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VOL. 20 NO.
$2.00 PER YEAR
12, 1905.
Bonebrakes Drug Store
■ ■■
Alexander & Freidenrich
Our fall stock is larger than ever. We believe
we can save you money on first class goods. We
invite you to inspect our lines before purchasing.
This week we are showing Outing Flannels,
better weight than usual, in dark or light
colors, at yard 5c.
Prints, all colors, yard 6c.
10-4 Double Cotton Blankets, pair 50c.
Ladies' Kayser Gloves, knit or cashmere, nice
and warm, extra values at 26c, 60c, 75c.
One of our special values Ladies' 2-button
Gloves, all gloves, nice and warm, usual 40c
values, our price 25c.
The Alexander & Freidenrich stock et .Silks,
saved from the fire, bought at about half price.
Every yard is as good as new.
Satins worth 75c yard at 35c.
85c Wash Silks, yard 50c.
40c Silks, yard 25c.
Men's Heavy Fleece Lined Underwear, 50c.
The Burt L. Crosby Co.
Camas Prairie
To insure a sweet, wholesome
s Loaf, use
f J
White Rose
The most popular brand on the
market. A trial will convince.
' » \V \ \ *
* — y '£
B. D. KNORR, - Orangeville, Idaho
Bar, tingle feed, 10 cent,; Her end Grain, 30 eenta; day rates (or Hay, 00 eanta per
■pan: day rates Hey end Greln, VO oente per epea.
WU1bay and evil hortet, taddlet end pact teddies.
meek for saue can be left with ua end will be ,old et euetlon If dealred. A nation
tele every Setarday after April let. Cell ut up end we wlU come for end deliver you
team any ptaoa la town. Phone 3*.
HoonmsuiTH * oMJLxuxro. Fropa
Proprietor, of GrengerUlt Bottling Worte.
Grangeville Militia Have Been
Ordered out for Camp.
Capt. Levi Castle, commanding
Co. O, Idaho national guard of
this city, on Sunday received or
ders from Audjutant General Mc
Vickers to place bis company in
camp for five full days. The date
for going into camp will be gov
erned by the convenience of the
members of the company and at
their meeting Tuesday night it
was fixed at some time between
Nov. 1 and 16, and the place chos
en will be near White Bird, at the
old Indian battle groand.
During the period in camp the
company will be instructed in
marching, advance and rear guards,
outpost duty, passage of troop
over or around obstacles and all
minor tactics of infantry drill.
The encampment will be under
the personal supervision of Major
Lorenzo Davison, U. S. Army, re
tired, apd Lieutenant Colonel John
McBirney will be present at least
two days in his capacity as inspec
tor of small arms practice.
No pay will be allowed for their
time during the encampment al
though 40 cents a day per man is
provided by the state for provis
ions and a slight additional allow
ance for transporting equipment
and supplying wood. During the
five days the camp will be under
strict military discipline, which
will be a new experience for many
of the boys.
Burglars Attempt to Loot Coun
ty Treasurers Office.
Few people in Orangeville have
known that two attempts have
been made to rob the county treas
urers office, the last one being-very
nearly successful,
acts occurred several weeks ago
the matter was kept secret in hopes
that the culprit might be captured.
Id both attempts the burglar gained
an entrance into the office and the
last time the outer door commbina
tion to the safe was unlocked and
the inner combination considerably
battered with a chisel but without
success. All of the work was evi
dently done by some one thorough
ly familiar with pafes and most
likely a professional safe cracker.
Since the first attempt Treasurer
Rice has been careful that no
money of any consequence is left
in the safe and the combination is
changed every week,
watch is being kept ou the buildiDg
and as an extra precaution a num
ber of extra lights have been pat
on the outside of the court boase.
While these
A close
New Literary Society.
The Lewis Commercial School
literary society has been organized
permanently for the winter. At
the meeting called Taesday after
noon to discuss methods, elect offi
cers, etc., Mabel Graham was
chosen as president and Wray
Lewis, secretary. Meetings will
be held every Friday afternoon in
the assembly room at the bnildiog.
At the next meeting, Friday after
noon, the question, "Resolved,
that every man is the architect of
destiny," is to be debated.
The affirmative and negative sides
of the queetion will be represented
by H. H. Harris, George Peters
and Wray Lewis, and John De
Haven, Miss Jennie Chaffee and
Roy Peters, respectively.
his own
Full of Tragic Meaning
are these lines J. H. Simmons, of
Casey, la. Think what might
have resulted from bis terrible
cough if he had not taken the medi
cine about which he writes:
had a fearful cough, that disturbed
my night's rest. I tried every
thing, but nothing would relieve
it, until I took Dr. King's New
Discovery for consomption, coughs
and colds, which completely cured
me." Instantly relieves and per
manently cures all throat and lung
diseases; prevents grip and pneu
monia. At J. J. Pulse, druggist;
guaranteed; 50c and tl.OO. Trial
bottle free.
Good Grain Crop.
F. M. Doty was in town Monday
having just finished threshing his
crop. The yield was most satis
factory, although his oat crop was
hardly op to the average. From
47 acres of wheat be threshed 1914
bushels, 15 acres of which was
summer fallowed and yielded 53
bushels per acre. He has 1675
bushels of barley and 2200 bnshela
oats. Mr. Doty is now preparing
to haul bis grain to Stites as rapid
ly as the roads will permit.
Card of Thanka.
To the friends and neighbors who
so kindly offered assistance and
sympathy daring oar reoent ber
eavement we extend our moet sin
cere thanks.
D. B. Wilson and family.
The Ideal colored artists Thurs
day right
Nez Perce Defeated In Foot
Ball Game—5 to O.
The game of football played at
Nez Perce last Friday between the
Orangeville team, captained by
H. H. Harris, and the Ner. Perce
team, on the fair grounds, proved
another victory for Orangeville.
The game was very evenly played
and most of the time the ball was
near the center of the field. Boy
Lee per made the only tonchdown
of the game, and when time was
called the score was 5 to 0 in favor
of Orangeville. The following is
the linenp:
Van Wert
E. Olson, referee; J. W. Wilkes,
umpire; Will McLennan, time
keeper; G. Krengel and Curtis
Crawford, linemen.
Net Perce
Orangeville and Moscow Uni
versity Arrange Game.
People of Orangeville and vicin
ity will have an opportunity to
witness a really good foot ball
game at the ball grounds next Sat
urday. The contest was arranged
Monday between the Orangeville
eleven and the University team of
Moscow. The Moscow eleven is
known to be one of the strongest
teams in the northwest and while
oar local boys are not professionals
there is a number of exceptionally
strong players here and a red hot
game is assured.
School Notes
The Crescent Literary society
met Thursday night and elected
the following officers for the ensu
ing year: President, Frank Wood;
vice president, Clarence Lanning
ham; secretary, Essie DaviB; treas
urer, Elmer Hastings; critic, Chas.
Greenough. After the election of
officers a very good, short program
was rendered. The feature of the
program was an impromptu speech
on the use of tobacco, by Essie
Several of tho high school boys
went to Nez Perce last Thursday
with the foot ball team.
Essie Davis, of the senior class,
took charge of the sixth grade dur
ing the absence of Miss Neill, one
morning last week.
Prof. Cobbs says. that he will
soon inaugurate a systematic fire
drill in the schools. This is a very
important matter for some one
would undoubtedly be hurt in a
general rush for the doors.
The senior class has taken up
the eecoud book of geometry this
Ruth Swatman, of the tenth
grade, is back in school after a
short absence.
The high school boys have or
ganized two basket ball teams and
are rapidly getting into shape to
take the conceit out of any rival
team8 who may aspire to the cham
pionship of Orangeville.
Glen Vincent has quit school.
The English literatures for the
tenth and eleventh grades have ar
There are about twenty-five
new pupils in school this week,
mostly in the intermediate depart
Will Raise Chickens.
L. C. Kerr, who recently pur
chased the L. J. Dimick ranch east
of town, is preparing to go into the
chicken business on an extensive
scale. He is now building the
necessary sheds and bouses and
another season will find him ready
to supply s reasonable demand.
At present poultry and egge are
scarce articles in this county and
during the winter season have to
be shipped in from the outside.
The enterprise will be a valuable
acquisition to the country and can
not help but be profitable.
New Cure for Cancer.
All surface cancers
known to be curable by Bucklen's
Arnica Salve.
Duffield, Va., writes:
are now
Jas. Walters, of
"I had a
cancer on my lip for yean, that
seemed incurable till Bucklen's
Arnica Salve healed it, and now it
is perfectly wall." Guaranteed
care for cate and burns. 25p at
J. J. Pnlaa'a drag store,
Many Bricks Being Planned
For Burnt District.
While it has been a month siuce
the big fire, parties owning proper
ty in that district have not fully
decided just what they will do in
regard to rebuilding. 1| seems to
be definitely settled to put up brick
buildings and an agreement may
be reached within the next few
days whereby work will begin this
fall. Joseph Basler, who had one
of the best buildings in the block,
reached here this week from Pen
dleton aqd expresses a desire to
begin at once, providing those
owning adjoining properties will
do the same. W. A. Hall, Judge
Ailshie and Frank Hogan are
agreeable to this and an agree
ment to that effect will probably
be signed today. There is a gen
eral desire to join walls where pos
sible and thereby save cost, but it
requires considerable time to decide
upon plans and size of buildings to
be erected.
It is not known at this time just
what will be done with the lot
where the Jersey House stood but
there is a strong probability that
another and larger hotel will be
erected on the site, and the public
generally hope to Bee Mr. Reed
again installed as landlord. An
other week will probably find
things definitely settled, and one
thing sure, another year will find
Orangeville better and more
attractive than ever.
Two Routes Out of Grangevllle
Start Monday.
Beginning Monday Camas Prai
rie will have two free rural mail
delivery routes, both being sup
plied from Orangeville. The longer
one will extend in a northwesterly
direction from here to the old town
of Columbus, returning by a dif
ferent route, making the round
trip 28 miles, and will be in charge
of W. T. Lefler. The other one
goes out into the Fairview district
and toward Harpster, aud will be
served by H. J. Monroe, t.hc dis
tance for the round trip being 18
miles. Both routes pass through
a thickly settled section and will
prove of great convenience to a
large number of people who have
heretofore been obliged to go long
distances for their mail.
Woodland News.
Mrs. Anne Gallaber, an aged
lady, died at the home of her son,
Ivan Gallaber, October 4. The
remains were buried in the Wood
land cemetery the following day.
Deceased leaves many relatives "to
mourn her death.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bal
lard, Sept. 25, a daughter.
Mr. Allen Knight and family
aim to start for Kansas in a few
days. They will spend a few days
in Spokane. .
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Wood, Sept. 27, a daughter.
Miss Lydia Sanders left here
Friday to take charge of a school a
few miles Bouth of Nez Perce,
which she has been engaged to
teach for the winter.
The Lewiston Fair.
On Monday, October 10, is the
time to buy your round trip ticket
to Lewiston to attend the fair.
Tickets will be on sale at all sta
tions at half price. On alt other
days at one and one-third fare for
the round trip. All tickets good
until October 23.
Remember the big fair will be
on next week at Lewiston. It will
be worth your while to attend. The
management assures you of the
best time that is in their power to
give. There will be plenty of
rooming accommodations, hun
dreds of rooms will be listed at the
lowest prices. Call at the informa
tion headquarters and you will be
directed to the rooms desired.
The big live stock auction sale
advertised to take place on Friday,
October 20, at the fair at Lewiston,
is attracting mach attention. It
is estimated by the fair manage
ment that over a hundred head of
high grade, blooded livestock will
be sold that day. All stock to be
sold mnst be entered in the sale
before Tuesday, October 17.
Abont 400 business men of the
city of Portland will go to visit the
Lewiston-Clarkston fair to be held
next week. This body of men will
travel on a special train and will
make things interesting at the
Lewiston fair on Portland day,
which is set for Friday, October
20th. Large crowds are also ex
pected from all Sound pointB as the
transportation companies ai e offer
ing the exceptionally low rate of
$10 for the round trip to Lewiston
from Portland and all Sound cities
and half regular fare from all inter
it mediate points. The Lewiston fair
will make a record for itself this
season, from which larger oities
may well taka a lesson.
Winter Needs
Spend a few moments with us in consideration T
of warm garments for the wet and cold weather 2
whicj* is approaching. On many lines we are pre- kg
pared to save you money and on any our prices «
are as low as anywhere. -, : 1
A nice Hue of Men's shower proof Coqts, in Oxford grays
and olive. Shoulder and sleeve lining the best satine. A
nobby outer garment and a serviceable raincoat —
$ 10.00
Misses' and Children's Coats
Complete line of Coats, in all sizee from 1 to 14 years, in a
variety of styles and qualities, and prices ranging from
$3.00 to $8.50
Shirt Waists
A good quality Mohair, made up in one of the latest styles
and well stitched. The price is light—
Another style in a French Flannel of unsurpassed quality.
Well made aud silk finished. A leader at—
(let started- It will be a habit to trade with
I t
Skillful Blacksmithing and Machine work. It pays
to keep machinery in repair and you don't have to send
away to have it done. Our facilities for doing lathe
work are the-best. We make all kinds of Wood-split
Camas Prairie Machine Shop
■ ■■
Keystone Bar
Saturday, Sept. 14
The product of the Grangeville
Brewing Co. will be on tap
At the Old Stand
Drop in and see us
jpL KY KUTHBR, President
LEWIS WYLDE, Cashier .
Denver State Bank
P«yz Interest ou Time Deposits
Patronize Home Industry.
Denver People.
Pulse Building
W. T. ORBAVES, Manager
Mill at Craig's Mountain Yard One Block northweat of Cent Mean ...
'-J- 0
A complete stock pf Rough gnd.
Finishing Lumber always on hand "
• r

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