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Ed. Knight and William Renton left
this morning fo, Moscow where thev
are witnesses i„ the Petpr •
whisky case.
George Loeb h.
fectionary store to
* treated his con
,1 « , a new coat of pa
per. ^hlch gives the establishment a
cozy appearance.
Jack Ness of l„ 0 Wil s a visitor in
the city yesterday, leaving this morn
ing f-r Moscow to answer he charge
of introducing whisky on the reser
The Geo. F. Loeb cigar and fruit
store presents a pleasing change to
day. Mr. Loel. has had the ,.
hangers and de, „ raters at work reg,.,,
erating the interior.
The Lewis!,
direction of J. p,. f
number of s,-|. , t inns
yesterday af.-nioon.
highly appreciated 1
n Military band, under
»Hard, rendered
on Main street
The music was
a large audi
McGllvery Thompson are display
ing in one of their windows the $7"
brass fied which they are offering as
a prize to the lueky one of their cus
tomers who draws the winning num
ber. The award will be mad'
the holidays.
The state board hits commuted the
sentence of Thomas Vanarsdale, to
take effec t early in December. Van
arsdale was sentenced last February
to one year in the penitentiary, having
been convicted of horse stealing. His
term would have expired February 28,
Frank Primus, the seventeen-year
old son of a prominent merchant living
near Nezperce, was examined by Doc
tor Hulbert, before Probate Judge
Reese his morning and adjudged in
sane. Fits of melancholy are his pe
culiar mania. He will be committed
to the asylum at Blackpool as soon as
an attendant can arrive to take him in
The steamer 'Tmnaha" arrived this
morning at seven o'clock from Eureka
where she made a very successful trip.
number of passengers arrived from
points on the Snake river to attend
the fair. The Imnaha stopped at the
granite quarries above Wild Goose
Rapids and took on a load of grafiite
for the new granite firm just recently
Hon. A. H. Hamilton of Ottumwa,
Iowa, and his ' brother-in-law F. R.
Caffln of Boise. Idaho, are in the city
today en route to Kooskia where they
go to get the body of Mr. Hamilton's
son buried at Kooskia and take it to
Ottumwa for deinterment. Justus A.
Hamilton, the young man, died at
Kooskia in May, 1899. He was a miner
and prospector and had some proper
ties in the upper Clearwater districts.
The salmon run has decreased to the
usual winter product. Local fishermen
are catching from fifteen to twenty
fish to the net, per day. This rate will
continue until May and June, 1904,
•when the spring run. up the river, will
be made from the ocean. Norberg &
Sons report this morning that they
have about 1.000 pounds of fish on
hand for fair week. The other fishing
firms have a good supply for the mar
The occupants of the property of O.
A. Kjos. located on the corner of Fifth
and Main streets, will receive orders
November first to move their stocks
by the first of December so that the
buildings can be moved and tne prop
erty turned over to the contractors on
the new block, to be occupied by the
Kjos-Beaeh department store. Those
affected by this order will be the Com
mercial Printery. Mothers Kitchen,
William & Fenders confectionary store.
Union Furnishing store, Vienna bgkery,
Gomond picture gallery and Cactus sa
The Spokane-Lewiston passenger
train did not arrive at Lewiston yes
terday but came in this morning at 6
• o'clock. The delay was caused by a
freight wreck at Pullman Junction yes
terday morning. The passenger was
held by the wrecked train from 11:55
a. m. yesterday to 2:30 a. m. today. A
defect In the crossing of the O. R. &
N. track derailed the tender of the
freight engine and this was followed by
Ave cars turning over on their sides.
A wrecking crew was called but'the
condition of the track was such thar
It took more than twelve hours to clear
Always Reliable
# , .. Co i r . We have opened a first class Clothing
SltOrS lO IOC T all . an d Furnishing Goods store it Lewiston
we wish to extend a welcome to every visitor who comes to this city
d make our store your headquarters. If you are not too tired
16 '"rt we would be pleased to show you the best assortment of 7.50.
 and 15 Dollar, AH Wool Suits ever brought to Lewiaton
1er' 25^ want them, up to **5 <*>• Come in and get acquainted'
a us, we want to know you.
ant to Knuw
If not*
n a
Is often caused by
It costs nothing to consult
the debris. The section men
Lewiston were called to the junc
11,1 number ten this morning.
e hundred and seven stalls at the
g stables on the fair grounds are
i filled.
( nu image license was issued today
j lo Jusque E. Templeton and Emma L.
j Teed, both of Nezperce.
Assessor < iitiord has Collected |2,000
during the month of October. About
$1,50u of this money is taxes of 1903,
8wi.s,, is city taxes and the remainder
is back taxes. Sixty receips have been
issued for taxes of 1903.
Krontinger and Pring, managers of
the Lewiston opera house, announce a
glove contest for next Friday night at
11 o'clock in which Jack Overdorf of
Philadelphia will meet "Kid" Lavique
of Michigan. The bout will 'be ten
rounds for a decision.
R. E. Jackson of the firm of Riley
and Jackson of Culdesac was in the
city yesterday on business in connec
tion with their general merchandise
store at that place. Mr Jackson states
the Culdesac is forging ahead and that
many new buildings are being erected
to accommodate the growing demands
of business in that section. He also
states that the new Wright saw mill
with a capacity of 40,000 feet of lum
ber per day will be in operation this
week. This institution will afford a
pay roll of fifty men. Mr. Jackson left
for his home on this morning's train.
Evert Edwin, the two-vear-old son
of A. A. Smith of Grangeville died at
his father's home. Wednesday, from
having a tobacco tag lodged in his
throat. On Sunday the child put a Star
tobacco tag in his mouth and the par
ents thought it had been swallowed.
A doctor was called and held the same
opinion. Later the little throat be
came swollen and a council of physi
cians decided that a successful opera
tion could not be performed and the
child <yed. Every thing possible was
done to relieve the sufferer.
Lewis Roberts, a boy eighteen years
of age .was arrested Saturday after
noon at Greer, charged with horse
stealing. The warrant was sworn to
by Frank Clark, a-ranchman who lives
near Culdesac. He was arraigned this
morning before the probate court and
waived examination. Judge Reese
fixed the bond at $1,000. He failed to
give bail and is confined in the county
jail. Roberts was caught by Mr. Clark.
Thursday afternoon, at the Fidler
ranch, six miles from Greer on Weippe
prairie. Roberts was sentenced last
January to a term in the penitentiary
for assisting in the stealing of horses
on Nezperce prairie, and pardoned in
June, 1903.
• •
• ••••••••••••••a
The many friends of Miss Aurelia
Henry of the English department of
the State Normal school are pleased
to learn of her success in connection
with some of her recent work at Yale.
Shortly before coming west, Miss
Hçnry submitted to the Houghton.
Mifflin Co., oit Boston, her translation
of Dante's "De Monarchia."
Having duly considered the educa
tional merit of the work the company
has notified Miss Henry of its accept
ance for publication. In accepting the
work, the Houghton, Mifflin Co., "rec
ognize the excellence of the translation,
its accuracy and its scholarly charac
ter" and place it with the group of
Dante writings which they publish.
Coming as it does from one of the
very conservative publishing houses of
this country, the acceptance is a val
uable recognition of the merit of the
work. Miss Henry's friends In the
west will be glad to know of her re
cent success.
E. H. Hutchinson of the Spokesman
Review arrived in the city on the de
layed Spokane train. He will take in
the fair in the interests of the North
western Homeseeker and Investor. Mr.
Hutchinson states that about thirty
Spokane people who had contemplated
coming down on Sunday's train missed
the train owing to the fact that no
announcement was made in the Spo
kane papers of the change in the,
schedule. Sunday's train left an hour
earlier than under the old time card.
President Geo. H. Black of the Lew
iston Normal school will visit Moscow,
Wednesday, where he will deliver an
address to the students of the state
university at the morning assembly.
, Clay McXamee and family are in the
I city and will reside here. Mr. Me
j Xumee has been a practicing attorney
I at Grangerville for several years and
I will open offices in this city.
Frank R. Coffin of Boise is a visitor
in the city today. Mr. Coffin is a pi
oneer of the early '60s in the Idaho
mining camps. He walked into Lew
iston from The Dalles behind Ills pack
animals In March, 1862. en route to
the Florence diggings. Lewiston was
then a tent town of many thousands,
mostly miners who had spent the pre
vious season in Pierce and Orofino dis
tricts. His party remained here only a
few days and pushed on toward Flor
ence. They had to abandon their
horses en route and pack In on foot
over the snow. Mr. Coffin spent that
season in Florence and went the next
year into the Boise basin. Later he
became a prosperous merchant in Boise
and was Idaho's first state treasurer.
Mrs. H .1. McDonald of Trout Lake,
B. C., is visiting with the family of
Geo. A. Frost. Mrs. McDonald lived in
Lewiston fifteen years ago and the im
provements in the city were pleasant
surprises to her.
Justice C. O. Stockslayer of the su
preme court of this state who arrived
in the city Saturday evening to attend
the session of court this week is al
ways a welcome visitor among his
friends and acquaintances In Lewiston.
The judge's home is in Hailey and he
reports that recently while he and the
family were away from home his resi
dence and its entire contents were
burned. The affair is believed to be of
incendiary origin, though the judge is
very charitable in believing the fire
might have been accidental. He re
ports the value of his loss at about
$3,000 besides many personal effects
that can not be replaced with money.
His many friends will sympathize with
him in this unfortunate affair.
Henry Max of Grangeville was an
arrival in the city on the Clearwater
train this morning. Mr. Wax will re
main throughout the week and is of
the opinion that more than 250 of
Grangeville residents will be down dur
ing the week to attend the big fair.
Personal •
Allen McClean, of Grangeville is vis
iting in the city.
R. L. Spiker of Nezperce is a visitor
in the city today.
William Wright is a visitor in the
city from Agatha.
Harry Thatcher and family of Gen
essee are visitors here.
J. N. Gwinn returned this morning
from his ranch near Steele.
Charles Leland, N. P. express agent
at Grangeville, is In the city.
Milton Friedenrick*of Grangeville ar
rived in the city this morning.
FYank Pearson. mining man of
Grangeville. is a visitor In the city.
Seth Gifford, merchant at Gifford, is
visiting with his son, W. L. Gifford.
Fred Kling returned this morning
from his timber claim near Orofino.
Edward Ruboin, government inter
preter at the agency, is visiting in the
Geo. K. Reed, president of the Jumbo
Mining company, is here from Orange
A. S. Hardy of Grangeville is taking
the examination before the supreme
John Olasby of Myrtle is visiting to
day with his sister. Miss Vernpc of the
Dr. H. W. Riggs and Mrs. Riggs of
Grangeville were arrivais in the eity
this morning.
J. S. Jent. left this morning for Mos
cow where he is a witness before the
federal court.
Henry Wax. president of tne Grange
ville street fair, is a visitor at the fair
grounds today.
F. W. Ellis, of Craig mountain, left
this morning to visit with frfiends at
Mt. Pleasant, III.
A. Arnold returned this morning
from a trip to the White Pine district
on the Northfork.
Adolph Munter, the well known busi
ness man and referee in bankruptcy of
Spokane, is in the city.
G. W. Thompson left Saturday morn
ing for South Idaho where he will look
after some mining property.
Attorney C. H. Nugent of Grange
ville Is In the city to appear before the
supreme court in a number of ^:a.ses ap
pealed from Idaho county.
Mrs. George Pllghter left this morn
ing for Moscow where she will attend
the state meeting of the W. C. T. U.
ie '
ic Wi
To the thousands of strangers and people from out of town who will
visit Lewiston this week to attend the fair. We bid a hearty and
earnest welcome—welcome to our splendid city—welcome to our
store, filled as it is with the largest lines we have ever carried of

Everything to wear for Men, Women and Children
Make this your stopping place, v/hether you want to buy or not.
We'll give you a cordial greeting and endeavor to make you feel
perfectly at home. However, if this visit is made for business as well
as for pleasure,' and you're thinking of replenishing your wardrobe.
We should*be pleased to show you through our departments, full of
choicest products of the world's best makers.
Dry Goods, \nhtl ï> Vf
klimmt* Pr r A
Clothing. Shoes J Ullll 1 . VI
miner & to.
Not the Cheapest, But the t
Line of House Furnishings in Northern Idaho we offer >
Offer you the choicest paterns. We
also carry a complete line of large
rugs in Wiltons, Axminsters, Tap
Brussels and Body Brussels.
Just in
McGilvery (ShThompson
as a delegate from the local organiza
Wm. G. Burch and wife of Spokane
are in the city.
frank Nelson left this morning for
Moscow to serve on the federal grand
jury which meets there today.
Mrs. George Campbell of Spalding
was a visitor in the city yesterday and
left this morning for Moscow.
F. W. Cowen and family arrived this
morning from Grangeville to visit with
the family of Charles Smith.
Mr. Carlos Call and Mrs. Carlos Call
returned this morning from a visit to
the mining camps of Idaho county.
Gates Saxton and Mrs. Saxton of
Clarkston left this morning for Antigo.
Wisconsin, to visit during the winter.
Atorney Oscar Peterson of Moscow
is in the city taking the examination
before the supreme court for admis
sion to practice.
E. L. McDowell representing "The
Ranch" a strictly farm Journal Is in
the city this week. "The Ranch" is
published in Seattle.
• • • •
• • •
• • • • •
I Fall showing :
• *
I of fashion's latest I
I creations I
383 Main Street
• • • •
» • • • «
Bon Bons and Chocolates
No danger of having a doctor's
bill to pay if you eat Pring's
Bring Candy Co. Ltd.
Wholesale distributors of the
* High Altitude Cigar.
Ed. L Wiggins'
The twist of a bow, the tfese .of
■ jusstmb
plume bespeak the master toifth. .
High Class
Millinery at
The Fashion
Miss Kennedy $55
Acme Cement» Plaster
The First National Bank's new room is plas
tered with Acme. The best on the m&rkét "
J. W. Willison & Co.
No. 223 Main near bridge
Office Phone 2021 Res Phone Ml
Boss Meat Market
Fresh and Cured Meats, Fish, Oy
sters, Poultry and Game in Season
Frio Delivery Telephone 4SI
Now is your
We have bargains in
Lewiston and Clark
ston. We not only
have them but we
are selling, aud we
are prepared to drive
you and show our
goods and no likie
no takie. :: ::
§= Clyde J. Vassar
Telephone . . (
Residence . . . 19'3
If you need
we have it
Wood that is well seasoned
Wood in all sizes
If you need
we bave it
Roslyn and Cle-Elum. *lt iff
hand picked and screènefl. tt
is all coal
If you need
Ice -
try ours
It is the-Cocbiàlla
Lewision Fuel
and Ice 6a.
Phone 1761 O M. La;tib*wr Mgr.

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