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The Water Make« the Beer.
. 1 » made from dear sparkling
spring water.
Charles Parker, Prop.,
Lewiston Agents.
Look Down
fron whatever dignified atmosphere
you please, If It'a a carriage you're
for, this la the place that will
please you.
"Conscience in Carriage»"
Is our motto. It mean* eelllng only
Mist's conceded to be good, durable
ut attractive.
Fron a storm wagon up to a Vic
toria, every vehicle that leaves this
repository bears the stamp of our ap
proval If* guaranteed or money re
Western hardware
and Implement Co.
Telephone Main 189 393 Main 8L
Short Line
»»Union Pacific
TIME schedule riparia, wash
F *®T MAIL—For Pomeroy,
Walteburg, Dayton. Walla
Walla, Pendleton, Baker
City and all points EasL
départe daily.............13:60 p. m
*8T MAIL — From all
Pointe East, Baker City,
Pendleton, Walla Walla,
Dayton, Waltaburg, Pom
tZZl' arrives d *»y........1:13 P.H»
*apress for Portland, Ban
Francisco, Baker City and
»»■«T 01111 ' EMt ' d «P*rta... 9:58 p.m
PRESS from all pointa
r** 1 ' Baker City, San
Francisco, Portland, a r
d *»y .............. 8:46 a. m
Boat Service on 8naka River,
Steamers leave Lewiston 7 a. m.
except Friday; leave Riparia
a. m., except Saturday.
J§®§® 999999999 M
- 'OAHO transportation *■"
The Tacoma for wine*, liquors and
sigars. Only the best.
'A Man of Honor." Binnard.
New people, new scenery, new plays
at the Binnard.
Patronize home industry, use Prin
cess Flour; for sale b« Russell's Gro
Cove Lunch Counter.
Chile concame, tomalas and short
Wine House
Wholesale and retail wines, liquors
and cigars. The place to get your
wines and liquors for family or me
dicinal use. A rents for Val Blats
Milwaukee beer. All goods delivered
to any part of tl * city or Clarkston.
No. 428 East Main 8t.
'Phono Main 31.
We gyve H. ft H. Green Stamps.
I have for rent two nice
rooms, with hath, hot and cold
water. Locality pleasant Close
In. Do not apply unless you
can furnish ' good reference.
Terms 32.25 per week in ad
vance- Call or write. A. N.
Hansen, 330 Sixth street.
Room 1, Donsae Bilding.,
Office at Blue Front. Main St.
Office Phone 1111.
Furniture, Baggage, Freight
and Parcel Delivery.
To the Traveling Public:
Please exchanjfb your checks
with "Lewldton Dray Company's
Agent,'' to avoid delays and In
sure safe and prompt delivery.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, United
States Land Office, Lewiston, Idaho,
October 16, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice
of his Intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that sold
proof will be made before the register
and receiver at Lewiston, Idaho, No
vember 24, 1906, viz: H. E. 10979.
Marie Holee, of Waha, Idaho, for the
north 1-2 northeast 1-4, section 34;
south 1-2 southeast 1-4, section 27,
township 33 north, range 4 W. B. M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his contlnuaus residence upon
the cultivation of said land, viz: Got
fred Holae, of Forest, Idaho; Alpheus
C. Williams, of Waha, Idaho; William
L. Btansbury, of Waha, Idaho; Karo
llne Holee, of Forest, Idaho.
T. H. BARTLETT, Register.
Notice ter Publication.
Timber Land. Act June 3, 1378.
United States Land Office, Lewiston.
Idaho, October 2. 1906.
Notice Is hereby given that In com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of congress of June 3. 1878, entitled
•'An act for the sale of timber lands
in the states of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory,"
as extended to all the Public Land
Stated by act of August 4. 1892,
James A. Spears, of Forest, county of
Nez Perce, state of Idaho, has this day
Hied In this office his sworn statement
No. 2610, for the purchase of the south
east quarter of section 10, township
No. 32 north, range No. 8 W. B. M.,
and will offer proof to show that the
land sought la more valuable for Its
timber or stone tran for agricultural
purposes, and to establish bis claim
to —Id land before the register and
receiver at Lewiston, Idaho, on Tues
day. the 15th day of January. 1907.
He names as witnesses:
Bart K. Farley, of Forest, Idaho.
Mallory Farley of Forest Maho :^ Ban -
jam ln F. Aytch, of Forest. Idaho.
Thomas Ayteh, ef Forest ^
«i&iiï Ä»ESÄiiÄf. £
"^edta^uT tkSTeteim* »
«T «r betör» seM Wb day -
"•/; ,<Jj it '
Work of Episcopal Missions.
COLUMBIA, S. C, Nov. 8.—Though
this was the third and final day of
the big Episcopal missionary confer
ence there was no lack of interest
apparent on the part of the many par
ticipants. The churchman and others
interested In tlie conference were up
betimes this morning for the celebra
tion of holy communion. At the regu
lar forenoon session in Craven hall
the general topic of discussion was:
"The Board of Missions and, the
Church In the Fourth Department;
How They Can Mutually Help."
"Needs and Opportunities" were dis
cussed this afternoon. Prominent
among the speakers heard during tne
Bishop Weed of Floi idA.
H. Whaley, D. D., of Pensa
F. A. Brown of Savannah,
Captain W. X. Hawks of Atlanta, Hon.
Joseph F. Johnston of Birmingham
and Mr. John W. Wood, corresponding
secretary of the board of missions.
Xew York City.
P. H
NEW YORK. Nov. 8.—Clothing
manufacturers are Intent upon devot
ing some specialties for the spring
season in their suit lines. It is thought
that the sack coat will be modified by
being cut much shorter than was the
style last year, and that in place of
making the three-button suit the
popular number in their ranges the
clothiers will forcej the two-button
coat to the front. In box coats the
longer lapel is to be revised and espe
cially on high-grade worsted and wool
en suits care of every detail In con
struction is to be exercised. The
clothiers to the trade and the manu
facturing clothier who sells to the re
tailer, but dqes not advertise to the
consumer, have both to trget the sharp
competition of the latter class of man.
ufacturel-s. During the last year or
so they have popularized certain styles
which they originated and controlled,
and it is Interfered seriously with the
movement of the general lines of gooÀs
in the retailer's hands. It is the effort
of the general clothing manufacturer
this year for spring and summer goods
to make their lines as fashionable In
cut and finish as the best products of
the advertising clothiers.
Missouri Ouster seit.
ST. LOUIS. Mo., Nov. 8.—The ous
ter suit of the state of Missouri
against the Standard, Republic and
Waters-Pierce oil companies was call
ed in the supreme court at Jefferson
City today. The state has finished Its
side of the d-ase and it is now up to
the defendant companies to submit
testimony In defense of the charges
brought against them.
San Francisco, Nov. 7—With the con
fession before them of John Slemsen,
alias Simpson, verifying in every par
ticular the stories of robberies ana
murder told by his confederate ana
dupe, 18 year old Louis V. Dabner, the
police are bending every effort to
complete the chain of evidence that
they believe will give both men swift
transit to the gallows.
The third man In the robbery of
the Japanese bank, the police say, was
Harry Kearney, an ex-convict, who
was serving a term of five years at
Folsom for burglary committed in
this city at the time Slemsen, alias
Simpson, was a passer through. He
took meals at the home of Slemsen
and Dabner on Union street and was
with the thugs, but disappeared Im
mediately after committing tne
crime. Every police department In
the country is warned to look out for
In the Dockweiler case the man who
assisted Slemsen and Dabner is said
to .be Edward Scot^, alias "Scotty," a
convict who was sent to Folsom from
Los Angeles.
The detectives today called on Hul
da Von Hofen-Slemsen, the wife of one
of the men charged with murder, and
demanded In the name of the police
the return of jewels, diamonds and furs
that were purchased with coin taken
from the Japanese bank.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L- Goldsmith of
Spalding are visitors in the city,
where they are trading with the
wholesale merchants.
Rgr year prota M Iow buy yeur drugs
Mriri «Mlfcliws at Charta in-MaNair
CHICAGO, 111., Nov. 8.—Represen
tatives of shippers' associations
throoughout the country met here to
day in conference with the railroads
regarding the adoption Of a uniform
bill of lading. An agreement has al
ready been reached regarding the Ua- j
bility of in the initial carrier for dam
ages to freight and also in regard to
making bills of lading negotiable on
request. The principal point now to
be settled is whether the railroads can
collect JO per rent in addition to their
regular rates if they assume any lia
bility for loss or damage of freight
Thb shippers contend that the com
mon law compels them to assume such
liability in all cases, and that the
railroads cannot legally maintain
more than one set of published rates.
If the present conference cannot reach
an agreement on this point the matter
probably will be referred to the in
terstate commerce commission.
Beekeeper* at San Antonio.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Nov. 8.—
Half the states of the Union and sev
eral of the Canadian provinces are
represented at the conevntion of the
National Beekeepers' association,
which began ln San Antonio today. It
Is the association's thirty-seventh an
nual meeting and the largest In point
of attendance that It has ever held.
The beekeepers will spend three days
discussing everything relating to
honey and bee culture and will be ad
dressed by a number of experts. Be
tween business sessions they will on
joy some unique entertainment pro
vided for them by the Texas branch
of the association.
rain of the past few days has delayed
the football practice of the high school
team. Indoor ball passing and start
ing is being carried on In the school
house daily, and In spite of the In
clement weather the team which will
be played against the Idaho preps on
Saturday will be the strongest yet put
out. by the school.
Arrangements were last evening com
pleted with McKinley, manager of the
Idaho prep football team, for the game
to be played with the local high school
on Saturday next. ''A k# i»factory
agreement was reached," said Manager
Smith of the Lewiston team last night.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale Under Execu
Under and by virtue of an execu
tion issued out of the District Court
of the Second Judicial District of the
State of Idahp, in and for the County
of Idaho, and to me directed and de
livered, for a judgment rendered In
the District Court of Idaho County,*
i Idaho, on the 15th day of February,
1906, In favor of the First National
Bank of Nez Perce and against Anton
Nellsen and T. M. Atwood for the
sum of 32,966.67, gold coin of the
United States, together with costs of
suit and Interest, I have levied on all
the right, title, claim and interest of
said defendant, Anton Nellsen, of. In
and to the following described prop
erty, to-wit: An undivided one-third
Interest In the IIo Mill and tract of
land described as follows:
Beginning at a point six (60) feet
west of the southwest corner of block
two (2) in the town of Ilo, thence
running due west five hundred (500)
feet, thence due north three hundred
(300) feet, thence due east five hun
dred (500) feet, ithance due south
three hundred (300) feet to the point
of beginning; all land within the
above described boundary except one
hundred (100) feet already deeded to
the L. ft S. E. Electric Railway Co.
and one street sixty (60) feet wide
running north from a point three hun
dred alxty (360) feet due west of the
southwest corner of block two (2) in
the town of Ilo, all in section thirty
one (81). township thirty-four, north
of range one (1) west of Boise meri
Public notice is hereby given, that,
on Saturday, the 1st day of December,
1906, at 10 o'clock a. m., of ihat day
at and In front of the front door of
the court house In Nez Perce county.
I will. In obedience to said writ of
execution, sell all the right, title, claim
and Interjest of said defendant, Anton
Nellsen. of. in and to the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof
as may be necessary to satisfy plain
tiff's claims, besides cost^ interest
and accruing costa, to the highest and
best bidder for the gold coin of the
United SUtes.
Dated November 7th. 1904
W. U. MOORS. Deputy.
I9gv r t.Dec.l
- j
In 'the District Court of the Second I
, , . . , ,, :
Judicial District of the Slate of Ida
ho. In and for the County of Nez I
Mary Alice Lafrenlere, Plaintiff, vs.
Thomas Lafreniere, Defendant.
To the above-named Thomas La
freniere the State of Idaho sends
You are hereby notified, summoned
and required to be and appear in the
above entitled court in the above en
titled cause and answer the complaint
of the •plaintiff filed therein with'n
ten days after the service of this
summons upon you if served within
Nez Perce County, State of Idaho;
within twenty days after the service
upon you of this summons if served
within the above judicial district, out
side of Nez Perce County, Idaho;
within forty days if served elsewhere,
(in either and all cases exclusive of
the day of service), or judgment by
default will be taken against you In
accordance with the prayer of plain
tiff's complaint.
This is an action for divorce and 'ts
general nature Is as follows:
Plaintiff alleges that plaintiff and
defendant were intermarried in Fra
zier, County of Ray, State of Michi
gan. on the 5th day of March, A. D.
1875, and eevr since have been and
now are husband and wife.
The plaintiff has been a resident of
the State of Idaho for more than six
months Immediately preceding the
commencement of this action: that
five children have been born to the
plaintiff and defendant since their
marriage, of whom three, Jerry La
Frenlere, Joseph La Frenlere and Lu
cile La Frenlere, are minors, and are
still surviving, and that plaintiff Is a
fit and proper person to have the care
and custody of said children.
Plaintiff alleges that since the said
marriage the defendant has treated
her In a cruel and inhuman manner
and particularly, on and before the
first day of March, 1901, while they
were living together In the County of
Ogemaw, State of Michigan.
As a second and separate cause of
action plaintiff alleges that for more
than one year prior to April 1st, 1901,
at which time she left the defendant,
and as plaintiff is Informed and be
lieves, up to and Including the present
time, the defendant has been guilty
of habitual drunkenness; and for a
further and third cause of action,
plaintiff alleges that for more than
one year last past the defendant has
failed to provide for her the common
necessities of life, although well able
so to do.
Plaintiff demands judgment against
the defendant, that the bonds of ma
trimony between herself and the de
fendant be dissolved and that she be
granted an absolute divorce, and that
the custody of the said minor children
be awarded to her, the plaintiff, and
for general relief.
In support of the allegations here
inbefore stated, you are hereby spe
cifically referred to the allegations of
the verified complaint now on file In
the above court, a copy of which Is
served herewith.
Witness my hand and the seal of
the District Court of the Second Judi
cial District of the State of Idaho. In
and for the County of Nez Perce, this
22nd day of June, A. D. 1906.
J. R. LYDON. Clerk.
By GEORGE E. ERR. Deputy.
B. S. CROW, Attorney for Plaintiff,
residence and postoffiee address,
Lewiston. Idaho.

Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, United
States Land Office, Lewiston, Idaho,
October 18, 1906.
Notice Is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed aotlce
of his Intention to make final proof In
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the register
and receiver, at Lewiston, Idaho, on
Friday. December 7, 1906, vis: H. E.
10446, Mary À. Zumwalt, of Forest,
Idaho, for the lots 1, 2, 8, 4, 5 and 6
north, and lot 2 south of Nes Perce
reserve line, all in section 27, township
33 north, range 3 W. B. M.
He names the following Witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon the cultivation of said land, viz:
Louis Herbolt, of Forest, Idaho; Mar
vin Blsh, George H. Conway, Lester
O. Zumwalt, all of Woodslde, Idaho.
T. H. BARTRETT, Register.
.Notice for Publication.
Timber Land. Act June 3, 1878.
United States Land Office. Lewiston,
Idaho, September 19, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that In com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
"An act for Ute sale of timber lands
In the states of California. Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory - "
as extended to all the Public Land
stataa by act of August 4, 1883. Ellen
Neal, of Lewiston, county of Naz
Parce, state of Idaho, haa this day
Mad In this office his sworn statement
No. 3563. for tha purchase of the east
1-3 of northwest 1.4 «ut half of
northwest 1-4 of section No. 33. la
township Mo. *a north, rang* Na. 4
TV. B. J3U and will «Ou pfoof ta shew
that the land sougrt )s mort va 1ns Me
for its timber or stone than for
cultural purposes, and to establish hia
claim to said land before the register
an, l receiver at Lewiston, Idaho, on
Monday, the 7th day of January, 1907.
He na , nes aa witnesses: Howard L.
Wooster, of Lewiston, Idaho; Marvin
C. Williard, of Waha, Idaho; Lemhet
C. Neal, of Lewiston, Idaho: Fr&nldla
J. TL Williard, of Lewiston, Idaho.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to file their claims In this
office on or before said 7th day of
January. 1907.
T. H. RARTLETT, Register.
Our business grow* oecause we sell
medicine of higher purity and potency.
Chastain-McNair Drug Co.
When you make your purchases to
night. ask your grocer for "MarvC"
Flour. He will know you are wise
j L. J. DUBRAY :
• 466 Main Street. Phone 971 •
9 STAGE '9
Between Stltea and Elk City,
^ dally except Mondays. Leaves £
^ Stltes 6 a.m.
The Mint
BAKER * SMITH, Proprietors '
Choice liquors, wines, brandi*« and
Mgars. A club room In oonnectloa.
Clark BoMtas, Main street
Opposite Raymond House,
Main 18L
Don't forget we are sole
agents for
Princess Canned Goods
MJB High Grade Coffee
NJB Tree Teas
Abe a Dm tins el stspk and Is a ty
Lewiston Grocery & Bakery
Telephone a8i ajo Main St

We manufacture Blank Book« J
and Special Ruled farm« far a
Banka, Corporationa and Buai- J
nass Housaa. a
Wo maka Billing Systeme and *
Loose Leaf Ledger She eta. •
Send your Art Books, Mueio *
and Magazines to Bind. {
Lewiston •
Blank Book £
Company •
120 Now Sixth Street •
makes a good meal better. Tbaft
why we Invite you to bring your wife
or sister, or somebody else** slater
here to dine with you. It will doable
your pleasure and ours.
in serving good meals. We enjoy hav*
lng them appreciated. And that yon
will apprecite them at our restaurant
we feel assured.
The Bollinger
The baa* *• non« tea goad at Da
Belt!« gar
hksi Can to *M

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