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r 0 L. 23 . NO. 49
$2.00 PER YEAR
Member of the Executive Committee was Present at
Special Meeting Held Last Friday.
;ommittees Named—Next Meeting of Club Tuesday Night.
Come Out and Help Settle a Number of ImportantQuestions
The spiv in 1 meeting of the execu
ive board of the Commercial Club
ie ld last Friday night was well at
wided and the greatest of interest
akeu. Every member of the hoard
( as there and entered into the discus
ion of matters of benefit to the city
aid county with the utmost enthusi
A list of those composing the vari
8 committees for the ensuing year
present«! by President Hatta
augh and approved by the board,
he personnel of said committees appears
urther on in this article.
The matter of joining the federation
f North Idaho Commercial Clubs re
eived some attention but it was de
ided to table the same and take the
aatter up at the next meeting of the
lub where it will be thorougnly dis
used and a vote taken on it. South
daho has a federation of commercial
lubs, has had for some time, and
hrough the same much is being ac
omplished. There is no reason why
like relation of North Idaho clubs
ould not be made of great benefit but
his is a matter which should be thor
nighly discussed and the opinion of
he majority rule.
The matter of sending delegates to
he National Irrigation Congress,
rhich meets in Spokane August 9-1 G
dll also come up for final disposition
t the next meeting. This is one of
he leading dry farming conventions
f the country anil is national in
cope. Every state in the union will
le represented by not one delegate
mt several front a county, Foreign
ounties will have their representatives
Here will be an excellent op
ortunity to distribute literature, and
aeet people who are seeking a change
n location. Lasting results can be
btained from thorough work and
daho county should not only take an
nterest in the proceedings and delib
rations of the convention but also do
xtensive publicity work. Its money
fell spent and means the opening of a
aarket for Idaho county lands,
tave the homes here, let the people
mow it.
President Hattabaugh stati'd tliat
ie had not yet thought of
lerson to act as secretary and asked
hose present it they could suggest a
food, active man.
oplace this matter
lands. It was voted to allow the
scretarv as a salary 25 per cent of all
mes collected. Permission wasgrant
o the fire company to hold their
aeetings in the dub room on any
ught excepting nights when the club
'as in session. Other matters were
hscussed including the advisability
* celebrating Independence Day.
he hour was late when the
uss introduced but Itttle discussion
a Buitabh
The boa id voti-d
entirly in liis
ad Attack of Dyserrtery Cured
'An honored citizen of this town
Jas Buffering from a severe attack of
jaentery. He told a friend if he
*"ld obtain a bottle of Chamberlain's
î * holera and Diarrhoea Remedy
« ? t confident of being cur«!, he
Vl, ig used this remedy in the West,
® was told that I kept it in stock
ln lost no time in obtaining it, and
promptly cured," says M. J.
druggist, of Wolcott, Vt. For
llel >.vJ. J. Pulse.
Princess Flour makes lighter and
h *ter bread than other flour. 37tf
L ' av ' e moved my harness shop to
rj* e leDonald building, across from
k® oss barn and am now prepared
h„ care °f your wants in the
f«ness line. A fine line to, sel«"t
L m . an< * "e havn't what you want
L* Wl make it. Have a firstolass
^»tion to
ready to give prompt at
your rejiair work.
"Everything for the
har/'r 0688 ^ *°ur contains all the good
IT 11 Bit* wheat'and none of the oth
f rparl - 37 tf
was had, however the eonsenses of
opinion seemed in favor ot celebrating.
1 his is another matter of importance
«•oming up at the next
Tuesday night.
A cracking good celebration is a
good thing for any town and is bene
ficial to all but a half-way thing that
flickers out is damage as well as dis
grace to any town. Give the people
something for their money, show no
favoritism, conduct the affair
business basis and conduct contests
the square, that is the secret of a cele
bration which pleases all anil leaves no
had taste in the mouths of visitors
from outside points.
Here is a list of the committee ap
pointment. Good ones, all of them.
meeting, next
on a
List of Committees
Finance:—Martin Wagner, J. A.
Bradbury, Geo. M. Heed, Powell
Press and Printing:—L. M. Harris,
C. W. Greenough, C. A. Pangborn,
C. Melvin.
Go«xl Roads:—Chris Schmadeka, A.
C. Lanningham, J. C. Sims, J. W.
Hockersmith, Geo. Adam, Geo. 1).
Transportation:—J. W. Wilkes,
Sam Jones, Rudolph Bertsch, R. B.
Mining:—C. A. Parsons, J. B.
Weimer, E. A. Carpenter, Mat Gil
bert, E. M. Griffith.
Agriculture:—John Norwood, E. S.
Sweet, Cyrus Overman, Geo. Cowgill,
Win. Mulhall, Joe Pfuffer.
Manufacture:—J. J. Pulse, H. E.
A. Campbell, Win.
Sweet, Dr.
VonBerge, C. A. Bratiseonihe, Win,
Allen, Jack Turner.
R. Cote, E. S. Kilen, F.
Tamblyn, A. F. Turner, Paul Bailor.
Membership:—Frank YanDeveiitei
J. I. Overman, Henry Teicher, J. M.
Gilmore, Roy MeKinny.
Entertainment:— W. H. Casady,
Fenn Batty, Earl Wood, M. R. Hat
tabaugh, W. N. Si'll les.
The club is taking on new life and
the people are
citizen of this town should take an in
In place of growing sour over
the other fellow's success get out and
dust and be a bigger booster than he.
Think of all the good things you can
truthfully say
them with as much vigor
getting the spirit, every
of this section and tell
and speed
you would some little piece of
rent gossip.
The next meeting is
Tuesday night,
If you are a meniber of the
club by all means be there, dun t let
May 11.
those back dues keep you away,
If you are not a member there is all
being there.
ii a dollar,
the more reason for you
Come early and plank (low
then give your ideas,
ideas and suggestions are wha
we re
A Card.
This is to certify that all druggists
of are authorized to refund your money
if Folev'a Honey and Tar fails to cure
your cough or cold. It stops the
èimgh, heals the lungs and prevents
pneumonia and consumption. Con
tains no opiates. The genuine is in a
yellow package. Sold at Pulse Drug
patent flour?
Are you ueitig
If not try a sack and convince your
self that it is the healthiest flour on
i the market. Its flavor, its sweetness,
its moisture retaining qualities are not
to approach«! by any other on the mar
ket. No poisonous processes are used
i to whiten it; you owe it to yourself
and families health to use Swan patent
flour. ^5tf
Hoarseness, bronchitis and other
throat troubles are quickly cured by
Foley's Honey and Tar as it soothes
inflamed throat and
and heals the
bronchial tubes and the most obstinate
J nsist upon having
Honey and Tar.
cough disappears,
the genuine Foley s
Sold by Pulsd Drug Store.
Stfl te Treasurer Hastings ami son
"ere in the city this week.
( Imrles Hrowi
appointed as first deputy bv
SheriH' Byron.
Hereafter the hand
on Sunday afternoon
o'clock instead of Saturday.
of Mt. Idaho has
... Minn., is j on
expcetad tins week for a visit at the j
lonu 0 lls son-in-ltLw, I)r. Smith. j
This week we publish the statt- I
monts of the Bank of Camas 1'rairie
and the First Nationol Bank Both so
very healthy condition and !
have in the neighborhood of $700,000 !
concerts will be
at three
F. Martin of Rochester,
snow a
in deposits. Who said the people of
Camas Prairie didn't make
That Many Offenders Before
Judge Taylor This Week.
Old "King Barley-Corn" Cot
the Best of Many
Things have been pretty lively in
police court since the ushering in of
the new officials, a halfdozen offenders
have been before his honor, Judge
Taylor, over $100 in fines eollecteil
and Commissioner I^aiiiiinghain has a
big, stout helper oil the streets.
The foundation of this story of police
news was laid Saturday night about
eight o'clock when an altercation took
place in front of the Owl restaurant.
Tom Lindsay, his brother
Allie Williams and Charlie Clark
were the actors in the first scene. The
dropped around and took the boys he
fore Judge 1 aylor. After hearing the |
story of tin* parties the Judge as-1
sessed a line of 81 5 and costs against j
Tom Lindsay and brother "Bill" drew |
live and the trimmings. Clark also I
air was filled with fists, threats and
profanity. Monday Officer Ingram
.. ;
*•>*♦■* ,
ft : *
• î
a n
!Ai ;
< 1«
; III, ;
T* 1 . "' V,
On the eastern side of Geyser basin at the Alaska-Yukon-I'aclflc exposition the handsome Manufactures build
tug looks across the restless waters of the cascades and the flushing foam of "Old Faithful," the reproduction of
Its namesake In Yellowstone National park. Its location Is the most central of any of the exposition buildings, and
Its architectural design Is especially fitting for the position It has been given. It was one of the first great exhi
bition palaces to be completed and before the end of last year was ready for the reception of Its vast collection
of exhibits from the workshops of every nation of Importance in the world. It overlooks the finest of the formal
gardens of the exposition, and its splendid pergolas, with their vine covered columns and blossoming flowers,
complete a restful and pleasing view.
Not good after May 27, 1909
left three fives and some silver with
the court.
But the big thing was pulled off
Tuesday night when Perrins and his
son came over from Mt. Idaho for a
little entertainment.
They passed
their money over the mahogany many
times in exchange for the cup that ;
cheers. Things went lovely but their j
apjH'tite got the liest of their judgment j
on f|ie long run and the booze supply !
did not seem to weaken. Dropping
around to Murphy's blacksmith shop j
,lu '- v stored and were set on becoming
fkmüiar " in fact exceedingly so, going j
so far !,s to ,H ' 1 U P. V la P of M ose
Haworoft. Six o'clock having arrived
Mur phy decided to lock up for the day
but when he stated his desire and jok
ingly said lie would lock father and
son in his shop if they did not come
out, things started. The battle open
«1 with curses and ended in blows, j
During the fight some one kicked
Murphy a lick in tin 1 butt of the ear
and ofherwise marked him up. Ltter
on the two parti«"« came together
The trio was taken before Judge
Taylor Tuesday morning and the two
Ferrens plead guilty and paid a lint)
of $25 and costs each.
The last ease on the calendar was
££="? ™
David arrived Tuesday night well
filled with booze and was taken in by ,
Officer Ingram. He stated to the
court that ordinarily he was not a bad
man anti the court stated he agreed j
with him as he wrote out an order !
committing him to three days j
hard labor on the streets. |
The sum total of the fines collect«! j
this week was $106, that will help I
some in paying the expense of conduct
ing city affairs.
Marion Costley of Ahsahka is visit
ing with his father in the city this
week. Mr. Costley, who used to have
charge of the books of the Austin it
Wann grocery, now holds a fine posi
tion with a general store in that town.
A. J ( anij.hell who has charge of .
the Electrol.c Mining Company *'
claims located on the Oregon side of
he Snake river, was ni the «"ity.the
last of the week on matters ot bus.- ;
| ness. He says on account of the lack
of transportation his company has i
j closed down development work, until ,
| the arrival of the railroad which is
I building up the Snake. I
Votes Hile Up and Contest Continues Close--Nobody Very
Far in the Lead So Far.
Vote Right and Often—There Is Nothing Against Repeating
In Tnis Election.
\\ e open the month of May with a
I vote of 314,730 and the Same leaders
weeks I
j as given «luring the count two
ago, and the popularity and interest !
taken is growing daily with a rapidity j
that is surprising and the enthusiasm i
and energy shown by the contestants
and their friends is bringing in votes
from every corner.
Below we give the standing by dis
tricts this week.
T . , ... „ .
1 .
, az '' °^ e ' 1 tl,e8 .<>,Kd()
Cloah Sebastian.
j Emily Cash, Tolo....
! Minnie Knorr, Denver
j Third District,
| — ,,,, .
j K«« 6 , Freeman, Whitobird.36,045
I t* rr,e bdlo CUy, Rw«».30,900
Mary Griffith, VVhitebird. 1,895
First District.
Second District.
Fourth District
Adda Markham ....
Minnie McConnell... .
Anna Ingram .....
The offer of 200 votes for every
1 dollar for back or advance subscription
is still in force.
. Th<Jge free tri from au educational
stand int M *'„11 as llus desirable,
basant BUinmer out i„g that they
J^ke, have been the «"ause which has
; arouM(1 a t deal 0 f enthusiasm,
, which there hash t been any large
leads, but some of the contestants are
I accumulating a good large reserve vote
The race so far has been one in
Princess Flour insures good bread J
37tl î
Princess Flour is best for bread, j
cake anil pastry. 37ti
Are you using Swan patent flour.' 1
it not try a sack and convince your-jf
self that it is the healthiest flour on
the market. Its flavor, its sweetness,
its moisture retaining qualities are not
approached by any other on the mar
ket. No poisonous processes are used
to whiten it, you owe it to yourself
I and families health to use Swan patent
Princess Flour is easy to bake 37tf
! all the time.
and most any day may siv someone of
the popular candidates take the lead
I with a large majority.
Of course no candidate at this time
of tlie race could have an irretrievable
vote, nor is it jxissible to have one at
any time of the rare, as no candidate
is sure of winning witli any set
her of votes.
Some candidates fear that there
will he a combination between other
candidates at the last moment to en
able some one of them to win, but
that would he impossible as votes when
once balloted are not transferable.,
There are a number of bright young
ladies in the Free Press popularity
contest and friends of the candidates
should help them out as much as pos
sible. If you are already a subscriber
to the Free Press send it to your rela
tive or friend in the east, as they will
appreciate it and at the same time it
it will serve as advertising matter for
this state which is forging ahead each
year, and establishing a line of com
munication with your eastern friends
who are always intereste«! in the beau
tiful west.
Voting in the Free Press popular
contest is unlike munici|>al elections,
where there are restrictions as to vot
ing, esjxvially the number of times
you vote, hut in this contest, you are
not restricted in any sense whatever.
You can vote as you pleas«", and as
many ballots as you like at any time
you wish, and for any candidate of
your choice, regardless of the district
in which she is entered or from which
the votes come.
Replies Coming In
Révérai weeks ago we ask for sug
gestions along the line of improvement
to tin" Free Press. Since then we have
reeeived a great many replies. Some
people want this and some that, some
even want us to change our polities.
They are just what we want, ]H"rfeetly
frank and honest. Some have not yet
ottered a suggestion, to those we most
earnestly ask for replies. L't us know
what you want and we will abide by
the will on the majority. When the
complete returns are in the will of the
majority will be followed. The Free
Press is an Idaho county paper, pub
lished to please its patrons, not con
trolled by any ring or gang, corpor
ation or company. If you have not
oiler«! a suggestion, l«*t us hear from
Death of Mrs. Von Bargen
Mrs. Herman Von Bargen, who lias
been suffering from cancer of the
stomach, passed away at Moscow last
Sunday. Mrs. Von Bargen'
I has Ik ' en long standing
taken to the hospital at Moscow for
treatment, where assurance was given
of her recovery and her death
s complaint
and she was
was un
expected. The funeral was held at
the Deliver church yesterday and the
remains laid to riwt in the Denver
cemetery. A large number of friends
and relatives gathered at the church
j to pay their last respects to an excel
lent wife and mother and a noble
Christian woman. The floral tributes
were in abundance.
Surviving her are a husband, four
children, a brother and two sisters.
Rev. I. W. Williamson's Letter
Rev. I. W. Williamson, Hunting
ton, W. Va., writes: "This is to eer
J ^ use< * Foleys Kidney llem
î edy for nervous exhaustion and kidney
j trouble and am free to sa v that it will
j do all that you claim for it." Foley's
37ti Kidney Remedy has restored health
! and strength to thousands of weak.
1 run down people. Contains no bann
your-jf u j drugs and is pleasant to take,
on $ w ]d | )V }» u j 8e l) ru „ Store,
not Judge John DeHavcn of San Fran
cisico arrived Monday and spent the
used day with his brother, A tty. James De
Haven. Judge I)cHaven is judge of
the United States District Court i
the Northern District, of California.

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