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VOL. 23, NO. 42
$2.00 PER YEAR
Acres From Idaho County for Reserve
—Description and Location.
The secretary of the interior has is
sued an order withdrawing another
175,000 aeres of land in Idaho county
from entry with the idea of taking it
into the "forest reserve. This with
drawal dot» not necessarily mean that
the land will come under the control
of the forest department at once but
simply keeps settlers from taking it up
for homesteads. As it is nothing can
be done with it, cattle can be grazed
before and the forest sevice
supervision whatever
over the land. It may be several
years before it is taken in and again
it might be in thirty days. The de
partaient lias set the land aside and
proposes no more settlers take np any
of it pending the government decision,
The order setting aside this vast
acreage reads as follows:
"On February 17, 1909, the secre
same as
will have no
tary of the interior, in the exercise of;
his supervisory authority and with a
view to the conservation of water re
sources, withdrew from all forms of,
entry so that they may be available
for the benefit of the public in con
nection with future development,
lands below referred to.
"Portions of these lands are unsur
veyed, but you will make appropriate
notation on your records to show the
withdrawal thereof while unsurveyed
as well as after the survey has Ix-en
Must of the land is located on the
west and south sides of the Salmon,
extending in some instances to the
Oregon line on the west and south of
Forest Servie Assisting Great
ly in Trail Building
County, Citizens of Grangevllle
Orogrand and Elk Assist.
It now looks as though the pro
posed trail to Orogrand which also
taps the Elk City country, will be
built tl.'
is year.
1 he forest, service has half a dozen
men ât work at the present time on
the first
section which begins near the
tou' Placers and here crosses to the
north side of the South Fork. The
bridge is being built and $1,150 in
audition will he sjw'iit by the depart
njont. It is estimated this will com
pete the trail to a point in the neigh
irhood of Meadow Creek. The trail
1N being built thirty inches wide and
on a water grade, it being the inten
tions to
eventually widen it into a
wagon road.
F rum this point the work will be
u |> and pushed along by the
coinin ittee consisting of Messers. I jamb,
o nisor, and Carpenter of Orogrand.
j understand the bulk of the money
B-iscd, which amounts to clofie on to
>< J0, will be used on work in the
n \<>" near Crispen's ranch, which is
, ,1* the most difficult work on the
To this fund of $1,700 Idaho county
v iV business'men of Grange
C - / , 25, Orogrand $400 and Elk
between $150 and $200. This
but f * * n °t complete the work
u rom other sources it is expected
>t necessary funds for the completion
can be secured.
'"j ! ra 'l will he built with the idea
"'.iking it into a wagon road later
' 'tli its completion it will make
mieli better route from this rich
section than any heretofore
the Salmon river as far east as War
ren creek,
tends to a point near Kcuterville and
Township 25 X., R. 1 E., all
tions 1 to 5, 8 to 17, 20 to 20 and 32
to 36
the Salmon.
The north boundrv
inclusive. Containg 111,200
Located near Lucile, west of
1. 26 N., R. 1 E., all sections 1 to
3, 10 to 15, 22 to 28, and 33 to 36
inclusive. Contains 12,800 acres,
Located west of Salmon between Free
i dom and Lueile.
D to 15, 22 to 27 and 34 to
j ^ inclusive. Contains 10,240
| Located west of Salmon,north ot Free
T. 27 N., n. i E., all section 2, 3,
T. 29 N., R. 1 E., all sections 2 to
R, inclusive, 14, 15, 22, 23, 26, 27,
j 34 and 35. Contains 11,500
J Located west of Salmon, in Dumacqua
Plains country,
T. 28 N., It. 1 E., all sections 2 to
4, 9 to 11, 1, 14 to 16, 21 to 23, 26
to 28 and 33 to 35 inclusive. Con
tains 12,100 acre's. Located west of
Salmon, between Whitebird and north
of Deer Creek.
T. 30 N., R. 1 W., all sections 2 to
11, inclusive, 14 to 16, 22 to 27 and
34 to 36 inclusive ( partly unsurveyejJ )
Contains 14,720 aeres, located both
side's of Salmon, west of Tolo.
T. 30 X., R. 2 W., all sections 1, 2,
3, 10, 11 and 12 (Unsurveved) Con
tains 3,840 acres, west of Salmon in
Joseph Plains.
T. 31 X., R. 2 \V„ all sections 7, 8,
9, 10, to 21 and 20 to 35 inclusive
(partly unsurveved.) Contains 12,100
acres, located east of Salmon and west
of Kuutcrvillc.
T. 30 X', R. 1 E., all sections 21 so
33 inclusive. Contains 8,320 acres,
located west of Tolo, near Salmon.
T. 29 X., R. 3 \V., all sections 4 to
9 and 10 to 18 inclusive (unsurved.)
Contains 3,840 acres, located in Joseph
Plains country.
T. 30 X., R. 3 W., all seetinns 4 to
9, 10 to 21 and 28 to
( unsurveyed. ) Contains 11,520 acres,
Joseph Plains country,
T. 31 X., R. 3 W., all sections 10
to 15 and 1!» to 36 inclusive, (unsur
1.) Contains 15,300 acres, locat
ed partiallv in Idaho county and |>ar
ncar Salmon
tially in Xez Perce,
T. 29 X', R. 4 W., all fractional
•nst of Snake
townships ( unsurveved )
Contains 7,000 acres, in Joseph i
Plains country, a part in Oregon. j
T. 30 X., R. 4 W., all sections 11 j
to 14, 23 to 20 inclusive and 35 to 30 ■
0,400 acres,
banks of Snake
( unsurveved.
west of Canfield, on
T. 24 N., R. 1 E., all sections 1 to
24 inclusive.
3, 10 to 15 and 22 to
tContains 7,080 acres, located in the
vicinity of < iofl.
T. 24 X., R. 2 E., all of township;
lying south of Salmon river (unsur
veyed.) Contains 8,320 acres east of j
T. 24 N., R. 3 E., all of township
lying south of Salmon river (unsur ve} -
ed.) Contains 8,320, South of Salmon
river in vicinity of Knott.
T. 24 N., R. 4 E., all of township
lying south of Salmon river (unsur
veyed.) Contains about 10.090 acres,
in the Marshall I-ake country.
T. 24 X., R. 5 E., all of sections 1
to 12 inclusive and section 18 lying
south of Salmon river (unsurveyed. )
Contains 8,320 acres, south of Salmon
in Rapid River country.
T. 24 N., R. 0 K., all sections 1 to
9 inclusive lying south ofSalmon river
(unsurveyed.) Contains 5,760 acres,
south of Salmon, in )\ arresi ( ree
T. 25 X., R. 0 E, all of township
lying south of Salmon river ( unsur
veved.) Contains 11,520 acres, west
)f Warren creek and south of Salmon
I he pioneer real estate firm of Par
ker & Melvin report having sold to J.
M. Ely the 160 acres north of town!
known as the old Stilwell farm lately j
occupied by \\ . S. Gregory, and by j
him sold to the Hank of Camas l'rair- !
M r. Ely is a recent arrival from
Montana, and thinks well of the
( » rangeville country.
1 he same lirm have also sold the j
line 240 acre farm of Andrew .Jorgen
son, situated two miles west of Den v
to H. Ci. Chicane of Oakland, Oregon.
The Jorgenson farm is
Farms Selling Rapidly
one of the :
'I ••
& vi.
PÿTv *
It !
V !
6 ;yS
JI l>
■ t
A r
Sr X
C C*-V
:.. So
,v S'#
Y* 1 -
■ f*.
■y 3
4.A N-y4
jr^w' »'
\ rf""
The Barrier
Author of The Spoilers
A picture of the Klondike, a story of the con
flict of passions universal—hatred born of ter
rible wrong, heart hunger unsatisfied and love
that sweeps away every barrier. Poleon, the
Great Heart, the character who caught the ar
tist's fancy, will captivate the reader. Such
high authority as the Boston Transcript says:
In The Barrier Mr. Beach has written a story that is
far stronger, far more gripping and powerful than
The Spoilers.
Ttye Free Press has secured the exclusive privi
lege to publish this serial story and will begin in
the near future. Don't fail to read it.
choicest and best improved farms in !
! Llaho eounty, »'•<> Mr. .Jorgenson very
1 r ''luctantly »ells out. Hut lie is get
tin f- r along in years and will try Cali
to ™ia for a while, although lie fully!
; exjxvts to return again to good old j
Camas Prairie.
dislike ,to see j
men of Mr. .Jorgenson's caliber leave
us, as he and his family arc g<xul poo- j
I'le, gixxl neighbors and gixxl friends, j
-— •« -
J r ° r City Clerk,
At the suggestion of a number of i
friends Attorney H. Taylor has agreed
to allow his name to come before the
caucus to meet Tuesday evening as a
candidate for the office of city clerk
and police judge. Mr. Taylor is well
qualified for the office and if
ted will poll a heavy vote,
nom inn
Princess Flour has plenty of gluten
37 tf
—not too much.
Most ol Old Leaders Lose Their Places
This Week-Voles Now Reaches
Stella Wilkins of Elk City
1 leads in the first district,
Cloah Sebastian in the sec
ond, Carriebelle Clay of Rig
gins in the third, and Addie
Markham retains her posi
tion in the fourth district
Now what do you think, you people
who have been telling who was going
to win. These contests are just like
elections, yon never can tell until all
the vote's are in and have been counts
ed. While these girls are ahead a
glance at the returns will show they
have not much to go on. The votes
were counted Wednesday afternoon
and those received since that date are
not included but will come on the
next count. Go after your friends or
those who an* not your friends and get.
their aid. There is little excuse for
any one to refuse to assist. A few
dollars dot's not amount to much
and they get value for every cent ami
have a chance to assist some worthy
girl to win. Don't forget the business
houses where you trade. One good
turn deserves another and they will
not refuse to help you. Look out for
the fellow who tries to make you be
lieve a nice little talk. Its votes that
count ami not promises or hot air
First District.
Sti'lla Wilkins, Elk City.7,740
Flossie Murphy, Clearwater . . .0,310
Jessie Cook, Fairview Precinct .4,480
Hazel Toye, Stiles .4,300
last wwk M iss Wilkins was next to
the lowest on the list, look how she
has climbed. Miss Cook has lost her
place but she has numerous friends we
do not look for her to occupy the place
she does, this week very long.
Flossie Murphy,'who is second, is
one of the hard working girls of the
Second District.
Clioah Helmstian .14,110
Emily Cash, Tolo....
Minnie Knorr, Denver
Miss Cash has lead in this district
every since the beginning of the con
test until this week she fell behind.
At one time she was in the lead by
some four thousand. However she is
only 350 votes from the lead, a small
amount to overcome. Miss Sebastian,
who now leads in this district, is a
most popular young lady and works
incessantly. Miss Knorr, the Denver
candidate, is making phenomiual
gains, climbing from 8,000 several
weeks ago to over 12,550 this week,
only 2,500 from being the leader of
the entire county.
Third District.
Carriebelle Clay, Riggins.9,055
Mrs. R. L Freeman, Whitebird. 8,420
Mary Griffith, Whitebird
Here lias Ix-en a hot fight every
since the opening of the contest. Mrs.
Freeman lias put up a hard fight and
held first place up to this week when
Miss Clay goes in the lead by close to
1,000 majority. However, the con
test is not over and there will be
many changes in the lead in this dis
trict Ix'fore the winners are deter
Fourth District
Adda Markham ....
Minnie McConnell. ...
Anna Ingram ... ...
This is the only district where the
old leader has succeeded in holding
her own. Miss Markham has not
much to boast of however as she lias a
majority of only 1,200. Miss McCon
nell, who now holds second place has
made a big gain . The fight here is
going to be a close one as the past
The différence is
figures have shown,
not great between the standing of the
Total Vote
The total vote todate is 111,915
and the contest has not really begun,
the coming month promises to be a
fine one and then the girls <an cover
more territory and do better work.
However the present gait has not been :
slow and has proven the appreciation
of the public for the girls who want to
win and are wi
make a fight.
tn get out and
House Near Lucile Went Up in
Smoke Last Week
Taylor Wisdom Loses His
House and Contents.
A fire occurred at the ranch of
Morton A Johnson, across the river
from Lucile last week, destroying
their house and the contents. The
two owners were away from home at
the time and the cause of the fire is
unknown. Upon their return they
fonud the house in ruins. The dam
age was considerable and we are un
able to learn whether it was protected
by any insurance.
The country home of Taylor Wis
dom was completely destroyed by fire
this week. At the time of the fijpe-f
Mr. and Mrs. Wisdom were ill aifd
this makes the misfortune quite a
hardship. The cause of the lire we
understand was defective Hue and the
house was quickly consumed,
furniture was lost. We understand
some insurance was carried on the loss
which will amount to close to $1,500.
All the
Spring is Here.
There is every evidence that spring
lias at last arrived on Camas Prairie,
the robins are here, the ranchers are
busy with their spring work, the
building boom is on and last hut not
least the small boys are pitching balls
on every vacant lot in the city,
spring must be here.
A marriage license was issued yes
terday to Eüiug Gabriel of Freedom
and Mrs. Hessie H. Kee of Joseph.
Princess Flour contains all the good
part of the wheat and none of the oth
er part

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