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ustia and Italy Now Conferring
Terms for Peace
h'OL. 33, NO. 24
$1.50 THE YEAR

^ , ..I
Orders haw been sont ou rom o
Ltional Council of defense .0 state
[eneils prescribing the rules and rog
liions relating to the mailing of
ristmas packages to a soldier in
- it is well for every one who is
d a package to inform
u.. ■ .
■em-flu-. n.'ly, and prepare to mail
,, ... Go to the local Red
for information.
send & Christmas
soldier in France until that
{0 person
kage to a
■ived from the soldier a
^Brsiu has rec
^Lbel" which will serve as the address
tie package. No package will be
ÜÜ 1 -
ed at Her Home in Orangeville Mon
: ulnesB. '
day Evening Following
rs. J. A. Bradbury, well known in
ille and community died at her
ne Monday evening following a lin
inn illness which originated a year
,188t- winter. She was very low last
P k and all hopes of her family were
paired of, and all efforts to give her
(ief were unavailing. Her mother,
rs. I. C. Hattabflugh of Lewiston came
lint week an 1 had been in constant
- !... bedside of her daugh
to the time of her death. The first
the week her father, 1. C. Hatta
■; h came in response to a call that
■ eouldnot survive.
Bliie funeral services were held from
house Wednesday afternoon being
i net
Breil. Only the near relatives, and a
it close friends of the family were
raided to outer the house during tho
bices «11 account of existing regu
tious prohibiting public gatherings,
da large number waited outside. The
ral was iu charge of Undertaker
iUBp The pall bearers were William
pain, Geo 1 _ Manning, Wilbur Camp
II. Arthur Wiley, Archie Gilkeson and
^vin Rothucfl.
tied in the maiiy—beautiful floral tvi
The casket was
[tes of-friends of deceased and her
pirs. Bradbury, formerly Nona Hutta
|ngh, is well known in Orangeville
H throughout Idaho county, having
M born in Lewiston and residing in
puigeviiio a large portion of her life..
»husband and the members of her
k hav been prominent in ..ffn'rs
the county and state, J. A. Bradbury
wg served for years as an official,
Eherf-tb" T- C H-tirban-h beino
kent in ' public 'affairs" in the
kand state. The Hattabaughs are
Nmc residents of Orangeville. Mrs.
Wbury leaves two small boys, Harry
T1 '! F i reP Pres8 cxte,lds lt8
FWenee to the bereaved husband and
"L d, ' ,,e;ised in this tbpir
Tlio obituary will appear else-1
r' e in this issue.
poaa Bradbury, wife of J. A. Brad
p Md oni.v daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
f - Hattabaugh, died at the Bradbury
186 >n this city Monday afternoon at
80 o'clock. Death followed an ill
Bradbury was born at Lewiston
ftbruary 22, 1879. She attended
Public schools at Lewiston and Mos
city. Her parents came to
Prairie in 1898 and four years
s8le attended Brunot hall at Spo
•tidying vocal and instrumental
r iiQ entered the state university at
I latter
C ' h* -September, 1905, she was
^ in marriage to J. A. Bradbury.
**» v es her husband, two little boys
arr 7. age 11 and Earl, age 10— her
rK M. Reese Hattabaugh, and her
Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Hattabaugh
hr °iRh her years of residence in this
Brad bury has formed a wide
m °. f fri = ad « who join with her rcl
^ a 'his hour of mutual affliction,
^'er knew her as a young lady
;■ .1 the ennobling quail
of her friendship for nearly twenty
Endowed with a sunny and
Bdons , „
Bn L , "' WOmanly ln a11
lo yal to the teachings and
I** 1 home-circle builded around-Dale
-.- *. ™
loved by
■ accepted until it is so labeled. These
labels have been placed in the hands
1 of the soldiers, and they ar^ now for
warding them it is understood.
Details as to mailing and the like
be bad from any Red Cross chapter.
j be p ac jj a g es s ball be mailed before
N r ovem) , er 15j iu sta ndard containers
supl , lied by tho Ked Cross. The size of
tho contained is standard and is 3x4x9
inches, and tin weight permitted to be
mailed is 3 pounds.
In .addition to the above it is well to
suggest that Christmas shopping should
bo done early, to conserve kibor needed
in the prosecution of the war, and to
congestion in tha mails.
shopping and mailing will also help to
insure prompt delivery.
laU-r years as a homemaker her has
been one of earnest, constant devotion'
to lier children, her husband and her
home. Hers has been a life well-lived.
And now that she has gone out of life
as a flower droops upon its stem the
fragrance still lingers and will linger,
clustered in myriad memories dear to
Peaceful be her
those n ho knew her.
sleepM.n tho "windowless palace of
rest -
A Friend.
State Board Has Issued this Influenza
Order. ,
All stores and other places of bus
lll0ss ' n Dlaho must 1»- closed nt <•
1 o'clock each evening under orders of
the state health board. Tho only excep
1 tien to the rule is the prescription de
: 1,1 BtoraB and only P re8 '
I c-riptions can be handled by the drug,
I stores after (5 o'clock in the evening.
This mor.ns that usual BU in
trading will he eliminated
stores, candy and ice cream par
aud all other linos
must close promptly at () 0
'"dyr will 101 in in eftecti\. an ,nl
provemont in the inlliii .iz.i si u. ion
warrants the raising of the embargo.
of business
.1. C. S.afley and Mrs. Safley have
both been confined to their home since
the latter part of last week on account
ar °
- _ _ _ ...
Dree Press, and • '■ ' m ' ! ' 1
to furnish copy for the Free Press
attack of the influenza,
getting along nicely-at present. Mi.
forced to call for outside
out this issue of the
Safley was
■. mi
consented to take charge and get this
Renders will there
issue to the press.
ne* of this issue which has been pro-j,
pared in spare moments and may ex
to bo repaid by tho redoubled oiU
forts of the editor and proprietor when
he is able to be back to work again, j
Influenza slighted no one in the
The three men con
f - ne(] in the county bastile were the
first to be attacked and went down one,
three and after a short siege, un
der the care of Dr. Stockton wore soon
and around with no very bad effects,
, deputy and jailor was the
effected, and then Sheriff
John Byrom
next to be
Lafo Yates yielded. Tim Quinlan kept,
the office shinning for a while and then
went homo to his lied. Jnbn 1° .
next in line held the fort for a ow ays
and nt last had to give in. The only one
who has recovered and is bai k on u y
John Byrom, and Ben Shaw 13 aB
-dating in the office as deputy.
others are reported as getting .1 oug
very nicely.
Mrs. R. F. Fulton returned last Fn
day from a six weeks' trip to San Fran-'
cisco, where she wns visiting her brot -
er, Arthur A. Robinson. Miss La,la "
Fulton remained in San Francisco,
where she is attending the Munson
school of private secretaryship; ® nd w
also continuing her music studios in the
city. While in California Mrs. Fulton
visited her sou Dale at Camp Fremont
just before the camp was quarantined
for infleunza. The day before Dale
l.-ft for the east, presumably 0 « his way
to France, he obtained a pass to Palo
Alto for twelve hours, and Mrs. Fulton
, »r iaa t, a i|nh spent tho afternoon
and ™ c wline the service
with him. Since ente g
ha- gained 19 pounds in weight
,h " ' h " c '
• __
No Desire to Criticise—Appreciation
for Those .'Making the Race oil the
Democratic Ticket. '
To the voters
f Idaho County ;
The Democratic Central Committee
j of Idaho county presents for the at-j
1 tuition of tho voters the lisi of Deni
e ant;- candi 1 lutes that will
iqipear on the ballot next
hairman takes bride in the fact
that -although the entire ticket Is not
filled, it is complete. He desires on}
this occasion to congratulate Mist»
. candidate for re-eloc
1 - 01111 ? y superintendent, und
Mr. Calvin Hazethaker, candidate fori.
county assess r upon the efficient ad
ministration of the affairs in v thois
. ffices whiclj, ha s justified a unaui
umus approval of the'electors of Idaho
ret Swt
lion for
countv, and justifies their conduct in
M)t f(j iU ., ates ()f ()rtUtlca ,
pel icy. Under such circumstances no
cutest has arisen ns to these offices.
No desire is expressed to discredit
reflection on any candidate of
the opposition, but the chairman feels
t h a t he has not done his duty unless he
,,utlim-rs the qualifications of the re
Miiectlve candidates on the Democrat!!
ticket. In that connection he submits
the following:
For the Legislature.
N, [!. Petlibone for state senator Is
ceiviug unanimous approval for his
[j p- ,„)( necessary,
^ public official and as state senator
. h s highest recommendation for re
-andida; y everywhere in Idaho county.
Nate has been too busy to campaign.
Ilis service as
'election. No man has a cleaner'reeord.
None can . how more efficient service
^ senator from Idaho county he de
manded recognition for this great sec
tion. and (Ids efforts has achieved re
S( , ut | | highway was made wholly pos
s ,, ( , e
Through him 'the north and
received every
He is needed
The voters
•omit y
thing it was entitled to.
protect the gains made.
•d ( ■ turn b f m*down.
Cl«n£CC f
elec-tioii is essential.
August Schroedoc has been unlver
iidorscd bj the residents of the
8W e of Idaho county. His can
{V>lUry wns demanded by tho most
,, ulilll , ll( citizens-..fths comity and
nf h.s home town. Cottonwood. No
higher testimonial is needed. He Is
farmer who has grown to wealth
1)rolnlnen t through his own efforts
^ hN inU>! , Htv and citizenship. He
m ^ ^ effi( ient hell)er
j j »eniooraf io ticket in tho primaries.
i Pottlbone.
Bon Baker has won a place on the
^ f armorj industrious, intclli
i and cfl p a i,] P , He is admired mid
(U fhe p] co tion.
Th(1 Commissioners
f b e democratic candidate» for
; ( . oinm j sg j 0ners are V ;id<dy and favor
j ^ fcnown throUKhollt "the county.
1 following is nn eppreciation :
| j amGg Surridgc, candidate from the
nrst district needs no introduction to
pioneers. In point of residents
| ; s one of the oldest citizens of Idaho
I ( . 0UIltVi hut still young and virile In
prosecutlon of tfcl . pest interests
of the county.
pected by his neighbors. His name
will appear on the Democratic ballot
lie travel«'«! the trails
v(>g tcrday, and made
n , a rts of today. No man in Idaho
f , (mnty lm ,. donP more for its develop
by thP con'Mniction of good
| rca«ls than has James Surridgc. Hia
s( l . rIce w m prove capable, efficient
al)d economical. He is the logical man
f( , p the place . ,
Arthur P . McBoyle, candidate from
the second district Is a prosperous and
„. r and larm- tax
,, aver of Idaho county. Ho lives non.
( ; range ville. His own success is the
1)(lst recommenda fions, couple«! with his
' „L dld character and recommenda
I .. h h
-f ' h.mm.mitj ii uhb h be rt
T: ~"a S
! Give effect to your vote.
('lark I.yda, candidate from the
i third district lives ou the Salmon
! river. Visitors at his place will al
ways remember the cordial meptlon
of Mr. l.yda, and the evidence of his in
dustry as shown by his beautiful
home. His ambition is to s«v a splen
lid highway connecting the north and
south, and the Salmdn river country
come iuto its own. The confidence ex
i»rest'd by the' most prominent rest
I ««outs of the Saiimiu riv
I the limits of the county,
j supporters, irrespective of party, is an
Vi country ro
who are his
I approval which should be seconded by
{ all Idaho county voters. No mistake
■ can ho made here.
I Clerk of the District Court and Audi
tor and Recorder.
Present County Treasurer .1. A.
I Bradbury Is a candidate for election to
■ the office of (Merk of the District
j Court, and Ex-Offlclo Auditor and Re
corder. I trad has filled the office with
credit heretofore. Tils administration
of the affairs in his present office has
been so creditable that he has won uni
versal praise from everyone. The of
flee of county treasurer has been made
efficiency, economy and
service. He is needed in the most im
portant office in the county.. Such
b<c kent in
model for

in his
Eller is known as the
William H.
most popular depot;« sheriff Idaho
.-minty lias ever had. His popularity
grew out of his pei-formauce of duly
official position. No candidate
on the democratic ticket is more widely
known in the comity, or more fiivor
and unanimously
a bly
endorsed. Your
vote will help swell his majority and
insure efficient administration of this
most important office.
Treasurer and Ex-Offipio Tax Col
lector and Public Administrator
Mrs. Ottio L. Cone of Qrangevllle
Idaho, Is eminently ipinlifieri for this
official position and her candidacy has
met with unanimous approval. Sin- is
widow, and her three sons have 1 lei'll
cl eerfuily given to the service of the
Fnited States. She asks no favor but
• ffers her .service to Idaho county, in
return for your vote in the general
"lection. She is splendidly qualité«]
through a life of special training to
undertake fhe duties of the office
\Viil you help to swell her majority?
, Probate .fudge
Probate Judge Wilbur I. Campbell
■amlidacy for re-olo-tioi: li.-i
submitted to the voters in the gen.Tal
'.■lection the conduct of ills duties and
business of this important office
through which all property in the
county must some time pass. He asks
for approval. He has heretofore sub
... ...
niittod Ins qualifications.
Prosecuting Attorney.
Frank E. Fogg,„candidate for prose
cuting attorney, through a long resi
dence in Idaho county lias an extensive
acquaintence and fhe voters of Idaho
county are fully Informed as to his
«planifications to fill the important
office of prosecuting Attorney. This
office is non-political. Mr. Fogg was
state code commissioner from ISSU) to
ISUKt. it is universally conceded by
legal men throughout the state that his
work in compilation of'the laws of
Idaho, was the most efficient ever
had in the state. In point of exper
ience and qualifications for tho office
no person in Idaho county can
the record of Mr. Fogg. There
need for such
people of Idaho' county.
a legal advisor by the
Kooskia, two years ago. although
lonually a Republican community
siilendid vote of approval to Mr.,
gave a
George W. Treuary, candidate for «tor
ouer* on the Democratic ticket. Evi
Gently George holds the best of repu
tatlon in his home town. It would
be no more than just this year that
Grangeville second this approval of
Kooskia. and give to every section of
I«iaho county its Just representation
ln county affairs.
The chairman who at present is con-}
fined to his si«-k bed tnk«'S fids means
0 f conveying to the voters of Idaho
' ciututy his expression of a desire for
j their well being and prosperity, as a
J follow citizen and taxpayer, and to re
j ouest iholr kind consideration for th**
democratic candidates in the general
, „ Chalnnan.
rv| -~ nv
Dr. & , v . b ™ft
^ few ^ u , . . eyBI „.
lnation for the officers , ■ icg corps.
Ho passed a very crod-'nblo examina
tion and was Instructed to held ldm-lf
in reailim'ss to proceed to Canq» Fro
. f , ■ :lllr .. rl)i;l .. . H< '
»SÄÄ SL *"*' """*
Î! ?
One Death Conies ns Result of Disease
Epidemic Believ
Reached Crest.
to Have
One person has succumbed t
pm a
sim 1
mon la
last week, a
ople are re
The number
iu the community has not been
be stated with
a nraiy that almost every family
has l>e<bi visited
timabd but
it can
it h
whole ;
î, and
111 some
n - down,
c ni\ oc.Cured in a small per
i, and these have
ulluwed where pri sons who have been
iatt the afflicted have
j. Recovery
lu cod tho number report
\\ it h D >çtur Scalli >4 ill, the burden ot*
Dr. Orr of Cotton
- i • ople ha-. fell
Doctor Stocktyn,
verni days of last week
and assisted Dr. Stockton until he was
,-ailed hume to attend to his own piftr
as 0
(ice in the eity of Cottonwood.
assist,anee was vital however as it came
at a time when tho most urgent calls
were coming in and after Doteor Stock
ton had been worked almost to tho point
of exaustion.
, v
has been getting along
! and has been able to be up,
londition of ids health lias not
c patients althnn h
tance hi> conic.
iviulei- from bis bogie. It is hoped that
he will bo able to be out nud help in
given what hi
he Im
ministering to those nt present afflict
e d.
Hospital Treats Some.
, . . _ _
ready to receive some case» where par
... , . ,.
ties had no place to go, and Mrs. .1.
, . ... ..
M. Richmond has been caring tor three
The latter part of last week the hos
pital was pqt in shape by- local citizens
been taken ill with
and who are getting along
tients who havi
well nt tbo present writing, one of these
daughter of .lohn Oliver who
ill while working here in
being a
was taken
aide at fnv time to receive anv eases
where home accomodations will not be
, uilable.
One Death This Week.
William Squibb, a young farmer liv
g northeast of Orangeville died M 011 -
buried in the
!i ■
day evening and was
Prairieview cemetery Thursday.
young man,
all ill at the same time.
Squibb is very low at the present writ
ing and for a time her life hung in the
balance in spite of all that the doctors,
and a trained nurse could do.
No Business Airtivity.
Business is almost at a standstill.
There ar e few visitors from tho country,
and this is caused more from the ren
sou that a large number of families iu
j the surrounding country have been tak
, 01 . with the disease and trips are only
made to town for supplies and medicine,
; Although some of tho cases in the coun
try have been serious in most cases
there have been complete recoveries and
j former patients are around' attending
t0 their work, and ministering to those
of t heir neighbors who are still afflict
! (111 A f(nv v.caring the mu i:- In
Orangeville as a means of preventing
j t}l0 contagion but the majority have
^carded the masks a s inconvenient.
i Some Up and Around.
A number of those reported to bo ill
, agt week aro u and around again, hav
oxerM the greatest care to avoid
J mphcM , 0M and while professing to
be weak from the effects of the 'flu'
bo themselves in a few days. It
i. believed that within a week when
of thc ca8eg b e recovering
the wiU begin to pass fast.
f, «ttnek has been
In fact the present attack has been
quite general in Grangeville, and nearly
every man you meet reports that some
. . »- -.. - ^ •• •« *• ••—

eat siek or has recovered, la some
cases entire families were taken, and
uiic family of twelve were down at the
same time. In other instances only one
in a family has been affected. Nearly
all of the high school children, and
children attending the grade have been
ill or are still ill.
Not General Throughout County.
Reports from other sections of tha
county indicate that as yet they have
not h
ougi. some t
cases have been field under suspicion.
Deputy Sheriff Shaw visited Cotton
wood this week and ho reports that
Cottonwood has been practically free of
'any eases, and that they are exercising
the greatest precautions to prevent an
epidemic in the city or community.
like report c<
the sections of the Clearwater and Sal
mon river countries. It is sincerely to
bo hoped that the epidemic will soon
s will
Ferdinand, and
•s from
id that health eomHC
s a
In the normal Present indi
vidu is to (hat effect are good.
>il iv
r m
0T h TC|
P '
I u
Pledges Whole Heart d Support to Pre
sident Wilson m Solving Super
human Tasks of War.
Boise, Idaho, Oct. 21, 1918.
To the voters of Idaho:
That the attention of the people of
the state Imuld not in any degree, by
Liberty loan
d, 1 have waited until
be drawn
irive just close
time to licgi
ocr itic aiididati for U. S. senator to
campaign as Dum
i?d Senator Borah.
And because
:i\c>r wliich we have no
no control forbid a speaking campaign,
J take thi» method to present to the
voters of the state some of the reasons
why- I am in this contest and to ad
vise them of my position upon some
if national importance.
We are now engaged in the greatest
war of history. \o man 01
has a reasonable comprehensive under
dint «his war mi's'"' o' of
woman who
standing of
the aims and purposes that brought on
the war will deny that we are facing a
Tins war must determine whether any
combination of nations may
control the fortunes or deter
mine the destinies irf other nations or
vhom they have no right to gov
nation or
and power.
except the right of superior force
in other words, wê are
lighting to determine whether strong,
nations do as they will
with weaker nations and make
subject to selfish interests simply be
they have the power to do so, or
whether there shall lie a comme
dard of right and. wrong for all nations,
whether great or small, strong or weak.
U. S. Didn't Seek War.
'Plii s war in which wo are now en
declared war on
as a natiçn remained neutral, patiently
gaged Is not of our
ncarlv three years after Germany had
France and Russia, we
exhausting every honorable means to
were then forced to
avoid war and we
taka up arms by the bad faith of the
Imperial German government in violat
ing its agreem-nts with us respecting
its submarine warefare and „then after
the ruthless sinking of American ship
ping and the -h ath of two hundred and
twenty-five American citizens, innocent
and children; and after i'e
democratic institutions,
This war will b e prosecuted to a .sure
and definite end according_to_ourjnU
aad ! " m8 ' but 01lly
our arms upon many fields of baUie^
We have an amy of ® bo "* ^ "* 1 '
''on men, cne-haif of which .s in Trance
aad the remainder in contournants m
tb is country. The present intention is
ereMe tMg ftrmjr to at leMBt
niilhon men that must be transpo
men, women
had eomo to realize the menace of the
Prussian military autocracy to the peace
of thc world and" thc maintenance of
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