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u «• i t. ,i
lhe Mufialo Hump correspond
ent of the Review, located in the
camp itself, tsmds in matter from I
headquarters containing no men-1
tion of discouraging rumors, but I
on the contrary hin contribution i* '
exceedingly optimistic in tone
Dated April 5th in camp he says': j
.Several heavy snow falls during 1
the past few .lays tend to mnk. !
life as unpleasant as possible f,• • '
the poor prospectors who have
gathered in here ahead of the prop
er time. The snow is as deep on i
the Hump now as it has Iteen at
any time this winter
In spite of adverse weather cm
ditions, preparations for active
work are going forward on many
claims. Crow & (libbon have tak
en a contract to sink a shaft SO
feet on the Concord, owned by Jim
Turner and Brig Young. This it*
a promising claim which lies als.ut
two miles south of the Big Buffalo.
Preparations are being made foi
starting work upon the Sim Fran
cisco group which lias recently
lieen bonded to English capitalists
for «75,000 by Messrs. Doris Jar
ron, Flack and Lepler. The same
men have bonded the Bachelor
claim to Norman A Cameron of
•Spokane for $10,000 and the (iriib
stake to Captain De LamarV agent
f«>r $20,000. These claims are ull
als.ut a mile and a half south of
the Big Buffalo.
Captain De Lamar's agent has a
bond on the Winslow and it îh un
derstood will commence develop I
ment immediately. The blind is
said to he for $«50,000. The Wins
low is about three-quarters of a
mile north of the Big Buffalo and
is quite likely on.the north extern
sion of the Big Buffalo lead. The
claim has a 15-foot vein and is eon
Bidered one of the best showings in
Clayton Miller of Spokane is in
the camp looking after the interests
of the Big Buffalo company. The
com(>any is pushing the construct
ton of the mill on Winslow creek
an d is sinking at the rate of three
feet a day on the Big Buffalo vein.
Twenty-five men are eniploveil at
the mine and the force wilfbo in
creased as soon as development
has progressed far enough to make
the employment of more men feas
Brown Ä Co. have their stock of
goods moved in from Badger t«
Winslow canyon and will remove
the stock to their new store on lit
townsite within a few days.
Quito a numlx-r of people arc
Opining in here by way of Adatu
Hoch Work Planned on the Concord and
San Francisco.
CYiSfon broil
lei's, who
mail contract from (i
Florence, are breaking
trail herefrom Adams' camp wind,
is on the Florence read,
within five inib's
it is expected they will n
by the last of the week,
camp is thirty
ville and is '.
a raw hid
e I«
Tliot ai
of llu* ramp an*.
1*1*15 !
A<lamt '
miles from , lran;.i -
' utiles from here.
making the total distance by tin
route from GrangeviUe Imie .'
miles, which is 30 miles
than by way of Elk City or Bad
besides saving 1 lie traveler
time or more. It is likely that Flic
travel will all couic that \
soon as the snow breaks
Elk City road.
a «lay f
up on tlii'
Members of Big Buffalo Syndi
cate Gives Some Private
From Wednesday's dajly.
Lane C. Gilliam,
the liig Buffalo syndicate,
this city yesterday,
for the Clearwater country this
morning before lie could be seen.
Iu conversation with other
ties, however, Mr.
that the ore at the bottom of the
Big Buffalo had never looked bet
ter. When he last examiued
mine at the latter end of last week
there was a large quantity of black
sulphurets showing up and
ning into high values. Mr. Gil
liam stated that he was not talk
ing for publication.
The Daily Press
added that Mr. Gilliam stated lie
had no knowledge of any intention
on the part of the syndicate to
"bear" the market, and he « «mid
scarcely credit the rumors regard
ing the depreciation in
the Big Buffalo ore which give ted
him on his arrival in GrangeviUe.
The syndicate would certainly have
taken Mr. Gilliam into their confi
dence in this mutter,
fore that gentleman felt five
tell the facts, so long as Hiev «ii«l
not appear in print.
That these tell-tale trei' s
11 member of
He was off
GiIlium Haiti
in forum lit
values of
art 1 !
published forthwith is. therefore,
due rather to accident than desi
•H". 1
From Wednesday's daily.
are making
across the praii ie.
Mr. and M rs.
Kood time
Fn idenrh'h m e I
expected home from Portland Sun- i
Sheriff McLean started out thi- '
morning to subpiena trial juror
for the coming term of court which !
convene* April 24th.
A corps of Northern Pacific rail
road surveyors are in the canyon 1
of the South Fork of Clearwatei
working up towards Harpster.
Bock is being hauled for th ?
foundation of the brick building
go ap on Mrs. Crea's property,
west of and adjoining Hannon's
A handsome brick store on the
Freidenrieh corner 's a certainty
this spring, and work will com
,i ,,,< ' n,v * M MOOn «« Mr. F. returns
from below
I M »tore having
l ||n, ' M ' r haul«.«! for the construction ;
I if a 5 °- fo '* t »»Idititm to their »tore.
' * * M ' V arr a bu*inc»«s and ,
" ,,<!d nior ' < * room. !
j \ couple of ten.lcr-mouthcd i
1 colts placed as lead,™ «... the
! going Mage c-.uml some troubl- at
' :i. • Met •< v arc ui -e lo king !
t ■- now wer. '
. , .
i ««.up:. ... gh-gra-'.-, bran MWjtlm
for w 'l''- Finest mils and
».«.vernent in Amcnca. Holid
~? ht wak I - "*' 8 ' c No to P a .V
. H ! v ' S, ' < ' ,hem at Gra '
hi " n » furniture store.
I. C. Hattabaugh received word
that Major MeConville's funeral
would lie held Friday instead of
Thursrîry ns reported. He started *
f«»r Lewiston by stage today
Messrs. Ui-orge Smith and J. Witt
'«'ft for Lewiston this morning in a
private eonveyance.
cm r-B..,,-.'*'
F ' E ' Johnesse Joins in Praise
of the Prospects of this
Hepresentative F. Pi. Johnesse "
has just returned from the Clear- a
water country. His trip was a
hurried one but he saw a couple of
prospects of which lie has a high f
"They have some large lodges
I here that look uncommonly good,"
said Mr. Johnesse this morning. »
"They appear heavily mineralized
with strong indications of eopper.
If appearances eount for anything
they should carry gold. There ,
are quite a number of prospectors ,
down there and the country is prêt
tv well located. '
"There is a chance that splen- I
-ilid properties will develope down
therein the near future. I was
particularly ini (tressed with the P
showing of the Dewey, situated on
the south side of the Clearwater,
ilx.ut five miles northeast of Mt f
Idaho. They are getting native
eopper and I was shown a stringer
beaiing free gold. There are also
several veins iu that vicinity that a
have been opened and show min
Mr. Johnesse starts for the Snake
river tomorrow where lie lias some t
valuable locations made last fall in
he region of the Seven Devils, 15
miles l.elow tin* point where tile
ailroail will come down the river.
le states that he has m-,
pf Jo* munlf oçç eikrty'
Inis the I'iitsl.urg town.-ite located,
he only town ite lietw.en Htint
ngtoii and Lcwist
.'2d acres and
lie near future.
j of
i i
. It comprises
will lie platted iu
Fdeivian's Bull.
t he
Fireman -■ ■
tab ou F rida >
V« nine, April 14th.
\ good time is a-sured and an «•!«>
been contracted
served in the hampiet
>m overhead by A. I). Foster,
House resta 11 rant.
I be music is under the direction <d\
1'iof. Swindensky and will be in it- 1
elf a rare treat.
mt sup|»er lias
The committee of arrangements b
mvc also decided upon giving
iri/.es of £'_* 50 to the best gentle- !
man waltz«-!-, 82.50 to the tu st lady
waltzer. «2 to the second best lady I
er lo be
>!' the Wills«'
waltzer ami ?2 to the second best
gentleman waltzer.
for sale bv Dave Sasseiilx'l'v.
member that the proceeds of this
dance is devoted to the purchase of
. firoltell for the fire lad.lies, ami is |
heret'ore for a strictly public pur- |
| >,)s *'- but a ticket and belli along ; I
1 „„„.I 1 *
I good cause. I
Tickets are
Wholesale and Retail
Complete Mining Outfits.
Dry Goods,
11UCD, >
Ladies and Gents r
Furnishing Goods.'
A i Tflfi
mlo kz&s
T . • . . .. .
11 '* " f ® ^ tlus
summer and fall will see a number
; pf new enterprises spring into be
'"Kin the immediate vicinity of
t»rau^** ville,
I inter the present anomalous
^ n ^ n tl F ° n " ^ a W . e "j th °*' 1 « , " b « r
^ t î""? 68 '
»nd door
T "f T f * b 'PP« 1 , bpokane,
i orttanfl or So JtU-. A planing
'« ill esraoh -h<v. . U | operate'! by
power at p-.-mt ntn *,•»«• to
waste in the w-" r company a ré
servoir will bring these essentials
to our doors, cut thei- rr.^l i„ bail,
kee P the money ai I. me and give
employment to u number of
n T® n ' This fact only had to be
P olaled out to II. Orchard by the
" chl . ,ect8 Gou & Ja68 & Kronnick
* or ^"tleman to at once get
to work and take step« to interest
ca P ,ta * ln the undertaking.
Lime costs from «5 to «6 a bar
. delivered in Orangeville, gome*
times more as freight rates from
Lewiston fluctuate. There is an
aimndance of excellent lime stone
within a short distance both
the Clearwater and Salmon rivers,
A company i.; now in the process
" f organization to establish kilns
a . burn lime for liouie consump
,lon ' I he importance of this step
<ula P°f p® overestimated,
f ru ' e i of h " e wl11 dl -<>P to «2.60 per
barrel, and encourage the cutting
<d hilh. . Luth and plaster will
proper place in the con
» t, u cti«m of buildingB, and a differ
. *?, ^ building will be. the
ÎI!!* e 1,1 "''•jngeville from that time,
' **e use of plaster and lath work
, . H a ' MO the additional advantage of
, lu ®>, * ar * 088 inflammable than
» re boards, and is much warmer.
At present the cost of lath in Lew
I 8t< ? u iHab<,ut P« r thousand, and |
by the time it gets here in good ,
w< | a ther. It cut close to town the
P n< ' p ^w*d dr °p to about «2.50 de
H there is good limestone, it écr
f 81 .,.? *°" OW8 t,lat there iB good
bulld,n K «tone for foundation pur
P° 8e8 > steps, door-sills and window
1 he arohi tects mentioned
a "°Y^ state that they
w ' . '" s 0,1 a P lan ,,f n building in
which cut stone is largely used,
This stone will have to be obtaiu
^ somewhere, and
A Rnmber of Rev Enterprises Backed bj
Local Capital and Energy.
are now
iHtepsaie being taken towsrcls its
discovery close by.
With a good and cheap suj.ply
of lime the brick-making industry
which has hwguisks&ÎQï^j «Boudk
tthorl ties
Wkm of
good brick clay close to town, and
one well-known brick maker in
tends moving bis |.lant which is at
pr. sent up in the hills, many miles
nearer to this city. 'With
abundance of brick and
more buildings
of that materiel
will Im» constructed
. giving tlie city an
iidity anti prcuper
f s
v toget:,...
" comparai _ w
m ca»
immunity from
taiiied in no «'Hier manner.
be ob
Tried Juroi'ä.
Tlie following i ;■ list of trial
jurors drawn for the spring term
of court:
Eli H. Coder, Joshua G. Row
ton, Oliver C. Sheldon, Jno. A.
b oster, G. A\ . Parker, D. B. Den
ba,n ' Da "'l Fitzgerald, Jno. H.
Roberts, Geo. G. Fenn, Henry
Fanim, Jno. H. Taylor, Hobt. M.
Fibb, Wm. R. Newman, Win. In
giam, Adam Brust, Edwin Stoltz,
Janies Page, Cyrus M. Lee, Jno.
It. Atlkins m and J. G. Austin.
Notico of Annual Meeting.
I '!«>■ ■ I" 9 , lor the purimseof transactingsuth
Lu»luess as may come before It.
46. w W. A. Hall, secretary.
Camas Prairie
is nw hb npin it
Bargain Store Co. Ll'i
Notice of Forfeiture.
1° I_r» W. McGary and all others
whom it may concern:
Whereas, the said Ira W. McGary has
caused a publication to be placed in the
columns of the Fbkk Press, a newspa
per published in GrangeviUe, Idaho,
■«•herein he claims lam indebted to him
:n the sum of seventy-five («75) dollars
or l.ibor performed upon the Ninety
' ir and Gold Hill Quartz Claims for
the years of 1897 «>«<1 11*98. His state
ment being false and without foundation,
I hereby warn all p rties against said
v iiblication. As I, his co owner, have
inly represented said Ouartz claims
the said years mentioned in said publi
[SEAL-J Çhas S. Pheuh.
w«. ~
Geo. L- Patterson.
Notary Public.
uiib $
County- of Idaho. f
I, Geo. M. Green, do solemnly swear
that for the consideration of one hun
S. Phelps em
ployed me ta perl or m tlie ss-'-„sment
work upon the Ninety Four and Gold
Hill (juarlz C 'aims, in Warren's mining
«list' u t and for the years 1897 and 1898.
That said assessment work was perform
ed by me and fotr woich the said Chas.
S. Chelpa made settlement with me.
dred dollars, that Chas
Geo. M. Green.
Subacthed and sworn to before
this 18th day of March, 1899
Geo. L. Patterson,
Notary Public.
Notice to Tax-Payers.
Alt property subject to taxation will
be assessed at its full cash value, taking
the second Monday in January as the
basis to compute ita value, or in other
words, what the property was worth the
second Monday in January is the sum at
which property will be assessed. At
the recent meeting of the State Board of
Equalization and the Assessors, a uni
form system of taxation was adopted
for the entire State, and hereafter every
taxpayer :n Idaho will be assessed alike.
All ibe mer bants of the State will be
required to produce their inventory,
wtiich will be their basis of taxation,
miuus 10 per cent, for obsolete and
shelf-worn goods.
Stock cat He will be assessed «23 per
head, except when herds are made up
principally or wholly of yearlings.
Other classes of cattle to be assessed
from this basis.
Stock sheep will be assessed at «3 per
head. The assessment of other classe»
to be governed by this basis.
Watches, articles of jewelry, and fire
arms, are subject to assessment, and will
be assessed.
The attention of tax-payers is called
to sections 1433 and 1449 of the Revised
Statutes. The provision of these sec
tions will be executed if the tax-payers
do uot comply with them.
Very truly yours.
Fred White.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Charles H. Scott, deceased.
' Notice is hereby given by the undersign
ed, George M. Robertson, administrator
of the estate of Charles H. Scott, deceas
ed, to the creditors of, and all persons
having claim* against, said deceased, to
exhibit them, with the necessary vouch
ers, within to months after the first
purification of this notice, to said ad
ministrator at his office at Mt. Idaho,
Idaho County, State of Idaho, the same
being the place for the transaction of
the business of said estate.
Dated, March 29th, 1899.
Geo. M. Robertson,
W. N. Scales, Attorney for Admin.
First publication March 31st, 1S99.
Notice. '
All parties knowing themselves tobe
indebted to me will please call at Cash
Hardware Store and settle. All bills
not paid hy May ist, will be placed in
the bands of an attorney for collection.
r „-„, --—---- g -
County Warrants Redeemed.
Treiuurer nf hi. olttee In Mt.
Idaho, Idaho, ai.d that laterem on said war
-uwill oeafte on the 24th day of April,
S?. P Y!2? ' aad - fc » rk * 18ns - warrants
. ,m 'iu.;ye- General Koai hmJ.
•vrie« is»*, wiuvauM No. 1 to k. Inclurtve
Dated April Mth. 1*M.
Obo. M RoiiiTaoN,
County TreMurer.
Fireman's Ball Friday night,
April 14th. Buy a ticket for #5
^ d help pay for the tower and
Fresh Butter.— Parties want
ing butter or eggs should leave
ders withD. A. McKinlay, proprie
tor of "Mountain Gilt-Edge But
ter Dairy." Cottonwood, Idaho.
notice for publication"
band omre at Lewtstoa^idaho, I
i n K^uamed S aettier^has ,e fiied a notice*of^ii r s
Önns t r,: i r-a\hät 1 ,a p .: i °m, 1 .öf3 0 h r : 1
^ y , 3 mike Reynolds. |
for the NEST SE'G Sec. 8, Wü SW!f i
SE«, swx, Sec. 9. Tp. 29, nri',ebm!
cultivation of. said land, viz:
Harrison Johnson, William B. True- ' <
blood, Morumer S. Marlin and John R. 1
Murphy, all of Orangeville, Idaho
J B West, Register. 1
be in Orangeville every
application EOR !
FERRY license. i
1 hcreov fci*'« notice that I will appear !
before ibe county commissioners' court
jo, county of Itiahu, Idaho, i c
m person, on the iathd«y of July, id^Q, (
sion, and make appUcàtiou to' establish i
wltérfateut 4^ mdfi e aboTe k st°uart! e on :
Lot loofSec 6 Township 32 of Range
5, E B M, said ferry to be established on
or near the line between the claim of
H A Palmer and E W King, landing on
the north aide of the river on the claims
of John Evans and John Ulery.
Elmer W. King.
at Mt. idab
Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho,)
March 17, 1899. |
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler haa filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before Jas. DeHaven, U. S.
missioner at GrangeviUe, Ida., on April
29, 1899, viz:
fo> the Lots 3, 4 and 5, SEX NWX Sec
6, Tp 29, N R 3 E B M. A
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
John F McLean, ofMt Idaho, Idaho
and Thomas J Roby, Robert E Roby
George W Riggins, of GrangeviUe, Ida.
43-48 J. B. West, Register.
Tip-Top Gold Mining Co., Limited.
Principal place of business at Moscow.
Latah county, SUte of Idaho.
Notice is hereby given that at a
meeting of th« Board of Directors of the
Tip Top Gold Mining company, Limited
a corporation, held at the office of the
««cretary in Moscow, Idaho, on the nth
day of March, 1899, an assessment of
one-tenth of one per cent per share was
levied upon all the capital stock of the
This assessment is payable on or be
fore the aolh day of April. 1899, to Ly
man Reed, secretary, at his office in
Moscow, Idaho.
Any slock upon which this assessment
remains unpaid cm the 21st day of April
1899. will be delinquent and will be ad
vertised for sale at public auction, ami
unless payment thereof is made before
will be sold on the 15th day of May'
pay the delinquent assessment
together with costs of advertising and
expenses of sale.
All persons remitting to cover above
assessment will please give the numbers
of the certificates
upon which they
^ Bkkd, Secretary.
W hose office is located at Moscow, Idaho
D ated t his nth day of March. 1899.
Cheap Farm Lands
One farm of 167
„ acres within
one mile of Denver, all fenced and
100 acres plowed.
One hundred and sixty acres un
improved prairie land, one and a
hall miles from Denver
Price «1,50"

For further particulars call
or address
Denver, Idaho.
It is warm in Vineland—20 to 30
grees warmer than in "the prairie" country.
February, worst weather, with only one exception, in 30 yea
1 cok,l -' st on| y 1 'A below, with air still and dry.
î ThbS « things make life worth living in
| ^ an y bill ranchers are buying homes in Vineland, while k
i j , . , ,
!n « ancl working their ranches, on account of the good sch
pleasant and healthful climate,
' < - on * :ra< -1 INO. 421
Want a Climate?
First week
On Jan. 31, land $1
was signed. A 5-acre tract will gi
a fine garden, plenty of the choicest of fruits, and
! ° r tW ° ° f alfalfa which wil1 P rovide food f or a cow and ho
i Drive down with your wife and see for yourself.
! A.t_ rt • - ..
1101 niining men of the Clearwater and Salmon river
i c ;_a .
( slns ttler e is no competition with Lewiston Valley. Sendf
i ^bustrated pamphlet, free. Or call at the Free ^hess offi
: and " lterv >ew Brother Parker.
an at
As a hr"®
Lewiston Water and Power Comp';
Oonoorct, 'Washington, and
Lewiston, Idaho.
GrangeviUe, Idaho.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
General Merchandise.
Agricultural Implements!
$ 500 , 001 !
All Business intrusted to
os will have prompt and careful AtteuBf
George Brown,
Soon Ogden, ,
__ Abstracting and Convey»«#
Notary Public.
Em a r!i« 8tate \ CoMecti ° n8 and Insurance.
Employment and Commission
Next door to " H F'r < a al D nforl ? ation Co rre8 pondence solicited,
ext aoor to Free Press" office, CRANGEVILLE, IDAHO
I Starrett's Catalogue
pf Northern Grown
^eeds, Trees, Etc.
Thoroughly Tested.

j for
S GEO. W. STARRETT, Willi Walla. I
GrangeviUe, Idaho. g
flence kite that" wtll 'go^chean ~
rnngeville Real Estate Agency^ 47
Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho.!
March 3,1899- J
Notice is hereby given that the Ww*
mg named settler has filed notice of«
intention to make final proof in «nPf?,
of hi* claim, and that said proof w" 11 "
made before U. S Commission« J*
DeHaven, at GrangeviUe, Idsho, *
April is, 1899, viz:
tor the NEX, Sec. 10, Tp. 30, *
B M.
He name* the following witn*****?
prove hi* continuous residence upon «*
cultivation of said land, viz: .
Jamaa Lytle, William H.
Prince A. Stewart, William H. BUer,
of Denver, Idaho.
41-46 j. b. West, RegW*
l Foünd — &**rlng. Owner«»

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