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VOL. 23 , NO. 48
$2.00 PER YEAR
29, 1909
flo Count This Week But Some Changes and Surprises
Be Shown By Next Count.
Its a Guess How Your Friends Stand and Next Count Will
Watched With Great Anxiety.
This week we are not giving the
count, the standing of the contestants
is not known to any one. But we
will sav this, the number of votes cast
during the past seven days will make
great change in the standing of
Below we give a copy of a letter re
ceived from the Exposition manage
ment by this office. It is self-explana
Seattle, Wash., April 26, 1009
To the Editor, Free Press.
Dear Sir:—At a recent meeting of
the Concessionaries' Association of the
Pay Streak of the Alaska-Yukon-Pa
cific Exposition, it was voted unani
mously to throw the attractions of the
amusement way wide open to all par
ties of newspaper contestants, upon
presentation of proper credentials from
this department.
This means that every amusement
feature of the Exposition will be free
to the members of the party which
you are planning to send and to whom
ever you may send as chaperon or
In this connection permit me to im
press upon you that the Alaska-Yukon
Pacific Pay Streak presents more high
class attractions than any previous ex
position has shown.
Many of the features are of high
Rev. Jan Hessen, former pastor of the
Lutheran church at this place, but
ifow of North Yakima, Wash., held
services here last Sunday morning and
evening. A large congregation at
Hersehel Zehner delivered a large
load of flour to Whitebird last Tues
Andrew Jorgenson lias been
posting bills for his large sale on May
5th. They will soon move to Cali
fornia, where they will reside in the
( 5Iiss I'illie VonBerge is out from
Grangeville this week
Mrs. I. Rehner is able to be out
again on nice warm days.
Albert Rieutscel sold his farm north
of town to Joe Earp, but it is under -
stood that he will buy again on the
prairie. J ^
.... ,
the Steinehouse & Harris well drill
went through town last Monday on
their way to the reservation where
they will have considerable work.
E. T. Root and wife spent Saturday
Sunday visiting friends in Grange
Mrs. H. H. Nissen of Winona was
u> town last Saturday visiting with
'he Spengler family.
. .?» farmers around here
juicing over the late rain which will
e a great benefit to their grain.
The Denver flour mill is again run
hnig after being closed for a few
visiting her
are re
Mrs. Fred Parrott arrived from
Missouri last week.
Rarrott w ju make
Mulhall ranch.
The base ball boys were out prac
'"'ng with ' '
Mr. and Mrs.
their home on tbe
a picked up team last
Hattie Knorr, accompanied by
188 Edith Spengler were Cottonwood
Vl 8 itore' last Thureday.
f# Iiider ; one °T out prosperous
rtuera > was in town trading today.
The eighth grade pupils are taking
examination this week.
(From Mountaineer.)
g an d Mrs. Estes arrived here
• m av 11 '-l*t, having spent the past
x months traping on tbe Selway.
educational value; many others
pure fun.
All of them are absolutely
There is not one with a feature
The Exposition
management has made of the Pay
Streak one of the biggest features of
the fair and it will be a scene of life,
gaity and action every minute.
Very truly yours,
D. B. Deencombe.
Here is the standing of the candi
dates as showe > by the count made
week ago but there is a change,
is a chance for the wise one to make
a guess.
Adda Markham
Anna Ingram
First District.
Jessie Cook, Fairview Precinct 28,960
Stella Wilkins, Elk City.26,580
Flossie Murphy, Clearwater . .26,190
Hazel Toye, Stites
Second District.
Cloah Sebastian
Emily Cash, Tolo
Minnie Knorr, Denver.20,610
Third District.
Rose Freeman, Whitebird.23,555
Carriebelle Clay, Riggins.22,930
Mary Griffith, Whitebird. . .
Fourth District
Minnie McConnell.14,945
They brought out a good bunch of
furs, consisting of 28 marten, 2 bear,
4 mink, 28 weasel, 7 cougar, (Î coon
and other small furs. Mrs. Estes
takes great delight in telling about
killing a vicious cougar "all by her
lonesome," and she is going to keep
the bide as a prized trophy of the long
campaign in thé wilds of the Bitter
Roots. They walked all the way out,
about fifty miles, and after resting up
here for a few days left for their home
at Culdesac.
A new school house is in course of
construction in the Lorena district.
It is 16x24 feet in size, with cloak
rooms and other conveniences hereto
fore not enjoyed by the school children
in that district.
tu ™*j in «veral name» as delinquent
and when they happen to have any
»'<>ney coming from the count,, for
jury services or anything else, the
amount will be deducted from their
warrants. The same will be dene this
y ear an ,i SO me fellows in this town will
goon have quite an account charged up
against them on the county books.
People might just as well work their
poll tax this year when asked to do
J. D. Currington
Last year
The board of commissioners of Boil
county have issued an order in
structing the sheriff to work prisoners
on county roads. That's a splendid
move and one worthy of consideration
by the commissioners of every county
If prisoners
pelled to work on public roads, with a
ball and chain attachment, many an
able bodied hobo who breaks into jail
to "feed up" would go to work and
earn bis grub.
Mr. Waterman is expect«! here in
a few days to complete arrangements
for the opening of the Kooskia State
Until final arrangements are
made, the Mountaineer lias nothing to
If a right start
is made, tbe bank will be a success,
but all depends on the outcome of the
meeting when Mr. Waterman arrives.
were com
in tbe state.
about the matter.
John Hill, one of the best known
Indians in this locality, died last Sun
The funeral was held
day evening.
Tuesday from the family home a short
distance up the river, and was largely
Deceased was about 70
old and has been a resident ot
He was
this section for a long time.
member of the Nez Perce tribe,
not a
and always claimed to be a
Princess Flour contains all the good
part of the wheat and none of the oth
er part. 37tf
Richard Nash of Whitebird
tlic city yesterday.
Rert Canfield is up from the Sal
mon river country today.
Ceo. Sells of ffolo was in the city
the city the first of the week.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. F. V. Purer Saturday
Mrs. J. Rhoads and daughter of
were in the city the first of the
was m
Mr. Alexander caller! at this offee
t he last of the week with some buds
from the fruit trees on his ranch and
judging from them the fruit of this
section is not danaged to any extent
by the late frosts.
Seth Jones, Jr., of the Salmon river
country is in town today. Seth feels
pretty good over the outcome of the
ball games at Whitebird and if he
was a betting man we would not lie
suprised if he had placed his
Miss Sadie Buchanan, the fifteen
year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Buchanan of Winona, passed
away Monday after a short illness from
diphtheria. The deceased was an ex -1
cellent young lady and her early de- 1
mise is mourned by loving parents and
many sympathetic friends.
Are you using Swan patent flour?
If not try a sack and convince your
self that it is the healthiest flour on
the market. Its flavor, its sweetness,
its moisture retaining qualities are not
approached by any other on the mar
ket. No poisonous processes are used
to whiten it, you owe it to yourself
and families health to use Swan patent
flour. 45tf
J. B. Créa is circulating a petition,
which is being generally signed,
among the citizens of the city asking
the game warden to appoint him
deputy for Idaho county. l, Dick" is
just the man for the place and we all
hojw the decision of the state warden
will be favorable.
The cantata given at the Armory
Tuesday night was one of the finest
affairs of that kind seen in this city
for many a day. The tableaus were
beautiful and the children were per
fectly drilled. The musical portion
of the program was also worthy of
high praise. To Mrs. Baker, under
whose direction the children were
drilled and the program carried out,
is due great credit and her patience
and time donated to the entertain
ment are thoroughly appreciated by
A. Jorgenson, a rancher who lives
near Denver, made this office a pleas
ant call while in the city yesterday.
Mr. Jorgenson came to this country
when land was of little value and a
man could not dispose of what he did
He has gone through tlieliard
shijis of early pioneering but has de
cided to take a rest, having sold his
fine 240 acre farm to H.G.Chicome of
Oregon. He will leave in a few
weeks for California where the family
will enjoy a much needed rest. He
may decide to return to this county,
we give him about three months to he
back in.
The Pioneer real estate agency of
Parker & Melvin sold yesterday the
360 acre farm between Cottonwood
and Denver to L. S. Eortin of Douglas
Co., Oregon. This is without doubt
one of the very finest and best im
proved farms on Camas Prairie, and
was purchased a few years ago by
Earl Head from the original owner,
S. P. Nelson. The right-of-way for
the Union Pacific railroad passes
through this farm, the same having
been purchased bv that company in
1899. The Electric road route also
touches the land. The farm is in a
highly productive region and Mr.
Fortin is to lie congratulated on ac
quiring such a magnificent property,
which is bound to enhance in value in
the near future, A relative of Mr.
Fortin recently purchased the Andrew
Jorgenson farm adjoining.
Not good after May 20, 1909
First Game of Season.
The first ball game of the season of
Camas Prairie was played at Cotton
wood last Sunday between theGrange
ville Second team and Cottonwood and
resulted in a score 2 to 4 in favor of
In the second inning two hits scored
Van Pool and Clyde Moses scored in
the eight on a long fly bv Schnell.
Cottonwood scored twice in first in
ning and made her remaining two
scores in the seventh inning.
The following is the lineup:
E. Moses
L. Harris
Van pool
C. Moses
Tom Randall umpired the game in
a satisfactory manner.
Time of game 1 hour 15 minutes.
Select Teachers.
The school board has selected all of
the teaching corps for the coming
year with the exception of the first
and second assistants, the super
intendent and teachers for the pri
, . ,
""Z a «d «nxed grades,
. M „ 188 ^ernea» will have charge of
the fourth grade; Miss Bugbee, the
fifth grade; Mrs. Crosby, the seventh;
Miss Gilman, the second; Miss Palmer
ton, the third; Miss Haily, the sixth;
Mrs. Spedden, the eighth and Miss
Burrows, principal of the high school.
Won Prizes.
In the Spokesman-Review contest
which closed recently two Idaho
county contestants were successful.
Mrsr T. N. Wisdom receiving fourth
prize, a $1000 Melville and Clark
Appolo player piano, $100 in cash
and two trips to Seattle. Mrs. Wis
dom cast over a million and half votes.
Miss Paula Hohaus of Grangeville
won twentieth place and was awarded
a Schulz Chapel organ. Miss Hohaus
cast over a half million votes.
F. G. Fritts, Oneonsa, N. Y. writes:
My little girl was greatly benefitted
by taking Foley's Orino Laxative, and
I think it is the best remedy for con
stipation and liver trouble." Foley's
Orino Laxative is best for women and
children, as it is mild, pleasant and
effective, anil is a splendid spring
medicine, and it cleanses the system
and clears the complexion. Pulse
Drug Store.
B. L. Irwin of Biggins was in this
city Tuesday on businecs and before
leaving made this office a call. Mr.
Irwin is a member of the firm of Clay
& Irwin, sheepmen of that section of
the Salmon lliver country. They
have at present over 5,000 bead of
sheep on the range. This firm is one
of the big ones of that section and
ship a great deal of mutton to the
Chicago market. Mr. Irwin says if
there was a market here many of the
sheep men would prefer to drive to
Grangeville and ship from here to
Seattle in place of making the drive to
Value of Fren, __
The best part of a modern bouse la
Its windows. To keep these open day
and night and to make the air inside
approach as nearly as possible the air
outside should be the first business of
the housekeeper,
should be held subservient to the need
of fresh air.—Good Health.
Everything else
Currant Catchup.
Add to four pounds washed and
stemmed currants two pounds brown
sugar and a pint of vinegar Simmer
until quite thick. Season with a tea
spoonful each of cinnamon, ginger, all
spice and cloves, simmer ten minutes
longer, strain and bottle.
Boiling a Ham.
If when boiling ham you add for
•ach gallon of water a teacup of vine
gar and six or eight cloves tbe flavor
will be much Improved. Always let a
bam cool In tbe water In which it to
boiled, and it will keep deliciously
moist and nice.
The Odd Fellows Celebration at Neighboring Town Proves a
Big Drawing Card.
In Ball Games Whitebird Defeats Grangeville and Hands
Freedom Some Eggs.
The Odd Fellows celebration at
Whitebird Monday ushering in the
celebrations and entertainments of the
summer, was well attended and a fine
time had. In the neighborhood of
1 00 people spent the day in our sister ;
town on the river and all report a fine!
tin 2?* , , r , , , . ,
The speech by L. C. Chadwick of
this city was filled with material for
thought and proved one of interest to
Both ball games were won bv the!
Whitebird team and the dance in the
evening received Buch an attendance |
that the floor was always crowded.
Over 100 people from Grangeville
spent the day in the town. The music
for the dance by the Grangeville band
was fine and met the approval of all.
The following is a detailed report of
the ball game:
The first game was between Grange
Barley Water.
Peel three lemons very thinly and lay
the peel In a large jug with two ounces
of sugar and three ounces of pearl
barley. Pour on to this three pints of
boiling water and let It stand for twen
ty-four hours; then add the strained
juice of the lemons and stand on Ice
till wanted, or mix till smooth a des
sertspoonful of barley with a wine
glassful of water, pour this Into a pan
containing one quart of boiling water
and stir It all together over the Are
for five minutes, flavoring It with
lemon and sugar to tnste, and leave till
cool, standing it on ice till wanted.
To Clean Gold Ornament«.
Gold ornaments and jewelry un
adorned with gems should be washed
In warm soapsuds. Gold link chains
may be cleaned by placing them in a
bottle half full of soapsuds mixed with
a little prepared chalk. After being
left for a few hours the bottle should
be shaken and the lather poured off.
The chain should then be rinsed In
cold water and thoroughly dried.
Jade ornaments. It Is said, may be re
stored by applying a paste made of
chalk and water.
Cucumber Catchup.
Pare very thlu six large and fresh
cucumbers and chop fine, add a small
tablespoonful of salt, let It drain In h
colander about an hour, add two small
or one large onion chopped fine, tea
spoonful of white pepper and one pint
of white wine vinegar (cider vinegar
will do), stir It all well together, put
Into a wide mouthed bottle, seal it air
tight and let stand at least a month
before using. Any one fond of cucum
bers will like this. If air tight it will
keep for years.
To Clean Kid and 8uada Glove«.
Put as many pairs as require clean
ing In a basin. Pour over sufficient
naphtha just to cover them. Leava
standing half an hour, keeping air
tight King out loosely, taking one at
the time and laying same on clean
folded cloth. Then rub with clean
cloth well all over. Hang out In ths
open air, and when dry they will bt
as good as new. Be very careful «w
light gets near the naphtha.
Ths Masculins Idas.
He (absently)—She dresses with such
She (surprised)—What! That scraw
ny figure?
He (hastily) — No; the dishes she
cooks.—Baltimore American.
Beginning Modestly.
Dowager—So you are commencing a
practice here. You're rather young,
aren't you?
Young Medico—Oh— er— well, I only
expect to start on children first, yon
Her Summer Vacation Report.
First Husband—What do you hear
from your wife on her summer vaca
Second Husband—The local bank re
ports that she is well and happy.—New
York Life.
Another Instance.
"Wunst I got a dollsr a word."
"Fact. Fer talking back to a judjs.*
—Bt. Louis Times
ville and Whitebird and resulted in
the defeat of the county-seat team to
the tune of 4 to 7. A return game
will lie played here in several weeks,
Clyde Moses was in fine form and
pitched a steady game for the Grange
ville team, striking out 12 men while
Deimage, the Whitebird twirler,
i8truck out 13 _
Whitebird broke up several batting
rallies by quick work of the infield.
^he sixth inning Grangeville
fhree errors and \\ hitebird hit
twice scoring six runs, after that
du T were able to score hut once.
In the a «' 01 " 1 game Freedom was
defeated in a seven inning game by
™ hitebird by a score of 4 to 8 .
During the two games four ball»
were knocked into the creek but owing
to the ground rules they counted only
for two baggers.
Tim*'« poultice for all wounda.
The courage to suffer in silence.
The soul's smile at trial and pain.
The serene stimulus that comes from
The optimism of the soul expressed
In bearing.
The gentle heroism of the day by
day battle of life.
Working, watching, waiting, without
weariness or worry.
Dally conquest of an environment by
rising superior to It
The Individual wall of defense
against which all waves of trouble
hurl themselves harmlessly.
Constant new strength to resist the
same old troubles. — William George
Jordan In New York Tribune.
Tales They TelL
A colt Is being reared by L. H.
Greenwald of York county. Pa., on
five quarts of milk and several egg* ■
Edward Thompson, a watchman at
Perth Amboy, N. J., says a rat cornea
to him every day and gets a chew of
A Swiss has taken the trouble to
count all the steps be took during a
9,760,000, which gives K.740 steps a
He found the Dumber to be
A horse at Atlantic Highlands, N. J.,
having been bit by as automobile go- ,
lng sixty miles an hour and a little
later by a railroad ttaln, waa rescued
uninjured, swimming In the Shrews
bury river.
English Etchings.
It Is proposed to |>alnt tbe gun porta
of the Victory yellow, their color at
Trafalgar, and to rerig tbe ship aa
she was In Nelson** time.
Organ builders Sf old built to good
purpose, as tbe one In Allhallows
church. Barking, England, show«, It
having been Installed In 1077. It la
now undergoing only Its second reno
The historic Great Queen Street
chapel, or, aa It la better known, Ktngs
way hall, In London, has been declar
ed unsafe for further use, which will
be a hard blow for the Methodists, but
they will at once try to raise $125,000
with which to rebuild.
Calls Lilies.
Beat three eggs and a rounding cup
ful of sugar together, add two-thirds
cupful of flour and one-half teaspoon
ful of lemon flavoring. Drop in tea
spoonfuls on a buttered sheet, allow
ing plenty of room to spread in baking.
Bake In a moderate oven, take np with
a knife and roll at once Into lily shape.
Bake but four or five at a time, bo
cause If tbe cakes cool even a little
they will break. FUI each with a little
beaten and sweetened cream.
Remedy For Coughing.
Often a severe spell of coughing can
be checked by drinking down as
quickly as possible a glassful of cold
water. If one Is subject to spells of
coughing at night, try this remedy,
which. It to claimed, never falls:
Wring a cloth out of strong carbolic
acid water just before getting Into bed
and bang It over the head of the bei
The whiff of odor from tbe cloth
prevent the cough.

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