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V«* " ' i -rw
heyihirn FLAYS
Seaaior Pnnctares Theories
Advanced by the
Fôlly of Tariff Tinksring and Govern
ment Ownership of «ailroade Is
Shown in Their True Light—
Gooding's Work Strongly
jjttlonal politics, state politics and
»ven local issues were discussed In an
rt,, manner last night by United
gate* Senator W. B. Heyburn. Com
mencing on the open river question
„nd gradually leading up to the great
issues of the two partie* he held his
listeners wrapped In interest for a
period of about two hours and a half.
Ho n. C. A. Ungenfelter presided at
the meeting and Introduced the speak,
er. A large audience was present and
applause was generous.
Heyburn discussed the pet meas
ures of the democratic party and by
his sound and forceful reasoning as
well as his Impressive presentation of
the facts with which he was thorough
ly familiarly, showed them to be as
impractical as the -doctrines that
Cleveland heaped upon the people dur
ing his administration.
Assails Bryan's Platform,
in pis handling of Bryan's idea of
government ownership of the railroads
be was strong.
* "Bryan found many Ideas of gov
ernment In his trip to th* world,"
; .aid the senator. Two tit those wer*
r- yepectally commended to his consider
ation—tariff reform arid government
ownership of railroads"
Senator Heyburn handled tariff re
ttTpmtnt tarift .VdyeUm^fc'
groundwork upon which the American
government depends for its great
prosperity. He showed that the tar.
iff should fas reformed by only people
wbo understood what reforms are
Senator Heyburn then assailed the
question of jgovemfhent ownership.
"In the first place, do you realise
what it means to hare the taxes the
railroads pay every year? If they
wen owned by- the • government the
state could not tax .them *'
The senator then presented the side
of purchasing the iwttroads. He show
that the assessed valuation of the
railroads in the nation were more then
twice the national dôbL
*t#p and Think What lt Means.
He asked if It would be crushing or
»busing the great trusts that own the
mllroads to pay them this vast sum
of money, or to pay them interest on
this vast sum for a number of years.
"Instead of harming them," he said,
"we pour the treasury of the land Into
their laps. No; we went the Indi
viduals to own the rallroada sind op
«ate them with Individual responsi
bility, but we want to regulate them
»o that they will not oppress the peo
Referring to the attacks made 'on
Governor Gooding because of Ms ef
forts as an administrative officer be
•ee that the perpetrators df the Steun
enberg assassination are brought to
l"*tlee, Senator Heyburn said:
®o**mg's Battle «er Juetiea
nJi, hM . b ** n Ch «-«*<1 that Governor
««.din* | 8 attempting to deal unfalr
» w *th certain
-------whe are
®*der arrest to answer the
It has been alleged that he
partJr *° kidnaping theee Men
"a bringing them from a neighbor
s »täte. No man who knows the
act# o r who cares to Investigate
cm can for a moment h«Ueve that
»rge to be true, because every step
f a matter of record."
'The charge that was made before
n officer of the law that these men
,Cre Guilty, Is a matter of public rec
The governor, under the cir
cumstances, and the statutes of Idaho,
bfn such a charge is made, connect
! ' w 'lh the charge that these man
. av 'f * on ® or are beyond the Juris
oicti™ . .----—---- — ----
lMUe<i h '" r <*» ul »>
11 °n tho ntkixx# «w,.n,.*iyg officer of
which they
on the chief executive officer of
'he slate or country to
,. ave *°ne, or In which they are. and
' n »t officer under the constitution
nd the law* is bound to deliver up
person charged if the requisition
1. made n
» inaae in the manner provided by
w - In this case the charge was
">*de under oath before the officer
f «gnated by law. The governor i
w**^ 1 * 4 ***• manner provided
' rw to Issue a requisition for '
ü** n; th » requisition wM taken to
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Charge of Dynamite Explodes
of Frisco Saloon.
SAN' FRANCISCO, Oct. 17.—Six
women hah a narrow escape from
death here early this morning. A
"charge of dynamite exploded In the
raar of a saloon on Pacific street near
Montgomery, blowing the staircase
Into kindling wood and wrecking the
back of the structure. There Is no
clue to the perpetrators.
Force of Fifty Men Bnsy
Digging Trenches
for Outfall
Contractor Clark has a force of 30
men and teams working on the new
sewer system. Work was begun near
the place where the sewer will empty
Into the Snake river on B street. The
first section on 100 feet of trench for
the main has been dug and a portion
of the lateral for First street laid and
The trench for the main sewer,
where it empties la 18 feet deep, and a
cut Is being mad* to that depth large
enough for a team and Scraper to
pas* through while at work.
Pipe Is being hauled from the cars
to the place where the sewer Is to be
All of the work le under the super-,
vision of Engineer Miller.
DENVER, Colo.,'Oct, 17.—The Am
erican mining congress today unant
mously. adopted -a resolution offered ,by.
Governor Pardee- , of California pro
vidlng for the esta Wish ment by the
general government of a new depart
ment to be known as the department
of mines and mining, the head of which
shall be a member of the president's
R»"* 1,
Normal Scheel Want* Water That It
May Beautify the Campus.
The campus at the Normal is being
plowed and harrowed and It Is plan
ned to extend the lawn to the front
campus during the coming season.
President Black will ask for sufficient
funds to defray the expense of Im
provements and Irrigation. A request
will be made for a special water rate
to the Institution since the campus
will become practically a park tor the
city. The matter of chargee for wa
ter In the dlflglmt schools of the
northwest la now under Investigation
so that a comparative basis may be
presented with the request far a re
duced water rate.
Jgry Returns Verdict ef Guilty in Case
* Against Alleged Rebatere.
NTW YORK, Oct. 17.—The Jury In
the so-called rebate trial against the
New York Central and Frederick Pom
eroy reported a verdict of guilty
against both defendants. sentence
has been deferred pending the filing
of motions by the décidants.
Visits Schools at Potlatch.
After a 40-mile drive from the
schools about Forest, Miss Bernice
McCoy, the county superintendent, ar
! rived in Lewiston last night, but left
— — - *
■ by traln for the Potlatch
country, where she wlU inspect the
schools there. She expects to return
Saturday morning and will be In her
r°«ce during the day.
t _
Begin Argument* Befer* Jury.
LAY, Ohio, Oct 17.—The con
argument to, the Jury in the
the Standard Oil Co. of OWo
alleged conspiracy In : restrain of
was begun today.
••<t *• aw — i g ppi -
: »» v ■
Who ably espoused the principles of t he republican party in an address at
the Tempi* theater laet night
The discovery was made yesterday
that the roots of the cork-bark ebn
trpps on, th «- jkufßfiä- r %Tipke ha*
penetrated the efcwer main from the
main building and clogged ab«W 1M>
feet of pipe with a line meshwork of
"rapidly growing rootlets
It has been found necessary to clean
and relay the pipe end It may be «aa
necessary to set the line in cemantwl
^prevent a recurrence of the s to ppage.
The sower has been laid five years and
Is II feet'below the surface. r
Doubeless this is bat the h ot el an -'
ner of many similar cases ■■whi c h M«y
occur In the parts of the city- whesd
shade trees are Toll grown. ' ■
French Court Grant* Regt»
Count*** Castelli ahe.
PARIS, Oct. 17—Hearing on the
suit for divorce brought by the Coun
tess de Castellalne against her hus
band, Count Boni, and the hearing
brought by the creditors of both' par
ties has been postponed for a fort
night, counsel for the countess suc
ceeding in having the court agree to
decide the hearing on the divorce suit
before the creditors' suit.
CEL, IN A. Ohio. Oct 17.—Four are
reported dead end several others In
jured as the result of e gasoline ex
plosion in a hardware store at Fort
Recovery today. The explosion set
fire to the bilMlr^(n which the In
jured were Imprisoned under the ruina
Their cries for help could be heard by
those trying to reach them.
Is building a 12-room residence on hie
property at the comer of Fifteenth
street and Ninth avenue.
MARSEILLES. Oct. 17.—Mall advlcea from Indo-Chlna bring a resolt
ing account of the doings of King Thanh-Thal of Anam. After killing one
of his wives, he caused her body to be cut to pieces and served for dinner,
forcing those about the table to eat under the pela 6f death.
Some of the wives were bound and scorched with burning oil and sub
jected to other cruelties, while nude women were thrown Into cage* of
wild beasts, who devoured them before the- eyes of the king.
The French authorities stepped In end the king was adjudged Insane.
Th* terror-stricken Inmates of the palace wear then rescued. A majority
of the totter women bear marks of revolting' tortures, their faces being
slashed and their tongues cut out, while others were suspended by pincers
attached to the fleshy parts of their !;g* to increase their agonies.
WASHINGTON. Oet. 17—Officials
ef the treasury department have been
informed • by T. J. Atkins, assistant
treasurer of the United States at 8L
Louis, that there is « probable short
age in the accounts tn nia ogles to the
amount-of Ml. 00«, and at his
thb account* are being checked, god
Chi*^ Wilkie of the United Ju
beonet Service ha* been sent to Bh
Lbuia to determine whe is responsible
for the shortage, If the ehertage XotU
gjly exista. 'V ,.
I ST- LOUIS, Octo. 17—The Repub
lic today print* the following:
"Three expert accountant* from the
treaaiwy > department *t Washington
who are counting more than twenty
million, dollars in the vaults of the
United Stofes gyb-treasury have dis
covered a shortage of HLNI."
There la a possibility that the short
age Is not a bona fide one but Is due
to an error In checking.
Nine Live* Lest in Bterm.
NEW ORLEANS, Oct 17.—Nine
Uvea were lost lri a hurrlcan off the
coast of Nicaragua. The storm ex
tended over an area of several hun
dred square mile*
HAVANA, Oct 17.—Hajor Ladd has
reported to Governor Magoon that he
ha* finished counting the funds In the
Cuban treasury, and found they to-
taled a Uttle more than Ili.tN.'tf,
mostly in American gold. The books
balanced exactly.
Ne Arreste %Aad* Yet.
SPOKANE. Oct 17.—No arrests
have been made tor the murderer of
Reno Hutchinson. The police are fol
lowing several vague clews.
No Fight Is Made for Control of Illi
nois Central.
CHK'Ann, Oct. 17.—As soon as the
meeting of the stockholders of the
Illinois Central railroad was called to
day it was believed there would be no
fight for control of the railroad, as
William Nelson Cromwell, acting for
Harriman, turned over to Stuyvesant
Fish, president of the road, all the
pnfisles for stock held by Harriman,
and Fish was empowered to vote all
the Harriman stock in .the meeting.
French Ship Takes Plonge
But Fails to Return
to the Surface
PARIS, Oct. 17.—A feeling of gloom
pervade* the ministry of the marine
on account of the disappearance of
the French aub-marlne "Lutin, ''which
left Blzerta, .Tunis, yesterday morn
ing for plunging experiments with a
crew of 14 men.
The only hope of rescue lies with
the Danish salver steamer, "Berger
Wilhelm," which Is on the scene. Two
other powerful vessels have been or
dered from Toulon. The three Mg
salvers will be aided by a number of
tagt and other vessels now on the
spot .to Mite the submarine, which Is
In thirty ffcthoms of water.
Chanda ef fieseyb Blim.
The weather is untkverable for sal
vage operation where the submarine
Lutin went down. The chances of
rafattng th* boat to ttto surface in time
to save tbf live* of'the drew are re
garded ax' very slim.
NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 17.—The bat
tleship Louisiana bearing Secretary
Tilt and' party from Havana passed
In' t|ie "V'li^flnla capex today accom
panied by the battleships Virginia and
New Jersey. It hM been a rough
voyage from Havana.
t>. H. Lipps ef North Dakota Mpy
Take Charge of Lapwai School.
Charles H. Dickson, supervisor to
charge of the Indian school at Fort
Lapwai, who was In the city today,
states that he has been informed that
O. H. Lipps, superintendent of the
agency at Waupeton, N. D., will be
transferred to Fort Lapwai, vice Agent
Dew, who recently resigned to accept
a position In a Virginia semlnery,
Mr. Dickson states that there are
no developments In the recent robbery
case to be made public at present.
Officers though have not given up
search for the criminals.
Feller Pleads Net Guilty.
Albert Feller, charged with steal
ing a horse, was arraigned before Jus
tice Coburn this morning and entered
a plea of not guilty. He waived a pre
liminary hearing. In default of 8250
bonds the young man u to th* county
Warrant for Arrest ef Bank Wrecker.
TORONTO. Ont., Oct 17.—A war
rant .has been Issued for the arrest of
Charles McGill, late manager of the
wrecked Ontario bank on the specific
charge of Issuing false statements.
Futile Efforts to Float Ship.
VICTÖRIA, Oct. 17—Efforts to
float the steamer Princess Victoria,
which was stranded last night on
Lewis Rock, have so far been success
ful. The steamer rests easily.
H. Crosier, messenger boy at the office
of the local weather bureau, is to
Moscow today, where he Is taking the
civil service examination for the posi
tion of observer.
Chicago Wheat Market.
CHICAGO, Oct. 17—Wheat—De
cember. 74%e; May. 7«4. Yesterday's
.quotations Wheat—December, 7$%c;
.May, 7«%c.
T"' ' ■ ■:
Negress Starts Fire That
Destroys Town 2000
17.—A special to
Greenville, S. C.,
the Journal from
As the result of race troubles,
Seneca. S. C., lies now in ashes.
The work is alleged to be that of
Incendiary negroes, seeking revenge
for dynamiting the negro college here
last Friday night. The fire started
early today, consuming the entire
business section of the town, which
has a population of 2,000. No fire
fighting apparatus was available. The
loss Is estimated at $150,000.
cheykNne, . Oct 17.—Governor
Brooks today telegraphed the interior
department for federal troops to aid
In preserving order and to arrange to
remove a .band of tit* Indian* now in
the 'vicînlty of Gillette, Wyo.. and
who are causing trouble. The Utes
must go to Utah, where they have
been allotted -lgnda In severalty.
She Wes Mother ef Mr*. <1. F.
but ef Thi* *ity.
Mrs. Mary Webster died at th* hbm*
of jher daughter, Mra J. F. Huribut,
this morning at 10:34. Thi funeral ,
services will be held'id the Hurlhut.,
residence tomorrow, and the remain* ,
will be shipped to Mankato. Minn.,
and Interred beside her husband's
grave. Her daughter and a eon. W.,
H. Webster of Minnesota, survive her.
Mrs. Webster was bora In Dundee,
Canada, ln 1SS«. At the age of IS
she moved with her parents to Minne
sota, and there met end married Noah
Webster, In 18«S. She was an earnest
Christian woman and a devoted wife
end mother.
--\ I. I
The Conlnilttêê appointed by the
council to make a report on an Up-,
to-date fire equipment for the.
will not report tonight. Dr, ThOfipa,
chairman of the committee, said- this
afternoon that the committee would (
probably be ready to report by next
Monday night at the regular meeting
of the council.
Whether or not there Is to be a mass
meeting of Lewiston citizens at this
time to discuss the matter of imp raw
ing the city cannot be learned, a* .
neither the council. nor the Commer
cial club as yet knows Just what the .
other want*
"W# will be ready to report; 1$ they
want a meeting they ca& fall It," sohLi
Dr. Phillipe. , .
It could not be learned whether the
meeting would be called. Borne of the
leaders suggested that It would be
better If postponed until after ti-r
BOSTON, Oct. 17—The triennial
world's convention of the Woman's
Christian Temperance union opened
here today, thousands of deelgat
Ing present. Over &e countries
eastern and western hemisphere«
represented. Today was
devotional day.

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