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lL- .23' NO ' 51
$2.00 PER YEAR,
irt , c ie8 of Incorporation of Orangeville Packing Company
1 Were Filed With Auditor Yesterday
Uchigan And Grangeville Men Back of It—Will Be First Manu
facturing Plant Grangeville Has Secured.
Articles of incorporation were filed
esterday in the auditor's office by the
Iraneevile Packing Company with
capital stock of $100,000 divided in
00,000 shares of $1 each. The
any states its object is do a general
«•king house business in this city,
'he incorporators are O. B. Canfield,
B. Weimer and Frank VanDeven
er. A glance from the articles of
^corporation, which we publish below,
two out of town stockholders,
R. L. Hammond and E. G.
of Iron Mountian, Michigan,
two gentlemen we understand
[are practical packing men and have
[been in the business before. The
[Grangeville stockholders are men of
Ln. and integrity and there is no
Lawn why the plant will not be a go.
I We understand that an option has
Already been secured on a fi
tract of land near the railroad and
within a month the two Michigan
gentlemen will be here and further
work on the organization will be taken
Centrally located in regard to the
stock industry and with a large con
suming territory surrounding us it
looks as though such a plant would
be a money maker.
Below are the articles of incorpora
Know all men by these presents,
That we, the undersigned bona fide
residents of the county of Idaho, State
of Idaho, have this day voluntarily as
sociated oui selves together for the pur
pose of forming a corporation under (
the laws of the State of Idaho, and we !
do certify: 1
First—That the name of this eor
paration shall be Grangeville Packing)
Company, Limited.
Second—That the purpose for which
it is formed shall be to do a general,
packing house business and carry on •
Openingofthe "Bell."
Orangeville's new motion picture
show, the Bell, threw its door open
Monday night and there was crash
and a jam during each performance to
gain admittance in the big hour show.
The building is fitted up in the most
modern manner, having an open front
and two exits in the rear The seats
365 in number, are regular chair seat
and are very comfortable. Three films
are used at each entertainment and
an hour consumed in giving the show.
I p-to-date and instructive subject
have been secured. An orchestra fur
nishes the music and a fine entertain
ment is being put up. Program will
be change Monday, Wednesday and
Friday nights and performance will
begin at 7:30 each evening. Three
shows will be given an evening and
"ith an admission of only 10 cents to
to any'part of the house all can afford
to go.
Secures Larger Quarters.
Rudolph Bertsch has secured a
lease on the brick building formerly
occupied by the Vollmer & Scott mer
cantile establishment and will move
his hardware stock to that room short
v- This is a fine large room and
when it is repaired and refitted, work
on which is in progress now, it will !
make as fine a home for Mr. Bertsch s I
large stock of hardware and harness as
there is in North Idaho. He will
have ample room for display and
plenty light. We understand Mr.
Bertsch will move his warehouse from
the present location in the south end
town to the lots in the rear of the
store building.
^ a rd of Thanks.
ns of Grangeville and the
members of the local Eagle lodge, we
desire through this notice to express (
our thanks for their many kind aids j
^ sympathy during our late bereav
m w „ . , w
Mr. and Mrs. Con Hoheluchter
I<> the kind friends and neighbors,
*lie citize
t No long waits at Hogan's shop.
1 lenty of first-class help. 51 tf
the business of wholesale and retail
dealers in meats and meat products; to
operate and maintain stores, buildings,
warehouses, depots, packing houses,
cold storage warehouses plants, slaugh
ter houses, stock yards and all build
ing, machinery and applicances
sary to carry on the foresaid business;
and doing a general packing house busi
ness; and to raise and purchase cattle,
hogs, sheep, fowls, game or other ani
mals necessary, desirable or eonven
ients in said business; and to do gen
erally a packing house business.
Third—That the place where the
principal business is to be transacted is
Grangeville, in the County of Idaho,
State of Idaho.
Fourth—That the term for which
this corporation is to exist is fifty
years from the date of its incorpora
tion. '
Fifth—That the number of its direc
tors shall be five, and the names and
residence of those who are appointed
for the first year are:
R. L. Hammond, Iron Mountain,
O. B. Canfield, Grangeville, Idaho.
J. B. Weimer, Grangeville, Idaho.
Frank VanDeventer, Grangeville,
E. G. Eaton. Iron Mountian. Mich
Sixth—That the amount of capital
stock of said corporation is $100,000.
00, and tile number 'or shares into
which it is divided is 100,000 of $1
( Seventh—That the amount of capi
! tal stock which lias been actually sub
1 scribed is $15,000.00, which has been
subscribed by the following persons:
R. li. Hammond, 3000 shares
O. B. Canfield, 3000 shares.
J. B. Weimer, 3000 shares
Frank VanDeventer, 3000 shares.
E. G. Eaton, 3000 shares.

In Memory of Noble Schwal
We think of him whose voice is still
Hushed forever in this world of
And we think of father and of mother,
Then we can but whisper,Our Fath
er's will be done;
We can meet him 011 the other shore,
Clasps hands; and fast no;
Pain and sickness can not enter those,
All is joy and peace, with celestials
We, this Sunday school band resolve
Meet him on the other strand.
We shall miss him here below,
But he is safely sheltered in the
_Once his Sunday School Teacher.
Fined Five Dollars
R. B. Henley of Whitebird ap[*
ed before Justice Chadwick yesterday
and plead guilty to the charge
sault and was fined live dollars,
trouble is the outcome of some trouble
he hail with Mr. Everest, his neighbor
down there and was caused by a dis
pute over cattle.
of as
The board of commissioners met this
week and have decided to advertise
for bids for the construction of the
Goft bride. If the bids are for an
amount that the board feels justified
in expending the money the contract
will be let The people down there
need and are entitled to the bridge
and we hope the board will not draw
the purse strings too tight when con
sidering its construction.
Seth Jones, Hr., who has been in
j^iston receiving medal treatment
f or «orne time, was brought to Grange
( vil ] e l ast night by his sou Asa Jonw,
j aud will be taken to the \L
hus received '»utenal huu a
hoped his complete recover}
question of time.
---TT" 1
Tinware for a song at Bertscn s ^
removal sale.
"Our Boys."
Need any hardware? Better get.it
now of Bertsch. He is gelling cheap
before the removal of his stock to the
Scott building.
A most alluring tale of mystery, the
"Black Bag." The Free Press will
begin its publication. First install
ment next week.
51 tf
The Bales-,] ones Co., will put up a
$3,500 residence on their ranch this
coming summer, work on which is to
begin at once. Messrs. Noyes &
Cramar have the contract. The old
house will be moved to the rear and
used as quarters for the ranch hands.
Story Goes Road Will Be Con
tinued on to Grangeville
Would Be Clever Strategy on
Part of Jim Hill
Just at the present time while there
are so many surveying crews in this
section and the Hill and Harriman
line are fighting each other and calling
one anothers bluffs it is pretty hard to
give much credence to any railroad
rumor and the ink is hardly dry on
the paper announcing some railroad
move in Central Idaho before another
story is started.
But after it is all sifted down we
beleive Idaho county aud ('entrai
Idaho will find it is going to have sev
eral new lines of railroad.
The latest
ff'om Bosie ami states
story comes
J im Hill has secured the "Pin" and
will connect up with the Grangeville
This looks feasable as Hill
will thus get down in the Central
Oregon country and thus com pell Har
to cease his light in Central
i Idaho and Washington.
Here is the report, reads good, don't
projected plan of the
is to purchase
the Pacific A Idaho Northern road
and bv including it in the Northern
Pacific system invade the Harriman
territory from the north. Although
an attempt was made to maintian ab
solute secrecy it is learned that a form
al transfer of the Pacific & Idaho
Northern property may be made with
in the next few days.
Assistant Traffic Manager Hoover
of the Pacific & Idaho Northern road
has been in St. Paul for more than a
He went as a representative
The latest
Hill railroad interests
of the local road, taking with him all
data concerning its physical condition
and of the surveys for the proposed
extention from Evergreen down the
Little Salmon river, thence down the
Big Salmon to a point near Whitebird.
There the survey joins that of the
Northern Pacific and it is to be the
junction of the two roads, according to
the present plans.
From Weiser it is suggested a Hill
road may be built westward extending
to the Coast and opening up a vast
area of undeveloped territory. Such ac
quistiou of the Pacific & Idaho Nortli
property would mean the com
pletion of that road over the projected
northern route and actual contraction
would begin at once, as no time would
be lost by Hill in invading Harriman
Council a Division Point.
Council, it is understood, will be
made a division point for the Pacific
Idaho Northern branch by the
Northern Pacific in case the deal goes
through. Humors to this effect have
stimulated the realty market in the
Council valley, not only in town lots,
but farm property as well.
E. M. Heigho, vice president and
general manager of the Pacific & Ida
ho Northern, stated over the telephone
official knowledge of
transaction having liecn
| that he had
any such
j closet.
j | daho Southern Extensions !
, The I(laho Southern railway has j
a | filed certification of an increase, of its ,
capital stock from $2,000,000 to !
$3 000,000, the first step toward fin
hur!ancimr the extention of the Gooding-!
^ roJu j to Twin Fa n s all( ] Oak- j
Oaklev will be
ley, Cassia county,
the center of the proposed (loose creek
irrigation project of 80,000 acres to be
constructed by W. S. Kuhn and his
associates, promoters of the Idaho
Southern railway.
Weiser Southern Terminal
The Idaho Northern railway runs
north from Weiser, in south Idaho, a
distance of 76 miles in the direction of
Orangeville, Idaho county, the south
ern terminus of the Northern Pacific
in Idaho.
It is reported that Northern Pacific
surveyors are even now working be
tween Grangeville and the Salmon
river in the direction of Evergreen,
the terminus of the Idaho Northern.
It is also stated that the company pur
chasing the Council property secured
a large amount of land in the vicinity
of the Idaho Northern depot, on which
buildings are located, ami that those
buildings are to lie removed immedi
Five Young People Will Com
plete Course This Year.
Baccalaureate Sermon Sunday
Evening at Armory
The graduating exercises of ihe
senior class of the local school will be
held a week from today at the Armory
in the evening. Tickets are now on
sale at the McClean Book Store and
as there is usually a great desire on
the part of the public to be present at
The annual graduating exercises tickets
should be purcahsed early. The bac
calaureate sermon will be delivered at
the Armory Sunday evening by the
Rev. Saxton.
The class to graduate this year is
the tenth and the first class during the
last two years to be present«! sheep
skins by the board. There are five
graduates: Misses Jessie Coram, Nel
lie Horning, Ethel DeArmond and
Eunice McDonald and Max Scho
Miss Jessie Coram, having the
highest average for the four years of
high school work, was selected as val
edictorian and Miss Nellie Horning
will deliver the .salutatory,
usual interesting as well as amusing
class history will be prepared by Miss
DeArmond and the class poem will be
recited by Miss McDonald. Max
Schofield will deliver the only ora
Following is the program:
__ Orchestra
.There's Path by the River
School Chorus
_Rev. C. T. McDonald
.Blow, Soft Winds
School Chorus
Salutatory.Pearls of the Deep
Nellie Horning
Class Poem.Eunice McDonald
Vocal Trio.Twilight Star
High School Girls
Class Oration._Max Schofield
Class History and Prophecy.
.Ethel DeArmond
Vocal Solo_Mrs. J. I. Overman
Valedictory.On the Threshold
Jessie Coram
Presentation of Diplomas.
Benediction.Rev. Roberts
A timely story by Vance, who of
you are willing to confess you have
not read after him? His latest story,
the "Black Bag" will be published in
the Free Press exclusively beginning
with next issue. Head every chapter
of it.
"The Black Bag" is a story of mys
tery by Louis Joseph Vance, you all
are familiar with this noted author.
First installment will apjiear in next
issue of the Free Press. You can't
afford to miss a chapter.
No place like Bertaeh's to buy hard
harness and no time like the
You know he has to move
51 tf
! ^ roman( . 0 thats wliat
has j ^ ^ „ Black ' tlu> lflo8t in _
its , gt First installment will
to ! ^. bl y letl nex t week in this paper.
fin- 1
Princess Flour makes lighter and
j whiter bread than other flour. 37 tf
ware or
Big Contest The Talk of The County and Feeling Becom
ing Intense Among Rivals.
Special Offer, From Now to June 15, 300 Votes on Every
Dollar of Back Subscription Turned In.
From today up to and including June 15 we
will allow 300 votes on every dollar of back sub
scription turned in.
is made solely for the purpose of making back
Positively withdrawn after June 15.
It is up to you to get busy.
This is a limited offer and
Here we are again after an absence
of one issue with the count and find
almost 400,000 votes have been cast
There has been no change in places but
some of those who have been in the
lead have had their majorities reduced
until now they are in the lead by a
small margin.
Take for instance the first district
there is less than three thoussnd votes
difference between the three leading
candidates. In the second district the
voting has been heavy and the candi
dates in that district have almost
reached the forty thousand mark.
In the third district the Salmon
river section, Mrs. Freeman still leads
but her majority lias been cut down
from six thousand to four and the light
continues close. .
The fourth or Grangeville district
shows very little difference in the
standing of the candidates. There is
plenty of room for workers in Grange
ville and here is where 11 large amount
of back subscription can he collected.
The interest in a contest has never
been greater and every day we are in
terrogated as to what chance this girl
or that girl has. We hear that this
contestant will win out. or that will,
everybody is making a guess. No one
knows and no one will until after the
last votes have been cast after nine
o'clock on the evening of July seventh.
The rivalry between the contestants
lias ceased to be of a friendly nature
and the bitterness quite often hobs up.
From now on to and including
June 15, just in order to stimulate
collections and get it the large sums
of money due us 011 back subscription
we give 300 votes on every dollar paid
in. This is for back subscription and
this otter will not be good after that
date. We need the money, you need
the voses. Get after those in arrear.
This is your chance and do not come
in with back subscription money after
that date and ask us to give you 300
votes per dollar. Here is a chance to
do some effective work.
There is every indication that many
of the contestants are holding hack a
great deal of back money received 011
back subscriptions and while this is
not contrary to the rules of the contest
it should be remembered that 300
votes on every dollar which we are
now giving is a special öfter and will
be withdrawn after June 15.
Keep in Mind
That the Free Press actually prints
more news than any other paper in the
That the contest closes July 7.
Not good after June 12, 1909
After that it ia too late.
That one vote may decide your fate.
That the Free Pré« is the largest
paper in the county.
That there are plenty of votes yet
to be had for the asking.
That it is not wise to put off for to
morrow the votes you should get to
That your friends can pay aa far in
advance as they wish. We must car
ry out our part of the contract or go
to prison.
That the 300 votes given on each
dollar of back substription will not
last always.
That there are many dollars in back
subscription that must be paid and the
people might just as well Heltle now
when they can help you as after July
seventh for then the money must come.
That some papers publish a list with
the dates of the last payment of their
subscribers prink'd opposite the names
and there is a strong probability of
this paper following suit. Better pay
up and help the girls.
That in order to win you must work
and work hard.
That the prizes offered were not
bought from a bargain counter.
That the Free Press is an Idaho
county pa ] st ami boosts for the entire
county and should be taken bj - every
hustling and progressive citizen.
That a club of your friends who
would pledge themselves to pay so
many years in advance and east the
votes for you would lie of great as
That your friends should help you
and pay up several years in advance.
That promises do not count in the
ballot box. Money paid in is the on
ly way to get votes. None for sale.
First District.
Jessie Cook, Fairview Precinct 35,710
Flossie Murphy, Clearwater . .33,470
Stella Wilkins, Elk City.32,605
Hazel Toye, Stites.6,830
Second District.
Emily Cash, Tolo.34,075
Minnie Knorr, Denver.33,210
Cloali Sebastian
Third District.
Hose Freeman, Whitebird.44.105
Carriebelle Clay, Biggins. .
Fourth District
Adda Markham
M innie McConnell. . .
Anna Ingram .
. . 40,820
... .20.495
... 18,585
Feel young again, go to see

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