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IL. 20. NO. 20
27, 1904.
$2.00 PER YEAR
Band Concert
We Guarantee
Phoenix Pure
To be composed of Pure White Lead, Pure Oxide
of Zinc, Pure Linseed Oil, Pure Dryers, and Pure
Colors, and with no adulteration. We will repaint
Free of Charge
with any material the buyer may select on which
Phoenix Paint
is not found just as it is represented by this store.
Free To You
A Color Card will be given free on application.
A Complete Line of Builders'
' •
enry Wax
The Pioneer Merchant
M an u fact« re it of
The Pride of Camas Prairie
t )
The most celebrated Flour
Wheat Flour, manufactured of the whole wheat, which is
L * n( l Strongest of Floora. Try a Sack. Self Rising Flour,
n V U8t t * le thteg for camping, Farina, Shorts Bran, Corn Meal,
Ptitri ' eV cons,ttut 'y on hand. Cash paid for wheat, and Barley
P meä 1'ahlic patronage solicited anda square deal guaranteed.
TnnnryryyaTinrgBr» a ran v s'irrririrrTnnnnrrrvvTr
rotect Your Lungs
\t —-- -
iNow that the cold, piercing winds are here and the o
Reason has set in, it reminds one of those dread dis- o
■'Consumption, Pneumonia, La Grippe, etc., all of 2
ctl are outgrowths of slight colds. You will not take 2
you use Hudsun's, Peary's or Salaska's °
CHEST protectors
)'°u can obtain at popular prices, from $1 to $2
he Right Drug Store
Open Day and Night.
Phone nain 163. <
G- A. Booebrake, Proprietor. «
Band Concert
The Orangeville Military band
will give the first of a series of
concerts at th<[ I. O. O. F. hall to
morrow night, at which time the
followiug program will be render
*"■ :
•'Gallant and Gay"LMttrch ..
"Appolo"—Overture ...
"Aria UujuB Anima'-*'
. Laurendeau
—Trombone aolo,* Uoaaiut
W E. Bunuell
•Foredora Song"—from opera Carmen Bizet
. feo°nvlHe Koonle a", .two step.Weidt
•Ihe Paluod"—altosolo.. Fanre
iss Nickel
"The Rosary"—roin|aiice
"Träumerei'— violi
,, ... Nevin
cello solo, Dr. Kiggn
— Mackey
trombone solo .
_ Mrs. KIkk*
On Roty Whirs the Hummer Coines"—duet
Mrs. kig*saiid Mins Nickel
A merit
concept will
30. A general ad
ents will be charged
10 cents for children
making this small
ray the expenses of
aud not for money
It is the in
land to give a series
"y two weeks dur
and with the hearty
litizens of Grange
raerely shown by their
concerts, the hand
>est of music and
promptly at 8:
mission of 15 c
for adults and
The object in
charge is to de
hall rent, etc.,
making purposes,
tention of the 1
of concerts eve
ing the winter
support of the
presence at the
promises the
royal entertain
one turn out a
Let every
^td show their ap
preciation in de veloping a musical
organization th*t is spokeu of by
all visitors as a ciedit to the town
The doors will be locked during
the playing of each number, there
by doing away with the annoyauce
to the listeners of people going in
and out during the performance.
Bring ^tock Here.
W. Mulliall the Denver townsite
owner was iu town Sunday en route
to Spokane. In speaking of the
recent sale of land
to Messrs. Wren
and Greeuoiigh, the big railroad
contractors, he [lid uot believe that
it necessarily meant the immediate
construction of a
Prairie although he was convinced
that there wojild be building in
part of the state next year. While
he was with Mr. Wren for several
days he received no information
futher than that the company
would bring their stock to this
country for tli«|î winter. Rumors
are afloat that the Missoula cut
off will he built next season and in
that case the newly acquired land
would make an excellent supply
point for hny, grain and vegetables.
If either this road or one to Orange
ville is to be built soon Camas
Prairie will naturally
from which mrJst of the supplies
will he drawn and w;ith the con
tractors bringing
it certainly looks very encouraging.
Mr. Mulhull still Lai large inter
here and expects to spend most
the winter on the Prairie.
road on the
be the source
their stock here
Lots of Good Ore.
Lani[ingham, J.
Adams and several other stock
holders of the Idaho Consolidated
Copper Co., made a trip to Sal
mon river Sttndày and were not
only happily surprised but greatly
pleased with wlit^t they saw in the
way of development and rich ore.
General manage^, Fred Karsten,
has had a force Of men at work all
summer and has uncovered a large
amount of good ore, some fabu
lously rich. The last tunnel has
just entered the ledge at a depth
of several hundred feet, striking
the ore shoot much earlier that)
was expected, thus showing that
the vein widens with depth. The
values are all that could he desired
A. C.
and the owners
a good property.
Keep Up Ne^t to the Band
Advertising is the force that
keeps sales up where they ought to
The sagacious business man
devotes careful attention to his ad
vertising and ne^rls an advertising
journal to help him. Every Pa
cific coast business man should be
a regular reader of the monthly
magazine — Pacific
Coast advertising, published at 228
Mercantile Place,
Cal. Several pages
advertising news in every issne,
with practical artiili s from
men and advertisers, telling just
what they have done and how.
Subscription is $2i00 a year. No
free copies. Single copy 20 cents,
coin or stamps.
Los Angeles,
of interesting
Six Big Meetings
Hon. A. F. Barker and M.
Reese Hatabaugh will make a tour
of the northern pajt-t of the county
next week in the interests of the
democratic ticket and will close
the campaign witii six big meet
inga. On Monday night they will
speak at Harpster Tuesday night
at Clearwater, Wednesday night
at Tahoe, Thursday night at
Glover, Friday night at Woodland
and.Saturday night at Stites. These
gentlemen are both able and in
teresting speakers and everybody
Should make it a point to attend
some of the meetings.
Senator Heury Heitfeld, demo
cratic nominee for governor, will
address the people of Orangeville
Saturday night on the political is
sues as lie sees them in this state.
That the meeting will be the
largest one held in the county this
campaign goes without saying and
many people fforn all parts of the
county will be here to hear him.
Mr. Heitfeld is a pleasing and
forceable speaker which, with his
great personal popularity, is sure
to draw an immense crowd.
Ladies are especially invited to
hear him as the questions to be
discussed are of vital importance
to the homes and future social
conditions of our people.
The Electric Road.
T. J. Randolph and W. H. Hill,
secrotary and chief engineer, re
spectively, of the Lewiston &
Southeastern Electric Railway Co.,
were in Orangeville Monday on
business in connection with the
proposed road. They speak very
encouragingly of the prospects of
early construction and believe the
money for construction will be
forthcoming in a short time. They
declare that the talked of construc
tion of the Northern Pacific or O.
R. & N., on to the prairie will in
no way interfere with the electric
line as with an open river from
Lewiston, steam roads cannot com
pete with electric roads in hauling
freight. They wore accompanied
by H. Bawker, a Pennsylvania
capitalist, who is looking over the
The Greatest Political Meeting
of the Campaign.
Delegates Return.
The delegates from Orangeville
and White Bird who'attended the
L O. O F. grand lodge at Nampa
have all returned except Mrs. H.
P. Wallis, who is visiting friends
in the souilt part of the state, and
all report a most successful session.
The lodge of this city was honored
by the election of Levi Magee
grand representative and also by
the election of W. H. Williams
grand senior warden,
county has some of'the strongest
lodges in the state and tbeir mem
bers always command recognition
in the front ranks of the order.
Meeting At Clearwater.
Hon. Karl Paine held one of the
most successful political meetings
at Clearwater last week that has
been held in this county during
Che present campaign. He was in
troduced by P. L. O'Ranuon aud
for over two hours held the closest
attention of the large audience
while presenting the Mormon
question and the two-mile limit
law. The crowd was large, many
being present from all over that
part of the county, and the able
manner in which Mr. Paine
handled his subject convinced all
of the truthfulness of his state
Sale of School Lands
The state land hoard will sell
between 2000 and 3000 acres of
school land in this county on No
vember 23rd. The sale will take
place at the court house and no
land will be sold at less than its
appraised value which is from tlO
to 818 per acre. Some splendid
land will he offered at this time
and the easy terms of payment
makes it a desirable investment.
Further information can be had by
calling on County Treasurer Rob
Estray Notice
Notice is hereby given that there
came to my place on October 3rd
one white pooy branded A on right
thigh. Owner will call, prove pro
perty aud pay charges or the same
will be sold as provided by law.
Jack Moore.
Adams, Idaho, Oct. 10, 1904.
Fitly Yurt the Standard
AU 0 N 6
Made from pure cream ef
tartar darivad from grapas.
petes nantira rarass 00.
Roosevelt on Populists.
In October, 189t>, after a stump-1
ing tour, chiefly through Illinois
and Michigan, Theodore Roosevelt,
then police commissioner of the
city of New York, gave a column
interview to the New York 8uu.
It was published in the Sun of
October 28, 2nd page, 3d column.
The Sun was then, as at preseut,
on the same side of the political
fence as Mr.
anxious to do him honor in ex
ploiting his views,
of his interview, Mr. Roosevelt
an 1
In the course
"Men who know that they have
in them the capacity of success,
and who feel the thrill of pride
that comes with strong hands,
stout hearts and cool heads, do
not see the necessity of being
jealous of anybody, the strength
of the populists lies with the igno
rant and vicious and also with the
weak, who have not the intelli
gence to see that their failure in
life is due not to others, but to
themselves, but who wish to put
the blame of theii shortcomings
someone else."—Ex.
New Ballot Law.
last legislature made
changes in the official ballot and
in the manner of voting it that
now are attracting some attention.
These changes complicate the
method of voting and render it
likely that anyone who does not
thoroughly understand it will
make a mistake if he follows the
new method in the case of a
scratched ticket.
This confusing change need not
lie given any attention, however,
as the ballot can be marked iu the
old way without danger of making
a mistake.
There is a provision for voting a
straight ticket with
oae mark;
that is by putting a cross mark in
a circle at the head of the ticket
under the emblem,
mark has been made no other
should be placed on the ballot. If
Che voter wishes to vote a scratch
ed ticket he should inurk in the
circle to the right of the name of
each candidate whom lie wishes to
When the
Ignore all other provisions,
you wishes to vote a straight ticket
put the cross in the circle under
the emblem; if you wish to scratch,
mark each candidate for whom
your ballot is to be counted with
out placing a mark in the c'rc'e
under the emblem.
A Special Meeting
The hoard of county commis
sioners have called a special meet
ing for Thursday, November 17,
at which time they will consider
bridges across Shebang creek and
one at White Bird. At this time
they will also consider the matter
of an appropriation for road
district No 41 in Woodland pre
cinct and the construction of a
bridge across the Clearwater be
tween Kooskia and Stites. The
people effected by the propot el
Clearwater bridge have agreed to
raise a considerable stun toward its
construction and with reasonable
assistance from the county believe
it can be secured.
for the construction of
A Big Bargain.
As I desire to go to California
sell my ranch at a
bargain if taken at once. It is locat
ed four miles south of Cottonwood
and five miles west of Denver,
contains 320 acres of deeded land.
80 acres of relinquishment, 275
acres under cultivation, 60 acres
in fall wheat, good buildings all
new, young orchard of 200 trees,
plenty of water. Terms 88,000,
82,500 cash and balance on time
at 7 per cent, interest. Stock and
farm implements will he sold if
desired. I also have a residence
in Orangeville on easy terms. Ad
dress Frank Kaelin, Cottonwood,
oct 28
I will
New Offices.
Dr. G. 8. Stockton is moving
out of his present quarters in the
Orangeville hospital and is fitting
up new offices in the Grakski
building over Hickerson's
hardware store,
large practice has for a long time
quarters but it has been impossible
to get good office rooms. He is
now nicely located aud his offices
are both attractive and convenient.
The doctor's
Tolo News.
Geo. F. Troclt has purchased the
Spooner homestead of Lawyer
Bailey. Price 82,800.
Quite a delegation of our people,
including the Lees', Irwins', Stew
arts' and Floyd Church, are going
up into the British possessions to
;«ek cheap land and stock farms.
Jos. I. Gill is having a substan
tial barn built on his timber claim
on the Point. Mr. Wilson is do
ing the work.
Mach snmmer-follow grain has
bee» pat in here. _
Prices Lower Than Ever
Now Is Toor Chance
Having bought in car lots and our prices
are the lowest. Buy now and save Money
Car Oil, Car Can Goods, Car Salt, Car Nails
and Barb Wire, Car A Star
A Shingles
Our line of (rent's Furnishing Goods is
now larger than ever. Men's Suits from
$4 to $ 25 , Heavy Fleece Lined Under
wear, 50 c Garment; Dr. Wrights Health
Underwear $ 1 . 25 ; Full Line of John B.
Stetson Ilats; Latest Styles in Neckties.
Latest Novelties in Ladies' Shirt Waists and Ties, Latest Patterns in
Ladies' Dress Goods, Children's and Misses' Coats
and Millinery Goods.
Everything in Rubber Goods including
the celebrated line of "Qold Seal" Brand
tor We have received the largest and most com
plete lines this fall in all departments of our store
than ever before. We especially call your atten
tion to the following lines: Gry Goods, Gents'
Furnishing Goods, Clothing of every description,
Boots and Shoes, Rubber Goods, Groceries, Shelf
Hardware, Stoves, Tin and Granite-ware, China
and Crockery, Paiuts, Oil aud Glass,
made Harness and Saddlery of every desciiption.
All Cash Purchases of $50 and over, we will give your choice oat of one
hundred Macintoshes Free of Charge.
Big Buffalo Cash Store
Camas Prairie
To insure a sweet, wholesome
Loaf, use
White Hose
The most popular brand on the
market. A trial will convince.
Orangeville, Idaho
California Products
We have got them—Wines and Brandies.
We are in a position to sell them cheap.
Fine Old California Brandy
Per Gallon
California. Port Wine
Slaorry "
$aso Per Gallon
$300 " "
^ Sweet Wines
Thle It a store where ladies can call. There Is nothing sold by tbelglaM.
very d "Strahle for entertaining callers.
We carry a full
Hue of the choicest goods at right prices. Call, phone or write.
A. C. HAW50N & CO
j Family Liquor Store
areitKKitKitiweeeet et
ust received a large and com
plete line of : : :
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes
1 also carry a complete line of Groceries, Hardware,
Miner's and Stockmen's Supplies. Prices are right.
While Bird. Idaho.
W AIX ACE 8C0TT, Pré«.
J I*. VOLt.MEK, Vice Pré«.
First National Bank.
Of Grangeville, Idaho
Capital and Surplus ■ - • $50,000.00
DIRECTORS:— W. A. Ball, Rob.it Jojm, J. F. AUihle, J. F.
Wjratt, Wallace Scott.

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