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A Weekly Newspaper
Entered as second class mail mutter al
the postuffiee In Orangeville, Idaho.
Subscription price to be paid in ad
vance. $1.50 yearly.
Charter Member of the North Idahi
Press Association.
The city election will take place on
Tuesday, April
ports of probable candidacies are cur
rent, and a contest over several city"
offices is promised.
The incoming city admiuistratiun will
have many difficult problems to handle.
It must determine whether, within the
next two years, ßraugeville is to forge
ahead and become an attractive residen
ce city or whether it is to stay a coun
try town with wooden sidewalks and
streets of mud and chuck-holes. The
new administration must decide on a
city hail and other municipal improve
In considering the several candidates
for the city council, it would be well
for the voters to determine who are
A bright, cean, attractive city cannot
bo brought about without the expendi
ture of mouej'. Now that the war is
A number of re
and with improvement will come growth
of business and population. Improve
ment costs money, and without expendi
!ure of money, nothing will grow ex
cept weeds on vacant lots.
'The city election is important, and
upon the outcome of the forthcoming
election will depend whether Grange
ville is to progress or stagnate.
Trouble has broken out in the ranks
.of the Non-partisan league. In Idaho
and in North Dakota differences have
arisejn aanoujig the mombcxsi of the.
league, and among the leaders of the
party, which threaten the existence of
the socialistic organization, and probab
ly will check the operation of
of its pot schemes of socialistic domin'i
t ion of industries.
Trouble recently broke out in the Ida
ho organization al Nampa,
effort was made by men prominent in
the league to oust Schoitz from the job
of manager of the league publication.
Schoitz, who has been dictator of the
league in Idaho since its formation, has
incurred the displeasure of many in the
league, and they wanted to rid the
ganization of him.
strength was not sufficient to oust him.
In North Dakota, a number of leagi
candidates who were elected to state
office last fall, have rebelled against the
when an
However, their
• •■
A growing army of American
women look for the Queen
Quality trade mark on their
footwear. They know that
it stands for Reliability, Au
thentic Styles and a full meas
ure of value for every dollar
as always, are styled correctly, priced
fairly and made honestly.
You will select them with confidence
and wear them with daily satisfaction.
r jj
Townley crowd, because of its extrava
gant appropriations for socialistic ex
j periments. A referendum election in
North Dakota is assured on legislation
passed at the recent session of the Town
ley legislature.
Further iinfercsting exposures of the
Non partisan league and its methods tie
Chicago made a mistake. She re-elect"
ed "Big Bill»' Thompson mayor.
Thompson, Republican, on Tuesday de-,
fcated Robert M. Sweitzer, Dmocrat,
for the mayoralty, by a plurality of 17,
... .. , .. . _ ...
600, while Mat' la y Hoyne, running as an
. . . ,
independent, was a poor third.
, .. .... m . •_ ;
The reelectiou ot Mayor J hompson is
u disgrace to Chicago. Thompsca, four
years ago, was elected mayor by a plur
i . * 4 » uam.,, . . r.v, > n
hty ot more than 14/,l)UU, and lxie^da>
his plurality dropped to a mere handful,
compared v.ifh the big advantage giv, n
Thompson in 1915.
William Hale Thompson has been
branded as a pro-German. At tmy rate,
. i . i v .n J
he is un- American, and he has not been
... r. ,, • *. , • j.,
able to success! lly prove in tre minds
of many ,,ersons that be waa not : c
tually a sympathizer with Germany.
Two years ago, he proclaimed Chicago
"the sixth German city," and refused,
as mayor, to officially, extend an invita
lion to Marshal J offre of France to Chi- I
eago, on the occasion of the French war
hero's visit to the United States. J
Hill has never been able to over-.
come the huge amount of adverse criti
cism heaped upon him because of hisl
failure to invite Marshall Joffre to Chi
Whether his election Tuesday was
due to his appeal for Republican votes
on party principles, or whether due to
the German vote of Chicago, meager re
port* on the election returns so far re
ceived in the west do not'disclose.
Announcement that necessity requi
increase of approximately 20
res an
percent in telephone and
rates in the United States, under gov
eminent control of wire communica
tion, will cause to arise anew in the
minds of the people the wisdom of gov-1
emmental experimentation in the op
eration of various great public utili
The increase is said by Postmaster
General Burleson to be due to iucrea-(■$>
sed salaries paid employes of the tele
phone and telegraph. True it was, un
der private ownership of these utilities,
many employes received meager wages,
but nevertheless the wages paid these
selfsame employes usually Were com
mensurate with the ability displayed
by the workers. Telegraph operators,
in minor positions, received net more
than $40 a mouth, in many instances,
but in larger cities, qualified opera
tors, working under the bonus system,
frequently were able to earn $150 to
$200 a month, depending entirely upon
ability to accurately and rapidly trans
mit a great number of messages.
If the public is to be continually con -1
fronted by increases in telephone and I
telegraph rales, in order that obscure
employes of the wire communication
systems may be coddled by the gov
ernment, especially in "the matter of
greatly increased wages, the, |iufilic
some day will realize that the public,
itself, is entitled to some coddling, in
the matter of improved service and rea
sonable charges therefor.
^ ial Correspondence;
Buchanan of 110 was transactm «
hllsiness herP Wednesday
The Community club held a social
Tuesday afternoon for the ladies who
<%• •$>•?><$> 'i> <s> < 8 > < 8 > ■*> <$> <«> <*> '»><$''«> <S>
spent the time in needle work. Lunch
eo " wa * served at 4:30 ^ Mr8 ' Peebles
-1 nnd ^ !S ' Bdd> "
I A farewell party, given by the
| 1 J 9 ® J
Wednesday evening club, was tendered
Mrs " K Randa11 Thursday evening.
Mrs " Wilbtwn Green and tw0 " hildren
de l' arted Wednesday for Lewiston,
" here the - v wiU reside "
Walt Holbiu was a passenger Thurs:
I 1
I day for Lewiston, returning Sunday,
I J 9 * J
Mr - and Mrs ' Geor « c Du ' ro are visit '
in * theîr ''«u^ter, Mrs. Mabel Clift, of
I *>ank Hayden underwent a minor
0 l ,eration at the Alcorn hospital last
William 0ooda11 was a P^nger for
Lewiston Sunday.
Mrs. Maud Adsley and two daughters,
Luei,e and n ° rot,1 - v ' errived form Lew *
is,0, ' Monday, to take immediate pos
session of thé Ferdinand hotel.
Mrs. Meakiu entertained a few rela
tives last Sunday. Amoifg the guests
were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hansen and
children of Cottonwood; Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Jones
and children, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo
Hansen and children, Mr. and Mrs.
C. M. Peebles, Mrs. E. Randall, all of
Miss Clara Nau entertained a party
of friends Sunday evening at the home
of her brother, Albert Nau, in honor of
Mrs. Randall who will soon depart for
Sewing will be discontinued at the
Boil Cross rooms, owing to lack of work
; ... .. •

(Special Correspondence)
Horace Hornaday has returned from
Miss Dorothy Westen laser has return
ed to her home on the prairie, after
spending two weeks visiting friends in
the Clearwater section
Mesdames Daveport, Brown and Brot
nor were Stiles visitors Saturday.
Several from here attended the
sale at the White place, above Kooskia,
Wednesday last.
George Riebold purchased about thir
ty head of cattle from Dan Cowling, and
from parties amend Kooskia.
A woman should grow more beauti
A woman should grow more beauti
ful as she grows older and she will
with due regard to baths, diet and ex
j ercise, and by keeping her liver and
bowels in good working order,
and haggard and yellow your eyes iosing
their lustre and whites becoming yel
lowish, your flesh flabby, it may be due
to indigestion or to a sluggish liver.
Chamberlain 's Tablets correct these dis
if you
Dry lime and sulphur spray at Lamm
Drug Co.
Department of the interior, Ü. S.
Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho, Mardi
15. 1919.
Notice is hereby given that Edwin C.
Harbison, of Elk City. Idaho, who,
May 28, 1^14, made H. E., No. 05430,
for a tract of 120 acres within what
will probably be when surveyed, Sec
tion 32, Township 27 N., Range 10
East, B. M., described by metes and
bounds as follows: Beginning at Cor
ner No. 1, which bears N. from TJ. S. L.
M. No. 241, 25.07 chains, thence S., 1 o
36' West 75 chains to Comer No. 2,
thence N. 88 o 24' West. 16 chs.
Cor. No. 3, thence N. lo 36' E., 75 chs to
Cor. No. 4, thence S. 88 o 24' E., 16
chs. to Cor. No. 1, the place of begin
ning. List No. 778, has filed notice of
intention to make three year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, before J.'B. Burney, U. S.
Commissioner, at Stites, Idaho, on the
5th. day of May, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Henry C. Oliver, of Stites, Idaho;
Joe A . Hoover, of Elk City. Idaho;
I>ewis C. Stephenson, of Elk City, Ida
ho; William M .Logan, of Elk City,
Henry Heitfeld, Register.
tf> 5
Notice is hereby given that .the lands
described below, embracing 201.75 acres
within the Selway and Nczperce Na
tional Forests, Idaho, will be subject
to settlement and entry under the pro
visions of the homestead laws of the
United States and the act of June 11 ,
1906 (34 Stat.. 233), at the United
States land office at Lewiston, Idaho,
on June 5, 1919.
actually and in good faith claiming any
of said lands for agricultural purposes
prior to January 1, 1906, and has not
abandoned same, has a preference right
to make a homestead entry for the lands
Any settler who wa«
Said hinds were
actually occupied,
listed upon the applications of the per
sons mentioned below, who have a pre
ference right subject to the prior right
of any such settler, provided such set
tler or applicant is qualified to make
homestead entry and the preference
right is-.exercised prior to June 5, 1919,
which date the lands will be sub
ject to settlement and entry by any qual
ified person. A tract of land described
as Lot 3, Sec. 25, and Lot 1, See. 26, T.
32 N., R. 7 E., B. M., 43.40 acres, ap
plication or' W. A. Swan, Clarkston,
Washington; List 1-3632.
A tract of 112.60 acres, within what
will probably be when surveyed Secs.
9 and 10, T. 30 N., R. 13 E., describ
ed as follows: Beginning at Corner
No. 1, identical with Forest Serviae
Monument, consisting of a red fir post
confluence of North Star Creek and the
Selway river bears N. 19o W., 2.55
chs.; extending thence S. lOo E., 15.15
eha.; thence 8 . 6 o E., 34.84 chs.; thence
N. 40o E., 45.45 chs.; thence N. 39o W.,
31.20 chs.; thence S. 61o W., 18.50 chs.,
to the place of beginning, application of
William Reap, Orangeville, Idaho; List
A tract of 30.75 acres, within wl at
will probably he when surveyed Secs.
1 and 36, Twps. 32 and 33 N., R. 12
E., described as follows: Beginning at
Corner-No. 7 of H. E. S. No. 460, be
ing Freeman 's original claim; extend
ing thence N. 15o 02' E., 18.13 chs.;
thence W. 22.22 chs.; thence 8 . 12.90
chs.; thence S. 75o 16' E., 18.12 chs.; to
the place of beginning, application of
Frank L^ Freeman, Kooski", Idaho;
List 1-3666.
The W% W V-, SWi/i SW>/,, the SEI4
NWVi SW'ti SW%, the NE 14 SWV,
SWl>4 SWUi Sec. 26, T. 27 N., R, 2
E., 15 acres, listed without application;
List 1-3701.
March 21, 1919.
Acting Arsis tant Commissioner of the
General Land Office.
Means more merchandise for the money. Your
local store here is but a branch of 23 stores
crating throughout the northwest with head
quarters in Lewiston, Idaho. All merchandise is
bought by C. J. Breier, owner of the stores, di
rect from the manufacturers, thereby eliminating
the jobber's probt, also the traveling man's ex
penses, which means a great deal. Our competi
tors will tell you that The Hub store is a # cheap
place at which to buy, or that the merchandise
shows it. When the truth is known, Mr. Breier's
buying power is so much greater than most mer
chants' that it enables him to buy much cheaper
in the brst place. If you have never been in The
Hub, make it a point to come in and see us when
in town.
A table of shirts, all kinds, your choice, 95c
A table of men's shoes, button and lace, $3.85
A. D. KENNEDY, Manager
; !
-il A
the national joy smoke
' •
-■ >
% i
r ' A
: ■
>ig ; :
■'v :
Copyright 1919
by R. J. Reynold»
Tobacco Co.
•***s* :
N EVER was such right-handed-two
fisted smokejoy as you puff out of a
jimmy pipe packed with Prince Albert!
That's because P. A. has the quality!
You can't fool your taste apparatus any more than you
can get five aces out of a family deck! So, when you hit
Prince Albert, coming and going, and get up half an hour
earlier just to start stoking your pipe or rolling cigarettes,
you know you've got the big prize on the end of your linel
Prince Albert's quality alone puts it in a class of its own,
but when you figure that P. A. is made by our exclusive
patented process that cuts out bite and parch— well —you
feel like getting a flock of dictionaries to find enough words
to express your happy days sentiments!
Toppy red huge, tidy red tint, handtome pound and half-pound tin
humidors and—that classy, practical pound crystal glass humidor with
sponge moistener top that keeps the tobacco in such perfect condition.
R. J. Reynold» Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C
. -J
i »T«J
Grange ville Savings & Trust
at Orangeville in the state of Idaho, at the close of business March
Cash on hand.,.
Due from banks...
Checks and drafts on other banks .
Loans atid discounts .
Stocks, bonds and Warrants .
Banking house, furniture and fixtures and abstract department..
Other real estate ....
Expenses in excess of earnings.•.
Individual deposits subject to check
Savings deposits ..
Demand certificates of deposit.
Time certificates of deposit .
Cashier 's cheeks .
Letters of credit .
r *
Total deposits ..
Capital stock paid in ..
Surplus .
Bills payable, including obligations representing money borrowed
2 ,
STATE OF IDAHO, County of Idaho, sa.
I, E. II. Bussell, cashier of the above named bank do aolenmlv
that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief,
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th day of March, 1919
certify that I am not an officer or dir eetor of this bank.
H. ROTH WELL, Notary
Henry Teicher, J. A. Bradbury, Directors.

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