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^ B T,ETH YEAR—NO. 298
DECEMBER 20, 1906.
Clearwater Passenger Six
Honrs Late=«Heavy
Rains Everywhere
At the office of the Northern Pacific
the Clearwater local was reported six
hours lat» at 2 o'clock. The train at
that time had not left Greer. If noth
ing unforeseen happens t^e train
should reach here about ö o clock. The
train will return immediately.
Heavy rains in the Lewiston country
within the past 24 hours have caused
numerous slides along the railroads
leading to the city and as a conse
quence telegraph and. train service is
badly demoralised today.
At neon the Clearwater local was
reported three hours late, a slide four
miles Mt of Oroflno having obstruct
ed the progress of the train.
The Western Union wire went out
of commission between Kendrick and
Troy sometime during the night and
at noen It was still refusing to work.
Rook Slid* at OroTino.
The rock slide east of Oroflno bent
several If the steel rails, and It may
require the use of dynamite to remove
some of the debris which has covered
the track.
When nearing Porters this morning
the incoming train from Spokane en
countered a rock, which tumbled from
the embankment anl tore off the steps
on tws of the passenger coaches.
In the city the gutters ari filled to
overflowing and the streets are a verit
able quagmire. In the -east end the
recent fills on th/s street crossings on
Eighteenth street, on Seventh, Eighth
and Ninth avenues, haw been badly
damaged by the water Which gathered
behind the fills until It qverflowed
»4 swept away a portion c^f the re
cent Improvement work.
Water Stand 15 Feet Peep.
Many of the, dirt fills In the east
end will be a total loss. At one point
a telephene pole was washed out. In
some places the water behind the fills
1» 15 feet deep and exiends back for a
distance of 200 feet or more.
When these fills were constructed
no provision was made for culverts for
the escape ofdhe water In t^ie time of
heavy rains, and a thousand dollars
or more of recent street Improvements
win count for naught.
Record Rainfall Today.
The heavy rainfall of the past 24
hours is almost a record breaker. The
Precipitation up to noon loday, ac
cording to measurement at the local
weather bureau, was 1.06. This has
been exceeded once In the same length
of time in the past six yeara. and that
was one day in September, 1905, when
The rainfall reached 1:54 In 24 hours.
Heavy Rains Up the Cl*«rwater.
Reports from the Clearwater towns
«täte that the heavy fall of rain has
t*en very general. At Kamiah the
downpour continued all night, as It
did here. The roads as» ip very bad
* h ape and In many places ore almost
There was a letup In the downpour
°f rain shortly before Moon. The
weather forecast, however, says there
*" apt to *>* more rain or snow to
ni *ht and tomorrow.
H-p Incoming Spokane train was de
a 'ed 20 minutes this afternoon.
Mrs. i. a Harris of Whltebird Is a
rfi "cr on her friends In this city today.
Mr*- a. Abbott, who has been vlsit
here wlt h her son, I. Abbott, of
'tnth avenue, left this morning for
foscow. where she will visit with her
'feughter, Mrs, i. F . r U 8 L,|. Mra .
'h,,tt is a resident of Grouse, Ore.
In <V h the ** e<1
lB York.
of William
of death
ALBANY, N. Y., Dec. 2o{ —Governor
logins today cbmmutted t
m * nt tor life the
Under which Albert T. Patrick ha* re
J* lned "early five year» since his
_ vlc tlon of the murder
Steamer Arrives in Port With Cargo
Intact and No Passenger Losses.
SEATTLE, Dec. 110.—The undue
steamer Pennsylvania arrived last
nlg.ht and brought 82 passengers and
a quantity of ore. She had a very
stormy passage. 'She had defective
boilers, which permitted the speed of
only two knots at times, and also
lengthened her voyage from Valdez,
which occupied 11 days.
Hugh Alderman Admits He
Stole Money From a
Hugh Alderman was committed to
the Idaho Industrial school at St. An
thony this afternoon by Judge Hanlon
of the probate court under the pro
visions of the delinquent children's
! act.
I Monday night the boy, who is only
15 years old, robbed a laborer of his
pocketbook in a room in the old
Damus block. The theft was reported
to the police and Officer Monroe took
the lad into custody about an hour
after he had committed the deed, while
he was seated at a poker game In a
saloon and was gambling off the
fruits of his misdeed.
The laborer claims that he lost $1«,
but the boy says he got a little more
than |2 and the officers found about
$1 In his pockets.
He plead guilty to his deed this
afternoon and win be taken to the In
dustrial school by one of the deputy
sheriffs, who wifi start tonight. The
boy is a son of A1 Alderman, a resi
dent of Asotin. H1s mother Is in
SUPERIOR, Wis., Dec. 20.—The
.Great Northern Is today making up a
j train of 80 cars of coa! to run mi pas
{ senger time to supply the wants of
Grand Forks, N. D.
To Build €J)00 Box Cars.
PHILADELPHIA. * Dec. 20.—The
Pennsylvania railroad has Invited a
bid for the construction of 5,000 box
cars, estimated to cost $6.000.000.
Nearly 60.000 additional cars have been
ordered within the last two years.
Gas Works Shut Down.
HELENA. Dec. 20.—Owing to the
coal shortage the Helena Light and
Railway company will close Its gas
■works temporarily. While the fuel
supply 1s limited there Is no actual
suffering In Montana.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.— Congres«
today adjourned for the holidays, this
being the first outward sign that
Christas is near at hand. Nearly all
j the members Intend to remain here
j during the recess, but whether the
! abolition of free passes has anything
j to do with their decision they decline
to say. Possibly It Is due solely to the
i attractions of Washington, for there
j Is not. one can be quite sure, a more
Interesting city In the world at the
high tide of the Christmas season.
Orientals and Europeans of all
races, whether their calendar coincides
or not, enter Into the spirit of the
American holidays with genuine en
thusiasm. While all the diplomats'
children yield to the great myth of
the chimney piece, and hang up stock
ings ' and decorate Christmas trees,
there are also many quaint and beau
tiful customs among the Latin folk
which are adhered to atrlctly. Nearly
every embassy and legation will have
a gorgeous Christmas tree. This Is
equally true of the embassies and («gâ
tions where there are no children.
A glaring example of the financial
saving the Evening Teller could have
made to the taxpayers of the city was
brought to light at the office of the
city clerk this morning.
Last summer when bids for city
printing were opened, the city council
decided to ignore entirely the low bid
of the Evening Teller and gave the city
printing to a paper with whom a ma
jority of the council jnembers were
This morning when the bill for pub
Passengers returning on the morn
ing train from Spokane tell of the
shooting there of Vern Campbell, a
Great Northern express messenger, by
a lone robber, who sought to hold up
the money wogan as it was leaving the
offige for the train late last night.
The driver of the wagon had Just
started from his office when a robber
stepped Into th« dark alley and shout
ed to Campbell to stop and hand over
the strong box. Campbell made some
show of resistance, and the robber
opened fire, one bullet taking effect in
Campbell's abdomen.
Campbell was game, however, and
returned the fire. Altogether five or
six shots were exchanged. The rob
ber «scaped. It is thought that Camp
bell's wound ip not serious.
LONDON, Dec. 20—Jffie education
bill was burled by Premier Campbell
Bannerman in the house of commons
this afternoon. After a speech of con
siderable emphasis defending the
course of the lower house In rejecting
the house of lords' amendments and
repudiating the claim of the people
that they have a right to lecture the
commons on the subject, the premier
answered that the government had de
cided to withdraw the measure.
Prominent Steel Manufacturer Dead.
PITTSBURG. Dec. 2<1.—Henry Mo
Corry. for years identified with the
practical end of the steel Industry,
and brother-in-law of President W. E.
Corey of the United States Steel cor
poration, and also one of the junior
partners of Andrew Carnegie, died at
Wilkinsburg last night.
Russia and Japan Reach Agreement.
ST. PETERSBURG, Dec. 20.—The
Russo-Japan commercial treaty Is
nearing completion. Japan has aban
doned her demand for the'internatlonal
navigation of the Amur river.
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 20.—Adolphus
Busch, the multi-millionaire brewer,
says that he is in favor of an Income
tax law. Discussing that part of Pres
ident Roosevelt's message referring to
an Income tax law, Mr. Busch yester
day sp. Id:
"If there were not so many stingy
rich me n In the United States every
man with a decent Income would be
paying his fair proportion of govern
ment taxes.
"A man with money is so fortunate
that I believe he should be respecta
bly liberal. I have always wondered
why It- Is that those of us who have so
much of this world's goods still want
to get more and more still, and never
share our prosperity with others.
"Now, I don't want to decry men
for accumulate money. That's what
I call thrift. We can't have too much
of it In the country. But this thing of
the wealthy man objecting every time
the government w^nts to impose a
tax that may effect his Income la
silly and ahortalghted.'' >
Meat ion of the delinquent assessment
notice came up to the city clerk It was
discovered that in addition to the pen
alty charged the.property owners, they
were compelled to pay 38 cents on the
dollar for advertising in the morning
On this item alone the taxpayers
would have saved $26.40 out of the
total $72.00 for 141* inches of matter
run 12 times had the city council ac
cepted the bid of the Evening Teller
for the city printing.
TACOMA, Wash., Dec. 20.—Heavy
rains and Chinook winds In the Puget
sound country have caused another
Hood in the mountain streams. A rep
etition of the disaster of last month la
Green river Is again a raging tor
rent. and has carried out the North
ern Pacific bridge at Maywood, about
two miles from the Green river hot
All trains are delayed because of the
Washington, Dec. It,— Admitting
that they had no authority of law for
the withdrawal from allotment of
nearly four million acres of lgnd, be
longing to the Five Civilised tribes In
the Indian Territory for the purpose
of creating * forest reservertlon, two
membes of the president's cabinet.
Secretary Hitchcock and Secretary
Wilson, endeavored today to Justify
their course by stating that they had,
the best interest of the Indian at
heart. Their explanation was made
before a select senate committee
whch is Investigating affairs in rela
tion to the property rights of the Five
Tribes, but the committee declined to
accept it and Senators Clark of Wyom
ing Teller and nrandegee declared
that the interior department has sus
pended a statute of tne United States
Without authority and that it was the
duty of Secretary Hitchcock to Im
mediately cancel his order withdraw
ing the Jund allotment.
The same senators said to Secretary
Wilson and Chief Forrester Gifford
Pinchot, that It was the'# duty to
request the secretary of the interior
for a revocation of the order.
Maccabees Find Lodge Hall.
The Knights of the Maccabees have
leased the Odd Fellows' hall for every
other Thursday In the month, begin
ning with December 26, and In tre fu
ture they will hÄd regular meetings.
NEW YORK, Dec 20—Woodrow
Wilson, president of Princeton uni
versity, : came out against the income
tax and In favor of the proper appli
cation of the present laws, rather than
the passage of new laws, at an addres
the passage of new laws, in an ad
dress at the banquet of they Southern
society. Mr. Wilson said:
"We have reverence enough for the
laws if It be an evidence of reverence
that we think that making law con
sists of legislation, I don't know that
this country needs any more laws. I
think we have l^ws enough.
"What this country needs is a more
searching process in the application of
the laws and less regard for persons
in that application.
"It is proposed now that taxes shall
be punitive, that men shall be punish
ed for getting rich. A government
which has a discriminating tariff can
not in conscience punish a man for
gettlp^ rjeh. Jo my opinion there is
only ofie sort of taxation that Is Just,
and that Is taxation that does not dis
criminate. I know of only one legiti
mate object of Mutation, and that to to
pay the expenses of the government.**
Spends Time in Jail Because He
Threatened Life of G. K. Force.
Justice Coburn held last evening
tha: Garnet Riggs, who was tried yes- I
toi lay for threatening to take the life I
of George K Force of Peck, should
give a bond to keep the peace. The
amount of the bund was set at $500
Riggs, being unable to get the bond
is confined in the county jail.
Vatician Has This View of
the Church and
State Bill
ROME, Dec. 20.—The semi-official
note issued by the Vatican today de
clared the text of the new French
government bill amending the church
and state separation hill of 1905 as bad
as the former regulations, "being a
maximum of oppression with a mini
mum of appearance," and says It ag
gravates the position of the church in
everything without this being appar
ent to the general public.
Judge Hanlon of the probate court
gave judgment to the Lewiston Can
ning company In the action tried be
fore him this morning entitled the
Lewiston Canning Co. vs. John Walch
and the Northern Pacific Railway com
On December 15, Mr. Walch deliver
ed the machinery that had been used
by the LeWlàton Canning company In
their plant' on East Main street on
the cars of the Northern Pacific rail
way In this city.
The canning company brought an
action of claim and delivery and an
attachment was issued for the goods
and they were stopved in transit. The
canning company was awarded a re
covery by Judge Hanlon and costs
against the defendant Walch.
The Idaho Drug company has a force
of men busy Installing the handsome
fixtures that have been purchased for
the Interior decoration of what the
proprietors can Justly claim as the
largest and m VCompletely appointed
drug store In the Pacific northwest.
The well-lighted room in the new
Raymond annex lends Itself to making
a fine display room. It is well lighted
and will be elegantly fitted when the
fixtures are In place.
The rear of the first floor and all of
the large basement Is In use for the
wholesale department and that de
partment presents a busy appearance
during the rush of the holiday sea
son. «
College songs sung with a swing
and dash characteristic of the college
glee clubs will be heard tonight at the
normal school auditorium.
The boys from Pullman are well
known to the music lovers of this city
andjt is expected that notwithstand
ing the stormy weather a large audi
ence will greet the singers when they
appear tonight.
The boy8 from Pullman state col
lege have an excellent program, and
If you want to hear something good,
something better than you have heard
for many a month, attend the concert
at the normal school tonight.
East End Property Owners
Claim Improvement Work
Not Well Done.
Twelve lots wuU into possession of
the city of LewiHton this morning be
cause of non-payment of street im
provement assessments, in the Thomp
son addition.
Payment of these assessments could
have been made in every Instance, the
amounts averaging only about $6.60
per 50-foot lot, but in each instance
the property owners make the claim
that the Improvement work was either
not performed by the city or not done
according to the contracts let by th*
Many other taxpayers made pay
ment of their assessments under pro -
test, and the city engineer was callad
into the city hall to make reply to the
complaints of the taxpayers. It la
understood that the street committee
of the etty council Is Investigating tha
Public sale of all property on which
assessments had not been paid was
advertised to take place at 10 o'clock
this morning, and many delinquent
property owners gathered In the city
hall this morning to pay their assess
ments and to make protest to the city
authorities. "
The number of lots sold to the city
was 12 and one was bid in by HJss
L. Finnen for the owner who could
not get here In time to redeem his
The lots sold were Lots • and 8. In
Block 2 of the First addition, assessed
to Mrs. Sarah Baughman; Lot 7 of
Block 3, assessed to P. H. Ferguson,
was bid In by Miss Finne» for the
owner, B. K. Milter; Lot 2 of Block 7,
assessed to P. H. Furgeson. Lots 7,
9 and 11 of Block 9, assessed to Pres
ton R. Jones; Lot 11. Block 9, of the
Second addition, assessed to George F.
King; Lot 17 of Block 18, assessed to
Christopher Mulhall, and Lots 8, 1 #,
12 and 14 of Block 16, assessed to H.
N. Vaughn.
Oregon's Foot Racer Will Uphold the
State's Honor m 1907.
The Olympic club of San Franc!«
announces that it will send a team
the great track meet of the A. A.
at the Jamestown exposition at N
folk, \ a., next year. That announ
ment will seriously affect college a
|ettcs in the northwest and the p
gram of the University of Oregon
Since Bert Kerrigan launched
scheme to send an all-northwest ta
to the meet, many promising athle
from Utah and California have e
longing eyes toward the northwt
Albert Munn, the great all-arov
athlete of the Oakland high seht
and Smith, the half-mller of Lick hi
school, Ban Francisco, were both
the string for the University of Oi
gon. They want to be trained
'•Bill'' Hayward, who brought E
Kelly out, and they want a chance
compete for world's honors in the <
Kelly and Snedigar Wilt Meet.
One of the most interesting featii
of the meet at Norfolk next year i
be tho races between Dan Kelly of
University of Oregon, and Ollle 8m
lgar of the University of £al|forr
With nothing In the world to bi
their criticism upon, Trainer Wal
Christie and Snedigar have attacl
the world's record of 9 3-6 for
100-yard dash made by Kelly at S]
kane this year until one might eai
be led to believe they are Jealous.
Dr. J. B. Morris, président;
Commercial club, wishes to <
tentton through the cvluxns
Evening Teller that (he régula
ing of the club this evening I
an Important session and hi
that there be a large srttend
the member*.

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