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News of Idaho County

(From the Progress)
The wife aud children of W. S.
Dyer, living up the seven mile
canyon bave been undergoing a
siege of diphtheria and having a
serions time of it, one child dying
from it last Sunday and Mrs. Dyer
has been very ill but we are in
formed by the attending physician,
Dr. Kelly of Nez Perce, that they
are improving now and are on the
road to recovery.
Albert Jewell, brother of William
has just returned from N. D.
where he has been at work for
He reports the
some months,
thermometer as standing at 35 de
grees below when he left, and still
is enamored with the country; thats
all right for those who like that
sort of weather, hnt we've had all
of it we ever care to see.
While eugaged in a friendly
scume with Ellard McTarnahau
last week, Wm. Linder got the
worst of the deal and was thrown,
striking a door and breaking two
of bis ribs.
There is plenty of snow on the
hill for logging and the saw mills
are taking advantage of the good
Bleigh roads.
E. D. Parr has been circulating
a paper asking the producers to
meet at the hall on Jan. 30th at
2 p. m. to discuss the feasibility of
organizing a fruit and grain pro
ducer's association, to enable - them
to secure better means of disposing
of their products.
When the new road ou the
prairie was completed and traffic
and travel began over it, it was
feared by many that it would take
a great amonnt off this line, even
to such an extent, so it was pre
dicted by some, that only a mixed
train would be used over this
branch; but all this talk has proved
to be without foundation. We are
reliably informed that the business
done now is fully equal to that
done before the coming of the new
road, an extra coach beiug placed
on the passenger train a short time
back, and Mr. Carlisle tells us that
he sold sixty tickets in one morn
ing recently. We are glad to note
this, it is only another proof that
the prosperity and growth, not
only of our own town, but of all
others along the line, is an assured
fact, that it is not a boom, but a
steadily increasing growth and we
hope and believe that it will con
tinue and that the Katniah Valley
and country tributary to it will ere
long be known as one of the great
est and best in this great and good
state of Idaho.
The Lewiston Daily Trihuneand
the Free Press, both one year for
' 20tf
The Bargain Store
Still continues and there has been still addi
tional cut in Prices from the First Salé.
Prices to get in and make you purchase before
it closes SATURDAY NIGHT at io O'clock
The National Brokerage
& Sale Co. in
charge A
Two for the Price of One
The Sensational Subscription Offer of the Year
Regular Price
The Lewiston Daily Tribune $7.50
(One Year)
The Idaho County Free Press 2.00
(One Year)
offer. You all know
By special arrangement we are enabled to make the above
what the Daily Tribune is, likewise the Weekly Free Press. Think of it, the two for
the price of one. This offer applies to advance and new subscription only.
Order early as we cannot guarantee this offer for but a limited time.
(From Mountaineer)
Five cars of hogs and three cars
of cattle were shipped from here
this morniug.
Arthur Burkenbine is still in a
very critical condition but at this
writing the chances for
are in his favor.
JameB Cnrrington went up river
deer hunt shortly before the
close of the season and got two.
Uncle Jim can pnt it all over the
young hunters when it comes to
"knowing how".
The Fenn and Dobbs families re
turned to Moscow last week where
the young folks are attending
Major Fenn is in Missoula Dn
business connected with the forest
reserve. He is expected back the
first of the week.
A. Flurey disposed of his shingle
mill stock to Dr. Alcore and left
here Tuesday for his home in
D. M. Mitchell, who has been
over in the Yakima country for
several weeks, returned to his home
at Winona Tuesday,
pretty good country while away,
but uo improvement on what we
have to offer in Idaho county.
It is said that that portion of the
game law referring to hunting deer
with dogs was shamefully disre
garded this season on the adjacent
ridges. The attention of the game
warden has been called to certain
parties on Harris ridge who are
guilty of such violation.
The knocker might just as well
put away his little hammer. He
has worked himself out of a job in
Kooskia and must go elsewhere.
The sour-faced growler, too, who
works overtime with his jaw, is up
against it. Pretty soon there will
be all kinds of work around here
and then it will be up to him to
move. If there is anything on
earth that will scare a chronic
growler until he turns white be
hind the gills, it is the sight of any
thing that lookB like work.
on a
He saw some
Clearwater and vicinity are hav
ing the coldest weather and heav
iest snow that has been Been here
this winter.
Protracted meetings will com
mence here Tuesday night, Janu
ary 12th at the Baptist church.
Mrs. R. M. Kuark is quite sick
at present writing.
Mrs. Cor wan Pell received the
sad news of the death of her moth
er January 6th.
_W. I. Long has returned from a
trip to Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Taylor
turned from a trip to Garfield,
Wash., where they have visit a
short time.
Theo. Schneller of Graugeville
was a visitor here Sunday.
Mrs. Yates spent a conple of days
in Vollmer this week on local busi
Carl Yount is on the sick list
this week, being troubled with
neuralgia of the face.
J. Freng from Lewiston visited
with his brother, G. A. Freng. at
this place last week.
L. J. Esslinger spent Sunday in
Vollmer returning the same day.
P. Scott returned from Vollmer
Sunday evening after spending the
day there.
Wm. Schueller, of Fergus Falls,
Minnesota, is visiting relatives at
this place.
Miss E. Smith from West Lake
is now employed at the restanraut
conducted by Mrs. Yates.
Philip Schueller spent Tuesday
in Vollmer on business.
G. W. Cottrell section foreman
at this station returned from a trip
to Walla Walla this week.
The freight trains are irregular
this week on account of the heavy
Civil Action.
There was a civil action in Judge
Vineyard's court last week, Wm.
Plummer bringing action against
Robert McConnell for wages. After
due consideration the court gave the
plaintiff judgement for $100. Atty.
Oasady appeared for the plaintiff
and Atty. Hardy for the defendant.
For Rent.
Seven room house on Idaho ave
nue, partially furnished. Inquire
of J. B. Adams.
Levi Strauss ^
Ô Co's
■elected denim
die two horse
Friday Eve.
Jan. 22.
To be Given by
Stock Association
Good Music and a Big Time;
Be Sure and Come.
Tickets for
Dance and
Banquet, $ 2.50
Supper Served at the
Popular Newman house
Why has our bus
iness mere than
doubled in the
past two years?
_Send for 26th Annual
Catalog; of every thing
things that will interest
ou between the beau
iful covers in seven
Oscar H. Will & Co.,
Bismack, N. D.
32 March 25.
With Every Sack of
Princess Flour
goes our guarantee of quality —made from
the pick of plump, healthy Bluestem and
Turkey Red wheat and milled under con
dition of absolute cleanliness
It makes the sweetest and most nutritious
loaf of bread that ever came out of the oven
Every empty sack makes a fine hand towel
Ask your grocer for
Lewiston Milling Co.
(Formerly Lanninghams's Barn)
Best Rigs in the City.
Excellent Saddle Horses.
Board by Day or Week.
SAM JONES Proprietor, Grangeville
Contractor 3
and s
Builder \
Frames, Porch Columns, Brackets, Turning and Scroll \
Sawing any style, Saws gummed, Filed and set. jj
A. J. Turner
Bank of Camas Prairie
Grangeville, Idaho;
$ 130,000
F. W. Kettenbach, President
A. Freldenrlch, Vice-President
W. w. Brown. Cashier
John Norwood. Asst. Cashier
W. W. Brown, A. Freldenrlch, Frank McGrane, F. W. Kettenbach, W. F. Ketteuh.ch
Jesse L. Rains, Win. Ktetnhelser
Fire Proof Vault for safe keenlnR of customers papers aud valuables.
A general banking business transacted.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Grangeville ««a Meadows Stage Line
Good four-horse wagons and careful drivers. Leaves Grangeville every day
except Monday, at 6 a. m., and arrives every day except Tuesday, at 12 m
KARE —Grangeville to Meadows,
—Grangeville to White Bird,
Only three days from Grangeville to Boise over one of the most picturesque
routes in the west, and no night rides. For further information call on
E. R. CAWLEY, Agent, Orangeville, Idaho
fW. E. Graham
Heavy Drape Broadcloth Caaki-t ^
..W0.oo aA
»50.00 ^
Main Plash Casket
Heavy Plain Casket.$35.00
Varnish Cases
Children's size, up from
$20 00 to $30.00
lu the District Tourt of the Second Judicial
District of the State of Idaho, iu nud for the
County of Idaho.
Krank M Peck, Plaintiff vs. Alfred Adams,
Jr. and I Morton Adams. Defendants
The State of Idaho Sends Grcetiug To Alfred
Adams Jr and I. Morton Adams, Defendants.
You are hereby notified that there has been
tiled in the office of the Clerk of the District
Court of the Secoud Judicial District of the
State of Idaho, in aud for the County of Idaho,
the complaint of the above named plaintiff.
You are hereby summoned and required to
appear and answer said complaint within
twenty days after service on you of this Sum
mons, if served within this judicial district, ...
If served elsewhere, within forty days.
And you arc hereby notified that if you fail to
apnear and answer said complaint as above re
quired the said plaiutiff will appeal und apply
to the Court for the relief demanded iu the com
plalut; The said action is brought, to obtain a
Judgment aud Decree of the above eutitled
That the said Plaintiff be adjudged and de
creed to Ik* the owner of an undivided one-half
interest in each aud all of the miuiug claims
and mining property set out and described iu
the complaint ou file in the above eutitled
actiou, and that he is eutitled to the possession
thereof; said property is described as follows:
The South Fork No 1, South Fork No. 2,
South Fork No 55, South Fork No. 4, Butt In No.
1, Butt In No 2, ü lit K«lge, Candlestick, Candle
stick No 1, and Candlestick No 2; all situated
In the Klk City Mining District, in Idaho Coun
ty, Idaho; ana all being Quartz Mining Claims;
That the defendants be required to execute a
good and sufficient deed, thereby conveying to
this Plaintiff an undivided one half interest in
each aud all of said Miuiug Claims and Mining
That should defendants, or either of them,
fail to execute and deliver said Deed within
thirty ( tu ) days after the tiling of a Decree in
this action, that the Clerk of the above entitled
Court be appointed a Commissioner of said
Court, and directed by laid Judgment and De
cree to execute said Deed to said Plaintiff,
thereby conveying said undivided one-half in
terest In said property to him in lieu of said
conveyance to be made by said Defendants, or
either of them; and that said Deed, so executed
by said Clerk
same force aud effect as if executed by the De
That the pretended conveyance made by the
Defendant Alfred Adams Jr., to the said
feudautl. Morton Adains, purporting to
vey said above described property, be declared
to be void and of no effect, and to have been
made in pursuance of a conspiracy to cheat
and defraud thla Plaintiff;
For such other and further relief as may seem
meet aud proper to the Court; and for costs of
suit. #
Thé particulars, more fully appearing by the
complaint of Plaiutiff on tile in the above eu
Attest my hand and seal of said District
Court this 24th day of December, 1908.
J. I. OVERMAN, Clen.
By J B. WHITE. Deputy Clerk.
W. N. 8CALE8, Attorney for Plaiutiff, Resi
dence and post office Graugeville, Idaho Couti
ty. 8late of Idaho.
commissioner, shall have the
U .'i
F. A. Campbell
Physician and Sukgkon
Office: Bunk of Camas Prairie Building
Hours 2 to 4 P M
Granokvillx, Idaho
Gh S. Stockton,
Physician and Sukokon
Office up stairs in Grabski Building;
ooposite Post Office.
C. W. Slusser, M. D.
Office, A A K. Block.
Office phone No. 476. House Phone No. 473.
Orangeville, Idaho.
r •*
W. N. Scales
Practice« in all the court#.
Office iu Bank of Cama* Prairie Building
G range ville, Idaho
J. W. Akin
Vethrinaky Surgeon
Office at SHin Jones' Barn. Call« answered day
or night. Both Phones No. Ill
Grangevlile, Idaho.
H. Taylor
Attvrnky-at Law
Practice» iu all the Court«.
Orangeville, Idaho
C. T. McDonald
Will practice iu all the Courts ot Idaho and
Office on State stretjt.
R. F. Fulton
Offices: Bank of Camas Prairie BuildltiK
Porbate and Real Estate Li
a SDeclalty.
James E. Babb
Attorn by-at- La w
Lewiston National Bank Building.
Lewiston. Idaho.
M. Reese Hattabaugh
Office under First National Bank
A. S. Hardy,
Practices in all courts.
Grangeville. Idaho.
W. H. Casady,
Practices In all courts. Office
tional Bank.
ver First Na
w. o. w.
Meets First and Third Mondays of each month
at I. O. O. K. Hall.
K. H. Ambler, Clerk
James McConnell, C.C
Encampment I. O. O. F.
Camas Prairie No. 18.
Meets he Second and Fourth Saturdays at
I. O. O. F. hall at 9:00 P. M.
E. J. Briscoe, Scribe.
B. D. Knohh. C. P.
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Idaho Lodge No. 7.
Meets every Saturday at their hall at 7:30 P. M
J. N. Oliver, Sec.
H P. Wallis, N. G.
O. E. S.
Mountain Quken Chapter
No. 11.
Meets at Maaonlc hall on 1st and 8rd Thun»
days of each month. Viaiting members cor
dially invited.
Mrs. Wm. Allan, W. M.
m . Hccv.
Misa Cai
k Cop.,
Brotherhood of American
Mcetf second and lonrth Wednesday nt 1 O.O.F
Hoy K. Lefler,
H. W. Allen,
K of P.
Buffalo Hump Lodge No. 30.
Meets second and fourth Tuesday of
M J Rambo, K. of H. AS.
;h month.
J. B. White, C. C.
Bailor & McDonald
Undertakers and
Pacific Phone 102
Parlors in A. A F. Block
Day and Night
Grangeville, Ida.
Also Furniture and Uudertakiug Parlors in
Blue Prints
Showing present ownership of
lands on Camas Prairie for sale by
Inland Abstract Co. 44tf.
The Lewiston Daily Tribune and
the Free Press, both one year for
$ 7.50
In the District Court, of the Second Judicial
District, state of Idaho, in aud for Idaho Couu
John W Wedding, Plaintiff, v§. May Wed
ding. Defendant.
The Stale of Idaho Sends Greeting: To May
Wedding, defendant.
You Hre hereby summoned, aud required
an pear iu an actiou brought againat you by said
Plaintiff in the Diatrict Court, and to answer
the Complaint of the above named plaintiff,
filed therein, within twenty days (exclusive of
the day of »er vice) after service on vom of this
summons, if «erved within this Judicial Dis
trict; or if served elsewhere, within forty days
The »aid actiou is brought to obtain a decree
dissolving the bond» of matrimony heretofore
and now existing between the plaiutiff and de
fendant, and awarding ail the community prop
erty of plaintiff and defendant to the plaintiff,
as will more fullv appear by the complaint on
file herein to which reference Is here made, and
for general relief
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer said complaint as above re
quired the aaid plaiutiff will apply to the court
for the relief demanded in the complaint.
Attest my hand and the seal of the Diatrict
Court of the Secoud Judicial District. State of
Idaho, In and for Idaho County, this 21th day of
December. 1908.
1 . 1. Overman,
James De Haven,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Advertisements inserted under this
head. 5 cents a line. Replies may be
addressed to this office.
Money to loan.
Geo. M. Reed.
Money to loan:
John Coram.
21 - 12 *
Lost —A lady's black cape, Mon
day, on the road somewhere be
tween the Geo. Schmadeka ranch
and Orangeville. Finder please
return to W. J. Jones and receive
a liberal reward.
31 2*
Lost —A $10 bill on Saturday
afternoon in the People's Market,
City Bakery or the Post Office.
Fiudei please leave at this office.
Lost —Sorrel pony, weight 700
pounds. Branded with heart
left shoulder and blotch brand
right bip. Roached mane. Lost
nine miles north of Grangeville.
Reward of Î5 for its return to B.
Notice.—Want help, want to sell
something, want to buy something,
want a job? Quit asking every
body you meet on the street aud
talk through this column. The
cost is small,
answering questions,
a business-like manner.
People get tired of
Get busy in
Notice.—I have plenty of money
to loan on farms. A. F. Parker.
27 tf
For Sale.—Legal blanks that
comply with the law. All kinds
at the Free Press offee.
Scale Books.—We have them at
the Free Press Office.
For Sale—A few
pure bred
White Wyandotte cockerels. Apply
to John Norwood, Grangeville,
Wanted —Lady or gentleman of
fair education to travel for a line
of household articles and special
ties. Salary $3.50 per day above
eqpenses. Address. The Alexander
Supply Company, 350 Dearborn St.
Chicago, III
Wanted.—No matter what you
have to sell if there is a buyer we'll
lind him through this column.
Try it. Cost small, returns great.
27 tf
Wanted.—We will pay cash for
a copy of the Free Press of June
25 and April 30. Bring them in
to this office.
Wantkd —To rent, piano,
quire at this office
Iu the District Court of the Second Judicial
District of the State of Idaho, in aud for the
County of Idaho.
A. K. Parker and C. K Melvin, Co-partners
doing business under the firm name and style
of Parker and Melvin, Plaintiffs, vs. Wm. K 8.
Gregory, defendant.
Notice is hereby given, that an attachment
has been issued out of the above entitled Court,
in the above entitled cause, against the proper
ty of the above named defendant.
hereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official seal thla llth day
of January, 1909 J. I. OVERMAN,
33-2 Clerk of Said Court.
Carries the following brand»
of popular wKisHles*
Burk's Irish
Crab Orchard
Bushmell Malt
Olen Levitt Scotch
Hiram Walkers Cana
dian Club.
Also a choice stoch of win«
Ale and Beer
His Key West and Imported
Cigars are the beat.
Don't Take the Risk.
When you have a bad cough or
cold do not let it drag along until
it becomes chronic bronchitis, or
develops into an attack of pneu
monia. but give it the attention it
deserves nud get rid of it. Take
Chamberlain's Congh Remedy and
you ure sure of prompt relief. From
a small heginntng the Bale and dm
of this preparation has extended to
all parts of the United Statee and
to many foreign countries. Its
many remarkable cures of oonghs
and colds have won for it this wide
reputation and extensive use. Sold
by J. J. Pulse.
The Lewiston Daily Tribune wad
the Free Press, both one year for
97.50 asm

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