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FOK publication.
t of the Interior, U. S.
a t Lewiston, Idaho, Oeto
a Office
K'ififhereby given that Michael
n5 L UC ile Idaho, who, on June
B^made Homestead Entry, No.
*n. Wf\ r SE% SB*. Sec. 12;
fcl, to NKH, SEf*4 NWÎ4, W%
ï 1 *' 1 . cru SW Vi, Section 13 Town
North, Range 1 East, Boise
if ; Î ^as filed notice of intention
k three year Proof, to establish
®* W t i, e land above described, be
, n.nrv Teicher, Clerk of the Dis
m p„irt at Orangeville, Idaho, on
BÄ/of November, 1918.
^TkIcv " 6 MarlonTr^er, Oliver
Ä He'nry J. Elfers, 'all of
ile, ^ ah g enr y Heitfeld, Register.
lia tc

rLrtment of the Interior, U. S.
j Office at Lewiston, Idaho, October
is hereby given that George C.
thins now of Camp Fremont, Califor
l ff h 0 on March 9, 1914, June 12,
f, m ô,|e H. B. Add. H. E., Nos.
L 05588, for E% NEV 4 and NEV
tT'Scc. 31; NWV4 SWV4 and NW%,
L'n 32 Township 29 North, Range
test Boise Meridian, has filed notice
(intention to make three year Proof,
establish claim to thç land above
Lribed, before him Commanding Of
L r at Camp Fremont, Cal, as to him
If 'and his witnesses at White Bird,
lL before U. S. Commissioner, J.
w l' Adkison, on the 25th day of
1Ti naber, 1818.
Haimant names as witnesses;
rh-rnton S. McCune, James F. Aram,
»ries I. Peters, Gideon Unziger, all
Joseph, Idaho.
Henry Jleitfeld, Register.
liepartment of the Interior, U. S.
y Office at Lewiston, Idaho, Octo
I'otife is hereby given that Sherman
[, of Whitebird, Idaho, who, on April
1914, February 7, 1916, made H. E.
\i. H. E., Nos. 06414, 05372, for Wi£
and NWÎ4, Section 9, Township
j N., Bange 2 East, Boise Meridian,
I filed notice of intention to make
*e year Proof, to establish claim to
! land above described, before J.
tal Adkison, U. S. Commissioner, at
dtebird, Idaho, on the 18th day of
tember, 1918.
"aimant names as witnesses:
larry 6. Vincent, Henry Humiston,
ph Russell, Sheldon Deimage, all of
itebird, Idaho.
Henry Heitfeld, Register.
Apartment of the Interior, U. S.
id Office at Lewiston, Idaho, October
is hereby given that Annie
jnbeth De Haven widow of Ernest
I Haven, deceased, of Grangeville,
Ito. who, on December 29, 1914,
Kf Homestead Entry, No. 05892, for
p 1 and 2, Section 18, Township 30
p, Range 4 East, Boise Meridian,
I filed notice of intention to make
fee year Proof, to establish claim to
land above described, before Hamp
Taylor, U. S. Commissioner, at
Ingeville, Idaho, on the 22nd day of
Über 1918.
'aimant names as witnesses:
Ins A. Kincaid, William V. Manring,
felfk H. Loach, James De Haven, all
Grangeville, Idaho.
I Henry Heitfeld, Register.
Apartment of the Interior, U. S.
d Office at Lewiston, Idaho, October
'»bee is hereby given that William
rasper, of Goff, Idaho, who on April
b!4, made Homestead Entry, No.
for a tract of land containing
acres within Sees. 15 and 14, Tp.
j 3 R- B. M., described by metes
bonnds, as follows:
Beginning at
»er No. 1 whence U. 8. L. M. No.
wars N. 21 deg. W. 13.77 chains,
[fe^wrth meanders along the right
g Salmon rivor, S. 11
|"30 chs.; S. 10 deg. 00min. E., 2.50'
L 8 - 32 Hep. 30 min. W., 2.80 chs.; I
15 min. W., 3.50 chs.; N. 88 |
100 min. W., 5.90 chs.; S. 65 deg.
I»m. W„ 10.20 chs.; 8. 69 deg. 45
■! ^-10 chs.; S. 73 deg. 15 min.
I 10 - 90 «h*-: N. 86 deg. 10 min. W„
[;!*• to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 61
«s mm. W., 26.11 chs. to Cor. No.
Mence N. 21 deg. 57 min. W., 11.65
v No - 4 I th ence N. 60 deg. 14
r ,,35.19 chs. to Cor. No. 5; thence
38 min. E., 40.73 chs. to Cor.
I ■ the point of beginning. List 1
i township 24 North, Range 3 East,
''endian, has filed notice of in
n^he three year Proof, to
iiij ® *° the land above des
. before J. Loyal Adkison, U. 8.
issionor, at White Bird, Idaho, on
''w day of November, 1918.
ïn^tr naines ;| -® witnesses:
,ij* Reward, Fred Riggins, John
Idaho 1 "' Jack Howard > a11 of Ri H
Henry Heitfeld, Register.
iS!" ent of the Interior, U. S.
ice at Lewiston, Idaho, October
, „ hereby given that Ruben
Hjgi, J °»f> Idaho, who on August
■Sf"' made R Wes toad Entry, No.
° R l a .. trapt of ] «nd of 159.80
7 and 8, Twp, 24 N., R.
8 . r 'hed by metes and hounds as
vir.« We ?T inn ' n R at Corner No. 1,
Bden 1 * 1 ° b -' T,l ' No. 149 be.fs
nn mm ' chains; thence
!?' 00 B-, 7.20 chs., to Cor.
Bih. Tn N ' 31 d eg. 63 min. W,
<' in' ° ^ 0r ' ^ T ° - 3 > thence N. 28
Bl >; 23 -27 chs.
ln 0or\ 88 r Ce? - 11 m: "- ' E -> 25 ' 43
E i 7 oo °; 5; thence S. 43 deg. 40
L r h s - to Cor. No. 6; thence
tlwin 38 -50 chs. to Cor.
chs. tn 0 ^' deR ' 06 min - W -'
t • or ; the point of
la ^ tlhH has filed notice
t0 i ?* a he three year Proof,
iberi , el* 1 "» to the land above
r>| i '' rr ' Henry Teicher, Clerk
on t n„ < ^ 0llr t> & t Orangeville,
e -6th day of November,
B^eB*^ 8« a ,T PS as ^àtn esses:
BÉomJ i d °h n L. Chamberlain,
Idaho'! ' ' ames Ward > a11 of Ri H
Henry Heitfeld, Register.
18 ,
' 1
to Cor. No.
NOTICE or sheriff
"»»1 'or .h. . „untr .f ïL.;'' Mab "'
» K kTS&ps« "■ ?•
m f? " d 0 '«'s« ta, dcfSü,, 11 "
ta tdSÄ Ä2."
® sale UN
i^smet, of the State of lEVT
m and for the Gounty 0 f idVo 0 Ä
/î«L d ?i- 0f 0ct .- 1918 > in the above en
per cent from date of sJd
1 ' (1 1
t l tled action ' wherein Margaret
erîd'^H 6 ab0V ° named Plaintiff, reeov
eree was on the 16th day of Oct 191 «
recorded in judgment book 5 of said
eourt at page 342, and the judgment Md
decree docketed in the clerkWfTce
thereof, for the sum of $1357.45 Gold
oin of the United States, with interest
thereon at 7 ner cent i... „
L. Tel
court house
1918, said administrator having ter the date of the first publication of
J. '
■ i.

$ -
Sy?««« sww
, .
I üi**

I r "'
« :
. U
Having sold my farm, and decided to move to Texas, I shall sell, at the home
place, two miles west of Grangeville, on the Cottonwood road, on

J Beginning at 10 o'clock a. m. sharp, all my personal property, described as follows:
1 Bay Mare, 10 years old, weight, 1600
1 Bay Horse, 5 years old, weight, 1600
1 Bay Horse, 6 yeai's old, weight, 1250
1 Black Horse, 8 years old, weight, 1250
1 Black Horse, 8 years old, weight, 1250
'i =
1 Good Milk Cow, 4 years old, will be fresh in March
1 Good Milk Cow, 8 years old, been fresh 6 weeks
The following 24 head of high grade Shorthorn cattle are the property of L. H. Kerlee
1 3-year-old cow
6 2-year-old heifers
PJ1 1
10 calves
3 yearling heifers
2 yearling steers
1 6-year-old cow
3 1 4-year-old cow
1 1917 Ford Automobile, in good condition
j <
jLj jl V>.
1 10-foot McCormick hay rake
1 7-foot McCormick binder
1 garden plow. 1 sleigh
1 Chatten funning mill 1 hog vat, a good one
Two sets leather harness. 1 saddle
1 8-foot disc harrow
1 16-inch sod plow
1 3-section drag harrow
1 10-foot Van Brunt drill, with both 4 and 6
horse hitch
1 314-inch Winona wagon, with rack
1 3-inch iron wheel wagon, with hay rack
1 Winona wagon, with top, almost new
1 12-inch two bottom Euuuersou gang plow
1 14-in. Emmerson walking plow, almost new
1 8-foot McCormick mower
100 bushels Marquis seed wheat already
2 cords wood
15 tons timothy hay, in shed
Coal heater Cupboard
3 iron bedsteads, with springs and mattresses
White sewing machine
ClliffOLiCi. COuC-U.
Set of oak parlor chairs. 8 oak dining chairs
Rocking chairs
Solid oak davenport with genuine leather up
High chair. 2 chairs for children. 1 go-cart.
Oak library table. Telephone box
10-foot oak dining table. Dresser
Magazine rack. 30-lb. feather bed.
Mounted deer head
Canned fruit, jellies, jam, étc.
4 oil lamps. 1 9x12 arch square
12 dozen fruit jars. 5 gallons vinegar
22 yards linoleum. 50 feet garden hose
Several colors paints; varnishes; brushes
2 5-gallon gasoline cans, with pumps
And other articles too numerous to mention
All dishes and cooking utensils
1 washing machine and washing vat
40 foot of 94-inch pipe
1 set platform counter scales, 200 lbs.
Lawn mower. Carpenter tools
2 dozen Plymouth Rock chickens, all young
Forks, shovels, rakes, spades, etc.
16-foot log chain
Pipe, wrench, barrels and grain sacks
Kitchen range, burns either coal or wood
i I r—
.»indow shades
TERMS:—All sums $20 and under, cash in hand; on sums over that amount,
12 months' time at 10 percent interest from date of sale, on receipt of approved
bankable note.
W. C. MICHIE Owner
1st Nat. Bank, Grangeville, by A. N. Dyer, Clerk
I. E. ZUVER, Auctioneer.
di Ucil UbU UdJ UCJ ucJ I
judgment, eosts and
accruing costs.
1 am commanded to sell the herein
after described real property situated in
the city of Orangeville, Idaho Countv,
Idaho, to-wit:
• ommencing at the Southwest corner
of < oon, '.otherwise known as State)
in George
Stre- t and Second Street ;_ ^
Schmadeka's Second Addition to the
town of Orangeville, Idaho, and run
ning thence South on the West of Coon,
(State ) Stre ct 100 feet; thence at right
Wcsh>rl - V 200 '«et; thence ai
« * A. "« Ies > Northerly 100 feet to the
South line of said Second Street; thence
Easterly along the South line of said
Second Street 200 feet to the place of
beginning; the same being also describ
ed as the North half of Block "A" of
George Schmadeka's Third Addition to
the City of Orangeville, Idaho. To
gether with all the improvements, pri
vileges and appurtenances thereunto be
longing or in anywise appertaining.
Public Notice is Hereby Given, that
on Saturday the 16th day of November,
^ 918 -. , at , the . ho « r 10 o'clock, A. M.
of said day, in front the
door, in the City of Orangeville, Idaho
County, Idaho, I will obedience
said order of sale and decree of fore
closure, sell all the right, title, claim and
interest of the above mentioned defen
dants, of, in and to the above describ
ed real property, or so much thereof
may be necessary to satisfy said
judgment, with interest, costs, etc,, to
the highest and best bidder for Gold
Coin of the United States.
Dated at Orangeville, Idaho, Oct. 22,
L. K. Yates, Sheriff.
Bv T. E. Quinlan, Deputy.
In the Probate Court of Idaho County,
State of Idaho.
In the matter of the estate of Samuel
S. Cox, deceased.
Joseph Pfeufer having been appoint
ed Administrator of the estate of Sam
uel 8. Cox, deceased, and letters of ad
ministration on said sale having been
issued to him on the 6th day of May,
given notice to. creditors of said estate
by the publication of a notice requiring
creditors to present their claims within
four months from the first publication'
of said notice, said notice having been
published in the Idaho County Free
Press, the first publication being on the
23rd day of May, 1918, and the said
Joseph Pfeufer having died on the 20th
day of June, 1918, leaving 3 months of
the time in which to present claims un
expired, and the undersigned having
been appointed administrator, de bonis
non, of the estate of the said Saumel
8. Cox, deceased, and letters of admin
istration on the said estate having been
granted to the undersigned on the 29th
day of October, 1918, by the Probate
Court of Idaho County, State of Idaho,
notice is hereby given, that all persons
having claims against said estate, which
have not heretofore been presented, are
required to exhibit them to me for al
lowance, at my office in the City of
Orangeville, Idaho, the same being here
by designated as the place of business
of said estate, within three months af
this notice,
• liarred.
Dated this 29th day of October, 1918.
! Administrator, l) e Bonis Non, of the os
j 191 «.
or they shall be forever
täte of Samuel S. Cox. deceased.
First publication, .October 31st,
-24 4
Great!) Benefited by (luiiidierlain's
"1 am thankful for the good I have
received by using Chaiulterlain's Tab
lets. About two years ago when I
began taking them 1 was suffering a
great deal from distress after eating,
auo from headache and a tired, languid
f s ling due to indigestion anti a torpid
liver Ch nnbei'L ia's Tablets eor
tveted these disorders in u short time,
and sh.'-e taking two bottles of them
my health hi s beta» good." writes Mrs.
M. P Hunvt od. Auborn, N. Y.
Farms for sale. Ayers.
Geo. M. Reed buys Mortgages, l-tf

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