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Grand Leader
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Notice of Sheriff's Sole Under Affidavit
of Foreclosure of Chattle Mortgage.
Benjamin Dill and John Dill, Mort
gagees, vs. F. B. Sears, Mortgagor.
Under and by virtue of an affidavit
of foreclosure, of a certain indenture
of chattel mortgage, made, executed
and delivered by F. B. Sears, the above
named mortgagor, to Benjamin Dill
and John Dill, the above named mort
gagees, on the 20th day of April, 1906,
'to secure the payment of a certain
promissory note of even date there
And arborons the said affidavit of
Borer 1 »»ure "UW**es t»;at ■ ».-.re is now
j due, owing and unpaid on said mort
| gage and note secured thereby, the
' sum of live hundred twenty-one and
j 4-100 ($521.04) dollars, together with
j * 50 counsel fees, In all the sum of
I have taken Into my possession and
under my control the following de
scribed personal property, to-wlt: One
(1) hydraulic lard press, one (1) ket
tle, one (1) grindstone, one (1) sau
sage stuffer and attachment, one (1)
salting tank, one (1) safe, one (1)
dried beef cutter, one (1) National
cash register No. 339651, meat racks,
blocks and counters, one sorrel mare,
weight 1.909, sl| years old. named Nel
lie; one <1) computing scale, one (1)
(.uirttei s:fcle, one (]> Buffalo vnic
and all other tools and fixtures In or
about said butcher shop.
Public notice is hereby given, that
on Friday, the 16th day of November,
1906, at 10 o'clock a. m., of said day,
at the Dill building In Lewiston, in
Nez Perce county, Idaho, I will. In
obedience to said affidavit of fore
closure, sell at public auction, .to the
highest and best bidder for the lawful
money of the United States, all of the
above described property, or so much
thereof as may be necessary to satisfy
said claim as above set forth, together
with costs.
Dated November 8th, 1906.
Sheriff of Nes Perce County, Idaho.
Deputy Sheriff.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, United
States Land Office, Lewiston, Idaho,
October 18, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed aotlce
of his intention to make final proof In
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the register
and receiver, at Lewiston, Idaho, on
Friday. December '7, 1906, viz: H. E.
10446, Mary A. Zumwalt, of Forest,
Idaho, for the lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
north, and lot 2 south of Nez Perce
reserve line, all in section 27, township
33 north, range 3 W. B. M.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon the cultivation of said lard, viz:
Louis Iterbolt, of Forest. Idaho; Mar
vin Bish,, George H. Conway, Lester
O. Zumwalt, all of Woodside, Idaho.
T. K. BARTLETT, Register.
Bay State Club 'Women.
PEABODY, Mass., Nov. 7.—The lo
cal club women had the proud honor
of entertaining the Massachusetts
State Federation In annual meeting to
day. The forenoon session, held in
the South Congregational church, was
devoted to reports of the St. Paul
biennial. The feature of the afternoon
sessiôn was an address by Enos A.
Mills, of Colorado, on ''Our Friends,
the Trees." Both sessions were large
ly attended.
"Delicious bread, did you say7 Of
course. We use 'Marvel' Flour, it's
the best,"
Bijou Theater
Tonight's Attractions
Blair A Kingsley in
Hayes A Davies, eccentric comedians
and wing danoers.
O ao r gs Greaves, in illustrated songs.
: if edit'
Kinsdrems, produ ci ng "Nobody Works
But PztW."
New York, Nov. 7—At the head
quarters of the independence league
tonight the following statement was
"Reports from up state indicate
not only that Mr. Hearst cut down
the republican vote materially, but
that the Independence League vote
for Mr. Hearst was not counted in
many counties. These votes will have
to be added to the announced results
for Mr. Hearst in order to give the
correct figures in the state.
"Last night Captain William Astor
Chandler statr-d that his brother
Robert, who Is running for sheriff in
Dutchess county, had threatened to
bring mandamus proceedings against
several election boards before they
consented to count the Independence
League vote for Hearst.
- "Today other reports were received
indicating that the Independence
League vote for Mr. Hearst was .not
counted In Erie and Allegheney coun
ties. Reports come In also showing
that In other districts ln Clinton and
Cattarabus, Herkimer, Wayne, Al
bany, Onondeiga and Washington
counties there was a failure on the
part of the election board to count
the vote for Mr. Hearst which was
cast under the '«cales.'
"The facts developed today explain
I he great falling off of the total vote
cast yesterday as compared with the
total vote of two years ago. There is
r.o doubt that the vote represented
by this falling off is the vote cast for
Mr. Hearst and his associates under
the emblem of the 'scales.' In 1904
the total vote cast for governor was
1,625,907. This year with 63 election
districts missing there are only 1,373,
450 accounted for, although the reg
istration this year was unusually
heavy and the weather conditions and
Ihe interest taken in the campaign
al! tended to bring out a full vote.
These matters are being fully Inves
Incomplete returns from two-thirds
of the counties In the state of New
York make It Impossible up to a late
hour tonight to give definite figures
on the state ticket, other than for
governor. Charles E. Hughes, re
publican, for governor, has a majori
ty of 52,000, approximately. But the
remainder of the candidates are In
doubt. For lieutenant governor,
Lewis Stuyvesant Chandler, demo
cratic-independence league candidate,
has a lead In the city of Greater New
York of 134,941. Up state M. Linn
Bruce, republican candidate for lieu
tenant governor. Is running slightly
ahead of Mr. Hughes.
As Mr. Hughes came down to
Greater New York with a lead of
approximately 121,000 It will readily
be seen \hat the vote for second place
cn the ticket will be very close and
only the complete official count will
determine the state's candidate.
At 11 o'clock 40 out of 61 counties
in the state had completed the count
and turned In the figures. From this
is Impossible to predict the result
/ the entire count as to the subordin
ate places on the two tickets. At re
publican state headquarters no defi
n'te statement or claim is to be had.
But based on the returns already In
Jt appears that Bruce I» elected by
5,000. It was stated that as there
were still about 20 counties to be
heard from officially nothing will be
given out until these have been re
ported. .
Governor-Elect Charles E. Hughes
tonight gave out tie following state
"It Is a victory for sobriety and de
cency In the administration of gov
ernment, but the people will not toi
erate indifference to public wrongs.
They desire neither exaggeration nor
inflammatory appeal on the one hand
nor moral or political obtuseness cn
the other hand. The election is a re
buke to demagogical methods and It is
also impressive in Its demand for re
sponsible leadership. I shall address
myself to the task of squaring the ad
ministration of government with the
Interest of the people. Confident that
I may rely on the support of good cit
izens, not onl^ those who voted for
me but also those who In the Intensity
of their desire to end abuses, voted for
my opponent, to the work of insuring
to the extent of my power the Just
administration of the government of
this state, I shall devote myself un
Mr. Hughes said he was very weary
from the labors of the campaign and
Intended going up to the mountains
for a little out door life and undisturb
ed rest.
General New York Result.
New York. Nov. 7.—Charles E.
Hughes has been elected governor of
the state of New York by a plurality
of 45,000 according to figures avail
able at an early hour today. Wm. R.
Hearst, his opponent had a clear
plurality In every borough of Greater
New York, but Hughes' vote up state
overcame this and left the republican
candidate R with the margin of * votes
already given. Hearst's plurality In
Greater New York, as Indicated by
unofficial returns received today wa>
75.259. Mr. Hearst also polled 641
plurality in two up state counties.
Hughes' plurality up state, accord
ing to the unofficial returns with 196
district« missing was 129.686 leaving
a total plurality for the republican
candidate of 64.016. The mlsstna
districts may vary thl» general re
sult by a few thousand votes either
W. R. Hearst received the returns
with hl» family at his home.
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