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The Grangeville Globe
$1.50 THE YEAR
Convenes at Court House I^ext
Monday With Judge
Scales Presiding.
Seven State and Seven Tax
Foreclosures; Calendar
Not Heavy.
•Die regular spring term of the dis
trict court will convene in this city
next Monday moruitig with Judge IVul
lace N. Seales presiding. Henry Tel
eher clerk, and Harold Ihirri.s deputy.
The judge ami Mrs. Seales will ar
rive here from Ijewlstou where the
term has just Ix-en concluded, at the
close of the week.
Tlie calendar for the ensuing term
Is not considered a very heavy one as
there art' only 01 cases filed. Of this
number there are seven criminal jases
awl It is doubtful if more than
that of the State vs. J. D. Chase,
is charged w ith grand larceny, w ill lie
brought to trial at this term,
otter criminal eases will probabllv lie
continued or dismissed.
Tlie civil calendar lias 51 eases
among which arc sevetf tax for*
ures and nine divorces. Below we
a complete list of the eases tile,
tte present term :
f. il
Criminal Calendar.
State of Idaho vs Clark M.-th
Brand jury indictment. Assault
Intent to eomiultt murder. On la
State of Idaho vs. Caleb Smith,
suait with intent to commit rape
» (it
State of Idaho vs. James Oliver.
Assault with deadly weapon. On hail.
State of Idaho vs. Dollle 'dinger.
Assault with dcaly weapon, (in I ail
State of Idaho • vs. John \V B
Assrult with intent to commit mu
On bail.
State of Idaho vs. Monte Jewell
Brand larceny. On hail.
State of Idaho vs. J. I ». Chase. ( I rand
larceny. On hail.
Civil Calendar.
A. B. Holhert vs Vere
Suit on note.
Vere Benneeard vs. X. M. Temldt
Suit on eontraet.
H. F. Xotholm vs. Mines Co. Ltd.
Foreclosure of mortgage.
J. H. Lamh vs (Jen. K. Maekev
Suit for interest in mining
Lizzie Lowry
on account.
Black Flue Mining Co.
sen et al.
State of Idaho vs. F.
Suit on note and mortgage forech
H Day. jr vs. Ft. Stephens
Lo., et al. Suit quieting title.
County Auditor vs. Knwsou \\
to-, el itl. Foreclosure tax lien.
County Auditor vs. Mrs. M. Holueli
ter Foreclosure tax lien.
County Auditor vs. Mrs. Mary Bled
s°e. et al. Foreclosure tux lien.
County Auditor
Co. Foreclosure
County Auditor
Mitt. Co. -
County- Auditor vs. H. F. New nan
« al. Foreelosuri- tax lien.
County Auditor vs. Nellie S Y<
et al. Foreclosure tax lien
M L. Tuttle
'"t al. Suit for money.
A Hoeuer, et ai vs. H. J. Aleor
">• Suit for monev.
John Hocne vs. K. Barmnister. .
aoreeiosiire of lien.
«ni. Sultnian
"" ,0 quiet title.
«I '.* ' '«"Khan vs. Maggie Boyston,
,*'• foreclosure of mortgage.
I u, **' s A- tirier vs. O. B. Haï«, et
'i„. 0re,Il,sllr< ' "f mortgage.
Atlie Hinkley vs. Basil D. 1 ink-1
Hi vorn*.
by til«» vs. Joseph Iyciseliner.
O'w oil contract.
rreil py Smith vs. New York Mill.
rorm-lnsure of lien. [
Conrad F. Smith vs. New York Min. 1
'■ foreclosure of lien.
.. ' F. Schmidt et al vs. J. \V \Vil- 1
a J ns ./"I- "1- Kjeetnient. I |
J -M. Shissler. et al vs. Golden Min..
et "1- Foreclosure of lien.
ét al"' v fVjw,rni Currie Wagner. ;
p , Çpt'W'loRure of mortgage.
iwal L a - v l" r vs - Steen Sheep Co. Ap
tamages" 1 JU8tlce blourt. Suit for
P^," 1 M< -re. Co.
mS. Erskln "
Cl F.
■a I'd.
t al.
vs. John Miller.
vs. John
Condemnation suit.
A. Johnson
i irks
vs. Fr«-«'.Gold Min
tax lien.
vs. Idnho riiampion
Furvelosnre tax lien.
D. K. McDonald,
t al. ;
vs. Annie K. Bray
-t at
Creamery Co. vs. Cot
Suit for damages j
Black Diamond
at. Change of venue :
Court. Suit on contra«
''.raves et al vs. M. Stul
IV«,,,.,; Fowl«,sure of mort»
et k E "'yatt vs. O. B. Caul
M t S ? t «inlet title,
b. Ayers
'Weelosiue ,,f
vs. F. J. Mixtre, et al.
vs. J. \V. B,un-tie et
" (,te 11,1,1 mortgage,
fi'lge. j)iy ' (r S,,rrl ' 1 Ke vs. John S. Sur
wLkwÄx, m„,o
•»•fiSSX* " wa ""t""
»*&'■ Hm " b ~ 1 4 m '
vote«, 1 ' Badcr vs - t.'lara R. Bader. Di
^>'11 K. Sch.x I y>
Di vor« -I ,
V. A. Metz v
I/iiiuoiiu U
I'ttUe Highway 1 »ist ri.-i y<
<:> * ''.ini'
*; NiWVtuul et ;il y..
Suit fop tnotipx
>V. H KI!(»t
Atlant O. Scbtvi.
Brail Metz. ..
'S. Leo t.
■ Sa rah .1
Henry It ray
mi aeeoant.
r vs. Win. Held.
Suit on
W. ]•;. Xtoekdale el
State Hank <
thin of mort;
\ .dimer ( 'ieanvnter t
S. Simmons
si vs. Whitebird,
•t al.
Silit lei
\s. William
Foreclosure of
et al.
A. Briggs
vv \V, A. Irwin el ah Suit 1
on note and mort;
C . 1 . Wright vs. A. I*. .Johnson
1 * oroclosmv
Ct Hi.
f mortgage.
A l« , \nmic , r FriMdouricli ( Y.
li. Wilson
vs. John ;
■i ai. 1-oriH-Iosure of inert
1'eople , f Idaho
! Tinker.
( à po rge
1 siirpation
. . f olllce.
Whitebird Highway District
H. Canfield
vs. I, va
•t al.
I nndemnatioii.
•lohn W. Fhillips \s Dora D. I'hil
I copie Organize Independent
I'. lmlude Civic Frogress.
1 VaurnH'^lënt
' 11,1 ' 11 jaluit »'sjH»nallx suited t<»
ll "' ! asl, -s ' ' H'<" !*',>1>I'.
""mit y is
•ll «''ei lt» , .. bj'vts
held •j in ,-.ip • r ' ■ *"'T s "
k. i'.,,,. 7 , , V' 1!l i
pipi ct -iio.!m .'' kl ' ''Itarge !
'' ' 1 "I"•' "."cmhly to
1 ! '' -'"spices u| the
limeisaideni ( hautauqu"
Hus organization is to i
a iiermanent assori it ion und
tlie program outlined includes a
• •f this
f the liasi,■
• Iriuigeville
!><• made
ii 11 in
f movements for
and community welfare in addition to
annual ( 'tiautauquas..
day night's meeting
sisting of c. K.
At Tue>
a einnmittee eon
Frank M, 'Bruno, Luther c.
beug and Keith Fenn was apiMiinted
to handle the
chairman ,
'. J.'lin I
F.mi ('hautiutqiin and
gaged as soon as the
can lie reached with
a eontraet. The talent will Ih
inde|iemlently and every effort put for- I
ward to Stage the best'Chautauqua in
tlie history of Hie county. The com
mittec plans to import one s|ieakei
of national reputation, or perhaps a
conceit hand wlileh will he the stcllai
nt I met ion in a long list of talent of
merit. A committee i
sisting of ll. Taylor. (ie<e W.
tdng and J, A. Fine was apisdnted to
pre|«ire constitution and by-laws I'm ,
tlie permanent organization.
talent will he cm
ri "' exei-uttve la,.-ml of tlie bureau
'"'Id a meeting »'ott.mw.! lust
Saturday to make the necessary nr
rangements for the attnnnl m.M'ting
wliieli will lie held .-it (lie < otirt house
111 < Iratigeville on Saturday \|"'U 1'-'
and both morning and aftern.. s,-s
s, "" s «'ill la* held.
Tlu' business the annual meet ing will
1 have to do with will !„■ us follows:
1 Decide on a county program ot
1 «'ork to l„* taken up by tlie farm
| tmi'eati (Ids year.
Kl.*.tloii of executive bonnl mem
laws for BM!»
; M-ikiog out budget.
f Me«*tlng with
r< ', ignized
Session Will Be Held at Court
House, Grangeville, Sat
urday, April 19.
'i'. v :
'Flu* Farm Bureau is meeting with 1
in i-v,
-nniity and will start
ger membership than
among 'tin- farmers
section of tin
out yyilli a la
of the thirty farm I,means now
organized in the state enuld I
'• i
during tlieir lirst year. Tin- eomtmtui
ties bave not all turned in tlieir lists
j of iiu-mbership but it has been e: ti
1 mated that before tin- date set for the
ill !«• over Tb"
»'muni meeting there
I tjirmi-rs memln'l's of tlie bureau,
this membi-rship to start off yyilli and
1 (In- imreasing interest tlmt is sure to
• tin- Idaho ('utility Farm Bureau
a strong working or
; Toll,
] will soon become
uization and eotnmaml a place among
■ffeetivo farm I,means in tin
tin* most

In addition to tlie regular business
of tin- na-i-'ing a program for the day
! which will include some able s|x*ak«-rs
is tx-ing prrangeil
I at a later date.
j ""' sil ' a , 1M , 1
'»ml "ill lx- nnnoum
?lir. Kooskia.
< it'll.
Geo. Bentz
Kinlt-y. ('ottoiiw'ood :
amu. Winona. Sam It
Nominating Committee.
McDonald. Fenn: I 'ick H" s -
\dolph Sehroeder
Jn tin's
Ister: Joe
i k-lns Grangeville :
Knutervllle: 1- Stewart. Lake.
otT FK0 „ ,. AS ,- 1E M,.
-t d-n Mv weal*"» "" " l " l"' rs " n " f MN '
OVER $58,000
George Behean, Former Salmon River Cattle King, Will Enter
Agricultural Field on Large Scale; Closed
Out Stock Holdings Recently.
summated this
real estate
was eon
through which
• rge Behean became the owner of
acre, of line Cumas Frai rip agri
cultural land almost adjoining the city
of Orangeville.
prised four tracts
William Squibb place
!tered int
< i
The body
f land iniu
follows :
f 111" acres, en
tile deal at $125 |n*r acre;
so acres belonging to John Foweli. at
$112.5(1: the .1.
belonging to Mrs. li W overman the
' r ''' "f which «" 'lid not learn, tank
Frank Sims' plane of
acres, at $!»1. and an so-aere tract
jug " total of 553 acres lying in one
ly "hieb will make one of the most
Meal rituelles on Camas Fraiÿie.
'Fite land is located less than one
" lU, ' f, '"t" Orangeville, and the Wll
Ham S,|ttihh farm is very highly 1m
proved, and as far as we have lateil
able to learn brought the highest price
,,f any land whi.-h Inis
Cmuas Prairie
been sold Oil
Mr. Behean lakes im
staged by the well known musical or- j
-auizallon known thi'oiighoiit the en
'ire west as the Cowboy Band, lias
I'a'-se.l into history. The show .qicued
*'tsl I'hursday night and was brought
" close at midnight on Saturday.
I lie third annual "Days ot lit" show ■

.. .
|im( / slll>w wt!l
Fl . i(l!1 , n j;glit and the
,. (>ss y vv/M .\\ with tin- r.qx-.
( . n j| li; || l( . |mnd split into two part
;,nd mar,-hwl to their rendezvous at tin
,, n d Hall streets Butt
were pjuytlig the same pie<-e of nmslt
, l||( | 1)M ,^,nverging merg<*<l into on,
M | N which -eetmsl to take extremely
1V( .|j „m, t i„. sins-tators who luid al
]llost packed tin* streets < >n the in
and was I, y
event of the three.
» >ii the iqicning night a record crowd
was in attendance which was great
his tin- most successful
augmented I, y tin* delegation from I
Lew iston Commereial club and <-iti
zens from that section and other |«>ints
along tho lino. All of the old time
scenes were depietisl true to form and
most any kind of entertainment that
lays was
wished lo iu
the old
be had i;
as t
ploy id,lo for those w ll.
is staged yearly for Hie
bonetit of Iho Coyvhoy hand, this molli
rais,' funds in pliu-o
of iNipular subscription, w ith which tlie
populace seem t,
oilier lines. Last year tlie city ooun
,-il assisted tlie hand but the monthly
piest ,,f tlie manag,
at time they have I
I being used I
bo burdened along
as discontinued al the re
■ment and since
■n rely ing side
features of tlie old I
tile I,anil eom-erl of |
oyvti resottroi-s for the
ly upon tlieir
s of the organization which lias
readied proportions of natioisil
The I
s lie.vi- s«'i-ure,l a
,f Sgt. J. B. Bun
direi-ts the oii-ln-stra
loader in tin- is-rson
uing who al
the yvork of which will compare favor
ably xvitD any Institution in the west.
>n Friday night the hoys yv«>re greet j
an overflow house and lia, I pro j
videil an outsid«- attraction, tin- Bar
nett Imperial urdiestra whose pr«
yvas iu:«-rs]K-rsed yvith vocal numhers
l.y K. J. Blount, I,a
• efforts
tin- immens,
,. yv
very p leasing
t hr«"«
etn-li of the
diltiees on
yvere well patronized and tin
furnished was of I he highest
order, tin- ('oyvboy band nrehi-stra fur
nishing Hie mush. the lirst and tiiird
eyeiiiligs and tin- Barnett Inqit-rial or
•olid «'Veiling, tin- liait
ohestra on the
heing pa
eked to capacity
each ne
(in this
f the «-irele Boss Frizzell gav«
an exhiliitton of r,q«- spinning tha
was beyond onmpar«- and woiilil put (■
shame many of the ix-t-formers yvht
have apiieart-d in this section in tin
same role.
u .,q] |,|,. !ls ed with the ix-cx-ptiun given
j|„, m j s ovidcneixl l,v the IntervU-yy
■ - -
Ix-yviston delegation wa
That the
H ^\ , !i:lh., r'yvns .!:fu, ,V',, < ver
deuce the «I. f« miaut was hound «>\<r
,o the distri.-t court ... the sum of
The state was represented hy
The preliminary hearing of Mrs.
Newt ( »fto was held Ix-fore Judge
Wilbur L. CiiiujJx-ll of the probate
County Attorney B. Auger, and Mrs
Otto was defended t,y Attorney A. S
In the hearing the state jatt thre<
uusiiate |toss«*sslon of the entire pur
chase with the exception
f I lit* Ox'tT
num so. which ho xxill take over this
fall He however, will get one-third
m the emp this year.
Mr. Behean. who lias long been roe
ognized as one of the most extensive
cattlemen of the Salmon river country,
recently sold his stock farm located
•m the Snake river side, whioli cm
sisied of 37<X> acres of land. KKHl head
of « a.He. .10 head of horses. inipll ..
nients. etc . to Krank F. Wyatt, for the
. ..
Before dividing to Icx-nte on Camas
Brairie where he formerly resided. Mr
Behean made a trip through Montana
and made a close examination
nulled the land in
He and family will take
up their residence within a few days
on the William Squibb place.
f the
possibilities of that state, but could
find nothing that
this section.
return of tlie parly to Lewiston
Fiel, a which we take pleasure in re
producing as follows:
The iirangcvillc citizens have Idt
upon two distinctive features
tl,a' w:is given to the Trilmne on tin
■t visitors
said D. Seliiffer. .
with t-, 'innig years will afin
from long distances.
of Schiller's Clothes Shop, win, was
■art y .
,vv I,and and the annmil revival o
the frontier settings of tho gamliling
dens, lieber joint and dance hull. The
Grangeville ebwboy hand is now a mus
leal organization that ' would venture
lo say has tin equal in any town of
the population of Grangeville in the
west and would he a credit to a city
licoplc are boliind tlie band and Unit
menus it yy i 11 continu« 1 to improve. The
band organization will receive a sub
stantial sum from the «•olebrutlon now
being staged and it is entitled to every
cent that can lie realized.
"The frontier toyvn settings are time
of quite assuming
Id days I,lit they will be
t rtlo
iinprdYed from year t
s<-o|H- ,,f the show is enlarged and I
am firm in tlie Udief Hint in Hie sing
ing of tlies«> frontier célébrai ions Iho
us tln>
Grangeville cnyvlmy band lias hit upon
ill attract visitors from
long distance-. The front 1er relchrn
linn naturally tits yvell yvith the regalia
"f the hand members and Hie fyvo fea
lures ar«* in pi-rfc-t harmony.
mini,ling games of the ;
already passed into Ids
tory. Tho faro ami the roulette yy-«, I
yvitnossod last night exist only in the
most exolusivo gambling clubs of tlie
largo cities and are «-yen rare in siuji
pbie«*s. Within a v«*ry foyy years tliev
■xist as a na'.lity and already
there is a natural «lesire to look upon
f the sturdy men who
history. I yvas i
surprised last eycning at the large
uumls-r wh«< did not know faro or
roulette when they si-yy it Within a ,
feyy years tie- eM-eption will he tin- man
who actually ],laved in those games
for real money. The frontier has pass
,-,| anil thus«- familiar yvith the front 1er
alinnsidnqt* are in (lie great minority J
Grangevllli- is the natural setting for
such a i-eh-hration because it yvilf | H >
the last ,,f the northwest towns to lose
tin- real frontiersmen. The eri-ution :
of the frontier i-i-lel,ration while there I
are a goodly number of the old-timers
remaining to direct the si-ttings, will
allow the younger generation to de
velop and continu«, tin* sln.yv true to
the original I
"Ijewisfon made no mistake in s«Mi«l-|
ing a goisl delegation to Grangi-ville
the occasion is worthy of stronger sup
|K,rt from Ix>yvist«,n and this event
should Is- an «-stabil heil notation it,
the ('omtnerelal dub junket t>i«,k for
a plan Dial
"The old
f r ,,ntier have
will not
til« 1 imstiBK-s
oarvi-il the frontier
Ha* organization of excursion parties
to mak«* the visit on the ojx-nlng night
of this annual celebration."
witnesses on the stand. th«*y ls-lng
U-sta Ne|x*an. H.-ggie N«*|x-an ami
L\erett Ix*d Ix-tter. who testltled that,
Hie morning of the 15th of .March
«'»"ndug fn-m a dan«* hel.l at I
the Star school house the night Mte
fore, they t,x,k tin- old trail that g.x-s
by the Otto reshlene,-. They left the
tail at a jxdnt tn-ar the county road
(Coutlnu«wl «ai I "age 5.)
Well Known Chinaman lx»st for Three
Days in Mt. Marshall Distrirl.
Nearly every winter tlie mountains
•titrai Idaho take their toll
some one either meets
human life as
with an aeeident
while alone or he
domes hew ildered in a
and wanders Into unfivquent«"d regions
and ix-rishes of cold and hunger,
A miner wlto reeently eame t «.>
GrangeyilU- from Bnrgdorf Hot Springs
brought in the re|Hirt of the rescue of
"China Diek" at a moment w hen fur
tiler effort to travel had Invotue a
physical lni|Hissllillity Dick is an old
tinier in the mountains tributary to
GrniigevilU" and has wandered over tile 1
trails at all seasons of the
he and another fell«
Burgitorf for (iratigeville I
raging storm
country man left
v wax
•m*k no out' had an anxious
thought as t < » thoir safety although a
heavy snoxv storm was racing at tho
time. There are several cabins along
the mad ami it was considered a fair
siz, ' (l ,la - v ' s j'» 1 ™ 1 "-' »«' Hie next bald
u ' u " 11 ll "' Salmon river divide
"'to l iemdi cnx-k where plenty of
4' 1 ' <>l s ,-oul<1 "<• found. (Vmsequent
""'T " a * ^»na'ise (hive
' Ill,, 'r their departure when two
!''mm's eau.o ni.o .-unip frotn Ml. Mar
s " 1,U 1 ,lllia lh ' k u '" 1 ,lis , '"" 1
t wa a
the storm they had lost their dire.'
t ion and instead of keeping to their
left toward French . reek,
... .
,1, I , , . , ■ 1
ing all tlml time about the slopes of
ML Marshall, without ..I or shelter
and no matches with which to Imild
gone t
ii Hr«* and signal their |N>sltion but by
mere accident wandered across the!
trackless course taken by the miners
on their way out for the mail.
Diek is an
i , .. „ , .
, ..... . e along
journey of life and when lie arrived in
< iratigeville comptai . considerably ■
al.I being sick and showed the tips
of Ids lingers nil swollen and blue f
which lie said lie injured while work- i
ing in tlie placer
to endure tlie chagrin
mines I,,,. „im,.,,
.... . "
lest midst ids Old familiar ta.i.ffH.""»
was not until the parties came out, and
ho eirenn,stances that the
Gi-orge \ Bing, of the forest ser
ice. with lieadiiuarters ut White Bird,
is in the , ity attending t
tors in connection with Ills office,
- — «e -
business mat- 1
New Federated Pastor in Open
Letter to Men Wants
Boy g. «»sour < »liver, the may pas
'or ot Iho federated church, ha.-* is
"b''' 1 *"» "I"' 11 letter to the men of
Grangeville mid vicinity, in w hich lie
*"' s ] >b-i, a-, 1 a nuniber of very vital
'|U' slions. Il i Mr. «»liver's id,-:: to
im-r« , aso tin- attendance at tin- F, «I
• ««I i-hureli, tint for moreonnry ren
•"»» to mak«- the «-hun-li one of
s«-ry i«-<- to the community, and in order
'1° this desires the quo-lions ennui
'-rated in tin* letter. ansyy er«'«l by tin
»neu ot tin- community. I liât la- will
L«' sueoessful soom- to 1 m- a forgone
''Blsioii for tin- reason that at eaeli
'orvh-o sim-o Mr <*liv«»r's arrival a
t'ew wis-ks slnee Ids ehiireh edifiis
l| as I.. lillod to oapneity The letter
"Neighbors cad Friends : It r my
tirm eouvietion that the Federated
eLui'eh, of yy hi,-h I iiavo the h«,m,r of
bi-ing pastor, ought to l,c serving every
'" 'lie community not affiliated
" '11' .. tin- other <-iiuroi.«-s in the
< '*- v - H ' s •"•t now doing it. 1 w ant
b> help me solve the problem. I
""» anxious t,, so«- tin- «-liun-li and its
''»Hntioii to tin- i-oiiiniunity through your
( ' s
'' I '" k( ' the position, as «I,, also the
'»'embers ,,f the official board ,,f tin
' huroh. that the ehun-h is lien- to
Hn- immunity and not t>, ex
Pl«»It it. I am here to servi- «-very
man in tin- e,immunity and whatever !
a "'■iKhlsir's f«»ll«,wsldp and a man's
devotion t « , Ids task can do, I «h-sire
b» '1°- j
" 0| m «'".v that yv«- en n serve each
"H'«*r is for you t<> answer the follow
in K questions camtidly and frankly.
mailing your nq>lh*s to nu- at
ea rliest eon vwih-ii«-»-.
your '
It is rn.v pur]x>se
its«- the ixqilies ns-eive«l at tin- eve
ning servb-e on April 13th No names
will 1«* mcntiomsl and no «xmtldence !
will lx- lw-trayed. ;
"1. If you t:r«' not, why are you
not a regular attendant at the services
of the church?
"2. What has Ixs-n tin* reason giv«*n ;
by some mdghlxir or frfeml for
In what way, in your o],lnioti
can the servhx-s of this ehun-li lx
made to ap|x-al more strongly to men?
"I. Why d«x*s it not now seem to ;
,ap|*«*al to them? i
"5. What pra.-tieal phase of social
or institutional work, In your opinion
,-ould be un.lertabe, v thiV - iro ,
that, would ap.x-at to and meet with
the eiMqierntlon «>f the men of the com
muHlty ■
"Write your rejffios now. tx-fore you
forget." I
Mt. Marshall Property Said to
Have Uncovered Fabulous
ly Rich Vein.
tog in jit,
Mine Formerly Owned by John
C. Fox, Has Un
told Wealth.
s Hn . |villlt thls . k froul tllft
yp Marshall mining district brought
the n. us Timt anothe, l.-ns!n!d
... eneonutered in the west drift
r/j .. . . . .. s,i "~
•ivek. xx hicli is nnxx' oxviuhI bv
r i: ii.dt, of smith».
H'liis; Is tlie |.ro|vrty that was pur
elutsed from John Fux, one
.'«'"'s ago, and has
„ j , fn '''
f our
gold val
ani]i lias been brought
if some of tile best
f the country, lie
ing termed by them the "Cripple creek"
of Idnlio
to the attention
known mining men
I'hc ore bodies ♦tqieur in lenses In
gneiss formation in which .
. ..
„ "' l '' ' i " , " ; s " llls , S J"" ' '
"" kmn ''bb'ride back
•oarse frei'
'Lite lens just
ls the
. . 1 1,1 Oils same drift and In the
b reust „I' ||„. tunnel has widened out
duv" au!l' ,, ,Vl '"uie""" n,, '
witll ' f,,,. „
u . Ms wi( ,.. f|V ,
gu'atest ilimeiiMon and yielded tliotis
(mils of dollars to tlie owners.
Ihere lire oilier pr.qvrlios belug de
1 in tlie Mi Marshall camp and
promises I
•old one and will prove beyond doubt
that Bear creek is not a one mine
first leas glistens
Tile first
the coming
l,e a
Delniar IliH-kersmitli Tells Interesting
Tales of Ill-I'aleii Vessel.
lirst sur
it ship, the
pedoed l»y the
after the Foiled States
Delmar Hoekersmitii, the
' i' or of I ho Ill-fated t r
Tiisounia. which
■ns t
buns sin,illy
'iitered the world
■arl.v this
war. n-uched home
eek am! has since heim re
eeiy ing I lie hearty
his many
congratulât unis of
friends and fornmr school
males who remain in lids section. The
young man is tin- son of J. \\ Hooker
smith. yydi
with bis fiimily resided
,r many years, and noyv
dent of the Cotloinv,
lioro f.
I so,-lion lie
soryioo somotliing like
ago and chose the
hi, li to
seventeen months
ti vint ion soot Jon in
for I nolo Sum.
After a short
training in this country his unit .along
yyilli others
II." eo.dliel aboarl the
« hen oil' the coast of Soot land the
yesscl yens t,,r|H-d<>cd and sank, and
- ! « » brave young Americans lost thoir
lives. Dick \ itn-yar«l. sou of the late
Jmlgo Lyeurgus Vinoyai'd
huve Ih-ch puhlisliod
"f tin- Glob, , but tin
tiad Hi,- good fortune to
Is the opinion of Sgi. J!o«'korsm,it li,
'-cry few ot tin* 21«» mon yy ho lost thoir
by,-', among yy lion» yvas William I»r
"f Mt. Idaho, wero killed by the ,
'ion of t In- torpedo, ho bi-ing lirmly
'im-od that most
drow ned. The t,,i |M-do hit the
,-atda about - six o'clock in the
'"'tore a large liumls-r ,
had tle-ir siipix-rs and it
'ay ing they
until after they hail landed
'| sl1 S "B- It is interesting t
s Kt. Hockiusmitli regarding
'ions of t lie |s-ople iiIhihi-iI.
driven frantic yvliili- others yvere just
,-alm as though nothing had Imp
l"'m-d. During the process of taking
*'< tin- boats many yvi-re ea|e-izoi| and
the high seu running al the time and
'he darkness mail«
'ri-mely diffieult one.
l>cniouning tlieir fate
' Usst-d Hi«, Inins. Those yy In, yvere pre
oipitated into the ijiry w nti-rs yvere
ph'ktsl up as rapidly ns |s,ssil,l«-, and
'' pf'sutniMl that tin- high '«-ax and
boating yvreekage along with tin- dark
caused many :
-nihiirki-d for the
soeno of
f t Ids plinv,
a survivor, letters froul yy Item
in tho columns
young men m-yer
yy or«
of t In
-f « In- men had
goes yvithout
-ureil nothing t
,»n Koot
» talk to
tla- a«-
Selin- yvere
Hi-- task an ex
While sonn- yvere
others roundly
poor hoy to fail
t « » «-«mneet with rt-sem-rs.
While in tin- service Sgt. 11
smith was a dispatch Ix-arer
»notoreyele eorps and sayy s
Fngland. Fran,-,- and Belgium He was
Baris ut the time tin- French <ele
brated the restoration of Alsa«e-Lor
raine ami statist tiiat the confetti yvas
least two inches «hep on tlie streets.
* s Kt Hix-kersmitli is , t young man iu
the t-uily tyventies, and talks interest
h»gly of the liurrowing ex|x-rit-ne«*s lie
in the
ervlte in
has passed through sintv entiring the
Gaylord Kim.-rs, son of Mr. aiid Airs
John F. Klmers. U rrlv«-«l home lost
Sunday- evening from Cmnn T»vu.
K.mtuekv. wimra h, Imd Ixen
in the artilh-rv hand Whim «„ «n
öry i - "lu t ,,f im . , he
h' -o,,al. !mvmg De, amÜrn-d wiih'
most all tlie ailments that the txiys
in the s«>rvice eneounteivd.
he returns hxiklng fine und in the best
of h«-alth and spirits.

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