only per yard_
Men's file $(>.00 Gauntlet Gloves 3.95
One lot of Ladies' Gun Metal and
Vici Kid Shoes, small sizes, 2 1 /i>
to 4 f /j. These values would be
worth $5.00 and $6.00 at today's
market, only -
One lot of broken sizes in Chil
dren's and Misses' Shoes, worth
$2.50 and $3.50, odd sizes, for_2.25
OFF Regular Prices.
Big Reduction on Boys' Overcoats
Alexander-F reicknrich Co.
Lost—A brown fur muff. Reward
Fred C. Cone,
Geo. V. Ring and J. W. Bell of White
Bird, and Lew Brundage, of Riggins,
forest rangers, nre in the city to at
tend to matters connected with the ser
given for recovery.
Grangeville, Idaho.
Miss Mary McEutee who Is teaching
in the Highland school district, is a
sufferer with the flu this week. On
Friday of last week a number of her
pupils came down with the disease,
and she planned to come to town on
Saturday, thinking that should she
contract It she would lx* at home with
her mother, but the flu is no respecter
of |**rsons, and in this case made it's
a p| x*a ranee promptly Friday night
Dr. Stockton was called, and Mrs. Lan
ninghaiu was obtained as nurse, and at
this time the young lady is doing

,, „ ,
nicely. Mrs. Heritage, with whom Miss
McKutee boards, who was also stricken
with tin* disease, a day later, is also
recovering nicely.
Saturday evening Miss Genevlve Ed
i,.Hudson entertained at her home by a
well appointed card and dancing party.
The former part of the evening was
spent in coasting on the old Chinn bill.
after which the merry-makers led by
the Hostess paraded in single file to the
i s,,»,.. .Vi»,!..
diluting and fiasting «en indulgtd In
until a late hour. Those present on
this enjeyjible oecasslon were: Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Abramson, Miss Minuit
Richards, the Misses Witinifred and
Genevieve Edtuuiidsnn, Mr. and Mrs.
T. E. Hilnmnilson, Messrs. Hart Han
son, Willard Rush, Wally Criddle
baugli. Everett Ramlxi, Bert Slierwin
Dewey Cowgill and Otis Howard.
There came to tlie ranch of the under
signed about two miles south of Grange
ville. January 6th, one 2-yenr-old bald
face stix*r. lined hack, invisible brand ;
also one bay steer, 2 years old. with
lnzy # U brand. Owner can have same
by proving projierty and paying ex
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership heretofore doing business un
der the firm name-and style of Arnold
& Hunter. Is hereby disolvtxl hv mutual
consent, W. S. Hunter retiring,
business will lx* continued by Chester
Arnold to whom all accounts owing the
firm are payable, ahd who assumes
the segregated liabilities.
Dated at Grangeville,
lia ry 411*. 1919.
Idaho, Jail
Seven tolls of Ixiunil grain hay. lo
enteil near Winoiia. Enqulr * of.
GEO. M. REE loans money.
GEO. M. REED writes fire insur
GEO. M. REED sells real estate.
GEO. M. REED rents houses.
GEO M. REED sells life in
sura nee.
WHO does all tills?
GE< ).
Men Who Control Destinies of Popular
Fraternal Order Take Office.
Lust Friday evening was the regular
meeting night of the local aerie of
Eagles-anil a good crowd was in attend
mux* to participate in the installation
of officers in addition to the regular
routine work of the lixlgt*. At the eon
elusion of the ceremonies a tine spread
was laid in tin* banquet ball to which
a number of tin* uninitiated were in
vited. Souq* forty (xxiple were present
and at the eoneluslon of the repast to
which all did ample justiix*. there seem
ed to lx* sufficient remaining to food
forty more. However, tin* food was
not wasted.
Tin* officerx installed for the ensuing
term were :
Thomas Thonqisoii. W. P.
Joseph Erseh, V. P.
William Noltmnn, chaplain.
James Oliver, treasurer.
11. Rothwell, secretary.
J. E. Richards, inside guard.
Fred Lyda. trustee.
The (Unix* is in receipt of a letter
from S. E. Maurittg. from N'expelem,
Wash., states that lie and family
enjoying good health, "hut sure get
lonesome to gaze on some of our old
friends." Mr. Manuring who is entering
the stix-k business, enclosed « check to
advance his «ulmeription to the Glolx*.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. lister Tells Home
Folks of Work in Navy.
The letter reproduced below was
written by Urban lister, son of Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Lester, residing north of
this city, who enter 'd the navy about
a year and a half ago. Tlie letter was
written from naval base 18, which is
located in the northern part of Scot
land, to Mr. Lester'« sister, and sent
on to his mother here.
U. S. Naval Bast* 18,
Nov. 27. 1918.
Dear Sister:—I will now tell you
my history for the post seven mouths.
You misunderstood me in some of
my letters, I guess. I told you thst we
• were going to Italy, but we did not get
to go. We have lx*en In Scotland all
the time. They have lifted the censor,
that is why 1 am writing this. The
,( av they had It over the postof
tiix*: "Censor lifted, write your whole
history if you want to."
Sister, the kind of work we have
<,oin « , is th, ', most dangerous on
th, ' , s, ' aR - , made ten trips out since
l,im ' 'f*' 11 " vor la ' ,v - °, n T trl V
''e carried over six hundred mine;; and
" Uline " as enough T. N
? to . bimv »P the entire fleet. \\ e are
No. 1. and there are
.art..,";,," 1 :::; srsjïffÂ'WBS
)( , v of ( . h()W , () us W( , lai|1 j tU(1 ,j uln . j
licburgi altogether, six thousand anil
; forty-live mines. The whole fleet laid
about sixty, thousand. We had a Brit-'
isli envoy with us every trip and some -1
times we bad all the grand fleet. Our
expenses were three lyillion dollars an ■
hour while we were laying mines— ;
part of the time—that is counting thei
wages of each sailor and the pri x* ■
the mine and the amount of fuel the j
ships burn and everything. Som ■ ex
(tense, eh7 So you eau see we were
doing bur bit. They claim we hlowed
up twenty-three
un one trip and there were three
The destroyers started
smoke screen ami made so much s
the subs could not six* us. They
in circles around us anil ilropixx
depth bombs and the subs never *
ed up again- They said we got
that tiini*.
We wen out
suits i
States right away; the
"'** would he
we are ixuiiing hack to the
aptain told us
In the States in four
1 will lx* glad to land there.
tell you
" •' have been using Scotch anil
ji. s h money siaix* May, and
it don't look like U. S. money.
1 received your letter last night
t,1< ' dollar bill in it. and mnnv tl
for it.
1 am going to send you a couple
of watch bills to show you what kind
of watches we stand. After you lixik
at them send them to mother ami tell
her to keep them until 1 come bon e. I
will write on the back of them,
Welt. I haven't the flu yet. There
was only about twenty eases out of
two thousand men here at the
never did wear masks. Wi
will quit now.
Later—Here I am again. I will just
write a line to let you know tint I
have been transferred from the
lieborg to Base is.
■11. I
A bunch < f us
come here to go on mine swee|x*rt, but
I ness after they have us up here
« ill keep us at tin* base and send
fellows on the sweepers that have
here longer than we have. This
is at Inverniss, Scotland, on the
(Ionian ennui, located in the nor hern,
part of Scotland. Look it up on a map. I
.* " av< * l' m i" :> year and a half the !
third of this month: just two and a i
half years more to go ; it is a long way. 1
believe me. I would like some way to
Condensed Statement of the Condition of the
November 1, 1918
I .nans and Discounts „.$607.483.79
Bonds and Warrants_31.978 15
Ranking House, Furni
ture and Fixtures 10,500.00
Other Real Estate Own
ed _
FROM BANKS 149.7&1.11 LI
Capital Stork ..$ 50.000.00
Surplus (Earned) _ 50,000.00
Undivided Profits _11,342.10
Rediscounts _7.500.00
DEPOSITS _6Hfi.544.51
One of the few Roll of Honor Banks in the State. .Twenty
six years in Business Without a Change of
: get out.but I am not worrying, as I
i learning every day. I am writing in a
hurry as 1 am all dressed up for lib
erty and don't want to miss the party.
There is a liberty party every hour,
from four o'clock till seven in the even
ing. I have it pretty easy now ; all I
do is to instruct in firoing besides
standing watch-tender watch when we
are in port. I don't do any more flre
ing at all ; I am past that.. After 1 get
hack to some other ship I will probably
get to fiiv; I hope so. at least, for I
haven't done any work for so long I
have almost forgotten how. I will
surely he glad when I get to work. 1
would have made the rate of water
tender if the war hud lasted much
longer, hut as it is over I probably will
not make it now. Well, good night.
'Everything Is fine with me.
Miss Norma Cowgill in company with
Miss Frieda Augustine departed for
Moscow Sunday morning when* they
will re-enter the University of Idaho
and resume their year's college work
Miss Augustine has been sixuidlng the
holidays at the Cowgill home and with
other friends in town, and was much
impressed with tin* hospitality
younger set of this city.
*> organize von* men.
j At tin* Christian church next Sunday
morning steps are to lx* taken by Rev.
- 1 A - Flue organize a "Young Men's
11,1,10 'lass," tlie pnrjxise of the organi
-1 tmtion being not only the study of the
,îi, ' 1< ' l,ut :lls " « study of the future
■ Si, cial reconstruction problems and a
; of the more serious problems of
, " <lil X' ab,Ilff w, th
■ ••ess. and other interesting topics that
j confront the young man. Mr. Pine has
devoting some time during the
Y" the organization of ihe class
«ml exacts to meet with success in its
final organization. All young men who
are interested a:;* lordially invited i.
attend and their presence
liscussions on "Sue
''"' !; ' 've'iximed.
will h.
At the Federated church next Sun
day there will lx* preaching service ill
'clock and the Sunday school lit
erature will he given out to those who
come for it at 11 o'clock.
1 I
There will be services at tin* Oatli..li<
church next Sunday at 10:30.
Régulai' service«
next Sunday as
follows: Bible school at 10:00 a. m
Tin* adult classes will make tin adult
bible school, classes of the school age
will not meet next Sunday but «ill
nnx't the following Sunday, January 20
Preaching anil praise service at tlie
usual hour, the
sermon will be A
No Christian Enden v -r
serviix* in tin* evening. Praise service
end preaching at 7:30, the theme bei"-'
"Christ in the Heart."
McKinley sale successful
Emery Zuver, the auctioneer at Hi
Mrs. Jess McKinley sale, four mil"
east of Cottonwood, Wednesday,
ports a very successful event. He -
ed the sale was very well attended a" !
that everything sold at top prb
i»s|K>ciully lmrses. which it is claimed
I brought 50 ]x*r cent better price- than
! any sold earlier in the season. M
i Zuver predicts that the spring sa •
1 will bring top prices and that lmrses
«'ill continue to bring Increased prb<

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